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Playing in the sandbox

Always good to see the boys out at Kevlar. A very distinct personality for this site. A bit rough around the edges but mostly good intentions.

The Workout:
Short Lap
15 Merkins IC

Unload the sandbags from the vehicle

Partner up

Catch me if you can around the church and back to the front lot. 10 Merkins chasers

1 partner run and do 2/4/6/8 exercise at each median while other is doing sandbag work

Sandbag Thrusters
2/4/6/8 merkins

Sandbag curls
2/4/6/8 squats

Sandbag Flutter press
2/4/6/8 lbcs

Tricep extensions
2/4/6/8 CDDs

Good Mornings
2/4/6/8 monkey humpers

Catch me if you can back up to parking lot.
10 merkins chaser

Field partner work
P1 Plank
P2 Run

P1 Elbow plank
P2 Run

6MOM w/ rotating pax cadence calls

Moleskine: I leave for years and this is one of the few places I can come back and everything is the same except for my training. Same amount of refuseniks, and definitely the highest amount of methane in the A51 region. I finished it off as champion putting Spackler in the car after he chewed on one. Good Hands, Puddin Pop, and Stone Cold had a moment together watching a shooting star with Stone Cold asking the boys if they saw the shooting star, telling them to make a wish, and Puddin saying in his best 7 year old voice…”I just did..” Pretty cute.
I did miss my little English Bulldog but I’m sure he’ll be back in top form when I come back next month. Big Top was a great partner and we enjoyed working with Blazing Saddles in the sidecar doing his own thing with the sandbag that he had to carry by himself all the way there and home with no complaints. Good job Blazing, I worked on getting you out there for years and now you’re a regular and I’m trying to come back.
Good to see all of you monkey humping, merkin wearing #HIM’s. Sign up for the XMAS Party and more details coming out for the Turkey Bowl.

Rock Em

13 for some lifting and some running

Partner up

1 partner fetch a big rock

Catch me if you can to the back of the school.

Rock Work:

P1 up and over wall
P2 Good mornings with rock

P1 Stagger merkins right
P2 run
Flapjack repeato left hand staggered

P1 curls
P2 run

P1 trip extensions
P2 run

P1 dolly press
P2 run

P1 flutter press
P2 run

Worked in a couple 10 counts and some peoples chair

Catch me if you can to take the rocks home.

Curbwork with legs/merkins/monkeyhumpers/etc

Head bank for 6MOM and burpees

0615 on my watch not Brats

Good workout men. Thanks for following as I wandered through another lightly planned morning.

Skunkworks not Kevlar

15 of the toughest around came out for a workout this morning and we got after it.

30 Swings OYO
5 Cleans per arm
Run a lap (track)

40 sit-ups
10 swings
30 sit-ups
20 swings
20 sit-ups
30 swings
10 sit-ups
40 swings

3 rounds of:
20 merkins
20 teabag squats
20 swings
20 2 hand press
20 cleans
Run a lap on track

Over to the fence at the field for:

Partner up
P1: Double swings
P2: Run field
3 rounds

P1: Double cleans
P2: Run field
3 rounds

P1: Double press
P2: Run field
3 rounds

4 MOM with the bell, with rotating called workouts and cadence

This was a humid morning for such a workout. Pretty good group of pre-runners and I am certainly impressed not only by the endurance and strength but also by the ability to wake up at 4. Smokey was killing it on the 100 rep circuits and runs, might be time to upsize that bell sir. I haven’t done doubles in a while and they are awesome. Double cleans were my favorite and double swings my least. My partner Witch Doctor was a beast swinging those doubles and I should step up and get a real KB like his 24kg competition bell. The misshaped 50 that I offered wasn’t helpful to our team balance. I almost went out with the first ever merlot spill due to a bug to the back of the throat. You know your true friends when you’re coughing and gagging and they are still talking trash. Thanks Bulldog, and it was not a cicada. Stone Cold asked if I was ok but I could still hear him laughing at the same time. Apparently eating bugs doesn’t faze Tackling Dummy as he nonchalantly said he had just had one and it had no effect on him. Thanks to Harley and Fletch for letting me lead at A51’s hardest workout Skunkworks, not Kevlar. In my haze on the way home I tweeted #F3Kevlar because I still didn’t even know what day it was after the workout.

Announcements: Pool party $10 a family with a pig. Bring a desert and BYOB. Check the site for more details. Other things were said but you had me at BBQ, Beer, and Pool party.


This was a simple plan to test overall strength and fitness, outdoors, with a rock and some rock and roll.

30 Merkins
30 LBC’s
30 Thrusters with lifting rock
30 Curls with said rock
30 tri extensions with rock
Run a lap

Good times out there this morning. I am impressed that nobody spilled merlot as I felt that I got close. The plan was to get a total body workout with legs, abs, chest, tris, bis, and what we could hit on back with thrusters and merkins. As it always does there was not much mumble chatter until we got towards the end and delirium kicked in. Funniest comment of the day, and I’m not certain who said it, was why would I want to see Axl Rose live, that’s just a fat Axl Rose singing to a fat me. Thanks for letting me lead fellas, and signup to Q Dromedary on signup genius to get your payback.!/showSignUp/10C0D4BAEAF29A46-dromedary

Also sign up for golf! It’s next week and will be a great day. Nobody works on Friday anymore, get out there. Sign up as a single or as a group. We will pair teams.

Also signup for Spartan races and Ragnar. CSAUP events are always a good time.

Sound off on how many rounds you completed and any other impressive or hilarious things you witnessed.


9 for a thick aired workout this AM

The Thang:

SSH x 20 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

Run to HT Parking Lot

At the fountain:
5 Rounds of 10 Decline Merkins, 20 step ups, 20 Dips

Run down to Abbotswood Dr. hang a right and run to intersection of Abbotswood and Summerlin
Plank it up

Run up Summerlin until just before speed bump and then make your way to the top while completing 100 lunges before the stop sign.

Run back to OP playground

5 rounds of:
5 Pullups
10 Dry Docks
20 LBC’s

To the field and partner up for one round of 80 total merkins
P1 run to batting cage
P2 Merkins

Back to Lot for 6-7 MOM
Rotating calls for mary
back to Q
40 Merkins OYO
40 Dry Docks OYO
40 Squats OYO


Moleskine: I believe this was my VQ at Hydra, if not it’s been years. I had a plan to run and to hit a total body workout, details were TBD but I think we got there. I knew we would need to keep it moving when I saw the cast of characters I was dealt this morning. A fit and eager bunch… This site is really strong with so much to do and endless opportunities on and off campus. I look forward to coming back and adding back to my rotation. Thanks to Good Hands and Puddin Pop for having me and hopefully I can get in the mix on the Q rotation as well. Props to Queen for getting out there on the runs and doing the fastest 100 lunges….ever. Buttermaker made sure to get his reps in and may be a little suspect of the group as a whole on finishing their reps which is always the case. Harley called me out on the final 40/40/40 asking if I was running a 4 corners offense which took me a minute due to O-2 deprivation…yes, yes I was. When I sent off the MOM in rotation I expected more of the Pax to give more than a 10 count and it bit me. Nice work fellas. Sign up for golf –

Nobody likes a sandbagger

21 men showed up for the camel and the sand at Dromedary.

The Thang:

15 Merkins IC

Group off into groups of 3. Take 1 35-40 lb sandbag per team.

Big lot laps of catch me if you can.

Lap 1 – P1 Run with sandbag
P2/3 15 Merkins and chase, rotate accordingly
Lap 2 – “” CDD’s
Lap 3 – “” Lunges

Head over to the hill for rotation of:
P1 – Run to top of the hill and 10 wide arm merkins
P2 – Sandbag Curls
P3 – Squats
Until team reaches 200 total curls

P1 – Run and Diamond merkins
P2 – Thrusters
P3 – Flutters
Thrusters to 200 total reps

P1 – Run and 5 burpees at the top
P2 – Tricep extensions
P3 – Freddy Mercury’s
200 total tri extensions

Line it up for Indian Run with all sandbags staying up front. The constant handoff of the sandbags is a winner.

Great group and great weather for a workout this morning. I had 9 sandbags and was planning for 18 max pax but of course we outdid ourselves. Quick audible to 3’s and we were off. There are some super fast and super strong guys out there and some of both! Hopefully all have the sand out of their eyes and ears by now and where ever else Turtle may have got some. Backsplash set the tone early for our squad in a full sprint with the sandbag, and there were reports of Doc McStuffins running a full lap with a sandbag and not being threatened by Good Hands and Rockwell. Some of the groups were more or less efficient making it 3 legs per lap. Thanks to all of you fellas for coming out. Welcome to Kevin who was named “Princess” but the conscience of our site, Bratwurst, offered up Vizzini which is a less harsh name from Princess Bride. Keep coming back and spread the word.

Judy Choppin

8 ninjas showed up for a workout that Diamond Dave would be proud of.

The Thang:

SSH IC x 20
IW’s IC x 10
Merkins IC x 15

Hill for 11s dry docks
11 at top 11 at bottom

Run down to long benches for
3 rounds
20 derkins
20 dips
20 lbc’s

3 rounds of:
20 step ups
Run up hill to street
25 squats
Run back down
25 monkey humpers

Up to field : Partner Up

P1 field sprint
P2 Dollies
Rinse and repeat

P1 run with 15 Merkins on other side of field, run back
P2 rosalita
Rinse and Repeat

P1 run w/5 burpees
P2 bicycle
Rinse and repeat

Back to lot
Circle up for 6 MOM
Rotating cadence calls, each pax calls the rarest, if ever performed, ab exercises.


I knew early that I would need to work hard this morning as we didn’t have a big bunch but we did have a fit bunch. The hills and dry docks set the tone for me and heated up the legs pretty well for a legs and abs intensive workout. Veteran and chatty group for sure. Rhapsody was killing it out there. He has fully recovered from whatever got a hold of him and then some. Beast. Orange Whip, Squid, and Pop Tart meant business as well. Horsehead and Simba made sure to remind me how much they have missed me this far north in an insulting and backhanded sorta way. I hope you boys have a nice break and thanks for showing up!


20 tough guys rolled out for a little bit of skunk in the 32 degree spring weather.

The thang:

Ssh x 20 IC
IW x 10 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

Grab your bell and head to the big entrance close to John St.

Farmers carry with Merkins chasers until we run into construction fence. 25 two handed swings and then carry own bel up to front lot in front of church.

Keep your partner for:
P1 Lap
P2 two handed swings
Rinse and repeato

Round 2: teabag squats
Round 3: clean and press
Round 4: snatch
Round 5: flutter press

Back to top lot for 6MOM
50 swings non-stop
20 Snatches

Moleskine: chatty group with limited attention span which must be from city water. Don’t have as much prob in U-Co workouts. Savvy veteran move from the overly trusted Header this am. Dollywood was crushing his group on the lap runs until about 2/3 the way in, after ample sandbagging Header decides to go all in with one hard run and make an obvious scene to gain attention as the winner. lesson learned Dollywood. Great to see Robinhood out today, much respect! Sorry to surprise the group with the Q but Good Hands gave it up with a “sore back” which rhymes with “fartsack”. I may have smoked myself as I’m not as consistent as I should be but hope you got your money’s worth.

Next man up

11 showed for what was certain to be brutal with Snowflake on Q.


Off to the school for
Side Slappers x 10 = BTW with one hand slaps
To the Benches/Tables
2 Rounds of Box Jumps x 16, Dips x 16, Derkins x 16
Snowflake goes down on IR with a back as John Fox would say.
Crabcake enters
Mosey to back of school for partner work
P1 up and over the wall around the flag and back
P2 LBC’s
Flapjack, Rinse and Repeato
P1 Merkins
P2 Run
Rinse and Repeato

Mosey back to front lot for some Starfish w/
5 Burpees in the middle
Heels to Heaven
2 rounds

3 MOM with Burpees to finish

Moleskine: The tone was set early by Snowflake who meant business so much so that he went kamikaze and took himself out. Pax relaxed thinking we may have dodged a bullet on this warmish morning only to be sideswiped by Crabcake. We kept moving with lots of reps and more burpees than this guy likes to do. =>1
Flipper and Landshark continue to impress by showing up and working hard with their pops, Old McDonald.
Found out that Frack only works out about 11 times per week which is about 11 times more than the national average, maybe he should change his name to Freak? Glad to see some of the old guys and new out in the gloom and big thanks to Crabcake for jumping in. Prayers out to Snowflake and all the boys from Shop Dog. BTW Shopdog is going to be smoking some Q, byob, and watch some hoops at his place on Saturday afternoon… reach out to him if interested. Sound off on anything I missed.

-Bananas for the collective Q’s

Run and Push

17 pax on a beautiful morning for some running and some reps.

The Thang:
SSH x 20 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

Group lap with 20 Merkins at each corner (Big Lap). Wait for all pax to finish reps before resuming run to next corner. This was to keep us together and so that we all did our reps.

Lap 2 same deal with 20 squats at each corner.

Indian run to middle school tables/benches

20 decline Merkins
20 step ups 10 each leg
20 dips
Run a lap on the track
Plank/People’s Chair with air presses until all are in.

Rinse and repeat

20 incline Merkins
20 LBCs
20 Carolina dry docks
Lap on track
People’s chair with air presses

To the field:
Partner up, P1 sprint the field and back
P2 Merkins and flapjack until team reaches 200.

AYG across the field, backwards run up to lot, COT.

Nice group of F3’rs today. Big props to Flipper and Landshark for joining the big kids at recess this AM. As you may have noticed I wanted to move it around this morning. We knocked out 300+ Merkins and 2.5 miles. Good work. Enjoyed seeing everyone after a couple of weeks DR.