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Merkins and Crunches

Twelve brave souls showed up on a crisp Monday morning for a 5:15am launch. Here’s what happened.

The Thang:

Mosey towards the pet store for a little warm up to include;

SSH x 25, Low Slow Squat x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Mountain Climber x 25, Calf-Stretch, Hamstring-Stretch, Down-Dog & into an Up-Dog (Hold, 10-Count Akbar)

Mosey to Parking lot lines; 10-Merkins at each line and Bear Crawl in between. (Approximately 8-lines).

Mosey towards the neighborhood, turn right and go all the way to the cul de sac. Using the adjacent cul de sac around the corner that forms a ‘U-shape’ we have 4-pain stations; 1) Toe-Tap Crunches 2) Pistol Crunch-Right 3) Pistol Crunch-Left 4) LBC……begin with 50-Reps each and Repeato 3x, each time declining the number of Reps by 10.

Mosey back towards the Launch, stop in Target Lot for some wind-sprints. Mosey back to Launch with 30-seconds to go, 10-Burpees OYO.



The Merkin / Bear Crawls turned out to be a Pax-Pleaser right out of the gate. There was little mumble-chatter after that. It was good to see Demascus back out. Thanks to Akbar for taking us out. I appreciate Swimmers allowing me to lead the PAX.


The Perfect Holiday Substitute for Bratwurst…….a Big Tuna?

Apparently for Saturday’s Homecoming at WMS, it was a Rare-Serving of Big Tuna. Here’s what was on the menu:

After a 6:30AM-sharp launch, we headed to the front of the school for a quick warm-up and brief Bro-ga stretch. We then jumped immediately into a Demascus Crowd Pleaser – Burpee Ladder / Bear-Crawl under the school canopy. (Everyone was warmed up by then.)

Partner Up (Clydesdales partner with Gazzelles) for a called exercise while the partner 2 runs the middle school loop. (Dips, Jump-Squats & Lunges) Mosey around school towards cafeteria. Same Partners, for a team total of Step-Ups x 100, Dips x 200 & LBCs x 300, while alternating running the outer-ring.

Mosey towards the Bus Parking Lot for some Partner Push-Pulls (Thanks for the reminder Deadwood!) Partner 1 Pushes midway then pulls second-half. Partner 2 Repeato. Last time Pulls-Only and midway Partners rotate. Mosey towards the WES playground for the Posse-Inspired Swerkins x 20 (a merkin with feet in a swing) Pull-Ups x  20, Dips x 20 with a 50-yard run between each exercise.

Next we find a rock-pile and the instructions were to get a lifting rock. (Definitions vary!) The PAX were asked to call the exercise. Once done, we needed to mosey to the front of WES, but not without a little backwards run across the parking lot. We finished the Burpee ladder / Bear-Crawl under the canopy. Mosey back to the front of WMS to the base of the driveway. Run up the hill of the driveway and back down the otherside and wait on the six. Once everyone made it, the final instructions from the Q was a AYG Jail Break back to the COT. Deadwood finished us with ab-merry.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve these fine men today. I haven’t seen Dasher more exhausted then after those Partner Push/Pulls (he was the unlucky one who partnered with the Q). Gerber, once again, crushed that hill like it was flat. Demascus & Legal Zoom saved they’re energy for the Down Hill. I appreciate Posse asking me to Q and showing up with his support!

Special prayer requests go out to Dasher and his family as well as Nails and his family. Happy Holidays!

Black & Blue

20-PAX showed up at 5:30AM in 40-degree rainy weather with a forecast for Pain. Some of the PAX may have stayed up to watch the Browns – Steelers Brawl, but knowing what was in store, this Q had to get his rest.

The Thang

Not trusting the weather, we made our way to the parking deck for a little warm-up exercises on the first level of the deck.

SSH x 20 – Jimmy Doogan’s – Walk it out to a Plank – Calf Stretches – Bring Right Foot to Right Hand Stretch – Merkins x 20 – Imperial Walkers x 20.

Mosey to the second level and circle up. Q has a board with 10-exercises and asks ALF to choose a number between 14 and 16, not following instructions, ALF chooses 16. (That’ll teach this Q to call on ALF again.) So 16 is our number of reps.

The odd numbered exercises were in BLACK ink and the even number in BLUE ink. After each Black exercise, it was followed by a single lap around the deck and after each Blue exercise, it was two laps.

Merkins, Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Chippy-Cross, Mike Tyson’s, Lunges (each leg), American Hammer, Heels to Heaven and Burpees.

With 5-mins to go, it was a Backwards Sprint up the incline and back to the launch for the COT.


Jobe & Ice 9 did a great job working through the Board of Pain. I appreciated Otennenbaum on setting the pace for the laps. Thanks to Chipotle for demonstrating the perfect form on the Chippy-Cross. It was also great to see Goonie back out in the gloom. A special thanks to Snow Flake for naming this backblast after describing the board’s color contrast of Black & Blue as a subliminal message of pain.

It was a pleasure leading these men today.

¡Pura Vida!

After a quick Disclaimer, we were off at 5:30AM sharp for a mosey towards the front of the school, enjoying some Hi-Knees along the way, to a COP warm-up.     

SSH x 25, Potato Picker x 20, Mountain Climbers x 15, Calf-Stretch (each leg)


Mosey to school entrance & partner-up.                                                           Round #1 Partner-1 do Dips until Partner-2 runs the Oval,  flapjack                Round #2 Partner-1 Step-ups (one-leg) until Partner-2 runs the oval, flapjack Round #3 Repeat #1                                                                                                Round #4 Repeat #2 (opposite leg)           

Mosey back to parking area for a partner-race around lot to meet half-way for Hand-Slap Merkins x 5. Repeat exercise 3x.

Mosey to Rock-Pile and Partner-1 grabs a lifting rock, while Partner-2 planks. Partner-1 does a Pax-called rock exercise, while Partner-2 runs to the second light and back. Partner-2 returns, repeato 2x, then return rocks.

Mosey further and turn left towards lower ball fields. At gravel lot, Squats 10x, run up the hill onto the soccer field for Monkey Humpers 10x. Rinse & Repeat 3x.

Mosey towards the restrooms to grab some wall for some quick air-presses 25x. Begin heading back to COT at 50% pace, stop at 3rd light to plank waiting on Six. From plank position, AYG back to the COT!


Doughboy & Red Bull posted today after spending 10-days in Costa Rica. It reminded me of that country’s mantra of Pura Vida, which means Pure Life. This struck me as appropriate as these 30-men were chasing one another in the dark to push their bodies and spirit. Thanks to Rockwell [& Posse] for allowing me to lead these fine men. A big thanks to Strawberry for making the trip down to UC to support the Q.

Announcements – Bushwood Launch, wear your Golf Attire. Convergence on Labor Day Monday for Union County to become its own Region. Finally, Church on the Street needs volunteers for Labor Day Weekend. (Hit up Strawberry for instructions.)

Merkins, Merkins, Merkins…….

Like Closests, Closets, Closets, there were all types of Merkins today. Read on to see what happened……….

Mosey to front of theatre, with Butt-Kickers, High-Knees, Side & Backwards Runs and finish with COP.

SSH x 20

Merkins x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Potato Picker x 20

Mosey towards the Murder Horn and head to lollipop circle to right and partner up.

Partner’s run opposite directions around circle, meet on the other side for hand-slap Merkins x 10, then run back to starting point. Partners flapjack directions and Repeato.  Fastie’s do Merry while waiting on six.

Mosey down the Murder Horn with Hand Release Merkins x 5 at each street light and stop sign. Head up hill towards gazebo for partner work.

Partners combined finish Merkins or Derkins x 100, Step-Ups x 200 and Dips x 300. While Partner 1 exercises, Parnter 2 runs.

Mosey to stop sign, then AYG up the Murder Horn. Head back to COT for Merry and takeout.


It’s been a while since I’ve Q’ed here and really missed it. Thankful for being healthy and having the loyal PAX of RY to keep me going. That AYG up the Murder Horn was less terrible in my head. Great Job to Goonie, Goodfella and Snooka for smoking that hill.

Thanks to Goonie for being my time-keeper, Van Pelt for keeping me focused on my ‘instruction accuracy’ and Strawberry & Heartbreaker for inviting me to lead such a fun AO.


Visit Chipotle at Fight Club on Fridays @ Elon Park

See Morning After if you’re interested in running in the Beer & Pancakes 5K on Nov. 4th for MedAssist.

F3 Golf – 10/27/17 – Still looking for players

3rd-F Gut-Check site at Chic-Fil-A every Thursday following RY


It was supposed to be a “Calf-Friendly” Workout

There were 11 for Watchtower this morning………….Here’s what happened!

It was a quick mosey around the parking lot, including some butt-kickers, high-knees, side & backwards run along the way, to reach the COP.

SSH x 20

Mountain Climbers x 10     Merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10     Merkins x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10

Potato Pickers x 20

Then mosey towards the creek for some Bridge Bear Crawls

Grab some [small] wall at the concession stand for OYO:

Derkins x 10

Step-Ups x 20

Dips x 30

Partner up and mosey to the bleachers. Partner 1 – Run to top of Bleachers, Partner 2 – Do Calf Raises ; Rinse & Repeat until both partners have completed 10-Runs to the top.

Mosey to the track, 1-Lap only, stopping at each corner with 5-Hand-release Merkins.

Mosey to the middle school driveway for a little hill-work. Only had time for 7’s (not 11’s) with Burpees on top and Squats down below.

Indian run back to COT (at least for the sections with good lighting).



I did disclaim in the beginning that the workout would be both knee and calf-friendly since I have issues with both, but the calf-raises on the bleachers didn’t sound as bad in my mind. In reality, they were pretty brutal, probably close to 200/Pax. Bottlecap, Moneyball, Frack and Strawberry were crushing the runs. I appreciate Jingles and Fusebox’s help on keeping the QIC straight on the count.  Watchtower is a great AO and I appreciate the opportunity to lead these men. Thanks to Strawberry and Chipotle for coming out to support the QIC.


Susan G Komen Race for the Cure this weekend in Charlotte. Here’s a link to race info:


F3 Golf – 10/27/17 – (Bottlecap looking for 3 Pax to join him)


Church on the Street (COS) – Looking for five (5) Volunteers the first Sunday of every month to volunteer on Sunday Mornings from 6am – 8am. See F3 Strawberry or use the Sign-up Genius below.

Hyper-link to Sign-up Genius


….Here’s what happened: Quick disclaimer and we’re headed towards Smoke for a warm-up COP.

SSH x 15 + IW x 15 + MC x 16 = 46 (Total)   Burpees x 5 OYO

Mosey to Firebirds, partner-up (SPEED MATTERS!) for a 2-Lap ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Partner 1- Gets a 20-yd lead and if caught takes a 20-Burpee Penalty. Rest of the Pax Merkins x 10, Inclines x 10, Lunges x 10, Flutters x 10 (Repeat until 6 is finished.)

Flapjack Partner / Chaser-Chasee. Pax doing Dips x 10, American Hammer x 10, Durkins x 10, Squats x 10. Waiting on the 6 with a little Plank-O-Rama.

Mosey to the back of Target for some speed-bump work. Keep it simple, Burpees x 3 at each speed bump down and back.

Mosey back to Smoke parking lot for COP. Did two “Round Robbins” of various called excercises while the caller runs the circle. Burpees x 5 OYO.

Line up at stop sign and AYG back to the COT.

Moleskin – I appreciate the PAX for showing up on the Q’s Birthday. I was able to work in 46 Burpees hopefully under the radar. The only exception was Van Pelt’s 66-Burpees, but he chose a really fast partner….Thin Mint. (That’s a tough lesson.) I probably should have taken the penalty because Morning After almost made me puke in the bushes. I think Heartbreaker and Buckey settled on a tie.

Joe Davis Run…….If you’re reading this… missed it.






A “Heart Breaker” Q-Jack

The schedule said Heart Breaker was Q, so the PAX were a little surprised that Big Tuna had Q-Jacked the workout. So here’s what happened……

Mosey to the Smoke Parking Lot for COP

Windmills x20       Imperial Walker x20       Modified Mountain Climbers x20


Mosey to the top of the Murder Horn for a Lolli-Pop Circle Run

Partner Up (Speed Matters!)

Run Half-Way around, meet partner for Hand-Slap Merkins x10

Run 2nd Half back for another 10 Hand-Slap Merkins


Repeato – Partners run in opposite directions this time


Mosey to the back of Target for some Speed-Bump Suicides

Do Hand-Release Merkins x5 and increase it x5 at each additional Speed Bump.

Finish at opposite end


Sit for some Peoples Chair to wait on the six
Mosey to side parking lot, partner up

Partner 1 – Backwards Run to end of lot, turnaround, run up hill, Partner 2 – Curb Derkins       Repeato until Team Total Curb Derkins x 100


Partner 1 – Backwards Run to end of lot, turnaround, run up hill,

Partner 2 – Curb Dips         Repeato until Team Total Curb Dips x100


Partner 1 – Backwards Run to end of lot, turnaround, run up hill,

Partner 2 – Curb Jump-Ups        Repeato until Team Total Curb Jump-Ups x100


Line up for an Indian Run back to COT……….Tour the parking area up and down a few times


Stop at one end of theatre parking lot, OYO Burpees 10x


AYG Jail Break back to COT



Ye Moleskin:

It’s been a while since I’ve Q’ed a workout, so I’m grateful to my boy Heart Breaker for letting me step in on this one. We had nothing but seasoned veterans in the gloom this morning and they certainly challenged me. I appreciate McGee and Fireman Ed for trying to Q-Jack me a few times, I did cave on the Burpees. There seemed to be a lot of mumble chatter on the extended Indian Run through the parking lot, but I thought it was pretty good.

Announcements – See Bean on the F3 Christmas Party and if you’re still interested in participating in Southern Discomfort this weekend there’s probably still room.

Four Corner’s

18 Pax showed up for a weekly dose of pain at Rebel Yell. Here’s what happened.

The Thang

A quick mosey to circle up for a warm up.

Windmills x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Plank Jack x 15

Merkins x 10

Mosey over to the parking islands in front of the movie theatre for a warm up run in a four corner formation. Karaoke down, Side-Shuffle across, Backwards Run back and Side-Shuffle across. Four (4) times around.

Count off to create four teams. Each Team was assigned one corner of the movie theatre where there was an exercise posted.

Corner 1) Wide Arm Merkins x 10

Corner 2) Monkey Humpers x 20

Corner 3) Diamond Merkins x 10

Corner 4) Jump Squats

Between the corners, run the length of the theatre and Bear-Crawl halfway of the width. Four (4) times around.

Huddle up for a brief 10-count and mosey over to the Cantina Restaurant. Partner up for a shared exercise of leg lifts. 75-Right Leg (Only) Lifts on the wall, while partner runs around parking island, Reapto 75-Left Leg (Only) Lifts on the wall and partner run.

Mosey back towards parking lot for COT. Stop midway to plank and an AYG Sprint back.


The PAX did a great job on this steamy summer morning. It was great seeing Mike Check back at RY. Fahvre and Rachel kept trading the leading position on all of the exercises. (Nice Job!)

There was a a little mumble-chatter on the Windmill (AKA Jane Fonda), but the QIC is still on the mend from a calf tear, so all warm-ups were ‘calf friendly’. The chatter quited down considerably after four rounds of karaoke/backwards run. I believe the Four Corner exercises were good, but the Bear Crawls were pretty terrible. Thanks to Chippy, PaperJam, Morning After and Coyote Ugly for pushing me during the four corners.

Welcome to our new FNG, Situation and to Coyote Ugly for bringing him out. Way to hustle out there Situation!

A big Thank You to Heartbreaker and Strawberry for their continued support of Rebel Yell as Site Q’s. I enjoyed leading the PAX today!

Announcements – Fight Club at Elon Park on Fridays, come see Chipotle.

The Beast Light

19 Pax showed up on an unseasonably warm February morning to kick-start their week. Here’s what happened.

Began with a mosey around the parking lot with a combination of high-knees, butt-kickers and karaoke. Mosey to the adjacent parking lot and circle up for: Windmills x 20, Imperial-Walkers x 20, Merkins x 20, Mountain Climbers x 20 and hold plank for 10-count.

Mosey to track and pair up for some Catch Me If You Can.

Round #1: Partner1 – Backwards Run  Partner2 – 10 Hand Release Merkins, Catch Partner

Round #2: Partner1 – Backwards Run  Partner2 – 10 Wide Arm Merkins, Catch Partner

Round #3: Partner1 – Backwards Run  Partner2 – 10 Diamond Merkins, Catch Partner

Mosey back to parking lot, with a little bear crawl along the way, for some Peoples Chair and Balls to the Wall. Circle up for some Mary;    Flutter x 15, Rosalita x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15, Protractor x 15 and Heels to Heaven x 15.

Mosey to the other end of the parking lot for the “Beast Light”. Run across parking lot and at each basketball goal (4) 10 Hand Release Merkins and run back. (Repeato) 20 LBCs (Repeato) 5 Burpees.

Partners Pair-up for a final sprint race back to the COT.


The QIC didn’t have his lexicon mastered and confused Utter and Simba when he called out the next exercise “The Beast”. Turns out it wasn’t 6-exercises, but only 4, hence the title “Beast Light”. I appreciate their patience. It’s always great to lead the PAX of Basecamp. Great effort by everyone!y


F3 Nation Anniversary Party – March 5th