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World Record Pace

Swift in a Parking Deck?  Only possible with Tuesday Week 4 of Sprints and Form drills.


  • 0500 – Prerun in the gloom.  With the threat of rain, this was a small group.  Strava tells us that it was Bunker & Woodson with Mario & Erector in pursuit.  And while they were running, YHC was in the basement of a deck marking out 30, 50, and 100m.
  • 0515 – We’re headed where?  We can be covered from the threat of rain?  Why yes, let’s head over to the Ballantyne Village deck.  Without immediate rain, we took the long route to get in over 1mi before arriving at the deck.
  • 0525 – No funny stuff of laying on the ground in the parking deck.  For some reason it feels much dirtier in the deck because rain never washes stuff away, so we’re not doign scorpions or anything else on the back / stomach for warm-up this time.  Just the usual heels, toes, high knees, butt kicks.
  • 0530 – Form drills:
  • 50m Sprints x 2
  • 100m Sprints x 6 with long recovery down to the end of the deck and around the long way.
  • To the top of the deck – using the lower level “half ramp”, we’ll sprint the West direction and recover on the East direction up to the top of the deck.
  • At the top of the deck realizing there is no rain, let’s do Dynamic Cooldown with:
    • Walking Quad Stretch
    • Walking Piorformis Stretch
    • Frankensteins (walking hamstring stretch)
    • Perhaps some other stuff to loosen back up from the Max effort sprints
  • Mosey back to COT down the deck and a long path tracing most of the way that got us here.
  • 0615 – COT

The Moleskin:

  • It’s not often that we run into Bagpipe, but this was one day when we crossed paths in the deck.  Thought for sure there would be a collision at some point while we were in the long sprints, but they either took off by then or the timing was just perfect.
  • Good to know that parking deck bottom level is a dry (and mostly NOT dusty) place for Sprints and Drills.  It’s probably 125m long on the lower deck, so while it’s not that long, it met our purposes today.  Also, zero traffic from cars.
  • Many Swift regulars were not sure what to expect with Sprints and Drills, for last month’s session followed the P200 that many Swift regulars took part in.  And of the PAX there last month everyone except for Cheddar decided to take a pass this time.  That means YHC is not sure if anyone is going to show up week 4 in May!  However, something tells me that we’ll be doing something slightly different in terms of drills and distance, and also something to prevent “Honey Beeing” – just ask Haggis about the end of some of Honey Bee’s time trials and if that’s something he would like to improve… It will help us get ready for the 5th Tuesday time trial and other events that day – check out the Announcements for more details.
  • Bunker set some personal bests on his GPS watch, but still not World Records – . 1 mile in only 3:51 – try harder! 2 mile in 8:23 – too slow!  5K in 13:19 – getting old!  Still, he’s likely going to create a Strava segment somewhere to make sure he’s always on top of it.


  • Swift will be converging with Fast Twitch on May 29th for a Time Trial of some sorts.  Bratwurst will lead the Warm-up and Time Trial #1, which will occur on the Charlotte Latin track.  Purell and Rachel have been offered to do something competitive with what follows.  And, let’s make sure that Frasier finds the right place to park this time…

Where’s Bratwurst?!

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, so that means time-based intervals.


  • Pre-blast went up on Slack (only) the evening before:
  • 5:15 launch and head toward the MetLife Building
  • 5:25 dynamic stretching where I will not provide tips on form, although watching me can be considered what-not-to-do instruction.
  • 5:30  — 5 minute Threshold Pace intervals, with a 1 minute recovery along N Community House (you can thank @enron for sharing with me his love of 5min intervals)
  • 6:05 head back toward Vine
  • 6:15 COT


The Moleskin:

  • After getting the nod on Monday morning from Bratwurst, YHC decided on 5 minute intervals with a 1 minute recovery.  However, after arriving back at COT following a pre-run, Bunker had whipped the Pax into a frenzy about too short of a recovery, so, as a man of the people, YHC adjusted to 2 minute recovery.  Following some additional comments, we headed toward N.Community House.
  • Very strong work from a big group today.  Most of us got in 4 rounds of intervals, and some of the more ambitious pax managed a 5th round on the way back to COT.


  • Swift will continue to rotate Qs, and Bratwurst pointed out that today was proof that “anyone” can Q Swift.

Watch Your Step!


16 men gathered this morning at Dromedary.  The rain finally stopped but we had some wet conditions to deal with.  I did my best to keep the Pax out of the grass, mud and puddles but there were a lot of call outs for everyone to Watch Their Step!

Here’s what went down:


  • Side Straddle Hop x 25
  • Potato Picker x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 20
  • Hillbilly x 20
  • Plank Jack x 20


  • Head down the street in front of the school. Burpees at each light pole.  1 Burpee at the first light pole, 2 Burpees at the second, 3 at the third, and so on…
  • Mosey to the benches between the tennis courts. Partner up – partner 1 Step Up while partner 2 runs down the sidewalk and back.  Flap Jack.  100 total Step Ups.
  • Mosey to the back of the school (wall). On the way do Burpees at each light pole.  1 Burpee at the first pole, 2 Burpees at the second, 3 at the third, and so on…
  • Grab some wall – Shoulder Press in cadence x 40, Jabs in cadence x 40 (thanks Abacus for counting!)
  • Donkey Kicks x 20
  • Mosey to the picnic tables
  • Partners again – Partner 1 Dips while partner 2 runs along sidewalk to the road and back. Flap jack.  100 total Dips
  • Off to the rock pile. Each man gets a lifting rock.
    • Circle up with rocks
      • 20 Curls, 20 Tricep press, 20 Overhead Press
      • 15 Curls, 15 Tricep press, 15 Overhead Press
      • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep press, 10 Overhead Press
      • After each set we put the rocks down and stepped one space to our left.
    • Rocks back to the pile
    • Parking lot suicides. At each line do 5 Merkins and then 1 Burpee on the return.
    • The Finale – Parking lot suicides up the hill. Run to each tree and back.



I always enjoy working out with such a great group of guys.

  • There was an Abacus sighting – great to see him back!
  • Apparently, Boucher had a “procedure” done so he can no longer reproduce. Goodfella created a nice awkward moment by asking Boucher how his “private parts” were doing.
  • We didn’t scare Cyrus off on Monday as he was back this morning putting in a great effort. That guy gets after it!  Our elite crew that is normally at the front of the pack (guys like Dasher, Goodfella, Hollywood, Bottlecap, etc..) may have some new company in Cyrus!
  • I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jingles 2 times already this week!

It was a great effort by all!  Thanks to Goodfella for taking us out with a prayer!

The PAX: Foundation, Deflated, Erector, Xerox (R), Delta, Jingles, Hooch, Dasher, Goodfella, The Grease Monkey (R), Cyrus, Shake N Bake, Mad Dog, Boucher, Abacus (R), Rockwell


  • Need some Q’s for Dromedary.  Who is going to step up?
  • Don’t forget Floater in Waxhaw tomorrow morning.

Just for Attendance…

As this was a week old, and posted after the following week’s Backblast, it will be used as an attendance record for the most part.  What was recalled is that the hills of Ballantyne Corp Place were used over intervals of:

  • 5 minutes hard (a.k.a. Interval pace / VO2Max), 4 minutes recovery
  • 4/3
  • 3/2
  • 2/1
  • 2/1
  • 3/2
  • 4/3

The last 5min was skipped due to “time running out”.

Total time at VO2Max Pace was 23min.  Total time the previous week over same pace intervals on flat ground was 20minutes (5 x 4min intervals).  Progression – check!

Cobains if you aren’t on Strava or your name isn’t Paper Jam.  Otherwise, your attendance will have to be recorded in the Comments and I can update list of PAX later.

Strava Perfect Attendance!

12 PAX headed off from the Vine Parking lot at 0515 on Tuesday into a mosey over to the very familiar Bull Ring.  2 PAX surprised us there to round out our merry band this morning.  1 PAX was REALLY late.


  • Preblast was “Slack-blasted” only – apologies for those looking to for instructions.
  • 0500 – 5 or 6 PAX were moving in full head to toe clothing.  Temps must be low.
  • 0515 – 12 PAX leave the parking lot on a mosey over to the Bull Ring’s putting green.  2 more PAX find us there.
  • 0525 – Warm-up exercises of Penguins, Giraffes, Hyenas, Donkeys, A-skip for distance, A-skip for height, B-skips
  • 0535ish – go over final workout instructions and start 3 rounds of:
    • 200m at Repetition Pace (a.k.a. 1 mile race pace, find yours at, 200m recovery
    • 200m at Repetition Pace, 200m recovery
    • 600m at Repetition Pace (or 2:00 max), 600m recovery and regroup the pack
  • 0605 – finish round 3 and head back to Vine on a long mosey
  • 0615 – COT with Bagpipe

The Moleskin:

  • Last month for distance-based intervals, PAX took on 3200m of intervals in the form of 8 x 400m.  So, with only 3000m this week (3x(200+200+600)), it should be easier, right?  Wrong!  If you aren’t using the 200m intervals to relax and get the speed right, it’s not impossible to do 1 round of the 600m at the same speed, but you’ll suffer on the next round.  YHC found that to be true and needed additional recovery (i.e. bending over, gasping for air, nearly dry heaves, walking around for a bit) after the 600m #2 & #3. So, next time, YHC will need to be better about looking at the watch for the opening intervals instead of just going with the flow of the PAX or how you feel.
  • We’re losing the Six – where did the Six go?  It’s not that they were left behind, but that there was very little separation from front to back today.  PAX were in a tight group this morning and it was easy to get in 3 rounds in because it didn’t take long to regroup.
  • Citgo was rocking some :35 second 200m intervals and let it go with a couple of 1:54 600m intervals.  Both hovering below 5:00/mi pace.
  • Haggis, back from a run last week where he got so frustrated with his shoes, he discarded them and ran in his socks on the roads of the British Isles, was happy to have shoes on and mad enough to not let Bunker take the inside lane (we saw that move around him Haggis, but we’ll withold the DQ until the official time trial).
  • Bunker, Depth Charge, Enron, and Woodson formed the Peloton today and had very good consistency in the 5:20-5:30/mi pace range.  They are definitely the benchmark for PAX who put in the work week after week and show continual gains.  Enron is looking for a trail race that you have to qualify for instead of the Boston Marathon – pretty sure that means he just volunteered to be the first F3 PAX from Charlotte (perhaps anywhere) to attempt the Barkley “Marathons”.
  • Erector & Meatloaf were close together in the 6:00-6:20/mi pace range for the intervals, and both opted for the full 600 every time.
  • Das Boot – starting to have an on-time record approaching Bratwurst and Gumbo territory, he’ll need to learn that the 0500 start time is so that you’re never late (for the 0515 start time).  Showing off some speed in the 200s with 6:00/mi paces!
  • Cheddar – full key ring jingling today while tapering for the Smoky Mountain Relay this weekend, he never hit the Lap button, but a detailed look into Strava showed he wasn’t taking it easy.  Good luck Cheddar!
  • Wait a freakin’ second???  Was this workout not hard enough for Frasier, Thin Mint, and Mario, so that they had to sneak in an extra round while the rest of the PAX were moseying back to the Vine?  Check it here.  Sure does seem like it.  Hats off to them.  And not exactly slow either.  Apparently, it was Thin Mint’s idea – Frasier took the bait and Mario never met a challenge he could pass up.
  • And how did we know all of this today – all 14 PAX were on Strava!  Now, if Fredo would have been there, and he should have been after asking about the last 3 workouts, we might not have had perfect Strava attendance (unless I’m missing Fredo tracking on Strava), but it’s great to see the PAX there use Strava as a tool to look back at workouts, track consistency, know improvement, and have goals within a workout instead of just “running by feel” – which apparently Woodson “felt” 🙁 an extra something this morning – don’t know how it came out…
  • Late breaking news…Gumbo was really late


  • Next week at Swift = form drills for running really fast, including starts, and intervals of 200m or less.  Great workout for practicing your run form, getting to 100% exertion with the right amount of recovery, and getting in 4-5miles.
  • Timekeeper agenda for next 6-8 weeks is the discussion of the book “Extreme Ownership”.  Book chapters 2 (No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders) and 3 (Believe) will be lead by Thin Mint and Citgo.

If you turn early, there’s HILL to pay!

20 PAX set off into a rather pleasant Tuesday morning last week – 55 degrees, light 7mph wind.  I wish “this” Spring would last forever.  No more Gloom!


  • 0500 – The prerun has returned!  And it left people in the parking lot because they were punctual.  Atlas led the charge on the Warm-up that was not an easy run (as it should be, in order to let YHC catch up), and they picked up another late PAX Gumbo on the way.
  • 0515 – The PAX have returned and brought new recruits!  Paper Jam was there after an EH over Slack on there being no sprinting, and another fine gentleman, a true FNG, found us after sticking his head out of the Courtyard by Marriott just in time (imagine if he found Bagpipe first…).   We set on a mosey over to the back porch of Metlife and arrived with ample time before the planned convergence there at 0525.
  • 0524 – Commence warm-up exercises of the usual Heels, Toes, High Knees, and Butt Kicks.  Ran out of runway to get in the “new” A-Skips that we built up to last week, so we’ll have to repeat get those in next time.
  • 0530 –
    • Route – head North on N Community House towards Endhaven.  After the interval, circle back for the Six on the sidewalk (not in the road with traffic) and continue on the route.  Don’t cross over to the other side of the road until the Q gives instruction to.  If, during an Interval, you see the leaders coming towards you on the opposite side of the road (which means they hit the turn around point), choose a safe time to cross over instead of running all the way to the turn around point.
    • Intervals – 4:00 at Interval pace (a.k.a. VO2Max, 2mile race pace – find yours at )
    • Recovery – 3:00 jog to regroup
    • Rounds – 5x
  • 0615 – be back at the Vine for COT

The Moleskin:

  • Things started off so well.  Not many questions, everyone seemed to understand the route, intervals (effort level – explained it should take 2 minutes to get to maximum Heartrate), and recovery, but then 1 minute into the plan, it started unraveling.  Itch (speedy guy, but only 2nd time out) was trying to keep up with a rested Citgo and a recovering Frasier, and 1 minute into the first interval, his breathing said “I’m getting fried”, though his pace stayed strong for at least the first 3:30 before a slight fade.  He paid for that mistake later, but he will learn and be back.
  • Then, as the leaders circled back on the sidewalk, PAX could be seen darting across to the other side of the road (see instructions above to continue towards Endhaven) and running away from the Q.  With mutiny / hard of hearing PAX starting to bail so early, there was nothing left to do but try to catch up to them, and then make them pay by starting the next Interval on the maximum upslope back down Community House.
  • Uneventful Interval #3, but because we were still “off” from #1, #4 Interval was back up the Hill again.  However, instead of trying an Out & Back for Interval #5, we headed back towards Premier, “aloft” (not “A-loft” a MT had suspected, but to be honest, YHC has no idea of the proper pronunciation), and we ended in time before SPX.
  • So, it was a then a mosey back to COT through the fitness trail / Lochness cutoff and arrived before 0615 today, just in time.
  • Was the FNG’s name Baywatch?  Think so, something about being from the Tampa Bay area.  Said he would check out other sites while in town, but not sure if that happened or not.
  • Timekeeper was a great conversation with about 10-12 PAX in attendance, and we made the decision to start discussing the book “Extreme Ownership” starting on 4/17.  Haggis will lead the Intro and Chapter 1 on 4/17, and most PAX may be taking in the Audio Book version which is a free trial on  Audio version evidently has good production and is narrated by the authors.  Here is a video preview – 


  • Swift on 4/10 is the 2nd Tuesday of the month, which means Hills!  With the first edition last month being near Max effort up Hills, this month will focus on even effort Up hill and Down hill at same effort level as last week (Interval pace, VO2Max).  Now, what most are dreading, YHC will relieve you.  It will not be in the Ballantyne Country Club, and it won’t be the 2/1/30 intervals, but it won’t be Easy.  If you want to set your watch, go for the following: 5:00 on/4:00 off, 4/3, 3/2, 2/1, and then back up – 2/1, 3/2, 4/3, 5/4.  We’ll use the entire length of the bike-laned Ballantyne Corporate Place, and the Warm-up will take us to the top of Bagpipe Hill over Hwy 521.



Preblast – Turn at the Six

PAX will launch from the Clubhouse at Millbridge at 0515 on Thursday to run for the border on the weekly workout known as Pursuit.

Tuck’s original PreBlast calls for 3 x 12min at Threshold Pace with 3min recovery tomorrow.

Here’s the plan:

  • 0515 – Warm-up from Millbridge Clubhouse over to Ridgehaven: Right out of Clubhouse, Left on Kensington sidewalk, Left on Ridgehaven until about 1mile or 10 minutes.
  • 0525 – Start the 12 minute Threshold Pace by continuing on Ridgehaven the entire way – here’s the route = 6minutes, U-turn and head back to where we started.  At the end of 12 minutes, recover for 3 minutes (jog, walk, stand around) before we go again.
  • Repeat for 3 rounds total.
  • If we stay right on the clock, we’ll finish Interval #3 right about 0607, so we will likely have an early turnaround in the middle of #3 in order to finish farther back up Ridgehaven closer to Kensington to get in the last recovery and finish back at the Clubhouse by 0615.

See you in the Gloom,




Sprinting 101

10 PAX at Swift got introduced to the newest installment of the monthly rotation workouts at Swift – the 4th Tuesday of the month = Sprints.

The Thang:

  • Preblasted as simply “Venue will be the straights of Rushmore Dr.  More warm-up than usual with extra drills to get the form right.  These will be AYG sprints starting short (50m) and going up to at least 200m.  A LOT of recovery in between each.”
  • 0500 – Depth Charge came chugging past YHC along Rushmore Dr whilst YHC was laying out the cones, so apparently he didn’t get the memo to sleep in an avoid the extra warm-up.
  • 0515 – 10 PAX thought it was time to leave the Vine parking lot and find out what this Sprinting was all about.
  • 0525 – Arrive at Rushmore Dr and Harney after 1.0mile warm-up mosey.  Commence the 5minute Runner’s World Warm-up (including all of the stupid stuff on the ground while trying to not get hit by cars) –
  • 0530 – Sprinting Form drills that took some practice to explain (which was after the preparation at home), and then explanation to the PAX, and then practice to demonstrate, and still not sure if we got them right.  They consisted of two times through each approximately 30 yards then mosey back to start.  Here were the progressions with video links to each:
  • 0545 – After getting the rhythm and form for the Sprints, we’re ready to practice:
    • 50m Sprint x 4 (run through the line, slow down, and jog back to start for approx 100mrecovery)
    • 100m Sprint x 2 (run through the line, jog to 150m mark, and jog back to start for approx 200m recovery)
    • 200m Sprint (run through the line, hands on knees if you need to catch your breath!, jog to 300m mark, and jog back to start for approx 400m recovery)
    • Repeato for two times total through the 4×50, 2×100, 200
  • 0610ish – Head back to COT
  • 0615ish – COT


  • Turns out this would be a great workout for anyone doing just Bootcamps and that doesn’t “like” running.  So, if running for an hour intimidates you, but you want to get faster and develop more Power in your running, come to Swift every week!  🙂     Or, just try starting with this workout next time we run it – 4th Tuesday of the Month.  This one will stay in the rotation – it will be low miles, but you can always make those up somewhere else!
  • Getting the basic mechanics down for Sprinting takes education and practice.  I’m no expert, but I’m willing to try.  Perhaps the most revealing for me was the “stepping over the knee” motion that the driving leg AND foot take over the standing knee.  The final video up there for A-Skips talks about this well.   Also thoughts like “tracing the shins”, “pushing the ground away”, and “running in high grass”.
  • Amazing that PAX came to this workout after the P200 the previous weekend including Itch (Site FNG), Madame Tussauds, Cheddar, Tootie, Madison, and Fire Hazard.
  • The slacker crew of Legal Zoom, Das Boot, and Depth Charge weren’t really slackers, but if you had to make comparisons, you would have to say they were more well rested…


  • Time-based intervals at Swift tomorrow.  Will be lengthening the Work Interval and the Recovery Interval over last month to 4 minutes Interval Pace (VO2 Max,, 3 minutes to recover the PAX.  Venue is North Community House.

PreBlast – 3x(5+5+3)

No, this isn’t one of those Math Riddles on Facebook to get you to remember the Order of Operations (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) and solve the math problem above, it’s the PreBlast for Pursuit.

Recall Tuck’s PreBlast schedule for a Lower Lactacte Threshold (and burning more calories than Floater workout):

PreBlast: In Pursuit of a Lower Lactate Threshold

Tomorrow is Thursday, March 29th, so we have a schedule for:

  • 0515 – depart the Millbridge clubhouse and run the loop for the day (Nesbit Park backward!!!).  This means heading out of the Millbridge parking lot, turn RIGHT on Millbridge Parkway, cross the covered bridge, turn Right on Bridgewick Rd, turn Right on Nesbit Park Rd, through the culdesac onto the gravel road back to Millbridge Parkway, turn Right on Millbridge Parkway back to the Clubhouse.  After running the loop at least once, gather for instructions.
  • 0525 – Lactate Threshold Pace ( )  for 10minutes (will be done as Out 5 minutes, Back 5 minutes) and 3 minute Rest / jog.
  • Repeat for 3 rounds total.
  • 0615 – COT


  • If you run a consistent pace, you’ll end up the interval at the same place you started the interval (because we turn around half way).  Even if you run a 4:00/mi pace, you’ll end up at the same spot at a 10:00.mi pace runner.  No one gets left behind!
  • If you have a watch that can create simple Interval programs, set it for 10 minute work, 3 minute rest.  Repeat 3 times.
  • OR—
  • If you have a watch that can create custom workouts, set it for 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes.  Repeat 3 times.


Race Track 400s

Third Tuesday of the month at Swift gave 14 PAX a taste of the Swift Distance-based Intervals on the oval known as the Blakeney Brixham Green.


  • 0500 – small group – must be taper week as Fire Hazard, Bunker, Depth Charge, and Bratwurst get in some extra warmup.
  • 0515 – 13 PAX head out from the Vine and towards the Blakeney Brixham Green.  Mosey around the Green getting a preview of the cones setup every 100m for the 400m course.  What’s that flashing cone for?
  • 0525 – warm-up exercises and drills
  • 0530 – two options for the workout, but the PAX only took one (but there were some modifications of one):
    • 400m at Repetition Pace (1 mile race pace), 400m jog recovery
    • Repeat until 0605 with a goal of 8 total intervals
  • 0605 – mosey to gather the PAX and pickup the cones, head back to the Vine
  • 0615 – despite getting back a few minutes early, PAX didn’t see a need to make themselves look busy when the Bagpipe PAX arrived.  Work for the day had been done.
  • 0630 – Madame Tussauds brought a great topic to F3-Timekeeper (each week 0630 at the Einstein’s Bagels across the street) of “Feedback” at work and home.  Good discussion and perspectives among the PAX.


  • First time for Distance-based intervals during the new monthly format of different types of workouts on a monthly rotation at Swift.  Rotation for Tuesdays begins with the 1st Tuesday of the Month – 1) Time-based, 2) Hills, 3) Distance-based, 4) Drills and Sprints, 5) Time Trial.
  • The Brixham Green was not a venue that we have used in a while.  While it is a good 800m distance, a couple of sharp corners (sometimes with sprinklers), speed bumps, and slight elevation make it a challenge to get in a fair interval.  This week had the added challenge of early morning workers chain smoking and flooding the Green with air quality issues.  However, with a 400m that is largely composed of a 200m straightaway, one curve, and then a finishing straight, it makes for a good 400m venue at any speed.
  • The goal was an interval at 1 mile race pace (Repetition pace from, which calls for a same distance jogging recovery after each interval.  Time-wise, the recovery is almost 2x the “work” interval.  With a measured course, and a special flashing cone start line, the intervals are predictable and can be directly compared one to the next as long as you use a simple stopwatch with a lap button.  No fancy GPS watch needed for these to get good feedback.
  • At some point of the morning, what we thought was a surprising runner also running the Brixham Green (never spotted one before), was actually Olaf finding the PAX and jumping right in.
  • Some PAX running the P200 later in the week either took a break after 1/2 or 2/3 through the workout, or just took it easier on the intervals.  Taper suggestions at the beginning seem to be followed with “keep the intensity, cut the duration” meaning that it’s OK during a race week to keep up the intensity that you’re used to (those target paces), but either allow for more recovery, less number of intervals, or just shorter intervals.
  • Cheddar did his best to confuse the PAX and run the loop backwards for parts.  Only he knew that he was saving it for later in the week when his driver duties turned into emergency replacement runner duties several times during the P200.
  • Kotters to Depth Charge!  He had a valid excuse of GRADUATING Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) last weekend after a 10 week program in Quantico, VA, but says he now needs F3 to get back in shape… doesn’t seem right, but we’re going with it.  With that high and tight haircut, it’s hard to tell if he’s not in shape.  Sure didn’t seem like it as he kept up with Citgo and Frasier most of the morning.


  • Sprint work 4th Tuesday at Swift!  Venue will be the straights of Rushmore Dr.  More warm-up than usual with extra drills to get the form right.  These will be AYG sprints starting short (50m) and going up to at least 200m.  A LOT of recovery in between each.
  • Timekeeper topic this week will be the Palmetto 200.  Bring your humorous stories (trying to figure out what “chocobutt” is…), what NOT to do next time (cheese puffs and potato strings), challenges, victories / goals met, and other inspirational moments! 0630 at Einsteins.