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A Trip Down Memory Lane. Rockin’ to the 80’s.


  • Side Straddle Hop x 30
  • Cotton Picker x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Merkin x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 20
  • Plank Jack x 20


  • Mosey to the front of the middle school parking lot
  • Partner up
    • Partners run to opposite ends of the lot
      • 10 Burpees – return for 10 hand slap Merkins with partner
      • 20 squats – return for 10 hand slap Merkins with partner
      • 30 LBC’s – return for 10 hand slap Merkins with partner
      • Mosey to the front of the high school

Partner 1 runs 3 laps while partner 2 exercises (each man runs twice)


  • Dips
  • Step Ups
  • Derkins
  • Mosey to the front of the middle school

Split into groups of 3 (rotate all groups)

  • Station 1 run a full lap
  • Station 2 Superman
  • Station 3 America Hammer

Grab some wall – Shoulder Presses x 50

Jail Break back to main lot

J-Lo x 10


I warned everyone ahead of time that we would be Rockin’ to the 80’s but that didn’t stop 18 fellow F3’ers from showing up and working hard.  Hollywood, for the record, a quick Google search has confirmed that Crazy Train was released in 1980 so it does in fact qualify for the 80’s playlist!  Before we started there was a lot of conversation about March Madness… with Oregon in the Final Four Duck Dad seemed to have his chest puffed out a bit more than the rest of the crew.  It was good to see everyone pushing themselves and I heard there were some elbows being thrown during the “short track racing” in front of the high school.  Rubbin’ is racin’!  A big welcome to FNG Scott who I think tried to give himself his own nickname!  After learning he is a career coach he was pictured “In a Van Down By the RIVER”!  “Foley” seemed like an appropriate nickname. We finished by reciting the Lord’s Prayer in unison.  I always enjoy the comradery and working out with such a great group of guys!



F3 picnic April 22nd… or maybe one week later.  More details to come.

Post Pearl Harbor Day Kettlebell Beatdown

16 strong men got stronger today and this is how it was done:  Tunes started as 4 meat runners rolled in and the cars kept coming until 5:31.  After a short disclaimer we began.



  1. Side Straddle Hop x 15
  2. Imperial Walker x 15
  3. 2-Handed Swings (IC) x 10
  4. Prying Squat
  5. 2-Handed Swings (OYO) x 20


HIIT: 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest.  90 second rest between sets.  2 sets.

7 Basic Human Movements:

Push / Pull / Hinge / Squat / Loaded Carry / Rotation / Counter-Rotation

    1. Alt 1-Handed Swings (ballistic, hinge, counter-rotation)
    2. Left Shoulder Presses (grind, push)
    3. Right Shoulder Presses (grind, push)
    4. Left Lawnmowers (grind, pull)
    5. Right Lawnmowers (grind, pull)
    6. Left Snatches (ballistic, hinge, counter-rotation)
    7. Right Snatches (ballistic, hinge, counter-rotation)
    8. Goblet Squats (squat)
    9. Russian Twists (rotation)

Doubles: 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest.  P1 exercise.  P2 rest and encourage.  P2 do Merkins and Planks and Flutter Kicks and encourage  2 sets. 1 set.

  1. Double Swings
  2. Double Cleans
  3. Double Rack Squats
  4. Double Shoulder Press
  5. Double Complex (Clean, Rack Squat, Shoulder Press)

Snatch / Merkin-Plank 9-1 Partner Ladder:

P1 – 9 Snatches each arm and P2 – 1 Merkin, then hold Plank until P1 done, then switch

P2 – 8 Snatches each arm and P1 – 2 Merkins, then hold Plank until P2 done, then switch

Continue to switch until reach 1 Snatch and 9 Merkins / Plank

Mobility / Core Work:

Farmer carry down and back (Loaded Carry)

Flutter Press x 20

Louganis x 10



Thankful for the breath we were given this morning, the health to come out and work hard, the earth to enjoy, and the sacrifices that we and our families made for us to post this morning.  Prayed for guidance and for surrender to God’s will and for freedom from our selfish ways.



T Claps to all the pax today!  That was a fast paced 45 minutes and everyone was getting after it!  I didn’t see much in the way of modifications or anything less than great effort!  It was a pleasure to lead such a large group of hard-working guys this morning.  Thanks!  Using the 7 basic human movements was taken from Strong First.  Seemed like a great way to get a holistic work-out with burning some calories.  The doubles are always a favorite of YHC.  Chose to audible and can them after 1 round as I sensed others were getting as tired as I was.  YHC likes to try 1 new thing each Q and they usually don’t turn out as well as they do in my head.  Today was no exception.  The 9-1 descending ladder exercise seemed lopsided with the merkins being just too easy and the plank either too boring, too easy, or too hard – seems like the pax were exhibiting signs of all 3.  Maybe P1 double KB swings and P2 burpees would be better.  Or maybe….TGUs?  Hmmm.  Something to ponder for next time….


T Claps to the 4 meat runners today:  Header, Chin Music, Fletch, High Tide


T Claps to Bulldog for the pseudo Q-Jack to insert Merkins and Flutter Kicks for the rest breaks (#activerecovery) and for taking my instructions seriously and encouraging the pax during the aforementioned (#firsttimeIveusedthatword) breaks.  (#f3counts).


T Claps to Side Car for having a similar music playlist in college, and to the rest of the pax for putting up with today’s playlist.  I think Side Car shouted out in disbelief, “Dillon Fence?  Smithereens?, Drivin’ N Cryin’! ”

Buffalo Tom – Summer, Dillon Fence – Something For You, The Cavedogs – Leave Me Alone, Let’s Active – Every Dog Has His Day, The Smithereens – Blues Before and After, The Cars – Just What I Needed, Weezer – Buddy Holly, Steve Wynn – Amphetamine, Flat Duo Jets – Jet Tone Boogie, Scruffy the Cat – Nova SS 1968, Drivin’ N Cryin’ – Scarred But Smarter, Buffalo Tom – Tangerine, The Connells – Slackjawed, Guadalcanal Diary – Watusi Rodeo, Hoodoo Gurus – What’s My Scene (on deck).  Extra Credit: YHC will owe 1 burpee to the first one to correctly name the producer of Weezer’s first album (Hint: The answer lies somewhere above).

On a personal note, YHC celebrated 1 year in F3 yesterday.  What a wonderful way to celebrate today!  This is much more than a group of guys who wake up early for free exercise.  YHC continues to be blessed by the men of F3 and has grown in many healthy ways this past year as a result.  Looking forward to the future with gratitude and joy.  Aye!

On a more important note, yesterday marked a much more somber day in American history – the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  For some reason, this day has always moved me.  Maybe it is my inability to imagine what it must have been like to have been there that day, or to have even just been alive and to have learned of the news as it happened, watching our great country head off into war.  Maybe it’s the story of the grand father that I never got to meet, who was called into the service in the Navy the very next day.  Maybe it is the fear I used to have that I’d be drafted and have to fight in a war, coupled with my growing respect and gratitude for the men and women who put their lives on the line for my freedom every night and every day.  F3 and GORUCK have helped foster that appreciation.  #anotherbenefitofF3.  Maybe it is the WWII vets that I was blessed to have worked with for the first 5 years of my training – they struck me as an amazing group of men and I just can’t find the words to express that any better right now.  2403 Americans were killed that day – Dec 7, 1941.  My very rough mathematical estimate of the total reps we would complete meant that if he had 7 pax today we would hit 2450 reps as a team, roughly 1 for each death that day.  With 16 guys we probably hit around 5600 reps!  So basically, for every 2 reps we did, one of our American brothers or sisters died that fateful day.  May they rest in peace and may their families be blessed.

As always, thanks to the site Q’s – High Tide and Brown – for the opportunity to lead.  I’m better for it.



Joe Davis Run – January 7, 2017

Gummy – Wednesdays – “Come Stretch It Out”.

F3 Fort Mill custom GORUCK – April 28, 2017 (World Wide Leader – site Q)

If I missed something, please sound off in the comments…






Extra Credit

Thanks for coming out to shake off Halloween! Great group and effort.

Disclaimer given

Mosey to warm up: 12 each in cadence
-Bulgarian Ball Busters (YA! YA!)
-Imp Walker
-slow squat
-Peter Parker
-Mtn climber
-Freddy Mercury

Mosey mad parter up:
-parter 1 wheelbarrow 2, do 12 ab throws
(Flapjack and do x2)
-partner 1 piggyback 2, do Derkins off 1s back
(Flapjack and do x2)

Mosey to pond/hill:
-12 Diamond Merkins at bottom, 12 jump squats at top, do pond lap and 12 Wide Merkins (x3 rounds)

Mosey- 12 handslap Merkins
Mosey to short wall:
-12 dips
-12 jump ups
(X3 rounds)

Mosey for MARY:(called out by PAX clockwise)
-heels to Heaven
-box cutters
-sit ups
Modify to Mountain climbers (50 in Cadence!…McGee)

Mosey and finish strong!

Thanks for coming on out. I’m sure some late parties so I appreciate peeling out. Good banter all along. Bulgarian Ball Busters- ha-YA!!! Frehlys requested extra credit for heavy lifting. Done! Good plank and MARY between – thanks Ice9, McGee.

-holiday party-really need sign ups asap (madame T tweeted last night)
-Joe Davis run soon- sign up
-Big House new site launching 11/14 Pineville Police Dept site Qs Dumpster Fire and Chedder.

McGee thanks for taking us out. Always honored to lead!

Ascent/Olympus – Today’s Episode: We Rise and Stand Together…or…Time for a SMOKE Break!

9 PAX posted in the early Saturday gloom to partake in YHC’s Q for a properly balanced meal.

YHC had offered a 3 mile pre-run in advance of Ascent/Olympus’ start time, but the internet was clearly too scared of the dark to join me, so I went on my own haunted hayride through Ye Olde Providence Neighbourhood (they do it up right for Halloween, all).  I run back to the parking lot with two minutes to spare before kickoff.  3mi extra credit done.  5.0 GPA on 4.0 scale.

With the disclaimer duly given – clear instruction that this was a moderate workout and YHC was not providing any fitness instruction, and that the PAX duly were not paying me to do so, as well as a very lawyerly underscore of each individual (and not F3) assuming maximum liability for any action undertaken – we R-U-N-N-O-F-T to the baby track for two laps.

Due to poor planning on YHC’s part, all of my time and distance keeping devices were dead, so I co-Q’d the workout with Pele’s sports watch.

SSH x30
IW x30
LSS x30
Merkins x10

The Thang:

Mosey to the Wesley United Meth Rock Pile, grab a legitimate bicep curling and shoulder pressing rock – plank up and wait for the 6, then stop planking and do some Mary. Everyone here?  Recover.

Partner up.
ROUND 1:  Thing 1 shall run ‘round ye olde churche, while Thing 2 dost complete extension bicep curls. Flapjack, Repeato x1

ROUND 2:  Thing 1 – run ye lap, while Thing 2 dost complete extension shoulder presses. Flapjack, Repeato x1

Done? Nope.

Main course:
Time for our union-mandated SMOKE break.

Mosey back over to the school, grab some wall, hold a people’s chair and do 100 arm raises IC. Shoulders & Quads seasoned.

A few 10 counts later and we are bear crawling across lot, reverse bear crawl back whence ye came.  PAX seemed pretty spry and chipper during the forward bear crawl.  Chatter came to screeching halt during reverse bear crawl.  Sony, left in disbelief at what his legs & shoulders were just put through, remarked that YHC was probably just making these things up, b/c reverse bear crawls aren’t real.  Oh, they’re real alright.  While on the topic, it’s a good thing Geraldo brought enough testosterone to share w/all of us.  Dude was rucking 40 lbs while all this abuse was going on.

Mosey to playground area, 50 dips OYO.  Triceps smoked.

Done? Nope, mosey over to picnic tables, plank up for the 6 to roll in, then get started with 100 step ups each leg…Each. Leg.  Glutes and Quads smoked.

  • Not sure anyone was counting, but if they were, I’m sure that I did 1,000 and I’m sure Sony only did 10, but in a “whose line is it anyway” sort of points tally.   Early Gamecock victory to make up for the L we’ll get this evening.

Mosey to practice field, huddle up in a circle shoulder to shoulder for the Wave of Merkins (not often broken out, but very much a part of the lexicon). Circled up, got into plank position, first person did one merkin, then the next person to the right does a merkin, yadda yadda until we got back to the first person who then performed 2 merkins, repeato all the way up to 5.  The cookbook says up to 10 and back down, but hey, this is a moderate workout. Arms, Core, Shoulders smoking nicely.

Everyone lined up, lunge walk to the temporary construction light on field (the wacker light, Mallcop’s favorite). Lunge walk back. Quads a little overcooked, but we’ll serve them as burnt ends at Midwood Smokehouse.

Mosey back to the line for what I’ve come to know as Planker’s Delight.  PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, and in orderly fashion, each PAX went down the line doing one hand slap merkin with every other man until everyone was sufficiently handslapped.

Shoulders completely SMOKED.

Done yet? Nope. With 4 minutes to go, mosey back to parking lot in time for some Mary.  LBCs x30, dolley x30, protractor x 2 rounds, and time was called.

Tclaps to Drop Thrill for taking us out.

The Moleskin:
COT had your usual announcements, name-o-rama.

  • I must admit that my original plan for this morning was no less than a 3-3.5 mile circuit to be conducted throughout Old Providence neighborhood. However, based on survey of the battlefield and troop reserves, called an audible which had far less running, but every bit as much pain to be felt in quads.
  • Always good to see Drano out in the gloom. Brother and me have been doing the 6am Java Run for the last 2-3 months (I think?) and it shows.  Excellent push out there Drano.
  • Continue to be inspired by Geraldo’s RUCK game. My beard grew another inch just by seeing him do basically all the above w/the RUCK on his back.  No lie, I’m looking at getting a RUCK myself and following in his footsteps
  • Jet Fuel and I hung together for the moseys. Turns out Ye Olde Providence is his neck of the woods and didn’t need me to remind him about how awesome his neighborhood truly is. M and I loved renting in the area and were sad to leave it.
  • Snoopy’s got some wheels, errbody! He’s moving pretty fast these days. We need to get this guy on the Joe Davis Express.  Btw, do you need a rename now that you guys fired Snoopy from your company?
  • Mall Cop putting in work and slugging it out every step of the way. Good hustle out there, brother.  Pounding.
  • Drop Thrill – Always good to see you out here.


Joe Davis Run – F3 is involved because our brother, Rock Thrill, lost his brother to addiction and this race was founded in order to raise awareness about the effects of addiction.  Read all about it at the link. Also, if/when you sign up…make sure you sign up for the 10K, or Geraldo will judge you.

F3 South Charlotte Christmas Party – Sign up, or Mr. Bean loses his house on the $$ that he fronted to book the party.  As an FYI, Christmas party toy drive goes to benefit Operation Sweet Tooth – As most of you know F3 Olive’s daughter died suddenly about 6 months ago. He is from Isotope. Operation Sweet Tooth is a non-profit organization created to honor her memory by bringing joy to other kids. We are pushing a drive for donations of toys for Operation Sweet Tooth to benefit Alexander Youth Network. Specific details to follow regarding what to donate.

Qs for Ascent/Olympus in November, December, and Beyond – Contact Pele and he’ll give you some open dates.

New AO in Pineville, NC – The Big House – Launching Monday, November 14th at 0530.  Park at Pineville Police Department vistor’s lot and the Q will take it from there.  Bring an FNG from Pineville who always complains about how far away the workouts are.  Zero time for that noise w/this AO in-place.  DM me (Dumpster Fire) or Cheddar for further info.

Monroe across the tracks

The alarm was set for 4:30, Woke up at 3:30.  Played the alarm change game.. . .5:00 , ,:5:30,: . .up at 4:30 anyways.  Couldn’t afford to fartsack.  Men of Monroe depending on me.  Hit the road for the hour drive and arrived at 6:50 to only 3 Men in the lot.  1 more arrived by 7:00 and it was time to begin.

Short mosey to the grassy flat under the light pole to begin the workout.

Disclaimer: Planked up and I pronounced “I’m an idiot and I suggest you go home and go back to bed. No takers? Then here we go”: Called everyone to stand back up.  “Haha, I just tricked you into doing a Burpee!”   At this time another (Nekot I believe) arrived and we were sure to poke fun at him for arriving late:  Once I realized one of the Men was an FNG and we gave him the solid disclaimer and the 5 core principals of F3. Planked up again, and then repeated the trickery and made them stand up again.  2 burpees int he books!

The Warmup: Hillbillies X 20 IC,

Back to the plank for arms and legs up,

Merkins X 10 IC,

Shoulder taps X 10 IC,

Then the Dancing Bear kinda, sorta in cadence X 5!  A fun new plank game where we spin in circles and wave our arms around!

Then Mosey up the hill for a tour of downtown Monroe! The ascent out of the park was longer than I remembered.  Up the ramp out of the park, then up the hill and across the train tracks. .. up. . .up. . .up

We safely crossed the bridge, the street, and planked up for the 6.  Peter Parkers IC X 10 until the 6 arrived.

We continued the mosey to the old courthouse in the center of town where we found a spot on the grass for some SSH IC X 20,

Here on this historic green the pax needed to catch their wind so YHC shared on my love of F3.  How my Dr. EH’d me during a physical (not like it sounds) and how after my first workout I could barely walk afterwards but I had never had so much fun in my life.  Once the story was complete I called some Dora 1.2.3 with 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s.  Partner one exercised while partner 2 ran around the courthouse block.  This was about a 1 minute lap so it was just right for each Pax to get plenty of pain from both exercises.

FNG parntered up with Glass Joe and they pushed through to the end.  FNG paused for a moment and looked as though he may splash merlot but pushed on through.  Once the tasks were complete YHC shared again on how I had stayed the same weight but lost 2″ off my waste and a shirt size smaller in about 6 months and that the workouts would push you to get stronger.  “There’s no better way to tell Monroe that F3 is here than to do Monkey Humpers in front of traffic!”  Monkey humpers IC X 10.  Then, across the street in front of a law firm to do more monkey humpers!  I made sure to get a photo as the lawyer is someone I invited but he never responded!

The time was 7:37 so plenty of time for another short mosey through town where I shared a childhood memory of a friend and his parents business.  They sold the business and moved, and the new tenants moved in with a tee shirt shop.  The new owners hired someone to set the place on fire who ended up killing himself while destroying the building and portions of the surrounding block in a classic case of dumb crook insurance fraud.  For more information, read here:   

on the 6 for some flutter kicks X 15 IC.

We began the mosey back through town and into the courtyard of the modern courthouse.  We found some steps and GJ began to fall in love with the courtyard and the promise it holds for future workouts.

YHC called deep sea divers, X 5 IC each step (5 shoulder taps, feet up a step, 5 more, up a step, 5 more, down a step, last 5, recover).

Then 15 Dips IC

It was time to start heading back so we Mosey’d to picnic tables for Step ups X 20 IC, then down the stairs back towards the park.

On the corner near the bridge I called 5 burpees OYO, then one more round of Monkey humpers!

Over the bridge and back down the hill.  YHC stayed back with the FNG while GJ and Pikachu finished strong to the park, but returned for the 6.

The time approched 7:57 and I called the final exercise, take the hill!  meet at the top of the hill under the flag pole for the pledge!

With the workout done, Name-O-Rama and Announcements were said, and Hushpuppy shared about the Climb, a completely stupid and utterly pointless event in Gashouse.  Click here for more info:

Finally, prayers for Glass Joe and his family, that his family have and will overcome the difficulties of 2016 and prosper in their faith, health, and finances.


The Tabata Dance – Peak 51

The Thang:

After returning from a short pre-run under the company of Sensei, Slim Fast, and Benny, the PAX started to gathered up. This was my firs Q and I was quite nervous.  I Planned something called a TABATA inspired workout. (I know it sounds like something you would order at taco bell).  At 0530, we began the warm up with some side straddle hops, and mosey to the back of the school for two warm up laps around the track.  Then we started the TABATA.

(Rest 10 seconds in between the exercises below)

Imperial Walker (20 sec all you got)

The Merkin (20 sec all you got)

LBC’s  (20 sec all you got)

Burpees  (20 sec all you got)

Side Straddle Hop  (20 sec all you got)

Mountain Climbers  (20 sec all you got)

Squats  (20 sec all you got)

Plank Jacks  (20 sec all you got)

Two laps around the track ( first lap all you got, second I-pace)

Rinse and Repeat TABATA.

It seemed fairly easy on paper, but if the PAX felt the way I felt while doing it, hopefully they were surprised.  I know I was, LOL.

Ran one cool down lap around the track, then mosey over to parking lot.  Count off, name-a-rama announcements and take out.  Great effort by the PAX, and I thank you all for making my first Q a great experience.

Fact Check This Backblast…

In a ridiculous attempt to parody the voluminous, magnanimous, adventurous, and tremendous legend aka Horsehead, YHC is gruntled to present you with a backblast that is worthy of fact checking.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internets.

The 2 minute warning was given and when it expired Shepherd took off in a sprint worthy of Keefer and Snowman (sans the crazed Xena Warrior Princess attack mode yodeling).  We trucked over to the bus lot via the sidewalk in front of the school and circled up for the following:


– IWs (X20 IC)

– LSSs (X20 IC)

Mosey to the patio area.

– Step-ups (X20 OYO)

– Plank it up

Cheese weave thru the line of buses

– Merkins (X20 IC)

IR to Elementary School bus lot

– SSH (X20 IC)

IR to Elementary School back parking lot

– Karaoke left

– Karaoke right

Partner up.  Partner 1 run to Rogers Rd and return; Partner 2 – 20 BPs and 20 LSSs (Repeato); Flapjack.

– Windmills (X15 IC)

IR to back of Middle School

– LBCs (X20 OYO)

Hand off to The Late Show

In back of the school we stop to pick up a cinder block and head to the front patio for a little bit o’ fun.

Deposit your block on the curb at the bottom of the hill then over to the lunchroom patio.

(5) Supine Rows

(10) Mericans

(15) Squats

Mosey to your block and give it a lift to the top of the hill and back.

Repeato until time is almost up.

Hustle the block back to the pile and back around front for the COT

Done! Prayers and announcements and we took off for coffeeteria and 3F at McD’s.


After fighting off several members of the Drivers Ed Pit Crew we almost decided to scrap the w/out and head to Starbucks for the paper and a skinny soylent green latte with extra foam, but Shepherd got us back together with a reminder:  WWGJD? (What Would Glass Joe Do?)  So we bandaged our wounds, blew our noses, iced up, and got back in the game…

With regards to our fearless first half Q…. his sprint to the bus lot got us wondering and we suspected something was up. As we finished the 6 mile partner run to Rogers Rd and back we were pretty sure that “Shepherd” was actually Glass Joe wearing a Shepherd costume.  But after the run we were too out of breath to care so we just went with it.  By the time we made it back around to the front of the school dragging blocks behind us, we forgot exactly what we were talking about… but we knew it had something to do with costumes.  So we decided to stop for a while and talk over Halloween costumes and used Google Sheets on The Count’s Phablet to plot a spreadsheet to determine the relation between “Facepaint Quantity” and “Candy Quantity.”  That devolved into an argument over the worth of candy in the average Halloween haul.  Woody claimed that 2 mini snickers were worth 4 mini Twix bars in a trade, while Squid was adamant that 4 mini Twix were worth 6 Milkyways OR 7 Three Musketeers.  Bonhoeffer almost popped a blood vessel when The Count tried to convince us that 1 mini pack of Starburst was worth 2 mini bags of Sour Patch Kids.  Meanwhile Shepherd and I were in our own heated debate regarding the effectiveness of the classics: “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” versus “Trick or Treat, be so sweet, give me something good to eat.”  Eventually we got it sorted out and finished the workout without any hard feelings.  #ISI

Proudly hitting the Outland deadline of Thursday…

The Late Show out.

Hazed and Confused: Black Diamond @ The Arsenal

YHC inherited the Black Diamond from traveling Fall Out. Black Diamond notifications via Slack and Twitter were sent out this week leading up to the Black Diamond. It appears they ended up as more of a Warning than an Invitation. 4 PAX assembled in the gloom for some quick mumble chatter and then we were off.


Mosey to “Don’t Pace Yourself, Push Yourself” playground for:

  • 25 SSH
  • 10 Windmill
  • Clock Merkins (Increasing reps 1-12 Civilian Count) thanks to timekeeper Fire Hazard for making sure we got all 12 hours in as YHC tried to skip 10

The Thang

  • 11’s (Pull-ups/Burpees) 10 pull-ups/1 Burpee, 9 pull-ups/2 Burpees etc.
  • Recover with some Pistol Crunches (25 each leg)
  • Mosey to the “Forever Swamp” practice field which had a nice Haze filling it. The confused part comes in where YHC tries to explain the genesis of the next drill and how it originated from Fire Hazard’s M and one of the drills that she used to do during High School Lacrosee, Field Hockey…before strike 3, Fire Hazard corrected me (Track and Basketball)
  • Using the 5-yard lines on the practice field, Sprint Horizontally across field, move to next 5 yard line and back-pedal back and so on down each 5 yard line until reaching the end zone
  • Sprint series….chop your feet, up-down and sprint 40yds and recover back to start (x2)
  • Sprint series…chop your feet, up-down and sprint 60yds and recover back to start (x2)
  • Sprint series…chop your feet, up-down and sprint full length and recover back to start (x1)
  • 20 WWII sit-ups OYO for recovery
  • Partner up (Partner 1 = Hill Sprint) (Partner 2 = hold 6inch plank) – Flapjack (x2)
  • Partner 1 = Hill Sprint, Partner 2 = low squat hold – Flapjack (x2)
  • Partner 1 = Hill Sprint, Partner 2 = 6inch leg lift – Flapjack (x2)
  • Mosey back to launch where YHC had stashed some +60lb buckets
  • Partner 1 = bucket carry to end of lot, Partner 2 Freddie Mercury – Flapjack (x2)
  • Partner 1 = bucket carry to end of lot and back, Partner 2 = LBC – Flapjack (x1)

YHC had 4 minutes left and just enough pain to fill it. Running to the car, the PAX thought I was bailing on COT…no no unfortunately just grabbing the phone for a little Sally Challenge, Bring Sally up and Bring Sally Down…I’m pretty sure we all made it through the entire song 2 minutes. Annnd on to COT.


4 PAX really got after it this morning, everyone took turns as the Alpha in different parts of the workout:

Fahvra – hit the gym hard yesterday doing chest and managed to smoke through all of the chest portions of the workout maintaining his beast status. Showed up sleeveless and also stayed up late watching his Cubbies get the bats going in game 4 and brought that energy to the Black Diamond this morning. Always good to have him out pushing us.

Fire Hazard – claimed he dominated the pull-ups at Fat Camp the morning before and carried it over to this morning knocking through them. Also defending his crown as the fastest back pedaler at a workout. Thanks to his M again for the sprint/backpedal portion which is always brutal.

Ringer – Thanks for keeping me in line and advising me on good times to shut-up and just workout as I butchered the sports that  Fire Hazard’s M dominated in HS. Also hit the gym hard on Wednesday but showed no fatigue while crushing burpees and pull-ups which is par for the course with him.


Over and Out – General


Watchtower’s First Backblast!

posted on behalf of Hollywood
6 PAX showed for a beautiful fall morning, ready for a beat down.
4 PAX ready to roll when at 5:29 the Lawson clown car rolls up,
2 more to add to the fun.
Conditions: Temp- upper 50’s with muggy and foggy conditions, perfect
Disclaimer: short and sweet
SSH x 20 IC,
MC x 20 IC,
Merkins x 10 IC,
Plank jacks x 10 IC,
Imperial Squawkers x 15 IC
Quick mosey to the pavilion to begin.
The Thang:
Merkins x 30, run loop
LBC’s x 30, run loop
Squats x 30, run loop
Mosey to football practice field
Bearcrawl to 25 yard line, 5 burpees, then Frog Jump to 50 yard line, 5 burpees
Repeat through end zone
Heels to Heaven x 30 IC
Mosey to Refreshment area and the half wall
Derkins x 25 IC, Dips x 25 IC, step/jump ups x 25
Derkins x 15 IC, Dips x 15 IC, Step/Jump ups x 15
Derkins x 5 IC, Dips x 5 IC, Step/Jump ups x 5
American Hammer x 30 IC
To the football field:
Bearcrawl 10 yards, then do 10 pushups.
Sprint 10 yards, then do 10 squats….
Repeat entire length of field through end zone.
Back to the pavilion:
People’s Chair while we catch our breath, alternate raising left and right legs
Donkey Kick x 20,  Donkey Kick burpees x 5
Donkey Kick x 15,  Donkey Kick burpees x 5
Donkey Kick x 10,  Donkey Kick Burpees x 5
Plan was to run some more, but audibled and decided to partner up and complete a Lazy Dora instead:
100 Merkins
150 LBC’s
Squats until we ran out of time, announced jailbreak to AO but either most didn’t hear me or were too tired to run, which I would consider a success.
It was an honor leading the PAX today. It was really quiet early on, but the mumblechatter began when we started the Derkins. PAX weren’t too happy that YHC went past what they thought was the magic number of 20. Bottlecap and Moneyball leading the chatter of course. I’m pretty sure it would have continued but nothing quiets a crowd like Bearcrawls in 100% humidity. The goal today was to have as little rest as possible between exercises, and to get some work in on my skinny legs. That combined with the muggy conditions made this a nice little workout.
Everyone gave their all today  Thanks gentlemen!
Bottlecap –On Q tomorrow-promises to bring some solid tunes
Moneyball took us out

(Pepper)Mint Condition(ing)

(posted on behalf of Peppermint)

It was a steamy day atop the black rubber balls of the turf. We started off with a short light jog then 10 synchronized pull-ups to get loose. From there…


Peppermint Q Starter
  • 4 stations, approx. 50 yards apart each, Each station 2 times, jog between stations, At each station:
    • 10 jumping jacks
    • 10 squats
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 situps

Hold plank or do baby bridge till group completes, then…

  • 1 set of deep lunges, 20 yards
  • 5 sets, 20 yard sprinter starts to boost explosiveness
  • circle up for:
    • 10 windmills in cadence
    • 15 jackknives in cadence
    • 10 pushups in cadence
  • Native American run hugging the perimeter of the field for 1 lap
  • another set of deep lunges 20 yards
  • 5 sets of 40 yard sprints
  • 1 gasser (40 yards, down back down back)

(posted by Argonaut)

Argonaut Q Off the Bench
  • Sprint 190 yards AYG
  • Walking/ Mosey recovery 120 seconds
  • Sprint 190 yards AYG
  • Walking/ Mosey recovery 120 seconds
  • Mosey to the Sidewalk wth the fence posts.
  • Windshield Wipers
    • lay on your back, eyes in line with the hand rail above you.
    • On Q call, either straight, right or left, lift legs and touch the top rail.
    • Various sides directions etc that YHC can’t recall.
    • Hold it at the top, then R, L, R, L, R, L, R, L, slowwly lower legs to zero
  • 10 low slow merkins.
  • Mosey to the upper deck.
  • Partner Up
    • P1: 7 strict pull-ups on the playground
    • P2: LBC, Freddy Mercury, H2H
      until P1 arrives.
    • Flip and repeat 4-5 times.
  • Mosey to the adjacent lot.
  • Burpos in cadence X 5
  • 10 Low slow squat in cadence
  • Burpos is cadence X 5
  • Mosey around to the other playground.
  • Partner Up:
    P1: 7 toes to bar
    P2: merkins until P1 arrives
    Flip and repeat 4-5 times
  • Mosey lap around the lot.
  • 10 low flutter in cadence
  • 10 high flutter in cadence
  • 15 6 inch plank jack in cadence



Peppermint did a solid job out there today for his VQ. He’s only been posting at F3 workouts since early August, though it is obvious he’s been doing some sort of exercise before that. This moleskin will not be used (entirely) to critique Peppermint’s first Q, save for the mention that the pre-workout disclaimer was a bit brief for my taste. Thanks for leading Peppermint! Looks like you enjoyed the leadership adrenaline.

Good effort from all 8 today in what turned out to be a pretty decent all around beating for the legs, core and shoulders. Kirby pushed hard today and was the first to notice that the merkin count for the day sort of crept up on us, Tuck and Firehazard were moving pretty fast out there today (despite all the MAFing Tuck has been doing. #itsjustslowrunning), heckling each other every step of the way. YHC was disappointed to find out that FireHazard’s nickname has nothing to do with repressed arsonist tendencies. Mario was fast again today, even after pooing posting at swift for miles yesterday. He only sandbagged on one sprint (probably a group best). Wild Turkey showed the utmost respect for the Q, which is truly honorable. Even following Peppermint in a pirouette over the wire road black. Every Q wants to have WT in the PAX, he’s always setting the example for how to post: low mumblechatter, dogged obedience to the Q, give it all you got with no complaining. #tclaps Turkey ! Mighty Mite still posted despite the sad gearlessness of FatCamp today. He’s a bear.

YHC almost succeeded in putting all the young guns down by secretly planting fire ant mounds strategically in the fence sections that they’d be laying in during Windshield Wipers(somehow YHC knew before hand). Either there were ants there (and people walking in the field), or not. Perhaps Peppermint and Mario just like to take their shirts off together (and Elon park is haunted in October).

Thanks for coming out to support Peppermint’s first of many future leads.

Argonaut Out.