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Weather is here, wish you were beautiful

I won’t lie. As I drove to the AO in the 38 degree temps and the rain was coming down, I was secretly hoping no one would show and I could go back to the fartsack. No such luck as Big 10 pulled into the parking lot right behind me. Time to man up and get Diesel!

The Thang:

DiCCS given. Everyone (ha! all 3 of us) grab a pair of dumbbells which will be your workout partner for the majority of the morning.

1 minute each:

  • Lunges (with dumbbells)
  • Mountain Climbers (with dumbbells)
  • Speed Skaters (with dumbbells)
  • Low Slow Squats (with dumbbells)
  • Merkins (with dumbbells)
  • Curls (with dumbbells)
  • Tricep Extensions (with dumbbells)
  • Lateral Raises (with dumbbells)
  • Burpees (with a dumbbell raise instead of a jump)
  • Carolina Dry Docks (with dumbbells)

Taking a wee break from the dumbbell action, one PAX grabs the concrete bucket and takes a lap around the island and back. Meanwhile the other PAX grab a slam ball and alternate arms lifting and slamming. Rotate PAX on buckets and slam balls. Repeato

Back to the dumbbells with the same set as above, only this time adding in a round of Man Makers. Crowd favorite right there…

One more round of buckets and balls and we’re done.


The weather was pretty nasty this morning. I modified my workout a fair amount to keep us off the ground. Initially had a fair amount of ground work and that sounded miserable (beyond our normal stupidity) so we modified.

As both Big 10 and Draper will attest, Diesel is not a “no cardio” AO. It’s low impact (no jumping or slamming of the joints) and there’s no running, but we definitely elevated our heart rates this morning. Arms and shoulders will definitely feel it today and tomorrow.

Holiday party reminder – Tomorrow @ Lawson Clubhouse

Brutus on Q next week

YHC took us out

Coupon Webb


A moleskin is a fabric that’s used to prevent or treat injury. In the backblast its an opportunity to wax poetic about the events of the morning; kind of like a moleskin for the soul. Generally we put the moleskin last but today I wanna put it up front for anyone that gets bored easily and quits reading.

For those of you unaccustomed to gear workouts, they’re a bit different than your typical bootcamp for a variety of reasons, but a big one is how much time you need to set up and tear down. Between the coupons, dumbbells, tire, slam balls, etc. it takes a bit to lug it over to the workout area and arrange it for the PAX. So I’m always impressed by the guys that get there early and stay late to help set things up even when it isn’t their day to Q. This isn’t to call out anyone who hasn’t done that, but rather to thank those that have. It is noticed and it is appreciated. Plus, it’s a nice little bonus workout you didn’t know you were getting!

The Thang:

Typical Diesel station-based workout, done with a partner for the mumble chatter:

  • Awkward Farmer’s Carry Timer – Carry one of those weights (pretty sure it started at 40 lbs and magically grew to about 80) around the two islands
  • Tire Flip
  • Moroccan Night Clubs with Dumbbells
  • Tricep Extensions with Kettlebells
  • Big Boy Situps with Slam Ball
  • Bicep Curl with Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band Flys
  • Lateral Raises with Dumbbells

We did two rounds each of the timer then moved on to the Coupon Webb. Lots of groaning…before, during, and after.

1 Squat Thruster / 4 Bent Over Rows
2 Squat Thrusters / 8 Bent Over Rows

10 Squat Thrusters / 40 Bent Over Rows

Back to the station work from above for another two rounds. A little slower on the Farmer’s Carry this time for some reason…

Did I mention the groans? Big 10 was excited when I described round 2 of the Coupon Webb:

1 Merkin (on the Coupon) / 4 Calf Raises (on the Coupon)
2 Merkins / 8 Calf Raises

10 Merkins / 40 Calf Raises

Back to the station work where I’m pretty sure everyone intentionally tanked to make sure we didn’t have time for another Coupon Webb.

Gonna feel it tomorrow!


Wait, another moleskin? Well, it’s best to apply before and after to minimize injury and speed healing.

  • Big 10 – A Diesel regular and it shows. Wanna know what Diesel can do for you? Check out those guns! He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s on Q for next week.
  • Catfish – This dude drives from Unionville, which is something like 6 hours away, multiple times a week to get his butt kicked by F3 Waxhaw. If you ever need motivation to get out of bed and post, just look at this HIM
  • Draper and Mayhem- New to Diesel but it sounds like we might have some regulars. Both guys pushed hard and I didn’t hear any complaints, even during our stupid Coupon Webbs. Welcome aboard!
  • Posse – Always happy to see Posse when I post. He may not realize it, but he’s been a great encouragement to me to push through the fun of being a Site Q and the intricacies involved…Much respect

Thanks Catfish for taking us out


  • Vagabond – Tomorrow (11/9/19) at Hickory Tavern in Waverly. 6:30am
  • Christ’s Closet – Tomorrow (11/9/19 at the Stratford YMCA @ 1946 West Blvd – M and 2.0 friendly. 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Diesel is looking for guys to Q. It’s not hard. None of that crazy in cadence counting. Look at a few backblasts for ideas, lay out the gear and we all do it together. Wanna spice it up? Look at Foundation’s Q to see what kind of fun you can get into. Talk to myself or Brutus to get on the schedule

Diesel Official Launch

It’s official: Diesel is live and ready to pump you up. 8 PAX showed up ready to beast out, but first you gotta tell me your shirt size. That’s right, the official Diesel site has door prizes for the brave PAX who showed for our official launch and each lucky winner came away with a wifebeater sleeveless t-shirt the official uniform of Diesel.

DiCCS given and a quick warm-up with SSHs, Imperial Walkers, and some small, medium, and large arm circles then on to:

The Thang

Brutus and YHC (Your Humble Correspondent Chastain) invested weeks days about 30 minutes last night coming up with an evil intricate plan focused on building up that upper body with the following pain stations:

  • American Hammers
  • Tire Flips
  • Mike Tysons
  • Arnold Presses
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Ground Flys
  • Merkins
  • Lateral Raises
  • Moroccan Nightclubs with bricks
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Bear Crawl timer

Planning a gear workout is a bit different than your typical bootcamp style workout as you have to guesstimate how many people might show up so you have enough gear for everyone. With only 8 PAX on site we thought it’d be a good idea to take out a few stations to align with the number of PAX. Apparently we thought wrong. “Why would you do that?”, “I’ve never gotten to use the tire before!”, and “Don’t get rid of my very favorite exercise, the Mike Tyson!” were just a few of the shouts of anger/dismay. We’re so very proud of our little Diesel engines that could, so in they stayed, minus the Bear Crawl because we are benevolent Site Qs that both giveth and taketh away.


All in all we got about 5 rounds of stations in with 60 seconds of pain in each. All PAX arrived as buff and manly men, but left a little more buff, a little more stalwart, and a little more manly. And probably a lot more sore.

Much appreciation to these 8 men for helping make the launch a success. A special shout out and many T Claps to Carb Load and Twinkle Toes for constructing the awesome shovel flag (complete with diesel truck on top) that you see in the picture at the top. Amazing work, guys!

We’re still learning and open to suggestions. If you’ve got ideas on how to make Diesel even better then reach out to Brutus or myself (Chastain) and give your feedback.


Diesel Soft Launch

F3 Waxhaw officially has a new AO the launched today, 09/27/2019. That site was dubbed “Diesel” and whether the image your mind conjures is that of a freight train, a 6.6 liter turbo-diesel engine, or the actor Mark Sinclair, better known as Vin Diesel, (hey, you do you), the idea is the same:

Diesel = Strong

So if you’re just hearing about this AO for the first time, and we won’t blame you, we’re brand new, then here’s what you need to know:

  • Gear – This is a gear workout. You don’t get swole without lifting something heavy a few times
  • Low Impact – We’re here to give you a beatdown, but we’re gonna do it gently
  • Proper Form – Exercises are focused on form, not number of reps. Bad form leads to injury
  • 0.0 – No mileage
  • Open to All – You’ve heard it before. It’s a core part of F3. But it’s doubly true at Diesel. Whether you’ve been out of the game for a while (Kotter), never been in the game (FNG), dealing with an injury, or just looking for something different than your standard boot camp, Diesel is for you

7 #HIM gathered this morning to welcome the newest AO in F3 Waxhaw. Music rocking (no 80s on 8 for Diesel) we got to work on various stations designed to pump you up. Stations included:

  • Heavy Walk (50 lb farmer carry around the cones and back) served as our timer
  • Mike Tysons
  • Front Raises
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Lateral Raises
  • Dry Docks
  • Squat Thrusters
  • Kettle Bell Swings
  • Reverse Flys
  • Ground Flys

The PAX made it through 3+ brutal rounds before finishing with a handful of LBCs, Flutters, Supermans, and Heels to Heavens

Much appreciation to all who helped make Diesel happen. We’ve got some tweaks to make and ideas to implement, but overall today was a great start. Looking forward to the future and watching the PAX get Diesel!

For those of you still reading…there are door prizes (?) for all PAX who show to the official launch next Friday, 10/4/2019. Tell a friend and show to know!

Counting is hard, so AMRAPs are easy?

I’ve led the PAX on numerous bootcamp style workouts, but leading a gear workout was new territory for me. So when Fuse approached me about leading the fine men of Chiseled I said yes, but I knew I’d need to do a little research ahead of time. What better place to go than the the tried-and-true back blasts of the leaders before me.

You always feel a bit of sadistic pride when the PAX groan upon the announcement of the next exercise. Or grumbling following a previous one. So I delved deep into the back blasts to determine what the PAX hate love the most at Chiseled and added that to my weinke.

DiCCS given. Notice given: There will be no counting today. Instead, we do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) and focus on proper form. If you’re doing a Merkin, keep your back straight, bring your chest to the ground, then fully extend your arms back to the plank position. Don’t cheat yourself. Again, there’s no counting today so you’re better off doing 10 GOOD form Merkins (or whatever) than 20 with BAD form.


  • Mosey around Mt. Chiseled. Hey, I’m a gazelle, so we can’t have a 0.0 day
  • Each PAX grab two bricks from the back of my truck then circle up for some fun
  • 1 minute each:
    • Side Straddle Hops (with bricks)
    • Lunges (with bricks)
    • Mountain Climbers (on bricks)
    • Speed Skaters (over bricks)
    • LBCs (holding bricks)
    • Burpees (with bricks)
    • Squats (with bricks)
    • Box Cutters (holding bricks)
    • Carolina Dry Docks (on bricks)
    • Curls (with bricks)
    • Rosalitas (con ladrillos)
    • Mike Tysons (lol with bricks)
    • Flutters (bricks!)
    • Merkins (hit the bricks!)

The Thang:

Now that we’re 20 minutes in we should be good and warmed up. Drop your bricks off in the back of my truck and partner up.

  • Stations:
    • Hair burners with 35 lb plates – This serves as the timer for the other stations
    • Dumbees – Burpees with 10 lb dumbbells
    • Jack Webbs – Merkins/Air Presses with big bricks
    • Man Makers with 10 lb dumbbells
    • Goblet Squats with cinder blocks
    • American Hammers with 12 lb dumbbells
    • Turkish Get Ups with a 20 lb slam ball
    • Tire Flip
    • Parking lot lap – with 12 lb dumbbells
    • Half Lap – with 40 lb buckets
    • Dips at the fire pit
    • Supines on the rails

I wasn’t sure how many PAX would show so we ended up with a lot of extra stations. I knew the Hair Burners would be a crowd favorite, but a surprise second was the Turkish Get Ups. I’ll be sure to add both of those to future weinkes.


Two firsts for me today: First time leading a gear workout (had fun, will repeat) and first time without a prescribed number of exercises. A few other Qs (I’m looking at you Swimmers and Shake-n-Bake) have made mention recently on using proper form and I think that’s pretty important. I think sometimes we all get so focused on finishing the called number of reps that form can suffer. I know I’m guilty of that, so today was a day to forget about the numbers and focus on form.

Shout out to Ole Macdonald and Showgirl for stepping up and nursing a PAX back to health. Almost had some #splashedmerlot…maybe next time.

Another shout out to Fuse for getting there early to help me get the gear out and to the other who stayed around afterwards to help put it all away.


  • F3 Dads @ Dogwood Park on Saturday 0900 – Bring your 2.0, boy or girl, ages 3-14ish
  • F3 Convergence – Labor Day @ Cuthbertson High School – Huge event expecting 150+ PAX. Parking near the football fields
  • Waxhaw Highway Clean Up – August 24th 0800-1000 @ 200 McDonald Ave, Waxhaw – Sign up here
  • Speed For Need – ZERO Prostate 5k – 3rd F opportunity on September 14 – See Swimmers or check GroupMe for sign up info

Thanks Fuse for taking us out

Christmas Carols in the Asylum

The (slightly) cooler weather this past week had YHC dreaming of a white Christmas and that made it an easy decision to pull out the ol’ “Twelve Days of Christmas in July” weinke. Nothing like a little caroling to get the PAX to forget the heat and imagine the arctic temperatures of Christmas.

Warm Up:

Mosey around behind the Hickory Tavern for 40 SSHs, where we’re joined by Shop Dawg (Dog?) for another wee mosey back to the front and 20 Imperial Squawkers. Finish up back where we started and head into…

The Thang:

Short one easel, YHC had a printout taped to the rear window of his car entitled “The Twelve Days of Christmas in July”. They were as follows:

  • 1 Lap around the parking lot
  • 2 Turkish Get Ups
  • 3 LBCs
  • 4 Jump Squats
  • 5 Diamond Merkins (I couldn’t find any exercises with “gold” in the title)
  • 6 Imperial Walkers
  • 7 Mike Tysons
  • 8 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 9 Low Slow Squats
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)
  • 11 Merkins
  • 12 Burpees

Now if you know the song (and who doesn’t) then you know you do the numbers in order but you always count down and do the previous numbers as well. Well this set of exercises is no different. So when we did FIVE DIAMOND MERKINS!! (sung at a loud volume for full effect) it was then followed by 4 Jump Squats, 3 LBCs, 2 Turkish Get Ups, and “A lap around the parking lot for me!” I can tell you, we started with a few Scrooges and a couple of Grinches, but by the end everyone was reluctantly singing along.

For those of you that struggle in the math department (or are just lazy) the total numbers equal out to:

  • 12 laps
  • 22 Turkish Get Ups
  • 30 LBCs
  • 36 Jump Squats
  • 40 Diamond Merkins
  • 42 Imperial Walkers
  • 42 Mike Tysons (Dana’s favorite)
  • 40 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 36 Low Slow Squats
  • 30 Lunges
  • 22 Merkins
  • 12 Burpees

We finished the full song with about 10 minutes to spare, so we moseyed to the short wall in front of Hickory Tavern for 20 step-ups (each leg), 20 dips, and 10 Derkins. We finished out the morning with some Mary, including Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury, Supermans, and then a wall sit with air presses (I think we made it to 70) to finish us out.


I like this particular activity because it keeps the group together but still manages to hit all the major zones of arms, legs, and core, plus some running. I made sure to emphasize that we’re doing the Twelve Days exercises together as a group and even threatened the gazelles with burpees if they finished their lap early. While a few PAX did do a few extra burpees, we mostly stuck together as a group. I, like many others, don’t always have (or make) the time for the 2nd or 3rd F. That’s something we all definitely need in our lives, is the camaraderie, the accountability, and the opportunity to talk with our fellow HIM. So while it probably isn’t Deadwood approved, I enjoy the stories, the jokes, and the ability to catch up on others’ lives while we slog together through the 1st F. I appreciate all my fellow F3 brothers for giving me that early morning motivation to get out of bed and improve my body, mind, and soul.


Speed for Need coming up on September 14th. See Swimmers for details. He’ll be posting more info as well in the near future

3rd F opportunity for you, 2.0s and your M – Saturday, August 3rd @ 0800 – 1100 at Waxhaw Elementary School. New principal trying to get community to rally and get involved, this time with helping spruce up the outside of the school. You can sign up at this link.


7 high impact leaders and leaders in training skipped the fartsack, got up early on a Saturday, and posted at a pre-site-q-school-workout. No one (except maybe Posse) knew what to expect. 30 seconds to go and Posse drops a “Oh no, the QIC didn’t show!” scenario on us. Centerfold, The Knish, and Old MacDonald get assigned the 3 way Site Q responsibility of picking up the Q. 15 minutes each. Chastain in charge of backblast. Fusebox in charge of timing. Centerfold, you’re up!

Q1 – Centerfold: Long mosey from the parking lot around to the back of the school. We’re all beginning to think Centerfold’s entire improvised weinke is going to be to run laps around the school but finally we get to some picnic tables and circle up for some warm up.

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC (fastest ever)
  • Maybe something else?
  • Calf Stretches

Mosey back to the front of the school for some bench work:

  • 20 Dips
  • Run a half lap around the lot
  • 20 Step Ups
  • Run a half lap around the lot
  • Repeato

Centerfold, your 15 minutes of fame are over. Next up, The Knish!

Q2 – The Knish: Back to the starting lot and down the back driveway. Alternate light poles with 10 Merkins and 20 Squats until the end of the driveway. Up to the top roundabout for 20 LBCs, down to the bottom for 20 Heels to Heaven, then repeato. Typed out that doesn’t sound like 15 minutes, but it sure felt longer in action.

Q3 – Old MacDonald: Last but never least, Old MacDonald finished off the last Q section with a quick jog to an out building where we found some wall and did some O-Line drills: Hands on the wall, knees bent, press hard for 30 seconds. Next up, repeato, this time chop your feet and keep on your toes. Once more and done. Sounds easy, but it ain’t. Pretty sure we were close to knocking down the building so we called that one. Next up, a Lunge walk (or a Bear Crawl, which YHC will take any day) to the football field. Once there, we decided to get wet with liquids not of our own making by rolling around in the dew-soaked grass. YHC can’t remember what this one was called but fortunately was able to capture it on video for posterity:

Too late to ask if anyone is allergic to grass. Nothing to do but run it off. Heading back to the starting parking lot by alternating light poles with running and then a karaoke. Finish up with some PAX called exercises, including Burpees, Dying Cockroaches, and some other things that escape the mind…

Moleskin: An out of the ordinary workout with out of the ordinary PAX. It was awesome seeing how easily all three guys quickly adapted to being thrown into the fire and gave us a great Saturday morning workout. Anyone would have thought those weinkes were planned in advance.

Announcement: F3 Dads started this morning at Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel @ 0900. Boys and girls ages 3 and up are welcome. Bring a squirt gun if you have it. Talk to Fusebox or Gerber if you’re willing to step up and help. They need some future Qs.

YHC took us out in prayer then we headed to McDonald’s for some 2nd F and Site Q School. Much thanks to Posse for all his effort in organizing, documenting, and leading the training. It was much needed for myself and others too, I’m sure.

Christmas in July

YHC is working an alternate schedule this week so when Woody sent up the signal flare asking for someone to Q it had “Chastain” written all over it. And as I thought about my weinke (doesn’t everyone?) and considered the balmy weather we’ve been experiencing, I was reminded of my daughter singing “Feliz Navidad” repeatedly while we walked around the Waxhaw 4th of July parade. That got me thinking (uh-oh), “who couldn’t use a little Christmas in July?”

Warm up:
We took a quick mosey from the front parking lot towards the bus lot in the back of the school. On the way we did some SSHs (15 IC), Potato Pickers (10 IC), and finished the warm up behind the buses with some Imperial Walkers (15 IC).

The Thang:
Stashed in the gloomy shadows of a small trailer, YHC had hidden a small whiteboard with 12 simple exercises entitled “The 12 Days of Christmas in July”. They were as follows:

  • 1 Lap around the buses
  • 2 Turkish Get Ups
  • 3 LBCs
  • 4 Jump Squats
  • 5 Diamond Merkins (I couldn’t find any exercises with “gold” in the title)
  • 6 Imperial Walkers
  • 7 Mike Tysons
  • 8 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 9 Low Slow Squats
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)
  • 11 Merkins
  • 12 Burpees

Now if you know the song (and who doesn’t) then you know you do the numbers in order but you always count down and do the previous numbers as well. Well this set of exercises is no different. So when we did FIVE DIAMOND MERKINS!! (sung at a loud volume for full effect) it was then followed by 4 Jump Squats, 3 LBCs, 2 Turkish Get Ups, and “A lap around the buses for me!” YHC apologizes for forcing others to listen to him sing…

For those of you that struggle in the math department (or are just lazy) that equals out to:

  • 12 laps
  • 22 Turkish Get Ups
  • 30 LBCs
  • 36 Jump Squats
  • 40 Diamond Merkins (didn’t think that one through…)
  • 42 Imperial Walkers
  • 42 Mike Tysons (or this one…)
  • 40 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • 36 Low Slow Squats
  • 30 Lunges
  • 22 Merkins
  • 12 Burpees

We wrapped up the morning with a slow mosey back to the front lot and a bit of Mary, including the Dolly, Freddy Mercuries, the Protractor, and (sorry Woody) one more I can’t remember Back Scratchers.

This was a fun workout. Shepherd and I noticed it was a little more humid than we’re used to for Christmas. It certainly kicked my butt but it was good working out with a few guys outside of my normal AOs. Well, different name but same basic location as Outland…

Better late than never

YHC started typing this BB this morning but never got around to publishing it…better late than never!

4 men turned into 7 men and got a little dirty, got a little sweaty, and showed some rocks who was boss at the Valley of the Sun.

3 minutes til and a couple pre-runners are finishing up a 5-miler (allegedly). We whip out the DiCCS as 2 more cars pull into the parking lot. Better late than never! Let’s mosey


  • Head to the bus lot for a warmup while we wait for the latecomers to catch up
  • 60 Side Straddle Hops IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • Plank with calf stretches then 6 inches
  • Recover and mosey
  • Oh wait, gimme 10 burpees OYO

The Thang:
Little did the PAX know that Outland had transformed into a gear workout. *cue evil laugh*

  • Each PAX grab a good hefty rock from the pile (a “lifting rock” as Double E would say)
    • 10 curls IC
    • 10 chest presses IC
    • 10 tricep extensions IC
    • Set your rock on the ground, run to the curb and back
    • Shift over and grab a different rock then repeato
    • Ahhh one more time just for funsies
  • Mosey towards the elementary school with some Low Slow Squats on the way
  • Those poor suckers thought we were done with the rocks! New “lifting rock” from the pile, same exercise
    • 10 curls IC
    • 10 chest presses IC
    • 10 tricep extensions IC
  • Take your rock to the school, find some wall, then chair up
  • Next exercise is…the Wonderbra! Push’em out and push’em up! For those unfamiliar, while in the chair position on the wall, you hold your “lifting rock” to your chair then IC extend the rock straight out, back in, chest press, then back in and that’s one. Let’s do a 10 count IC
  • Slide over one rock and repeato!
  • Instructions to leave the rocks at the wall cause we’d be back were met with groans cheers and songs of “For he’s a jolly good fellow”
  • Mosey to the track at the playground for the Circle of Death. For this exercise, one PAX names an exercise for the other PAX to perform AMRAP while he runs a lap around the track. Upon his return another PAX calls an exercise and runs a lap. Repeat until all PAX have called an exercise. We had so much fun YHC called for a repeato of the whole thing. Can’t quite remember all the exercises but here’s a few:
    • Burpees
    • LBCs
    • Flutter
    • Bombjacks
    • Hand-release Merkins
    • Backscratchers
    • Jump Squats
    • Sumo Squats
    • And so much more!
  • Don’t forget about those rocks! Back to the wall for another round of the Wonderbra!
  • Carry your rock back across the parking lot for a few more exercises:
    • On your 6 for 15 Skullcrushers IC
    • On your 6 for 15 chest presses IC
    • On your feet for 15 speed skaters over the rock
  • Alright, put those rocks back and let’s mosey back towards SVMS
  • On the way – 10 burpees OYO
  • What??!? Another rock pile? Grab another “lifting rock” (more cheers and “best Q ever” heard)
    • 10 curls IC
    • 10 chest presses IC
    • 10 tricep extensions IC
    • Sit your rock down and run to the curb
      • 10 Incline Merkins OYO
      • 15 In and Outs IC
      • Run back to the rocks and put’em away
    • Mosey back to the front of SVMS
    • Circle up for some Compass – Everyone plank facing the school
      • Start at 0° and do 3 Merkins OYO
      • Next PAX calls out degrees on a compass and the PAX rotate clockwise while in plank position and do 3 more Merkins OYO
      • Continue until all PAX have called a direction
    • 1 minute left so finish up with some American Hammers


  • Welcome FNGs Madison and Double E…oh wait, they just haven’t been to Outland in forever. Welcome back guys. It was good to see you!
  • Great meeting Box Truck. He’s mostly up in the Area 51 AOs but he worked hard and I didn’t hear any complaining. Guess I need to make it more difficult next time…

Shift your rock to the right

5 PAX toured the campus of the Valley of the Sun and got in a little exercise too

The Warmup

Quick jog around the middle school parking lot to the top of the bus lot.

  • Side Straddle Hops IC – 20x
  • Imperial Walkers IC – 20x
  • Potato Pickers IC – 15x
  • Big Arm Circles (front and back) OYO – 10x
  • Plank – calf stretches

The Thang

  • Mosey to the bottom of the bus lot
  • Starfish (or is it 4 corners? No one knew)
    • 10 merkins in the middle
    • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 20 Flutters
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 LBCs
  • Mosey to the elementary school and grab a rock
    • 10 Curls
    • 10 Chest presses
    • 10 Tricep extensions
    • Put your rock down and run to the bus and back
    • Shift to the rock on your right*
    • Repeato
  • Take your rock to the wall of the school and chair up
  • Time for the Wonderbra (“Push’em up and push’em out)
    • While in the chair position, hold your rock to your chest, then IC, lift the rock above your head, back to your chest, straight out in front of you, and back to your chest. That’s one. Do 10 IC.
    • Everyone had so much fun we did it again. But first, shift to the rock on your right
  • 10 count from The Wall**
  • Mosey to the side lot at the elementary school
  • The Beast!
    • Suicide runs between the light poles adding one of the following exercises at each pole:
      • 6 Squats (36 total)
      • 6 Jump Squats (30 total)
      • 6 Lunges (24 total)
      • 6 Reverse Lunges (18 total)
      • 6 Side Lunges (12 total)
      • 6 Burpees (6 total)
  • 10 count from our FNG***
  • Mosey back to the Sun Valley bus lot for some Mary:
    • Freddy Mercuries IC – 30x
    • LBCs OYO – 25x
    • The Dolly IC – 25x
    • The Rosalita IC – 25x
    • American Hammers IC – 20x
    • The Box Cutter IC – 15x
  • Jail break to the front of the school
  • Chair up with 50 air presses OYO
  • 2 rounds of the Protractor


The observant reader may have noticed a few asterisks in the above. YHC will explain:

* – What the Q said: “Shift to the rock on your right”. What was heard by the PAX: Something like “Shift the rock to your right while simultaneously picking a completely different place than you were previously standing then stare at the Q like HE’s the crazy one”

** – The Wall might be a programmer IRL and does zero based counting, so the PAX got a welcomed extra second to breathe

*** – The QIC (AKA YHC) failed to specify what language for the second 10 count so the FNG did our 10 count in English, Spanish, and Japanese. At least for the first few numbers…Note to self: Be more specific with these jokers

This morning was perfect weather for F3. Starting out at 47 degrees and winding up around 51 by the wrap up. The sun was up in the Valley of the Sun and 5 brave men sweated it out and got in some good fellowship along the way.

YHC brought out the FNG Jerrod, now known as Scooter. He may not be feeling that way right now, but he crushed it and he’ll be back.

Bonhoeffer is a great leader in all 3 of the Fs. Much appreciation for his dedication to Outland

Arsenal and The Wall really pushed it today and even caught Arsenal sprinting to finish up both the rock exercises and the Beast. Overachiever…

Final note:

Looking for some guys to step up and lead a Q or two at Outland. Bonhoeffer, Smokey, and YHC have been cycling more frequently than others. I’m more than happy to co-Q with you if it’s your first time or help you build it out if you’re looking for ideas. Reach out to me, Chastain, on Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe or at Outland if you wanna sign up. Or even easier, go here: