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Benny’s Triumphant Return Q: Bon Voyage Base Camp

23 pax made the smart decision to start there day off at Base Camp for YHC first Q in exactly 9 months and last as a Base Camp Site Q. After a veteran approve disclaimer was given which included modify for injury not discomfort it was warned today would not be a moderate workout. After a couple warm up laps around the track where we picked up 1 pax coming in hot on 4 wheels the beatdown commenced.


1 Burpee OYO
15 Side Straddle Hop IC(Gummy and Haze as expected refused to do them joined by Lazy Boy)
2 Burpees OYO
Imperial Walkers 15 IC
3 Burpees OYO(Pattern detected)
10 Windmills IC
4 Burpees OYO
10 Low Slow Squats IC
5 Burpees OYO

Thang: Instructions were given to find a partner for a Base Camp classic suicides from the Basketball hops. Partner 1 was to run the gauntlet of Basketball Hoops while Partner 2 did AMRAP of called exercises.
Partner up for basketball hoop suicides
2 rounds:
Round 1 LBCs
Round 2 Squats

2 10 counts, Gummy wanted to do a 10 count but was told he would get his turn later on. Mosey on down to the Base Ball field

In the center: 5 squats
Corner 1(1st base)- 10 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 2(2nd base)- 10 Merkins
Corner 3( 3rd base)- 10 Jump Squats
Corner 4( Home plate)- 10 Monkey Humpers

10 count

Afterwards, 2 lines of tunnel of love where YHC being the proper leader started a line but the pax didn’t see that so naturally had to join a different line and led it off. Mumblechatter

Jack Webb: It wouldn’t be a proper Q without one of my favorite things Jack Webb 1 slow Merkin followed by 4 Air presses.
1 Merkin 4 Air presses
2 Merkins 8 Air presses
3 Merkins 12 Air presses
4 Merkins 16 Air presses
5 Merkins 20 Air presses
4 Merkins 16 Air presses
3 Merkins 13 Air presses(this is where YHC lost count sad coming from a Math Teacher)
2 Merkins 8 Air presses
1 Merkin 4 Air presses

2 10 counts, Gummy being a veteran pulled a fast 10 count so naturally another one was given. Mosey on up back to the parking lot this time through the handicap ramp to avoid the stairs.

Mosey on back up to the parking lot, with lots of time left to spare YHC improvised to keep the pax occupied. Instructions were given to run 4 corners 20 LBCs at each corner while running AYG on the to the next corner.

Afterwards, an attempt of 1 long line of plankers delight was shot down and decided with this many pax that 2 lines would be a smarter move. Plank on down the line 2 hand slap merkins down the line.

With time to spare, a visit to Semi’s Office was in order

Followed by plankers delight.

Mary: Each pax was given the opportunity to pick a Mary exercise, they could go either Easy or Stupid with no limitations.

Tolkien: 5 Ninja Stars
Slim Fast: 5 Hand Released Merkins
Sensei: Flutter
Blades of Glory: American Hammer
Rock Thrill: The Dolly
Thunder Road: Protractor

Instructions were given by YHC to then end the last 2 minutes with AMRAP Burpees on your own, YHC ended the workout 30 seconds early given the strong work by the pax.


First off, I want to say thank you for all of the pax who came out today. It’s been a tough road the past 9 months since the accident and surgery while working my way back up through Physical Therapy. All of the support since the accident has truly been inspirational on my journey back to full strength.

As expected, Purell, Purple Haze, joined by Tolkien coming off a strong NYC Marathon led the way most of the morning. We didn’t quite hit the 2 mile goal YHC wanted to make today however, what we lost in miles we gained in core work. Q nerves were definitely felt after not Qing in so long, complaints were heard that the pax were too old for Tunnel of Love. It’s good for you every now and then, if I can do it with a bionic leg then you can do it.

Tclaps to Slim Fast, Sensei and HIPPA for joining YHC on a pre run, the Slim Fast effect of we’re taking it easy this morning effect is still as always false. Needless to say it was good fellowship to start off the morning.

It’s been an honor to be part of the Base Camp Site Q trio with Thunder Road and Goonie. Unfortunately injuries and a new job made my stay as Base Camp site Q short. Tclaps to Drano who wasn’t present for asking me to step up for him around a year ago. Goonie and Thunder Road continue to lead a strong AO and I know they’ll continue to keep Base Camp strong.


Christmas Parties in SOB and Area 51
Sound off with any Mumblechatter or if YHC missed something in the Backblast.
Thank you all F3 Pax who have served and continue to serve our Country.

Thanks Slim Fast for the strong takeout today.

Post Surgery and Basecamp Farewell Q

February 12th was YHC last official Q, not counting what Purple Haze, Sensei and Lois did to lead my Q’s post surgery(everyone’s responds Benny that sucked). About 6 days later, my life for better or worse changed when I got hit by a car at the intersection of Rea Rd and Ballantyne Commons Parkway. It’s been a rough nearly 9 months of recovery, I’ve truly gained more than just the 1st F aspect of F3. If it wasn’t for the various pax South Charlotte in Area 51,Sons of Ballentine, Western Union County, as well as F3 Nation not sure if I would’ve gotten through the past 9 months.

Now onto the main event: YHC as stated before hasn’t Q’d since on February 12th 2018. On November 12th 2018, exactly 9 months since my last Q at Basecamp will be my first Q back post surgery. Fair warning, Jack Webb and Plankers Delight will be on deck two of Goonie’s favorite exercises. We will do our best to get to 2 miles in the workout, leaders have the possibility of getting greater than 2 miles. We will also be paying homage to our Veterans with Veterans Day being over the weekend.

Nevertheless, it’s been a tough road to recovery to get to the point where I’m able to be the Q for a workout. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be to the form I was back on my February 12th Q throughout the workout. Just know, the workout will test you and will be a great way to kick off the week. This will also be YHC’s last Q as Basecamp Site Q, with switching teaching jobs its been increasingly harder to post during the week. I promise it’ll be a great workout and you’ll for sure be sore afterwards. Here’s how the day will start:

5:00 AM: Base Camp Pre Run 2 mile route multiple options.
5:30 AM: Main event starts

I hope to see you with me in the Gloom November 12th.

Plankers Delight Visits Base Camp

6 pax decided to avoid the fart sack call and post at Base Camp today. Upon previewing the track before the pre-run YHC had to make a q audible or two within the wienke to make his q work. After a thorough disclaimer where the site q’s couldn’t be sued and that I care about your safety but am not responsible. Goonie through out it was a Thin Mint statement stating modify for injury not discomfort, at that point the workout began with a promise of about 2 miles of running in a boot camp style workout.

2 warm up laps around the parking lot to see if any lo. Then the pax circled up by the upper entrance of the bus lot evident that we would be the only ones attending the workout today.

COT: All exercises were done in Cadence
15 SSH
15 IW
15 MC
15 LSS


Goonie decided to call out during a pre run with YHC and Retread that he thought Plankers Delight was a terrible idea. So YHC heard it and decided to start us up with Plankers Delight with the creator Thunder Road himself being present as well too.

Set up 1 line by the entrance to the middle school for Plankers Delight with each pax doing two hand slap americans with each person working there way down the line. Goonie loved it so much YHC decided we would do plankers delight again. Followed by a 10 count.

1 Lap around the staff parking lot: 5 LBCs by each light post you pass.

Inverted Starfish: The plan was to do a twist on a star fish workout, instructions were given with the twist being mentioned at the end.

Corner 1(start of the staff parking lot)-10 Jump Squats
Corner 2(the turn exiting the staff lot)-10 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 3(benches near the school entrance)-10 Step Ups each Leg
Corner 4(finish by )-10 Americans

The catch was after each 10 exercise you would do 5 burpees, Goonie upon realizing this called for clarification and almost had a q jack wanting no part of the Burpees. However YHC was in charge so Goonie’s suggestions went out the window.

YHC had decided to let Goonie do a 10 count then a fellow pax would follow with a 10 count after. However, Goonie gave what YHC calls the fastest 10 count in my brief history of F3. Goonie then lost his 10 count call for the remainder of the workout.

Following the starfish work we partnered up for some suicide work with partner 1 running while partner 2 did called exercises till both partners flapjacked. The pax got 3 rounds in.
Round 1: Flutter Kicks
Round 2: LBCs
Round 3:Squats

Upon finishing the round and a 10 count, YHC noticed we had time to spare and the pax was far off the goal of reaching our 2 mile goal. To ensure we reached our goal, plan was for an Indian Run down to Strawberry lane and back with a sighting of Wolfman along the Indian Run.

Upon arriving back at launch plan was to get a cool down lap, the leaders got 2 in reaching out goal requirement for 2 miles. Following the cool down lap we got ready for the cool down portion at Semi’s Office.

2 rounds Peoples Chair 50 Q Count

15 Rosalita’s
15 LBCs

Time was called at exactly 6:15 with a little over 2 miles covered by the pax today, excellent work brothers.


YHC originally wanted to do all of this minus the Indian run and suicides on the track today, however South Charlotte Middle School has terrible irrigation system so YHC had to modify his workout during the pre run today. I’ll take a big hit for today, the moderate flag for what Base Camp is known for was thrown out the window today. However, you guys really crushed it out there as everyone worked there tails off in an iron sharpens iron workout. Guess this what happens when YHC was handed the keys to Base Camp while also marathon training, wait a second YHC being a good site Q took the slot to help fill a needed opening.

Kudos to Jello and Costanza giving it 110% out there today, you both are true examples of what F3 really is and made the workout really enjoyable. Kudos to Thunder Road for helping keep an eye on the six and for crushing it in today’s strength based workout.

Big Kudos to Goonie and Retread, not only did you both crush it leading the pax in the front for most of the workout. You both joined YHC on a neat little pre-run to start the day, a new Base Camp tradition that starts at 5:00 each Monday. We usually get in between 2 and 2.5 miles prior to the workout, everyone is welcomed I personally enjoy it for some great 2nd F opportunities.

Sign up for Run Jen Run 5K in South park on March 3rd, Snow Flake and Frasier are in charge of this Speed For Need event. If interested in pushing a SFN Chair Snow Flake and Frasier are your Q’s to contact, Goonie gave a great point how its a life changing experience to see those individuals faces crossing the finish line.

Marvel is on Q February 19th followed by Thin Min on February 26th to end February.

Thanks for the great take out Jello, it’s always an honor to take the keys at Base Camp and be apart of the Site Q Team with Goonie and Thunder Road.

Mountain Goat Base Mileage

13 strong pax posted at Mountain Goat even after YHC’s Pre Blast Base Mileage warning of an AYG run through the hills of Raintree. After a thorough disclaimer where YHC again explained the route with an option for extra miles the pax took off.

The Thang
Today’s objective was simple yet not an easy one, run AYG from SCMS to Ballantyne Commons Parkway through 4 Mile Creek. Get to Ballantyne Commons Parkway and back to launch either through Whitehorn Drive or 4 mile Creek while turning back around at the 30 minute mark to make it back for COT at 6:15. The pax had the option to take Whitehorn Drive to Raintree to add additional miles only one pax did so and that will be mentioned later on. Once we turned on Woodfox the goats then got into there respected pace groups. Today’s mileage ranged between 3.5 miles to 6.3 miles , those who ran the pre run this morning got anywhere between 7 miles and 8.3 miles with anywhere from 274 feet of elevation gain to 553 feet of elevation gain depending on your pace. Excellent work today Mountain Goats!


-I would say today’s route was going to be easy but YHC would be lying if that was the case, I guess this is what happens when after getting the approval to Q Mountain Goat from Slim Fast that both Slim and Retread agreed to YHC’s idea of an AYG run through the hills of Raintree. These AYG runs are tough in the hills however, use today as a stepping stone for where you want to improve through the upcoming running season whether it is at Mountain Goat or the various races we are all signed up for.

-T Claps to Purple Haze to coming out to Mountain Goat prior to heading to his duties at The Stand, Haze said he’d come to Mountain Goat under the condition of no track work. I think Haze got what he came for and then so, Haze said I was the one pushing him when in reality he was pushing me to give it my all in this classic you against you Q.

-Strong work today by both Kilowatt and Gullah they keep getting stronger out there and tackled some serious elevation out there today. Slim Fast and Sensei were killing it out there today on these hills, especially Sensei running over 6 miles after recovering from being ill awesome work out there Sensei making it all the way to the intersection of 4 mile creek and BCP!

-Nomad and Insomniac were looking strong out there today on those hills, even though Nomad thought once we got to Raintree Country Clubhouse and back the rest of that run just sucked yet they still crushed it today!

-Tweetsie killed it running with High Tide out there, even High Tide who says he isn’t a runner but after all the progress he’s made the last 2 years I think we can all agree High Tide is a runner.

-Retread looked strong out there coming off of a tough Fast Twitch workout on Tuesday in preparation for running the Charlotte 10 Miler in February keep tackling these hills and you’ll get there. Early Bird decided to make his return to Mountain Goat today after going nearly 2 months without posting. Early Bird has been killing it biking lately while nursing a knee injury he had playing football and looked strong out there in his first long run in awhile. Early Bird was the one who Eh’d me to come out to F3 over a year and a half ago to F3 and Mountain Goat. I remember him being the one to drag me to go getting stronger and Early Bird keeps getting stronger out there.

-Last but not least Fleetwood ran strong today after a great finish in the CRC Whitewater Trail Half last weekend, not only did he pre run this morning he took YHC’s challenge to run Whitethorn Drive for extra mileage. Fleetwood turned around about halfway in to get back to launch for COT but that didn’t stop him for running 8.3 miles and looked strong running into launch as the pax cheered him coming back in.

-Kudos to Slim Fast and Nomad for joining YHC and Fleetwood on the 1 mile warm up this morning! Thanks Retread and Slim Fast for the opportunity to lead, it is always an honor to Q at Mountain Goat.

-Thanks Insomniac for taking us out today!


Other than the fact that everyone agreed there was very little uphill and getting some mumble chatter about YHC’s pre blast we had zero announcements today. Enjoy your weekend Mountain Goats

Mountain Goat 1/26 Pre Blast Base Mileage

It’s been awhile since we’ve last had a Pre Blast for Mountain Goat, given that YHC has a distance Q planned for the workout I felt it was important to send out the information in advance. Mountain Goat will start of at 5:00 where I’ll be leading a warm up mile for anyone interested. Many of us are training for various races, P200, Charlotte 10 miler, half marathons, even marathons. Thus base miles are a key component for all runners training program and should account for roughly 80-85% of your running, the other 15-20% being hard interval work. Base mileage runs are also important as it allows you to boost your conditioning, and helps you develop slow-twitch muscle fibers. Runners build up their aerobic capacity by expanding capillary growth around muscle cells for efficient oxygen delivery. This will help prepare us Mountain Goats for more strenuous training and running. The plan is to do some distance through the hills of Raintree and 4 Mile Creek in an AYG run. Headlamps are highly encouraged on this route along with pace groups.

At 5:15 we will be paying homage to Slice and visit the hills of Raintree for an AYG run to Ballantyne Commons Parkway through 4 mile creek. The route will take us out of SCMS onto Woodfox followed by a left onto Rounding Run. We will then take a right onto Raintree and follow Raintree for about 0.7 miles. When you reach the intersection of 4 mile creek and Raintree take a right onto 4 Mile Creek. We will then follow 4 mile Creek 1.8 miles to our destination of Ballantyne Commons Parkway where we will then turn around and make our way back to launch taking the same route back. The route back will be left on Raintree followed by a left on Rounding Run, right on Woodfox Drive then a left on Strawberry and an immediate right back to SCMS The plan is to start at exactly 5:15, it is 3.2 miles to Ballantyne Commons Parkway which adds up to about 6.4 miles total. For the leaders or anyone wanting to get more miles in, on the way back can take a right onto Whitehorn Drive by Raintree Country Club and take that until making a left onto Raintree this will give you roughly 0.6 additional miles.

Regardless of where you are at, exactly 30 minutes into the run we will turn around and head back to SCMS for COT at 6:15 . If you think you will need more than 30 minutes to get back to SCMS for COT at 6:15, feel free to modify as needed. I will be heading back at the 30 minute mark to help bring the six back to launch. This will allow us to keep an eye on pax and offer encouragement as we will be spread out due to pace differences. I will be aiming to run a 8.13 mile pace which will allow me to make it to Four Mile Creek and Ballantyne Commons intersection and back by 6:15. I have listed below two Strava Routes, one using Whitehorn Drive on the way back and the other 4 mile Creek out and back.

Four Mile Creek Regular Route

Four Mile Creek Whitehorn Option

Mountain Goats, this will be a challenging route. However, we have been doing some intense interval training at Mountain Goat for the better part of 2 months now. YHC, Retread and Slim Fast know you’ll do great. This is a you against you type of run, pace groups are highly encouraged as we will likely space out upon reaching Raintree. Runs of this nature help to increase endurance and build the physical and mental toughness needed to tackle longer runs. See everyone tomorrow at 5:15

Duck Duck Goose visits Basecamp

8 Pax made the smart decision to not #Fartsack and enjoyed sub freezing temperatures this morning. Following a proper disclaimer where we’d keep moving today the pax took off. We did 3 warm up laps around the track including Wolfman coming in right around the end of lap 2. After we finished the 3rd lap, the pax circled up. After YHC mentioned to modify as needed when instructions were given we moved onto the main event.

Warm up laps around SCMS parking lot 2. Stop by basketball hoops.

15 IW IC
15 MC
10 LSS

The Thang:
YHC loves running, after telling the pax to partner up and grab a rock instructions were given Partner 1 would run to each light post and back. While Partner 2 did a called exercise till both partners flap jacked. Once Fireman Ed gave YHC mumble chatter for a “pebble of a lifting rock” which I said Drano picked it we began with suicides. We got 2 rounds in, when the pax finished instructions were given to plank it up till the Q gave further instructions.

Round 1: Squats with rock
Round 2 Bicep curls with rock

10 Count

Afterwards the pax brought the rocks down to Sem’s Office and went down to the track where YHC explained the next stage of the event. The plan was to do called exercise at each corner of the track with 4 different exercises. While running all you got on the straightaway’s while recovering on the curves.

Corner 1: 10 LBC
Corner 2: 10 Burpees
Corner 3 10 Jump Squats
Corner 4: 10 CDD

10 Count

Following the 10 Cool down lap with no one going faster then Drano, after completing the lap instructions were given to go to the center of the football field and form a giant circle.

Duck Duck Goose
During my August Q at Peak 51 I led a fun activity called Duck Duck Goose AKA Satan’s Duck Duck Goose, the never-ending Mary. Basically one person runs around the circle and the remaining pax does a called exercise until tagged doing as many reps as you can.

Round 1: LBC-This seems easy
Round 2: Rosalita- This seems a bit harder
Round 3: Flutter-Ok this is really hard. You can thank the pax, I was going to do Freddie Mercury but when I heard Flutter YHC had to listen to the pax.

10 count, cool down lap around the track no one going faster then YHC. Afterwards up to Semi’s Office for some Air Presses Peoples Chair position.

People’s Chair:
50 q count
60 q count

Circle Up for some Marry

15 Rosalitas IC en Espanol
Protractor till time was called

Done! We got exact 2.0 miles in during the workout, great work everyone!

Strong work today everyone, when I got the text from Drano yesterday asking if I could Q at the last minute I didn’t know how it would go. Ironically enough by my uncle Earlybird who double booked himself and completely forgot he was qing when he had to travel today. Naturally YHC accepted the challenge for the substitute q for the 2nd time at Basecamp. YHC is starting to see a pattern, a brother can’t q YHC ends up qing….

Compared to my last Q a few weeks ago at Basecamp night and day better, still some room to grow. We didn’t really have a true six group today everyone did a great job pushing it out there. Although YHC was sad that no one joined me on a pre run this morning however, always next time. I’ll be doing a pre run starting between 4:50 and 5 AM to get 1-2.5 miles in prior to the start of Basecamp if anyone wants to start joining in. Duck Duck Goose was a big crowd favorite, YHC didn’t know what to expect and you guys killed it out there.

Drano gave a mumble chatter of 3 more weeks left of this….maybe some big news will be announced soon? Who knows you’ll have to wait to find out. Not only great work but also excellent chances for 2nd F as well too, always happy to Q at Basecamp. Drano and Goonie run a good crew here at Basecamp filled with regulars and FNGs, great way to get introduced to F3.


BB&T Corporate Cup: March 10th, I’ll be running the Half Marathon if anyone is interested. However, there is a 5K option and 2 man relay for the Half Marathon if anyone is interested to signing up. May just be me but we have some runners who can do it hint hint Fireman Ed.
Corporate Cup

Prayers go out to The Wall who is still recovering from open heart surgery.

Christmas Parties: December 8th Area 51 Seaboard Matthews, December 16th SOB Waxhaw area in some barn. It is suggested to either have a DD or an Uber just to be safe. You can attend one, or both either way will be a good time. YHC will be signing up sometime this week and it’s promised to be a good time. See pre blasts by Alf and Thin Mint to sign up.

Dollywood on Q next Monday at Basecamp

Thank you Tag Along with the strong take out

The Mermaid

14 Pax made the decision after YHC laid down the gauntlet as to what would happen for my Fast Twitch VQ. Seeing how Fast Twitch hasn’t done an AYG run in awhile YHC felt it was time to have the pax stretch the legs out when Purple Haze put me on the Q Schedule. Last week YHC decided to announce that we would be doing “The Mermaid”, big reason why I think we only had 14 instead of 23 last week. At 5:05 not long after I pulled in, Van Pelt was the only car in the parking lot making me wonder if Purple Haze was right that no one would show up to Fast Twitch. Knowing behold right around 5:10 the caravan of cars came in. After a proper disclaimer that was very much approved by the pax that your hands will not touch the ground today we moved onto the main event.

The Thang:

Run-AYG from SCMS to the top of the CLT Catholic Parking deck and back to launch. Get as far as you can and turn around at 28ish minutes. Those who have completed “The Mermaid” can agree that the hill leading up to Calvary Church coming back is pretty brutal. Mileage ranged between 6 and 7.81 by the pax.


This was and still is Mermaid’s brain child, this is my 2nd time doing this workout and 1st time qing it. As Alf said I made the Q fail with Astro and instead of going to the top of the parking deck just ran straight to the end of campus. As I told Alf in my defense, in August I didn’t have the stamina to make it to the parking deck and come making it this far YHC blanked like my students do when they forget there homework. Q fail on my part however and a good learning lesson. YHC also learned a very valuable lesson, don’t plan something as crazy as “The Mermaid” coming off of doing sub 7 minute mile paces in a Half Marathon. Many would call that suicide doing this crazy workout but the pax proved me right and killed it out on 51 today.

YHC took off and led the pax for a good 2.5 miles of the workout with Purelle, Rachel and Turkey Leg not far behind me. Upon reaching Calvary, as Turkey Leg normally does on downhill runs took off and wasn’t found till COT. Alf wasn’t that far behind, along with Utah. Astro in his 2nd Fast Twitch workout did a great job in one of our tougher workouts. He made “The Mermaid” look like it was nothing. Van Pelt and One Eye also killed it out on the workout today, haven’t seen those two run that fast since BRR training season. Mr. Brady, Mermaid, Purple Haze, About Time, and Retread making his return to Fast Twitch killed it out there as well. There was a six group however, it was hard to really see it with how well everyone responded to the challenge.

YHC also took shots at the pax prior to beginning. Purple Haze admitted prior to the start of today that he did everything to avoid coming and that YHC should plan a different workout. I then proceeded like Frazier has done told Haze I’m the Q and I could plan something worse. Having told Retread of my Q awhile back, he decided to come back to Fast Twitch after going to lesser sights *cough Swift post BRR. Purple Haze was shocked as he was about to call Retread out and YHC beat him to it, saying something that I could see you being a site q one day. It truly was an honor to lead you all today, thanks Purple Haze and Rachel for asking me to lead today. I’d be happy to lead again, plus given that “The Mermaid” has been used twice in the last 3 months I doubt you’ll see “The Mermaid” till BRR season.

Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.


Joe Davis Run Sign up!

2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

Area 51 Christmas Party December 8th see backblast by Alf bellow to sign up

Area 51 Christmas Party 2017!

SOB Christmas Party December 16th, see backblast by Thin Mint bellow to sign up

2017 SOB Holiday Party Pre-blast

Jack Webb and 2.24 miles of running

Basecamp Q
18 strong pax made the decision to post at Basecamp today on a rather warm November morning. After a proper disclaimer was given the pax did a warm up lap to Strawberry Lane and back. Upon returning to launch Goonie told YHC that this isn’t Fast Twitch. This is where the fun all begins:


15 IW IC
3 Burpee’s on your own
10 LSS

Main Thang:
Upon telling the pax to line up, instructions were given for suicides. After reaching each basketball hoop. Upon returning to the starting point you would do 1 burpee, adding up all the way to 4 burpees. Following a 10 count we moseyed our way towards the rock pile where a good old favorite made its appearance. Pax were instructed to pick a rock up but to be wise as this would be there lifting rock.

Jack Webb Part 1
1 slow American
Followed up 4 Air Presses(with or without the rocks)
Pax went all the way up to 6 American’s and 24 air presses.

Following a 10 count, pax moseyed on down towards the track for some corner exercises on the track. Instructions were given to run the straightaway’s and then do exercise at each corner.

Round 1: 20 LBCs at each corner adding up to 80 LBCs
Cool Down Lap
Round 2: 5 Jump Squats each corner adding up to 20 Jump Squats

Down to track different exercise each corner(2-4 rounds pending how the pax is)
4 corners of track 20 LBCs at each corner
2nd time 10 Jump Squats
3rd time 5 burpees each corner
4th time americans

Mosey up towards Semi Gloss office, for some Peoples Chair.
Round 1: 60 Seconds: Q fail starting in cadence meant to say following the Q, nerves hit me on that one.
Round 2: 45 Seconds
Round 3: 30 Seconds
Round 4: 15 Seconds

Mosey up by the grass fields after suggestion from Goonie to finish the finish Jack Webb on the grass and not the concrete. Plan was to do it there since Fireman Ed asked for more, however smarter choice to finish on the grass.

Jack Webb Part 2
7 Slow Americans
**32 Air Presses, Pax instructed to stop at 28 but Q just got too excited for Jack Webb that we added on some extra Air Presses
8 Slow Americans
32 Air Presses

15 Rosalitas IC
Compass/corrected to Protractor


Thanks for the takeout by Tweetsie.


Upon getting a message from Drano about a q switch being needed for Basecamp by Strange Brew, I was happy to pick up the Q having wanting to Q at Basecamp for awhile. The pax got 2.24 solid miles of running in today. Not entirely knowing the setup of Basecamp as much, there was definitely quite a bit of Q fails on my part having some nerves out there. My apologies on that one pax. Strong work by everyone from Goonie and Fireman Ed, all the way down the line to Mall Cop and Pele.

Thank you Drano and Goonie for the opportunity to lead, you guys run a good group at Basecamp. Always a pleasure to lead when called upon.


Ballrog 2 November 11- 7:00-11:00 AM, 13 mile loop with different exercise stations. Starting at 7:00 AM at Hickory Tavern Ballantyne and ending at Hickory Tavern at 11:00 AM.

YHC has the Q at Fast Twitch, an announcement will be made tomorrow as to what YHC has planned.

Charlotte Marathon is on Saturday
Joe Davis Run January 6th-Not too early to sign up!

Christmas Party’s
Area 51 December 8th at 7:30 PM Seaboard Matthews
SOB December 16th at 5:00 PM Red Barn Events

See Alf and Thin Mint’s Back Blasts for information on how to sign up.

Laces Out Party featuring 2 miles with Mr. Jack Webb

YHC woke up this morning wondering if the first fall cold spell would scare any of the pax away. However, 13 pax including 1 FNG made the smart decision to come on out towards Peak 51 today. After a proper disclaimer was given the pax moseyed on down towards the church parking lot via trade street. After a few laps around the church parking lot the pax circled up and the beat down began.


SSH -15 IC

IW-15 IC



Main Thang:

As I told the group to circle up down the line, Bullwinkle said we getting ready for suicide’s and YHC responded no I have something better planned.
Start of with 6 Jump Squats at the bottom of the church parking lot

Run all you got to other end of Church parking lot 1 Burpee

Run all you got back to bottom. Rinse and repeat until up to 1 Jump Squat and 6 Burpees.

If you finish early, plank it up at the front of the church with some various plank exercises. Geraldo said to YHC that isn’t it #BurpeeFreeOctober however not while YHC was the Q.

After two 10 counts the pax moseyed on down Mosey back to school parking lot for some station workout. While waiting for the six YHC called for two burpees towards everyone. YHC then explained the station workout, after calling for Jump Squats twice I heard mumble chatter for more burpee’s. If the pax ask for pain YHC is more than willing to welcome burpees.

Starfish repeat with a twist:
Middle 10 LBC each time

Station 1: 10 Jump Squats(nearest picnic tables)

Station 2: 10 Pull Ups

Station 3: 10 CDD

Station 4: 10 Burpee’s

Plank it up when done.

10 Count- 2 laps around the track All You got then plank it up in the bus parking lot when finished. Follow

Mosey to baseball field, it’s been quite awhile since Peak has experienced the visit of a well known friend. Mr. Jack Webb, 1 slow american following 4 air presses, going all the way up to 5 slow americans and 20 air presses. After Jack Webb plan was to mosey on back to launch to help give the pax there money’s worth. While waiting for the six, YHC led the pax in 50 Peak 51 air presses.

A crowd favorite was then called balls to the walls 10 count against the church wall afterwards the group circled up. For a quick Mary.


15 Rosalita’s IC

15 LBCs

Time was called however, YHC was informed we still had 3 minutes left. At that time I had recorded 1.95 miles on my watch, pax was instructed to run a lap around the parking lot to reach 2 miles. After 1 lap and at 2.03 miles time was called. Excellent movement by the pax all around in a classic Peak 51 workout.


When YHC planned this workout I had the feeling we would get some miles running however, the pax killed it out there today. Most times I’ve led we’ve gotten around the 1.5 miles to 1.75 at Peak never close to 2 miles. So when YHC saw we were so close and had time I decided we had to push for that hard earned second mile.

Welcome FNG Laces Out, Smokey Eh’d him to come on it and LacesUp was killing it out in the workout today. You’ve got a great mentor in Smokey I except to see a lot out of you and one day being the Q for a Peak workout.

T-claps to Sensei, Slim Fast and Nomad for joining me on the traditional Peak 51 Pre Run. Wasn’t quite YHC’s PR breaking 5K speed but was filled with lots of excellent 2nd F opportunities. Y’all should join us sometime it truly is a great way to start your Thursday morning.

Bullwinkle was killing it out there, Bullwinkle was at my VQ back in May and has been at all 3 of my Peak 51 Q’s. He continues to get better each and every time, keep up the excellent work Bullwinkle.

We didn’t really have a real six today, everyone kept pushing each other along the way, truly helped make this my 3rd Q at Peak my most successful one to date.

Peak 51 has been apart of my life here in Charlotte for just over a year now, first workout I posted at. Not only is it an excellent place for all pax to enter into Area 51 and F3. Thank you Lois and Sensei for asking me to lead, it is always an honor to lead at Peak 51.


Let Them Soar 5K over at Christ Covenant Church (home of Skunk Works and Kevlar) on Nov. 4. It will be a Speed for Need event. Check out Tackling Dummy’s pre-blast for more.

Joe Davis Run registration is now open — Benny has signed up for the 10k and recommends lots of the Peak 51 and Area 51 folks sign up. You will run it whether by choice or if Benny or Slim Fast gets you to run it.

See Bullwinkle for Q openings on December 13th and 20th, contact Bullwinkle if interested in being Q at Conviction.

SOB Christmas Party 8th, not sure if Area 51 is invited more details to come #Area51CrashTheParty

Charlotte Half Marathon on November 11th not too late to sign up

T-Claps to Smokey for the excellent take out!





Mountain Goats Attack The Danger Zone

10 Mountain Goats arrived as yours truly was given the keys to Mountain Goat with Site Q’s Retread and Slim Fast being out of town leaving to my first q at Mountain Goat. After a quick disclaimer and a couple warm up laps around SCMS with high knees and butt kickers were thrown in we set our sights onto the main event.

The Thang

Today’s objective although simple had a lot of things your QIC did not see happening, the plan was to run from SCMS down 51 to one of F3 SCLT’s most revered and hallowed grounds the Dunkin Donuts on Colony and Rea. Plan was to regroup by Calvary Church around 5:55 to collect the six and return to SCMS. If time permits, add a repeat on the Danger Zone. Your QIC and the pax weren’t expecting the sidewalk construction on both 51 and Read during the work out. My apologies Q fail on my part there, guess that what happens as Lois says “You’re taking us to the Danger Zone Benny?!” after Drano broke the message prior to QIC announcing it. After collecting the six we circled up and that was a rap.

4.5-6 miles completed depending on the pace excellent job Mountain Goats!

Goat Skin

  • Welcome back to Mountain Goat Sony! It has been awhile since we’ve seen you post here, while on the Danger Zone Sony took a nasty fall on the construction area. Your QIC then ran as fast as he could back to SCMS to pick him up however, Sony wanted to finish out his run excellent work out there!
  • T-Claps to Costanza, in his third time out to Mountain Goat he’s officially now run 5 miles! You were killing it out there on the Danger Zone with Drano
  • Purell once again was going strong out there, think he may find himself on whichever 2018 F3 BRR Team claims him up first. Keep up the good work Purell
  • Adobe and Fleetwood also both looked strong out there today, as well as Mouth for not only making his presence felt but also for being Sensei’s guide or really Sensei guiding Mouth sounds more like it
  • Loads of 2nd F opportunities during and after the workout, you guys seriously crushed a pretty challenging workout today. I’m sure there is many more memories I missed, don’t be afraid to share it!
  • Thanks again to Slim Fast and Retread putting me on the Q, it was an honor to Q and I look forward to the next Q if given the chance. Although next time I think avoiding construction paths is in order. It was great seeing lots of regulars and some new faces at my Q today as it was an honor to lead you all today.
  • Sensei thank you for taking us out at the end!


  1. F3 Golf Tournament October 27, open spots are still available!
  2. Tomorrow is the Susan G. Koeman… Speed for Need will be there and Nomad will be pushing one of the chariots. Please come out wearing your F3 gear and supporting Speed for Need if you aren’t already running this race.
  3. October 21st Big South 5k: Kilowatt and Benny will be running in this race on the F3 Team. The race benefits Middle School athletics and QIC will be running in support of Porter Ridge Middle School where he works.
  4. Joe Davis 5K/10K Run for Recovery sign ups are officially open! Not too early to start prepping, the race will be on January 6th.
  5. Come out to Base Camp on Monday at 5:30 AM where Drano will be the Q, he’s already promised that running will be involved.
  6. Java Run: Saturday mornings at 6 AM at the Bevington Greenway on the corner of Read and Bevington.

Thanks Sensei for the prayer out!