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Dromedary Wamrap

A Small, but dedicated, group showed up for the monthly Dromedary Wamrap today.  After much convincing (and some yelling), that there is an alternate rock pile near the track, I was able to get the pax to follow me up to the school to begin our warmup.  Much to everyone’s surprise, we found the covert pile allowing everyone to grab a rock and carry them to either stations 3 or 6.

The Warmup

Mosey from the launch to the school

Pickup a rock along the way and carry it to station 3 or 6

20 side straddle hops

15 imperial walkers

10 low slow quats

10 mountain climbers

10 cotton pickers

The Thang

In our normal monthly tradition, the Wamrap rules were set (without needing the aid of my handy Weinki that was tucked in my pocket for emergencies) and everyone was on there way.  A special thanks goes to Goodfella for providing the outline for the workout.

The stations consisted of

1 – 20 Dips – followed by a bear crawl to the wall

2 – 20 donkey kicks

3 – 20 curls

4 – WWII situps

5 – 20 merkins

6 – 20 overhead press

7 – 1 burpee / lap

One Star led the way, finishing up with 6 full laps and 2 stations of round 7.   All members of the Pax worked hard on a nice chilly morning with everyone finishing at least 4 laps.   Extra credit to The Grease Monkey for carrying his rock around the track each lap and still hitting the 4+ lap mark


One Star – 6.2

Boucher – 6

Boytano – 5.7

Lazy Boy – 5.7

Pocohontas – 5.7

Illiterate (FNG) – 5.6

Johnny Utah – 5.6

Dana – 5.4

Garbage Plate – 5.4

Rockwell – 5.4

The Grease Monkey 4.5 ** (while carrying a rock around the track)


We want to keep Mrs. Johnny Utah in our prayers as she continues to work through various back issues that continue to plague her.  We also want to keep our brother Huggie Bear in our prayers as he goes into surgery next week for recently discovered brain turmors.

We also want to welcome our newest F3 member, Illiterate.  If he got nothing else out of the workout this morning, he’ll certainly think twice before answering the question “what type of books do you like to read”.  If ever asked that question again, I suspect he won’t answer it with “I don’t read”.  Welcome Illiterate!!


Beautiful morning for a nice mix of lifting, running, and a little lagniappe mixed in for good measure

Lagniappe – a Cajun creole term that essentially means a little something extra, which was the theme for the day.  After disclaiming the Pax (19 total, with 1 FNG) and strongly suggesting trying to keep up today as it would be beneficial to all, we were off:

The Warmup:

Stroll around the parking lot

25 Side Straddle Hops

15 Low Slow Squats

15 Mountain Climbers

20 Imperial Walkers

20 Cotton Pickers

The Thang:

After our nice warmup, we partnered up and partner 1 hit the rock pile, while partner 2 planked it up.  First, we started with 200 chest presses total, with partner 1 pressing, and partner 2 running up to the top of the parking lot hill and doing 4 BBBs (Big Boy Burpees).  Then the Lagniappe came into play, for every group that finished behind mine, we did a burpee – 7 in total after round 1.

Next, we did 100 squat thrusts in total, with partner 1 thrusting, and partner 2 running to top of the hill to do Carolina dry docks.  The pax got the hint regarding the lagniappe, and sped it up (or I got slower) and we did 5 lagniappe burpees in round 2.  Next, we did 200 curls in total, with partner 1 curling and partner 2 running to top of the hill to do jump squats.  The pax slowed a bit in round 3, which resulted in 7 lagniappe burpees following this round.  Finally, we did 50 rock hand off sit-ups with our partners.  In between each round we added in some additional lagniappe planks, various Mary’s as well as some side straddle hops.  

The rock work was now done, so we moseyed to the side of the school where we did an alternating light pole run which entailed doing 10 merkins at pole 1, then 10 jump squats at pole 2 then alternated to the end.  At the end we planked it up until the 6 arrived.  Next we bear crawled around the world, then did various Mary’s and planks until the pax was done.  Next we we were warned multiple times by Goodfella (aka Big Ben… London reference not the Steelers QB) that time was getting short, maybe since he was so far back in the pax all morning he didn’t notice my watch was functioning properly and we were good on time.  On our way back to the launch we alternated light poles again, with 10 LBCs and 10 Carolina dry docks.  Finally, we moseyed back, finishing right on time with a few Mary’s for good measure.


Q School this Saturday from 6:30 – 830AM Cuthbertson middle school, hour of light workout then an hour of going over Q documentation etc… if you’ve Q’d less than 3 times this is for you or if you just want to learn how to be a better Q, this is for you too

In October there is an F3 Dads camping trip at Cane Creek park, maybe the 21st and 22nd of October, but Bratwurst will confirm the dates at a later time

Finally, let’s remember to be good stewards of the locations that we work out, it’s a privilege for us to be able to use these locations so let’s make sure we take good care of them

With his Polish ancestry and New Jersey roots, our FNG became Knish today.  Welcome Knish, great work today and look forward to seeing you in the future