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Dizzy Header and the Dry-butt Bunch

I have to give credit where credit is due. While he turned down my request to ghost-write the backblast for me, Horsehead did inspire the title. The rest of the debacle that is described in this backblast is my doing. Maybe everyone got a decent workout in this morning, maybe not. This guy most definitely smoked himself… here is what we did to the best of my recollection.


  • 20 KB swings / take a lap
  • 20 Staggered merkins (10 left / 10 right) / take a lap
  • 20 Squats 

Partner up / same size bell – farmer carry / 5 merkin chaser around the church. That hurt a lot more than usual… just ask Header who pulled up dizzy just as we got started. All I heard was ‘something, something…stupid pre-run… yada yada’. We all managed to get around the church, some taking shorter routes than others. When we got to the hill we did some LBCs as an active recovery. Then the suck continued…

Set 1 – on the hill (partner 1 runs up hill does 5 burpees / partner 2 does exercise). I kept the original plan for reps in here just for giggles so you could see how stupid this idea was.

  • Good morning (200 reps) – modified to 150
  • Lawn mower (150 reps) – think we modified to 100
  • Merkins using bells (100 reps) – who the hell knows…

Set 2 – hill guy does squats instead of burpees now

  • Side lunges (200 reps) – modified to 100
  • High pull (150 reps) – modified to 100
  • Clean/Press (100 reps) – modified to 100

Kind of like Garth Brooks has that extra verse of “Friends in Low Places” that he sings at his concerts, I had a third set of exercises that I had planned to do. Fortunately for everyone I don’t sing and we didn’t get to this third set. But you can read about it and do it at home if you’d like.

Set 3 – switch from squats to heels to heaven

  • Tricep extension (200 reps)
  • Goblet squat (150 reps)
  • Snatch (100 reps)

Farmer carry back to launch point where Chin Music, Cotton Mouth and Horsehead led us in some Mary exercises. Or not…. these guys put dry butts higher on the priority list this morning.

Thank the Lord that’s over with. Appreciate my partner Big League Chew carrying me through this ridiculousness – much respect! I think everyone put in a solid effort out there this morning. Appreciate you guys!

Great story TD hearing about the impact F3 has had on your buddy down in Birmingham! While not all of us has had the same dramatic physical impact on us, I think its safe to say F3 has played a huge part in all of our lives. I’m very thankful.

Thanks Funky for closing us out in prayer this morning.

Variety is the spice of life

My inaugural Meathead Q was supposed to be next week, but HT texted earlier in the week to switch… so here I am. After a brief disclaimer we jumped right in…


  1. Halo
  2. Figure 8
  3. Prying squats
  4. SSH (with Bell) x 15 IC
  5. Two handed swings – 20 OYO

Segment 1 (3 cycles)

  1. COMBO: Clean & Press – Left x 10
  2. COMBO: Clean & Press – Right x 10 
  3. Lawn mower – Left x 10
  4. Lawn mower – Right x 10
  5. COMBO: Squat thruster x 20

Intermission: Partner up (same sized bell if possible)

  • Partner 1: Farmer carry (to other end of lot)
  • Partner 2: Merkins
  • Flapjack

Segment 2 (3 cycles)

  1. COMBO: Squat / Side lunge x 10 to each side (audible to 5 each side after 1 cycle)
  2. COMBO: Dead lift / Upright Row x 20 (audible to 15 after 1 cycle)
  3. Snatch – Left x 10
  4. Snatch – Right x 10

Intermission – Partner up (same sized bell if possible)

  • Swings (Doubles) – partner 1 excercises while partner 2 rests

Segment 3 (3 cycles)

  1. Plank grab x 20 (each move is 1)
  2. COMBO: Tricep press with Skull crusher while in glute bridge x 20 
  3. Louganis x 20 (audible to 15 and then 10 for cycles 2 and 3)


My very first Meathead Q today. May not be invited back, but everyone got some work in. As I prepared the workout, it seemed to me that there is a very limited set of “Russian pure” KB exercises (that I know about), so decided to throw a few new things in for some variety (it’s the spice of life you know) and to see if they’d stick. Don’t think they will… the SSH with bell was good for a few laughs, if not a blown knee or head injury. I threw in a couple more twists, but the majority of the workout from this point forward was KB pure though…may have been a little aggressive with the reps, but easy enough to modify. Pax suggestions were taken throughout.

Had to pull out the Weinke very early in the workout… not even 50 yet and already forgetting everything. The pax let me slide though… Figure I’d given them enough material already with the SSH debacle.

Playlist got a few compliments. Put this one together especially for this workout…mostly 90’s grunge to take many of us back to our high school and college days. Even through in the Rocky IV training montage to give us the extra push as we worked through the final segment. TR mistakingly associated the tune with the 1980s (wrestling?) flick VisionQuest that is more aptly known by Madonna hit “Crazy for you”, which was definitely not on my playlist. Maybe next time.

Strong work by all. Thanks for putting up with me. Make fun in the comments.


Cheese Curd talked about some nonsense about doing a Go Ruck Tough and a Savage together on May 17/18th. Ask him for details.

Header – thanks for the take-out.

Merkins, Miles, and Mumblechatter

Perfect weather for a little South Charlotte workout this morning at the original South Charlotte Wednesday F3 boot camp… the same AO that YHC got his VQ back in early 2013. Tried to find the backblast from that one, but just not tech-savvy enough to navigate this ever changing website…so I brought a new plan for today. Once Puddin’ Pop strolled from his car to where the other 9 pax stood and waited to get rolling, YHC gave a brief, if not repetitive disclaimer and we were on our way…

Mosey to parking lot in front of Daycare Center for warm-up:

COP: SSHx25 / IWx20 / Squatsx20 / Merkinsx10 / MCsx10 / Peter Parkerx10 / Parker Peterx10

Run to Davie Park

Playground – Partner up.

Partner 1 does called exercise while partner 2 runs loop until exercise reps are complete: Pull-ups x 50 / Step-ups x100 / Derkins x150 / Dips x200

Grab Smokey’s hat and mosey up to soccer field for suicides: 10 merkin chaser each time we returned to the end line.

Mosey back to SCMS – stop for some Mary exercises along the way (Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury) – and finish with a sprint to the launch point.


Nice to return to this classic AO with a great group of guys this morning. Even though I got my VQ at this site, it hasn’t been on my regular rotation as of late and I realize how much I miss it. We reminisced about the early days when we rolled around in the dirt on the baseball field after a good rain or an adventurous hike through the dark woods to get to Davie Park instead of taking the roads. Almost every workout required a headlamp – and I can remember in my first Q doing COP on the football field with about 30 headlamps shining on me. We were young and dumb back then… ah, memories.

Lots of mumble chatter from the PAX as we got started with COP. One other person helped me with the count and Header pointed out that nobody was listening to me… things quieted down a bit once we got past Gummy least (SSH) and most (IW) favorite exercises and got on the ground for some merkins, mountain climbers and more. Then we took off down Hwy 51 toward Davie Park. The Q-drenaline got me going this morning…Stone Cold had to reel me in a bit on the way to the park. We all made it to the destination of the Davie Park playground as a group.

One of my first observations as we got started…these are not the same swingsets that were here 5-6 years ago. Maybe Jet Fuel, Geraldo, and Dolly could reach them, but they were not built for vertically challenged guys like me to do pull-ups on. A few of us wasted time looking for an reachable pull-up bar as our partners ran, and I had just enough time to get in a single pull-up to get Tulip and I started on our first set. Sorry Tulip… great job getting us back in the game!

Geraldo had an identity crisis this morning… not his identity, but for his partner. Initially he thought YHC was his partner instead of Header, then he called me Header, before finally getting clear who Header was and that he was his partner. Don’t worry Geraldo…we’re all getting older with you.

There was some interesting talk about Schmedium’s umbilical cord, a hernia operation, and an affinity for breast feeding. Just going to leave that right there.

Dollywood had to make an early exit. That guy is sneaky… one minute he’s there and the next minute…poof!

Pax should take note that I do know some Futbol terminology… correctly calling out the parts of the soccer pitch when describing which lines we will be sprinting to during the suicides.

Puddin’ left something unspeakable on the soccer field…which segued into Geraldo’s announcement during COT of the new F3 Beer – Puddin’s brown ale.

Great work by all out there this morning! Thanks Dollywood for the opportunity to come back and lead this group of fine men this morning. Thanks Puddin’ for taking us out in prayer.


F3 Beer Release at Stumptown Park

Prayers for UNCC students, faculty, and family following yesterdays shooting.

The Return

It’s been over a year since my last Anvil reunion… so I was thrilled to have another opportunity to lead at the best Area 51 Wednesday morning AO! YHC pulled into the parking lot with no time to spare (supposedly). Snowflake ran in from home, I gave a quick disclaimer, and we were off to the races.

Mosey to the parking lot for COP

  • SSH x25
  • IW x 20
  • LSS Squats x20
  • Merkin x10
  • MC x20
  • Peter Parker x20

The Beast (6 exercises / 6 sets / 6 reps – with running in between

  • Squats
  • LBC
  • Merkins
  • Lunge (3 each side)
  • Flutter
  • Burpees

Partner Work at the shelter 

  • Decline merkins / peoples chair: Partner 1 in peoples chair / Partner 2 does 25 decline merkins with feet on partners knees
  • Sit-ups / Plank: Partner 1 planks with hands on Partner 2 feet / Partner 2 does 25 sit-ups
  • Shoulder press / Plank (on seat of picnic table): Partner 1 planks with hands on bench / Partner 2 sits between Partner 1 legs, facing away, and will lift Partner 1’s legs (by the shins) over head.

Partner Rock Exercises (One runs / One works, flapjack):

  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extension
  • Overhead Press
  • Squats

Mosey (quickly) back to launch for COT


Great early spring morning for a workout…still a little chilly, but not freeze your nuts off cold. Philosophical question: are GPS watches chronologically accurate? Cause when I arrived at the launch point I thought I had at least two minutes before go-time, but everyone looked at me like they had somewhere they needed to be. Side note…My M actually sets her car clock ahead by 5 minutes… I have no idea why. She gets some strange sense of satisfaction when she thinks she’s running late and then remembers that she has another 5 minutes and feels a sense of relief. Just don’t get it, but I think Mermaid may do the same thing… I started late and ended late. Sorry Mermaid… we need to sync our watches. On a positive note…everyone got their money’s worth.

Thanks Brilleaux for putting up with your partner… sorry for the name mixup… YHC has very poor memory. I blame the alcohol.

Ickey – nice job with the burpees..October is a long time from now. This is they year the Bengals arrive.

Champagne kept calling out YHC for leaving the six behind, although I don’t see how you can do that when you stay in the same spot. Sorry – I’m not Q-ing as much as I used to and I’m out of practice. Good to see you brother!

Snooka and Scabby were big fans of the partner exercises… particularly the shoulder press exercises. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Uncle Phil and Lorax were looking good out there’ll. Lorax is looking to replace the Anvil shovel flag that is hidden somewhere in Lobster Roll’s house…what better way than with a shovel branded “Anvil”.

Good to have some Metro guests… Boondoggle came south to support YHC and Little Pig ( a recent F3 convert that lives in Matthews) came with. Thanks fellas! Boon… you killed it out there! Lead the way the entire workout.

COT: Keep praying for Red Rocks

The Seventh Annual Skunk Who Stole Christmas

14 pax came together to give Skunk Works a send off for 2018.  Just like the original, this years version of the Skunk Who Stole Christmas fell on 12/18… so consequently the next two Tuesdays are Christmas and New Years.   And just like the first time we went through TRs holiday creation (now tradition), the same three words can be used to describe it… “stink…stank… stunk!”

After some debate about the best location to perform this workout, we settled in and got going.  You have to maximize your time with this beast being difficult to get through.

Warm-up jog to the rock and back.  A quick explanation of how this works just like the song… each ascending day, do all of the exercises of the preceding days…with the exception of the burpee modification to help with time.

DAY 1      1 dozen burpees (count down by one each day)

DAY 2     2 Turkish Get Ups (1 ea side)

DAY 3     3 snatches (ea side)

DAY 4     4 renegade rows (ea side)

DAY 5     5 lunges (ea side)

DAY 6     6 shoulder presses (ea side)

DAY 7     7 clean & squat

DAY 8     8 Louganis

DAY 9     9 Russian twists (ea side)

DAY 10   10 1-handed swings (ea side)

DAY 11   11 Single Leg Romanian dead lift (ea side)

DAY 12   12 Two Handed Clean & Press

The Moleskin

To paraphrase Cousin’ Eddie… this workout “just keeps on givin’”.  A wire to wire suckfest every time.  But if nothing else, you know what you’re gonna get.

Stone Cold recommended we move the event to the parking lot from the grass field.  TGUs are much less comfortable on asphalt, but we were dry.  People spoke…Q listened.  

Not too many complaints about the Christmas playlist this morning.  Lois enjoyed the Christmas metal, Yeti and Smokey got their hands slapped for trying to take control.  Funky Cold enjoyed the Charlie Brown Christmas theme music.  Mr. Brady (I think) did his best imitation of Porky Pig singing along with Elvis’ Blue Christmas.  We closed it down, appropriately, with the Grinch.  

Chin Music kindly reminded me at time.  Many of us were so close to finishing…just wanted to push and try to finish.  Believe most got halfway through Day 12.  Nice work!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today!  


  • Continued prayers for Huggie Bear post surgery to remove a brain tumor last Tuesday
  • Skunk Works will be closed for Christmas and New Years
  • Reach out to Funky Cold if you want to get on the Q list next year.
  • Joust will converge with Kevlar this Friday.
  • Memorial run for Gremlin at UNCC – Jan.19th

Random Musings and a Weinke

Haven’t posted to many boot camps lately, let alone lead one.  And it’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Kevlar, so thanks Faultline for the invitation today.  My recent lack of Q experience may have showed a little, but I think everyone got there money’s worth… so with 16 men in tow, here is what we did.

One and a half laps around the field.  I was already getting grief about the running during the warm-up lap.  Hard to stop at just one lap though on a track that probably has a less than 100 yd perimeter.  We peeled off into the grass field encircled by the track for some COP:

  • SSH x25
  • Low Slow Squat x25
  • Merkin x20
  • Seal x20

We then moseyed to the church parking lot by the lacrosse field.  We ran the concentric circles made by the parking lot lanes around the church, working our way toward the church and stopping at each exit driveway to do a called exercise.   

  • 10 Jump Squats when running counter clockwise
  • 10 Merkins when running clockwise

Finished when we completed the innermost loop, and head over to the courtyard for some MoM…

  • Flutter x25
  • Dolly x25
  • Rosalita x25
  • Bicycle x25

Run over to the hill for Triple Nickel:

  • 5 LBCs at bottom
  • Run up the hill
  • 5 Burpees at top
  • Run back down
  • Repeat 5x

With Orange Whip’s assistance, we found the rock pile where everyone grabbed a lifting rock

  • Curls x15
  • Overhead press x15
  • Tricep extension x15
  • Goblet squat x15
  • Good morning x15

Still some time, so we headed over to the shelter

  • Step-up x20
  • Tricep dip x20
  • Decline merkin x20
  • Repeat set

Mosey back to launch point.


  • Not sure why everyone kept doing SSH when I stopped…my inflection in the cadence sounded just fine in my head.
  • Got some grief on the naming of the baby seal exercise.  I’ve spent a little too much time in F3 Metro apparently, where that is what the exercise was called… not the Superman/Banana.  Call it what you want… it wears on you.  Although our reprise before COT wasn’t very impressive.
  • I called air squats as an exercise, but meant jump squats.  It’s an easy mistake to make right?… Air squat > Air Jordan > Jumpman > Jump squat.  See?  Obvious mistake.
  • I made sure the pax got there 6 MoM in…although I chose the middle of the workout instead of the end.  Sometimes you just have to prioritize the core work Spack.
  • Explored some new grass for the ‘weighted’ portion of our workout.  Your welcome.  I had to ask Orange Whip to lead us to the rock pile, but I will say that the rocks are actually visible in the satelite view of Google Maps.
  • How about the cool pattern left on your Strava profiles for you GPS watch guys?  I may have a new calling… I will make it my mission to make Strava art for every Q.
  • Spackler and Joker must have had some interesting conversation during the workout based on the recent Twitter post.  Thanks for that Spack.
  • Definitely plenty of mumble chatter out there this morning.  I didn’t completely shut it down, so I obviously have some work to do.  If you have something memorable to share…put it in the comments.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning!


  • Contact Stone Cold if you are interested in helping build a ramp for someone in need as part of the “For Love” mission – tomorrow, Dec. 1.
  • Christmas party at Seaboard tomorrow night – Dec. 1
  • Memorial run for Gremlin at UNCC – Jan.19th

At least it’s over…

Some things never change… it’s cold in November, the workout starts at 5:30, and Gummy won’t do a side-straddle hop.  But sometimes you have to try something different, like bring a kettlebell to a Joust… and sometimes ideas that look good on paper, are best left on paper.  I did live up to my promise to Gummy that there would be no Ultimate frisbee this morning.  After all, once temperatures sink below 40 catching frisbees and hitting baseballs with an aluminum bat just shouldn’t be done.

So here’s what we did…

Yogged down to the playground area and dropped off the various sized balls of metal, then headed down to the track for a warm-up lap and to the center of the football field…


  • SSH x25
  • IW x20
  • Merkins x20
  • MC x20
  • LSS x20

Mosey to goal line on the football field.

Start on goal line and run to opposite goal line, stopping every ten yds do a called exercise.  Start at 2 reps, and add 2 more at each ten yard stop.  Return after doing exercise at opposite goal line.

  • Merkins (fingers go numb)
  • Squats (fingers to thaw)
  • Flutter kicks (ass goes numb)
  • Burpees – audibled to every 20 yards (everything thaws again)

Mosey up to the school for peoples chair and kettlebells

  • Line up on wall in the seated position
  • First person picks up kettlebell and performs called exercise
  • Pass bell to next person and bear crawl to specified location (about 15 yds) and back
  • 5 jump squats and back into position
  • Called exercises: arm extension for 10 count, bicep curls x10, overhead press x10

That wasn’t too chaotic other than a little shifting and getting cozy so we wouldn’t have to resort to a game of KB toss ‘n catch. AND only a few objections from Mr. Brady about having to handle the kettlebells – sorry I forgot to bring the pink one from home.

Partner up for stations – this is where things went south…

Stations were supposed to be:

  1. Partner 1 – Tricep dips / Partner 2 – run bleacher steps once then swap until relieved by pair running around the track
  2. Partner 1 – Flutter kicks / Partner 2 – KB Swings (swap every 20 swings)
  3. Partner 1 – Merkins / Partner 2 – Lawn-mower (swap every 20 lawn-mowers – 10x each side)
  4. Partner 1 – KB squat press / Pull-ups (swap every 10 pull-ups)
  5. Partner 1/2 run a lap together as timer.  When reach station 1, everyone moves to next station

It was every man for himself at this point.  We only had about 15 minutes left when we started this debacle.  You know what they say about ‘best-laid plans…”.  Even a six year F3 vet can make a mistake every now and then.  Hopefully everyone found someway to keep themselves busy.  I know STH took advantage by swinging his 750 lb kettlebell a few times…and I know the bell was happy too as it had sat untouched and lonely for far too long.

Thanks to my F3 Metro neighborhood bros for making the trip across region lines: Want Ad, Tom Sawyer, Boondoggle, and STH.  Hope it was worth the trip… it had to be at least worth the price of admission.

Yeti… thanks for the opportunity to lead today, even if it was my last.



  • Area 51 Christmas Party @ Seaboard on Dec. 1
  • Metro Christmas Party @ Smokey Joes on Dec. 1

12 Days of Christmas

18 men came out to Kevlar this brisk Friday morning to get their day off to a strong start.  Hopefully everyone felt rewarded for escaping the fartsack.  Since we’re nearly a week away from Christmas, I decided to use the trusty “12 days of Christmas” theme for a workout that would keep everyone moving.  Here’s what it looked like…

After a brief disclaimer at 5:30 sharp, we started a mosey to the lacrosse field.  In the parking lot we stopped at each island to do 10 merkins on the way.  Then we circled up on the field for COP.

  • SSH x25
  • IW x25
  • MC x25

OK… we’re warm enough now.  Let’s get to the main event.

12 Days of Christmas – we progressed through the days, with each set including the exercises from the previous days.

  1. One sprint across the field
  2. Two Turkish getups
  3. Three jump squats
  4. Four LBCs
  5. Five diamond merkins
  6. Six plank jacks
  7. Seven Rosalitas
  8. Eight low slow flutters
  9. Nine low slow squats
  10. Ten wide arm merkins
  11. Eleven Louganis
  12. Twelve burpees

We ended on the lacross field with a little Plank-o-rama…then ran back through the lower parking lot, again stopping at each island to do 5 burpees.

Next we picked a partner and line up at the bottom of the hill.  Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 scales the hill and returns.  Repeat until target number of exercises achieved.

  • 100 merkins
  • 150 squats
  • 50 WWII situps
  • 50 burpees

Time to head back to the launch point.  Had a little time for some Mary…

  • Dolly x25
  • Flutter x25



Good to see the men (and kids?) of Kevlar this morning.  Some very young whipper-snappers out there this morning, often leading the way I might add!

The twelve days ended up being almost as much mental gymnastics as it was a physical workout.  By the time we got to the high numbers, Horsehead was doing whatever the hell he wanted.  Maybe I should have brought the giant Weinke back that I used at Skunk last week?

Sound off in the comments with any other colorful stories heard this morning!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, and thanks Horse for taking us out in COT.

Few reminders:

  • Pray for Bout Time’s 2 YO son Jennings as he goes through treatment for the leukemia discovered last week.
  • Let’s reach out to some of the guys you haven’t seen for a while and try to pull them back into the gloom!
  • Reach out to Faultline and Orange Whip to get on the Q list.


Giant Weinke – The Office Workout Part II

On a nice, mild December morning, nothing better to do than swing some iron around.  So that’s what we did.  After a very, very short disclaimer (only old pros at the workout this morning), we got started.

Warm-up lap on gravel track


  • Swings x20 OYO
  • Staggered merkin (left hand on bell) x10 IC
  • Staggered merkin (right hand on bell) x10 IC
  • Squats (goblet or teabag) x20 OYO
  • Diamond merkins on bell x10 IC


Main event – do what the giant Weinke says. Start with 2 reps of each exercise, then run a lap on the gravel track…then 4 reps of each and another lap…all the way up to 12 reps of each then back down the other side.

  • Halo
  • Diamonds on KB
  • Russian Twist
  • KB Swings
  • Squats with press
  • Lawnmower’s
  • Snatch



Thanks Chin for the Monday reminder that I was on point for this morning.  Otherwise, the pax might have to just done the workout according to some old Weinke written on a poster board.  Oh…wait a minute.

It wasn’t extremely thoughtful, but it was effective.  Inspired by Fireman Ed’s Office Workout of a few weeks back, we did much of the workout in the same spot.  We threw a few laps in between, and I think by mid-workout the heartrate was up there for most.

I was surrounded by a few happy Clemson and Alabama fans during the workout.  They kept it friendly, despite the looming matchup coming on Jan. 1. I think the more combative banter was the form critique that Fireman Ed and Bulldog were throwing back and forth.

Looked to me that everyone was pushing hard this morning.  Not sure if anyone got all the way through the workout to the last 2 reps and a lap, but many were close.  Good work men!  My giant Weinke and I are thankful for the opportunity to lead.


  • A51 Christmas Party this Friday – Seaboard
  • SOB Christmas Party next weekend
  • Joe Davis 5k/10k – Jan. 6
  • A51 Go Ruck – sign up on Slack with Geraldo

Early Bus

Nine men came arrived at Charlotte Christian this chilly morning, looking for a way to get warmed up.  They found it.

Mosey up the parking lot in front of the school

  • Lunge walk to stretch the legs
  • Butt kickers
  • High knees


  • SSH x20
  • IW x20
  • Squat x20

Flip over to plank position

  • First person goes to 6 inches, and each person follows around the circle until back the first person, who then goes back to plank position (each person follows) – that’s a count of 2
  • Repeat up to 10

Field work (start in one end zone):

  • Sprint 100 yds / Jog back to end zone (repeat)
  • Walking lunges 50yds / Sprint 50 yds / Jog back to end zone
  • 25 squats, 10 burpees, 25 merkins
  • Walking lunges 50yds / Sprint 50 yds / Jog back to end zone
  • 30 alternating lunges, 25 merkins, 25 squats
  • Walking lunges 50yds / Sprint 50 yds / Jog back to end zone
  • Sprint 100 yds / Jog back to end zone (repeat)

Bleacher work:

  • Run steps – one time up, one time down.
  • 10 derkins on bleachers
  • Run steps – two times up, two times down
  • 20 derkins on bleachers
  • Run steps – three times up, three times down
  • 30 derkins on bleachers
  • Run steps – one time up, one time down.
  • 10 triceps dips on bleachers
  • Run steps – two times up, two times down
  • 20 triceps dips on bleachers
  • Run steps – three times up, three times down
  • 30 triceps dips on bleachers

Jog over to the top of G-ma mountain for Hill Repeats

  • Increasing reps of sit-ups (at bottom) and merkins (at top): 10x, 12x, 14x, 16x, 18x, 20x

Mosey back to the launch point.


Another ‘Fun Friday’ morning in the books.  We did a little of this and a little of that…plenty of upper body and lower body, with some running in between.  Lots of up and down.  We kept moving to stay warm…. and we got stronger in the process.

Most interesting moment of the morning was when we pulled up to the charter bus in front of the school while we were getting the workout underway.  One lonely charter bus, sputtering away and kicking off diesel fumes.  We thought it might be a good place to hang out for 45 minutes (inside of course). Or maybe the driver wants to join us?  Yeti went to check it out…since he works there and all and a single bus parked out front was a little odd for a field trip.  Unfortunately Mr. Bus Driver had a little AM/PM problem.  It wasn’t that he set his alarm wrong, because he clearly got up plenty early to be parked outside the school at 5:00am.  Just a little problem reading his trip card, which indicated he needed to be at the school at 5:00 PM.  Ooops.  Good thing we decided to run by the bus…else he was going to be waiting a long time for his bus-driving buddies to pull up behind him.

Everyone hung in there well this morning.  Hoover had some issues with the derkins on the bleachers…not enough clearance between the bleachers and the wall for the tall guys to work (some times it pays to be short).  Fletch was killing it up Grandma. Everyone was faster than me on the sprints.  Well done men!  I enjoyed it.

Sound off in the comments if you have other amusing anecdotes or announcements.


  • Joust converges at Kevlar next Friday (after Thanksgiving)
  • Purell’s VQ at Death Valley on Wednesday
  • Christmas Parties – Area 51 12/8, SOB 12/16 – come to both!
  • Joe Davis Run on 1/6/18