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Your Gateway Drug to F3


Warm Up

Mosey around parking lot, with some carioca, butt kickers and high knees.

Circle up and 10 reps of: SSH, IW, Moroccan NCs, LSS, MC, Peter Parker, Plank
Stretch: Can Opener (2. elbow low, .3 hand high), flapjack, then up for 5x of Sun Worshiper to Cossack Squat each leg

The Thang

Kick off with some tunes doing 45’s, which is 45 seconds of an exercise to music. I choose two songs that cover 9 minutes, so we get in 2 rounds.  Based on the mumble chatter I reduced the time for the planks on the second pass:
1. Superman hold
2. In and Out and Merkin
3. Bobby Hurly with floor slap
4. Crab Cake
5. Side Plank Left
6. Side Plank Right

Run to the start of the course and divide into teams of 3.  With the team staying together but socially distanced, compete in a race against the other teams to complete four two laps. The course circles the parking lot with an optional detour.  Reps at most stations are up to chance, at the mercy of the dice being rolled by the PAX.

1. Slalom course – fast mosey rounding 6 cones (easily had room to add 2 more)
2. Speed skater (reps = die roll x3)
3. Broad Jump to next cone
4. Merkin (reps = die roll x2)
5. High Knee to next cone
6. Mike Tyson (reps = die roll x2)
7. Bear Crawl to next cone
8. Lunge 2=1 (reps = die roll x1)
9. Butt Kicker to next cone
10. Team decides how many Burpees to do, choosing A or B. Who’s feeling lucky?
A. roll one die for burpee reps & then take long route to the start
B. roll two dice for burpee reps & to earn a short-cut to the start

6 MoM

With about 6 minutes to spare we circled up for some Mary and did PAX called: Heals to Heaven, Box Cutter, American Punch-out, BigBoys, Freddie Mercury, American Hammer and Crab Foot Raises? (Just ask Twinkle Toes to demonstrate) and maybe another one or two.  Note to self, think twice about which 2.0 you call during Mary #littleAbsOfSteel


Today: The workout was tougher than expected, but the feedback was very positive, so mission accomplished. Special thanks to T1000 for giving me a great Christmas present of 6 oversized dice, which were perfect for a goofy game in an Appetizer workout.

Tomorrow+:  If you’re reading this, you’ve already drunk the kool-aid and don’t think twice about setting your alarm to 5AM.  But I bet you also know a few guys who were interested in F3 – until you mentioned workouts start at 5:30AM.  This is a large untapped group of men who know they need F3, but they ruled it out not knowing they have options.  The Appetizer & Clyent Dinner can be the teaser that eases these guys into F3 without the leap of rearranging their sleep schedules.

So don’t just think of these evening workouts as a make-up for fartsacking, or as a chance to spend time with your 2.0s with a bunch of other dads where you build bonds and lead by example, it is also a great time to introduce F3 to those harder to reach guys who need it just as much.  Share the word and EH these guys and bring them to our AO.  After a taste of F3 in the evening workouts, they’ll show up to some Saturday workouts, and before long setting the alarm to 5AM isn’t so crazy and they’re actually looking forward to it.


Be Careful What you Wish For

Another great night for working out with your 2.0 at The Appetizer.  We had a record number of 2.0s (and I can’t remember all their names and know I missed at least three).  As our Q mentioned (several times), I put in the humble request to “include some burpees” in the workout. Lucky me (and all the PAX) the workout was burpee filled.  Here’s how it went, roughly:

DISCC given

Warm Up

Mosey around back of school to parking lot for some warming up: SSH, LSS, Merkin, InOut, Bobby Hurley

Stretching: Plank, bring right for forward to Can Opener, elbows down (if you can), reach for sky, rinse repeat on left

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.

The Thang

Burpee breakdown (or rather PAX breakdown via burpees).  Half of us started running to the first cone, the other half started with the burpees:
– 5 burpees with lifting rock (actually makes you miss doing burpees without the rock)
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock
– run to second cone, in-out x10
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock
– run to third cone, jump squat x10
– run to second cone, in-out x10
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock

That was so much fun we did it twice.  Well I got through two rounds, some other PAX probably passed me though by the end I was happy to still be standing.

Next, partner up for alternating running or lifting:
– runner goes to second light and back, while
– lifter uses rock to do AMRAP each of curls, tricep, bench press

A couple rounds of that and then we did one round hitting some abs:
– runner goes to second light and back, while
– partner does 20 big boys, 20 LBCs

Mosey over to side parking lot to wrap with ACDC. To the tune of Thunderstruck we do one burpee everytime we hear the word “Thunder” and in the meantime “keep moving” however we choose (though all PAX choose a slow mosey while fearing the next rampage of “thunder”).

That took us to the end and COT was held in the same lot we were catching our breath from being thunderburpeestruck. Oxygen starved as my brain was I initiated count-o-rama in the wrong direction (FYI there’s a right direction and wrong direction)


Two FNGs joined us this evening, both older 2.0s who seemed to take the workout like a walk in the park.  The Appetizer is an ideal time to lead by example with your 2.0s and this evening the PAX were out numbered by 2.0s.  Great job men.

Next time you’re thinking about making a request to the Q to modify his workout think twice as you may get a lot more than you asked for. I started this MABA challenge 4 days late so I have some catching up to do, so I’m not complaining at all. I just hope the PAX that came to the Appetizer aren’t afraid to come back.   But after our last three workouts, anyone who comes back isn’t afraid of a serious beating.

Thanks to HighHat for leading us through a great night of sweating and suffering together. He ended with some strong words of appreciation for F3 and the real source of strength and support it has provided him during the last year. This is a place where men can be vulnerable. So do not hesitate to lean on your brother. Though it may feel like it sometimes, you are not alone. Thoughts echoed by Zinfandel and shared by YHC among others.


Blood drive on January 30th (aka Fastpass exit from Dryuary)

Burpee Challenge (Make America Burpee Again) is 100 burpees a day for the month (how hard can it be?!)

Publicize your Year’s Goals on the Google Spreadsheet

Another Record Setting Evening & Keeping it Stupid Simple @ The Appetizer


Mosey around parking lot, some carioca, butt kickers and high knees.

Circle up and 12 reps of: IW, LSS, Merkin, MC.
Stretch with: can opener, elbow low, hand high, flapjack repeat

The Thang

Begins with a musical activity to the tune of Bleed it Out (Linkin Park). Hold a plank, and do 1 Merkin every time you hear “Bleed it out”, and 1 Mike Tyson with each “throw it away”. The more ambitious held a side plank in the earlier parts of the song, but quickly it became an endless alternation of Merkins and Mike Tysons. That was a quality 2 min 44 seconds appetizer.

Mosey to the main course. At the rock pile at start of the road, everyone grabs a rock. As YHC explains the fairly simple routine. Each cone has an exercise on it. Do each exercise for 10 reps (when in doubt 2 is 1). Staring at cone 1 (Thruster) use the rock to do 10 reps, then run to cone 1 (leave rock behind). Do that exercise and return to your rock.  Repeat going one cone future each time. The one variation is that if the exercise involves travelling, do that between cones (for example do High Knees to the next cone).

Cone 1: Thruster
Cone 2: High Knees
Cone 3: Merkin
Cone 4: Heels to Heaven
Cone 5: Speed Skater
Cone 6: Mike Tyson
Cone 7: Squat
Cone 8: Burpee
Cone 9: Heels to Heaven
Cone 10: Bear Crawl
Cone 11: Lunge
Cone 12: Crab Walk

When we had about 7 minutes remaining I called the PAX in for some Mary. I kicked off with box cutters and made the mistake, intentionally, because apparently I hate myself and everyone else, of asking Posey to lead the next Mary.

Posey is a funny guy because he doesn’t look particularly threatening or mean, but ask him to lead some Mary and you’ll see what sort of a sadist he really is. That, or he just wants everyone to know that under his misleadingly average physique he actually has a bionic core, which does not sense pain of have any limits. Yeah, I’ll be feeling those American Hammers for a while (thank you sir).

I continue Mary calling mostly on 2.0s (survival instinct no doubt), to give them a chance at the spotlight, which they all handled with ease. Rock: Fredie Mercury, Watson: dead bug (clearly Posey influenced, he gave us at least 5 more reps than I expected), Johnny5: big boys, Double-Dribble: arm raises, and Dwight (not a 2.0) called Merkins because he didn’t get enough already (not that I’m complaining, who doesn’t want more Merkins).


Great to pull some FNGs in and set a record in attendance, good job to Johnny5 who EH’d his schoolmate and Carb Load bringing in his 2.0 daughter (I just hope we didn’t scare her away)

I had a much more elaborate workout in mind, but first thing in the AM my work took a break from the holiday and went 100% shitstorm on a burning platform. In the end I was lucky to get away at all, never mind compose an elaborate workout.  So, I dip into the toolbox for my cones of death, and recycle the best of Saturday’s daVinci workout which was a slightly more complicated, but basically the same, 12 days of Christmas suicide.  Just with different exercises and rep counts and I lacked Point-Break’s thoughtfully complied playlist of high-paced Christmas music (an impressive collection of music you forgot existed, much like how PTSD helps block out painful memories of the past).

Back to the point, this was another example of how a boring workout can really kick your ass. No precious seconds to catch your breath while you calculate the next rep count, just constant movement, slowed only by your physical limits. I don’t think anyone made it past the Burpees (cone 8) and most of us barely made it to Squats (cone 7). Starting every round with 10 thrusters was brilliant if I must say, they’re one of my favorites to love/hate.

FWIW, yesterday was the darkest day of the year. Today is the turning point toward longer days which will continue increasing for the next 6 months, then, when the daylight begins decreasing, it will happen so slowly we’ll be overheated and looking forward to cooler evenings long before we have them.

Coincidentally, we’re at a similar time with this Covid BS. Spring time (normal life) is aways off, but there is light at the end of this tunnel and everyone knows it is coming. Just like the warmer days, it will take much longer than we’d prefer, but we will make it and this dark time will quickly be a distant memory, rarely remembered.


CSAUP Feb 6th (Superbowl weekend) touring Waxhaw AOs. For those of you not ready to do the full half-marathon starting in downtown Waxhaw, there will be entry points to come in mid-way and finish with the masses at some quality 2nd F planned afterwards at the Tap House. Promises to be a special CSAUP event.

Johnny5 pointed out we just had the “Christmas Star””, which is the North Star being aligned with planets and the moon in a way that hasn’t happened for 800 years (your next chance is in 80 years so put it on your calendar if you missed this one).

Continued holiday hours, 1 (one) hour earlier start times for all weekday AM workouts. PM and Saturdays are the usual times. PAX: C3P0, Carb load, Double-Dribble, Dwight, High Hat, JohnB, Johnny5, Posey, High Hat, Rock, StrikeOut (FNG), T1000, Watson, Weblo (FNG), Wrigley (R)

Full Table at the Appetizer

DISCC given

Warm Up

Short mosey up semi-slippery hill to field (when is that thing going to dry out so we can use it!), circle up for some: SSH, LSS, MC, Merkins, and plank into stretch (one foot forward, arm up to sky, pause, back to plank, flapjack)

The Thang

Mosey 1 lap around the field. Circle up deja vu where we just warmed up.

Fire Drill:  PAX does exercise for random time/reps, then yells “Fire” at which time everyone drops, rolls left, 1 merkin, rolls right, 1 merkin, back on feet and continue on to next PAX.  Finish when all PAX have called “Fire”, included: SSH, big boys, American knockout, imperial walker, merkin, flutter, arm raises, Moroccan night club.

Mosey back to parking lot, for round of BLIMPS (5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 IW, 20 merkin, 25 plank jack, 30 squat).

Mosey to track for T1000 lead round of partner work with P1 doing bear crawl around track while P2 runs a lap and relieve’s P1 when caught up, swap and continue.  That was harder than expected.

Mosey to the rocks for 3 rounds of thrusters, curls & tricep-extn, in reps from 15, 10, 5.

Mosey to COT for 5 MoM, with PAX taking turns for variety of H2H, big boys, Freddie mercury, and some weird laying-on-your-side thing Wrigley made up finished with a plank to put a bow on it.


(something Wrigley said while I ran to my car for my phone – need to make that more accessible in the future).


Your choices for morning posting are abundant, but the evenings are at the other extreme. The Appetizer’s specialty is adding an extra option to your beatdown menu.  Today we served a record number of PAX and 2.0s and I hope it was a good taste for all.

Elsa visited from Pineville with his 5yo FNG who was christened Strong Guy due to an affinity for Marvel and superheroes in general. Despite his initial apprehension getting out of the car he had no issue keeping up and settled right in. Welome, passport stamped.

Dwight and Watson keep showing up and getting in their work.  This was their first non-convergence post so they’re regulars now. Leading by example Dwight, fist-pump.

Twinkle Toes and Lefty made it look easy as did Wrigley and Double-Dribble (the Appetizer is the little brother to Clyent Dinner, hoping to follow those steps lead by Wrigley and those before).  Chopper snuck in a couple minutes late but continues to set the bar super high as a double-R HIM, leading us all by example (but what if I can’t keep up with him now, ugh).

And at the other end, while T1000 used to complain with every burpee, now he’s leaving every beat down saying that wasn’t bad, or even, that was fun. He’s laying a solid foundation of strength, and will be leaving me in the dust very soon. Best of all, I’m pumped that HE sees the fruits of this labor. When you’re focused on the effort, progress comes so slowly it isn’t visible.  But that’s because most of the real progress isn’t visible, that’s for both the physical and mental progress. There is a foundation that is easy to overlook, but it is critical and is built with patience and discipline, it is real and will serve him a life time.

Next week High Hat will be taking the lead, originally slated for this evening, but apparently Rock’s birthday takes priority over posting.  Yep, he choose a birthday party over bear crawls and thrusters.  No problem, live and let live, right?  Or in this case, live and… let them eat cake.   I’m hoping for an extra serving of birthday burpees next week.

Deep Thoughts Before Dinner

DISCC given

Warm Up

Mosey up hill to field, circle up for: Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber, SSH, Merkin, Plank, Stretching from plank: one foot forward, elbow down pause, arm up for thorasic twist, flapjack, up to Cossack squat down, up to Sun Worshiper, back down to Cossack squat 5reps, flapjack.

The Thang

Mosey 1 lap around the field. Circle up.

Fire Drill
PAX does high knees until someone yells “Fire”, everyone drops, roll left, merkin, roll right, merkin, back on feet continue high knees. Continue until all PAX have called “Fire”. Swap exercise as called out by PAX: butt kicker, sister mary katherine, etc. One round, well warmed up.

Sister Mary + Mike Tyson
Mosey down hill, line up at curb: 10 Mike Tyson’s, run up hill 10 sister mary katherine, run back to curb, repeat for 3 rounds. Mosey to rock pile.

Rocky Road
Travel road to top of the hill, at each light pole alternate 10 Over Head Press & 10 Bent over row. Flutter press at top until 6 catches up (nice audible by Midriff). Return home, same deal, but 10 Bent over rows & 10 tricep extension. Audible called for some Mary because we haven’t worked much abs (did I suggest we were done?), roll with it, flutter press, big boy, etc. Return the rocks. Mosey to playground

The Real Ab Work
Grab bar to hang from, and OYO 10 toes to bar (or knees to chest), 10 jump squats. Two rounds and we’re feeling it & short on time. Mosey to the COT.


Lead by the 2.0s: Rock: Big Boys, Johnny5: Freddie Mercury, T1000: flutter (at hummingbird pace).

Asked High Hat for 10 count, but not satisfied we’re done he wants to do it in low plank position. Finishing strong.


Prayers for Mic Drop and his speedy quarantine and recovery. Get the word out for this AO every time you post, it is 2.0 friendly chance for Dads & Kids to have some fun together (or at least be miserable together while getting better – lead by example). Apologies if I forgot anything else.


Not that we’re always this deep, but here’s a taste of what we sampled at  The Appetizer 😉

In the next few months, or if you’re very pessimistic (Dr Fauci), a year from now, the worst of Covid will be behind us. One way or another, we’ll go back to normal.

Not to get all political, but IMHO, it’s simply is not the government’s job to decide how many people can come over for Thanksgiving, or any day, ever. Seriously.  I mean OMFG are you freaking kidding me, seriously.  Considering all we have accepted in the name of fighting covid, we’re crossing lines that should not be allowed – in the name of safety.

If this is OK, why shouldn’t our leaders use the exact same reasoning to address an endless list of threats to our safety and require more actions and compliance while promising more protections and payouts?

If you haven’t heard of the Great Barrington Declaration look it up, it’s not conspiracy garbage, just a few dozen of the world’s famous epidemiologists suggesting we’re past the point of diminishing returns with these lock downs and protecting everyone from everything.


There Will be Burpees

Sweat drops on pavement and burpees with pull ups,
Side Stradle Hops with merkins (some call them push ups)
Bear crawls with broad jumps and soggy wet mittens, 
These are a few of my favorite most hated things… 

Actually not, but the idea behind this weinke was to throw in a lot of my least favorite, or should I say, more challenging exercises.  I was aiming for a really tough workout, and while it had its moments, it wasn’t exactly brutal like Daniel Day Lewis in There Will be Blood (though there was a little blood).  Enough preamble….

The Thang

Standard Disclaimer: I’m unprofessional, no lawsuits, pace yourself, and keep your distance
(Side Note: first time for everything, I did NOT forget to start my watch timer, yippie!)

Mosey for 2 min & Circle Up

15x: SSH, LSS, CCD   (classic cadence confusion somewhere between numbers 2 and 3 – I’m an expert at screwing up cadence)
Static: plank, side plank left/right, superman, boat (canoe? whatever, it’s opposite of superman – so let’s call it Lex Luthor!)
Stretch: up dog, deep lunge, add thoracic rotation, repeat on left side

Mosey up hill to nice grassy field
Pax spread out for Killer Bees, which is:
100ft Bear Crawl, return doing:
5x Broad Jumps
3x Burpees, repeat jumping and burpees back to starting point

Now That sure was a fun start (highly recommended for all future Q’s looking for ways to challenge your Pax). I wish we had time to do another round, but considering the mumblechatter, and my burning legs and heart rate, I thought it wiser to save some energy for the next set of work.

Mosey to Rock Pile

Claim your favorite rock and Mosey to the Playground

Partner up for fun in the playground
Partner 1 : run 2 laps
Partner 2
on lap 1 : Elf on the Shelf with rock
on lap 2 : Bent over Row with rock
Switch places

Round 2, same drill, but partner 2:
on lap 1 : Burpee Pull up
on lap 2 : Thruster with rock

Mosey back to Rock pile & say good bye rock (or rather, see you next week)
Mosey all of 20 steps for the lastest & bestest:

2 rounds of BLIMPS :
5x Burpee
10x Lunge
15x Imperial Walker
20x Merkin
25x Plank Jack
30x Squats

But the Pax were eager for more,  and they pleaded for an extra bonus round of BLIMPS, how could I say no?

Mary: I think was 15x: Box Cutter, LBCs, and a few other things.


100 Pax Challenge – Looking for 100 Pax to donate $100 or WHATEVER YOU CAN. Venmo to @f3waxhaw or see Posse for details.

Raffle for $1,500 Furniture Gift Certificate Ongoing. Centerfold has tickets for sale. All proceeds goes to our goal of raising $10,000 for local charities.

Site Q School @ Cuthbertson Saturday 7/18, followed by Q School next Saturday 7/25 (See Posse for details)

Blood Drive 7/23, sign up before showing up:

And, Impact Local 5K/10K aiming to raise $5K to local charities, see


No profound words to share tonight, if I get started I’ll go on too long and scare my M – she’s afraid I’ll say something controversial like I’m proud to be an American or some other equally radical sentiment.   We do live in slightly-interesting times (but not really, compared to a whole lot of other times).  There’ll be time for the soapbox later on, right?  Let’s hope it won’t get that interesting.  It was a pleasure leading again.  I look forward to the next.


Monday Morning AMRAPs

Five men pulled themselves out of the fartsack and started the week off right at the easiest to find AO in all of F3 nation – in their own garage/driveway/backyard.

We were sufficiently distanced so the disclaimer was brief, modify as needed,…etc

The Thang

Warm up

Mosey 1 min out and back,  split with 30 seconds of: high knee, butt kicker, carioca left/right
15x: SSH, LSS, CDD, Peter Parker
Stretch: upward dog, move to plank and bring one foot to hands for some: “Deep Lunge with Thoracic Rotation”
Sufficiently warmed up

Mosey 1 min out and back + 20 merkins.

 Side note: some magic happened in that stretching, the mosey felt so much better, looser, and faster

AMRAP – 45secs each for x4 rounds
– Step Up
– High Knee
– Dip

Mosey 1 min out and back + 20 merkins

AMRAP – 45secs each for x3 rounds
– Mountain Climber
– Fredie Mercury
– Jump Squat

1 min out and back + 20 merkins

AMRAP – 45secs each for x1 rounds! 🙁
– Press
– Bent over row
– KB Swing

Mary: 15x:  box cutter, LBC, flutter, dolly, big boy sit-ups

…where did the time go? 


Blood Drive July 23rd, need more people to sign up.  Sign-up at American Red Cross website.

Raffle for $1,500 Furniture Gift Certificate Ongoing.  Centerfold has tickets for sale. All proceeds goes to our goal of raising $10,000 for local charities.

100 Pax Challenge – Looking for 100 Pax to donate $100 or WHATEVER YOU CAN.  Venmo to @f3waxhaw.  See Posse for details.

Q-school/Site School coming up.  See Posse for details


I was expecting this to be a moderate workout, but at the end of round 4, those high knees were pretty intense.  I tried to keep the pace steady with minimal breaks in between sets too.  Perhaps the humidity was worse than usual but by the end I was quite soggy.  I hope today’s attendance is not an indicator future trends.   I’m hoping we can keep this one going at least through the summer.  There’s no AO that can beat the convenience or get you more sleep before posting.

The only thing we have to fear… humidity

Warm Up

SSH, Arm Circles, Low Slow Squat, Merkin, Peter Parker. 1 min mosey out, and 1 min back with even amount of carioca (correctly spelled, no joke!).

The Thang

Main theme was 45 seconds of an exercise doing AMRAP. At sound of the beep move on to the next exercise.

2 Rounds of 45s AMRAP:
– Superman (hold or pulse your call)
– Hollow body (aka Canoe?), essentially the opposite of superman
– Crab Cake
– Hip Thrust
– Side Plank left
– Side Plank right

With a heavy coupon, 3 Rounds of 45s AMRAP:
– Elf on the Shelf
– Thurster
– Bent Over Row

BLIMPS – 2 rounds:
5 Burpies
10 Lunges
15 Imperial Storm Kicker (felt like we’re doing the can-can)
20 Merkin
25 Plank Jack
30 Squats

2 Rounds of 45s AMRAP:
– Step Up
– Single Leg RDL
– Heels to Heaven
(hold coupon on 2nd round – I forgot to mention that on 1st round one somehow 😉 )

Finished with COT and seeking Q’s for coming weeks. Interest is strong, so it looks like we’ll keep this one going. Personally I’m happy to have Post one day a week from the convenience of my garage.


This time of year really sucks with the change in weather (so humid). But keep posting and you’ll get used to it (is what I keep telling myself). And of course, get hydrated well ahead of the workout. It’ll suck less as our bodies adjust.

On the good news front, my morning newspaper (yes I am old school) reported progress in Covid treatments and evidence they’re reducing fatalities even in high risk groups (over 80, obese, diabetes, etc). There’s plenty of work still, but also serious progress underway. I hope that message gets out and helps people with their anxieties.

Speaking of anxiety. In college I took several journalism classes. An important lesson was that emotions sell more papers, and get more views, than boring old facts. And fear is one of the most powerful motivators.

Fear is getting way too much influence these days in leading our decisions and behavior. I have faith that we will get through all of these challenges, and that despite what the news would have us believe, things aren’t as bad as it seems.  There is a lot more good news out there than bad. Unfortunately, good news doesn’t sell papers or get the views and clicks.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear the news, or just avoid it entirely.

Nothing Clever – Just Showing Up

Nine men showed up to be lead by YHC at the Arsenal.  It’s not Spring yet, but it was a great morning to greet the gloom.

The Thang

We start with a mosey into the darkness.  About a minute in, I suddenly realize I forgot to pick up the gear by my car.  We do a 180 and run back to grab a medicine ball and backpack of goodies.  I’m pretty sure nobody noticed that as we casually resume our mosey to the field.

Circle Up and Loosen Up

  • Abe Vigoda (IC) I’d like to know how many Pax even know who this is.
  • Hip Circles (not IC!)
  • Whatcha call it: start in a plank, bring left foot forward to hands, raise left arm up to sky, then twist bring it down across, x5 (oyo)
  • Keeping feet in same relative placement, stand, transition weight to back leg (right) into cossack squat
  • Feet in same position, transition from Cossack into Lunge moving weight to front foot while raising arms (aka sun worshiper), repeat x5 (oyo)
  • Return to plank, rinse and repeat with right foot forward, cossack, etc x5 (oyo)

Team up in Pairs

Taking advantage of the soft ground (not too soggy):
   A. Two pairs stand 10ft+ apart, each tossing a 20lb medicine ball or slam ball, while
   B. The rest traverse field alternating Lunges (x10) & Carolina Dry Docks (x5) – make that half the field (run back and trade places with A group)

   A. Change ball, continue tossing larger black ball  (one Pax notes he prefers the large black one — trigger involuntary ab exercises)
   B. The rest traverse field alternating Standing Forward Jump (x10) & Squat (x5), for half the field (run back and trade places with A group)

Mosey to the Steep Hill (aka Devil’s Crack)

Still in pairs, partners now work separately, alternating A/B exercises
   A. hold plank at bottom of hill
   B. sprint to top, 5-10 merkins, return
Repeat for 3 rounds

Mosey to Playground – Time For Fun

Soft Pretzel demonstrates his mind-reading skills by getting into a Hollow Body position before I get a chance to read off my weinke that everyone can get into a hollow body position while I stall for time and setup some bands on the monkey bars.

Split into 3 groups, perform a circuit:
 A. pull up – band-assisted as needed (AMRAP)
B. low band at ankle height, one-arm cross-body twist reaching high (AMRAP)
C. mosey one lap around playground running sideways 1/2 each side (what was the name again?!)

I hoped to squeeze in another circuit with shoulder work but time ran short.  Will recycle those next time.


(Opps, sorry – remind me on Slack and I’ll add here).

After Thoughts

I think I counted in cadence without embarrassment, and the PAX handled my complex rotations with ease.  I had a lot less time than I wanted to prepare, but we didn’t go off weinke either.  Overall, we got it done and I hope gave everyone a good start on their virus-laden, cancel-everything and go-home, day.  Stay healthy & fear not – this too shall pass.

You Are Not Feeling Old

The power of the fartsack was strong on this chilly morning, but 8 PAX showed up in the gloom at the Arsenal anyway. Being the Q, I was one of them.

Ideally I would have had time to visit the AO and find some new and interesting features to add to the weinke. Not having kids who go to school there,  it was difficult to find time to snoop around the high school or middle school.  I may have received unwanted attention while testing load bearing structures and challenging obstacles anyway.

Interested in keeping it interesting, we moseyed out of the parking lot to unfamiliar territory at the front of the middle school. A nice space which offered some soft grass for a little stretch and warm up.

I told the PAX we’ll begin with stretching because I’m old.  That was a lie.  The truth is, it just feels good. I hear guys in their 30’s complain they’re getting old.  And while being a teenager may be a distant memory, we spend hours each day repeating the same limited physical patterns, for years.  You are not feeling old, you are just feeling stiff and losing mobility.

I know this because I made the same mistake when I was younger.  Now that I take mobility seriously, I don’t feel old at all.  Seriously.  Well, maybe my knees a little, but I never stretch them, which really just proves my point (I think).

Full range of motion and flexibility is a wonderful thing, though yes, it is awkward and painful to get there.  I’m a mobility evangelist and will continue to advocate the practice, and mandate it while I’m Q-ing.   Two-cents deposited.  Rant-done.

The Thang

Mobility “Cal Poly Hip Flow” Highlights :

  • hip circles
  • reach high
  • plank
  • staying in plank, kick right-leg up high behind, pause
  • bring right-leg forward, place foot inline with the hands
  • twist to the left, lower right elbow toward the ground, as far as comfortable, pause
  • twist to the right, raising right arm to sky, pause
  • repeat left/right twist x5
  • return to plank, and repeat all for the left-leg up, then forward
  • with left-foot back, alternate between cossack squat to sun worshipper, x5, then repeat with right-foot behind

Well warmed up – some standards :

  • SSH x15
  • IW x10
  • cherry picker x10
  • merkin x20

Mosey to the middle school parking lot:

  • run 10 spaces, sprint 10 spaces, run 10 spaces
  • scorpion dry dock (Carolina Dry Doc with one leg held up/behind, scorpion-like) x20
  • run 10 spaces, sprint 10 spaces, run 10 spaces (back at start)
  • lunge x20
  • repeated for 2 rounds

Mosey to the Field – Grab a Partner

  • Flip Flop :
  •   Partner A: tire flips x10
  •   Partner B: burpies (until relieved by partner)
  •   repeated for 2+ rounds
  • Wheel of Merkin  (using tire for elevation) x5 each
  •   incline merkin
  •   left-tilted merkin
  •   derkin
  •   right-tilted merkin
  • return tires

Mosey to the Playground – Grab a Partner

  • Undertow (named that one myself)
    Partner A: Underdog (aka supine merkin) x15
    Partner B: Toes-2-Bar or Knees-2-Chest (until relieved by partner)
    repeat for 2 rounds
  • No name (Partner Pups?):
    Partner A: Pull-Up x5
    Partner B: Side-Plank (until relieved by partner)
    repeat for 2 rounds

Mosey back for MoM

  • box-cutters x20
  • rosalitta x15
  • crab cakes x15? (awesome pick Happy Meal)
  • heels to heaven x20


Saturday Convergence at Stonehenge –  Da Vinci cancelled (however, considering the smack talk between these AOs on Slack, I feel like I’m being punked)

After Thoughts

Thanks for overlooking my ineptitude in calling the cadence, and the mysterious issue with my timer (working fine now), we made it through & I hope the PAX enjoyed a beatdown giving you a warm blanket of soreness the rest of your day.   Special thanks to Brexit for introducing me to the Arsenal (you had me at tires!), and Happy Meal for giving me the opportunity for an earlier than planned Q (oh and those tasty Crab Cakes).