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5 inch plank is just fine

9 assembled for Drago’s first time Q at the Big House … lots of mumblechatter but this is what went down…

10 minute jog
50 SSH
20 mountain climbers
Plank into 6 inches

Call out workout

100 push-ups
100 Mountain climbers
100 Rosalita‘s

50 Burpee‘s
50 pull-ups
100 push-ups

4 sprints
In between each Sprint:
Plank 6 inches x2
Call out workout

Plank positions rotated with push-ups

It’s officially 6 inches and not 5 inches. As I was made aware!!
We finished up with a really tight circle of trust this morning.

Drago Q

Next exercise is MountainClimber not Markettimer

23 came for a Chedddar workout, they got all they could handle


SSH – 10 In cadence (IC)

Windmill – 10 IC

Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

Merkins – 10 IC



Head to the muderhorn


Partner up

Stop by the neighborhood (Rosebriar Ln) with the circle  and each partner splits and on meeting 10 hand slap merkins – run again , meet total 3 times

We did a few burpees after

Stone pile

Jack webbs – Curls and Arm raises  will count 5

Jack Webb – Merkins and Curls to count 5

Parking lot by the jungle gym

Partner up – wheelbarrow whole parking lot and back

Partner up – same parking lot

One partner 10 pullups, to merkins other 20 step ups flapjack 3 times

Indian run towards the bottom of the hill

Murderhorn start:

Backward run up murderhorn with 10 merkins on each street light. Billygoat only runs forward to watch for traffic and safety.

Behind Regal Cinemas

Once Backward and once Forward Run up the hill  – 5 burpees on top.


Back to base

With some mary

Of special note (The real American Hammer – you turn your torso 90 degrees and your hands tap the ground)



Transporter for pretty anxious to get started but YHC had to hold him till the clock struck 5:30. Pretty solid group. YHC accent was in full affect. Some thought YHC called out Markettimer , when I indeed called Mountain Climbers. All gave a solid effort. Just awesome to see Epsilon really pushing it there. Doc McStuffins was killing it today for sure. Thanks Goonie and Transporter on some called Mary. Mary K still thinks he is 39 on COT. Also nice to see Ickey Shuffle after a long time, hope you enjoyed it brother.

Appreciate Transporter for the prayer.

Appreciate the chance to lead at this awesome AO. Thanks Billy Goat and Mary K



  • Please keep Dumpster Fire and his family in your thoughts and prayers. DF lost his brother who was only 34. Its a tough loss.
  • Sandbox Charity event –  Pool Party – June 8th  (Bring your whole family $40 which includes pizza and beer – now thats a steal). Also feel free to donate

            Here’s the link to paypal the $:



  • Sign up for the Journeyman AO challenge – guys this is great way to meet other pax. If you have a few minutes extra, make the drive and check the other AOs. Sign up here :

       The Journeyman AO Challenge Google Doc

  • Purell on Q at Da Vinci(firehoses involved) or Madam Tussard at Stonehenge(he will take you a place not explored before… and beat you) – pick your poison
  • Doc on Q at the Brave
  • If you want to buy Area51 t-shirts (reflective kind) contact Doc quick as he needs 2 guys

Cheddar 4 year anniversary – some took the escalator up instead of the backward bear crawl upstairs (name inside…)

10 showed up for a Cheddar special …


SSH – 10 In cadence (IC)

Windmill – 10 IC

Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

Moroccan Night Club (I think) – 10 front and 10 back



Cheddar Shreddar was the plan I went with it…


Horizontal Plank walk with Merkins

Between parking lines 1 through 10

Partner up Wheel Barrow up one part of the deck


Partnerup – One bear crawl one ramp other does LBC. One more time – Flutter

We did some crazy stuff, running down an escalator

Also a backward bear crawl up the stairs. (some justed in the



This was a chatty group. A good number of about 10. Nice to see Goldberg from SC make it here. The lady at the Ballantyne Village shop thought we were insane group of 10 waving at her at 6:30am in the morning and going down an escalator when it is in the up motion. Also Tag Along and a few other pax did use the escalator up while we were trying to bear crawl up the stairs. Also was nice to see Wild Turkey doing the Moroccan Night Club dance- that was fun!!

Thank you F3 and all the pax

Its been a great 4 years. F3 has helped me mature (still a long way to go but getting there). I have got the confidence and leadership opportunities and loved it. I dont get them often in other walks of life, so truly appreciate it. Got the support to push harder and push the limits. Fellowship to know I have a friend to talk to. Also events like the Pool party benefiting the community.  A lot going on and its FREE! If you didn’t know Cheddar is cheap. But looking to get more $ to donate and still be my cheap self! Transporter will can sure attest to this!

I expect a child and have no idea how it will be, but sure know that I can get some advice from my F3 brothers on this special time. It is really a comfortable spot I can reach and trust my F3 brothers where I can jump into a 15 foot muddy pool without knowing how to swim and know my F3 brothers got my back! (Savage Race 2017 with Commish, Gator Bait, Lefty and Chopper)

Also had the opportunity to lead a team at the BRR 2017.  Also i’m not worried if im left waiting for my van , mistakes happens, I have grown to forgive all. Afterall you all know im the last to reach a workout. Special mention to Madam Tussaud , trusting me on his team

As Mr Bean said “… come post at F3 , it will change your life” . Also not to mention his horrible Indian accent. He needs help!


  • Please keep Dumpster Fire and his family in your thoughts and prayers. DF lost his brother who was only 34. Its a tough loss.
  • Sandbox Charity event –  Pool Party – June 8th  (Bring your whole family $40 which includes pizza and beer – now thats a steal). Also feel free to donate

            Here’s the link to paypal the $:


  • Sign up for the Journeyman AO challenge – guys this is great way to meet other pax. If you have a few minutes extra, make the drive and check the other AOs. Sign up here :

       The Journeyman AO Challenge Google Doc

Tour de Pineville

8 men decided to come and take a tour of Pineville and escaped without donuts. This is what went down


Disclaimer given – off we go and explore

Parking lot with Cupcake Delirium


SSH (10 IC)

IW (10 IC)

Merkin (10 IC)

We started heading straight for the Richard Sheltra bridge , we did some 10 civilian count Merkins on the way to make sure we stayed together

Richard Sheltra Bridge

Before the bridge we did some Jack Webbs (Merkins and Arm Raises)

We did 1-5 count merkin (4-20 arm raises. Then run to the bridge touch the sign and come back

Do 6-10 count merkin (big kudos to Private benjamin, Dumpster Fire, Arsenal, Shrink Wrap)

MJ Donuts

Run to the parking lot of MJ Donuts. There are 3 speed breakers. 10-20-30 merkin stops at them.

Never – ending benches (Pineville Elemenatay)

There are 22 benches around Pineville Elementary. We started with 2 LBC at the first then the next 4 … next 6….till 38

Then head back stop for some merkins at The Hut

Back to Base


YHC wanted to let the pax know that the bridge completed few months back was named after the brave firefighter. It was also nice to head to some new territory. Lot of chatter out there. YHC wanted to share his favorite restaurants and spots . Private Benjamin sure likes MJ Donuts. Shrink Wrap and No show finished LBC so quickly, they sure had extra time to do their taxes while rest of us were still finishing our LBCs at all those benches.

This was truly a fun start to my week. YHC remember thinking this was sure a fun Q rather than the times all nervous about the Q. Do it that often and then its all fun.

Also nice to see Lieutenant Dan , great push buddy.

Thank you Dumpster Fire for the takeout


Richard Sheltra Memorial 5k (4/28/18) – Bunch of us are doing. Also options to volunteer – contact Dumpster Fire or Private Benjamin

4miles – 45 min – Lets do this bootcamp

10 brave men showed up for the 4+ miles light bootcamp in the alloted 45 min..



SSH 10 IC (In cadence) – Circle around the parking lot

Cotton Picker 10 IC

Merkins 10 IC  – Circle around the parking lot

Mountain Climber –



Mosey to deck

Second level – Partner up – one runs straight other runs up slope comes back and 3 hand tap merkins where they meet . meet 3 times

Up another level – same partner setup – this time 10 LBC

Up another level – same partner setup – 10 squats


Run down to the starbucks

Modified 7 (6 Merkins at Wells Fargo  and run and do 1 jump squats at Starbucks ) …till 1 at merkins and 6 jump squats


Mary – Flutter 10 IC, Box cutters 10 IC, Dolly IC


Front of Ulta – 4 islands

German relay or suicides using the 4 islands except on the way back did 1 burpee at base


Ran back to Base

Completed 4.2 miles


Not sure if all the pax knew of the challenge of completing the 4 miles but we did it none the less. The deck did get a comment – this is the stinkiest Q I have been to – garbage truck was close. Cinqo-Ocho was leading the pack today. Transporter was not far behind him. The rest of us tried to hang on. Solid effort by Huggie Bear , his watch lied to him with 3.7 miles . Wild Tuna and Chippy gave a solid effort too. Delta thought he would withdraw from Cerberus but the 3 headed dog was in his head and he was unfazed by 4 miles. Kirby was all in from the moment YHC posted on Slack, he has been transformed into a runner in the last 4 months and injury free too. Pitch Fork and Mighty Mite gave a great effort too.

Kirby thanks for the take out.

Thank you Transporter Alf and Argonaut for the chance to lead. This AO sure has a lot to offer, you wont be short of creative drills.

Below in the announcements I have listed Speed for Need , im would highly recommend one SFN race at least one in year. Get a chance to serve in the community for a good cause with your fellow F3 brothers. Bring the M and 2.0s too .truly humbling experience.




  • Run Jen Run – Speed for Need Race March 3rd
  • Richard Sheltra Memorial 5k -April 28th –  Race is to benefit Firefighter education materials. We are trying to have a Speed for Need race here. But first trying to get 10 HC before we can talk to riders. We have some good men we are looking to push but first need the 10 HC(2 HC currently). Contact Cheddar if you are interested.

  • Spaghetti Dinner to benefit Michael Starnes family – March

B-day Delight

19 fine men decided to come to Cheddar Birthday Bash


SSH – 10

Imperial Walkers


Mountain Climbers



Mosey to the Deck – Ballantyne Village

Run down 10 merkins IC – 10 merkins wide – 10 merkins diamond


From the bottom here we go

1st ramp up 

Partner up

1 partner forward bear crawl , other partner lunge walk flapjack. Main aim is to get to the top.


2nd ramp up 

Partner up

1 partner backward bear crawl , other partner lunge walk flapjack. Main aim is to get to the top.


3rd ramp up 

Partner up with another partner

1 partner run down up other partner 100 jump squats , 50 plankjacks , 150 LBC


4th ramp up (Split into 2 groups : ) 

Plankers delight


Lets do it again

5th ramp up (Split into 2 groups :  ) 

Plankers delight


Bottom of the deck

Got into two groups. Sprints up each ramp for each group staggered by 5 seconds

Run back to base – stop at CVS circle

Mary with some 1 minute elbow planks at the circle


Back to base



Glad to Q on the birthday. This sure felt good . The pax keep getting better in understanding YHC’s mysterious accent. We know that as they followed instructions pretty well. Mermaid did have to answer a nature call but we made sure he didnt miss anything, hence the reason for repeating Plankers Delight. The run up the deck sure got the men gasping. Solid effort by all. 

Appreciate the opportunity to lead Tag Along and One Niner.



-Run Jen Run – Speed for Need Race signup – 8 chariots to serve

-Richard Sheltra Memorial 5k in Pineville- YHC trying to gauge interest, would like to get 10 folks, contact Cheddar

-Fishing Hole (New workout) – ONLY Mature men (Age 45+) Contact Frehleys or Mr Bean

Let me play the memory game… bad idea

19 assembled at Centurion and wondered what they would get …. (A lot of merkins)

Started with running to Amelie parking lot




IW 10 IC

Merkins 10 IC

Peter Parker 10 IC



Run to famous hill behind Behind Amelies

Bear Crawl

Partner 1 – Backward Bearcrawl up other partner forward bearcrawl. Encourage each reach up together. Go down other slope . FLapjack when tired


Partner up again on

Partner 1 runs to tree , other does exercises and flapjack

Total=200 merkins 100 curb dips


Run back to Amelie parking lot

Run in a snake route end of  each section – 5,10,15…30 merkins


Mosey to benches

Partner up – Total=100 derkins and 100 jump squats


Mosey to deck

Bottom run up but 5 merkins at every turn

Wall sits – 50 arm raises


Back to base

Merkins 15 IC

Heels to heaven


Box Cutters


Alright so YHC knew he had to get 250 merkins for the day and some might need this too – insane challenge – now at 40 pullups 250 merkins . I counted derkins and burpees in too.

YHC rolled in and found Van Pelt, Centurion attracts you even if you don’t stay in a 50 mile radius of Charlotte. Disclaimer given .No Site Q – Please forgive Margo’s alarm clock , needed new batteries. Chelms and few others decided to make sure we had someone taking care of the 6. The bear crawls I was hoping to do more, will need to design a little more. YHC was somehow doing all the harder sections until Scabby told me he will do the harder part. There was some good chatter here and there. All stayed together and all gave a solid effort. Big thanks to Mermaid and Runstopper for doing some Mary while YHC finished his exercises.

Toolbag was wondering if we would have the Cheddar-Shreddar today – YHC will have to save that special one for another day.

Also welcome FNG Little-Debbie, hope you had a good time.

The burpees at the deck somehow was not too much fun.

So end of the workout – COT and YHC’s phone konks off. Mermaid offers his phone, Cheddar thinks he has the best memory, bad idea!  Decided to play the memory game! Luckily YHC grabbed Abacus and Marconi at 3rd F after to get most. Slack helped too.


Just a small lesson here for YHC. How am I going to remember 19 names . Well, tapped on a few pax and got it straight. Technology helped too. But realized with this collective effort solved it so quick. Think about tapping on a few pax if you need any help. All you got to do is  “hey buddy…” and get closer to what you need. As I always hear F3 is much more than just fitness.


Thanks Run stopper for the takeout.



Please keep Bout Time son in your thoughts and prayers

Any others I have missed please give in comments.

On a cold Big House morning…

…5 pax finished their pull-up merkins challenge for the day even if they signup for it.



Merkins 10IC

(20 merkins)




5 merkins at every lights until we get to the lake


Get to kids hanging bars and gym

Here we did 6 rounds of :

5 pullups and 5 jump squats


Then run to the shelter with about 20 benches

1st bench 5 derkins , 2nd 5 dips, 3rd: 5 derkins, 4th 5 dips… till last bench


Come back 5 merkins at every street light.

Stop by Grace Life Church and do some mary, merkins and pax called exercise

Yomo – called out a minute long elbow plank, rest 4 pax called an exercise but YHC forgot


Reached back to base – finished the 200 merkins and 30 pullups



It was nice to be back at this awesome AO. So much we can do , so little time. It was a cold morning at 19 F , but the pax looked too strong for it. YHC main aim was to get to 200 merkins and 30 pullups – and we did it. I still remember Dumpster Fire rolling in as the clock struck but YHC imagine he was completing some early taxes. Private Benjamin and No Show looked solid. Dumpster Fire kept the chatter on and as always gave his 110%. Yomo our FNG gave a very good effort. He did say he didnt like running but he did fine. Great call on the 1 minute elbow plank brother.


It was great talking with the fellas, just keeping everyone together. Enjoying some 2nd F while running and doing 5 merkins at each light. This is what F3 is about for me, get some good fellowship time, push hard and always get the best 45 min you can start your morning with. Everytime you getup, think of sleeping, think of how cold it is outside, its just the 3 Fs which we can experience which can surely sway your decisions.


We heard about the sad news of Gremlin passing that morning. We will be praying for him and family, he is with the almighty now. Let’s reflect and have him in our thoughts.


Thanks to Dumpster Fire for the takeout.



  • Brolympics – Feb weekend
  • Prayers for Gremlin’s family

Some Cheddar melt on a cold Da Vinci morning

10 men tried to stay warm on a cold (high 20s) morning. 2 ran away fearing the verst and ran into the cold. Word is they(Tolkien+Tuck) sneaked in for some #F3HotTubs. Bet Mario is not happy about it.

Disclaimer given and off we go


Warm Up


10 IW IC
10 Mountain Climbers IC

10 Peter Parker IC

10 Parker Peter IC


The Thang

Mosey to the fountain

Triple NIckel – 10 derkins and 10 jump squats


Between two main parking lines – a good distance

3  x  [Start at the first line 10 Jlo and bee Skip to the end line 10 Makhtar N’Diayes(had to look up exicon for the spelling) – bear crawl to the first line]


Mosey to the spot in behind of the starbucks

Pick a light chair and curls. Then Situps 10 IC.

Then Turn by turn each pax runs around the fountain and when he returns all go 5 derkins, tried to be ambituous and keep the plank holding – FAIL – Fredo bailed me out and we did 15 LBC while each pax ran around


Then Mosey to Alexander Martin Street and mosey to the circle in the middle of intersection

Each pax does 20 flutters at the center and goes to every road corner for 10 merkins each

Returned did some Mary on the way



YHC tried to keep all warm and I think we did a great job keeping it all warm. Although the hands finally gave in half way through freezing to not my delight. Howie did a great job leading us on Mary – Mountain Climbers. Bratwurst needs a tutorial on how a triple nickel works. Honestly just go to centurion for a great tutorial, you will believe in it. Fredo did a great supporting YHC when he needed some much needed LBCs. Also Soft Pretzel gave good support, in fact he kepy YHC on track when Cheddar thought 20 burpees at the last drill would be a good idea. GoodFella led the bunch on all the drills. Solid effort from Gumbo and Teddy too. 

YHC has realized he enjoys the 2nd F so much during the 1st F, didnt get to do too much this time. But had some good chatter with GoodFella and Bucky. Goal for 2018, push on some 1st F while enjoying the 2nd F.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead as always- Tuck Fredo and 777. Also glad im done with a few marathons , can return on some bootcamps. Also Da Vinci really has a lot you can do with the area so encourage you all to Q here.

Thank you for the take out Bratwurst



Joe Davis Run – Jan 6th 2018

Christmas Party 2018!

Stonehenge 12 days of Christmas – Dec 23rd – Q Haggis – that’s all pain

Stonehenge 5 year anniversary – Dec 30th – Q Dolphin

Da Vinci – 2 year anniversary Jan 13th – Bucky – this will be real good

F3 Speed for Need – Isabella Santos 5k (Sept 30) – Let’s get to 75 (Now at 61)… in other breaking news, this is what went up and down at Rebel Yell last week

So I am trying to finish this Rebel Yell backblast at least before the next one for Rebel Yell gets out from Goonie who Qs Rebel Yell 9/28/17

14 did some hills even if they did not want it.

Warm Up

Slow merkins – 10 civilian count

Windmill – 10 In Cadence (IC)

Cotton Picker – 10 IC

Mountain Climbers


The Thang:

Mosey to the rock pile past the Murderhorn

Partner up – Catch me if you can

1 partner 5 merkins other runs with the rock up Murder Horn

Flajack when  partner 2 reaches partner 1


On the way down from murderhorn

Instead of merkins do 10 squats


Jack Webb

4 merkins for every arm raises

We started with 1 and went to 8


Mosey to hill behing the Regal cinema

Run up do 1 burpee, down touch the wall and back again for 2 burpees….. Do till 7 burpees


I call this the outback special – where we lay on the back with the legs at about 45 degrees and holds then each pax runs around trying to push the legs down for each pax. Then he lays down and the next one does the same.



The pax for in for some running but YHC still had some BRR hangover so decided why not get back to hills. YHC was paired up One Niner who surely pushed me even after One Niner being injured. All the rest gave a good push. I remember it being particularly humid, I must have lost a gallon of water just on those Jack Webbs

Goonie was sure we were going to do some hills . He did acknowledge it was a hard 2.5 miles.

YHC particularly enjoyed this one.

Strawberry and Coal Ash looked strong pushing each other. This is what F3 is all about!  

Strawberry takes us out .



  • Isabella Santos 5k- Sept 30th – Be there and bring family, M , 2.0s, friends – lets support F3 Speed for Need headed by JRR Tolkien.  We are at about 61, lets try to get to 75 by race day even if you are coming to support it will be great to have a bunch of us guys ! So Sept 30 , 0600 Hrs Commish leads a convergence at The Vine (Stonehenge with Da Vinci converfingn), we get some breakfast after and then go run/support .  Lets do it! . Try using coupon code (AGENDA)
  • Race Link:
  • Check out this epic video

F3 Speed for Need an initiative to raise awareness for children with special needs through fitness. And very importantly empowering these children.

  • Smoky Mountain Relay – 209 miles – Apr 20,21 , (same format as the BRR) runs from Brevard NC to Nantahala Outdoor center (Bryson City,NC) . The finish is awesome! A little tougher than the BRR. If you liked the BRR this race is for you. If you havent done the BRR you can still do it. Please contact Cheese Curd or Cheddar if you are interested.
  • 3rd F Gut Check (After Rebel Yell at Chick-Fil-A at 0630 AM)
  • Church on the streets – Contact Strawberry (M,2.0(over the age of 9 to 10) friendly)