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Fast Twitch Return to Red Light District

5 pax made the smart decision to post at Fast Twitch this morning for YHC return to Fast Twitch and first Q at the site since November. After a proper veteran disclaimer we left launch towards the intersection of Swans Meadow Lane and Lammers Lane.

Quick Cop of 10 Low Slow squats, followed by one lap around the Swans Meadow Lane and Lammers Lane(roughly .25 miles or 400 meters) then wait on the six for further instructions.

The Thang:
1 lap(400 meters) hard pace, followed by 10 merkins.
1 lap recovery pace, followed by 10 squats.
Rinse and repeat until 5:55

At 5:55 followed by two ten counts by Christmas and Cheese Curd, we ran one lap recovery before meeting back up at the intersection of Swans Meadow Lane and Lammers Lane. Following ten counts by Purple Haze and Retread, instructions were given to head back to the intersection of Arbo View and 51 with the leaders grabbing the six at the end. Followed by another ten count upon the six coming in, we took the long way via Chick Fill back to launch, mileage varied from 5.12 to 6.33 miles with Purple Haze with the strong takeout at the end.

What today didn’t bring in hills definitely brought a proper track work beatdown, its been awhile since we’ve done speed work with some merkins and squats mixed in. Given how YHC hates going to the track, this is was the best area to have the workout take place as Purple Haze likely would’ve rebelled and done his own thing at that point(his response would’ve been son this isn’t that other running workout that meats on Tuesday). Leaders Purple Haze, Cheese Curd and Christmas absolutely crushed it today being out in front on nearly every segment, followed closely behind by Retread and YHC.

Having been on IR and away from Fast Twitch the last two months, its been tough not being able to post while following strict orders from Whiplash to avoid speed-work and hills while recovering. I want to personally thank Purple Haze and all the pax for helping lead the site while Astro trains for Myrtle Beach Marathon and while I’ve been recovering on IR. It’s been tough not being out in the gloom but mornings like today where I’m pushed by you all has made working through the rehab worth it to come on out for all 3 F’s(Fitness, Faith & Fellowship).

-April is looking like a stacked line up over at Fast Twitch with Orange Whip, Slim Fast and Frasier to end the month. May is looking just as stacked as well, YHC and Astro will be reaching out to pax members soon to fill up the calendar going into the summer. If you have posted at Fast Twitch in the last 6 months, expect to be given asked to q.

-This is the second week in a row of Fast Twitch Backblasts, first time since early 2018 I believe that has happened

-See Christmas if interested in Metros King of The Hill relay or go to slack for more details

-South Mountain Challenge April 17th, details on slack

-April 24th Stone Chicken Challenge, see slack for details

– Rutbreaker challenge details found on slack

-Thank you for everyone for continuing to make Fast Twitch the best worst our in Area 51(often rivaling Horsey in which one is worse)

-Feel free to comment with any mumble chatter or comments I may have missed

Triple Nickle Beatdown

9 joined us today for this weeks installment of Base Camp led by YHC a former Base Camp Site Q. After a through disclaimer that was highly enjoyed by most of the pax, with no FNGs present after a short run around the bus lot we began right by the Staff lot for a quick cop.

10 IW IC
10 Windmill

Following completion of the Windmills, instructions were made to run towards the intersection of Strawberry and Rosecliff. Upon reaching each speed bump(3 in total) pax were instructed to perform 5 jump squats. Leaders were also instructed to collect the six upon reaching Rosecliff. After a quick 10 count by Mr. Magoo instructions were given for the main event.

Triple Nickle:
Top of the Hill( Intersection of Strawberry and Rosecliff) 10 Merkins
Bottom of the Hill(first neighborhood intersection off of Rosecliff) 10 Diamond Merkins
Rinse and repeat 5 times for a total of 100 merkins

After a quick round of LBCs and a Thunder Road 10 count, off we went back to launch. Stoping at each speed bump for 5 monkey humpers, facing traffic after a fellow pax asked which direction they would be faced(you’re welcome). After stoping right before the entrance of SCMS, instructions were made to run back to Semi’s Office. Upon going over the mileage amount YHC had originally planed it was time to bring a good friend back to visit after picking up a lifting rock.

Jack Webb
1 slow merkin
4 air presses with lifting rock
We went up to 4 slow merkins and 16 air presses then worked our way back down

Following a Hoover 10 Count, we went over to Semi’s office and grabbed some wall for 2 rounds of 25 air presses on YHCs count.

10 Flutters IC
10 Rosalita IC
10 American Hammer
Protractor till time was called


-YHC realized on his drive home from Columbia yesterday that he was the QIC for Base Camp on Monday, Thunder Road remembers this beatdown from my December 2018 q at Base Camp only it was about 30 degrees colder outside
-The plan was for around 2.5 miles today, YHC underestimated that the Triple Nickle was probably closer to a half a mile each way than the 0.4 miles each way YHC had measured. YHC had us clocked at 3.24 miles, miles varied from 3.08-3.24+. A bit higher than what Base Camp traditionally is however, everyone crushed it out there today
– Air Wolf was out in front most of the workout followed closely by Way, no surprise there as Air Wolf has gotten faster since posting at Fast Twitch
-With this being Makeshift 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon Taper week YHC broke his usual limited Merkin usage to be taper friendly(you can still get upper body in while running in workouts)
-Its been quite awhile since YHC had visited Base Camp, probably close to a year. Thank you for Thunder Road and Mr. Magoo for brining me out of Base Camp retirement

-Makeshift Marathon Saturday 11/14 7 AM, preblast here
-Saturday November 21st Orange Whip be holding an A51 Q school at the Panera in the Arboretum at 0700. 45 minute workout followed by instruction from some veterans(30-45 minutes). If you haven’t q’d in awhile and are looking to step up and lead a workout this is a great place to learn the basics in leading a workout and F3 Site
-Thunder Road with the strong takeout

Benny out

Passing of the Torch

8 Pax posted at Fast Twitch not scared off by the message YHC gave yesterday. After an adequate disclaimer was given, since the Giants only lost by 2 points the beatdown would be hard instead of brutal. Quick mosey out of the Arbo lot to the intersection of Providence and Shallowood.

Quick cop of
20 Mountain Climbers IC

Main Event:
Shallowood Half Pipe Triple Nickle(aka Purple Haze go to spot for all his Q’s)
5 Squats at the bottom
5 merkins at the top

Leaders were instructed at the end to pick up the six should they finish early. After a quick 10 count by Wild Turkey, mosey up to the intersection of Windbluff and Providence for 5 squats on your own. After being told by Alf we still had more time left, I quickly told him a plan was in place. Particularly after being told by Purple Haze we were still short of being under 5 miles.We then proceeded to do 11s in the far lot of the Arbo lot, 1 burpee at the bottom, 10 Carolina Dry Docks by Sushi Rocks. Keep going till you have made it to 10 burpees or till YHC called time at 6:10 seeing we had 5 minutes to get back to launch. Followed by Lex Luthor with the takeout.


Pretty sure the title speaks for itself, back in October I had reached out to Purell about stepping up as Site Q only to find out he had already planned on asking me later that same day. It’s been awhile since I’ve been a Site Q and having posted at Fast Twitch for most of my 4 years in F3 it only seemed fitting to take over for Purell. Tclaps for Purell for running a tight ship for over 2 years at Fast Twitch, you have been a model Site Q and pax the past few years. Fast Twitch will be in good hands with YHC and Astro running the show at the premier worst 60 minute workout in all of Area 51.

In terms of the workout, Plan B was 7s on Shallowood so trust me it would’ve gotten way worse(and that was just part of it). Alf was up front crushing it the entire time along with Purple Haze who is supposedly tapering for a Relay Race this weekend along with Ductwork not too far behind. Followed by the triple threat of Wild Turkey, Lex Luthor and Ironsides. With YHC and Retread not too far behind.


Purple Haze is on Q next week

If you have been to Fast Twitch at any point in the last few months, expect a message from YHC or Astro about Q dates. Looking to fill out the calendar for the rest of 2020 and going into the first part of 2021.

Benny out

4 Years of F3 Q- Red Light District

12 Pax made the correct decision to post at Fast Twitch this morning, after a Mermaid approve disclaimer that they cannot sue myself, F3, Astro(not here due to ditching Fast Twitch for Swift Marathon Training) or Purell(not here being on administrative leave),and that I care about your safety not responsible the pax moseyed. Quick warm up down to the intersection of Swans Run Rd and Swan Meadow Lane(being told by multiple pax Haze, Gummy) that the warm up pace was aggressive followed by a quick COP of 10 Imperial Walkers(silent count to not wake the neighbors), YHC introduced the workout.

Objective: Run the Swans route at whatever pace ranging AYG to Half Marathon or Half Marathon pace from Swans Run Rd to Circles End to Lamers Lane, to Swans Meadow Lane, back to Swans Run Rd. Recover with 10 squats, run the same route again at recovery pace, followed by 10 Americans rinse and repeat originally till 6:05(audible later on to 6:00). During that time(or first route) we had a pax that fell(Flipper) so after listening to the pax suggestion(Purple Haze) an audible was made to the intersection of Swan Meadow Ln and Circles End section of the Red Light district. At 6:00, slow mosey back to the intersection of Springs Drive and 51 then back to launch. Pax miles varied between 5 and 6.64 miles depending on the Pax pace and any technical issues with our watches.


When YHC found out that my 4 Year F3 Anniversary landed on a Tuesday,I immediately messaged Purell and Astro to secure the date as Fast Twitch has been a workout YHC has frequented during my 4 Years in F3. Due to ongoing Hamstring and various issues with my surgically repaired leg, it was only after going to Retread’s aggressive attempt to run Mermaid’s route from the new launch point I knew I could lead the workout. The goal of today’s workout was to keep the pax relatively close together to lead from the six, while the faster folks could add on the miles in a classic Red Light District Fast Twitch workout of Speed, Squats, and Americans.

There was plenty of mumble chatter this morning( Purple Haze, Gummy, Alf, Ductwork) as YHC expected whenever I Q at Fast Twitch. Purple Haze words started off saying we’re going to the Red Light District, this workout sucks Benny. I take that as a complement as the pax worked hard the entire 60 minutes. Big shoutout to Flipper who missed his usual Tuesday workout(Swift) when he learned on Saturday my 4 Years of F3 Q would be at Fast Twitch today, he was flying like he usually is all morning. Followed not far behind by Alf, Turkey Leg, Christmas and Ductwork. Purple Haze, Gummy, Rock Thrill, Lex Luther and 49er weren’t too far behind with Retread and YHC rounding out the six. Huge shoutout to Retread, during our way back him and I talked as he was there for YHC first post in F3 at Peak 51. We both clearly remember someone(Smokey) telling Geraldo we still had 10 minutes left, needless to say Geraldo decided to do peoples chair with his 60+ lbs ruck being passed around the last 10 minutes.

A lot has changed for YHC in 4 years of F3, running the BRR in 2017, PR in Charlotte Half 2017, having a life changing accident in 2018 where I’ve still been working my way back into shape(word of advice cars always win especially coming at you at 45 MPH). Since then, I’ve appreciated all the support the past 3 years as I’ve worked my way back up to a strong performance in the 2019 BRR, a couple of half marathons that same year, while continuing to work my way through Whiplash visits as I get myself back to a respectable form. Career changes, and even lately working through some personal issues on top of working my way back to health. Through all the ups and downs YHC has had the past 4 years, F3 has been a constant that has truly helped me since moving down to Charlotte from New Jersey. Especially lately, I’ve appreciated all the encouragement and support. If you haven’t had a chance to Q a workout or even be a site Q do so. Trust me, you’ll be better off for it and it’ll make you a stronger leader.

–Blood drive: Sign up else or MM will take it from you unwillingly at your house… word to the wise. Details available on Slack

-Makeshift Marathon happening in November, see Run channel on slack for details. Proceeds will go to a good cause, sign up today!

-A51 Board turnover: Voodoo in the role of Nantan, OrangeWhip is 1st F, Hoover 2nd F, Geraldo 3rd F, CheeseCurd Weasel Shaker, Flipper is CSAUP Q, Udder continues his COMZ Q role. See your board members with ideas for how they can continue to make our region great!

A pleasure to lead as always, Benny out

Mountain Goat Runs The Mermaid

18 strong pax avoided the fart sack this morning and attended one of the most hyped Mountain Goat Runs in Area 51 History. After a though disclaimer given the pax were off at 5:15, tackling a new challenge for Mountain Goat. This challenge has known back in the old days of Fast Twitch The Mermaid created by our past Area 51 Nantan Mermaid himself.

The Thang:
The objective was simple: make it to level 4 of the Charlotte Catholic Parking Deck and back in 60 minutes. Route, left on Strawberry, Left on 51, Cross at the Carmel 51 light down to Catholic, follow the path to level 4 of the parking deck and back to launch. Get as far as you can then turn around the 28ish minute mark back to launch. Today’s mileage ranged from 4.5 to 7.5 miles


Although YHC chose to pick this route, this is Mermaids Brain Child. I’ve ran this route now 4 times, and have only made it to Level 4 of the Catholic Parking Deck once while doing a 9 mile tempo run from Ghost Runner Launch. This isn’t an easy challenge, its a you against you run with 60 minutes of solid work by everyone.

YHC took off right away, having already been warmed up for a pre run with Fleetwood. Purple Haze, Hairball, Tiger Rag and Rock Thrill came up about 3/4 of a mile later and weren’t found again till we returned to launch. Purple Haze and Hairball made it to Level 4 of Catholic and back in 60 minutes. Rumor has it Hairball and Haze were asked to do Merkins during Runstopper’s Centurion Q in the parking deck? Only they know if they did merkins. Tiger Rag and Rock Thrill made it in an Overtime Finish. All other primarily turned around the intersection off 51 and Carmel back to launch. Excellent work by every pax, hopefully The Mermaid will now become a Mountain Goat favorite going into BRR Season.

Thank you Slim Fast and Retread for allowing me to lead today, it isn’t often I’m able to make it to Mountain Goat. However, with transitioning out of my current job visits will begin to occur more often. Although I didn’t make it to my goal of making it to Catholic, I appreciate the support from all the pax since February 2018. Legs fully healed now it’s getting back into shape to be able to tackle the upcoming race schedule, as well as a potential 2nd installment of The Mermaid at Mountain Goat during BRR season.

-Mountain Goat has a backblast for the first time since December of 2018! Even in a running workout, backblasts are great to see following workouts. I’m one to occasionally forget to write a backblast.
-Thank you Tweetsie for the solid takeout

2018 Base Camp Finale

5 pax arrived for the anticipation of YHC Q and the Base Camp finale of 2018. The plan was to launch at 6:00 after a pre run at 5:30 with communications being made well in advance on Slack and Twitter. When YHC arrived at 5:31 he was coerced into starting early with the expectation we’d check in around 6:00 to see if anyone would be launching then. After a brief yet heartfelt disclaimer we were off mosey on down Strawberry towards Gateway.

COP(All in cadence):
Imperial Walker 20

LSS 10

The Thang:

Instructions were given to run down Strawberry towards the intersection of Rosecliff and Strawberry. Stopping at each speed bump for 5 squats and 5 merkins. Upon reaching the intersection, instructions were given for a triple nickel. At the top of the hill(Strawberry and Rosecliff intersection) perform 10 monkey humpers. At the bottom of the hill(1st neighborhood culdesac at the bottom of Rosecliff) perform 10 Jump Squats. Instructions were to repeat this route 5 times, however due to time constraints everyone got in at least 3 rounds while leaders got in 4 rounds. Quick mosey back to launch to see if anyone was there, one pax was leaving campus as we arrived. YHC fault for listing to the pax to start early, should’ve had them all run a pre run prior to the main event.

Upon arriving at launch, a visit to Semi’s office where we did 2 rounds of peoples chair of 50 air presses and 75 air presses. With time to spare, instructions were given to run the suicide gauntlet of basketball hoops with no exercises in between.


LBC: 20 IC
Rosaslitas: 10 IC

Dolly: 10 IC

American Hammer: 10

Protractor until time was called.


YHC Promised just under 2 miles today, I clocked us in at 2.41 miles leaders probably got in closer to 2.7 today. Tried to keep us all close together and fairly moderate, minus going over little over a half mile we kept that goal in tact. War Eagle was out front most of the work out ready to crush his 5k he has to start off 2019 this weekend, followed closely behind by Carney. Thunder Road and Smash let their work do the talking and absolutely crushed it today. I don’t get to come out to Base Camp or really any site in the week much anymore due to a new teaching job. It was nice to come on out to Base Camp and lead the workout for you all.

-Joe Davis Run March 9th(10 K and 5 K). This will be a huge F3 event, if you can do a boot camp there’s no reason you can’t run this course.

-Come out to Rebel Yell on Thursday’s to support War Eagle

-Thank you Smash for the take out

-Thank you for Goonie and Thunder Road for allowing me to lead today and for continuing to lead a strong AO

-Sound off with any mumble chatter YHC missed

-Have a safe and happy New Year, see you all in the Gloom in 2019

Peak 51 12 Days of Christmas, Don’t poke the bear

9 Pax made the smart decision to post at Peak 51 on an unseasonably warm Thursday morning. After a brief disclaimer in which it was warned not to poke YHC as he was still bitter about the Giants loss to Tennessee and their season. We went off towards the Bus Parking lot through the local church parking lot. Prior to beginning the workout YHC added on to modify to avoid injury not discomfort during todays workout.

20 IW IC
10 Windmills IC

Thang: After a brief COP, instructions were given we would be doing the 12 days of Christmas workout.

The pax would perform exercises with the number of days equal the number of reps per exercise. As you get to the next exercise then perform each preceding exercise and rep count.

1st Day-Lap around the track hot pace, day 1 only. All other times we reached Day 1 an audible was made to have our lap be around the bus lot to keep the pax together.

2nd Day- Carolina Dry Docks. 3 jabs at YHC have occurred.

3rd Day- Jump Squats, Smokey and Slim Fast continue to poke YHC.

4th Day- Mountain Climbers, Lois begins to try and stop the pax from poking the bear.

5th Day- Merkins

6th Day- Lunges( 6 each leg)

7th Day-LBCs

8th Day- Heels to Heaven

9th Day- Dolly

10th Day- Flutter Kicks

11th Day- American Hammer, Lois blocks

12th Day-Burpees

After a couple of 10 counts we took the long way back to launch, where we waited to begin our COT for our Sparta pax to join us from an Orange Whip 1,000 Burpee beatdown.

Moleskin: YHC remembered his first 12 days of Christmas Beatdown led by Geraldo last year. It legit sucked, followed by another 12 days of Christmas beatdown by Goonie at Basecamp the next day. The pax today absolutely killed it out there, Smokey and Tweetsie were consistently up in front most of the morning. Major T-Claps to Tweetsie for pre-running solo this morning, shows true dedication to go pre-running solo instead of just going back into the car and booze off prior to a workout. T-Claps also to Jello for making the trek over from the other side of 51 to Peak today, guess that’s what happens when he’s relieved of being a driver for his 2.0 music practices on Thursday mornings.

Mileage ranged from 2.1-2.5 miles depending on pace, the 12 Days of Christmas has many different forms all of which deliver one thing as I finish typing this back blast. Being completely sore now from the beatdown YHC , I think it’s safe to say that the moderate flag of Peak 51 was thrown out the window today. You can thank the fellow pax for continuing to poke the bear, y’all were warned what would happen if you continued to poke at YHC.

I don’t get to post at Peak 51 that often anymore, this site holds a special place as this is where I had my first post, VQ, and many other numerous Q’s including a virtual one by Lois and Sensei in May. This however, was YHC’s first official Q at Peak since October 2017. Injuries and a new teaching job which includes not friendly F3 report time to work makes posting at workouts virtually impossible unless YHC has a day off of work.

It was an honor to lead today, hopefully I’m able to come back out to Peak more often.


  1. Centurion update **meeting at Margo’s clubhouse** Cameron Wood (not Charlotte Catholic High) 0530 start.
  2. Keep F3- Huggy Bear & Cooter in prayers as they heal. Also, Fia Digits Family, who experienced an unthinkable loss during a running workout this week.
  3. If you’re going off site during workouts, ensure that there is at least 1 cell phone incase something happens as well as head lamps and road identification.
  4. Joust Converges with Kevlar at Covenant Day tomorrow.
  5. Mountain Goat is on tomorrow and 12/28.
  6. Help Lois and Sensei out and sign up to Q Peak 51 next week! YHC would otherwise take the slow however, I’ll be out of town next week.
  7. Joe Davis is March 9th, sign up before Slim Fast signs you up. Chances are he has already signed you up you just don’t know it yet.
  8. Thank you to Tweetsie for the strong take out.
  9. Make sure to sound off with any mumble chatter or notes that I may have missed during the workout. Have a safe Holiday Season everyone!

Benny’s Triumphant Return Q: Bon Voyage Base Camp

23 pax made the smart decision to start there day off at Base Camp for YHC first Q in exactly 9 months and last as a Base Camp Site Q. After a veteran approve disclaimer was given which included modify for injury not discomfort it was warned today would not be a moderate workout. After a couple warm up laps around the track where we picked up 1 pax coming in hot on 4 wheels the beatdown commenced.


1 Burpee OYO
15 Side Straddle Hop IC(Gummy and Haze as expected refused to do them joined by Lazy Boy)
2 Burpees OYO
Imperial Walkers 15 IC
3 Burpees OYO(Pattern detected)
10 Windmills IC
4 Burpees OYO
10 Low Slow Squats IC
5 Burpees OYO

Thang: Instructions were given to find a partner for a Base Camp classic suicides from the Basketball hops. Partner 1 was to run the gauntlet of Basketball Hoops while Partner 2 did AMRAP of called exercises.
Partner up for basketball hoop suicides
2 rounds:
Round 1 LBCs
Round 2 Squats

2 10 counts, Gummy wanted to do a 10 count but was told he would get his turn later on. Mosey on down to the Base Ball field

In the center: 5 squats
Corner 1(1st base)- 10 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 2(2nd base)- 10 Merkins
Corner 3( 3rd base)- 10 Jump Squats
Corner 4( Home plate)- 10 Monkey Humpers

10 count

Afterwards, 2 lines of tunnel of love where YHC being the proper leader started a line but the pax didn’t see that so naturally had to join a different line and led it off. Mumblechatter

Jack Webb: It wouldn’t be a proper Q without one of my favorite things Jack Webb 1 slow Merkin followed by 4 Air presses.
1 Merkin 4 Air presses
2 Merkins 8 Air presses
3 Merkins 12 Air presses
4 Merkins 16 Air presses
5 Merkins 20 Air presses
4 Merkins 16 Air presses
3 Merkins 13 Air presses(this is where YHC lost count sad coming from a Math Teacher)
2 Merkins 8 Air presses
1 Merkin 4 Air presses

2 10 counts, Gummy being a veteran pulled a fast 10 count so naturally another one was given. Mosey on up back to the parking lot this time through the handicap ramp to avoid the stairs.

Mosey on back up to the parking lot, with lots of time left to spare YHC improvised to keep the pax occupied. Instructions were given to run 4 corners 20 LBCs at each corner while running AYG on the to the next corner.

Afterwards, an attempt of 1 long line of plankers delight was shot down and decided with this many pax that 2 lines would be a smarter move. Plank on down the line 2 hand slap merkins down the line.

With time to spare, a visit to Semi’s Office was in order

Followed by plankers delight.

Mary: Each pax was given the opportunity to pick a Mary exercise, they could go either Easy or Stupid with no limitations.

Tolkien: 5 Ninja Stars
Slim Fast: 5 Hand Released Merkins
Sensei: Flutter
Blades of Glory: American Hammer
Rock Thrill: The Dolly
Thunder Road: Protractor

Instructions were given by YHC to then end the last 2 minutes with AMRAP Burpees on your own, YHC ended the workout 30 seconds early given the strong work by the pax.


First off, I want to say thank you for all of the pax who came out today. It’s been a tough road the past 9 months since the accident and surgery while working my way back up through Physical Therapy. All of the support since the accident has truly been inspirational on my journey back to full strength.

As expected, Purell, Purple Haze, joined by Tolkien coming off a strong NYC Marathon led the way most of the morning. We didn’t quite hit the 2 mile goal YHC wanted to make today however, what we lost in miles we gained in core work. Q nerves were definitely felt after not Qing in so long, complaints were heard that the pax were too old for Tunnel of Love. It’s good for you every now and then, if I can do it with a bionic leg then you can do it.

Tclaps to Slim Fast, Sensei and HIPPA for joining YHC on a pre run, the Slim Fast effect of we’re taking it easy this morning effect is still as always false. Needless to say it was good fellowship to start off the morning.

It’s been an honor to be part of the Base Camp Site Q trio with Thunder Road and Goonie. Unfortunately injuries and a new job made my stay as Base Camp site Q short. Tclaps to Drano who wasn’t present for asking me to step up for him around a year ago. Goonie and Thunder Road continue to lead a strong AO and I know they’ll continue to keep Base Camp strong.


Christmas Parties in SOB and Area 51
Sound off with any Mumblechatter or if YHC missed something in the Backblast.
Thank you all F3 Pax who have served and continue to serve our Country.

Thanks Slim Fast for the strong takeout today.

Post Surgery and Basecamp Farewell Q

February 12th was YHC last official Q, not counting what Purple Haze, Sensei and Lois did to lead my Q’s post surgery(everyone’s responds Benny that sucked). About 6 days later, my life for better or worse changed when I got hit by a car at the intersection of Rea Rd and Ballantyne Commons Parkway. It’s been a rough nearly 9 months of recovery, I’ve truly gained more than just the 1st F aspect of F3. If it wasn’t for the various pax South Charlotte in Area 51,Sons of Ballentine, Western Union County, as well as F3 Nation not sure if I would’ve gotten through the past 9 months.

Now onto the main event: YHC as stated before hasn’t Q’d since on February 12th 2018. On November 12th 2018, exactly 9 months since my last Q at Basecamp will be my first Q back post surgery. Fair warning, Jack Webb and Plankers Delight will be on deck two of Goonie’s favorite exercises. We will do our best to get to 2 miles in the workout, leaders have the possibility of getting greater than 2 miles. We will also be paying homage to our Veterans with Veterans Day being over the weekend.

Nevertheless, it’s been a tough road to recovery to get to the point where I’m able to be the Q for a workout. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be to the form I was back on my February 12th Q throughout the workout. Just know, the workout will test you and will be a great way to kick off the week. This will also be YHC’s last Q as Basecamp Site Q, with switching teaching jobs its been increasingly harder to post during the week. I promise it’ll be a great workout and you’ll for sure be sore afterwards. Here’s how the day will start:

5:00 AM: Base Camp Pre Run 2 mile route multiple options.
5:30 AM: Main event starts

I hope to see you with me in the Gloom November 12th.

Plankers Delight Visits Base Camp

6 pax decided to avoid the fart sack call and post at Base Camp today. Upon previewing the track before the pre-run YHC had to make a q audible or two within the wienke to make his q work. After a thorough disclaimer where the site q’s couldn’t be sued and that I care about your safety but am not responsible. Goonie through out it was a Thin Mint statement stating modify for injury not discomfort, at that point the workout began with a promise of about 2 miles of running in a boot camp style workout.

2 warm up laps around the parking lot to see if any lo. Then the pax circled up by the upper entrance of the bus lot evident that we would be the only ones attending the workout today.

COT: All exercises were done in Cadence
15 SSH
15 IW
15 MC
15 LSS


Goonie decided to call out during a pre run with YHC and Retread that he thought Plankers Delight was a terrible idea. So YHC heard it and decided to start us up with Plankers Delight with the creator Thunder Road himself being present as well too.

Set up 1 line by the entrance to the middle school for Plankers Delight with each pax doing two hand slap americans with each person working there way down the line. Goonie loved it so much YHC decided we would do plankers delight again. Followed by a 10 count.

1 Lap around the staff parking lot: 5 LBCs by each light post you pass.

Inverted Starfish: The plan was to do a twist on a star fish workout, instructions were given with the twist being mentioned at the end.

Corner 1(start of the staff parking lot)-10 Jump Squats
Corner 2(the turn exiting the staff lot)-10 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 3(benches near the school entrance)-10 Step Ups each Leg
Corner 4(finish by )-10 Americans

The catch was after each 10 exercise you would do 5 burpees, Goonie upon realizing this called for clarification and almost had a q jack wanting no part of the Burpees. However YHC was in charge so Goonie’s suggestions went out the window.

YHC had decided to let Goonie do a 10 count then a fellow pax would follow with a 10 count after. However, Goonie gave what YHC calls the fastest 10 count in my brief history of F3. Goonie then lost his 10 count call for the remainder of the workout.

Following the starfish work we partnered up for some suicide work with partner 1 running while partner 2 did called exercises till both partners flapjacked. The pax got 3 rounds in.
Round 1: Flutter Kicks
Round 2: LBCs
Round 3:Squats

Upon finishing the round and a 10 count, YHC noticed we had time to spare and the pax was far off the goal of reaching our 2 mile goal. To ensure we reached our goal, plan was for an Indian Run down to Strawberry lane and back with a sighting of Wolfman along the Indian Run.

Upon arriving back at launch plan was to get a cool down lap, the leaders got 2 in reaching out goal requirement for 2 miles. Following the cool down lap we got ready for the cool down portion at Semi’s Office.

2 rounds Peoples Chair 50 Q Count

15 Rosalita’s
15 LBCs

Time was called at exactly 6:15 with a little over 2 miles covered by the pax today, excellent work brothers.


YHC originally wanted to do all of this minus the Indian run and suicides on the track today, however South Charlotte Middle School has terrible irrigation system so YHC had to modify his workout during the pre run today. I’ll take a big hit for today, the moderate flag for what Base Camp is known for was thrown out the window today. However, you guys really crushed it out there as everyone worked there tails off in an iron sharpens iron workout. Guess this what happens when YHC was handed the keys to Base Camp while also marathon training, wait a second YHC being a good site Q took the slot to help fill a needed opening.

Kudos to Jello and Costanza giving it 110% out there today, you both are true examples of what F3 really is and made the workout really enjoyable. Kudos to Thunder Road for helping keep an eye on the six and for crushing it in today’s strength based workout.

Big Kudos to Goonie and Retread, not only did you both crush it leading the pax in the front for most of the workout. You both joined YHC on a neat little pre-run to start the day, a new Base Camp tradition that starts at 5:00 each Monday. We usually get in between 2 and 2.5 miles prior to the workout, everyone is welcomed I personally enjoy it for some great 2nd F opportunities.

Sign up for Run Jen Run 5K in South park on March 3rd, Snow Flake and Frasier are in charge of this Speed For Need event. If interested in pushing a SFN Chair Snow Flake and Frasier are your Q’s to contact, Goonie gave a great point how its a life changing experience to see those individuals faces crossing the finish line.

Marvel is on Q February 19th followed by Thin Min on February 26th to end February.

Thanks for the great take out Jello, it’s always an honor to take the keys at Base Camp and be apart of the Site Q Team with Goonie and Thunder Road.