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The Flapping Dozen

12 PAX rejected the fartsack on a frozen spring morning at Thrive at Carolina Courts: Hoffa, eHarmony, Thurston, Hairband, Shepherd, Glass Joe, Nomad, Gypsy, Arsenal, Bullwinkle, Bonhoeffer

The Warmup

Warmup lap around lot.

  1. Sidestraddle Hop X 20
  2. Hillbillies X 20
  3. Windmills X 10
  4. Mountain Climbers X 20

The Thang

  1. 20 calf raises
  2. Jog to Town Hall
  3. 20 side lunges
  4. Town Hall Circle > 3-6-9-12 Clock: 20 lunges > 20 American Hammers > 20 Bomb Jacks > 20 LBCs … each station at 1/4 of the clock.
  5. 15 merckens
  6. Jog to South Road
  7. South Road > Sprint to each island + sidestraddle hops till everyone arrives + repeato to end > On the way back, run backward to each island + American Hammers till everyone arrives + repeato to end
  8. Chain-link fence by picnic tables > Pure Burn: Facing the fence, start in 3/4 squat position and pulse down to 1/2 squat position (90 degrees) and back to 3/4 squat X 20 … 2 repeatos > 20 calf raises > repeato 3 rounds
  9. Lap around parking lot
  10. Return to launch.
  11. Mary > protractor + dolly + dying cockroaches + freddy mercuries
  12. El fin.


We were warned that lots of animals had used the field the day before, so there might have been minefields left for us.

Some of us have water on the eardrum and can’t balance to do calf raises. *clears throat* Gypsy!

Hairband kept trying to go all improv hair-metal style with his workout instructions.

El fin.


  1. Collecting supplies for Donut Hole & his unit
  2. Opening Lexington, KY AO if you want to go with Gypsy @F3gypsyfit (or something like that)
  3. Conviction is still on Wednesday but moving to Shiloh Elementary, regular boot camp
  4. sign up to Q at Thrive, Christmas on 5/15

Page 17 Frozen Fun on the 17th

6 PAX refused to fartsack on a frozen spring morning at Thrive at Carolina Courts: Bernanke, Thurston, Hoffa, Glass Joe, Shepherd, Bonhoeffer

The Warmup

34 sidestraddle hops to kick things off. Took a lap around the parking lot doing 34 sidestraddle hops at each parking median (34=17 x 2).

  1. Windmill X 10
  2. Prisoner Squats X 17
  3. Reverse LBCs X 17
  4. Smurf Jacks X 17

The Thang (all workouts taken from page 17 of the Lexicon because it’s the 17th)

  1. Hill by the road > Quadraphilia: Set the timer for 3 minutes and run forward down the hill and run backwards up the hill repeato until the timer runs out.
  2. Chain link fence by the road > Pure Burn: Facing the fence, start in 3/4 squat position and pulse down to 1/2 squat position (90 degrees) and back to 3/4 squat X 34 … 2 repeatos
  3. Frozen soccer field > Quarter Pounder: Start at goal line. Run 25 yards and do 25 smurf jacks, back to goal line … 50 yards + 50 punch-up merckens … 75 yards + 75 prisoner squats … 100 yards + 100 reverse LBCs … plank till 6 is done
  4. South Road > Railroad Tracks: (modified so we’re not jumping over each other … stupid idea whoever invented Railroad Tracks) First pax drops to low plank, second pax weaves around first pax runs 5 yards and gets in low plank. Third pax weaves through both pax runs 5 yards and gets in low plank. After all pax have gone, the first pax weaves through all the pax and returns to low plank. Continue till end of road.
  5. Pylons by picnic tables > Pure Burn + people’s chair x 50 + bear crawl to circle + 15 smurf jacks + bear crawl back to pylons
  6. Return to launch.
  7. Mary > windmill + protractor
  8. El fin.


Apparently, spring means it can still be freezing cold, and apparently, that means lots of PAX enjoy breathing in their own fartsacks.

It became apparent that Page 17 of the Lexicon gives too many PAX prison flashbacks.

Glass Joe was in rare quiet form. Except when he was complaining about forgetting his long-sleeve shirt. #Irony #SomePeopleAren’tVerySmart

Shepherd confessed that he purposefully avoids Qing workouts, but he’s going to make it up by doing one a month for the rest of 2018.

El fin.


  1. Keep Glass Joe’s father(-in-law?) in prayer over his successful cancer surgery.

Red Sky in Morning, Ignore the Warning

The red sunrise warned us sailors to take warning, but 8 PAX still went & got their sails kicked at #F3OutlandEE, Shepherd, Bernanke, Hairband, Christmas, Smokey, Lumberjack, Bonhoeffer.

The Warmup

Mosey around building back to front parking lot – stretch

  1. sidestraddle hops X 24
  2. imperial walkers X 24
  3. slowslow windmill X 10
  4. squat sits X 10

The Thang

  1. run to hill behind tennis courts
  2. @ hill find a partners (BOTTOM OF HILL REAL WET)
    > 2 X each for each partner > Hill + 30 hillbillies (at the hill … get it?) > Hill + 30 backscratchers
    > 2 X each for each partner > Hill + 30 squats > Hill + 30 American hammers
  3. run around tennis courts & back to wall by stairs
  4. @ wall (partners)
    > 50 overhead presses during dying cockroaches … flapjack
    > 75 overhead presses during dying cockroaches … flapjack
    > 100 overhead presses during dying cockroaches … flapjack
  5. run to small track
    @ small track (partners)
    > Rnd 1 partners – 100 mrckns total while partner runs width of track … flapjack till done
    > Rnd 2 partners – 150 squats total while partner runs width of track … flapjack till done
    > Rnd 3 partners – 300 sidestraddle hops total while partner runs width of track … flapjack till done
  6. run to buses > complete cycle 3 X
    > Cheese weave
    > 30 one-legged squats @ a pole (15 each leg)
    > 30 American hammers
    > 30 shoulder taps
  7. run to front parking lot for Mary
  8. El fin.
  9. Circle of Trust quote – “Make your future plans so long and so hard that the people who praise you will always seem to you to be talking about something very trivial in comparison with what you are really trying to do. It is better to have a job too big for popular praise, so big that you can get a good start on it before the cheer squad can get its first intelligent glimmering of your plans. Then you will be free to work and continue your journey towards even greater success.” ~Henry Ford


YHC tried to offer some pre-workout inspiration from Henry Ford, but the guys didn’t have time to go back to their cars for their brains. #TooEarly

Someone made a failed argument that flapjack and flipflop are different things. California natives know their flipflops, aight?

To everyone who pretended YHC’s instructions were unclear at every stage, I handwrote you all thank you cards. Check your mailbox every morning for the next 407 days to make sure you get them.


El fin.


  1. Lumberjack is hosting a cancer fundraiser because he’s climbing Mount Everest … he promised a killer F3 pic. Here’s how to donate.

Dirty Dozen for an “Easy” Workout

13 PAX got an easy workout at Thrive at Carolina Courts: Shake N Bake, Bernanke, Thurston, Bullwinkle, Hairband, Lamont, Hoffa, Glass Joe, Shepherd, Lumberjack, Espresso, E-Harmony, Bonhoeffer

The Warmup

Took a lap around the gym counterclockwise to get the uphill.

  1. sidestraddle hops X 21
  2. Imperial walkers X 21
  3. slow windmills X 10
  4. squats X 21

The Thang

  1. Front parking lot > Starfish: 5 squat pushups in middle each time … Mountain Climbers X 15 … Dry Docks X 15 … LBCs X 21 … Imperial Walkers X 15
  2. 15 American Hammers
  3. Mosey to track > 15 jump squats at 3 & 9 o’clock … 15 lunges each leg (30) 6 & 12 0’clock
  4. Mosey to hill at north road > 10 X up and down the hill, once backwards, faster for last 3
  5. Mosey to Volleyball Courts > split into teams: 15 step-ups each leg (30 total) while partner does dips … 10 jump squats in sand while partner does merckens … repeato
  6. Return to launch.
  7. Mary > back scratchers, Freddy Mercuries, dying cockroaches, WWII situps, shoulder clap pushups, planks
  8. El fin.


With Bonhoeffer fresh off Q school, everyone’s high hopes were bound to be shattered.

Glass Joe didn’t wait to phewting mumblechatter while we ran so far around the gym. When we got back, we found Bullwinkle … “What time does the 0530 workout start?” … cue 5 Burpwinkles.

During stretching, a couple of hecklers who went to Bros, Brews, & Bibles on Sunday tried (successfully) to distract the Q with appropriate jokes about things you’ll have to attend B3 next time to be privy too.

We started with ye ole Starfish in the front parking lot. Since the Q doesn’t like how Burpies grind his spine, we did alternative burpies “squat pushups” in the center, 5 after each starfish leg. 4 corners were 15 X Mountain Climbers, Dry Docks, LBCs, & Imperial Walkers. We did 2 rounds.

21 American Hammers on your own. Lots of complaints about it not being time for Mary yet. After all, who wants nice abs anyway?

We moseyed to the modified “track” around the soccer field, had to run up to the sidewalk at the road and down the grass hill at the side.

  • 15 jump squats at 3 & 9 o’clock
  • 15 lunges each leg (30) 6 & 12 0’clock
  • Go back and get the 6 o’clock

To the north hill by the road. We kept it simple … no 7s … and JUST ran up and down the hill 10 X. Mixed it up with one backwards and the last 3 faster than before. Funny, no one complained about how easy this was. Also funny how many of us didn’t want to touch the fence and the sidewalk … apparent confusion about top and bottom (that’s what she said).

We moseyed back toward the volleyball courts, and Hairband thought he’d crack at the Q that they only went that way because he left his jacket. But E-Harmony knew the real truth.

At the volleyball courts, we split into partners (w/ one threesome) and did a double circuit of fun.

  • 15 step-ups each leg (30 total) while the other partner did endless dips … switch.  Then 10 jump squats in the sand (glad the threatening rain held off so we’d have dry sand) while partner does endless merckens … repeato … and of course, Q saved the sand till the end so we wouldn’t get blisters.
  • For all Glass Joe’s mumblechatter, he didn’t want to get his painted toenails dirty in the sand, so he stayed on the grass for super easy jump squats.

Back in the parking lot during Mary, we tried a mix to hit all our ab muscles >

  • back scratchers (obliques)
  • Freddy Mercuries (lower & obliques)
  • dying cockroaches (lower & obliques)
  • WWII situps (high abs)
  • shoulder clap pushups (all abs)
  • planks w/ arm raises (all abs)


El fin.


  1. Lumberjack is hosting a cancer fundraiser. Hit him up to find out how to donate. He’s even on Facebook now!

Q School @ Cuthbertson Middle

9 PAX got schooled today at Cuthbertson Middle School in the chilly wind, Q’d by Dasher at the front of the sleigh: Ole MacDonald, Posse, Bullwinkle, Bonhoeffer, Dasher, Maple Syrup, Recalculating, Radar, Foley

The Warmup

@ parking lot … every student leading aN exercise

  1. sidestraddle hops X 21
  2. Imperial walkers X 15
  3. mountain climbers X 21
  4. squats X 10
  5. merckens X 10

The Thang

  1. front of school … da dips … step-ups … merckens/derckens/inclines
  2. 7s at the HS stairs … jump squats & merckens
  3. Lots of training at the stations.
  4. Return to launch.
  5. McDonald’s Coffeeteria for walkthrough of packet and teaching.
  6. El fin.


After already having Q’d a number of times, it was great to officially get trained. Good job, Dasher, for leading with whoever the other guy was (Posse?)!

In front parking lot, lots of good stuff about not leaving PAX behind and taking charge.

Mosey to the benches at the front of the school where we did 25 dips that were really 50 on a 4-count. Tricky. Then 25 step-ups total, not each leg. Finished off with a triple of derckens, merckens, and incline merckens.

Teaching about planning activities for those PAX who lead the pack so they get a full workout.

Mosey a little further to the stairs where we rocked some 7s, starting with 1 jump squat at bottom and 6 merckens at top.

Teaching about helping the leaders modify with extra reps or doing 11s, starting at 4.

Radar finally joined us right before we moseyed back to the start.

Then we car-moseyed to Mickey D’s to skim through our packets and get teached some more good stuff about planning out workouts, posting backblasts. Posse said he wrote the instruction packet, but like any typical classroom, he “borrowed” it all from other places and compiled it together into a pretty legit training doc. Basically WiF3pedia.

A PAX from Huntersville walked past us and got connected with us after moving down from the North side.

El fin.


  1. Spaghetti dinner fundraiser on 3/3/18 to raise money for family with lost husband. At fire station in Waxhaw.
  2. Bros, Brews, & Bibles 3rd F on Sunday, 3/4/18, from 6-8pm @ Growler USA by the Sun Valley 14 movie theatre.

In circle of trust, we closed with an inspirational quote from some President Guy whose name I can’t remember. It was good though, about being the dude in the ring actually doing the thang instead of being the critic on the outside. *rah rah, yeah*