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Where the hell is he?

The title could be referring to my Diesel co-Site-Q. MIA for weeks/months with a new baby in the home. It could be referring to Centerfold who, though sworn to be at Diesel, finally decided to arrive 28 minutes late.

What does it refer to? Read on

DiCCS provided


Imperial Walkers
Moroccan Night Clubs
Calf Stretch
Right hand, right foot, left hand high stretch thing that’s pretty popular these days – flapjack

The Thang

  • Round 1
    • Timer – choose one
      • 30 Merkins
      • 30 Squats
      • 30 Coupon Curls
    • Everybody else – rotate through the following each time the timer finishes
      • Moroccan Night Clubs with bricks
      • Dips
      • Coupon Chest Press
      • Big Boi Sit-Ups
      • American Hammers with Bricks
  • Round 2
    • Timer – Broken Farmer carry with coupon and bricks
    • Everybody else – rotate through the following each time the timer finishes
      • Front/Side Raises with Bricks
      • 21s with Coupon
      • Skullcrushers with Coupon
      • Coupon Thrusters
      • Romanian Deadlifts with Bricks
      • Shoulder Taps on Coupon
  • Round 3
    • Timer – choose one you didn’t do in round 1
      • 30 Merkins
      • 30 Squats
      • 30 Coupon Curls
    • Everybody else – rotate through the following each time the timer finishes
      • Bent Over Coupon Rows
      • Tricep Kick Backs with Bricks
      • Flutter Press
      • Heels to Heaven
      • V-Ups


  • Back to the title: That broken farmer carry was a long way for both the timer and for the pax doing the other exercises. Golden Plates was sick and tired of carrying the blocks and ran the second half back. A few timers later I hear him mutter under his breath “where the hell is he?” which was a really good question. I think maybe we were doing Skullcrushers? The more of those you do the more likely it seems you’ll actually crush your skull.
  • PAX kept rolling in. We started at 5:15 and had around 10 in the circle. By the end we had 15, which is a Diesel record! Lots of MASHers filling the ranks these days. Great job guys!
  • Speaking of rolling in, Ex-Lax and Damascus (not present) drive very similar trucks. During the warm-up I started the calf stretches (a noted Damascus favorite) hoping it was Damascus and we could finish them right as he made it to the circle. No dice. It was Ex-Lax instead, but that was a win for the group. jk Damascus
  • If you haven’t been to Diesel (or MASH) you’re missing out on a lot of mumblechatter that you don’t get during a normal bootcamp. Give it a shot!


  • Christ’s Closet folding and give-aways
  • Blood Drive – Sign up your friends and family
  • CPR – Surge is looking to put together another class in the near future but we need a new location

YHC took us out

Was it something I said?

Quiet morning at Mt. Chiseled. The air was a bit chilly and without a breeze. If not for the labored breathing and the occasional grunt you might have even called it peaceful. Maybe the PAX were tired? Maybe they were bummed YHC was on Q instead of Surge? Maybe I just worked them too hard? Was it something I said? Not sure, but there was literally ZERO mumble-chatter. So sorry readers, no interesting/funny stories today.

For a better, more interesting and informative backblast, you’d be better off reading Posse’s account of the CPR training from Monday:

But for those of you who insist on reading further…

DiCCS provided


Coupon Rifle Carry to each island with some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs along the way. Take a right towards the entrance road and leave your coupon on the curb. Quick mosey up and around the entrance at Cuthbertson then back to your blocks

The Thang

  • Phase 1
    • 10 Coupon Curls and 10 Shoulder Presses
    • Sit your block down and run to the base of Mt. Chiseled
    • 5 Squats
    • Back to your block
    • Repeato with 9 Coupon Curls and 9 Shoulder Presses then 6 Squats until you reach 5 Curls/Presses and 10 Squats
  • Phase 2
    • Rifle Carry your coupon to the corner of Mt. Chiseled and sit the coupon on the curb
    • Run down and back stopping at each island (6 total stops) to do 1 Burpee and 5 Bomb Jacks, Pick up the 6
    • Together do 10 Kettle Bell Swings, 10 Big Boi Sit-Ups, and 10 Chest Presses
    • Island Run – 1 Burpee and 10 Dry Docks, Pick Up the 6
    • Together do 10 Tricep Extensions
    • Island Run – 1 Burpee and 10 Squats (first 3 islands) and 10 Big Boi Sit-ups (last 3 islands), Pick up the 6
  • Phase 3 – Grab a partner
    • 100 cumulative Shoulder Presses and 100 cumulative Coupon Curls
    • P1 starts block exercises
    • P2 does 8 count Bear Crawl, 4 Walking Lunges, and 2 Broad Jumps to the middle island and back
    • Partner swap
  • Rifle Carry back to COT

A few PAX used this opportunity to put their coupons away prior to completion of our workout. So we finished the final 40 seconds with burpees.


Seriously. So quiet this morning.

Glidah shared that he’s been running a lot recently (who knew??) and it’s been a while since he’s done a gear workout and he could feel it. A good reminder that we all have areas we can work on to stay well-rounded and to get out of our comfort zones.


  • Blood Drive – October 17th
  • Christ’s Closet folding/give-away nights – Mondays and Thursdays

YHC took us out

This is Ignition…oh wait

Sugardaddy was the original Q this morning, but he’s a HIM that’s out of town taking care of his dad, so the PAX got stuck with me today. They got the smallest hint of a warning that there’d be a good amount of running today, but none heeded it. Suckers.


DiCCS given.  LOTS of headlamps and reflective gear this morning. Good job, guys!


Side Straddle Hops x10 then a tricky switch to SLOOOW Side Straddle Hops x10
Mosey to the cul-de-sac and around the first row of parking spaces for some Imperial Walkers
Another mosey to the back of the Target lot for some Moroccan Night Clubs, little arm circles (forwards and back) then BIG arm circles (forwards and back)
One more mosey to the gates of Wesley Oaks for a calf stretch and some upward dog

The Thang

Into the neighborhood to the bottom of the hill

7s – Diamond Merkins and Speed Skaters (2=1)
Pick up the 6 if you finish early

10 Count Mosey (count while you mosey) to the next cul-de-sac for a brand new exercise!!

7s – Dry Docks and Big Boy Sit-Ups
Pick up the 6 if you finish early

I attempted to do a 10 Count Mosey back to the bottom of the hill but got some complaints, so we did a Posse 10 Count instead (ask Posse if you don’t know what that means)

10 Bomb Jacks at the bottom
10 Merkins at the top
Al Gore til the 6 gets in
Al Gore some more while Chatterbox stalls fixes his knee/sock/brace/thing

4.5 minutes left so mosey to the Petsmart lot for some 4 Corner Deconstructed Burpees

10 Squats
10 Merkins
10 In-and-Outs
10 Bobby Hurleys (with a clap at the top)

Time enough for 10 Donkey Kicks on the Petsmart wall

Jailbreak back to COT


Full disclosure: I knew there’d be some running today. I actually planned to do 4 cul-de-sacs with 7s at each one. However, I didn’t remember the cul-de-sacs being as far as they were. Regardless, my watch read 4.07 miles by the time we were done. Not bad for a 45 minute workout. Or bad, depending on how you look at it.


Christ’s Closet – Mondays and Thursdays – Details in GroupMe

Blood Drive – October 17th – Details in GroupMe

CPR Certification – TONIGHT! 6:00 to 8:00 at Weddington United Methodist Church. $15 See Surge (Jim Connell) ASAP for information

YHC took us out

Mental Barriers

I can’t say I was hoping for rain, but I also can’t say I was disappointed. 9 idiots decided to brave the rain. 1 idiot intelligent person wise-guy (Schneider) waited until 0529 and then bailed. He missed out.

DiCCS given with emphasis on the “you are here of your own free will” part of the Disclaimer. Also, extra emphasis on the Safety part.


Fast mosey to the front of the middle school then circle up. Special instructions that anyone caught hiding under the awning had to do double reps.

SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Calf Stretch, 6 inch plank until Bread Bowl decides to join us on the plank

Fast mosey back to the COT area

10 Derkins IC
10 Dips IC

The Thang

Jailbreak (with caution) down the path to Rudy’s Palace. Plank while waiting on the six. Nevermind, pick up the 6.

Grab some wall on the shed for 50 civilian count air presses

Fast mosey to the basketball courts for 10 Squats on my down then 10 Merkins on Bread Bowl’s down

Fast mosey back to the poop palace for 50 more civilian count air presses

You might notice at this point there’s not a lot of standing around. My goal was to keep the pax moving. I think we dodged more raindrops that way…or something.

Fast mosey to the stairs for the only covered exercises of the morning. Top of the stairs and grab a spot of wall for some 7s: 6 Donkey kicks on the wall, a long lap down the sidewalk and around to the bottom of the stairs and do 1 Bobby Hurley. Back up the stairs to the wall for 5 DKs…and so on until we finish with 1 DK and 6 Hurleys. According to my Strava, we got a whole mile in doing just that one set.

At this point I asked the PAX if they needed a 10 count then took off running without waiting for an answer. Then I felt bad so Chicken and I gave a moving 10 count while we squeezed between the tennis courts and the high school, around the corner to the benches. Instructions:

  • 20 Dips
  • Run to the traffic circle
  • 20 Speed Skaters (2=1)
  • Back to the benches
  • 15 Dips
  • Traffic circle
  • 15 Jump Squats
  • Benches
  • 10 Dips
  • Traffic circle
  • 10 Burpees

Pick up the six!

Another moving 10 count over to the big lot near the stadium. A little 4 corners:

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Big Bois (essentially laying in a bathtub)
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Bomb Jacks

Running short on time so I called for a Burpee Indian Run around the front of the school and back to COT. Less than 2 minutes remaining and we see the Swarm PAX scooting out 100 yards or so in front of us. Continue the Burpee Run back to COT and end just on time.


I had a blast this morning. I woke up somewhere around 3:30-3:40 in anticipation for the IPC relay. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and got moving. We killed that sucker with a 14:52 showing (way to go fellas) and then had around 20 minutes before Impromptu began. Was really glad to see so many guys either 1) stick around after the IPC relay or 2) show up on a morning no one would have blamed you for fartsacking. Dough Boy pulled in next to my car a few minutes before the start and asked if we were going to be seeking shelter. I gave a solid “No!” that Shake would be proud of.

I said in the first paragraph that I wasn’t disappointed by the rain, but really I was really happy we got the downpour. At Pursuit yesterday morning Ex-Lax was talking with Bottlecap and myself after COT and talking about how previously his ability to run or not run was based on a physical barrier but now he’s realizing that a lot of it is a mental barrier. That struck a chord with me. How much of what we do, whether it’s F3, our jobs, our dealings with family/friends/people, or whatever, is influenced by some type of mental barrier you’ve erected. If you’re doing Merkins or Burpees or freaking Murder Bunnies and you start to slow down, is it because your body is stopping you? Or is it because you’ve mentally decided you can’t do any more? Or your job; I know I struggle with this one. Do you have a mental barrier that’s causing you to check out and do the bare minimum to get by? How about your family? Are you coasting? Are you letting your kids grow up without you? Is your M feeling neglected because you’re mentally not there (more than usual)?

So today I yelled (cheerfully, and hopefully in an encouraging manner) to give it more than you’re currently giving. If you’re maxed out physically, great! You don’t get up at the crack of dawn to half-ass these workouts. You didn’t roll out of bed, get dressed, get in your car, and drive to this AO in the pouring down rain to only do half reps. If you are then that’s a mental barrier you’ve allowed to creep into your mind and convince you that you’re giving “enough”. Don’t settle for enough. Accelerate. Be better.



Blood Drive – October 17th from 9am to 1:30pm – Rudy has graciously offered pizza and beer if we reach 80 sign-ups. We’ve got a long way to go. If you haven’t signed up, do it. If you have then start working on your M, your neighbors, your co-workers, etc.

IPC Week 4 – Saturday (tomorrow) at Nesbit

Rain, Rain, Go Away

16 gathered a Chiseled for a slightly warmer, definitely more humid morning that turned into heavy rain for a bit. I think the MASH unit was there but they exercised with us the whole time so we were all one big happy family.


Long mosey around Mt. Chiseled and back to COT. Circle up then a series of SSHs (plus a few ssslllooowww ones), Moroccan Night Clubs, Jimmy Dugans, and end with a calf stretch.

The Thang:

Rifle Carry your coupons from COT to the base of Mt. Chiseled. Find yourself a partner on the way. Upon arrival find an open spot of pavement. Partner 1 will run to the back of Mt. Chiseled then up and over the top while partner 2 does an AMRAP of the exercises on the board. Once both partners have completed the first exercise and ran, move on to the next exercise. The exercises consisted of the following:

  1. Merkins
  2. Weighted Squats*
  3. American Hammers
  4. Vertical Block Presses*
  5. Stationary Lunges
  6. Kettle Bell Swings*
  7. Flutters
  8. Squat Thrusters*
  9. Big Boy Sit-Ups
  10. Alpos*
  11. Monkey Humpers
  12. Blockees*
  13. LBCs
  14. Derkins*

By the time YHC made it over the hill the second time the light sprinkle had turned into a downpour. Stupid rain. I had really hoped to tear up that hill with all the running but audibled from over Mt. Chiseled to around it. No hill, but a bit further to run.

By the time YHC finished the last Derkin and lap we only had about 5 minutes left, so Rifle Carry your coupon back to COT.

With the remaining time we did some island suicides with 5 Burpees on one end and 5 Big Boy Sit-Ups  on the other. Two rounds and we’re out of time.



If you’re wondering about the red text for some of the exercises…those are exercises from this week’s IPC. Zinfandel put together a good video to demonstrate form: Check it out and go do the IPC this week. Saturday at New Town Elemetary! But if you were at Chiseled today you already know what the exercises are cause you did them.

Had an FNG from Massachusetts today, down visiting Centerfold and his son Cavalier. He’s a hockey/lax player so we named him Slapstick. Also had a Kotter return after a long hiatus. His name is Homer (doh!) and Doughboy is credited with shaming him into his return.




Make It Stop™ Diesel Edition

Back in July I used Watchtower as a guinea pig for the First Edition of Make It Stop™. The rules were simple: I name an exercise from an ordered list and count cadence (or civilian count) and all pax participate. We do this AMRAP style (As Many Reps As Possible) until someone can’t take it anymore and yells “Make It Stop!”. At that point, I name the next exercise from the list and the Make It Stop-er must count cadence for the new exercise. We do this for 5 exercises then run a lap around the lot. Simple enough, right?

For the Diesel Edition, there are few small tweaks. 1.) This is Diesel, so we’re gonna use gear, and 2.) No running at Diesel, so instead we do a Broken Farmers Carry (2 bricks held high in one hand and a coupon in the other) around the parking lot. Note: One thing I learned after the first Make It Stop™ is I needed to add a clarification that once you’re no longer continually doing the exercise (too tired) then you need to say “Make It Stop”. No pausing and watching everyone else do their reps.


No Gear

  1. Lunges
  2. Big Bois
  3. Merkins
  4. Heels to Heaven
  5. Calf Raises


  6. Canadian Beavers
  7. Side Raises
  8. Presses
  9. Ditka Haymakers
  10. Ax Chops (alternating 5 per side)

    No Gear

  11. Plank Jacks
  12. Mike Tysons
  13. War Hammers (Big Boi with 4 American Hammers at the top)
  14. Squats
  15. Air Presses


  16. Coupon Swing
  17. Chest Press
  18. Dips
  19. Goblet Squats
  20. Curls

No Gear

  1. Speed Skaters 
  2. Dry Docks
  3. Plank
  4. Monkey Humpers
  5. LBCs



I had many more exercise groups to go, but this is how far we made it. Special thanks to Mayhem for leading the first 10-15 minutes while I finished up the IPC relay.

Turnbuckle got the Chain of Pain today because he didn’t say “Make It Stop”. Not even once. He was pumped and ready for more. Good job TB!

Damascus got the Diesel Chain because he modified AS NEEDED due to his foot injury. We don’t get up at the crack of dawn to cheat ourselves out of a good workout. If you can do the reps, then do the RIGHT reps. If you need to modify for a good reason (ie. injury) then modify.

I forgot to record how many reps of each exercise we did this time. It was a lot, usually in the hundreds for each…glad you’re still reading this far.


Pavlov’s Burpee

A month ago I had never been to Dromedary before and today I’m the Q. Two years of F3 and it’s time to be new and start posting/Qing sites I’ve never posted/Qed before. Yesterday I’m in the middle of building my weinke and I get a group text from Zinfandel and Gerber about doing the Iron Pax Challenge today. I had to break their hearts and let them know I was on Q at Dromedary. We joked (kinda?) that I should surprise all the Dromedary PAX by doing the Iron Pax week 1 workout. I rolled it around in the ol’ noggin’ for a while but ultimately decided that might not sit well with everyone, especially cause some might have already done it this week or be planning to do it on Saturday. INSTEAD, I put together a modified version that ended up being just the right amount of terrible.


FNG identified.

DiCCS provided.

One final note: YHC has a timer. Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) we’ll stop whatever we’re doing and do 2 burpees. I’ll be sure to announce it loudly so no one misses out.


Mosey around the big lot away from COT. What’s this? The EMOM timer had a 10 second wind-up timer before the first alarm? “Burpee Time!” Up on your feet and continue the mosey. The timer is rolling we barely make it through half the SSHs before a quick pause for “Burpee Time!” Pick right back up where we left off on the SSHs and move into some Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugan’s, and Calf Stretches, occasionally stopping for “Burpee Time!” The PAX already hate me. I can feel it radiating off of them like a wave. Or maybe it’s just the humidity. Yeah, that’s it. Mosey on! Up the stairs and find your own spot on the concrete at the front of the school.

The Thang

This is where things get interesting. We’re going to replicate part of the IPC week one exercises, but I need some time to explain. I hate to stand around explaining things but there are a lot of moving… “Burpee Time!” …parts. Oh good, problem solved. So here are the exercises, done “on my down/up”:

  • 5 Hand Release Release Merkins (both hands off the ground at the bottom, one hand off the ground at the top)
  • 10 Leg Lifts (on your six, legs straight; touch the ground with both feet then left them past your hips)
  • 15 Jungle Boi Squats (full squat; hands “scoop” the ground then a jump and raise your hands above your shoulders)
  • 20 Big Boi Sit Ups
  • 25 Stationary Lunge Steps (count each leg as one rep)

As you might expect, we didn’t make it through this in one go. We had a few “Burpee Times!” along the way. No time to dwell on that, though. Mosey!

We make it to the first alcove on the west side of the school. Find some wall and position yourself for some donkey kicks. This is a Chastain favorite:

  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • Hold the 10th with your feet on the wall
  • 10 second countdown
  • 9 Donkey Kicks
  • Hold the 9th with your feet on the wall
  • 9 second countdown
  • All the way down to 1 DK and 1 second hold
  • Of course, there are some burpees mixed in there for fun

Mosey again to the next alcove and repeat the IPC workout from above.

Another mosey to the north lot near the tennis courts. Line up on one end of the lot. 8 Bear Crawls, 4 Walking Lunges, and 2 Broad Jumps (feet together). Repeato to the end of the lot and back.

Mosey again! A long one this time to the Middle School parking lot where we completed another IPC round.

Another long mosey past the buses. Ah, the smell of diesel in the morning! The timer is counting down but we have some PAX still in the bus lot. Might be the only timer we didn’t stop right on the mark for. Safety first! Continue the mosey to the parking lot south of the school entrance.

4 corners: You pick which exercise goes in which corner but you gotta do all four.

  • 20 Mike Tysons
  • 20 Flutters
  • 20 V Ups
  • 20 Bomb Jacks

Running low on time. Goodfella doing his best encouragement “only 12 more burpees!!” I don’t think anyone’s listening.

Down the center of the large lot is a row of trees. 5 Bobby Hurleys at every other tree. Don’t forget your burpees.

We reached COT right as the timer goes off for the last time. Finish up those 2 burpees and we’re done!


I’ll be honest, I had no idea how this timer was going to work out. One minute is NOT a long time, despite what you may tell your M. Would it be too difficult to work in the other exercises? Would 90 burpees be too much? Would I ever get invited back to Dromedary again? I think it worked pretty well. I was gassed at the end. Can’t wait to try out the real IPC for this week to see how it feels.

Funny note: The EMOM timer gives a “halfway there” warning at 30 seconds and then a “boop boop boop BEEP” sound. Folks liken it to Pavlov’s Dog, only the timer beep gives you burpees instead of a treat. The burpees weren’t so bad and were actually a welcome break from the Donkey Kick madness. However, by the end they were just that extra little bit of pain that rounded out this workout. Not a lot of mileage (1.7 ish?) but it was definitely a gasser.

Two new FNGs today, Stalker and Dora, jumped right into it. Welcome to those guys.


  • F3 Waxhaw 1st Anniversary “Invergence” – Monday, September 7th at 6:30am – Cuthbertson Middle School – Your choice between a bootcamp, MASH, or a 5k race. 2nd and 3rd F will follow
  • Blood Drive – October 17th – Go to and search for F3 – Ours is at the Waxhaw American Legion
  • Black Hawk – Talk to Cobbler, Atlas, or Carb Load about Qing in September/October
  • Christ’s Closet – Folding nights are starting back up – See GroupMe calendar for schedule

YHC took us out

Golfers of the Future???

(Courtesy of Mayhem)
Brutus put out a late call last night for someone to queue Diesel this morning at 5:15 am.  Before I could think it through, I took the bait.
At 3:00 am this morning, I was staring at the ceiling, pondering how to spice it up.  Then it came to me, golf theme on steroids.
With putter, driver, sand wedge, astro turf, 8 foam balls, red solo cups, and pieces of paper with dreadful exercises in each cup, I headed out at 4:45 am to set up the course in the Diesel parking lot.  Brutus was already there.  Think he slept there last night.
Exercises (if the Lexicon is incorrect, asking for grace):
So here was the drill.  Solo cups were spread out throughout the parking lot.  Everyone stood behind a cup.  1 x 1, each F3 brother stepped up the astro turf, fluffed up the ball, and gave it a whack with a putter, driver, or sand wedge.  The closest person to the ball grabbed it.  Then, they reached into their respective cup and pulled out an exercise.  They got to call the number of reps, cadence, etc.  Here are some highlights:
Chastain was sweating profusely.  Someone wore him out yesterday.  He fought through it to make some great chips.
Native had great putting form.  Putt putt over the years has paid off.
Turnbuckle picked up the mat and grabbed the putter.  Only club he could use, as a natural southpaw.  Who knew?
Golden Plates was in the middle.  Needed a cup, as he was in the line of fire.
Bunyan was the most serious golfer.  Demanded quiet when he stepped up to the turf.
Penalty Box pulled out a hockey stick and went Happy Gilmore on us.  Not…but that’s what I envisioned.
No one intentionally hit to Posse, as he made us do overhead extensions until people dropped.  Finally, I had to call him out, as he was on a mission…for what, I don’t know.  J
Legalized ran to the turf when his turned rolled around.  Never seen him move so fast since the injury.  Must be a new passion.
Brutus had the best attire.  Sleeveless shirt.  Wouldn’t get on any course outside of Detroit.
Centerfold was a great timer.  When he chipped, he posed for 2 minutes.  Provided a great break.
Captain Morgans
Monkey humpers
Jane Fondas
Canadian beavers
Ditka haymakers, upper cuts, and jabs
Box cutters
Mini-mosey/walk around parking lot with coupons over head
Squats on coupons, sit down, raise feet, repeat
Coupon presses on six
Ax chops
I’m sure I forgot something.  Oh well…
Got some ideas with wiffle bats/balls, footballs, and cornhole boards for future queues if I’m asked.
In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’m a sports junky.
Thanks for the buy in dudes.  Hope you enjoyed the morning.

Payback’s a…blast

Centerfold was looking for a sucker after Dromedary yesterday and apparently I was the guy. Put me on the spot, “Chastain, you wanna Q Body Shop tomorrow?” Little did he know I was looking to Q some new sites (more on that in the Moleskin).

8 PAX for Body Shop and another 8 for MASH. I heard Recalc put on quite the beatdown while Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Here’s a little summary courtesy of the MASH channel:

Tabata- 40 seconds work/20 rest-

Step up cinder block
Russian tap cinder block
Clean and Press cinder block
Curls cinder block
Punch out bricks
Slide, slide, slide, mountain climber
Squat,walkout,merkin (2)
Catalina Wine Mixer
Crab Toe Touches

If you haven’t been to MASH before, you need to know that it isn’t for slackers. You’re going to get a workout. You’re going to sweat. But you’re also going to get the 1st and 2nd F you need to keep up your drive and motivation. Thanks Recalc for leading today and thanks Mayhem and Centerfold for keeping it going throughout the week.

On to Body Shop!


Mosey around the back lot then circle up for some SSH, Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugans, and some calf stretches.

The Thang:

  • Line up along the parking space lines: 8 Bear Crawls, 4 Walking Lunges, 2 Broad Jumps (feet together). Repeato from one end of the lot to the other and back (Thanks Sledge for reminding me we did this)
  • Mosey to the front of the school and grab a spot on the wall
  • 90 degree wall sit and 50 Air Presses (Civilian Count). Yeah, yeah, I said in cadence, but knew what I meant.
  • Keep your spot on the wall, but now we do some Donkey Kicks. Start with 10 DKs and on the last one, keep your feet on the wall for a 10 count. Immediately following, do 9 DKs with a 9 count with feet on the wall. Repeato all the way down to 1 DK and a 1 count.
  • Mosey to the basketball court and the track. Do a quick lap around the track to make sure there aren’t any obstacles and to let our eyes adjust to the darkness, then form a line on the basketball court.
  • Starting at one end of the line, the first PAX names an exercise for the rest to do and that PAX takes a lap around the court. Remaining PAX do the called exercise until their return. Repeato until all PAX have run.
    • Since the PAX naming the exercise doesn’t have to DO the exercise, I thought we’d get some nastier options like Burpees, but instead we were getting things like Freddie Mercury, Box Cutter, etc.
    • Knowing what I had planned for later, I mentioned the above bullet point “Wow, I expected some meaner exercises”
    • Bottlecap took the bait on round 2 and gave us a “Mike Tysons!” followed by “Oh, I pulled a hammy. Gonna have to walk this lap” Mwuahahaha
    • The full list:
      • Round 1: Low Slow Squats, Dry Docks, Big Boys, Freddie Mercurys, Merkins, Box Cutters, Monkey Humpers, Plank
      • Round 2: Heels to Heaven, Mike Tysons, Jump Squats, Peter Parkers, LBCs, Windshield Wipers, Crab Walks, Mountain Climbers
  • Another mosey all the way back to the back lot. Line up on the curb for some Gassers
    • To the close curb and back then do 10 Mike Tysons
    • To the far curb and back then do 10 Bonnie Blairs (2 = 1)
    • To the close curb and back then to 10 Curb Jump Burpees (Merkin with hands on the curb then your jump requires your feet to step on the curb then back down
  • Mosey to the front of the school next to the MASHers for a little…
  • Payback
    • Circle up
    • While doing our laps around the track, YHC was taking notes on what exercises each PAX inflicted on the others
    • Taking turns, each PAX goes in the middle and must do 20 reps of one of the two exercises they previously came up with.
    • Remaining PAX alternate rounds of Dry Docks, Squats, and American Hammers until each PAX has done their penance
    • At this point we’re running out of time or we would have done a 2nd round with the other set of exercises
  • Final Lap
    • Run a lap around the bus lot
    • On the long side run at 70% speed (race pace)
    • On the short side run at 50% speed (recovery pace)
    • On the long side run at 90-100% speed (finish line pace)
    • On the short side walk/jog to the finish and recover


Coming up on September and it’s my 2 year anniversary with F3. I don’t know the exact date so I decided to just focus on the month. Glidah had an inspirational backblast about a week ago you should give a read. Mine is much the same. 2 years in and F3 has pushed me to grow in many ways. I talked a bit in the COT about getting out of your comfort zone. Maybe joining F3 and posting your first time was a step outside your comfort zone. What have you done since then to continue accelerating? My starting goal coming into year two is to Q some new AOs I’ve never Qd before. I posted at Dromedary for the first time last week and now I’m signed up to Q on September 9th. Today was my first time Qing Body Shop. I’ll be doing Clyent Dinner, Blackhawk, and Impromptu in the month of September as a part of my goal to “be new”.

Where can you be new? A lot of PAX are strong in the 1st F but have yet to dip their toes in the water for 2nd or 3rd Fs. Is that you? Are you quiet or introverted and the idea of big crowds makes you uncomfortable? Take some baby steps and show up to a Saturday morning Coffeeteria. Looking for a way to make an impact in your community but don’t know how? Our region is killing it with charitable contributions, clean-up days, and other service opportunities that reach beyond the individual. Just ask and we can point you to an area you can help. Involve your kids. Involve your wife. Be a leader in your own household.

Stop coasting. It’s too easy to get comfortable with where you are and say that’s good enough. Have the courage to try something new and you’ll be better for it.



  • F3 Waxhaw One Year Anniversary – Monday, September 7th (Labor Day) – 0630 at Cuthbertson Middle – Bootcamp, MASH, and 5k Race options. 2nd F Coffeeteria following. 3rd F donation with details to come
  • Iron PAX starts in September – Sign Up Here
  • Open Door – 3rd F Opportunity – Saturday and Sunday morning Zoom options – Sunday morning in-person option – Read a chapter of the Bible and discuss
  • Christ’s Closet – Saturday, August 29th following workouts – Moving items from old building to new
  • Prayers for Sledge-O-Matic – Melanoma being removed tomorrow. Prayers for a clean diagnosis

We’re not lost, we’re exploring

I’d like to start off by thanking Posse for so excellently demonstrating the effects of marketing (or the lack of).  5 of us got the DiCCS and took off for a morning of fun.


Short mosey to the blacktop and circle up

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • I asked Recalc for an “old man” stretch which wound up being kind of like half a Windmill – I was trying to bait him into doing the next exercise which was
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 IC – Recalc doesn’t believe there’s value in these and does his REAL old man stretch during this time. One day I’ll get him…
  • Calf Stretches

The Thang

Partner up (2 in one group, 3 in the other) on the sidewalk next to the benches

  • P1 runs from one curb to the other continually while…
  • P2 (and P3) each do 25 Merkins, Squats, or Big Boy Sit-ups – your choice, any combination that adds to 25
  • Rotate these exercises until each PAX has done 3 rounds
  • Switch the exercises to Derkins, Step-Ups, or Dips
  • Rotate for 3 more rounds

Mosey around the school to the bus lot. Cones set up at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards

Run to the 1st cone and do 25 Merkins then back to the start. Run to the second cone for 50 Pogos then back to the start. 3rd cone = 75 Mountain Climbers. 4th cone = 100 SSHs

Heart rates are high so rather than immediately going into a long mosey as I’d originally intended I audibled to some Mary with assistance from each PAX in coming up with exercises: American Hammers, V-Ups, Box Cutters, and Flutters

Now another short mosey to the rock piles. Grab a lifting rock and head to your very own parking space

  • 10 Curls on my up – drop your rock and run to the opposite curb and back
  • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Extensions – run
  • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Extensions, 10 Shoulder Presses – run
  • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Extensinos, 10 Shoulder Presses, 10 Chest Presses (on your back) – run
  • Zombie walk your rock back to the pile

Long mosey to the previously unexplored cross country trail and take a left towards the high school practice fields. Note the sign that says we can’t go ON the field but says nothing about running up and down the hill adjacent to the field. Toe the line!

Now that we’re here (in the slightly tall, very wet grass) we did a little 7s action with Jump Squats at the bottom and Bobby Hurleys at the top. YHC said Jump Squats, but it wasn’t until now that I’m typing this up that I realize I meant Bomb Jacks, which is what I did while everyone else probably listened to what I said and did Jump Squats. Oh well.

Mosey back to the entrance of cross country trail and did rounds 1 through 5 of Captain Therkin (1 Big Boy, 4 American Hammers, 2 Merkins all the way up to 5 Big Boys, 20 AH, and 2 Merkins)

More moseying to the middle school side of the campus for some combo work. 4 Lunge Walks, 10 Bear Crawls, and 2 Broad Jumps. Repeato from one end of the parking lot to the other and then back.

One final mosey back to COT and finish the final 3 minutes with an upwards ladder of 1 Burpee, 1 Big Boy, 1 Merkin, and 1 Squat. Repeato, incrementing each exercise by 1 until we ran out of time somewhere around round 4.


Sad to say none of it counted as for some reason my watch won’t sync this morning’s workout with Strava. As we all know, “Strava or it didn’t happen”. It’s really a bummer as the PAX got over 3 miles in and made good use of the campus, but alas, we’ll all just have to work twice as hard on Monday.

This was Dementia’s first workout. Apparently he went to a 2nd F event and got his name there. Posse was kind enough to bring him out to a Saturday workout where he learned that they’re 60 minute. Next time he said he’d be ready. He did fine today. The hardest part is showing up.