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Swerving Tunnel of Love

  • 30 SSH
  • 25 Imperial walkers
The Thang:
  • Mosey to track. Sevens with Backwards hill run. Merkens at top. Lbc at bottom.
  • 3 Laps around track. 50, 75, 100 percent
  • Mosey to soccer field. Curving tunnel of love.
  • Mosey to first road on greenway. LA freeway to the valley (with backwards sprints)
  • Run the valley.  50, 75, 100 percent
  • 50 Merken March
  • Mosey to Woods
The Mary (woods style)
  • Rosalita wip
  • LBC
  • Freddie Mercury 
  • Flutter
  • Mosey up the hill.  Plank it out
Great morning for a workout under the stars. Funny farm caught a frog. Sloppy couldn’t handle the swerve and we survived a few tunnel collapses.  Thankful for these men!
  • F3 Dads on Saturdays at 9a at freedom park train
  • 24 hours of booty F3 parties on 7/27 and 7/28. Family friendly.
  • Pray for Funny’s family with the passing of his grandmother. Pray for soft hearts among family.

Return to the Valley

warmup:  30 SSH, 30 mountain climbers, 30 arm circles

the thang:

– 30 switchfoots, 30 alternate steps

– 15 dips at picnic tables x 2

– 30 jump ups OYO

– mosey to the valley, run the valley with stations.  Plank till the six each time.

Station 1:  10 Merkens

station 2: 10 squats

station 3: 10 LBCs

Mosey to playground. 50 pull-ups OYO

mosey to the trailers. Trailer shimmies then lunges.  Karaokes with defensive shuffles

mosey to columns.  Wall sits with shoulders knees and toes

the mary

25 Rosalita whips, 20 Freddie mercuries, 30 LBCs


great weather and great group of guys this morning.  Glad to see we didn’t scare passport off after his FNG workout last week.  Grave dancer took us out.   Prayers go out to GOP (back), sloppy(blah), and Funny (back).  Have a great day and as always it’s an honor hanging with you guys in the gloom.


– missions night at Becky’s house Saturday night

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The Lurker


  • 30 SSH, 30 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mountain climbers

The Thang:

Mosey to the bottom of the Table and set up for the circuit (up the table then exercise, down tall oaks then exercise, then back on the greenway and exercise) of 0.7mi each lap:

  • Lap 1 (30 squats at each exercise stop)
  • Lap 2 (20 Merkins at each exercise stop)
  • Lap 3 (20 LBC at each exercise stop)

Mosey back to the top of the table than Indian Run home as a group.


  • 20 Rosalitas
  • 15 Dollies
  • 15 Freddie Mercuries
  • plank on elbows for 2 min


It was a great morning for a workout with a crowd joining us at 5:30 as the local school 5th graders prepared for their DC field trip. After realizing everyone wasn’t here to watch us workout, we made our way down to the greenway for a simple but hard workout.  Lurking ahead was the daunting Farm to to table hill but the group conquered it with few problems on all 3 laps. Great to have two group FNGs out (rappers delight and Abba) as well as an old friend Skidmark back in the grind.


  • F3 dads on Saturdays at 8a at the Freedom Park train.
  • Pray for Sloppy as he spends the month in Honduras working with kids and running up lurkers to stay in shape.

The Three Brave Men

The Thang:
-30 SSH
-20 Imperial walkers
-20 hillbillies

– 15 Merkins

Mosey to greenway and to bball courts.

Plank compass with Merkins

Mosey to tennis courts

Run 4 corners with raccoon crawl on back wall while partner does dips in front wall. Rotate. Alternate with derkens

Mosey to parking lot

Run laps while partner does lunges. Rotate.

Catch me if you can with laps around parking lot with 10 Merkins and then sprint to catch partner.

Mosey to valley. 75% up hill.

Ayg back to parking lot.

The Mary
Rosalita wip

3 brave souls made it out despite the menacing Thunder an hour prior. They were rewarded with a beautiful clear sky of stars and no rain. Just a lot of puddles to jump through. Props to ghost for making the cross Charlotte trip to FNG at the valley. You’re welcome back anytime! And funny farm is mr consistent workout after workout.

School cleanup at HFES on 5/13 after 5k run

The Hillbilly Crawl

Warm Up: baby arm circles forward, reverse arm circles, 40 SSH, 30 Squats, 20 Merkins.
Mosey to the greenway.
Do Exercises while one pax runs 400m. Rotate through the group.
Exercises: Lieutenant Dan, Burpees, hillbillies (GOPs favorite), Man makers, squats, merkins, lunges.
Mosey over to the tennis courts:
Inchworm crawl to the sideline of the nearest court and then 10 wide merkins. One-legged inchworm crawl to the sideline of the far court and five diamond merkins. One-legged inchworm crawl back to the first sideline and 10 wide merkins. Inchworm back to original sideline.
Mosey back to the school parking lot.
Finish with Mary: LBCs, flutter kicks, supines, slow scissor kicks, 6″ elbow plank for 60 count.
A brave few turned out for the last day of the year to enjoy the 2 hrs of rain free day that we’ve had in the past week.  Inspired by his posting at F3 Stonewall Becky brought back some new exercises. GOP had some issues with the hillbillies and sloppy enjoyed the leg workouts. Overall a great morning with 2 great guys. Definitely will be pushing to get the full group back out come the new year.
Sloppy looking for people interested in Honduras mission trip this June.