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Nailed it

Showgirl was the QIC but called in sick. April 1 Q Challenge was in jeopardy. 15 minutes to go, Nails stepped in and got a quick tour of the AO. Time to start. Exercises done. Loops around the front lot. Donkey Kicks on the side wall. A dark run through the woods for some partner work. I don’t remember the rest. I just want my credit you lazy bums.

Swing and Misssssssssss…Not

Brothers:  14…Penalty Box, Popeye, Chicken Little, O69, Swimmers, Bunyan, Lambeau, Elmers, Centerfold, Ball & Chain, Landfill, Chastain, Spitz, and Mayhem

This morning was spring training for F3’s first baseball tryouts.  Did not find any diamonds (ie Babe Ruth, Bull Durham) in the rough, but plenty of “Smalls” stepped up to the plate.

14 F3 brothers sported their favorite gloves, baseball hats, and team logos for a fun workout this morning.  Yes, Fitness (F1) is important to all of us.  Fellowship (F2) in our communities (ie CPR training, blood drives, Christ Closet giveaways) are equally important.  Don’t forget the 3rd F (Faith).  Q Source meetings on Mondays and Fridays, bible study on Zoom calls and in person on Saturdays and Sundays, and discipleship study (with pizza and beer) on Monday nights.  My point…be a positive change agent (aka Him) in your homes and communities.  Friends, family members, and strangers need you.  Will you engage?

Exercises (if the Lexicon is incorrect, asking for grace).


Wiffle bat stretches

Side straddle hops

Dead stop pushups

Side planks (3 x 20 seconds)

Rotator Y’s and W’s

Lateral hurdle hops over bricks

Bulgarian squats

Single arm dumbbell rows

Rotational bat (instead of bonze ball and cable on Smith machine) rows

Low slow squats with bat behind head

Double coupon (instead of trap bar) deadlifts while partner completes side straddle hops

Ended with 5 minutes of stretching and breathing led by Bunyan.  Need more of this brothers.  A lot of banged up people out there.

I’m sure I forgot something.  Oh well…

Thanks to Chastain for “voluntelling” me to Q.

Later brothers.  Thanks for who you were, are, and will be moving forward.

Mayhem out.

Modify on the run

Bottlecap asked me to Q the Afternoon Delight earlier this week but I didn’t start planning it until my drive over to the park. 30 minutes? No big deal.

4 pax ready to roll at 12:30. DiCCS given then off we go. I had a general plan to loop all the trails in the park and throw in exercises at random. I figured there had to be a rock pile somewhere on site too so there’s be plenty to do. Turns out I was right so that’s what we did.

Loop the trails. Pick up some rocks. Run back and forth while your partner picks up some rocks. Shoulder Taps, Bomb Jacks, Squats, and Tysons. Finished with some Step-Ups and some Side Straddle Hops to kill the clock.

We did about a mile and a half. Nothing crazy but we didn’t avoid running either.

I was really worried about tripping and falling at WTF tomorrow so I decided to do it today instead, much to the amusement horror of some poor lady walking her dogs. Sure glad I got that out of the way so I didn’t embarrass myself tomorrow.

Madera de la mañana

No reason to make the title Spanish other than “Wood of the morning” sounds hilarious. Running happened. Credit must therefore happen.

Meet in the woods on 420

Just 4 dudes in the dark woods for a casual meet up at 5 in the morning. Nothing fishy going on.

Rubbermaid and Paper Jam got a head start at 5am but Carb Load and myself thought that sounded WAAAY too early and opted to leave at a more reasonable 5:30. Fun was had by all. The trails were actually dry this time. No one fell. Good job everyone.

The faster you run the sooner you’ll be warm

6 PAX at Last Call this morning. One of which I wasn’t sure was going to get out of the car. 34 degrees and wiiiiiindy. Only thing to do is run until you aren’t cold any more.


Quick mosey around the parking lot to the opposite end. Circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Glidah Stretch, Mountain Climbers, and Plank Jacks

Mosey to the center row to start the Thang. Wait! Quick audible so Krusty (I think) can grab his gloves from his car. Remaining PAX do 12 Monkey Humpers IC around his car. OK, mosey back to the bottom of the hill

The Thang

Jailbreak to the top of the hill. 5 Merkins, 5 Big Bois, and 5 Bomb Jacks alternating at each tree (of which there are 9) on the way back down the hill. Al Gore with calf raises if you finish early

Repeato. This time American Hammers IC if you finish early

Mosey to the front of the HS for Deconstructed Burpees, 4 corners style. We stuck together for this one and all exercises done in cadence: 10 Squats, 10 In and Outs, 10 Merkins, and 10 Bobby Hurleys. Back at the start now, do 10 Burpees OYO.

Mosey to the first alcove to the left side of the school for some 7s. Donkey Kicks on one alcove and Speed Skaters (2=1) on the next alcove.

Finish up the alcoves with 50 Air Presses civvy count.

Back to the front of the school and partner up. P1 runs a lap around the lot and P2 does the exercises: 100 Derkins, 150 Step-Ups, and 200 Dips

Running low on time, head back to COT, but stop at the top of the hill. 5 Burpees OYO then all you got back to COT.


Pretty light on mumblechatter this morning. Or maybe I’m just tired. Thanks to One Star for putting me on the calendar. Glad I actually checked the calendar so I knew which day to show up. 😉


April One Q Challenge – If you haven’t heard, the challenge for this month is to have unique Qs for each site for every day this month. That means nearly 100 different PAX need to Q to meet that goal. And THAT means if you aren’t signed up to Q something then we NEED you to do that. So if you’re reading this and you aren’t signed up to Q anything in April, reach out on GroupMe or wherever you’re posting next and let the Site Qs know you’re available.

WTF – Waxhaw Trail Fest – Saturday May 1st starting at Walnut Creek Park

Of Wolf and Man

Listen to this while reading the backblast

12 men rolled out of bed a little earlier and ventured into parts unknown to help launch The Lycan; F3 Waxhaw’s newest AO. As much as we all love the Flash/Ignition mob, it’s getting a bit unruly with 30+ PAX posting on the average Monday. Great numbers! But that just means it’s time to expand. Posse, Dilbert, and I did a little recon work on Friday and discovered a neighborhood with a wicked, hilly loop and access to Highway 75. We’re right across from the cemetary with easy access to downtown Waxhaw and on campus there are hills, trails, and plenty of room to stretch your legs.

So what’s a Lycan? From the Greek: “lykos” meaning “wolf” and “anthropos” meaning “man” – lukanthropia translates to the Latin “lycanthropy” or more commonly: Werewolf

Waxhaw Elementary School is home of the Wolves, so it was only fitting to adopt that into the AO name. Plus, like any good werewolf tale, the beast is unleashed on the full moon.

And it just so happens that was today…

A full moon at The Lycan means Iron Wolf Challenge (think Iron Pax Challenge difficulty without the chest beating and no Hartsville) so today that meant a couple of items up front:

  1. All moseys are double time
  2. EMOM Timer is in effect – 2 burpees Every Minute On the Minute


Fast mosey to the back of the school for some fast count SSHs, Mountain Climbers IC, and Merkins IC, all punctuated by the EMOM timer and burpees along the way. Continue the loop around the school and as we’re coming back to the front I see a headlamp (I thought) over near COT, so we swing by to pick them up.

Nope! Not a late PAX, but instead the Waxhaw PD has stopped to investigate why there are a bunch of cinderblocks sitting in the parking lot of the school. I attempt to explain/EH (for a later date) the officer into joining us, but between me shouting “Burpees!” when the timer went off and just the general confusion, all I got from him was a “this just looks weird.” I assured him we’d be clearing out around 6:00am then we moseyed away leaving him in stunned amazement as 2 more police cars pulled into the parking lot.

The Thang

Partner up so we can move some coupons from COT to the back of the school. Partner 1 farmer carries two coupons while Partner 2 runs to the rear of the school (where we did the warmup) and then back to their partner. Swap places and repeato until both coupons have arrived at the back of the school.

Now that each person has their coupon it’s time for a Blockee Webb. At the top of the hill, do 1 Blockee then leave your coupon, run all the way down the handicap ramp to the bottom of the hill. Do 4 Step-Ups on the wall then run up the grass hill and back to your coupon. 6 inch plank on your block while waiting on the 6. Repeato until 5 and 20

Fast mosey to the south side of the school and find a spot on the wall for Donkey Kicks 10 to 1. It works like this:

  • 10 DKs with a 10 second, feet on the wall hold at the top
  • 9 DKs with a 9 second hold
  • Progress down to 1 DK with a 1 second hold

Fast mosey back to the coupons for some 7s: Weighted Coupon Squats at the top of the hill and American Hammers (2=1) at the bottom

6 minutes remaining so find a different partner than the last time and farmer carry/fast mosey back to COT the same way we moved blocks the first time.


Lots of fun this morning. The EMOM timer really sucks for two reasons. 1) Burpees and 2) it throws off any rhythm you might have had. But that’s why I threw it in there. We don’t wake up at the crack of dawn for easy. We get up early to push ourselves and start the day off right. Thanks to the men who joined me this morning to launch this site. Go see Posse, Showgirl, and Nails so you can get on the schedule.

As I told the PAX this morning: if you loved the Iron Wolf Challenge, good news! We’ll be doing another at the next full moon. And if you hated the Iron Wolf Challenge, good news! We won’t be doing another until the next full moon!


Dilbert has his vQ next week at The Lycan. Show him and the new AO your support

CPR class tonight at 5 Stones from 6pm to 8pm. Talk to Surge (Jim Connell) on GroupMe or just show up at the door with cash in hand ($15 I think??)

April 1 Q Challenge – No repeat Qs for the whole month. That means Site Qs need your help filling their calendars. If you aren’t already signed up to Q a Site then talk to a Site Q and get on the schedule

The Clippy Challenge + Setting Goals

10 PAX went to Pursuit and some of them attempted the Clippy Challenge. What’s that? According to Paper Jam he was trying to come up with a route for his Pursuit Q when his 2.0, Paper Clip, said “why don’t you just have everyone run to the bridge in Waxhaw and back?” So simple! So that’s what a good chunk of PAX did. Two peeled off and did some walking/rucking through Millbridge, while Ex-LAX, Fuse Box, and YHC aimed to set a PR for Ex-LAX in a 5k. Mission accomplished! Even though Millbridge is apparently one giant uphill climb, Ex-LAX pushed through and knocked out his best ever 5K time. Major kudos buddy!

If you don’t have a goal, whether that be improving your 5K time, completing a half marathon, posting X number of times per month then it isn’t too late to start!! In fact, those goals don’t have to be all 1st F related! Think about 2nd and 3rd F goals you could set. What about bettering your relationship with your M or your 2.0s? Maybe you have a job related goal you could set. Need ideas? Check out these goals set by some PAX you know: 2021 PAX Goals

Set a goal, hit the goal, set another, repeato! Look for an accountability partner. Tell them your goals and ask them to check in on you. Ask them to help you hit those goals. We aren’t meant to be stagnant. If you aren’t improving then you’re declining and maybe you don’t even realize it. If you need help figuring out your goals then talk to me or talk to Posse. We’re glad to help.

Holy sh– City workout

Out of town again and planning to post with the local region. My brother in law needed a ride to the airport for an early morning flight. Should’ve been perfect except he overslept and wasn’t answering his phone.

So I roll into The Phoenix AO about 8 minutes late and fortunately these guys have a shovel flag planted. I sprint in the general direction looking for signs of life, come around the corner and see a group of guys doing Blockees with their coupons. Yuck. They haven’t seen me yet so there’s still the chance to sneak back to my car. Nope. I’m here. Let’s do this.

They pax were “kind” enough to lend me a coupon and we continued a very Chiseled-esque workout with block work then a mosey on repeato.

The QIC, Fragile (it must be Italian!) asked for suggestions at one point but didn’t like my Murder Bunny option. Huh. Blockees are OK but MBs are no good?

Good group of guys. I think they welcomed the break to grab me a coupon from the Blockees they were doing when I arrived. Good banter, some attempted Q Jacking and they were kind enough to humor me for a family photo at the end.

A+ Would post again

But is he really Canadian?

Penalty Box has a plan. A plan to get out of bed in the morning. A plan to push himself to keep improving. A plan to avoid the rain. A plan to destroy the PAX with 1460 reps of awfulness.

Take a look at the workout below. There were no breaks. No standing around. No moseys so you can rest your tennis arms. Just 45 minutes and 1460 reps of Canadian-induced pain. Though now that I think about it, I never heard a single “sorry” so are we sure he’s Canadian? Maybe the years of cross checks and high sticks to the face beat it out of him and now he’s just here to toughen the rest of us up a little.

After a quick audible in the MASH channel and a location switch to the steps at Cutty, 13 PAX were treated to the following:

Warm Up
Side Straddle Hop 25
Imperial Walkers 25
Shoulder Pistons 25
Chest Pistons 25

Set 1
Chest Press 50
Gas Pumps 30
Chest Press 50
Gas Pumps 30

Set 2
Merkins 30
Flutters 30
Merkins 30 (6×5)
Flutters 30

Set 3
Block Dips 30
Rosalitas 25
Russian Block Dips 25
Rosalitas 25

Set 4
Shoulder Press 25
Skaters 50
Shoulder Press 25
Skaters 50

Set 5
Curls 25
Mt. Climbers 30
Curls 25
Mt. Climbers 30

Set 6
Shoulder Plank Tap 30
Plank Jacks 30
Knee Plank Tap 30
Plank Jacks 30

Set 7
Squats 30 (w/Bricks)
Squat Toe Raises 50
Sumo Squat 30 (w/Bricks)
Sumo Squat Toe Raises 50

Set 8
Step Ups 50 (25×2)
Plank Lunges 50 (25×2)
Step Ups 50 (25×2)
Plank Lunges 50 (25×2)

Set 9
Rows 30
Frankenstein’s 25
Ditka’s 25
Triceps 30

Set 10
Canadian Beavers 25
Triceps 30
Myagi’s 20 (10×2)
LBC 50



Following the workout I spent some time talking to Penalty Box. He was complimentary of the F3 PAX and appreciative of the opportunity to lead the group. But I’m appreciative of Penalty Box. What PB does isn’t impressive for a man of 72 years. What PB does is impressive for a man of 27 years. You don’t go to a PB workout and think “wow, that’s pretty good for a 72 year old”. You go to the workout and then grunt and struggle and gasp the whole time because it’s terrible and evil and if Penalty Box really is a Canadian then he’s the meanest Canadian you’ve ever met but he’s doing all the exercises while counting cadence and he’s doing the same reps you are and he’s 72 years old wearing a Triple Respect shirt because he earned it.

Yeah, I’ll let him Q again, but it won’t be any time soon. We all need some recovery time.