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Be Aware………..of Burpees

The story takes place Wednesday evening before Floater. A text is sent to Deadwood, “Are you on Q tomorrow”? The response was yes, but I am not giving it up because I’ve been bumped once already. That prompted yours truly to come in with the guilt trip. “Well, tomorrow is my 3rd year F3versary and my birthday. Just seeing if I can Q for that”

So, now I’m on Q. Winning. (HAHA, Deadwood has feelings)

I walk out to the scene where a few PAX are gathering wondering where their Q Deadwood is. That is when I start. No quick DICCs for me, I need extra time for what I had to put out there. I discussed being your brother’s keeper, let’s have good form(no twerking, squats only), and don’t just go back to the 6 and talk to them put your hand in the middle of their back and push them. Push them by pushing yourself. Oh yeah, and I will call you out if you are sandbagging or using bad form. Let’s Mosey!!!!

The Thang:

Take a brisk lap around the block back to the origin and pass that to head across the railroad track to the parking lot in front of Cupcake Queen(Product Placement).

  • 20-SSH(Variable Speed)
  • 15-Imperial Walkers
  • 10 IC-Diamond Merkins
  • Calf stretch
  • 20(maybe)-Low Slow Squats

Let’s Mosey!

At the bottom of Another Bad Idea, we do 7’s. Start out with 1 Burpee at the bottom and six at the top. Then 2 Burpees at the bottom and 5 at the top. You get the point.

Let’s Mosey!

Head back towards the railroad crossing and make a right turn in front of Waxhaw Provisions(Product Placement) and stop in the parking lot behind the church just past Maxwell’s Tavern(Product Placement).

  • 10-Curb jump Burpees (Jump on the curb and back into a Burpee)
  • Gassers with exercises in between(10 Burpees, 10 squats, 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 Diamond Merkins)
  • Alright next we will………….Oh no, Burpee train. (PAX that actually did the Burpees said we reached around 45 Burpees)
  • After the train we did combos(4 Lunges, 10 Bear Crawls into two box jumps) do that twice the length of the parking lot.

Guess What? Let’s Mosey!

YHC lead the PAX on a run that may have surprised some. We ran passed the cupcake shop and the park to the second railroad crossing. I can hear PAX in the back saying 4 minutes left. In my head I said great, we’ll have one minute to spare(if they actually pick up the pace, lead by example and show the push). If my fat butt can do it, everyone out there today could do it and they did.


February 2017, a 272 pound Adrian Boston was at work with headaches and not feeling well. He stood up to get to work and fell back down instantly(dizzy). Blood pressure through the roof and in his mind he knew he finally did it. He’s finally having a stroke(what a drama queen). After going to the doctor, it was later found that it was vertigo brought on by a serious sinus infection. That was enough for me. I found out about F3 through a friend and never looked back. I changed eating, drinking, and all other habits. I lost 30 pounds in the first 2 months. I now hover about 215 and 220ish(205 was the lowest).

I spoke on changing today. Some may say the first stage of changing is Awareness. This is a stage that many do not pass. What people don’t tell you is that the awareness stage can be a very depressing stage. When you are truly aware, you see everything for what it is: you, your career, state of your marriage/household, future, life, and faith. It can be a lot and be very heavy. A few months ago, I became very aware of myself and I was depressed. I’ve been blessed with a good wife and good friends to work through it. I’m happy to say now that I am in the development stage of change.

If you are becoming aware of things and feeling that way do not stress. The feeling of uneasiness is you noticing the change and you getting ready to change. Don’t fight the urge to change. Do not fear this feeling, embrace it and use it. If you feel comfortable all the time you are not improving.

If it is too much get help. Strange thoughts or feelings that you yourself feel are not right, get help don’t wait.

Thank you for following me today and listening/reading my rambling. Gotta get to work now.

I’m sorry, I did not get the announcements. I was busy doing some Bday Burpees. Thanks for the reminder Deadwood.

SnB, out!!!!!!!!

Q School and the Quest for New Qs

15 High Impact Men showed up for some learnin’ with Posse at the helm. F3’s mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Congratulations fellas, you just took a big step towards that today.

Warm Up:

Took a lap around the starting lot then circled up for some practice in remedial math AKA: Counting. Posse did an excellent demonstration on how not to count cadence, including poor form, speed, rhythm. Goodfella and Gerber followed up with proper demonstrations of counting both in cadence as well as civilian counts. We then proceeded around the circle with each PAX choosing an exercise and calling the exercise as the Q would.

The Thang:

Goodfella then went cowboy on us and sprinted off towards the front entrance of the school. Another demonstration of what not to do as a Q: don’t leave your PAX behind.

We then partnered up and did a combined 50 dips and 50 step-ups while alternating a half lap around the front lot. Partners can be paired by like size/speed/ability or by opposites, depending on the type of exercises you want to do. You’re either combining strengths or pitting like vs like. It’s also a great way to eat up some time for your weinke if you’re running out of things to do.

Another mosey to the bus lot where Posse asked for the PAX to give him some ideas for the next exercises. Bear Crawls were suggested. Anyone else? Please? JWow suggested the Alligator Merkin. After his demonstration it was decided that it was a terrible idea so we did some bear crawls and jump squats between columns. Who knew jump squats could be used to move from one location to another?

Another mosey with exercises at each light pole. I honestly can’t remember the exercise we did, but that’s not the point. The point is you could do ANY exercise between light poles and it’s a great way to break up a long mosey and keep the PAX closer together.

Down at Transporter’s Shed/Rudy’s Office we grabbed some rocks and circled up for some lifting exercises. Most sites have a pile of rocks somewhere that can be used to get a little arm work in. Just remember, while doing your counting, make sure you’re counting slowly enough were the PAX can use proper form. It’s a better exercise and it helps prevent injury.

We’re running low on time, which brings up the important point to make sure you know how much time you have left. Goodfella suggested setting your watch alarm for 5 minutes ahead of the intended finish time. That way you’ve always got time to make a quick mosey back to the beginning.

In our case we did 5 Bobby Hurleys at each light post back to the starting lot. Some PAX went back for the six and others stayed in the lot and did some exercises. Either one is fine, but KEEP MOVING.

Final exercises…final…exercises…OK, I really don’t remember what they were…Doesn’t matter. The point is to finish together and on time. If you’ve followed the previous tip about setting your watch then you should all be back at the shovel flag with time to spare.


Lots of great lessons today. Lots of excellent leadership. If you’ve never Qd before then there’s never a better time to start. I think it’s awesome how many guys signed up and showed up. If you haven’t already been approached by a Site Q to lead your vQ then seek one out.

Posse, the real Q for today, led us in the closing. It doesn’t have to be a prayer. It can be a quote. A life lesson. An inspired thought. Make it yours.

Plan it. Lead it. Close it. #cradletograve


Say Uncle!

Road closures and a super windy morning didn’t stop 5 PAX from posting and playing a game of “Say Uncle”.


Warm up:

10 big arm circles forward and back
Windmills (very fitting this morning)
Potato Pickers

The Thang:

Everyone grab a coupon and do some of the following:

  • 30s – 10 lower half curls, 10 upper half curls, 10 full range curls
  • 20x Kettle bell swings
  • 15x Imperial Squawkers
  • 15 Burpees

And now a game of “Say Uncle”. Full disclaimer, I made this one up last night, but I think it turned out really well and we’re definitely going to do it again. One PAX starts as the leader (YHC in this case) and the leader gets a cinder block coupon. All other PAX get 8 lb dumbbells. All PAX do the called exercise until the leader says “Uncle!”.

The idea was the leader has the heavier weight and should say “uncle” before the other PAX tap out, but the competition factor and being the leader everyone’s watching really made things interesting. After each exercise, the leader rotates and trades his coupon for some dumbells:

  • Curls
  • Overhead Presses
  • Goblet Squats
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Merkins
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Romanian Dead Lifts
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Negatives

We did several rounds of these so everyone got a chance to be the leader a few times. Brutus is a BEAST. He held the 38 lb coupon in a straight armed Negative longer than the rest of us were able to hold 2 8 lb dumbbells. He also crushed us with 50 straight overhead presses.


Diesel does gear. Diesel doesn’t do running. It makes it quite a bit different than your standard bootcamp. One thing it’s great at, though, (besides wearing out muscles you didn’t know you had) is encouraging the morning mumble chatter. This morning we spent the entire 45 minute workout in a small circle facing each other, lifting, talking, and occasionally saying “uncle”.

Welcome back Big 10!

YHC took us out


Q School tomorrow – Cuthbertson Middle – 0630

Synchronized Swimming

I’m putting this backblast together cause Swimmers is lazy and I want credit for posting.

It poured on the drive in then mercifully stopped for a few minutes right before getting started. Then the rain alternated between mist, sprinkle, and downpour throughout the workout. We got wet.

Swimmers brought out the boombox and we attempted to keep time

Warm Up: (Set to “The Distance” by Cake and “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkle)

Imperial Walkers
Calf Stretches
Maybe some other stuff…

The Thang:

Ma nah ma nah – Imperial Walkers with Burpees on the Ma nah Ma Nahs

Roxanne – Side Straddle Hops (or Running Mans) with Sister Mary Catherines on the Roxannes

Flower – Squat Thrusters – Press on the Ups and Squat on the Downs

Help Me Rhonda – Romanian Dead Lifts with Coupon Curls during the chorus

Ma Nah Ma Nah – Goblet Squats with Kettle Bell Swings on the Ma nah Ma Nahs

Roxanne – Side Straddle Hops (or Running Mans) with Sister Mary Catherines on the Roxannes

Flower – Plank Walk with Merkins on the Ups and Downs

Help Me Rhonda – Romanian Dead Lifts with Coupon Curls during the chorus

Roxanne – Side Straddle Hops (or Running Mans) with Sister Mary Catherines on the Roxannes

Flower – Squat Thrusters – Press on the Ups and Squat on the Downs

Ma Nah Ma Nah – Plank (with arm/leg lifts) and Pike Ups on the Ma Nah Ma Nahs


With the rain pouring down and only a few minutes to go Swimmers set the song to Flood and the PAX took turns calling out exercises until time ran out.


Site Q School – February 1st, 0630 @ Cuthbertson Middle

Q School – February 8th, 0630 @ Cuthbertson Middle

Sign ups coming soon. If you haven’t been to Q school its time for you to go. If you haven’t run your own Q it’s time to go to Q School and then Q a site. F3 is committed to raising men to be leaders. What better way to get started than among your peers?

We got hosed

13 grizzled PAX broke into the Asylum this cold and windy morning. A little surprised at turnout since last week we had temps in the 60s and numbers were low and this morning with the air feeling like 20° the guys were pouring in. I’ll take it!

DiCCS provided and we’re off

Warm Up:

Mosey to the traffic circle then switch to a burpee run down the front of the Target building taking a left at the retaining wall. It took that long for everyone to get one burpee in so YHC called for another round as we slowly circled the parking lot. YHC finishes the last burpee and we circle up for:

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Squawkers (the Squat in the middle threw Smokey, so I think he only did 14) x 10
  • Calf Stretch (plenty of groaning and other noises in honor of a certain Asylum Site Q who happens to like this stretch a little too much)
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey to Hickory Tavern for some toys

The Thang:

YHC has been dealing with shin splints for a while and with the doc strongly suggesting to cut back on the running I was looking for ways to lower the mileage but still make sure everyone got a good workout. Enter: The Hose. Rubbermaid (and Tupperware?) acquired a lengthy piece of fire hose, maybe 25 feet long, and around 80 lbs that we put to good use

Partner up! One pair grabs the hose and drags it the full circle down to the Brooklyn Pizza and around the top parking spaces back to the Hickory Tavern. Remaining PAX work their way through the following, switching exercises each loop:

  • Merkins
  • Step Ups
  • Dips
  • Lunges
  • Big Boi Sit Ups

Boy, that hose was no joke. Shop Dawg and I go 2nd with the hose and while the first half didn’t seem so bad, man that return trip was killer. Get back to the Tavern and everyone’s doing LBCs. Some Q Jacking going on I guess? Nobody wanted to do the Step Ups? Too bad, Step Ups are next. Everyone finished the hose loop and suddenly Deadwood is here? Apparently he forgot Asylum has a 0515 start, not 0530.

Setting the hose aside (for now) YHC grabs a few more items out of the truck. Two 50 lb weights and three 40 lb concrete buckets. With the same partners as before:

  • P1 – Choose one
    • Run to the Brooklyn Pizza wall and back
    • Farmer Carry two 50 lb weights
    • Farmer Carry two 40 lb buckets
    • Broken Farmer Carry one 40 lb bucket
  • P2 – Exercises (100 each collectively per team)
    • Mike Tysons
    • Squats
    • LBCs
    • Speed Skaters (2 = 1)
    • Flutters (2 = 1)

A few finished early and did a little repeato. Once the last team finished up we did a little more hose work. New partner do the following exercises in between:

  • Jump Squats
  • LBCs
  • Romanian Dead Lifts

Out of time. COT. Announcements. Group pic.


Site Q School – Saturday 2/1 at Cuthbertson Middle School – Sign ups going out soon or see Posse
Q School – Saturday 2/8 at Cuthbertson Middle School – Sign ups going out soon or see Posse


13 (I swear it was 14, but no one can account for the missing PAX) men of F3 walked, jogged, ran, rucked, hiked, and moseyed around Millbridge for an hour. Miles were gotten. Lots by some and even more by others.

Scaling Mt. Chiseled

13 PAX, including two FNGs, braved the icy cold this morning to climb the slopes of Mt. Chiseled. A quick check of the weather app last night led this guy to believe we’d have temps around 34 degrees. Cold, but nothing out of the ordinary. On the ride to the AO at 0500 the truck temp read 27. Frosted Coupons. A frozen tire. Ice in the buckets? This is no time for an audible!


The Warmup:

Quick jog around Mt. Chiseled to get our bearings and get those creaky joints moving. Back to the start and each PAX grabs 2 bricks.

AMRAP – 1 minute each with a 10 second transition period between

  • SSH
  • Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Speed Skaters
  • LBCs
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Box Cutters
  • Dry Docks
  • Curls
  • Flutters
  • Mike Tysons

Not much mumble chatter. One PAX mentioned it might’ve been cause everyone was secretly thinking how much they hated me.

The Thang:

Hearken now and hear my tale of a band of adventurers. Brothers. PAX! Who braved the chill and wintry morn’ to challenge themselves, test their mettle, weave this tale of gallant daring, and impose their will upon the mountain!

To the far side of Mt. Chiseled they strode and gathered up the great bricks of stone.

At last they were off with ten goblet squats that had broken down many lesser men. Then down with the stone and up the icy cliffs, across the far side of the frozen tundra where they warmed themselves by doing a single, solitary burpee. Alas, no rest for these weary souls, so back across the icy plains to the slippery peak of the mountain and descend, descend, carefully… gracefully, down the treacherous mountainside.

Again, again! Nine squats, two burpees. Eight squats, three burpees! These brave adventurers pushed and forged ahead on a quest that seemingly had no end. When their bodies felt they could surely handle no more, at last reprieve was upon them. In total, no less than five and fifty burpees and five and fifty goblet squats were vanquished by these brave PAX.

With the dreaded peak now behind them, the determined warriors strode forth to steel themselves against one last test.

In teams of three the PAX found themselves strewn across a vast battlefield. On one end they toiled to lift great coupons to row, curl and press. On the other the men speedily skated, pushed down the earth, and scaled the ground like a web crawler. And in between, the hearty PAX sprinted with great haste to relieve the brothers of their onerous burdens.

It was on this set of tasks the determined brotherhood labored until the final trek to where their journey both began and would now end.



If you actually read that then I’m sorry. Sitting at the courthouse while awaiting a hearing means a lot of bored free time.

Big thanks to Fuse for showing up early to assist with the coupons and then making another run to storage when the PAX count exceeded expectations.

Another thanks to Xerox and Mayhem for helping with the clean up.

Welcome to Sambuca and Uncle Si (double respect. Not sure if those guys were warned what they were getting into but they looked like regulars to me. When you meet them, be sure to ask how they got their names.

Welcome back to Offline. After some injuries and an extended time off he was back and sweating with the rest of us


  • Christ’s Closet – folding opportunity this Saturday. 8am at Union United Methodist Church. Some big piles of clothing and many hands make light work
  • Mayhem let us know about a mission trip he’s co-leading to Nicaragua that will assist with projects like building schools, roofing homes, and more. He’d love to have several PAX join the trip, but I’m sure donations would be appreciated as well. More info here:

Thanks Recalculating for taking us out.

Basketball Season

(Write-up by Mayhem)
It’s basketball season, so 8 brothers celebrated by going through a basketball themed workout in the parking lot at Five Stones Church.  I’m not sure if it was the rain or sweat, but everyone was wet. 
Warm Up:
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Big Arm Circles forward and backward
The Thang:
  • Basketball waddles (walking with stretch bands to cone and back)
  • Stairs (walking up and down steps with 20 lb weight bag)
  • Angry Rebounds (take basketball, get in squatting position, explode upward, return to standing position, swing elbows both ways)
  • Back to Basics (chest passes with 10 lb weight ball)
  • Put Me in Coach (chair for squats to spring off bench and chair dips)
  • Free Throws (10 lb weights and stretch band for 90 degree triceps extensions while standing up)
  • Corner of Pain (kettle bell for swings, 30 lb weights for shrugs, curl bar with weights for curls/21s, exercise ball and curl bar with weights for bench presses)
  • Fight for the Ball (burpies or fall to push up positon, push up, roll over, push up, return to standing position)
  • Back to Back (pass 10 lb medicine ball  to each other while standing back to back to work core)
  • Workout with the GOAT (tarheel painted coupons used for curls, shoulder presses, or shrugs).
Bottle Cap wore his high school jersey.  It was a little small, but if Kramer (from Seinfeld) can fit in his high school jeans, I guess Bottle Cap can make it work.
Shop Dog had some good announcements regarding leadership opportunities for Christ’s Closet. It’s a great opportunity to serve those in the community by gathering to sort, fold, and label clothing. Keep an eye out for this great opportunity to grow and serve with others.
  • Christ’s Closet – January 11th following Commitment/Homecoming at Union United Methodist Church – 8am til 10:30am
  • Christ’s Closet – 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month – 7:30pm to 9:00pm – 2.0 and M friendly
  • Q Source – Preparing yourself to be a leader – Monday’s following Asylum @ Wesley Chapel Chick-Fil-A
  • Ray of Hope – Asking for toothbrushes and toothpaste (preferably not used) – Bring to any workout and give to Shop Dawg, Bottlecap, Dana, Dancing Bear, Carb Load, or Deadwood
Honored to be an F3 brother.  To a fantastic 2020 with all…

The Gift of Exercise

Twas the night before Diesel…and YHC was wrapping presents and preparing to inject a little holiday spirit into what would be an icy cold morning.

Warm Up:

  • Arm Circles – 10 little forward and back; 10 big forward and back
  • Potato Pickers – 10 IC

Enough of that, there’s PRESENTS!

The Thang:

YHC promised presents and presents were had. Out comes Santa’s bag of goodies with presents for PAX young and old. Each PAX takes a turn reaching into the gift bag and pulling out a wrapped present. Then everyone “shares” their gift:

  • 20x Merkins
  • 20x Squats
  • 15x Coupon Swings
  • 20x Shoulder Presses
  • 15x Goblet Squats
  • 20x Curls
  • 30x Bent Over Rows
  • 40x LBCs
  • 10x Lunges (each leg)
  • 20x Squat Thrusters
  • 15x Tricep Extensions
  • 25x Mountain Climbers

Now we’re REALLY warmed up so it’s time for some Christmas stations. The timer for these stations was the aptly named “One Horse Open Slay” #notfusedit but the battle rope was nowhere to be found. Audible!

  • Load the Sleigh (timer)- Farmer’s Carry around the two islands w/ 2 50lb weights
  • Last Minute Holiday Shopper – 35lb plates (held at arm’s length in front of you like a steering wheel)
  • Carol of the Bell Ringers – Kettle bell swings
  • Toy Makers – Man Makers with dumbbells
  • Boxing Day (hey, it’s close to Christmas) – Alternate hands punching with dumbbells
  • Rise and Shine, it’s Christmas Morning – Big Boi Sit Ups with Slam Balls
  • Chop some wood for the fire – Sledge hammer the tire

2 rounds of the above. YHC had also created a few more holiday exercises but somehow completely forgot about them:

  • Santa’s Bowl Full of Jelly – V Ups
  • Snow Angels – Plank Jacks
  • Ice Skaters – Speed Skaters

With around 10 minutes left it was time for a holiday faux pas: Regifting!

YHC bundled up all the gifts previously given and dropped them back into Santa’s gift bag for redistribution of the wealth. We managed to make it through Merkins, Goblet Squats, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Presses, and Bent Over Rows before 0615.


This one was fun to think up and though it took a bit of work to wrap all the “presents” it was worth it. Check out GroupMe as Spike managed to get some good pictures of the gift exchange. We’ve had one other “themed” workout with Foundation giving us his Wrestlemania workout a few months back. They’re a ton of fun and I think everyone enjoyed the break for the usual.

The 50 lb weight is no joke for a Farmer’s Carry and we worked with two of them today. I heard some good encouragement going on today. Sometimes a brother needs some of that and you don’t even know it. We’ve got some good leaders that do it regularly, but if you haven’t found yourself fist bumping a fellow PAX or giving them an attaboy every once in a while, I’d encourage you to try it out. It could make the difference between someone finishing an exercise or not. Giving it everything or ratcheting it down towards the end. Posting once a week or stepping it up to multiple posts. Showing up or fartsacking.

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

YHC took us out. Merry Christmas everybody


I think this is the 3rd time I’ve led the PAX at Asylum and this would be the 3rd time that no Asylum Site Q has been there…hmmmmm

11 PAX did a low-mileage AMRAP style workout with a few CHRISTMAS presents sprinkled in.

Warm Up:

Mosey down the road towards the Target and did a double-loop around the traffic circle then continue on to the middle of the Target parking lot.

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Potato Pickers
  • Plank position calf stretches for Damascus (who wasn’t there)

The Thang:

Mosey to the far end of the parking lot for the first set of presents nestled under the light post (sorry, no Christmas tree available). On the first day of Christmas Chastain gave to me: TWO 35 lb plates for Hair Burners!

Pair up, with the starting PAX using the aforementioned weights to do Hair Burners across two rows of parking spaces. Those’ll be the timer

Remaining pairs do AMRAP:

Imperial Walkers

As you can see we were looking to do BLIMPS but didn’t have enough people for the Squats station, and due to the odd number only YHC did the Plankjacks. I’m sure everyone was super bummed. Instead, we did two rounds to get into the holiday spirit!

Next up, mosey back to Hickory Tavern. Goodfella insisted on carrying his Christmas present with him during the mosey which turned into an awkward relay race across the lot.

Upon arrival at the Tavern, YHC unveiled the second present: a whiteboard with the word CHRISTMAS ominously written vertically in green. For this exercise YHC slowly revealed the true meaning of Christmas with exercises done AMRAP style for 75 seconds each

Carolina Dry Docks
Romanian Dead Lifts
Imperial Walkers
Step Ups
Turkish Get Ups
Mountain Climbers
American Hammers
Side Lunges

Christmas isn’t just an American holiday and we commemorated that by celebrating like they do in Turkey, Romania, and the Empire.

Alright, last mosey around the back of the Tavern where the final set of presents was awaiting. A set of tires with a rope and a belt attached to each.

A pair of PAX take a tire each and run a lap around the parking lot while the remainder do Burpees. Upon their return the next set of PAX take their turn until all have done a lap. YHC did a solo pull with both tires because reasons. Still 4 minutes left? Repeato but substitute Air Presses for Burpees. 30 seconds left? Grab the tires and fast mosey back to the starting lot to close it out. Everyone was really tired…


This was definitely a short mileage day. Not intentional but I wanted to get in all three presents and something had to go.

Notable events:

-Posse was on time today and thusly got the full 45 minute workout
-We may have also found something that slows down Goodfella, and that’s the Turkish Get Up. Or maybe he just felt bad for the rest of us schlubs…
-I asked Fuse Box about grabbing the 35 lb plates from Five Stones last night, so even knowing Hair Burners were coming he still showed up. That says something. Brave. Confident. Sucker. Not sure…


  • Convergence on New Year’s Day – Dromedary and Chiseled at Cuthbertson Middle School – 0700 start time
  • Christ Closet Official Launch – January 11th – Following Commitment/Homecoming – See Dana/GroupMe for details
    • From thenceforth there will be folding the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 1930 to 2100.
    • If you’d like to make a cash donation (501c3, so think tax write off) you can see Shop Dawg

Thanks Ackbar for taking us out