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Clyent Dinner – Patio Seating available

11 guests opted for the new patio seating area at #ClyentDinner.  Our motto is to be the only best nighttime workout in F3 Waxhaw.  Co-Site Qs Centerfold and Bottlecap have strived to make many improvements but to keep the whining PAX happy, we kept the buffet under cover.


  • 2.6 miles covered
  • Partner work with 200-ish Mike Tysons
  • Tabata with Legs and Chest and complaining
  • 5 animals (Bear Crawl, Frog Jump, Duck Walk, Crab Walk, Bunny Hop)
  • Column work (6 count merkins, Peoples chair stuff)
  • Lots of Mary


  • 11 PAX including 2 2.0s was a great showing for an evening workout
  • Maybe it’s New Year’s resolutions bringing PAX out
  • Maybe it was tough to wake up for this morning’s workouts
  • Whatever it is, this “different” workout is now over a year old
  • It fills a void for some PAX
  • All it takes is for someONE or TWO to step up and try something
  • What workout, project, event, etc. will YOU step up and lead in 2020?  


    • Swarm:  Official Launch.  Dasher on Q.  0515-0615 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Similar to Ignition; 4+ miles.  Bring a headlamp.
    • Diesel:  VQ from Mayhem.  Come show him some love at 0530 at Five Stones for a gear workout.
  • DONATIONS NEEDED:  Bring toothbrushes and toothpaste to a workout for us to donate to Ray of Hope for needy families
  • GLADIATOR:  Saturday Jan 11th 0630-0730 at Marvin Ridge High School.  Gerber is leading this month’s edition of the Black Diamond workout.  Come test yourself.
  • CHRIST’S CLOSET:  Saturday Jan 11th after workouts will be a folding party.  Dana and Shop Dawg will be providing location and more details.
  • NEW YEAR’S GOALS:  One Star shared about his experience down in F3 LowCountry where they opened up a sealed envelope with last year’s goals.  They read them aloud.  One letter stood out from a PAX whose goal it was to “complete 5k” . . . That guy just completed a marathon.  AWESOME stuff.  What goals are you going to put out in front of your F3 brothers so we can hold you accountable?  Is 2020 going to be a year where you ACCELERATE OR COAST?

Thanks to Nails for taking us out!

F3 Waxhaw’s 3rd F goals/strategies for 2020

7 PAX met at Dreamchasers on Thursday night to have beers and get away from wrapping presents brainstorm on what the 3rd F (Faith) means and how F3 Waxhaw should live it out in 2020 and beyond.


  • Deadwood and Bottlecap have stepped up to be the Functional Qs for 3rd F on the F3 Waxhaw Board
  • DW and BC voluntold identified several HIMs (High Impact Man) to participate in a 3rd F Sub-Committee
  • Meeting Goals:
    • Explain what “Faith” means to Banjo
    • Identify priority local charities/ministries that fit into F3 Waxhaw’s DNA
    • Discuss which 3rd F groups should F3 Waxhaw focus to grow
    • Select Site Qs for each area under 3rd F

LOCAL CHARITIES/MINISTRIES/PROJECTS:  The below charities/ministries are what the group identified as our initial priorities.  Are these perfect?  Maybe not.  But let’s put our coordinated efforts behind these few initiatives and see if we can make a difference before we extend ourselves too much.

  • Christ’s Closet
    • Site Qs:  Dana and Shop Dawg
    • What is it?  A local Wesley Chapel charity started by the F3 men of Sanctuary that collects and provides clothes, books, and furniture to the less fortunate
    • How can we partner?  Many local opportunities to provide physical help (ie Folding clothes, sorting) as well as participating at giveaway events.
    • COMING SOON:  A new site coming soon.  Dana and Shop will be leading (Insert Name Here) which will be a sort/fold/fellowship “workout.”  7:30-9:00pm on 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at Christ’s Closet.  Details coming soon.
  • Ray of Hope
    • Site Qs:  Dancing Bear and Bottlecap
    • What is it?  Local charity based out of the Sweet Repeats building in Downtown Waxhaw.
    • How can we partner?  Work with Nicole Jordan, founder, on adhoc requests (ie elderly lawn project, single mom needs help installing washing machine) as well as partnering on their bigger projects (ex. Christmas party, Back to school, Food pantry).
  • Waxhaw Service Projects
    • Site Qs:  Deadwood and Carb Load
    • What is it?  F3 Waxhaw adopted area downtown.  Also, explore partnerships with local schools on cleanup/beautification projects.
    • How can we partner?  Quarterly cleanup projects in downtown.  Adhoc projects with the local schools (ie Mulch, Painting, Career Day)
  • Union County Homeless Shelter
    • Site Qs:  Dancing Bear and ?
    • What is it?  Homeless shelter in Downtown Monroe
    • How can we partner?  Be the MEN to treat the homeless as peers, understand their situation, and to help them take their next step.  Figure out small ways to make  big impact in their lives (ex. Shampoo Crew, Job Fair, Weekend workout, etc.)

3RD F GROUPS:  These groups take F3 to the next level for all PAX.  We are not built to do life by ourselves so this is an opportunity to be vulnerable and realize that we are all broken men that need help as Husbands, Fathers, Son, Friends, Brothers, Neighbors, etc.  #IronSharpensIron

  • Open Door
    • Site Q:  Bottlecap and ?
    • What is it?  Sunday morning 0700-0815 Men’s Bible study group that meets at Five Stones office building.
    • Purpose?  Allow men, regardless of where they are at in their Faith journey, to read a chapter of the Bible each week and then discuss how we can apply it to our lives.
  • Sanctuary
    • Site Q:  Ice9 and Ackbar
    • What is it?  Monday evening 7:30-8:30pm Men’s group that meets at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.
    • Purpose?  Read a chapter in a book, usually a Christian-themed book (ie C.S. Lewis), and discuss how it impacts and applies to our lives.
  • Q Source
    • Site Q:  Shop Dawg and ?
    • What is it?  An F3 leadership course curriculum delivered weekly.  Generally held for 30-45 minutes after a workout.
    • Purpose?  Discuss the weekly leadership topic and applicable questions to see how we can apply it to our lives


  • Fundraising:
    • “100 Men”:  Another F3 region does an annual event where 100 PAX put up $100 each ($10,000 total) and ask 2-4 charities to present their ideas to be granted all or part of that money.
    • Do we need $?  This is still a very big conversation wondering if we need money, how we get money, and what we would use the money for in our area.
  • Future Events:
    • Monthly/Quarterly “Donation Drives”:  We are planning on putting together a calendar where we are intentional about collecting certain items (ie Laundry Detergent) at certain times (ie first 2 weeks in May) to benefit our “Priority charities”
    • Come to the Table Luncheon:  For those whose attended or heard about the recent lunch that F3 Metro put on, it was incredible.  Something that F3 Waxhaw should strive for.  They were trying to raise $150,000 at ONE EVENT.  Incredible, not because that they got a lot of money but that they are trying to use their resources to make a difference in their community.  Truly putting F3’s mission (“Invigorate male community leadership”) into action.
    • Fixing It For Christ, 2 PAX and a Truck, Sandbox, etc:  What are other projects/ministries that F3 Waxhaw PAX want to pursue?  What are YOU passionate about?  If you lead, others will follow.


  • We have a big OPPORTUNITY:  How many sad clowns need to find their purpose or just something “more than a workout”
  • We have a bigger RESPONSIBILITY:  We have been immensely blessed and it is time to #PayItForward with our Time, Money, and Gifts.
  • RAISE YOUR HAND:  Are you ready to do more within F3?  Reach out to any of the 3rd F sub-committee PAX (or Banjo).  There is no time commitment, just an acknowledgment that you are ready to #Live3rd.  You will be AMAZED how God uses you.
  • NEW GROUPME CHANNEL:  Just what you have been asking for.  This will be a communication platform for PAX who want to help with 3rd F opportunities.  Think about a time when we get a request from Ray of Hope that an elderly lady needs somebody to pick up and move a washer/dryer for her house.  We would send out this request on that channel to get a volunteer.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas season and prosper each of us in 2020 in order to better serve our communities.


Backup at #TheFloater

20 PAX got a flavor of what it was like when #TheFloater originally launched when Recalculating was only 53 almost 2 years ago. When Moneyball and YHC launched this site, we just about got chased out of town by the police thought we only had a couple areas to work with. Even though we later have seen how great and large this AO can really be (thanks to guys like Thin Mint and future Site Qs like Deadwood and Zin).

Soooooo, this weinke was to go back to the roots of the original workout areas. YHC gave a self-admitted very limp DCCS and we were off.


  • Quick mosey to the original launch point of #TheFloater
  • SSH x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10


  • Bridge burpees
    • 10-8-6-4-2
  • Half wall escalator
    • 30 Derkins
    • 30 Heel Box Jumps
    • 30 Side step up kick outs
    • Repeat with 20-10
  • Keith Jong Hill Partner work
    • P1 crawl bear from 1st stop sign to 2nd stop sign
    • P2 sprints to SECOND telephone pole after stop sign and back to relieve
    • Repeat with first telephone pole
  • Keith Jong Hill running
    • P1 runs backwards up hill
    • P2 does 3 burpees and runs
    • Once they meet, they race to laundromat
    • Repeat down hill and then flapjack
  • Keith Jong Hill partner push
    • P1 pushes P2 til telephone pole
    • Flapjack
  • Mary with sprints to stop sign and 2 burpee intermissions
  • Jailbreak to FINISH!


  • Lots of complaining compliments this morning . . . Such a positive group
  • Celebrity sighting: Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) joined us for the Bridge Burpees and even stuck around for the Half Wall work . . . G’Day Mate!
  • Great to see Deadwood back out this morning
  • Shout out to Goodfella, Hollywood, Easy Button, and Rudy for crushing the Keith Jong Hill part of the workout
  • Thanks to Illiterate, Blue Screen, and Posse for posting at #TheFloater for the first time or because it is better than Pursuit
  • Thanks to Deadwood, Carb Load, Zinfandel, and the new Site Q, Foundation for stepping up and being involved Site Qs . . . #TheFloater was started as a unique AO and you guys have continued on the traditions and added to it . . . #MFGA
  • OCTUPLE ALERT – Brutus and Chastain both quietly not anymore going for the rare “Post at 8 workout/2nd F events in a week and get a pat on the back free drink from Zin” challenge


    • Clyent Dinner: 5:30-6:15pm bootcamp at Cuthbertson Middle . . . Legal Zoom on Q
    • F3 Waxhaw Happy Hour: 6:30pm at Hickory Tavern in Wesley Chapel
    • EFFEEs: 8pm at Briarcrest clubhouse . . . 3rd Annual F3 Waxhaw roast . . . This is a MUST . . . BYOB and BYO Sense of Humor
    • MOVING DAY: Ole McDonald is looking for some help to move items from his house into PODS. All day Saturday and afternoon of Sunday. Free Filet Mignon and Boones Farm. Please keep his family in your prayers as they move towards Spartanburg for their next chapter
    • Homecoming: 6:30-7:30am bootcamp at Weddington Middle School. Snowflake on Q. Posse and Banjo are supposedly Site Qs
    • Gladiator: 6:30-7:30am Black Diamond workout . . . Location TBD Rea Farms
    • Jingle Jangle Beer Exchange: Zinfandel’s party . . . Avoid the Russian Roulette according to Banjo


Ignition – With Gear?

6 PAX signed up for the minimum 4+ mile bootcamp even after some questionable intense marketing by YHC on GroupMe last night. Not a full length weinke was planned but YHC had some ideas of what was to come with the off-campus tour.


  • DCCS loosely given but strong emphasis on the S(afety) portion . . . Headlamps and reflective gear
  • Run around MS and head into new side of Lawson
    • SSH x 15
    • T-Tap Merkins x 10 (T-Merkin with should taps)
    • Reverse Plank MC and PP


  • Every street light til Papaw Lane: 5 T-Tap Merkins
  • All you got to the cul de sac on Great Road where some gear magically appeared
  • Team up in groups of 3
  • Catch me if you can
    • P1s: Run with Slamball up Great Road til 5th street light
    • P2s & P3s: 25 overhead presses with 40lb dumbbell and catch the P1 from the other team
    • Complete as many T-Tap merkins as the P1 made it before you caught him
    • Repeat 6 times up and down (5 burpees on way down hill)
  • Burpee Indian Slamball Run (BISR)
    • PAX in back does Burpee, picks up 20lb slamball, and runs to front of line while dropping the slamball as he passes the last guy
  • More T-Tap merkins
  • More BISR
  • Some 7s on Hill with sprints and Knee ups
    • Audible due to neighborhood kennel waking up
  • More BISR
  • More Reverse Planks (Flutters, MC, and PP)
  • Finish with All you got up and down path (half running backwards)


  • Thanks to Hooch for texting me about the reverse plank moves last night; always like to try new things
  • Kudos to Hooch for BUSTING it today and not letting Hollywood and Carb Load catch him
  • Hollywood showed up this morning after doing the Spartan on Saturday . . . Well done and very impressive
  • Rubbermaid is a model . . . of consistency. Always great to have in the group and never quits
  • Goodfella and Carb Load set the pace today and you could tell they were pushing themselves to the limit on a number of the runs . . . When you are pushing yourselves you are often pulling me along with you so I appreciate the help


  • See Flash Backblast for the announcements . . . Thanks Easy Button
  • Dec 14th Service Project: Clean up Downtown Waxhaw. Post-Commitment workout. Look for details from Carb Load. #ThirdF
  • Tuesday:
    • Rudy on Q at Bushwood.
    • VQ ALERT: Smithers at Watchtower
  • Friday:
    • Workouts start at 6:30am (Holiday hours)
  • Thursday:
    • Turkey Trot at Millbridge and Lawson
    • Football at Elon Elem . . . See Easy Button or Dasher for details
    • Mad Dog’s Father-In-Law went in for heart surgery today


Evening Bootcamp – What is your excuse now?

5 PAX including 1 FNG woke up showed up early for the only best EVENING workout in Waxhaw F3 Nation. What makes it the best? Maybe cuz this Site is RAINING FNGs over the last 2 weeks . . . 2 in 2 weeks! What other evening workout is producing those kind of numbers?!?!


  • Chilled DCCS
  • Warm Lap
  • Sweet and Low Slow Squats
  • Merkin Soup
  • 6″ Plank JackFish


  • Light Pole stuffing
  • Jack Webb Grass puddin’
  • Bicep/Shoulder/Innards
  • Hairburner of the dog


  • SlamBall Circle Jerk Chicken


  • Welcome to Corn Dog (Big 10’s 2.0)
    • He likes to run FAST . . . Boring
    • He likes to eat at Cookout . . . They have Corn Dogs
    • The kid crushed it . . . Appreciate you slowing your pace down so Legal Zoom and I felt like we were keeping up with you a couple times
  • 2nd welcome to Drive By (Posse’s prey on the mean streets of Lawson)
    • Guy has a lot of serious injuries from crazy past (stay away from him in a fight)
    • Well done toughing it out on every exercise and only modifying when NEEDED not WANTED
  • Good work by Big 10 forcing bringing out his first an FNG
    • Coming off the recent trip on the IR
    • Even with a bum knee, you were still able to complain push through every exercise
    • Great job hopping back on the saddle for round 3 of the hairburners
  • Legal Zoom continues to get it done
    • Appreciate him showing up consistently to Clyent Dinner even while changing jobs
    • LZ busts his butt at every workout while talking my ear off
  • All of these guys have issues/injuries that they are dealing with but they showed up, battled tonight and are better men for it


    • Why can’t you wake up in the morning?
    • Why aren’t you posting at all/more?
    • Why aren’t you offering to help?
    • Why aren’t you bringing FNGs?
    • Why aren’t you reaching out to guys who haven’t posted in a while?
  • I’m not asking you to post at Clyent Dinner
    • My point is that you need to DO MORE
  • I’m not asking you to just do more for F3 Waxhaw
    • I’m challenging you to DO MORE with your wife, your kids, your faith, your neighborhood, your friends, your work, your community, etc.
  • What area of your life are you struggling and making excuses?
    • CALL/TEXT ME (910-233-9500)

You, Me, Staring Contest now!

15 PAX showed up on time at Asylum for what Will Farrell Robert Goulet would call a good ole fashioned staring contest.


  • DCCS whipped out in the middle of the parking lot
  • Mosey to parking lot
  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 10
  • LSS x 10


  • A twist on 4 Corners
    • 40 Merkins & Sprint 4 corners (ie back to start)
      • Plank waiting for 6
    • 30 Merkins & Sprint 3 corners
    • 20 Merkins & Sprint 2 corners
    • 10 Merkins & Sprint 1 corner twice
  • Repeat with Low Slow Squats
    • Must touch fingers to back of heels
    • To ensure back not bending over, must have a staring contest with a partner . . . Damascus’ stare involved some winks
  • Parking space lateral plank walk
    • 10 Merkins on right side of parking space
    • Plank walk to left side of parking space
    • 8 Merkins and Plank walk to right side
    • Continue with 6, 4, 2
    • Repeat with LSS w/heel touch and side broad jump
  • Mosey to Hickory Tavern half wall and Partner up
    • P1 runs around entire building (ie Brooklyn Pizza)
    • P2 does Derkins and Box Jumps
    • 400 Cumulative count (if chest is gassed, switch to Box Jumps, and vice versa . . . Just don’t stop doing an exercises)


  • The buck won, it always does!
  • Swimmers got rudely gently called out encouraged during the staring contest to get a partner vs. staring at the ground on his squats (IronPaxFormPoliceSeason)
  • It was great to have Transporter there for half the workout (Staring contest with bathroom stall hook)
  • The early start time apparently needs to be communicated a bit more as we left the lot with 10 and came back with 15 . . . #BetterJinglesThanNever (that long commute gets Loafer every time)
  • Great push by Green Hornet . . . The man was ready to call 911 on himself
  • Much Respect to Smokey and Blue Screen . . . Both were upfront all morning
  • We thought CPR might be needed when one PAX was thought to be having a seizure but quickly realized it was Frack doing Derkins
  • Chastain and Ackbar are sneaky fast . . . Way to push!
  • Awesome to see Glidah and Catfish posting consistently . . . They are challenging Big Tuna and Chipotle for “Couple of the year”


  • HOPE CHALLENGE: Kudos to Transporter for sharing this morning . . . Powerful stuff
  • DIESEL: New 0.0 workout starting soon. Fridays at Five Stones. Chastain and Brutus are Site Qs. Very friendly for FNGs, Kotters, and MASH (Pax that are nursing injuries)


Can you see the Whites of their Eyes?

35 PAX took to the windy back path at the only best Friday AO in Waxhaw for a workout stolen from a recent Nashville trip. A few PAX were trying to avoid my Q get in their #IronPaxChallenge since they will miss tomorrow’s official Waxhaw IPC group outing.


Hope Challenge: I completely forgot about discussing this challenge this morning. Bottom-line, there are a lot of guys in our group who are or who have struggled with different issues (ie drinking, lust, porn, gambling, food, etc.). The challenge is to bring these issues into the light. Don’t hide them. Either you can share hope that you have overcome a particular issue or you can ask for #ShieldLock with another F3 Brother who is struggling to hold each other accountable.


After Monday’s Launch-Vergence, YHC anticipated a larger crowd so it was great to see some of the Kotters/FNGs come back out. The weinke was short as my wife could have told you but built for pleasure to keep the entire PAX together.

  • 0528: 2 minute warning
  • 0529: 1 minute warning and DCCS laid out for everybody to see hear (?)
  • 0529 and 45 seconds: Goodfella and Posse try and derail the start by having a riveting discussion about IronPaxChallenge rules
  • 0530 and 0 seconds: Enter Sandman starts blasting on the boom box and we are off


  • Mosey halfway down path
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Squakers x 10
  • Merkins x 5
  • MC x 10
  • 6″ Plank Jacks x 10


  • Grab a LIFTING rock
    • YHC gave a thorough disclaimer that we would NOT be running with these rocks . . . I encourage all Qs to do the same . . . #Don’tTrickThePAX
  • How the escalator works:
    • Do the round of exercises and sprint a lap (down the path several light poles, increasing distance with each round)
    • Once the PAX could see the WHITES OF THE EYES of the front runners, they should turn and run back to the rocks
  • The Rounds
    • 10 Merkins
    • 10 Curl to Press, 20 Merkins
    • 10 Rock Squats, 20 Curl to Press, 30 Merkins
    • 10 Box Cutters, 20 Rock Squats, 30 Curl to Press, 40 Merkins
    • 10 Burpees, 20 Box Cutters, 30 Rock Squats, 40 Curl to Press, 50 Merkins
    • 10 Box Cutters, 20 Rock Squats, 30 Curl to Press, 40 Merkins
    • 10 Rock Squats, 20 Curl to Press, 30 Merkins
    • 10 Curl to Press, 20 Merkins
    • 10 Diamond Rock Merkins
  • Rocks back and sprint to T in path for Plank-O-Rama
    • Right arm/leg high
    • J-Lo’s
    • Sprint halfway back and mosey to COT


  • This is usually the section I try and write something about each of the PAX but it’s Friday afternoon and beers are calling my name. However, there were a few callouts I want to mention but if you aren’t mentioned, please be sure to be offended
  • Trunk: Great to see you post again after being an FNG Monday. Nice job pushing hard today. Looking forward to you joining us more often
  • HazMat: He was toying around with attending Cerberus and Impromptu so hopefully you weren’t too upset with your choice. If you like to run, I might suggest Ignition on Mondays at 0515 at Cuthbertson (min. 4+ miles). Also, I would avoid anything Q’d by Deadwood as he usually only does arms (hence the no shirt pictures)
  • Rabies: The dude was crushing it today. Up at the front every time I looked up. Great to have you out again.
  • Softee: Nice job pushing today. Great to have you back out again.
  • Show Girl: A couple weeks back in the fold and I can already see a difference. Your energy level in the GroupMe Playhouse is very noticeable.
  • IronPAX Challenge crew: Nice work interrupting my weinke by pushing yourselves to complete something completely horrible. You could have taken the easy way out and said “I’m out of town, oh well.” And kudos to Goodfella for being the proctor to keep these guys from cheating in line. #SelflessMove
  • Easy Button: You hurt bro? Or you have too many beers last night watching your fantasy football team start off bad? #FrontOfThePackWasMissingYou
  • Ackbar and High Hat: Impressive pushes today. I could see the effort on your faces. Well done!
  • Sprinkles: CRUSHED it! You led the whole day. Very impressive. Keep it up. You are making us old men better.
  • DID YOU NOTICE? For those who didn’t get to run much, the workout was likely more difficult cuz you didn’t have any recovery time (which was the run). The plan was to keep the PAX together today via the “Whites of their eyes” turnaround. I would recommend to push through the exercises in these type of workouts as fast as you can (with good form obviously). Don’t take breaks unless you really need them. Just switch to a different exercise (ex. if Merkins have smoked your arms, switch to squats, etc.). Jog back all the way to your rock/station, don’t stand around, just GET AFTER IT!
  • Good push today!


  • New 0.0 Gear Workout: Kudos to Chastain and Brutus for exploring this new workout. More details to come but they are looking to do it on Fridays. Very FNG, Kotters, and MASH (injured) friendly. If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to them.
  • Leadership: On the heels of the Launch-Vergence, we want to challenge everybody in our group to step up in a different way. Could be within F3 (ie leading a workout, helping plan a Happy Hour, organizing a service project, etc.) or just within the community (ie helping out at your kid’s school). F3 Waxhaw is an Organization OF Leaders . . . Not just WITH leaders. Each of us are called to lead. Where do you intend to step up and get out of your comfort zone? I’ll promise you that if you try something, you will have somebody follow you from this group.

Have a great weekend! See you at IronPaxChallenge. Saturday at Commitment 0630-0730 at Nesbit Park (behind Kensington Elementary).

A little grass in my Gunga Galunga

Tee times started at 5:30am and 11 golfers showed up, 9 of which adhered to the proper dress code (#CollaredAndSleeveless). The other 2 will be forgiven this time since they were apparently scarred from their military hazing days.


  • DCCS given
    • Working with weights so modify as needed
    • Keep up with the group in front of you
    • “Cart Path Only
  • 2 lap mosey to COP
  • SSH x 18
  • Merkins x 18
  • Peter Parkers x 18
  • Lunge Squats x 9 each leg


  • Pace too slow so group was asked to split into Threesomes
  • Group 1 (shoulders):  2 guys squat thrust large weighted golf bag, 1 guy shoulder press small weighted golf bag or hand over hand weighted golf club
  • Group 2 (Cardio):  Either jump rope or agility ladder (2 up 1 back)
  • Group 3 (Chest TIMER):  Hand release Merkin wave to 72
  • Group 4 (Abs):  WW2 sit-ups with side/forward ball toss


  • Mosey to track
  • Gopher search: Hop over/crawl under partner x 10
  • Par 4:  P1 Maktar N’Dyaiye until P2 Sprints lap
  • Par 3: Pull-ups x 10 while P2 does Merkins


  • Mosey to wall
  • Head Shoulders Knees Toes x 9
  • Balls to Wall shoulder taps x 9
  • Let’s play that hole again


  • Bushwood is a great new AO. The goal is to bring in new PAX from SOB/Area 51/Waxhaw. Please be intentional and reach out to friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. DISCLAIMER: The recommended dress code is Collared Shirts and/or Sleeveless to ensure Judge Smails stays annoyed with us caddies.
  • Great to see Delta back again. As usual, he was there early to do his putting stretching routine
  • Good amount of talking in the backswing today; found out that Illiterate and Hollywood share the same love of heavy metal music
  • The grass is always a fan favorite. Who knew that Marvin doesn’t pony up for grass that doesn’t itch . . . What kind of country club do they run?!?!?
  • Kudos to Mad Dog for showing up despite having a hitch in his giddy up. Call out to all of you who use the excuse of an injury to not post . . . Don’t let that jester’s voice define you.


  • YHC shared the cliff’s notes version of the recent F3 podcast with Slaughter. All PAX are HIGHLY encouraged to take 20 minutes (on 1.5x speed) to learn about where we’re going as an F3 organization and the possibilities of what we can do together as a group of leaders in our communities.  It’s perfect timing to understand and think about the BIG picture as we launch our new Region.  Listen to Podcast here
  • LazyBoy and Illiterate warned all dog owners to be vigilant about the water that their pups are drinking; there is an algae in standing water that can be deadly . . . Marvin dog owners should be safe since they apparently serve sparkling water to their dogs.


Feels like the first time

So a week ago I went to my first Clyent Dinner. There was only three of us and the weather was ideal, so when Bottle Cap said that I could (should) Q this week I remembered Q’ing Adelphos last summer and thought it would be a good idea. Or at least it seemed like a good idea at the time, I’d help contribute to the August Single Q Challenge and it’s always a gift to lead…scary as hell and as soon as I remembered my VQ at Watchtower and second Q at Outland I started to have a lot of doubts. I’m not fit enough to lead, what about my Achilles, what if a bunch of pax show up, what if no one shows…scary as hell.

So I made a commitment and I am fit enough to workout and I had a great time getting my butt handed to me by Legal Zoom and Bottle Cap last Thursday. Even if no one shows up I Q (Adelphos) and I just need to be flexible with the wienke. 

So here’s the plan…Tour de Cuthbertson: run around the campuses repeating some of the more memorable parts of my workouts there;  dips over there, box jumps over here, lifting rocks, supines, don’t forget that hill, burpees back there, oh and don’t forget that trail, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Wait there’s another challenge? The Octopus? I can incorporate that…

So here’s the plan…Tour de Cuthbertson with eight stations. Wait it’s going to be hot as blazes and the Site Q says let’s keep it shady. Time to tour the school and look at where the shade is around 17:30-18:15. Okay so there’s a lot more people at the middle school around 6pm than I expected. That’s okay the high school seems quiet and shady – perfect.

So here’s the plan…warm up around the middle school and head over to the high school for the main event. The high school entrance is shady and has that nice small loop right in front of it – perfect. Wait there is a new challenge: 7 workouts in six days and a coffeeteria….my workout will be one of those… there’s going to more than three pax. Oh shiitake mushrooms.

So here’s the plan…high school entrance, partner up… wait what can I do with eight???  I keep coming back to crazy eights and running around like crazy fools… I have that F3 deck of cards just collecting dust. 

Wait…Yella wants to run 10km the night before my Q.  We need to prep for our OrthoCarolina 10K coming up on the 17th he says… I just ran a 5k Tuesday night… Okay I’m down, let’s do this! Maybe Posse was right, maybe I am a moron. We get back from the run and we’re both wiped out. Yella is threatening bodily harm if I include a lot of running or most anything involving legs. I keep thinking about running around like crazy fools and crazy eights.  Modify as needed brother.

So it’s Thursday and I am praying for God to show up and give me strength to lead these mighty men and not be afraid to be vulnerable and look like a crazy fool but have a blast doing it. I’m praying and driving and pothole and problem. I have blown out one, maybe two tires. As providence would have it I’ve just turned on Cuthbertson road…the school never seemed so far away…and no shoulder. So I’m driving and watching and hearing the chunks of tire flying off the car. I ask God is this how you show up and show out?


Yella shows up just behind me and we head over to the rest of the pax. Only one tire shredded. Thanks God. Wait…what are all these people doing at the high school? Gonna have to figure out another plan.

I’m sticking with the deck of cards, the modified crazy eights, and the running around like crazy fools. I’ll figure out the rest with my brothers. 

The Warm up

Some SSH and mountain climbers… I’m in a hurry and distracted by the tire and the amount of people both pax and bystanders. 

Let’s move on to The Thang; where ever and whatever that is. Over to the high school, and two alcoves that we can run around and stay shady. Luck of the draw helps me keep my heart rate up… I hear it in my ears and I’m feeling like merlot could be in my future. I’ve got to keep working on my fitness.

We are near the car so I shut down the work out early and we all your over to see the tire. Site Q makes the call to take back most of the pax to our starting point while four HIMS put NASCAR tire changers to shame. We grab the refreshments from the car and head back to the rally point. I’m blown away by the attendance and effort and servant hearts of my brothers. Then I proceed to mess up the name-a-rama and circle of trust and everything else that I’m supposed to do to close out the workout.

Thank you for letting me attempt to lead you. Thank you all so much for letting God show up and show out. 

Repetitive Wording – Impromptu Substi-Q

8 flatulent PAX rolled themselves off the toilet out of bed and made it to Impromptu. After YHC was knee deep in hot dogs and beers at Foundation’s Pig Roast, Tupperware came up crying to me and Recalculating about missing yet another Q to RESPECTfully ask for a substi-Q. Since Hooch and Recalculating are in the midst of a lover’s quarrel Site Q communication gap, I decided to step up and offer my services.


  • DICCS given . . . and received
  • Mosey with various twisting exercises to front of Middle School
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Imperial Squawker x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 5 IC
  • MC x 10 IC


  • 1st Triple Nickel
    • Top of High School alcove: 5 Mike Tysons, 5 Diamond Merkins, 5 Donkey Kicks
    • Bottom of High School stairs: 5 Bomb Jacks, 5 High Knees, 5 Mary Catherines
    • Complete 5 times
    • Calf raises on stairs waiting for 6 . . . IT BURNS . . .WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FINISH?
  • 2nd Triple Nickel
    • Gate by Football field: 5 Overhand Supines, 5 Underhand Supines, 5 second Supine hold
    • Run around circle to sidewalk: 5 WWII Sit-ups, 5 no-hand Flutters, 5 no hand Dollies
    • Complete 5 times
    • Plank moves waiting for 6 . . . Carb Load made us do uncomfortable planks
  • 3rd Triple Nickel-ish
    • Dips behind high school: 15 left leg up, 15 right leg up, 15 regular
    • Bear Crawl the grass triangle with 5 merkins at each corner
    • Repeat twice
  • Mosey back towards COT with pit stop
    • Partner up on Middle School benches
    • P1 – 30 merkins
    • P2 – Plank bunny hops over bench
  • Final sprint to the ShovelFlag


  • Great to see Hermie out for his once a quarter check-in . . . He was up front all day so just imagine if he came more often (“That’s what she said”)
  • Carb Load and Chicken Little were at the front most of the day pushing each other . . . Both of you guys probably push harder than anybody out here day in and day out . . . Well done!
  • Ricky Bobby and Spike continue to show up and get better . . . And they does it with a smile on their face. Great to have you guys out.
  • Chainsaw is impressive. He doesn’t cheat himself and goes hard the whole 45 minutes. Impressive to see him knock those 30 merkins out at the end of the workout without smelling cat pee knees touching.
  • Recalculating is pro’s pro. He does it all: Works hard, Talks junk, Complains, Compliments, Takes some crab, Dishes it out . . . Dickie V would call him a PTPer!


  • Third F Opportunity: Sunday mornings 0700-0800 at Five Stone office building (1117 Cuthbertson Road). We cover a different chapter in the Bible each week and discuss how to apply it to our lives as Husbands, Fathers, and all-around broken men. Great group of guys to take F3 beyond the surface in relationships. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.
  • F3 Dads: Saturday 7/6 0900 at Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel. Gerber is on Q. Great opportunity to bring your 2.0s and have fun while being active.
  • Commitment: Dancing Bear on Q. Nesbit 0630-0730 Saturday.