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Party in the books!

It was far from The Gloom for SOB/A51/Waxhaw Holiday Party. Mild conditions & a well-planned Weinke led to a great night. An unprecedented pre-Thanksgiving date was picked due to limited December weekends in 2019. Approximately 81 Pax & M’s came out to get their social on, and seemed to leave feeling just fine.

Disclaimer was given.

Mighty Mite & War Eagle did the bulk of the logistic work, and Doc McStuffins was the charitable host. We missed Thin Mint, who forgot he was running a marathon in Philly, and had to pack & fly to PA, but he was a wise consultant through the entire planning process. Kid Rock was also unable to attend due to a prior engagement to climb 8 mountains the next morning, but he was generous in helping arrange beverages, coolers, ice, keg etc. He even cleaned the kegertor lines prior, so the Goose Island IPA wouldn’t taste like White Claw.

Kudos to food choice & prep – Brown Bag. Chedder ate all of the bread pudding, but there was plenty of other excellent food. Beverage array was broad as well.

The karaoke was a risk, but a calculated one. Mighty Mite gets either credit or blame for the idea, while One Star & Bucky became accomplices (which is 100% in the comfort zone of One* but not the other). Mighty warmed up with “Wagon Wheel”, and bounced across genres all night. OneStar is practically professional in the karaoke/MC department, and brought it all night whenever needed. Escobar got his Ricky Martin shake on, and was soon swarmed by several M’s. The karaoke enthusiasm seemed to launch to a new level when “I Want It Than Way” created a swell of participation, both at the mic, and throughout the crowd (#guiltypleasure), making it unclear who actually picked the song. Buckeye’s M was googly-eyed watching him as he journeyed through the the Proclaimers “500 miles”. War Eagle took a break from CornHole domination to reflect about all his “Friends in low places”, clearly a shot as his fellow Pax. Culdesac put it all out there with “Paradise City”, as his M said she has never loved him more – (what a day for him…Q of The Brave in the AM, then singing & dancing in a sport coat in the PM) #MostInterestingManInTheWorld. Duets then got hot, as Circuit City & M finally couldn’t resist, going with a bold Whitney Houston cut (with Mrs Frehleys & Mrs Kirby dancing behind them in unison) , as did MicCheck & M with “Islands in the stream” and Frehley’s & M with “I’ve got you Babe”. Wingman’s M must have said 10 time that she wouldn’t sing any karaoke, but full on sprinted to the mic at least 5 times when undeniable favorites came on (“Gin & Juice”). Hops studied long & hard to pick out his song – his specs must have been detached & reattached 23 times before making the decision (one for each year of marriage), finally making his choice and demonstrating that he is not only a spiritual leader & master of trivia, but also a smooth alto crooner.

Kudos to those who attended knowing they were traveling early for big events (Philly Marathon for Tuck, Bunker) and Spartan Race (M of Tagalong). And T-Claps to those who also woke up to post Stonehenge (Chedder, Teleporter, Nard Dog, Culdesac, Circuit City)!!

Fun times, but so fantastic to hang and connect with Pax & M’s. We bonded, tipped a few back, and just hung out as brothers & sisters in this Journey called life. “Don’t Stop Believin”

Circuit City!

Perfect morning conditions for F3. A pleasant 50 degrees greeted a big group – 21 Bagpipe & 18 Swift – most having been prepared for colder conditions. I ditched my hat when I got there, and wish I could have ditched the sleeves, to be more like Kirby #GunShow. VQ was really a “Pre-V-Q” for Circuit City, who started posting this Summer, and has become a regular. He did a great job…


-Warmups (Circuit City) of SS Hop, Squat, Little Arm Circles, Merkin, Mtn Climbers.

-Lock Ness for 15 Derkins, 10 Jump ups (both wall stops & picnic tables) (Thanks for the suggestion Mighty Mite). Plank, including that awesome yoga stretch with leg forward, hand straight up…really stretches back/glutes) Learned that 2 weeks ago from Big Tuna.

-Wooded Path- 10 pullups, 10 Jump squats (both spots), meet at exit for Mary (thanks Wild Turkey).

-Partner up- 10 Plank Derkins, 10 Leg/Ab/Throws, all you got up the hill (then same at top)

-Bull Ring- 10 Merkins, 12 Monkey Hump, 10 Superman (do at each speed bump around Bull Ring…6?)

-Mosey toward base, with quick Mary Pit stop (thanks Long Haul). Mosey closer to base, then All You Got up final stretch.

-Mary (Circuit City, with one my Margo) Flutter, Dolly, Heals, American Hammer. DONE!


Circuit City handled the Disclaimer, Warmup, and the Mary to finish off, all like a veteran. During the rest of the workout he was clearly taking mental notes and asking questions of others about planning a good Q. He will have a full “VQ” soon! Despite some recent extensive work travel he was eager to step up and start to lead. Thanks Cooter2 for coordinating the joint Q – Circuit City is a native Wisconsinite (Sheboygan, to be exact), like Heartbreaker (Madison) & YHC (Milwaukee). #GoBadgersPackersBucksBrewers. We covered a lot of ground today, and great job sticking together, including every Clydesdale! (Loogie, Patent, Commish, etc.) A lot of chatter about the “Supermans” – “gonna feel those tomorrow”. Although Loogie’s psychotherapist advised against them, most of us will do well to work the back more than we tend to. Simple, yet seems effective. Shout out to Market Timer, who held his Supermans with tremendous patience & grit!

Hope it was a good workout – great job Circuit City, and we look forward to you stepping up further! Thanks all!!

(Swift: Astro, Gumbo, Woodson, Soft Pretzel, Brexit, Taco Stand, Buckeye, Tiger Rag, One Niner, Hazmat, Flipper, JRR Tolkien, Tuck, Paper Jam, Fire Hazard, Haggis, Hair Ball, Wolverine)

-Holiday Party 11/22…last week to sign up!

-THIS SATURDAY- Vagabond!! Stonehenge is closed, DaVinci is open (McGee on Q)

-Kids outing this Saturday 3pm-activity & service…contact JRR Tolkien


Perfect morning for a Saturday workout, but with a little extra planning, “fiendly” competition, and fun in store. Halloween is always a big time in the home of YHC, so that spills over to one workout/Q this time of year. Split into 2 teams (Ah’s & Boo’s), and had scavenger hunt style bootcamp. Winning team earns this year’s trophy – a can of F3 Side Straddle Hops! (and a bunch of LarBars) Hopefully all had a good time, but also a strong beatdown.

THE THANG: Disclaimer given, as well as general instruction of teams, & format.

Mosey to Blakeney playground for warm-ups (GREAT bouncy surface!). SS Hops (like the trophy can), Low/Slow Squats, Merkins, Mtn Climbs, Peter Parker, 6 inches/plank, “Thrillers” (like the zombie dance), then “Transylvanian Nut Rippers”…YA!! Mosey into Blakeney area lot for Plank Jacks, and 6-inch Plank Jacks.

Now, split into teams for scavenger hunt course…

6 stations along the course, marked by hidden LarBars that have instructions taped to each. General course started near 131 Main, then up hill toward park/playground. Each team did all of the same exercises, but in different sequence -3 rounds at each station 1) parking lot (10 burpees/10 sister Mary Cath x3), to 2) bottom of hill (12 Wide Arm Merkins, 12 Jump Squats, x3), to 3) rock piles (10 Diamond Merk on rock, 10 Squats w/rock x3), to 4) jungle gym (8 pullups, 15 step ups x3), to 5) playground area (20 Heals, 15 Monkey Humps x3), then all the way back (Indian Run) to 6) double stairwells/bars (10 chin ups, lap around stairs x3). Winning team should all plank to wait for finishers.

Mosey all together to fountain for 5 Eddie The Eagles, 20 Dips (x2)

Mosey to base for Mary (protractor), Big Tuna Yoga Stretch, and Al Gore. DONE! COT.

MOLESKIN: There were 2 surprise pre-run’s. 1) Thin Mint ran from his house to the workout (7 miles), showed up looking like a spelunker, but was ready to rock some bootcamp fun – hopefully some solid muscle burn today! The other pre-runner was OchoCinco, who ran faster than anyone in all of SOB this morning from his house to my car – he overslept his alarm, and sprinted out his driveway with no socks/shoes, no contact lenses, keys…etc But we made it. Thanks to Ocho & Gilbert for helping set up the LarBar stations, and being the moles for each team to keep everyone on course. Teddy has been out with back issues, so great to see him grit through, and to hang as well. Mighty Mite has been knocked out sick, but also gritted through, definitely exercising some demons through phlegm & sweat. Swine flu continues to amp up his training & fitness, and will knock out his first Half Marathon in 2 weeks! Chopper will join Swine Flu, will crush the 13.2 as well – Chopper has gotten noticeably faster! #BetterWithAge. Escobar hates to run but crushes the strength stuff (and is a stronger runner than he wants us to believe…dude was recruited as college soccer player!!). Teleporter is back as well, always talking about age (Respect), but seemed fresh! (and congrats on the new work gig – that’s huge, and surely a relief)

What’s the point of planning out a workout like that? How about to feel a little like a kid every once in awhile. Frankly, it was fun to plan & execute. We all have so much responsibility, expectations, worries, stresses…should do, should do, should do. YHC for one had a terrible week of sleep – overall am so blessed, but some stretches of family/work/health/etc/etc are a lot. So much we HAVE to do, and not enough WOULD BE FUN TO DO. So important to have healthy outlets. F3 is definitely that. And while F3 is “fitness”, “fellowship”, and “faith”, today YHC hoped to make it F4…”fun”. (it was for me)


Holiday Party 11/22…sign up NOW! 40+ already have – some with M’s, some solo. Will be great. (Mighty Mite)

Toy/Clothes Collection for kids in South America (Escobar).

Coat Collection…one more week- (Thin Mint, and any Site Q)

NEXT WEEK- 2 Saturday workout options. 1) Regular DaVinci 6:30 (Q Mermaid) Convergence with Stonehenge. 2) 6:00 Pre-Q-School Workout (45 minutes, followed by “town hall” style Q-School & Site-Q-School)

Where’s the pond?

Big numbers out after the long weekend (18 Bagpipe, 27 Swift), and all 2.0s now in school. Sweaty but great morning…


Disclaimer given (quickly so Frehley’s wouldn’t grumble more than normal). Mosey into the parking lot darkness – butt kicks, high knees, side shuffle along the way.

Circled up for Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, Merkins, LBCs (more on that later), Imperial Squat Walkers, and Slovakian Nut Stretchers (more on some of those later too).

Partners: Mosey down to another lot. 10 Ab/Leg Throws & 10 Partner Plank Derkins (x3)

Pond, Partners again: Bear Crawl to top of hill, 10 Jump Squats, back down & around – partners go opposite directions – and then 10 Hand Slap Merkins upon convergence (x2 rounds, plus extra climbing of hill for “fast guys”). Plank & Mary.

Headed out to road toward Sara’s YMCA – “All you’ve got” to stop sign, followed by more Plank & Mary.

Down to wooded exercise path – head in and do 5-10 pull-ups then 5-10 Sister Mary Catherine’s, make way out to Lock Ness for Mary.

Head back toward home. Nice work.


Even as a former Bagpipe site-Q, and workout Q many many times, I still map out a Weinke the night before. Goal is always to try to really keep everyone together, and also keep moving – legs, arms/chest, etc. “Bootcamp” doesn’t have a specific definition but to me we should burn our lungs at some point, and also burn various muscle groups at other points. And weaving in “partners” is always a goal as well. I also write up and keep the Weinke on me for each Q, although I almost never need to look at it once it’s created & reviewed early before the workout.

Good effort out there by all. Some are coming back from injury & inactivity. Others are just getting going with F3, and other veterans keep posting & pushing. Cooter on the bike is such a positive presence, and continues to inspire (unknowingly). Strawberry & Heartbreaker actually at the same workout again, both sweating hard. Great that Heartbreaker is back as a regular after a long IR – missed you bro! Toward the end of the workout Strawberry reminded me “only 4 minutes to go” – come on man, trust me!! 🙂 #NotFirstRodeo. Snuka defies age, and flies around like his namesake Jimmy Superfly Snuka. We can now set our watches by Swine Flu – what a transformation that keeps going. And talk about setting watches to a newer Pax, how about Circuit City, another Wisconsin born/bred F3 Brotha – keep posting, you’ll be on Q sooner than you know! Kirby- hope you are okay man (when we were circled up for Mountain Climbers Kirby quickly was flipped on his back, either hurt, tight, or confused. He recovered nicely!) Kelly, awesome to see you and just keep posting. You are an effort Beast & will progress like crazy. Happy 1 week anniversary – you’ll be on Q before you know it! Frehley’s- seems like your shoulder is a little better, great to see, and hope you & family are okay. Market Timer, great to see you & nice push up that hill. War Eagle thanks for looking out for others, like you always do, and yes my “Imperial Squat Walkers” were more like “Hillbilly Squats”. Cobbler, you snuck in just in time and worked hard as always – nice. Awesome to have Brisket & Morning After back with Bagpipe, where they belong (after a brief “running phase” 🙂 )Mic Check always helps set the pace & pushes himself too, helping everyone stretch. Mighty Mite was the only guy who actually knew the pond I was looking for was right next to us – all these years of Bagpipe/etc and that pond is always a bit of a hidden mystery! Wingman it was great to partner with you – you do so much behind the scenes for SOB, are always watching the bigger picture, and I/we look forward to getting more insight from you on how we can make SOB even better going forward.

Great to see 45 SOBs out there this morning (18 Bagpipe, 27 Swift) all coming off of the long weekend. Many grumbled about sub-optimal consumption over the holiday, and were eager to get back after it today. Many also posted the massive Union County convergence/launch, all feeling the energy from being part of something “bigger”, and perhaps being reminded of the power of engaged, excited Pax. Maybe a good point in time to make sure not to take SOB for granted – good solid numbers on a consistent basis, but perhaps an opportunity to “step up” as an F3 brother to current & new Pax.


“Hope Challenge” (Paper Jam)- please do share stories with each other of hope, redemption, progress, etc- never know who needed to hear it.

Holiday party is November 22 (NOT the 15th 🙂 )

Q’s needed for Brave (One Niner) & Bagpipe (Cooter2)

Thanks Bratwurst for COT takeout

SWIFT – 27 (if needed)

Haggis, Bunker, One Niner, Fire Hazard, Prohibition, Mario, Tuck, Paper Jam, Rock Thrill, Frasier, Gruden, Fletch, Tiger Rag, Doe-See-Doe, Thin Mint, Wolverine, Polly, Gold Digger, Brexit, Bratwurst, Madame T, Atlas, Woodson, Gumbo, Meatloaf, Wild Turkey, Bas Boot

Canadian Stone Kickers

(super quick backblast- now or never on this one!)

Great group that pushed this morning. Sweating was not hard to come by. Fiji, back after several weeks of “travel/vacation” did his best to purge the extra fluff from his recreation- great job. Wild Turkey recovers from injury by posting one of my Qs- not sure how I feel about that. 🙂 Partners did rock curls, plank/derkins, ab throws, etc. We leverage the shopping card racks for pull ups and tight roped Sister Mary Catherine.

Always an honor to Q – thanks Olaf & War Eagle!

July 4th convergence. Speed for need


“Foreshadowing” has more definitions that I previously thought – thanks Cul de Sac (and nice work today). We did what YHC originally planned as a station/circuit, but then turned into a full workout. Even having Q’d dozens of times, it’s always incredible how fast 45 goes in the land of Bagpipe. Spanx was back after a hiatus, but clearly not a hiatus from fitness (he torched the field and encouraged others along the way…get that man on Q!!). Love having Big Tuna back in the mix. And Loogie continues to progress with his shoulder, giving him the confidence to expand his exercises (such as stealing Cooter’s bike). Speaking of Cooter, what an inspiration – so awesome having you out there bro, and bring that bike as long as you need. Kirby gritting through more “hurt vs injured” issues is always positive – good luck with that interview, and thanks for the takeout! Jazz Hands doesn’t say a word but really works & moves. Market Timer is the fastest back-pedal in SOB…ever notice that? War Eagle works out hard, and is always looking out for others, both during and after the workout – a Leader. Brexit showed up as an FNG at DaVinci a couple months ago and I’m sure has not missed a post since – love it.

Perhaps my favorite part of the workout was when, early on, I instructed any “fast guys” to do an extra lap around Loch Ness while we collected the Pax. And I look and who do I see coming around the bend as one of the “fast guys”?…Chipotle and almost everyone in the Pax!! One only guys that were not “fast guys” are those coming back from serious health/injury situation. #Mindset

Always an honor to Q. Today reminds my how important Bagpipe is. It’s there for many who are making their way back to peak form, and is also as tough a workout as any of us make it.

Announcements: Multiple service/volunteer opportunities on Slack. Tolkien is giving away huge shirts. Possible HH on Thursday.

Needle on the record

17 Pax showed for a Ground Hog’s Day workout. Runners Bunker, Enron, and one more mystery Pax totaled 20 at the DaVinci site.

The Thang: Ran around limbering up making our way behind Best Buy, settling next to BOA (Imp Walk, Squat Walk, Peter Park, Merk, etc…and “Birthday Ball Busters” – YA). Behind pond, through woods, out neighborhood- at 2 benches stopped for lots of burbees, LBCs, Step Ups, and Dips). At end of road partners for Derkins & Ab Throws. All you’ve got to next turn, and did some Mary. Headed to roundabout-like intersection (to me signifying a vinyl 45 RPM record, the “coolest” use of the #45) for partner circuits (“around the turntable”) including Hand Slap Merkins and Bobby Hurley’s. Out to and across Rea, pitstop at gas station, headed behind Target for stops at each for “good” Broad Jump and Diamond Merkins. Then a race “Catch Me If You Can” – losers do extra Burpees. Mosey to stairs for Pull Ups on low bars and across stairs. Mosey to playground for real Pull Ups & Dips. Mosey to base for Mary, and finished with 5 Burbees & Al Gore.

Moleskin: Goal of workout today was to go a new direction (actually revisit a forgotten one) – fun and challenging to shake it up. it was a little retro, like a vinyl 45. The “Fast Guy/Slow Guy” race was proof of the difference between “All You Got” and “I’M BEING HUNTED DOWN All You Got!!”. Kirby is pushing himself and it’s really showing, greatly aided by mid evil torture device for his legs. Mighty Mite survived his “Dry-uary”, showed up looking and sounding rough, but did great (after another phenomenal Friday Marketing Blitz), Fredo is a stablizing force and friend (and bearer of phenomenal cookie cake!), Taco Stand & Fiji have quickly become regulars and will lead/Q soon (as has Gilbert is scheduled for V-Q soon), Mary Kay’s grouchiness is so heartwarming as he pushes himself. Patent Pending is melting away pounds as he gets back at it – awesome. Mic Check & Ocho Cinco are fast, strong, and always at the front, but it’s a mistake to just call that natural – ability helps, but it’s not by accident since they they really push themselves. Marlin never says a word but just goes all-in. Twinkle Toes is a Cotter who brings a brightness & positive vibe, and we want back more often. Chopper too- what a transformation over 2 years (2/1 was 2nd anniversary for he and Fredo…what a draft class!!). One-Star has turned into one of the emotional leaders of Union & SOB-land (and thanks for the great COT takeout). Escobar must have made a New Year’s Resolution to show up early instead of at 6:31 – and Coffeeteria banter that often centers around him, for good reason. And we can’t forget Soft Pretzel, who had a little extra gas in the tank, thus the pit-stop at Circle K (I’ve been there).

On the drive home Ocho Cinco & Gilbert and YHC all remarked (as we often do) about the awesome guys at DaVinci. Today was my 45th birthday, and truly honor to Q. I commented that “there was no place I’d rather be” & meant it – the Pax is filled with personal friends, neighbors & work colleagues, but F3 workouts create extra connection & bond. Also, our ability to work out like this is not to be taken for granted – so many just can’t or won’t. As I notch another birthday year I guess I notch another level of appreciation for what we do and have. Thanks all!

Announcements: Joe Davis reminder

We and Bobby McGee

13 ventured out and 14 ventured back.  Ocho Cinco led a well rounded beatdown that left everyone gassed and hungry for Coffeeteria.  Arms and legs will be sore tomorrow, especially thighs.  40 minutes in McGee showed up out of nowhere, having run around all of the greater Blakeney area looking for the pax, except for where we were (right smack in the middle of the shopping center parking lot).  Right after he showed U2 “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” played, appropriately.

Paton Pending (on the DL)  showed for Coffeeteria, and Bevo stopped through to say hi too.

Great morning, Q, beatdown, and Coffeeteria.  Mighty Mite stayed around awaiting Vagabond group.

SOB Halloweenies

Disclaimer given and we were off with 10. No wait, 11. Then 12, and finally 13!  (Plus Mighty Might helped launch us and Loogie welcomed us at the end)…that’s 15!  But 2 paxheld jackolantern bucket and 2 pax held cryptic instruction cards. Why?  (See The Real Thang below)

YHC looked at the Q schedule a week ago and realized that “Convergence” isn’t actually anyone’s name, so as Site Q I’d better take it – and maybe get a little creative for the SOB Convergence and Halloween.  Halloween themed team workout, sorta scavenger hunt style competition. Plus other stuff.  Mid week I was already texting Ocho Cinco praying he he could help, since the plan was becoming more of a “monster” than originally intended.  Needed his help with execution! (Which he obliged)

The Thang:

– Mosey for warm ups in front of Best Buy (and guys just kept showing up…Escobar is predictable 6:31 but also Soft Pretzel and Nard Dog?!?).  “Thrillers” were modified Imperial Walkers. “Transylvanian Ball Busters” (Bulgarian), SS Hop, Squats, Merkins, Plank Jacks etc.

– Mosey toward Nakotomi Tower (Blakeney parking lot with butt kicks, sides, Carioca, knees, backpedal.


– 2 teams. Each a different path.  8 cups filled with some trick-or-treat items, and a code card signifying and associated exercise.  (Snickers=10 Burpees, Plastic Fangs=10 Hand Slap Merk,etc.). Each team did same excersizes but in different order and different places due to paths.  Burpees, Hand Slaps, Lifting rocks/blocks Triple Lindy and Squats, Pull ups, jump ups.  That little team adventure took about 20 minutes.

-Goal is to find and collect all 8 cups and items, collect in team jackolantern and return to meeting point first for victory!

-Team 1 went through Blakeney playground and along Audrey Kell eventually to construction area for lifting rocks/bricks/cinder blocks.

-Team 2 went past and behind Old Navy, up Blakeney Heath Rd using rocks and eventually playground atop the hill.  (Team 2 refurned first/won, only about 1 minute before Team 1)

-After that Team Halloween adventure we did Mary, stopped for Derkins/Incline Merkins (Diamond and Wide), then 3 rounds of stairs/pull ups/incline Merkins, then stopped for People’s Chair with 46 air presses (x2, and 46 for Mic Checks bday), 12 donkey kicks (x2). Mosey back to base finished with 5 burpees, jump squats, Merkins.


– Culdusac helped set the tone showing up in an awesome monster mask!

-Mighty looked clean and relaxed for having run all night!

-Great seeing Loogie post workout with his shoulder surgery pics – on to recovery!

-Really glad Stonehenge Site Qs Wild Turkey and Nard Dog posted, as we don’t see each other enough due to our seperate Site Q responsibilities.

-yes the Ghost Peppers are real, so whoever ended up with those BEWARE!!

– almost all stayed for solid Coffeeteria, always good

Okay I got a little carried away planning this one.  But I’ve realized more lately how important it is to get a little carried away with “dumb stuff” that are not necessarily work, home/parenting duties, or “productive” things.  Life is hard but we need to make a point to make it fun in the midst of all the pressure to provide, deliver, and handle “like a man”.  This was fun to plan and fun to try to carry out (special thanks to Ocho Cinco for that).  Thanks all for playing along today, hope you had fun, and a good workout.

Thanks Mic Check for takeout.


– holiday party 11/30…details shortly.

– Joe Davis registration open.  Event in March this time.

– Escobar will collect toys/clothes and send to South America (details soon)

Walking in a spider web…

Beautiful morning – seems we are finally getting into the best stretch of the year.  Gotta love the Fall mornings…Chunder mumbled “let me guess-SS Hop” just as we circled up. Nope.


disclaimer given – mosey to lot for Burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers, Peter Parkers, merkins, Bulgarian Ball Busters YA!! (I know y’all think it’s a joke but I seriously love them)

Headed to woods for pull-ups and squats. Then Brixem Hill. Then over to hidden pond/Hill (partners Derkins, ab throws).  Lots of called pit stops all throughout – wide/Diamond/regular merkins, jump squats, etc.

Toward the end I ran through a spider web that covered my full face, arms, and torso.  Ah, the price of leadership!

finished up with ceremonial wheel barrow (more on that shortly)


Sorry Delta went out early with a turned ankle but he followed up later that it’s likely a sprain in need of rest.

What and exciting, impressive, and inspiring post by Cooter (prayers his way for pending treatments)- thanks for the takeout too!

Fun to chase Gramaticka up the hill!!  Never seen him move so fast!

Thanks Paper Jam for the “Hope Challenge” concept- here was my share…

Six months ago yesterday our oldest daughter Jocelyn became acutely ill.  Multiple hospital stays, dozens of blood tests and even multiple trips outside of NC finally have us feeling like we have A)a diagnosis we believe and B)medical care who is capable and actually believes it too.  Lyme disease and other tic born illnesses are misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and terrifying.  It has been an believably challenging process which continues to this day. We feel it is a general uptrend but of course has its ups and downs. We keep the faith, hope and take it one day at a time.

Last night as I was getting all of our kids ready for bed and all, I asked Jocelyn what is one exercise I should have the guys do – and she said “wheel barrow”.  I let her know that most guys really are not fond of it, so I would definitely call the exercise and blame it on her! (Which i did, and which she appreciated)

All have or are faced with enormous challenges obstacles and struggles in their lives and in those other families.  I continue to be lifted and inspired by the F3 brotherhood.

Thanks TagAlong for asking me to lead.  Always and honor.


Church On The Street (see Strawberry) slots need filling for Oct.

f3 Dads – camping in Oct (see Frasier)

this Saturday is SOB convergence at Stonehenge (Paper Jam bday Q)