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Long Socks When Necessary

What a great morning to meet up with a bunch of PAX. I arrived early as normal to find Doughboy already waiting to get started. What great enthusiasm and an amazing way to set an example for Breadbowl. Wait, What? Diesel starts at 5:30? Aw Crap! Literally, crap. Doughboy jumped back into his car and made a last-minute deposit at home. Breadbowl was heartbroken when he found out that he missed out on 15 minutes of sleep.

PAX are now steadily arriving and arriving and arriving and arriving. I know I’m MIA lately, but was there a surprise convergence planned at Five Stones? Amazing turnout. Good thing I planned out today’s activities in back of my Sorento minutes before we started.

Everything is going to be TABATA style today, so let me explain how that works to the group. I love the TABATA program because it opens the door for all kinds of mumble chatter. (40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest)

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


SSH’s, Squats, Moroccan Night Club, Merkins, Calf Stretch


1st Group – Front Raise, Lateral Raises, Shoulder Presses, Reverse Flys – 3 rounds

2nd Group – Standard Curls, Hammer Curls, Wide Curls, Overhead Triceps Extensions – 3 rounds

3rd Group – Coupon Bench Press, Big Boi, Skull Crushers, LBC’s, Crab Dips – 3 rounds

4th Group – Squats, Speed Skaters, Monkey Humpers

5th Group – Curls until time was up


Crazy fun today with all kinds of 1st timers to Diesel. Doughboy was on fire today with all kinds of Poop conversations. We were about 5 minutes in and Glidah was already telling me that there is plenty to go into the BackBlast. Someone asked Doughboy about toilet paper in the car and he said only Kleenex. Then someone explained that is exactly why you wear socks. I cannot help but laugh every time I think about grown men wiping with their own socks. Going forward, I think I will only wear long socks in case of an emergency.

Doughboy’s dinner carried the day. During the Monkey Humpers, Centerfold mentioned that it may look like a Moose Dumped in the parking lot. Great times. I cannot thank everyone enough for coming out this morning. I had a great time.

Shoutout to One Star for recruiting Smuggler to post at Diesel for the 1st time and then fatsacking. Excellent work.


  • Makeshift Marathon tomorrow at Kohls.  Several road crossings so be careful!!!
  • C3PO and Fusebox are converging at Kohls for a bootcamp workout starting at 6:30.  It is the only Waxhaw bootcamp open so don’t go to Commitment, Homecoming, or BlackHawk.
  • CPR class openings for this Monday.  Sign up.
  • Reminder by Chastain who posted in SOB to wear reflective gear and headlamps.

Set my Alarm Cock

Happy Friday Tuesday everyone.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) – Centerfold late again

Warm Up:

  • SSH – 40 seconds
  • Imperial Walkers – 40 seconds
  • Moroccan Nightclub – 40 seconds

The Thang:


Group 1 – Use a small brick or nothing (4 rounds) (40 Seconds)

  • Front Shoulder Raise
  • Lateral Shoulder Raise
  • Shoulder Press
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Squat and Hold

Group 2 – Use Dumbbells (4 rounds) (40 Seconds)

  • Bottom Half Curls
  • Top Half Curls
  • Full Curls
  • Over Head Tri Extensions
  • Squat and Hold

Group 3 – Use a Coupon, small brick, or Dumbbells (4 rounds) (40 Seconds)

  • Coupon Press
  • Dumbbell Fly’s
  • Skull Crushers
  • Overhead Tri-extensions – 30 seconds
  • Coupon Shoulder Press – 30 seconds
  • Tri Kick Backs – 30 seconds
  • Hammer Curls – 30 seconds

Group 4 – All Ab’s and core (everyone called out an exercise

Group 5 – Monkey Humpers and Speed Skaters until time was up


Today was a great workout and even a better time. If you have never been to Diesel, you are missing out. You can get some great work in and enjoy a ton of fun mumble chatter. Proximity is a breeding ground for Scooby Do behavior. This week’s star pupil was Popeye. The workout started with a rooster waking everyone up. Popeye mentioned that he is looking to have that as his alarm. (Cock jokes started) We had silly references to about a dozen movies. I really need to watch King Pin again. Thanks to all for helping me get thru the session and picking up on the Ab work.


  • ALL WORKOUTS WILL RETURN TO PRE-COVID STARTING TIMES BEGINNING NEXT MONDAY, AUGUST 3.  As schools start back up teachers and staff will be returning to school early in the morning and traffic in the parking lots of most of our AOs will be getting busy.
  • Look for an announcement concerning our F3 Waxhaw Official 1 Year Convergersary.  Date is Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020.  Mark your calendar.



Where’s the Site? I have to read?

Happy Friday everyone. Apparently, I am the only person that knew a wicked storm blew in last night.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Warm Up? No Thanks

Sledge-o-Matic broke the rules and did what looked like a mile long open mosey on his own. Great work.

The Thang:

TABATA – Timed Stations – 35 seconds of fun, enjoy 10 seconds of recovery

Station 1: Chair Dips then Crab Dips

Station 2: Coupon Bench Press then Coupon Skull Crushers

Station 3: Merkins then Flutters

Station 4: Coupon Curls then Coupon Curls – Damascus Audible

Station 5: Dumbbell Hammer Curls then Dumbbell Standard Curls

Station 6: Tri Kickbacks then Reverse Fly’s

Station 7: LBC’s then American Hammers


Unfortunately, not everyone had the opportunity to experience my DiCCS this morning. Damascus is new to F3, so he did not know where to find Diesel and was late. Ditka was given some poor advice and was late too. Centerfold is always late, but this time he almost did not come at all. The good news is that 2 guys went to Impromptu and then left. That just warms my heart.

We now know that everyone is tired of all the current news because we talked NFL most of the workout. Patriots Blah Blah Blah, Packers Blah Blah Blah, Giants Blah Blah Blah, even some Cam Newton discussion. Baseball many never start, Hockey is coming, and the NBA will still not play any defense when it returns.

Some people Damascus get confused going from station to station. The reading was a little more intense than some prepared for. I will try larger font size with less letters next time.


  • 100 PAX Challenge continues, so please help in any way you can.
  • Christ’s Closet needs help on Saturday after Commitment, Homecoming and Black Hawk. Shop Dawg has all the details.
  • Diesel is moving back to 5:30am start time next week and will now be 60 minutes long. Come join us sometime.


Let me adjust my WEINKE

Happy Friday everyone, the rain is gone, and temp is exactly right to loosen up quickly.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) – Centerfold late again

Warm Up:

  • SSH – 30 seconds
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 seconds
  • Moroccan Nightclub – 30 seconds


The Thang:


Round after Round of Bicep and Triceps

Couple rounds of some awful ab work – I hate Windshield Wipers

Many rounds of Chest Work

More rounds of Bicep and Triceps work


Not a lot of detail on The Thang. I was playing with my Weinke all morning, but I think everyone enjoyed the show. Sometimes you just must play to the crowd. Most of us are still physically and mentally exhausted from Monday, so there was 0.0 chance of us doing anything lower body.

I think everyone got exactly what they deserved today. My arms were shaking while trying to maintain perfect form. (Recalc approved) Today was a sad day when the inevitable happened, we lost Easy Button. We did gain a Dumb Ass Kiss though, so we will celebrate the little wins. The child like banter was on full display again today. Please feel free to come join in one of these days.


  • 100 PAX challenge is here. 100 individual pax donate $100 so that we have a fund to make some impactful local donations in the very near future.

I’m 175 Weeks Pregnant!!

Happy Friday everyone, the rain is gone, and temp is exactly right to loosen up quickly. Low 60’s with some humidity makes for a great workout.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Warm Up:

  • SSH – 30 seconds
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 seconds
  • Moroccan Nightclub – 30 seconds


The Thang:


Group 1 – Use a small brick or nothing (3 rounds)

  • Front Shoulder Raise – 30 seconds
  • Lateral Shoulder Raise – 30 seconds
  • Shoulder Shrugs – 30 seconds
  • Arnold Press – 30 seconds
  • Reverse Flys – 30 seconds
  • Upright Rows – 30 seconds
  • Shoulder Press – 30 seconds


Group 2 – Use a Coupon, small brick, or Dumbbells (3 rounds)

  • Hand Release Merkins – 30 seconds
  • Coupon Bench Press – 30 seconds
  • Dumbbell Flys – 30 Complete
  • Flutters – 30 seconds
  • BB Situps – 30 seconds
  • Skull Crushers – 30 seconds
  • Crab Dips – 30 seconds


Group 3 – Use a Coupon, small brick, or Dumbbells (3 rounds)

  • Irkin – 30 seconds
  • Coupon Rows – 30 seconds
  • Coupon Curls – 30 seconds
  • Overhead Tri-extensions – 30 seconds
  • Coupon Shoulder Press – 30 seconds
  • Tri Kick Backs – 30 seconds
  • Hammer Curls – 30 seconds



Today was a great workout and even a better time. The morning started off slow with low turnout, but quickly gained some steam. Chastain shows up in a minivan I have never seen and rolls out of it like he has been drinking all night. Was he on a bender and stole some poor ladies van? Centerfold shows up on two wheels like he is late for Chiseled again. I think he stole that car too. Posse is late for my DiCCS presentation and then O-69 rolls in with Wax. Now it is a party.

If you’ve never been to Diesel, you’re missing out. You can get some great work in and enjoy a ton of fun mumble chatter. Proximity is a breeding ground for Scooby Do behavior. Last week I learned about a FUPA. Wow. This week Chastain mentioned about 10 times that something needed to go in the Back Blast. We all laughed hard when the topic of Mayhem “pitching a tent” came up. I have a feeling that we are about to lose Easy Button to the running academy but hope he will share what he has experienced with this different group of clowns.

There are quite a few people on the Mash Team right now, so just let us know in the Playhouse or News Channel if you want to partake on a day other than Friday. You can always pre-run or post-run if you need that.


  • 100 PAX challenge is here. 100 individual pax donate $100 so that we have a fund to make some impactful local donations in the very near future.
  • Premature is on FOR HIS DEBUT VQ tomorrow morning at Blackhawk at 7:00am.  Don’t want to miss this!

Diesel Likes Tabata

DICCSs given

Warm up

Warm Up
Exercise Time Rest
SSH 0:00:30 0:00:10
Imperial Walker 0:00:30 0:00:10
Potato Pickers 0:00:30 0:00:10
Calf Stretch 0:00:30 0:00:10
Night Club 0:00:30 0:00:10


The Thang

Group #1
4 Rounds
Exercise Time Rest
Merkin 0:00:30 0:00:10
BB Situps 0:00:30 0:00:10
Curls 0:00:30 0:00:10
Overhead Tri 0:00:30 0:00:10
Low Slow Squat 0:00:30 0:00:10


Group #2
4 Rounds
Exercise Time Rest
Irkin 0:00:30 0:00:10
LBC’s 0:00:30 0:00:10
Shoulder Press 0:00:30 0:00:10
Seated Dips 0:00:30 0:00:10
Speed Skaters 0:00:30 0:00:10


Group #3
4 Rounds
Exercise Time Rest
Derkin 0:00:30 0:00:10
Dead Bug 0:00:30 0:00:10
Kettle Bell Swings 0:00:30 0:00:10
Overhead Tri 0:00:30 0:00:10
Bobby Hurley 0:00:30 0:00:10



It’s great to be able to get out and do something with some other PAX. Not being able to run has pretty much limited my ability to do the normal Boot Camps, so I really appreciate the Virtual workouts and the guys joining me today. Fuse Box came right out with a joke to get us started. A good laugh is always a great way to start the fun in the gloom.

Stay Safe Everyone.


5 guys showed up for Ricky Bobby’s VQ. All from Briarcrest. Tried to keep a Friday the 13th theme throughout the workout. Weather was good.


13 SSH, 13 Imperial Walkers, 13 Potato Pickers, Calf Stretches, 13 Mountain Climbers and finally 13 sets of Bat Wings (arms rotated forward then backwards then seal claps then overhead claps) all done with a 4 count. – From the groans I think it was tougher than it sounds.

The Thang:

Round 1

-into the Pit of Misery for a good amount of step ups and dips (instead of 11’s we did 13’s)

– Bear Crawl across small parking lot followed by 10 merkins – 3 sets

-Lunges across parking lot followed by 10 LBC’s – 3 sets

-Monkey walks across parking lot followed by 10 Merkins – 3 sets

Round 2

Black Cat workout

Pick a card from the Black Cat sign- low cards correspond to lower body exercises higher cards correspond to upper body exercises, face cards are abdominal exercises and if you get a black joker exercise is doubled red Joker – whoever picked gets to choose next exercise. ALL (ALMOST ALL) EXERCISES WERE DONE WITH  DUMBELLs IN HAND


  • Lower Body Exercises – (just the ones we got to)
  • Bulgarian Split squat – 10
  • CALF RAISES   – 20
  • Single leg deadlift curl -10 (5 each leg)
  • SIDE Lunge – 5 each leg
  • Upper Body Exercises – (just the ones we got to)
  • Annies – 20 total (SOMEHOW THESE GOT SKIPPED-Blame Spider Monkey)
  • MERKINS- 10
  • Chest press on your back – 20
  • military PRESS – 20
  • Merkins walkovers (Coupon) 10
  • Dirkens – 10
  • Wonder bra – 10

Abdominal Exercises – (just the ones we got to)

  • Elbow plank – 1 minute (SOMEHOW THESE GOT SKIPPED-Blame Schneider)
  • LBC’s – 20
  • Bicycle crunches – 20
  • Leg lifts – 20
  • Dollys – 20
  • Heals to heaven – 20


For my VQ it went pretty smoothly, thanks to the great help by Brutus and Chastain. I tried to put together a workout that encompassed the whole body. I would have liked to have gotten to a few more of the exercises that I had planned but we still got through a good amount of them. I am not sure I realized how difficult just rotating your arms can be. I would love to have seen more guys out this morning but I guess kids staying home from school for e-coli, Corona Virus and the stock market tanking was enough of an excuse to fartsack.

I’m on a Hot Streak

You may not have heard, but I’ve officially posted for 2 consecutive days and without quitting the Playhouse. How long can I keep this blistering pace of commitment? Will I make it all the way to Commitment this Saturday and complete the Octuple? Sounds impossible, but the support encouragement motivation other PAX might help me get there.

15 joined me in a copycat version of Foundation’s Q couple weeks back. I had so much fun on that day that I wanted to imitate as much of it as possible.

DiCCS given prematurely with a full minute to spare.

Let’s mosey a fast lap and back to the Flag to circle up.


SSH’s until I shut up – I finally stopped when the crying complaining instructions we finally given. I love to hear my own voice, very inspirational.

Lesson learned on not getting everyone stretched out the way they like. Everyone needs a good stretch every so often.


Mosey to the front of the school.

  • Split up into two teams to run a sprint relay.
  • Each relay team has a baton to stop people from cheating encourage teamwork with a prop.
  • While sprinters are running their leg, the rest with repeat while waiting their turn.
    • 5 Merkins
    • 10 Squats
    • 20 flutters
  • I’m pretty sure that the loaded Chastain’s Team won 2 of the 3 of those races. Maybe all 3.


Circle up for some low slow squats until there is only one man left. This was an epic fail. Usually you can see who is out. We stopped at 50 and they were terrible.


  • Let’s run another race. Maybe the other team is tired. NOPE. Another loss.


Mosey over to another race track we had set up. Same teams as before, but this time we would run a lap.


  • While sprinters are running their leg, the rest with repeat while waiting their turn.
    • 5 Merkins
    • 5 BBSU
    • 10 Speed Skaters
    • 20 LBC’s
  • The loaded team continued their dominance these rounds too.


Everyone on your 6 to do as many BBSU’s as you can. I think the group stopped before I shat myself around 56 reps.


We still have time, let’s have each person do two laps. Yep, you guessed it. Another Loss.


Mosey to the front of the school to get the cones and get back to COT.



I’ve been giving consistent effort the past few months, little to none. I can give you a bunch of true and irrelevant reasons why, but who really cares? Not me. Let’s jump back in and get stupid with a bunch of clown’s great guys. Everyone did a great job of mumbling today. There are plenty of times where Gerber can run you 6+ miles, but it is nice to be in proximity to each other and hear all the nonsense. I laughed more today than I have at a site in quite some time. I can lift on my own, I can even run on my own, but being surrounded by this much stupidity is impossible to replicate. Thanks to everyone for making today such a good time.


  • Pray for Dear Diary during this difficult time

Survival of the “Fittest”

6 contestants came out to a chilly Diesel to see just how stupid they could be. These men did not disappoint. Today’s idea is a spinoff of the UNCLE Q Chastain led a few weeks back. Simply said, we pick an exercise and continue reps IC until the last PAX finally quits.


Stand around and great each other, since it has been a bit since we’ve seen the Catfish and it was Sledge-O-Matic’s 2nd Post.


I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful charts.

View post on

Bottom line is that this was a ton of fun and great way to max out your individual effort. Deadwood might even approve. Chastain and I have been talking about this for some time, but our inability to secure a healthy Q put the plan into action.


It’s always an honor to have the opportunity to lead a group of guys like this. Diesel is a great way to avoid cheating yourself. It’s tough to hide when there is just the 6-10 of you circled up. Today was very motivating as the 1st couple contestants out would cheer on the other fools while walking, planking or some other exercise of choice. This really turned into a mind game a we continued to figure out the strategy of Survivor. Turnbuckle may have cheated by having his entire face covered.



Father/Daughter Dance.  March 6.  Ballentyne Hotel to register.

Sounds like Sledge-o-Matic may have received some of the good F3 Karma after his debut on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure he said that he got a job offer just after Chiseled on Wednesday.

Pray for Blades of Glory as he takes 33 HS kids on a mission trip to Guatemala

Mayhem is leading a mission trip to Nicaragua in September.  Akbar is a HC.  He is looking to get additional F3 guys to join.

TB on Q soon!!

Funny how 32-34 seemed pleasant compared to last Friday’s rain filled Diesel. 6 PAX made their way to a very high rep fast paced zero mileage challenge today.

Warm-up – What? We don’t warm up; we just get after it. Lots of stretching before in preparation. DiCCS shared, exercise form explained to limit strains and away we go.

10 Stations: (rinse and repeat until time is up)

  1. 20 Dips (using coupons to get really deep)
  2. 40 Squats (those suck)
  3. 30 Curls (coupon or 12lb dumbbells)
  4. 20 Over Head Triceps Extensions
  5. 20 Front Shoulder Raises
  6. 20 Dips Again
  7. 20 Speed Skaters – 20 Each Leg
  8. 30 Curls (20lb Dumbbells)
  9. 20 Lateral Raises (bad)
  10. 20 Reverse Fly’s (worse after doing Lat Raise)


The group almost finished 5 laps around this mess. The best part about this type of work out and group is all the interactions. I mentioned that the speed skaters make my ass hurt and away we went. Turns out that Offline (R) is crazy funny when he finally speaks. I can’t remember if he said prison rape or if that is what I assumed he said, either way, we were laughing and a bit nervous after.

I’m confident everyone got a great pump from all the work. Some great stories on how TB is staying after it. Great job, we’re all proud of you. O-69 continues to get after it, keep it up.


Site Q School this weekend — if you can do a workout you can be a site Q!!!!!  Q School next weekend –See Posse – Bottlecap will gladly clown to the school.

COT – Keep Prayers up for Doc and Legalized’s son.