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Dont tell me cuz it hurts

YHC Hasn’t been in town much lately and have been in a general lack of predictable routine. So nothing like Qing To jump right back into it! That story seem to be a common theme for most of the packs today – time to get out of summer mode and back to business. The one exception is Mighty Mite, Who crushed it in July for the challenge and posted at 24 different AOs!

10 DaVinci bootcampers all worked hard. Plenty of mumble chatter throughout.  Somehow there ended up being a theme of 90s pop culture – No Doubt songs and Friends vs Seinfeld compare/contrast.

Today we got in about 3.5 miles that included donkey kicks, Derkins, Wall climbs, pull ups, and Bulgarian Ball Busters. Yah!!  Lifting rocks were used for lots of creative exercises, with all Pax calling out at least 1.  The “3 pointer” was a new one (Escobar) and already feeling those dead lifts! (McGee)

thanks Hops for always bringing excercise names to the table.  Apparently partner leg/ab/throws are “Prairie Fire Mary’s” and the slow flutter will now be the “Slutter”.

With 3 minutes to go Ocho Cinco went with the tremendously unpopular 15 (“what are they called?”)Burpees, followed by Goonie delivering one of the cruelest 10 counts in recent memory for 6 inches.  Gotta love it.

5 runners were also there waiting in the parking lot, having run 10+ in training for BRR.  When we pointed out that “we carried rocks” Woodson replied brilliantly with “I carried Enron!” Nice.

(Sorry I missed 2 runner names)

thanks to Leprechaun, Mighty, and Escobar who have lead/Q in July while Fredo and I have been out.  Goonie birthday Q next Saturday!!

Great group and solid Coffeeteria as always!

appreciate The Gloom

Thanks for the attendance and effort today. We took steps to cure soccer arms, burned our legs, and out in some mileage. I kicked my own butt as Q and hope same for the 9 Pax. Today was actual F3 Anniversary for YHC (3 years). Special dedication of our effort today to those who literally cannot do what we do. My cousin, age 47, is recovering from a stroke he had this week. Brings added appreciation and prospective for The Gloom.

the thang:

-warmups with ImpWalk, SS Hop, PeterPark, Merk, MtnClimb, BulgarianBallBusters (YA!)

-at each of 7 lamp post: 3 Burpees, 5 Squats

-at each divide (6?), partners, 5 sit ups, 10 hand slap Merk

-up hill all you’ve got, pick a rock. Circle up for curls, triceps, shoulders (rotating around rocks for varying weights)

-playground wall for “Eddie the Eagles”. Then partners up for 3 rounds of pull-ups and Derkins.

-back to rocks for Triple Lindys, Squats, rows (again rotating rocks)

-down hill to wal for x4 rounds to climb and SisterMaryCath (ouch again!)

-to low bar for pull-ups, up across down stairs to fountain for dips

-back to base for Mary and close with Merkins.



Church on the Street (Strawberry)- Easter Sunday is a go, would be great to have a huge group.

next Saturday morning (3/17) “The Sandbox” led by Solf Pretzel helping yard cleanup effort


Great crew, all pushed hard. Fun chatter about Eddie the Eagle, others AOs and soccer arms. Primanti said he is a Kotter, back with first post after over a year-great!  Paper Jam wanted no part of 10 counts from the beginning, and that theme carried throughout. Thanks Snow Flake for coming our direction, great seeing you and you are a machine. Rachel must be doping or a cyborg – improvable effort on his “YA” for BulgBallBust so we have found 1 imperfection. Fredo really runs the DaVinci show so well, and after 4 posts this week was still strong. War Eagle has quickly become both a leader and beast. Always love 2nd F in Chick-fil-A.  How crazy that my first two workouts ever (3/10 and 3/12 of 2015) were Q’d by Soft Pretzel and Strawberry, both there today for workout and 2nd F together. Great informal conversation around F3 history, service opportunities, raising kids in a challenging society, and weekend fun. I appreciate everything F3 has meant for me and others and it starts with you great guys who all want to step up personally physically, and spiritually.




3 years of F3 for YHC this week. Looked back at official date was 3/10/15 Bagpipe (Soft Pretzel on Q) followed by 3/12/15 Rebel Yell (Strawberry Q). The workouts and community have been a blessing. Always honor to Q – goal is always to:  Kick my own butt in 3 things: leg muscles, upper body muscles, and to keep moving all throughout (without losing anyone).

COT often observes that we appreciate our ability to actually do the workout, push ourselves, and each other – YHC has several reminders lately of others who physically can’t do what we do, sometimes abruptly with no warning.  Appreciate each day we can do this. 47 is the strange number of dips we did- it’s the age of my cousin who just had a stoke this week.

workout overview: Big loop down Elm, right on Ballantyne Commons, cut into neighborhood eventually up Murderhorn, stopping for planned and unplanned stations throughout.

-Disclamer given, mosey/warmup, circle up (Imp Walk, SS Hop, Bulg Ball Bust…YA!)

-speed bumps behind retail: 5 Merkins 5 Squats at each. Run up over hill across Elm.

-Ballantyne Commons (CarDryDocs at post office, 47 dips on rail, Mary, cut into neighborhood)

– using hill and strait away did: mary, hand slap Merkins, scissor lunges, Burpees etc ending up by playground.

– playground: 2 sets of pull ups, squats, and Eddie The Eagles (those burn!)

-rock pile…lifting rocks for tri’s, curls (x2), toy soldiers

-up Murderhorn all you’ve got!

-finish with Mary, plank

GREAT PUSH! Rarely do

we take that route so YHC wasn’t sure if it was biting off too much.  Was concerned we’d need to rush back but we kept moving and had plenty of time. Mic Check CRUSHED Murderhorn finish, and all really pushed and finished fast. Thanks Wild Turnkey for the requests of Bulgarians and Eddies #wheelhouse. Good vibes to Tuna who gets knee fixed tomorrow #betterthanever. Chunder and now DL bring youthful springy vibe.  Fun to have teens, respects, regulars, Cotters all mixes pushing selves and each other. Thanks Billy Goat and Mary Kay for letting YHC Q… you guys do a great job.


-several 2nd F socials and date nights just posted scheduled throughout ‘18 (Slack)

-Checkers hockey St Pats day (bring 2.0s)

-charity run in Pineville (see Private Benjamin)

FNG “Manny” Rob Gorman (EH’d by Brisket)

What’s up Doc?

Doc McStuffins called me out of the bullpen for one very good reason- I was available. Did my best to challenge the 19 Pax like he would. My goal is away to kick my own butt…mission accomplished. Thanks Crab Cake for living up to your name with an always polite, “come on let’s go.” At 5:29. Okay.

(sorry the one name I missed is the guy who rolled into the circle a minute in…please share if you know who that was!)

-warm ups started with Imp Walker, ended with Bulgarian Ball Buster…YA!!

-Loc Ness walls (16 stepups 15 incl merks at each Wall, then strait to pull-up bars…5 at one side, 5 at other, meet in lot across bridge for Mary.  Mosey to upper lot…

-Partner up: Partner 1 plank, Partner 2 Derkin on his plank, 10 hand slap Merkins, run to other side (2 rounds).  Monday to bottom of Bagpipe Hill.

-run up hill, 10 jump lunges at top, back down 5 burpees at bottom (2 rounds).

-gather for party favorite “Merkin Jack Webs” went up to 6/24 and back down.

-back to trial toward pull-up bars, 5 pull-ups at each and also 5 burpees.

-grab lifting rock. 12 shoulder, 12 curl, 12 tri (2 rounds)

-back to base for 12 Diamond Merkins and 12 Heals to Heaven. Done!

Moleskin:  good chatter throughout, and even better work by all. Patent Pending said he’d take burpees over pull-ups, but we quickly clarified “it’s both” not either/or! Great work PP, seriously. Teddy is a machine. Crab Cake good to see you on this end of DOB-land.  Mic Check good catching up about kids while on the hill. One-Niner great you are back and seem recovered. Billy Goat it’s awesome how you’ve built yourself up and will continue. Mary Kay thanks for always stepping in for Mary, etc (must be your name). One-Star welcome to first Bagpipe, definitely not last! War Eagle fun to see how you are now quickly a pillar in the region (like the “next Fredo”). Loogie never complains and just keeps working.  Delta – great how you’ve become a regular recently and great push. Market Timer never slows down nor times out. Escargot and Udder thanks for slumming with us lowly boot campers – hopefully your chest and shoulders feel less soccer-armish after today. Old English  fantastic meeting you, excellent work and please keep coming back and you’ll crush us all soon. Again sorry for the one name I missed!

thanks Bratwurst for the takeout with our Swift brethren.

DaVinci is now a toddler

2 year anniversary of daVinci attracted eager 33 Pax (convergence with Stonehenge). 18 months ago it was sometimes just 3-5 folks (may have been a 2 in there). Now typical 10-15 strong due to loyalty, time change (from 7 to 6:30) and pivoted meeting spot (Chick-fil-A). Thanks Tuck, Chopper, Fredo, and Mic Check who have Site Q’d it into an awesome AO.

Colder than expected (36!) but far cry from last week (barely double digits). YHC expected 20 so as folks kept rolling in and arriving from pre-runs needed to call some audibles and get creative due to scale.

Thang (quickly): disclaimer given. Welcome 1 FNG Taylor now “April Fool”

-Circle for SS Hop, Imp Walker, Merkin, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Slow Squat. Mosey to other lot…

-Rounds including Butt Kicks, Burpees, Back Pedal, Side Shuffle, Carolina Dry Dock.  Mosey to neighborhood…

-Partner up-2  Cul-du-Sacks (10 ab/leg throws, 10 Hand Slap Merkins in each).  Mosey all you’ve got up hill to pick lifting rock…

-Montessori lot: curls, tris, (pass rock to left!) dead lift, Squat, leave rock there, mosey toward playground wall…

-Eddie the Eagles (x7…jump up, hold low for 5, jump down, hold low for 5).

-15 dips, 5 pull ups (x2).  Mosey back to rock circle.

-triple Lindys, Merkins, trip Lindy again. Rerun rocks, mosey back down hill for some Mary…

-Ready to sprint!  Slow guys go (5 Burpees if caught) Fast guys go (5 burpees if you don’t catch up).

-behind Target lamps:5 Merkins, 5 Jump squats.  Mosey toward playground…

-7 Eddie the Eagles (again), 10 Merkins.  Mosey back to base.

(lots of plank, Mary, and may excercises were called out by Pax rather than YHC  – great job)

3 Funny Quotes:

-“Somehow we lost Wild Turkey” Tuck shared upon arriving from pre-run. Nice start.

-”I hate rocks” Haggis moaned – obvious irony.

-“See that wall way down there at the end?” YHC And Loogie just started running before any other instruction (Quote not funny, but reaction was 🙂


-Go Jin Go racing coming in Spring Independence Park, will include Speed For Need chariots (Frasier).

-Bro-Lympics 2/24 Weddington HS (Tuck)

Transporter for taking us out. And loved the huge Coffeeteria.  Awesome morning!  Great push and thanks for posting!

Out at the bars

Best line I heard was someone seeing Cable Guy and asking with some genuine question:  “are we at the bars – that’s the only place I see you?!”  Well, we did make it to the bars.  And I know I’ll feel it tomorrow.

Big group 24 (also 20 Swift) out for a pre-holiday sweat and burn.  As always when I have the honor of QIC, YHC aims to make sure we are A) constantly moving, B) get to the point of heavy breathing, and C) burn up the soccer arms and upper body with purpose. The Thang:

Non-traditional warm-ups, run like an NFL hurry-up offence…quick huddles, quick plays.

-let’s go: Squats, then Imperial Walker…let’s go: Merkins, then Peter Parker

Fountain in front of Mellow Mushroom:  15 Inc Merkins, up stairs, 10 Burpees (x2)

Out to steps/benches.  Jump Up (hold low)-recover-Jump Down (hold low) then 7 Merkins (x10)

Back up to parking lot, partners, 15 Leg/Ab throws, then 15 Hand Slap Merkins (x2 each).  Let’s go…

Pitstop at Wells Fargo for Mary on the way to paths/bars…  7 good chin ups at one end, 7 good pull ups other end, but with 10 Merkins and 10 Jump Squats in between each end.  Most got 2 full rounds in.  Out toward LocNess

All you’ve got to Wall 1 – 15 dips, 10 jump ups, then All you’ve got to Wall 2 (same).  Mary/plank/etc.

Mosey back – one more quick Mary and done!

Moseskin:  Great to see some that haven’t posted in awhile, the occasional/floaters, and the regulars. Thank you for the effort, support, motivation, and camaraderie today and all year.  Last post for YHC in ’17 due to travel.  F3 is about the fitness and community, and is much appreciated.  Loved seeing the holiday well-wishes and bro-hugs at conclusion.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and God Bless…

Announcements:  THIS SATURDAY 12/23 convergence of Stonehenge & DaVinci (6AM at Stonehenge).  Reminder about JoeDavisRun (Jan), SOB 2-year anniv (1/16/18), DaVinci 2 year anniv (1/13/18)

Swift Posts:  Rebar, Abacus, Atlas, Erector, Booboozilla (?), Tuck, Haggis, Frasier, Retread, Das Boot, Long Haul, Thin Mint, Harry Carey, Meatloaf, Gumbo, Fletch, Bratwurst, Enron, Joe Schmo, Hall Patrol (?)

We were on “ocho”

cool damp morning but big group that came out to work. Polite disclaimer given. May have left about one minute early but circle back to pick up our Wingman!

(as for the work out sorry I already wrote this up and it didn’t save so I’m going to summarize here)

Circled for warm-ups. Went to first wall for dips step ups L BC’s.

Then had path to two walls and to pull up bars stopping for series of planned exercises at each at your own pace.

Partner up for ab leg throwdown’s and wheelbarrows across parking lot.

Diamond Merkens at the bottom of the hill followed by all you got up the hill toward the Bull ring, Finishing with wide Merkins .

counter clockwise around entire Bull ring stopping at each speed bump for 4 Burpees and 3 broad jumps.

at the finish for some plank and Mary.

two lines for Indian run back to base.


As always YHC aims to work soccer arms, endurance, and speed. Thanks for following along and great work to all! At the end of the bowl ring while doing Rosalita we were on count 6 or 7 when a car came. I think Billygoat yelled “I was on Ocho” but  I think what I actually heard when he saw the car was not Ocho but “Oh-Sht”.understandable.


-morning after has his event fundraising on November 4 at old Mecklenburg brewery.

-Time to sign up for the Joe Davis run before price goes up November 1.

thanks to Strange Brew for the takeout and thanks for all the hard work!

The Drizzle fo Shizzle

Drizzling rain was refreshing this morning. Before starting comments/questions of “will there be a lot of running” and “with the rain it looks like we are sweating so instead we could just hang out” – all know we really all showed to work, and we did.

disclaimer given, immediately jogged toward top of Murderhorn (pit-stopped twice for warm ups)

Run down stopping at each light post (do 10 squats, 10 diamond merkins). Meet at rocks…

Pick rock, follow me toward pond/woods. Circle up. Each guy calls excercise with rock. After each excercise put rock down and rotate one space right (change up rock weights). Curls, squats, press, etc.  After first 6 guys went, pick up rock, head up to lot and circle up. Remaining guys take turns calling out excercises and rotate.

Head to lower lot – do 12 Diamond Merk on rock, 12 wide Merk on rock (x2 rounds).  Ouch!  Head back toss rocks back.

Back up Murderhorn stopping at each light (do 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Jump Squats). Back to theater.

grab some wall- People’s Chair.  Leg up 12 counts, flap jack. 20 Donkey Kicks (2 rounds)

base for Mary…again several guys called exercises.

take out, and many hung out



Hopefully a change of Pace today with how we used rocks, group participation in making the calls, and location.  Bonus “Toy Soldier” with rocks complements of Big Tuna (“I should keep my mouth shut”…great having you back bro!)  Cheese Curd- good suggestion to set rocks down and rotate instead of pass them!  Heartbreaker always good speed, push, but also herding the Pax. Fredo has picked up speed since starting F3!  Welcome back Linus! Mary Kay, Arsenal getting the wheels turning to Q soon.  J-Wow definitely improving big time. Billy Goat almost to fighting weight and fitness and great push. Doc Mc is a beast- the rock he picked was officially classified as a boulder – all were lamenting that during rock rotations.  Tumbleweed – wow what a medical recovery story you have and great talking afterwards.  Thanks all!  Honor to lead!


-Isabella Santos run 9/30 (F3 convergence of DaVinci, Stonehenge, Blackhawk)

-Fredo on Q at DaVinci saturday

– Church On The Street needed Sunday


Feel the ya

Saturday workouts are my favorite. A bit later in the morning, weekend good moods, full hour offers more space and flexibility, more opportunity to mosey after a good burn, and coffeeteria.  YHC got the late call out of the Q bullpen from Fredo (new job, moving today, daughter just starting college…just a few things going on).  Beautiful morning…reminder of Fall coming.

13 strong moseyed behind Best Buy, circled up for several warmups (squat, Imp walker, Merkin, mtn climb, Peter Parker/Parker Peter, SS Hop, Windmill, Bulgarian Ball Buster…YA!)

parking lot “there and backs” around dividers…12 Merkins/butt kick/side/backward/side x2 then same but high knees instead of butt kicks x2.

mosey, Stopped for Heals to Heaven and Diamond Merk. Got behind Target.  Lamp posts along the right (6?) 10 Lunges between each, and 5 Burpees at each.

Mosey behind Old Navy for Al Gores.  Mosey “all you got” up hill road to rocks.  Lifting rocks. Pax took turns calling excerizes, occasionally “pass rock to your left” to change up weight.  Ouch Strawberry picked the huge one which YHC definitely paid for!  Triceps, Triple Lindy, Curls, etc.  leave rocks there for later/way back.  Mosey up to playground…

partners. 1 does 10 wall jumps and 10 Derkins. Then go relieve 2 who does pull-ups at the play set.  2 rounds.  Ouch!  And heavy breathing and little talking.  Plank rounds…flat butts strong cores.  Mosey back down to rocks…

Escobar, Mary Kay, Tumble Weed call exercises (Escobar’s was particularly rough if you had a big rock). Mosey back down hill, stopped for Mary.

Mosey to Blakney play area.  15 chair squats, run to other wall 15 Derkins, then back to base. 1 minute of Burpees to finish.


lots of talk of getting “back to it” after summer of travel, etc.  go-time.  Great fun hard working group.  Many PAX called for picking next excercise with Mary, Rocks, etc- thanks!  I had a blast on this beautiful morning with awesome dudes and several sat on the Chick-fil-A patio after for coffeeteria.  Saw both Bunker and Doc McStuffins swing though drive through.

Thanks Strawberry for COT- great takeout.


-Tuesday is Convergence (Bagpipe) FNGs encourages as well as those who have fallen off.

-F3 Golf: 10/27 raises $ for expansion.

– Church on the Street (need a couple more for next Sunday/weekend of Labor Day…strawberry always passionate and engaged here)

– Isabella Santos Run coming, Speed for Need

– “I’ll Push You” movie coming per Strawberry amazing story and trailer that has picked up on Speed for Need and helping promote. Movie opens November…

Thanks for playing along – I had a blast all around. Honor to Q (thanks Fredo)

Sweatin to the Oldies

Market Timer tweaked his back (#thisis40) so YHC stepped in to Q.  Dew point over 70 which means “gross” outside, as was pointed out often.  No worries – we forged ahead and got better…

Circle up (Imp Sqaut Walkers, Slow Squat, Merkin, Peter Parker, Mtn Climb, SS Hop, Bulgarian Ball Busters…YA!). Mosey

First Wall- 20 Derkin, 20 step ups

Second Wall- 20 Inc Merkins, 20 Jump Ups (starting to really sweat now…)

Path/Woods- 7 pull-ups, 10 Dips (running back and firth x2) mosey up to parking lot…

Butt kicks, side, backward, side, 10 Merkins (2 rounds). Then High Knees, Side, Back/Reaches, Side, 10 Merkins (2 rounds).  Then 50% sprint, 75%, 85%, 100%.  (Heavy breathing all around!). Mosey up Bagpipe Hill…

Run down and also do 20 Lunges, 10 Diamond  Merkins (2 rounds) mosey back to path/bridge…

Quick 10 more pull-ups. Mosey to lot. 15 Heels to Heaven.  Mosey back to base.

i still forget how fast it goes when on Q – “Q Adrenaline” perhaps. Gross/muggy day but great effort by all.  We are fortunate to have the ability to participate in such conditions…any conditions. Thanks for the support.  Based on Mermaid’s push today we will be in for a tough one next week when he is Q!


-F3 Golf to raise $ for expansion (10/27)

-Great Wolf Lodge family outing in Nov.

-Isabela Santos run 9/30 (converge DaVinci, Stonehenge, Black Hawk)