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Never, Ever Leave Your Wingman

I showed up to Q without a Weinke on my wrist to guide me and I screwed up the Warm-up (Appreciate the call-out by Deadwood). I did have a Weinke in my head but the fact that I have CRS came into play… Not only did I miss the first marker but it seems that when I said “let’s Mosey”, there were some PAX who didn’t hear me and got a little behind. We ended up together but I was nervous we may have to turn around and start over. Everyone caught up and so we went…


Burpee Ladder down the back of the MS sidewalk for a burpee ladder stopping at each light on the left for 1,2,….., 8 Burpees. Total of 36 Burpees. (If Bottle Cap had posted, we would have added a 9th stop but he didn’t so the PAX that posted got a reprieve. You’re Welcome…). What better way to warm the body up than to do 36 burpees from the start? So we circled up at the Shed and did Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R, Upward Dog, Jimmy Dugans C/L/R/C  and Runner’s Stretch L/R.


Grab a lifting Rock and partner up (Or pair up with the person the Q assigned to you). Partner 1 runs to sidewalk by Softball field and back while partner 2 does Curls the first round, shoulder presses 2nd round, rows 3rd and Tricep Ext 4th. Return Rocks to their original place…

Mosey to Traffic circle between MS/HS for 7’s – Starting at top circle run down to bottom circle for 1 BBSU and return to top for 6 Diamond Merkins all the way up/down to 6 BBSUs/1 Diamond Merkin.

Mosey to 1st alcove on North Side of HS for MT/DK web from 1/4 up to 5/20. (The original plan was to go all the way to 10/40 but don’t Q what you can’t do…)

Mosey to front entrance of HS and find a bench for 25 dips, 20 Jump ups/Step Ups, 15 Derkins, 10 Reverse Plank Knee Ups, 5 Burpee Jump ups with Hot lap around drop off circle between each exercise. Rinse and Repeat for a second round.

Mosey to MS Admin parking lot for four corners. At each corner stop for 10 reps of called exercise. 1st we did American Hammers IC, 2nd Flutters IC, 3rd LSSq IC and ended with Walking Lunges 1=1.

AYG back to COT and done!


Fuse Box getting into a new comfort zone with the more-mileage-longer workouts. (Keep pushing bro!). Pre-mature is drinking the Kool-Aid and getting faster every week (Caught him doing a pre-run). Good to see Deadwood back out with us after few days away with work commitments. Ice-9 posting regularly in his own region and showing us what it is to push beyond your limits. Dasher and Glidah displaying what hard work does to your love handles when you run the Waxhaw Express for 8 weeks (hint: they melt away). Rubbermaid (Respect!) out there with the Youngins and showing us that age is just a number.


First time Weinkeless Q. (Not that I didn’t have a Weinke but that I didn’t carry it on my wrist like usual). Tough for me to remember but I had it all worked out in my head before hand. Seems like I got it all in but in hind site, will print and carry with me in the future. I did have to call an audible due to the Impromptu PAX using the benches at the MS cafeteria but that is to be expected when 2 workouts share the same AO. We improvised, adapted and overcame.  Glad to be asked to lead this workout. No mileage minimum but we hit just over 4 miles with those who picked up the Six logging 4.25 or more. We stayed together and had some mumble chatter about the second round of 25/20/15/10/5 but we all pushed through and finished.


See BB for Impromptu

Rudy took us out




Reduce, Re-use & Recycle

Reduce the amount of running but keep the heart rates up with called Exercises. The goal of the bootcamp is to push each other to be better fit men and to get heart rates up while getting stronger. We hit just under 1.5 miles today but heart rates were in the zone…

Re-use a previous Weinke because it was just so awesome not to… I re-used a previous Weinke that I recently Q’ed for Clyent Dinner that I thought was a good way to get heart rates up without all the running and could incorporate the PAX in the MASH unit.

Recycle the previous Weinke and make it into something better than before… I tweaked it in a way that would not require any coupons due to limited or no availability of rock piles at the Watchtower AO.

PSA on Recycling: When a post consumer-plastic grocery bag is recycled (YES! they can and do get recycled, contrary to popular belief…), it is turned into another bag but not directly re-usable. It has to be cleaned and then re-melted into pellets. Those pellets are combined with virgin material and on the other end of the process become a different bag so….. Please bring your plastic grocery bags back to your grocery outlet and place them into the designated bin. Your children and your children’s children and their children’s children and etc. will thank you.


Mosey from COT around front of school to bus lot and do 20 X Imperial Walkers then mosey to other side of bus lot for stretching, Calf Stretch L/R, Upward/Downward Dog, Jimmy Doogans C/L/R.


Mosey to teacher’s lot on the upper side and do:

Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3
5 X Burp 6C IC J.Lo IC Burpee
10 X Rev Plank Knee Ups Superman LSSq CC
15 X BBSU CC Sskaters MT
20 X Lunge American H. Flutters IC
25 X Dry Dock CC PJ Sec Elbow Pl
Repeat X 2 Repeat X 2 Repeat X 2

Between each set we ran to the other side of the lot and back while the M.A.S.H. unit did various exercises with Coupons. Centerfold will have to fill in the blanks here. A lot of chatter from the PAX, (Mostly Posse), about the difficulty of the exercises and how awful they were and how we should change the order of the MT’s and LSSq. So I obliged (sort of) I added 5 LSSq but no reprieve was given on the 15 MT’s in the 3rd Circuit. Everyone cheered and decried about how happy they were that I added those 5 extra reps…. I had a little trouble counting today and, well, it worked out ok. (Only a few extra reps so not a huge deal)

After we were finished with the circuit, we had about 1:30 left so we took a short mosey around the perimeter of the COT lot and when completed time was up.

Today, we stayed together for the duration. No Clydesdales and no Gazelles. Just a bunch of hardworking men trying to be better. I hope everyone who posted at Watchtower today was pleased with their results. We all worked hard and finished. Way to push yourselves to be better/faster/stronger men!

We had an FNG today – Hospital Name = Jason Reynolds, From Athens, GA originally and is in the Forrestry Industry. Spent a lot of time travelling to South America pre-COVID and now can’t travel due to restrictions. He has a wife and 2 children and has lived in the area for 15 years. Welcome Bunyan! (Yellow-Jacket was a close second…)


My, how we have grown in our little town. In just a little over a year that I have had the pleasure of being a part of this group, many new sites and extended workouts have been introduced and are going strong. If you want to Q a workout in Waxhaw, there are many AO’s and difficulty levels from which to choose.   I always love being asked to Q as it is my pleasure to lead any one of the AO’s in our region. They each have their own degree of “something special”. The common denominator, though, is the group of men we have the pleasure of working out with on a daily basis.


Blood Drive from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Thursday, July 23rd at Weddington UMC at corner of 84 and Providence Rd.. JUST SIGN UP SO FUSEBOX WILL STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY! (My self included)

Site Q School on Saturday, July 18th at Cuthbertson MS

Q School on Saturday, July 25th at Cuthbertson MS

100 PAX Challenge Raffle – See Centerfold for details and how to get tickets. $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets and etc…

YHC took us out – CTG

Day of Redemption

13 (including O-69) Brave souls joined me for an arm blast extravaganza.


mosey around the COT lot and circle up for- IW X 10, Jimmy Doogan C/L/R, Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R Upward Dog and back to Downward Dog again.


Burpee Ladder starting at back sidewalk and do a burpee at each light pole on the left and add one burpee at each pole to the “Poop Shed”

Arm Circuit with partners- everyone grab a lifting rock and partner 1 runs to sidewalk between softball field and bus lot as the timer while partner 2 does 3 sets of each Curls, Shoulder press, Rows and Tricep Extensions. Killer upper body work and everyone stayed together.

Return rocks and Plank for the SIX

Mosey to back of middle school and find a picnic table for- Step Ups, Derkins & Dips. 3 sets of each exercise, 20 reps first set, 15 second set and 10 reps to finish.

Bear Crawl from first corner to other end of the wall and Mosey back to COT. Along the sidewalk we did backward run from light pole to light pole and then AYG to COT.


A little bit of chatter today but no life threatening comments. Everyone pushed hard and made it through. Very humbled by the amount of respects out there today. OGs are strong in this group! Glad to get a second chance and appreciate the confidence.

Today was a day of redemption for me. I missed my Q a couple of weeks ago and Recalculating was willing to give me another shot. I appreciate the opportunity to lead the gentlemen of this fine group and their willingness to follow even after I let them down previously.


Need volunteers to give blood at F3 Waxhaw blood drive. Check news channel for instructions from FuseBox on how to register. 7/23 from 9-1 is the date.

1776 challenge tomorrow to celebrate 4th of July. Come on out and challenge yourself and others.

I took us out CTG baby!





4th of July 1776 Games/Challenge Presented By F3 Waxhaw Pre-Blast

What: 4th of July 1776 Games/Challenge

  • 1776 total reps made up of 100 each of 17 various exercises + 76 Burpees and 1.01 mile (1776 meters) run
    • 4 of the 17 exercises will require coupons so “bring em if you got em” or several will be provided from various other AO’s
      • there is also a rock pile if needed

When: Saturday, July 4th @ 6:45 with 8-10 minute Warmorama starting @ 7:00 AM

Where:  Walnut Creek Park – 10521 Walnut Creek Pkwy, Lancaster, SC 29720 Walnut Creek Park Map

2nd F immediately afterward

  • Water, Coffee (Shop Dawg’s Famous High Test Oil), Donuts and Bananas will be provided

For those ambitious PAX who want  a little extra, arrive at Nesbit Park at 6:15 and run the Carolina Thread Trail down to the end (it ends at Walnut Creek Park) for a 4 ish mile pre-run.

It’s gonna be fun, stupid and difficult all at the same time. AWESOME!

See You There!



Sloppy Seconds

A great afternoon to lead 10 strong dudes for a little sloppy seconds at the famous buy-one-get-one-free site “Clyent” Dinner. I don’t know why I don’t post here more. I think it is proximity to my workplace bc I need to sneak out leave early any time I want to post here. Always a good time and get to see some guys that don’t post in the morning due to other obligations, so totally worth it. Today especially bc the early mornings don’t really appeal to my bonus child 2.0, Draedyn Carlton “John B.” named for his favorite Netflix series’ “Outer Banks” main character. I was finally able to bribe convince him to join me for a workout by offering Chick-fil-a for an after workout meal. (Probably would have ended up getting Chick-fil-a either way…)

Warmorama – Moseyed from COT around front of MS and then far side of the bus circle, stopped for Imperial Walkers, returned to the sidewalk by Rudy’s shed and then up to the intersection to no where for some stretching. Calf, Jimmy Dugans and Upward and Downward Dog.

Thang – Ran to rock pile and grabbed a lifting rock for 3 circuits including 2 sets of 5 exercises done 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 with run to the intersection to no where between each set.

Warmup – IW, JD’s (C, L, R), CS (L, R) U/DD
Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3
5 X Burp 6C IC J.Lo IC Burpee Press
10 X Lunge IC Superman LSSq IC
15 X BBSU CC Curls CC 1MT / 2Rows
20 X Lunge IC SSkaters IC Flutters IC
25 X Dry Dock CC PJ CC E.Plank 25 sec
Repeat Repeat Repeat

I had lunges listed twice in the first circuit and didn’t realize until we got into it but we continued and got through it. Way to push!

I kept everyone together by counting most of the exercises and starting each set at the same time. I had everyone turn around when the “Gazelle’s” passed them on the way back.

Everyone was pretty quiet during the workout and I personally was able to get the heart rate up into the max-burn-zone for several minutes.

Great to see some PAX that I haven’t seen in a while and lead a fine group of men and 2.0’s.


Spartan Race this Saturday – will be separated into groups of no more than 25 to abide by restrictions from Governor of N.C.

Moving AO’s for Friday to alternate sites due to Activities at Cuthbertson – look at GM for site changes

I took us out

Cocktails were served afterward

Short Circuit

Today was iffy. No rain in the forecast but looking at the sky you would think different. The rain held off but the clouds kept the humidity high. The kind of humidity that just sucks the life out of you with each breath. That same kind of humidity we will be experiencing during our workouts from now to October. Oh well, this is the hand we were dealt and we accepted our challenge ahead.

DiCCs delivered Told the PAX we would be staying off the grass for the duration of the workout…


Was going to take us down to the Tennis courts for warm ups but remembered it was going to take way too long and so I audibled to circle up in the center of the traffic circle. Mushy mess was the status so we did 15 SSHs and headed to our next spot for 15 IW. Moseyed to the backstops of the softball fields and did 10X Merkin IC, right and left calf stretch, upward and downward dog and left and right runners lunge. Pick up a rock if you didn’t bring a coupon and Al Gore while this PAX chose their rock.

moseyed back to COT where we lined up our coupons/rocks for a 10-20-30 Circuit.

Circuit 1: 10 X Burpees, Bonnie Blairs(2=1), Reverse Plank Knee Ups(2=1), Mike Tyson’s & Lap around soccer field staying on sidewalk.
R/R X 2 more rounds

Circuit 2: 20 X Plank Jacks, Speed Skaters(1=1), Curls, Shoulder Presses & Lap around soccer field.
R/R X 2 more rounds

Circuit 3: 30 X Peter Parkers or Parker Peters, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Coupon Bent over Rows & Lap around soccer field
R/R X 2 more rounds

3 minutes of Mary 20 X Flutters, 20 X Heels to Heaven, 40 X Shoulder Taps & 30 second Plank

Return the rocks to their original resting place and done.

Blackhawk is becoming known for 2.0 participation. I’ve been posting here throughout the Pandemic every Saturday and I don’t remember a Saturday after the first “meeting” we didn’t have at least two participating. Today we had four and they didn’t just participate, they brought it in a big way. They’re getting it. They’re pushing themselves and making themselves stronger. It’s great to witness and be a part of their journey.


don’t miss the first launch of a US made Rocket in over 10 years today at 3:00.

100 PAX challenge

Q Source every Friday at 7:00 Cuthbertson MS immediately after workouts

YHC took us out



Bushwood CC Back Nine, Long Course

A Ten-some took to the back nine at the Bushwood long course and crushed it!



IW X 18 IC

Plank for 30 count

Merkin X 9 IC

Calf Stretch


Up/Down Dog


Start each hole with 1 burpee X hole No.

  1. Bear Crawl Around Circle
  2. Crawl Bear Around Circle
  3. Duck Walk Around Circle
  4. Mike Tyson X 18
  5. Dry Docks X 36
  6. Squat X 36
  7. Lunge X 36, 18 each leg
  8. Heels to Heaven X 36
  9. Side LBC X 36, 18 each side

Long Mosey back to clubhouse.

Not much to say here other than to apologize for getting us back to COT a few minutes late due to some unforeseen flooding of the Marvin Creek walking trails. Everyone worked hard, got a full body bashing and some cardio in today at the finest CC this side of 12 Mile Creek.


100 PAX challenge is still going. Donate if you can.

Dromedary, CTT and Chiseled are on the menu for tomorrow. Pick your pleasure.

Shop Dog leading Q-Source immediately after Swarm/Impromptu on Friday from 7:00 – 7:30.

YHC took us out


Always a great day when YHC gets to lead a bunch of F3 Waxhaw PAX.  Strong and faithful men all around and even stronger personalities. All were on display today as we ran our way West and South in our little town of Waxhaw, NC.

We counted off by 1’s & 2’s and the groups were appropriately separated for distancing. Foundation took the 2’s and YHC took the 1’s. Our individual DiCCS + 10-10-Fart were delivered and then we had a brief period of awkward silence as I was a little pre-mature on the DiCCS…  (insert That’s what she said…)


Mosey to the church and did 20 X SSH – IC, 20 X IW – IC, 15 X Merkins – IC, Held plank & 6″ for a minute then Calf Stretch, Upward and Downward Dog for a 10 count each.


7’s – From church parking lot to the other church parking lot on the next block stopping in the middle for 10 X Dry Docks we did Burpees at the start up to 6 and V-Ups down from 6 at the end.

This took 20 minutes and we ran 2 miles. Way longer than anticipated. Oh well, live and learn…

Mosey to 701 Main parking lot

Explained the exercises and Zinfandel accused me of Copyright infringement on Rockwell’s Q from a week or so ago but it was actually planned the previous week in anticipation of having to lead a 3rd group at the Floater if necessary. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…)  So we did Bear Crawl 3 parking spaces, Crab Walk 3 parking spaces, Crawl Bear 3 spaces and Walk Crabs for 3 spaces and then hot lap around the building. R/R X 2 more times.

Arg!  only 9 mins left.  No time for triple nickel at ABI so we plank up for 2 minutes rotating 6″ and regular every 30 secs.

Mosey to North Mainstreet via sidewalk, (via middle of the road for a couple), and stop at the exceptionally high curbs on Main for 50 X Tri-cep dips, rest 10 count and 25 X Tri-cep Dips.  Feel the burn boys!

Recover and Mosey to COT and done.

Re-grouped at appropriate distance for count-o-rama at COT. I thought it was a better way to close it out, personally. Agree with Deadwood that it felt weird last week to keep the groups completely separated at COT’s.

Great push by all and everyone stayed together (10 feet apart of course). Looking back on the Mosey from 701 Main to North Main St., no one was lagging behind and kept up with the group. That tells me we were either running really slow or everyone keeps getting stronger.

Zinfandel takes the “Floatey” for over-achiever for the day. Direct quote : “V-Ups are too easy, let’s do more!” or something like that…

Glad to see Shake N’ Bake out there today. I hope that is a more common thing for him and us. The dude brings the whole next level of “Go get it”.

Tanyatine: keep posting brother! Great seeing you out again today.

As always leaders make even better followers and I was blessed to lead a fine group of men today.

See “Minimalist Weinke at the Floater” for announcements

YHC took us out

Hump Day Recruiting Trip

Back to Dromedary for a Hump Day Recruiting trip to the Rosecliff hood for what would turn out to be more of a huffing and puffing, try to get your wind back fest for me…. My main focus today was getting us safely off campus so we didn’t cross paths with the other group of 10 that was wandering around MRHS&MS led by the consummate HIM, Goodfella. I think we successfully accomplished that task and got some miles in the process.  Recorded over 3.6 miles (some more, some less but we’ll get to that later) which is uncommon but not unheard-of for a 45 minute bootcamp and still got in some total body work (mostly core).

DiCCS & 10-10-FART delivered, Count off by 2’s and get in groups for launch.


Mosey from Teacher lot (had to move COT due to caution tape at student lot entrance) down to the student lot and came back up and around teacher lot all while doing 10 X SSH IC & 10 X IW IC at two separate stops then moseyed to Globe where we circled up for plank work and then Merkins X 10 IC, Calf Stretch and Upward/Downward Dog while explaining the route.


Moseyed to Rosecliff hood for a Burpee Ladder up to 9. Stop at each street lamp and do Burpees beginning with one at first lamp and add one rep at each lamp up to 9 where we ended in a culdesac. (45 Burpees total). As Noonan and I discussed, We realized at about the 4th lamp that this was a terrible idea but everyone pushed through. Thanks to BC for leading the Mary.

The Triple Nickel Mile – Start out running to next Culdesac 0.1 mi away and do 5 X BBSU and return to previous Culdesac for 5 X V-Ups, R/R X 5 for a total distance of 1.0 mi. (This is where we ran into discrepancies with the total milage b/c depending where you stopped to do your tummy work, you may have ran more or less than other PAX).

Mosey back to other Culdesac and entered the walking trail from there.  Trail was a little washed out from rain and no maintenance but we found smooth spots and made it out with no turned ankles, thankfully. We stopped at the fork in the trail for some reverse plank Knee-ups X 20 and to catch our breath a little all while taking in the view of the pond.

Mosey back to other entrance of the hood and heard some Geese hissing at us along the bank of the pond. (Apparently that is a first for Gerber) I’ve experienced this phenomenon before but I didn’t see the Geese and it “skeered” me a little bit causing me to jump to my left thinking we had run up on a snake or something. I was quickly relieved at the scene of a family of Geese walking near us rather than a copperhead at my feet.

Maryed in the Culdesac nearest the entrance of Rosecliff with 10 X IW as we picked up the SIX and caught our breath a little bit before returning to campus.

Mosey to campus the long way around the MS and stopped for Mary at the bus lot. Did more core work with a round of Heels to Heaven and Freddy Mercury’s, then plank for 1.5 minutes rotating between high and 6″ plank.

AYG to COT and done.

A lot of running today and mostly core work to expose those abs for the M’s in our lives. I hope everyone got something out of the workout today whether it was that you went out of your comfort zone or a conversation you had with a PAX that was meaningful to you or you realized following Carb Load for a workout is a bad idea or anything else in between you needed. Way to push fellas and I hope to see you all in the Gloom as we move forward with the new normal.


100 Men, $100 Challenge, donate if/what you can but no shame if you can’t

Waxhaw Express running gurus meeting at Mill Bridge Clubhouse for speed work tomorrow, 5/14

Zinfandel & Deadwood on Q at the Floater tomorrow for a “REAL” workout

YHC took us out with a prayer


This morning was perfect for working out outdoors. 51 degrees and no rain? COME ON, MAN? IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Asked a few of the Pax before we started if they would rather do a merkin or big boy mile at the end. They chose merkin and of course, ShakeNBake said “No” to either but he still crushed it. In fact, he said a lot of his infamous “No” today. I wonder if Deflated can put something in his magic wand of computery to track the number of Shake”No”Bakes (Copyright 2020) during a workout.  GET ON IT DEFLATED!

DiCCS Delivered

Warned everyone that opening mosey would be a half mile and OneStar said” I’ll see ya later” and started heading back to the car. (I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the only one who felt that way). He changed his mind apparently and joined us for the workout. Always great seeing you out there, brother. You bring a lot of character.


1/2 mile around back of schools to parking lot where we did:

10 Merkins IC, 25 MC’s IC, Drop to elbows and do 25 plank jacks IC, back up to plank and do 10 Peter Parkers followed by 10 Parker Peters, Calf stretch L/R and the obligatory downward/upward dog. No SSH’s and no IW’s bc I hate them and saw no point to them after a half mile opening mosey.

The Thang –

Supposed to do 3 minutes of burpees at this point but decided it needed to wait until the end bc there were other things I wanted to make sure we got around to doing and I thought we would run out of time. (And we did)

In MS Faculty parking lot run to top island and do 20 lung walks (10 each leg) then run back around the lot to start and do 10 Jumping knee touches. RR until get to 3 sets of each.

Mosey to Globe This is where Zinfandel led us in some Mary while we waited for the Six. We did 15 or 20 Heels to Heaven.

Run from Globe to first alcove and do 20 Carolina Dry Docks, run back to Globe and do 20 Reverse Plank Knee Raises (10 each leg) and thank you to Bottle Cap for showing me this awful exercise! RR until 3 sets completed. Zinfandel led us in LBC’s until the Six came in.

Mosey to corner of student parking lot and begin Merkin mile. Start with 10 and do 10 after running each parking row. Ended up where we started and then had 1:00 left to make it back to COT. I think we all made it back on time.



Everyone pushed hard and during the Merkin Mile we found out there is an exercise called the Worm that is sometimes confused with the Merkin. That was corrected with some EHing and form was back on track for the remainder of the mile. Thank you to those involved, you know who you are…

We all get on one another from time to time about form. I just want to say that form is how you get stronger with the exercise and it’s intended result and is how you prevent injury. Don’t cheat your self, (or others if you’re in a competition), out of getting your truly, best effort.


March is no repeat Q month. If you have never Qed or haven’t Qed in a while… Step up!

A lot of opportunities to serve this month. Check the calendar for a 3rd F event you can attend.

YHC took us out #cradletograve