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Moving like a Tattoo

14 men gathered at Charlotte Catholic and most were surprised that YHC was there 5 minutes before the workout began. I knew that my usual one-minute roll-up would stress out the site Q’s, so I did my best to get there early. Apparently that is a thing, but it appears that most people spend that time doing some fake stretches. I gave a brief disclaimer (too brief for Lorax as he commented that “lawsuits are still on the table”. I never went to law school, but I’m pretty sure that just telling someone that they can’t sue you doesn’t actually keep them from being able to sue you).

The Thang

We moseyed up the short ramps to the top of the garage and circled up for a little:

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Plank jack x 10 IC

Dolly x 10 IC

Flutter x 10 IC

Then, we did a lunge walk from the orange cones to the wall and headed down the stairs to the rock pile.

Grabbed rocks and headed back to below the garage for a little Triple Nickel. 5 pull-ups on the bar, take rock to the top level of the garage, 5 burpees with the rock (or “rockies” as Mermaid calls them), back down for 5 times (bringing the rock back with you on the last set).

Then, I gave the PAX some flexibility for a set of 150 reps between curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions. Didn’t matter what order as long as you got to 150 in total. Moseyed back to the rock pile to deposit the rock.

When back to the fence outside of the stadium for a little ladder action. Set of heel taps, LBCs, and tricep dips on the curb. 5. 10. 15

Then, did two rotations around the football stadium doing 10 merkins at each of the four corners. First set regular, second set diamond.

All you got back to the launch where we did a bunch of plank exercises for about 5 minutes.


Great group out there today as always. Everyone was pushing it hard, with Snuka and Lorax leading the way mostly. Interesting chatter during the count to 150 with Clover calling out Mermaid for his tattoo and asking him if the tattoo has moved on him. No one believed that Clover was serious but apparently that is a thing. Speaking of Clover, happy 45th birthday!

Heard some mumble chatter from the site Q for walking once between exercises, but I had to remind him that we don’t leave anyone behind in F3. I felt obligated to push the PAX hard today knowing that Lorax will be following me up in a week. And yes, the dips were a little lame on the curb and Champagne said that I should have called them little baby dips. Next time.


Ranger is headed off next week to start his physical training program for the armed services (not sure which branch) so keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He shared some powerful words about what F3 has meant to him and how it has prepared him for his challenge ahead. Great encouragement to all.

Modified Deadlifts

YHC was first at Anvil (that had to be a first for me) and waited to see a strong showing of 16 men arrive to enjoy the nice warm 50+ degree weather. Amazingly both site Qs were there, which disposes the myth that Lorax and Brushback are the same person.  Short disclaimer was given.


Mosey down towards the rock pile and circle up.


LLS x 10, Merkins x 10, Mountain climbers x 10, High plank jacks x 10, H2H x 10, all in cadence

Grabbed some rocks and headed to the alley of trees, which I confirmed pre-workout that there were 10.  At each tree did a set of curls and shoulder presses, starting at 2 and increasing by 2 until we hit 20 at the last tree. Turned around and did the same set back, except that we substituted squats and deadlifts.

Headed to the front of the church and the grassy (artificial) knoll. Did lunge walks across the wall, five merkins at the end, plank walk to the other side and then five diamond merkins. Repeated that set 3 times.

Headed to long parking lot right next door. Partnered up.  First partner ran to the end of the parking lot, did 5 burpees, and then ran back while other partner did some Mary (flutter and then Freddie mercury). Finished off with everyone doing one last sprint and 5 more burpees.

Headed to the playground. Partners set of 60 pushups and 100 hand-release merkins. Sadly, ran out of time before anyone could hit that mark and headed back to the launch point after dropping our rocks back off.


It was a great group of men, but everyone started off very quietly.  YHC is not a morning person, so silence always works for me, but a little unusual for this crew. Would have to say that the deadlift set was a bit of a miss for the PAX. Mermaid tried to correct Lorax on his form but was quickly corrected on his own. Perhaps a demonstration was in order.  But, judging by the way my legs feel now, I will likely just skip that exercise next time.

YHC was a bit aggressive on the last set and a time check warning from Mermaid made me quickly realize that 60/100 was not going to happen.  But hey, it was worth a shot.  Starting to feel like this site has some really consistent PAX that I’m sure most were eager to get out after last week’s rain. Everyone gave great effort and there was little complaining even though we pushed ourselves pretty hard.

Always thankful to lead this workout. Keep Red Rocks in your prayers.  He has made great progress over the past few days, but has a long road ahead.


March 9th – Joe Davis Run

March 23 – Dash for Downs & F3 Boone Launch

March 30 – Operation Sweet Tooth Memorial Run

Hammer Curl Time

Showed up this morning to a balmy 43 degrees feeling slightly overdressed. Heard plenty of comments that I didn’t roll in at my usual 5:29am. I didn’t want to stress Mermaid out too much, I guess. Everyone watched as a mysterious white van parked in the lot, which turned out to be Escargot (who might be an Amazon delivery driver on the side). Gave a quick disclaimer a minute late since apparently my Fitbit time is not official. 14 men headed off.


Headed up to Panera parking lot


LSS x 10

IC MC x 10

IC Plank Jack x 10 IC (heard some grumblings)

Merkins x 10 IC

Freddie Mercury x 10 IC

HTH x 10 IC


At shopping center, do 10 hand-release merkins, head up stairwell #1, lunge walk to UBreakIFix sign, run down to stairwell #2 and around – repeat 5 times

Bicep Burn

Mosey over to rock pile on McMahon Dr. Partner up with lifting rock. One partners down to the circle in the shopping center, other partner does a set of biceps then repeat. First set: curls. Second set: hold halfway. Third set: hammer curls (or from middle point to chest).

Picnic Benches

Mosey over to picnic benches. 10 one leg squats (each leg), 20 dips, 20 incline merkins. Repeat 3 times Finale Run to short ramps on parking deck. Do 5 burpees at each turn. Circle up for some mary (LBCs and flutter). Find wall. Do set of 10 donkey kicks / 10 carolina dry docks / 10 monkey humpers. Wall sit. 15 of each. Head back to launch.


Great group of men out today. Always motivating when 55+ year-olds are leading the pack like Checkpoint and Snuka do. Mermaid brought his “A” game for sure, which I think is related some anger he was releasing based on a couple of stories I overheard he share about getting hit by a car and also breaking his cell phone. Random coincidence on the UBreakItIFix set. I did some scouting to find that milestone marker and apparently Mermaid was there yesterday getting his phone fixed. Accountants were well represented, which leaves no excuses for the rest of you slackers considering the time of year. Haze also made the claim that he’s at Centurion “pretty much every week”, which I challenged and will start to monitor more closely.

That bicep set was killer, which I stole from Snowflake. There was some mumble chatter as to whether my “hammer curl” call was legit since we only had one rock, but I think everyone got the point. Tried to avoid triceps since they were toast after Wednesday’s Anvil workout (thanks to Udder). Wanted to do one more rep of that last set but ran out of time. Next time.

Always an honor.


Clothes collection for F3 Chimbote Mission Trip. Next week is last chance to bring your clothes, shoes, luggage, etc.

Praise that Cooter’s knee infection lead to an additional surgery that helped remove some lingering cancel cells. Continue to pray for his full recovery.

Joe Davis Run for Recovery 03/09/2019. All money to benefit Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC. The race is in Fort Mill, SC and has historically had very strong F3/FIA support. Please consider supporting. Run, Sleep in for the Cause, Sponsor. Check it out HERE

No rain, but some pain

The threat of rain seemed to scare off some of the Anvil regulars, but 8 of us were up to the task and ready to go.  YHC was a bit under the weather, but Lorax explained that shouting exercises in cold rain was great cold therapy so that was good enough for me.  Runstopper was feeling my pain too, but that didn’t stop him from posting.  True champion. I drove around the property before the workout to see if there was any cover, but none was found so I figured we would have to brave the elements. Gave a brief disclaimer and we were off.

The Thang:

COP: IW x 15 IC / LSS x 15 IC / SSH x 15 IC / Mountain Climbers x 15 IC / Shoulder taps x 15 IC / Peter Parker x 15 IC

Moseyed to the playground for a little triple nickel: 5 pull-ups, 5 burpees (run to cones and back) 5 times

Ran to the alley of trees for a unique set of 1 lunge + 1 merkin + 1 heels to heaven, then 2+2+2, then 3+3+3 and so on until we reached the end of the alley. Did plank exercises to wait for 6.

Went to hot box and did 10 steps ups, 10 dips, 10 derkins, run to light pole and back for 3 times.  Did some wall sits.

Ran all-you-got to the rock pile for a quick set up curls, shoulder presses, and rock merkins.

Ran back to the launch site.


No announcements, but just continued prayers for Cooter and Jennings Palmer.

When YHC woke up and checked the radar, it looked like it was going to be a complete rain fest, but it turned out to be perfect weather for a workout.  Although I was sad that some of normal Pax was missing, it was nice to find a group of guys who were all not afraid of some side-straddle hops.  Heard some mumble chatter about my last Q at Anvil and the lunge pain, so I was excited to bring back some more of that.  I had no idea how high we would get to in the alley of the trees, but my guess of 15 was about right on the number.  Hammer, Lorax, and Mermaid took the lead most of the morning, but everyone brought their A game.  I really enjoyed the smaller group, which was a change for me as Q.

As always, it was a pleasure to lead this group and I’m so thankful for this fellowship.


Tax Season Birthday Beatdown

15 (not 14) men gathered for some fun at Anvil.  This was my first Q at this AO, which was my FNG post almost two years ago.  Lorax and Mermaid brought me then so it was awesome that they were both there today. Not sure why it took me so long to Q here, but it was great to finally be able to be the architect of the workout over this expansive property.  Speaking of Lorax, it was his birthday today (38) so I knew I had to bring it.

Did a quick disclaimer and then a slow jog so Scabby could catch up as always.

The Thang

Ran to the abyss of parking spots


SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Low-slow-squat x 15 IC

Mountain climber x 20 IC

Peter Parker x 20 IC

Moseyed over to one of the parking lot sections.  Short lunge walk from one side to the other, then 20 merkins, lunge walk back to the other side, 19 merkins, lunge walk back, 18 merkins… and so on until 1.

Headed over to the far parking lot and lined up at the end line for a massive suicide, which included 10 Carolina Dry Docks at each island, and 10 squats at the end line.

Ran to the rock pile and picked up a ¨lifting rock¨. Worked the following set:

20 curls

20 shoulder presses

20 tricep extensions

Run over to play ground

10 pull ups

10 burpees

Repeat 3 times

Circled up for Mary – 20 flutters while holding rock in air, 20 american hammers w/ rock, 20 heels to heaven, 20 dolly while holding rock in air, 20 freddie mercuries

Headed back to launch and closed us out in prayer.


I did not really anticipate the pain of the lunge walking to start the workout, but it set a good tone.  The PAX was strong as always and Rachel, Lorax, Purell, and Mermaid were front-runners as expected.  Tried to get a full-body bootcamp workout as beach season is not too far away.  Haze was a little uncomfortable that I stared him down for the entire COP, but I tried to avoid the rotating exercise thing this morning.  Sorry about that. Huge kudos for Lorax getting out to post.  Tax season is killing him right now, but he was a trooper to join the party even after just a few hours of sleep.  It was a great honor to lead and look forward to my next Q at Anvil.



Mission Uprising at Camp Harrison on May 3-5th

Speed for Need races coming up soon

Get on Slack – contact Mermaid with questions

Pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, as they continue the fight against his cancer. A Day Zero service is being held on April 19th at 7:30PM at Uptown Church.

Storm Trooper Olympics

Had a mediocre turnout for the 5AM trash pick-up, but what we lacked in numbers we made up for with effort.  Thanks to Margo, Lorax, Utah, Thunder Road, and Udder for pitching in. The prize find was a storm trooper Halloween mask (check twitter for the pic).  Strangely, the last time I was Q at Centurion we also had a trash pick-up so not sure what to make of that.  Have to say that bending down to pick up trash was not kind to my hammies which were still sore from the Wednesday pain fest at Anvil.

Did a quick disclaimer that mumble chatter seemed to indicate was overly polite so I will have to work on that in the future.

The Thang

Ran to the lower parking lot behind the football stadium.


Low-slow-squat x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mountain climber x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Moseyed over to the corner of the stadium to run a set around the stadium, stopping at each corner for 10 hand-release merkins with lunge walk on the short sides.  Repeat with diamond merkins, but no lunge walk.

Went over to the handrails and did the following set 3 times oyo:

10 pullups

20 incline merkins

30 dips

Next set was the triple tower.  Run up first tower for 10 carolina dry docks, back down to handrails for 10 pull-ups, same set up the second tower and third tower.  Last set was run up the short ramp all the way to the top and finish with 10 cdd.

Some mary at the top:

25 x FM IC

25 x LBC IC

25 x Flutter IC

Finished with 3 events:

Standing long jump race halfway across the deck

Low plank to failure

2 minutes of old fashion sit-ups

Ran back to launch lot.


Great work by the PAX that was 17 strong.  Mad props to Lorax for winning gold in the standing long-jump race, Champagne for edging out Marconi in the low-plank show-down (very impressive for both), and Udder for standing on top of the podium for the sit-up challenge.  I tried to get in some extra pull-up work this week as that is a oft-forgotten exercise in this AO and it balances out all of the merkin work we usually do.  Glad that everyone wore gloves because those bars were definitely frozen.

It’s great to see this group continue to show up week-in and week-out and it was an honor to lead the PAX today.


CPR Training 2/17/18 – They are looking for sign-ups and Centurion could use a few more guys certified as only Udder is currently certified out of the 17 today.

Brolympics coming soon – communication can be found on that somewhere I’m sure.

Pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, as they continue the fight against his cancer

VQ Field of Dreams

31 men showed up at Centurion this AM. There was a line of cars pulling in at 5:25AM ready to see what this VQ had to offer, which reminded me of what Kevin Costner witnessed from his family farm in the greatest movie of all time (at least for any Iowan like myself). Gave a brief disclaimer (graded as a C by Hops – but as a fellow Wake alum he knows all about grade deflation) and we were off.


Took a scenic route off-campus to an office parking lot about .7 miles away

COP – all in cadence

IW x 10

LSS x 10

Alt Leg Lunges x 20

Merkin x 10

Peter Parker x 10

Parker Peter x 10

Freddie Mercury x 20

H2H x 10

10 burpees OYO

Hill Work

Short mosey over to parking lot in next to big hill. Did sprints to bottom of hill 10 x merkins, up to top of hill 10 x merkins, back down to bottom 10 x merkins and then sprint back. Next set was 10 carolina dry docks, then 10 jump squats then 5 burpees

Ran back towards football stadium, partnered up. Shuffled the length of the football stadium to the bottom parking lot.

Partner Work

Partner #1 did a lunge walk the length of the parking lot and sprinted back. Partner #2 did incline merkins, dips, and pull-ups on ramp railing.  Goal was to get to 200 merkins, 200 dips, and 100 pull-ups together. After a few rotations, YHC calls the exercise off early as most teams had completely lost track of their count.

Garage Work

Did a modified suicide run up the ramp, coming back half way, and then all the way back. Ended with some more Mary (dolly and flutter) and then all-you-got back to the launch point for some COT.


Really enjoyed my VQ experience with this great PAX, especially with lots of men who were at Anvil when I first posted almost a year ago. Big group to manage for my first go-round, but the energy was great and I didn’t hear too much grumbling. Time flew by and modifications and an audible had to be made accordingly. I was too busy trying to keep track of time to notice who killed it, but great efforts all-around.

I know now to avoid higher-level math in the future so as to not cause trouble for the non-accountants in this PAX.

T-caps to everyone who pitched in to help with the site clean-up at 5AM (Margo, Lorax, Hops, Abacus, Van Pelt and others). It was the cleanest clean-up I have ever participated in so I’m guessing students have been serving detentions outside recently.


Convergence at Calvary at 7AM tomorrow, includes 3 citations from solders who died in battle and 100 burpees in silence. Should be incredible.

JRR Tolkien announced that about $29k has been raised for Speed-4-Need. Amazing.

Also, congrats to Tool Bag for his soon-to-be new baby!