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Disclaimer given – veteran group

Quick Mosey to top of parking deck aka Tartarus for quick COP

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Low Slow squat IC x 10

Merkins IC x 10

Mountain Climbers IC x 14

The Thang:

Head back down the deck to the bottom level at the start of the ramp for some hill sprints.

AYG to the top of the long ramp then slow mosey back down x 5 – the key here was to sprint the ups and slow mosey recovery back down – some of the pax still have to figure this one out.  If you sprint all the way up the long ramp, you could barely muster a slow mosey to recover.  Those that finished early burpees waiting on the 6.

Mosey back outside the deck and count off by twos – 1’s ran to one stairwell and 2’s to the other – mainly to help keep from running into each other.

Start at the bottom, sprint up stairs one level – 2 burpees, run back down, then up stairs 2 levels – 4 burpees, then back down, then up to the top – 6 burpees – back to the bottom.

Mosey down driveway stopping next to middle stairwell to receive next instructions.

Centurion Starfish – count off by 4

1 – run to far left stairwell and up one level – 20 jump squats

2 – run to far right stairwell and up one level – 20 wide arm merkins

3 – run down right near road and 30 supine pull-ups on railing

4 – run left to corner across road from stairwell – 50 LBCs

After finishing your station, back to center for 5 burpees, then moving clock wise, AYG to the next station, and continue until everyone made one full cycle.

Mosey to the entrance with the bell tower for some ramp and bench work.

Partner up –

Partner one – bearcrawl up the ramp and lunge walk back down the walkway toward the stairs.

Partner two – bench step-ups or jump-ups


Rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey back to launch.  No mary but instead the last 5 minutes were 5 burpees, 5 squats and 5 merkins, rinse and repeat until time was done.  Crowd pleaser

6:15 – finished.


YHC realized that this Friday was his first Q in quite a while – have gotten lazy and need to get back out and start Qing again.  Mermaid thanks for keeping YHC honest and for the opportunity.

And thanks to the pax for following YHC around in the gloom Friday am.  Hope you got your money’s worth.  YHC did – this one snuck up on you – didn’t look terrible on paper, but YHC was smoked the rest of the day and pretty sore Saturday too.

Lots of pax crushing it out there.  Brilleaux and Snooka were in their normal places out front.  Run Stopper was right behind them pushing them all morning.  The normal crew pretty close too;  Mermaid, Pro, Margo, Chelms , Abacus, Beardless BlackBeard, Clover, Check Point, and Brushback.  Thunder Road, Garbage Plate were also looking strong and pushing the Q. 

The sprints hurt, then adding the stairs and burpees resulted in some serious DOMS later in the day and Saturday.

Thanks again men for the opportunity to lead, it is always an honor.


Memorial Day Convergence near the and shell behind South Park Mall – keep eye out on Slack or Twitter

Red Rocks – is home but still recovering –  please keep him and his family in your prayers

Saturday 3rd F opportunity at Stratford Y – 11:00 – 30 minute workout and 30 minute discussion with some teens, most from the west side of Charlotte – reach out to Chelms for more info.

That’s it – Champagne Out.

Christmas Miracle (better late than never)

8 men made the day after Christmas even better and experienced a little Christmas miracle.

Veteran crew so brief disclaimer provided and off we went.

Quick jog around the parking lot to the lot closest to the road. Mumble chatter already starting about angry Q being lost and wondering around.

Circle up and short COP

IM x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC (and Haze even participated – i.e. Christmas Miracle

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Slow Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to side of the next lot up (not as wide) for the merkin ladder – which, for those that don’t know, is a nice exercise provided by Iron Horse. Start with 20 merkins – run to other side of parking lot, 19 merkins, run back and continue down to 1. This merkin ladder also had lunge walks between sets instead of running. At least until 15, then an audible was called because at that rate, it would take the rest of the workout to finish the ladder, plus YHC’s legs were getting smoked.

Next mosey over to the hill next to the soccer fields for a triple nickel. 5 CDDs at the top and 5 jump squats at the bottom x 5.

Next head to the hot box for some bench sets. Little Haze x 5 for right and left leg, 10 dips and 10 derkins – rinse and repeat for 3 sets.

Next mosey over to the rocks and grab a lifting rock and partner up. As a team complete 200 rock shoulder presses – when not lifting the other partner ran to the light at exit 4 and back.

Rinse and repeat with 100 goblet squats

Head back to start for 6 MOM

Flutters IC x 25

LBCs IC x 25

Dollies IC x 25



Great group of regulars this morning. Thanks for getting up early the day after Christmas on what YHC is sure was a day off for most, to follow YHC around in the gloom for a bit and workout a bit. Also, those in attendance did get to witness the small Christmas Miracle – Haze actually did SSH. Granted only 10 but it was a start.

Solid work by everyone – great way to start out the day with friends putting in some hard work.

Afterwards some were able to have coffeeteria at Starbucks.

If anything was missed, shout out below.

Champagne out.

“What? I wasn’t listening”

15 decided to get better at Anvil today, despite the social media concerns about form police.

Brief disclaimer was provided – veteran crew


Fast mosey not far from launch for COP

15 x SSH in cadence

15 x IW in cadence

10 x low slow squats

10 x slow merkins


The Thang

Asked the pax to divide up into groups of 3 – and this is where YHC started to get worried because no one moved.  The slowly the pax figured it out and got into groups of 3.

Then YHC continued with the explanation.

Three stations –

First Station – also known as the timer or the sweat box was the picnic tables near the soccer fields.   10 jump ups, 10 dips and 10 derkins

Second Station – Playground – 5 pull-ups, 5 burpees, 10 donkey kicks using the swings

Third Station – about 30 yards of lunge walks and burpee broad jumps.


And – This is how it worked:

The first pax ran to the hotbox and did the exercises listed above – again acting as the timer.

The second went to the playground and did pull-ups, burpees, and donkey kicks rinse and repeat until relieved.

The third pax went to the parking lot just above the 4th exit and did lunge walks and burpee broad jumps until relieved.

The first pax, once they completed the first station exercises, ran to the second station to relieve the second pax, and start doing pull-ups, burpees and donkey kicks.

The second pax, then ran down to the 3rd pax to relieve them and start doing the lunge walks and burpee board jumps.

From here the 3rd pax runs all the way back to the hot box and it starts over again – and this continued until about 6:05

Then after some confusion, the pax followed YHC and headed back to launch for:


25 flutters in cadence

High Plank – approx. 1.5 minutes

AYG to end of parking lot and back

25 dollies in cadence

25 LBCs in cadence

Another 1.5 minutes of high plank




First off, YHC took the easy road on this one and pulled out an older workout that hasn’t been used at Anvil in at least a year.  It wasn’t very exciting, but it did hurt (at least for YHC).  And all the pax were crushing it today.  ON the run back to the hotbox, YHC noticed Haze was getting close and closer to catching Lorax, until the last one when he blew by him as they passed the playground.

Also, YHC did no form policy thru most of the morning, but Haze still exposed a chink in the armor due to some faulting listening skills and YHC’s form police shows up for a moment – momentary lapse of reason on YHC’s part – won’t let Haze win next time.  But in all seriousness – this was a tough workout, everyone was pushing hard all the way thru it.

Thanks Lorax for the opportunity to lead today and thank men for following YHC thru the gloom.  It was a pleasure.

Thanks Haze for the prayer.



Runstopper is Qing Hydra and there will be fence burpees

McGee’s new Waverly workout, the WAVE will start tomorrow too – supposed to be all AMRAP


That’s all

Champagne Out.

Tartarus – The Region of Torments – earned its name Friday

Apology for the delay in the BB – partly due to recovering from the workout coupled with YHC just forgot over the weekend.

13 MEN decided to start off the weekend right this comfortable friday AM

Disclaimer was given while Shoe took his time getting out the car to join the pax

Off we go – to Tartarus: The Region of Torments – and it would live up to its name.


YHC was out of town for work most of the week so needed something to get things back going in the right direction – the result was the yet to be named below workout.

Starting at the bottom entrance, YHC led pax thru one lap of the torments to show all where and what was expected, then it was OYO – as many laps as possible until 6:10.


AYG up the long ramp – 5 hand release burpees at the top

AYG along the flats to the other end – 10 diamond merkins

AYG up the short ramp and across the top to the far back stairwell – 10 heels to heaven

Down the stairwell – AYG to the middle stairwell – up the stairwell – 10 CDDs

AYG to next stairwell and down and back to the start – 10 Jump squats

One lap complete – task was to complete as many as possible by 6:10

Some pax ended at 6:10 and some flutters and Freddie Mercury’s were had while waiting a few who decided to ignore the 6:10 end time.

Fast mosey back to launch




Yes YHC took the easy way out, no cadence, no COP, just got right to work.  Bu that said, it still sucked and was tough.  Great work by everyone , think the group made 6 laps for most if not all – that was a lot of work.  And there was no air movement in the deck so the air was pretty thick adding to the fun.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great group of men thru the Gloom this am.

Champagne Out



BRR is right around the corner – first weekend in Sept and teams are in need of runners – if interested post it out on slack.

YHC thinks another announcement was made but the recorder missed it – shout out below.


Gear comes to Meathead

7 Men decided to get Stronger and posted at Meathead this am in the gloom.

Disclaimer given – short one – no FNGs or Site FNGs

Explanation provided of work to be done – and provided demonstrations on some of the equipment / exercises.  Pax had no questions so we were good to go.



SSH x 15 in cadence

Low Slow Squat x 15 in cadence

Pry squat to work on loosening up hips and legs

Arm circles in cadence x 10 forward and 10 backward.


The Thang

The focus of the day was on quality not quantity and the recommendation was made to the pax to try a heavier bell then they normally would on the exercise. The focus was on doing fewer reps but using good form and moving heavy weigh.

The stations were as follows:

  1. Heavy Swings – one hand or two handed – sets of 5 – Pax choice – options were 28, 32 and 36 kg KBs
  2. Heavy Goblet Squats – sets of 3 – 5
  3. Heavy Cleans – 1-3 reps per side
  4. Steel Club cleans – 25 lbs – these are humbling and take a bit to learn but work the forearms and grip like crazy
  5. Steel club squat presses
  6. Sand Bag shoulders (75, 80 or 100 lbs) rotate one per shoulder
  7. Weighted Tire Drag and Carry 25 yards up and 25 yards back
    1. Round 1 – drag tire with 35lb weight on tire while doing farmer carry with 2 – 45lb KBs –
    2. Round 2 – drag tire with 35lb weight and 25 lb slam ball on tire while doing farmers carry with 2 – 45lb KBs
    3. Round 3 – drag tire with 35lb weight, 25lb slam ball on tire and shoulder carry 80lb sand bag.

Station 7 acted as timer – so once Pax on the tire was finished with their turn, all pax switched stations rotating to the right.

We were able to get in 3 rounds and YHC hopes it was a good bit of work for everyone.

Finisher with a few rounds of marry

10 x flutter with KB press – in cadence

10 x dollies whiling holding KB above chest

5 bulldogs on your own ( tap KB on ground above your head then sit up and press above your head = 1 rep)

16 dying cockroaches




Voodoo has been asking YHC to Q Meathead for a while but the schedule just hasn’t worked out so was glad when he called and asked if I would Q July 5th.  Also, hoped that the idea of the early morning on the 5th would help YHC slow it down a bit on the 4th and get to bed early – success of this was maybe 30%.

YHC decided to bring some toys for the home pain-cave to share with the group – the clubs and tire sled were nice additions along with the sandbags.  YHC thinks everyone had a great workout today – and there were no slouches – everyone was pushing it and everyone also got the hang of the steel clubs.  They will be back some time.  YHC doesn’t think he saw a KB lighter than a 24KG used – solid work for pushing it today guys.

Thanks Voodoo for the chance to lead and thanks men for allowing YHC to lead and try something new this am and being good sports about it.  YHC thought it was a great workout – hope everyone thought it was up to Meathead standards.

Thanks again for the honor to lead.


Champagne out.



Gear coming to Accent and Death Valley this next week – HT on Q

Audibles are not all created equal

Large Group this am – must have been the mention of a form clinic that brought them out.

Solid 29 Pax strong – biggest showing so far at Hawks Nest.

Disclaimer provided to accompany the documents signed and to account for several site FNGs and one true FNG.

Off we went – YHC had to rely on site Q Doc for directions because this AO has tons of ways to get turned around.

Worked our way over to the larger parking lot near the football field for COP.


COP (all IC)

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Low Slow Squat x 10 – 3 down/1 up

Mtn Climbers x 20

Slow Merkins x 10


The Thang:

Mosey back up to steps outside the gym.

20 dips, then up the large steps (Q fail for not saying just the large steps)

3 rounds


Mosey over to Swim Mac on property – planning a nice triple nickel – but informed by management that Mac is off limits, including their grounds – good to know for future Qs

Time for a slight modification


Mosey on by the pool and hang a right across the bridge and by the baseball fields to the covered area with picnic tables.

10 jump ups / 20 dips / 20 derkins x 3

Plank when done.

Head back the way we came and cross the bridge heading to the football field.

Stop for a brief rest and some people’s chair on the bridge


Time Hawks Nest was introduced to The Escalator.

Mosey to football field and line up abreast in the end zone.

5 jump squats / 5 merkins / 5 heels to heaven / 5 burpees

run to just past the bleachers (approx. 70-75 yards)

10 jump squats / 10 merkins / 10 heels to heaven / 10 burpees

Run back to end zone

15 jump squats / 15 merkins / 15 heels to heaven / 15 burpees

run to just past the bleachers

20 jump squats / 20 merkins / 20 heels to heaven / 20 burpees

Run back to end zone

15 jump squats / 15 merkins / 15 heels to heaven / 15 burpees

run to just past the bleachers

10 jump squats / 10 merkins / 10 heels to heaven / 10 burpees

Run back to end zone

5 jump squats / 5 merkins / 5 heels to heaven / 5 burpees

No way around it, that one leaves a mark


Getting short on time so quick mosey back to launch point, again Q needed to ask for directions to get back to field beside middle school (more recon required next time)

3 mins left – time to also introduce Hawks Nest to Jack Webbs

1 merkin / 4 air presses

2 merkins / 8 air presses

3 merkins / 12 air presses

4 merkins / 16 air presses

5 merkins / 20 air presses

6 merkins / 24 air presses




Great group out today – pax kept showing up before launch and YHC wondered if Hops and Doc had scheduled a convergence.  Great to see old and new faces – this is turning into a great AO that pulls pax from all over Area 51 / SOB land.

Everyone was killing it today so little need for form police and for the record Mermaid, according YHC’s calculations may have set the record for the fasted Escalator.  Those burpees were crazy fast.

And on the subject of the Escalator, thank Swim Mac for that one because it was a complete audible once the triple nickel was removed.  Next time may bring the supersized Escalator out – this was just the regular sized one.  Again, great solid work by everyone – hope this had something for everyone.  Covered a bit of ground and did some work (If someone has the mileage, let YHC know or put it in the comments.  Thanks Doc and Hops for the opportunity to lead this great group, and thanks Men for following YHC around in the gloom this am.  Can’t say it was all fun, but we will be better for it.

Thanks for the takeout Hops – always on point.

Champagne out.

Short Weinke Syndrome problems at The Fishing Hole

Quick and rusty disclaimer – YHC hasn’t Q’d in a while

No COP jumped right to Thang:

Quick warm-up mosey to picnic area in front of school.


3 exercises – 4 times thru on YHC count – 2 rounds – kept us busy for a while

First Group:

Split leg squats with rear leg on bench x 10 Right and Left

Dips x 10

Decline Merkins x 10

Cycle thru 4 times.

Second Group:

Raised leg single leg squat – foot on bench x 10 Right and Left

Skull Crushers x 10

Crucible Merkins x 10

Cycle thru 4 times


Enough of YHC calling cadence – mosey down to far end of football field in front of last stairwell in parking deck.

Can’t post at Catholic without pulling in the parking deck

Run to top of first stairwell and back to railing at end of field and do 15 inverted pull-ups

Run to top of second stairwell and back – 15 inverted pull-ups

Run to top of 3rd stairwell and back – 15 inverted pull-ups

Flutters until 6 is in.


Mosey to bottom of first ramp in parking deck

AYG to top of first short wrap.  Lunge walk flat back to stairwell.  Mosey back to launch.



50 flutters in cadence.

Was finished but Chelms felt short changes so

10 burpees oyo




Thank you Mr. Bean (missed you today) and Frehley’s for inviting me to Q – love this site and great idea for a new workout.

Great group today crushing a tough workout – YHC is pretty sure everyone thought about me with kind thoughts later in the day – DOMS sucks

YHC kept form opinion’s mostly to self today – but did attempt to control temp some during the work set at the picnic area – but all the pax were working hard today.

Evidently Chelms though YHC’s weinke was too short and decided to do some extra work – resulting in the extra 10 burpees oyo – that was a gift to Chelms.

As always, its an honor and privilege  to lead an F3 workout and it was an honor to lead these men today.  Thanks for following YHC thru the gloom this am.


That’s it

Champagne out



BoutTime’s son Jennings is home and they are heading to Memphis for 4 months for the bone marrow transplant – continue to pray.  Will be there for 4 months.

Riding the Escalator can be good for you

13 Men decided to deny the fartsack and take the Escalator this AM and will be better for it.

Short Disclaimer – all veteran crowd


Baby jog around the school back to the newly lined smaller football field.


SSH x 20 in cadence

IW x 15 in cadence

Low Slow squat x 10 in cadence

Mtn Climbers x 15 in cadence

Slow Merkins on Q count x 10


The Thang:

The Escalator

5 merkins, 5 jump-squats, 5 heels to heaven, 5 burpees – run 75ish yards

10 merkins, 10 jump-squats, 10 heels to heaven, 10 burpees – run 75ish yards

15 merkins, 15 jump-squats, 15 heels to heaven, 15 burpees – run 75ish yards

20 merkins, 20 jump-squats, 20 heels to heaven, 20 burpees – run 75ish yards

15 merkins, 15 jump-squats, 15 heels to heaven, 15 burpees – run 75ish yards

10 merkins, 10 jump-squats, 10 heels to heaven, 10 burpees – run 75ish yards

5 merkins, 5 jump-squats, 5 heels to heaven, 5 burpees – done

While waiting for the six – different rounds of Mary


Following the Q with the headlamp – quick mosey thru the woods to Hydra’s favorite hill – Foxworth

Triple Nickel Time

5 burpees, run up the hill – 5 jump squats – run back down x 5

(YHC did call burpees at both top and bottom but pretty sure that violates Mermaid’s triple nickel by-laws so audibled to jump squats)

Quick mosey back thru the very dark woods back to the parking lot.


High Plank – 1 minute

Hollow Rocker position hold ~ 45 seconds

Superman ~ 45 seconds




This is YHC’s first Q in a while – so may have lacked some creativity but think everyone got their money’s worth. YHC was smoked by the end.  Solid group pushing it all day today.   Burpees are always the great equalizer. (when you count them correctly – right Queen???)

Solid work by everyone today – very little down time – tried to keep it moving – but tried to also stay true to old school boot camp and not all the BRR running that is pretty much everywhere these days.

Thanks, Queen and Marge for the chance to lead. It’s a privilege.

Hops – thanks for the great take out this am.

Champagne Out



Speed For Need: Isabella Santos Run 09/30/2017.  South Charlotte PAX will be pushing 4 chairs.  Register HERE 

F3 Golf Classic: 4th Annual.  Raise $ for LEAP expansion.  Preblast next week.  Start forming 4somes.  Don’t have one, no worries, we will get you set up.

F3’s – 3rd F Meetings starting back up – check site (

We came, we saw, and we did some work

In the humid humid gloom, 3 MEN posted to work, run and get better.

We came, we ran and did some hard work.

If you weren’t there, then you missed out.

Champagne Out.

No Running does’nt mean Easy Workout.

10 Pax chose to take on the beast known as Hydra this am.

Short Disclaimer provided – all regulars – so everyone knew what to expect, or so they thought.

Quick jog around the school to get the blood flowing – then head to the small field

SSH x 15 in cadence
IW x 15 in cadence
Low Slow Squats x 10
Slow Merkins x 10

Mosey to concession stand area

The Thang
Round 1 ( 3 x )
10 Jump Ups
10 Dips
10 Derkins

Round 2 (3 x)
Split Squats x 10
10 skull crushers
10 wide merkins

Round 3 (3 x)
10 hovercraft squats – Hops get the credit.
10 Diamond merkins
10 CDD

Playground – 5 minute AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 merkins
15 squats

Six Minutes of Mary – actually 5
Protractor – lost count
Flutter x 20 in cadence
Dolly x 30 in cadence – waiting for everyone to count before calling it.

Dusted this one off and brought it back out. Every now and again, its good to get a full body beat down without the pounding of all the running we normally do. It shows you can get a pretty solid workout without moving from one spot.

Lots of chatter out there (Harley) but also lots of work going on. YHC thinks Arena and Marge talked the entire time – guess next time YHC needs to make it tougher.

Queen, Deep Dish, and Jet Fuel were putting in some hard work – granted the taller folk have a hard time with these low benches when doing the split squats and hover crafts.

Haze (Kotters), Hops were keeping YHC company, while Good Hands and Harley were trying their best to ignore the Q.
Solid work by all – thanks for the chance to lead – it is an honor and privilege.

HOPS – thanks for the solid takeout.
Keep McGee and Lorax in your prayers.


Area 51 HH this Friday – Rusty Onion – 4pm ish.

Champagne Out.