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On the 12th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me…




9 IW IC, 9 Merkins IC, Calf Stretch L/R, Downward/Upward Dog

The Thang

Inspired by the 12 days of Christmas Song and in the same vein of Billy Madisons but in reverse, this is a running loop and exercise per “day”. Begin with a loop to simulate the “1st day of Christmas”, followed by an exercise with 12 reps as the “gift given by your true love”. This concludes the 1st “verse”. Run the loop again, followed by the new 2nd day exercise x 12 reps plus the 1st day exercise x 12 reps. This concludes 2nd day. Continue with the loop and adding an exercise each time until you’ve completed one loop and exercise combo for each of the 12 days. The “gifts” were as followed:

  1. 1 – BBSU X 12
  2. 2 – AH X 12 IC
  3. 3 – Pistol LBC X 12 (6 each leg)
  4. 4 – LBC X 12
  5. 5 – V UP X 12
  6. 6 – Superman X 12 IC
  7. 7 – Mahktar N’ Diayes X 12 IC (Alternate up arm after 6)
  8. 8 – J Lo X 12 (6 each side)
  9. 9 – Leg Thrusts X 12
  10. 10 – Rev. Plank Leg Kicks X 12 (6 each leg)
  11. 11 – Rev. Plank Knee Ups X 12 (6 each knee)
  12. 12 – Rev. Plank Hold X 12 Count (Each “count” = 2 sec)

In the end this was a terrible idea and it really sucked horribly. I think the PAX who joined me today would agree whole-heartedly. I had a great time today leading both The Floater and Clyent Dinner. I hope the PAX in attendance at these two sites got what they came for or something else that maybe they didn’t know they were going to get but needed in the end. It was a fun challenge and I recommend it to any of you who want to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone.

Everyone pushed as hard as they could and only modified (including YHC) when necessary. It was a privilege to lead today/tonight. Always easy leading leaders. Great job fellas!


3 workouts to choose from this Saturday.

Clean up immediately afterward in down town is still on unless it downpours. YHC will advise if postponed to following Saturday at ~7:30 am on Saturday so check GM around that time.

Turnbuckle took us out!

Train Wreck my Weinke

F3 Waxhaw has a special AO in the down town area that I love. The Floater. We have certain rules at The Floater and one of them is Burpee Trian. Simple rule, really. Train comes through Waxhaw, the PAX stops what they’re doing and does Burpees until it passes. It doesn’t alway happen but it happens enough that the Q for The Floater should always be prepared to adjust their Weinke in the case that it does. Thankfully the Weinke was short today and easy to modify for the dreaded Burpee Train.


Mosey to Lutheran Church and 9 X IW IC, Plank up do 10 X Merkins CC, Calf Stretch R/L, Upward/Downward Dog

The Tang

Mosey to Baptist Church around the block and on the way do “a couple” burpees at the street light in the middle then do 10 T-Merkins, Return to Lutheran Church stopping for “a couple” Burpees (for those of you that don’t know, a couple means 2) and do 10 BBSU’s. Rinse and repat 2 more times for 3 sets. Way to finish Fuse Box!

Mosey to parking lot behind house across the street from Fox’s Pizza and do 11’s – Squat X 1 then BC to other side of lot and do MT X 10 then CB back. R/R until get to 10 S & 1 MT. Somewhere right in the middle of all this we were blessed with a Burpee Train. When we resumed the 11’s, I audibled to Lunges  and Dry Docks then after about two rounds, realizing my error in judgement, I re-audibled back to squats. We got to 9S & 2DD’s before YHC called it due to time and we moseyed back to COT.

I think it was a welcome respite to have the Burpee Train come right in the middle as the Shoulders were getting wrecked and YHC was ready for a little break but it was a sort of “pick your poison” moment when Zinfandel called out there were 11 minutes left. I pondered for a brief moment whether I would rather do burpees for the remainder of the time or continue the 11’s.

Every body worked hard today and I was glad for the ones who braved the below freezing temps this morning to come out into the gloom with me. Hopefully you got some good shoulder work along with a little bit of cardio mixed in.


Deisel 5:30 on Friday for gear workout and 0.0 runningCommitment 6:30 at Nesbit Park

Clean up after your workout of choosing starts at 7:45 on 12/14. 2.0’s and M’s encouraged. I will call it if the rain is coming down in buckets. Keep an eye out on Group Me for announcement at ~7:30. Coffeeteria is at Crossroads in down town Waxhaw.

Beer Exchange at Zinfandel’s house on Saturday 12/14.

Fuzzy Monday

Ahhhh…. Monday! Flash is a great way to start the week. Usually a good number of PAX post on Monday to get their week started with some high impact work and to knock off the fuzz from the weekend. A particularly high fuzz weekend this time around as some of us (YHC especially) were still getting over the 1st Ever F3Waxhaw Holiday Party.

DiCCS were delivered and we were off.

Warm Up – Mosey around back of school to parking lot next to Transporter’s Shed (Mad Dog’s today) and performed 9 IW’s IC, 9 Merkins IC, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugan C/L/R and we were off to the stadium parking lot for…

As we arrived to the parking lot, someone suggested we do curb Monkey Humpers as we came up on the Ignition crew (doing some lame exercise on the curb). Not sure but it looked like they were just lying around doing nothing and didn’t really start doing anything until we came up on them??? Hmmm #ignitiongate?

The Thang – 7 of Diamonds (Not modified today with no rain) Start at bottom corner of lot and run to each corner and do(repsXsets) 7X4 Burpees, 14X4 Merkins, 21X4 LBCs, 28 X 4 AHs, 21X4 Flutters, 14X4 Sq, 7X4 BH’s Moseyed back to Transporter’s Shed for 50 air presses IC and 25 air jabs IC then AYG to COT for Namorama!

I think we were several seconds late but no one seemed to mind much.

Shout Outs!

Big 10 – Made it through the entire workout! Keep pushing! High Hat – Stepping up to lead some MARY while we were waiting on the SIX during 7 of Diamonds Dana – Wearing a vest for most of the workout.

Sorry for the lack of creativity in the Weinki between Friday and Monday. Changing up the venue a little bit and not having stairs to climb, however, made for a little different dynamic. We did get in some miles (3+) and we will definitely feel it in our abs and legs tomorrow. Always great to lead these guys and looking forward to the next time.


Dana – November 23rd Ruck for F3 Cape Fear – Toby, Leaving Hickory Tavern in Ballantyne at 8:00 AM Bring a backpack with 20 lbs of weight and walk the route. Drinks will be provided after. In the United States, one person commits suicide every 12 minutes.

Dana – Potential for a Christ’s Closet AO to have more regular folding and sorting parties. More to come on that.

Sausage Party owes Kid Rock $$ for Shirts

Thanks to Moneyball for taking us out.

Thanks for the Tacos Daddy!

Thanks to the 12 PAX who posted for the first ever F3Waxhaw 2nd F Monthly Lunch. Hence forth to be held on the 3rd Friday of every month.

Thrilled to see this bunch outside the gloom. Have to admit, did not recognize a few without sweat dripping down their face and that look of exhaustion we so often have during and after workouts. Also have to admit some can clean up pretty well but others should consult their stylist before leaving the house, YHC included.

No earth-shattering or meaningful topics were discussed during lunch which, I believe, was the whole point. Lots of banter and stuff-talking and not much else. Like hanging with friends you’ve known for years but really just for only a few months or years in some cases.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that’s YHC considers all my F3 Brothers as best of friends. The bond we share with our push to successfully traverse a workout together and encourage one-another to go harder than we thought ourselves capable. And not just with the workouts themselves but to get out of our comfort zone and do things in our daily lives we didn’t think possible before. That’s what friends do. That’s what F3 is to me. Iron Sharpens Iron. But more importantly, we support our brothers with whatever they need. Today we didn’t discuss any earth-shattering topics as I stated before but we are laying foundations for each other to open up and be comfortable sharing our darkest thoughts as well as our joys. Something our brother Toby from Cape Fear desperately needed. Unfortunately it was too late for him and his family is left to pick up the pieces of a life cut short in a moment of desperation. Let’s remember to remember. Let’s support one-another. Let’s be present. So often men try to do life on their own and don’t ask for help out of fear of projecting weakness or stupidity. Let’s admit our fears let’s ask for help when we need it when we can’t find the answer on our own before it’s too late. Too many people in our lives depend on us.

So… I’ll end as I began on a bit lighter side. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend the lunch today then let me just say you missed a free meal courtesy of Chain Saw (who now will be lovingly referred to as Sugar Daddy by YHC) and a heaping helping of fantastic, Fuzzy’s Tacos and apps.

Special thanks to Kid Rock for calling some favors from F3 Bouncer (GM of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop) who hooked us up with some free apps and coupons for free stuff the next time we’re out there. Please help them get the word out as an up and coming franchise. Their tacos were great and I would recommend you stop in with the family. Quick serve sit-down meal. Kids will love it too.

No one took us out and no DiCCS delivered but a good time was had by all!




My Weinke’s All Wet!!!

My first experience with Qing at Impromptu. The Friday workout for F3 Waxhaw held at the campus of Cuthbertson MS & HS. I have to say it is one of my favorite sites in the region. We post there at least 3 days a week and within those three days 4 workouts in which we can participate between Ignition & Flash on Mondays, Clyent Dinner on Thursday evenings and Impromptu on Fridays. The thing I like most about this site is it is spread out and there are plenty of obstacles we can overcome together while getting a solid F3 bootcamp style workout in during the process. There are parking lots galore, long streets and sidewalks where we can run to our hearts content, steady inclines (some less steady than others) and stairs we can work our legs to the bone. Walls, curbs and benches where we can bust our shoulders through our necks if we wanted to. Most importantly though, at least today, were the plethora of covered areas we could use to keep the weinkie dry. It wasn’t raining during the entire workout that I remember but the uncovered surfaces were all wet so we “modified as necessary” to keep the Pax dry. And so we went…

Warm Up Mosey to covered area opposite MS from COT and performed 9 IW’s IC, 9 MC’s IC, Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugan C/L/R and we were off to our next covered area at the Gym Stairs at the HS.

The Thang 7 of Diamonds (modified since we weren’t in a parking lot or anything where we could do four corners) Start at bottom of stairs and run to glass doors at gym and back to bottom of stairs twice each circuit and do(repsXsets) 7X4 Burpees, 14X4 Merkins, 21X4 LBCs, 28 X 4 AHs, 21X4 Flutters, 14X4 Sq, 7X4 BBs each leg X1=1 so technically 14 but hey? Moseyed to the front of MS the long way around the MS bus line sidewalk to partner up for partner dips and inclined merkins. P1 runs long way around the drive in front of MS while P2 does dips on the bench. Flap Jack. Second time around only half lap. 2 mins left, hot mosey to COT for 30 secs of Butt Kicks and Done!

Shout Outs! Posse – Dude is crushing it. Led us most of the way with very few exceptions. I have not posted at the same workouts with him in a while and have seen a noticeable difference in his fitness level. Stay Crush Posse! Rockwell – YHC would like to thank him for the final push to COT. He always pushes me to be better and I appreciate the competition. It makes us all better!



YHC – F3Waxhaw Monthly Lunch today, 12:00 – 1:00 Fuzzy’s Taco Shack Waverly

Old McDonald – Appreciate the support and encouragement received from F3 brothers for his 2.0 Land Shark who will be running in the Cross-Country SC State Competition trying to get All-State recognition if he finishes top 15. Good Luck Land Shark!

Dasher – Needs to follow up on Football at Elon Park on Thanksgiving Day morning. Gladiator Competition to be held tomorrow, 11/16 at Cuthbertson MS at 6:30 and will converge with Coffeeteria at McD’s in Waxhaw.

Posse – Commitment AO is celebrating 5th year anniversary tomorrow, 11/16 Come out and support if you can. Soft Launch of (old) New AO at Weddington MS this Saturday, 11/16. Hard Launch to follow next Saturday, 11/23. Trying to bring in Pax from that area to join us.

No mention of Holiday Party but it will be tomorrow, 11/16 at 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Bring $$ or gift. More gifts = less $$ but still need at least $15/person to cover food.


Does Running in the Cold Help a Sinus Infection?

Answer: NO!

DiCCS: Delivered

Warm Up

  • Mosey from COT to Parking lot behind Queens South and Plank for “6”
  • 10 X Merkins IC
  • Calf Stretch Left & Right
  • Transition to Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose
  • Transition to Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

The Thang

  • Partner up Gazelle w/ Clydesdale (Some didn’t hear this part and sorry if this wasn’t clear), Grab one Coupon for each pair, P1 – Does Curls until P2 gets back from…, P2 – Runs to opposite side of Family Dollar and does 10 Bobby Hurleys and returns to relieve P1 of  Coupon and Flapjack, 3 Sets Each Partner then… P1 switches to Rows, P2 switches to Bonnie Blairs (5 each leg), 3 2 Sets Each Partner
  • Mosey to parking lot behind Asian Grill
  • Circle up for Captain Therkin, 1 Bigboy Situp : 4 American Hammers + 5 Merkins between sets up to 10:40 (I couldn’t count all of the reps anymore once we got to 5 and I started doing all the evens and one of the other PAX…not sure who… joined in to catch the odds for me… Thanks for that!
  • Mosey to Waxhaw Animal Hospital during which the Q lost his proverbial juice due to a lingering sinus infection (Hold on to get the Gazelles on the loose ahead… To be honest…I think they were scared of KJH), Run up Keith Jong Hill and Gazelles circle back for “6” after reaching first stop sign
  • At top of KJH grab some wall (Thanks Deadwood for taking this over for the Q that lost his juice) and do MT:DK ladder up to 5 MT: 20 DK
  • Mosey to COT and Mary for last 2 mins Deadwood called V Ups X 10 then Pistol IBCs X 10 (5 each leg)
  • Done!

Great work from all PAX who posted this morning. Everyone pushed and everyone had each others back. It was a pleasure leading you most of the way through (Thanks again DW for taking over at the end). Cold air does me no good in this condition and at the end it was unbearably difficult to get my wind.  I hope I get an opportunity to redeem myself in the near future.


  • Twinkle Toes – F3 Waxhaw Holiday Party, November 16th, M’s ok, no 2.0’s, need 2-3 volunteers to help with set up and take down. Christmas Tree and Lights help. 
  • Ice9 – Christ’s Closet – Two Giveaways coming up. 10/24 at Petersburg Primary School in Pageland, SC where over 98% of children are on free lunch.  ‘West-Side Whoopin’ – November 9th ends with CC Giveaway and BBQ (Good alternative to Vagabond that is lower distance 6 miles vs. 13)
  • Kid Rock – Veteran’s Day Fundraiser – Vagabond – 6 AO’s tour of South Charlotte – PreBlast is out there, go check it out. Can meet and join group at any AO on the map, T-Shirts can be ordered now and are on sale until 8 days from now to get them in time for the event. Kicks off at 6:30 and ends at 11:00 with free food and one drink ticket for participants.
  • Bottle Cap – Clyent Dinner is serving at 5:30 PM at Cuthbertson MS with Turnpike on Q

Thanks to Mad Dog Who Took us Out

Where were you on 9/11/2001?


18 Warriors of the Gloom were joined together for a common purpose this morning. Remembering Tuesday, September 11, 2001 was the main focus of the morning as it will be for most of us throughout the rest of the day today. As we reflect on where we were on that fateful day 18 years ago and how all of our lives were changed forever in one way or another.  We will never forget!

DiCCs Delivered

Warm Up

  • Mosey from COT to faculty lot taking the long way around the student lot.
  • 9 – SSH IC
  • 11 – IW IC
  • 9 Sec Plank, 11 Sec 6″ Plank – Silent Count
  • 9 – MC IC
  • Jimmy Dugan – C/L/R 11 seconds each – Silent Count


  • Mosey to front of Highschool to grab some wall for
  • 9 – Balls to Wall MC (Pause)
    • (Sheriff came to arrest Goodfella but we were told it was all just a big misunderstanding and he drove off after a brief discussion). True story!
  • DK, Hold-for-time-against-the-wall Ladder(1 DK, 3 sec hold all the way up to 9 DK, 11 Sec hold increasing by 1 and 1 each set)
  • Mosey to West side of faculty lot
  • 9 – 6-count Burpees IC, Mosey to East side of faculty lot and around island for return to West side of faculty lot
  • 11 – Merkins IC then JB to East side of faculty lot and back at 80%
  • 9 – Carolina Dry Docks IC then JB to East side of faculty lot and back at 80%
  • Mosey to Northwest corner of student lot and do 9+11=20 – WWII
  • Winding Mosey to Southwest corner of student lot and do 9+11=20 – WWII
  • Mosey to North side of student lot and do 9+11=20 LBC
  • Mosey to South side of student lot and do 9+11=20 LBC
  • Move east to next row and Mosey to North Side of student lot then do 9+11=20 FM
  • Mosey to South side of student lot and do 9+11=20 FM
  • Mosey to North side of student lot then do 9+11=20 AH 
  • Mosey to South side of student lot and do 9+11=20 AH
  • Move East to next row and Mosey to North side of student lot then do 9 – MT CC IC
  • JB to Northeast corner and come back at 80% then do 11 – MT IC
  • Mosey to COT and Mary for 2 mins
  • Sprinkles called out Flutters and we did 9+11=20 IC
  •  OneStar called out Protractors and we rotated between 9 and 11 degrees for what felt like an eternity but was really only about 1 minute and DONE!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama completed

We ended about 5 minutes early as Goodfella volunteered to lead a September 11, 2001 Memorial of sorts for the Dromedary PAX. Telling us of the 246 air passengers, 2,606 employees in the twin towers, 343 firefighters, 60 police officers and 8 paramedics all gave their lives. Many PAX shared their memories of that fateful day.

  • Goodfella shared he lost 11 classmates from high school in the towers.
  • Manny shared that he lost three of his college fraternity brothers.
  • Johnny Utah shared how the FBI and the work he does for them changed after 9/11.
  • FNG – Big Ben shared he was in Ireland at the time and provided the perspective of how the world outside of the USA reacted.
  • Delta shared his story of being in the Navy and the massive buildup of troop carriers and tanks as they were loaded into ships to be sent to Afghanistan shortly after the events of 9/11. How powerful the scene was to him and his contemplation of re-enlistment.


We seemed mostly focused on the twin towers during our COT today and that is, for the most part, what I have observed people (myself included) focus on when we remember that day.  Remember those that perished at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and on Flight 93 on a farm in PA. Also remember there are many lives lost still today from illnesses that were a direct result of those events.

The biggest lesson I think we can all learn from that day is to point out that while we live in a world that is relatively safe here in our little Waxhaw bubble, there is still a lot of darkness out there. Too many examples of what is wrong with society to point out specifics but it is men like us who share a similar value of community leadership who must bring light into the darkness and make it light again.  Lead by example and love one-another as brothers.


  • Prayers for Boytano and his family as they mourn the loss of his father.

Goodfella took us out.








Much of the focus was on the twin towers as they  



Many PAX shared their memories of that fateful day. Where they were, how many people they knew in the towers, many survived, many lost.  


My VQ is Going to Suck, or Else!

While preparing for my first Q, (VQ in F3 vernacular). I was initially thinking of ways that I could inflict pain and cause intense suffering take it easy and provide a solid workout to the PAX that so begrudgingly posted. Then I realized that these men are not here for a cup of tea or just to “workout”. They’re here for a F3 boot camp style workout. It’s why they showed up. It’s why they show up at 5:30 am on week days while most people are still dreaming of being fit. These men are here to live that dream! Which takes on another meaning than just working out. So the beat-them-down-in-order-to-build-them-back-up mentality kicked in and I went with it to hopefully fulfill that dream and so it goes…

Is anyone CPR certified and willing to place their mouth on another man’s mouth to breath life into them in the event the need arises? Yes

Is anyone carrying, on their person, a working communication device that is capable of contacting emergency services if the need arises? Yes

Each of you is here of your own free will. No one coerced or otherwise made you come to this place and participate in this activity.

I am neither qualified or capable of diagnosing injuries. Modify as necessary for your individual fitness level.

You cannot sue me, F3 or Nesbit park.

DiCCs delivered

Warm Up

Mosey up to Kensington Elementary Bus parking lot (the long way around) then circle up for stretching

  • 15 x SSH IC
  • 15 x IW IC
  • Jimmy Doogans C, L & R
  • 30 Second Plank with left and right calf stretch
  • 6” Plank, transition to Downward Dog for 10 count then upward dog for 10 count
  • Recover

The Thang:

  • Mosey to drainage ditch and pickup lifting rock. To be used later…
  • Mosey to corner of soccer field and drop rock.
  • Continue mosey around perimeter of soccer field then circle up in corner
  • 3 circuits of 3 rounds each, completing one lap around perimeter of soccer field after each round, stay together for round 1 of each circuit and next 2 rounds OYO, PICK UP THE SIX!
  • Circuit 1: 5 x burpees IC (6 count), 10 x Backward Lunges IC, 15 X WWII CC, 15 X Derkins Drydocks CC, complete one lap around soccer field and repeat x 2 more OYO, PICK UP THE SIX!
  • Circuit 2: 15 x PJ IC, 10 x Lateral Lunges IC, 20 x Curls (with rocks) CC, 15 x Superman CC, 10 x J. Lo IC, complete one lap around perimeter of soccer field and repeat x 2 more OYO, PICK UP THE SIX!
  • Circuit 3: 10 x PP IC, 20 x LSS IC, 15 x MT, 20 x FM IC, complete one lap around perimeter of soccer field and repeat x 2 (audible) 1 more OYO, PICK UP THE SIX!
  • Return Rocks to their original resting place and Mosey to end line of soccer field.

“Hey Carb Load! What are those cones on the field”? I guess you’ll need to come to my next Q at Commitment to find out. Damascus was asking about partner carries earlier and I was hoping to oblige. Maybe next time D!

  • 1 minute left, Weinke cut short so Mosey to COT and pick up the cones as you go.

3.4 miles covered. Many calories burned. A lot of grumbling chatter. Mission Accomplished!


30 PAX (Rubbermaid brought the flag and did a trail run and way to push to get ready for your 50k) including myself posted today. Great work fellas and thanks for sticking with me.

I hope all of the PAX got what they came for and left feeling like their time was well spent. I heard a lot of chatter around the rep counts being variable and not easy to remember as well as the fact that I chose to do the work on wet grass rather than a parking lot. Maybe it would have been better on a parking lot, maybe not. Adversity and how you handle it is a good measure of a man. Though there were many complaints, everyone stuck to it and completed the “exercise”. I am thrilled that I finally was able to step up and lead this group of fine Men. Leading leaders is always easy because great leaders are even greater followers.

BB Call Outs

  1. We had an FNG today. His name is Greg (Turnbuckle). He came out and stuck with it until the end and really worked hard. I hope you continue to post brother. Everyone knows that you have to start somewhere. Here is where it begins for you. Keep posting and stick with it TB. Just need to show up and the rest takes care of itself. You got this!
  2. Goodfella continues to amaze me with his leadership at F3 but mostly with his leadership in his home. The guy brings his 2.0s consistently and they are really stepping up. Those boys, Hawkeye and Flash, will be great leaders one day. Keep posting boys! Thanks for the leadership Goodfella!
  3. Twinkle Toes introduced F3 to me back on Memorial Day weekend. If not for you and the invitation I would not be a part of this special group of great men we have. Thanks brother for leading me to this place. I will be forever grateful!


1: Runflat- Need Qs for Commitment for the month of September.

2: Fusebox- Wear your College colors to Commitment next week.

3: Zinfandel- Waxhaw Cleanup today after Commitment. Bring tools!

4: Name FNG- Greg Holencsak (Thanks to Wedding Singer for the post in GroupMe or I never would have spelled that correctly). From NJ, Office Administrator, Yankees (boo, GO SOX!), Giants, Norte Dame & Duke fan. Wore a wrestling shirt to his first Q so the F3 name is…. Turnbuckle.

Flash took us out. Great job little man!