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DMZ 5th Anniversary Convergence Area 51/Metro Summit Preblast

Don’t get the wrong idea, won’t be any hand-holding or high fives at this summit, just a worthy North vs. South beatdown brought to you by Mermaid & Fishwrap to mark 260 straight weeks of uneasy cohabitation and questionable legal status……

Dredd was, um, happy to be Q’ing SOFA and broke a guy’s foot

Swamp & Cindy used to post south of Wendover (!)

Bushwood quit bootcamps after this T-R debacle

Alf displayed his creative side

Hops brought tennis balls?

Runstopper lives up to his name

Meet your friend, rival, brother, co-worker from up North at DMZ Monday.

0530 Carmel Road Park

(COP on Bushwood’s lawn if he doesn’t post)



SOFA WIB Just Won’t Die

posted on behalf of One Eye

17 PAX started their week the right way

The Thang:

  • COP – SSHx20
  • Mosey to corner of Carmel and Camilla.  One mile AYG.  Run to the back of Carmel Middle School and back.
  • Recover with wall sits at COC
  • Mosey to the breezeway at COC for the main event.  The One Eye 500.  Five exercises 20 reps each then run the small loop around the front of the Church.  Exercise were Dips, Merkins, Squats, Air Presses and Romanian Dead Lifts.
  • Mary while waiting on the six
  • Mosey to corner of Carmel and Camilla.  One mile AYG.  Run to the back of Carmel Middle School and back.
  • Recover with wall sits at COC
  • Mosey back to Carmel Road Park for COT


Good group out there today.  Mumble chatter started early with Swiper commenting on the Qs attire.  He especially like the gloves.  Believe he called them rapist gloves.  I’ve never heard anyone refer to a pair of gloves as being particularly well suited for that crime but it appears Swiper is an expert on that type of thing.  Strong work by all.  Kirk, Swiper, Chalet, Cold Cuts and Chappy crushed both of the one mile runs.  Some of the PAX were begging to stop at the 9 driveways on the right before the second mile…. so YHC knows it was a solid beat down.  Thanks to Cold Cuts for the take out.  And thanks to Aquafresh for giving the me chance to lead.  Always a pleasure.


Convergence on Saturday at RockZero

No DMZ next week; Convergence at Symphony Park, Southpark Mall 0630 Checkpoint has the Q.



Cinder Track, Cinder Block, Cinder Suck!

Eight DMZ stalwarts disregarded the weather forecast and were “rewarded” with VIP admission to the club:

20 Merkins IC to wait on any stragglers, such as Swiper

Fast mosey south~1/2 mile then hard right and plank on the 6. Keep going another ~.7 and enter the club, bypass the velvet ropes, LBCs and Flutter on the 6

Run some four corners:

10 Pullups, 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins, 10 Burpees, 15 Double Fist Sumo Jump Squats

Repeat circuit until time called (I think everybody got 3+ circuits)

Indian run out to the first decent hill

Alternate 10 Chest-to-Hand (C2H) Diamonds, 10 WWII Situps at each lamppost on the way out to Carmel. (about 60 of each), plank on the 6

Resume Indian run and pick up the pace to get back to the breezeway

Surprise coupon segment, grab a block:

Squat x10 IC – Run to bottom of south lot and back

Military Press x10 IC – same run

Thruster x10 IC – same run

Snatch x20 OYO – Done

There were no announcements and Snowflake took us out


  • Worth running 1.2 miles to get to some decent pullup bars? – yes I say
  • There was an entirely separate 0.0 Weinke ready in case the potential monsoon had really happened, that’s what the blocks were really for – but made for a nice (i.e., terrible) finisher after today’s 3.2
  • I completely forgot to announce next week’s guest Q – Checkpoint. Don’t miss this all-around HIM’s turn at the DMZ helm
  • Thanks to the pax for helping get the blocks loaded back up
  • Honored to lead this group – great effort from all

Masters of the Streets

Posted on behalf of Orlando

Masters of the streets




DMZ Breaks Space-Time Continuum

Wait, what?  Didn’t you already read one DMZ backblast this week?

Yes, you did. Hops led a bootcamp in Elizabeth and we got to spend some quality time with Bout Time. It was well attended.

However, despite 800 posts (give or take) to Twitter, Slack, Strava, multiple F3 websites, etc. (even an email went out), a few pax posted to the regular AO. This was actually a good thing just in case an FNG came out of the woodwork. I’m sure, in the moment, there were also some kind words for the site Q. Undaunted, veteran Chappy took the reins and a crew of five headed off into the gloom*:

*as recorded by Frack

Speedbump Burpees, 5 each
Cul-de-sac ladder run (6 total reps per cycle)
– Up the hill, 5 burpees
– Down the hill, 1 air squat
– Up, 4
– Down, 2
– Etc.
– End with LBCs OYO
Mosey to Carmel Middle
– Rail slides
– Bear crawls
Mosey to parking lot
– Single-leg line jumpers
– Slalom jumps
Mosey to rock pile, choose small-medium rock
Mosey to parking lot, exercises with rock
– Single-leg line jumpers
– Slalom jumps
Mosey to track, exercises with rock
– Run 400m with rock straight overhead
– Overhead tricep curls
– Curls
– Double-leg line jumpers
– Onos (speedskaters)
– Run 400m with rock (any position you choose)
– LBCs with rock on chest
Mosey to rock pile and return rocks carefully, ensuring a pleasing aesthetic upon departure
Mosey to parking lot, more exercises, including
– LBCs
– Merkins
– Diamond Merkins
– Wide Merkins
– Carolina Drydocks
Mosey back to Carmel Park, including a few final exercises



Special DMZ AO Change to Support Bout Time, Jennings & Family

To all pax – DMZ will relocate this Monday, January 22nd, to bring a workout close to our friend and brother Bout Time, as he continues to stay with Jennings during treatment at Hemby.

We will be at Independence Park (the Ranger/Indy AO) with a 5:30 a.m. start.

Please spread the word and post if able – all are welcome and encouraged to join.

Where: Independence Park

When: Monday, January 22nd, 0530

Parking: St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 1510 E 7th Street

QIC: Hops

Jennings updates:



DMZ Kicks Off 2018

Rolled into Carmel Road Neighborhood Park at 5:23, empty lot, but quickly joined by the Agony-wagon and then one by one others to get to lucky number 7 to begin the morning’s festivities.

COP: Low, Slow Squat x10 IC, Merkins x33 IC

Mosey down Camilla to the first speed bump –  Jerkins x15 OYO, keep going to second speed bump, Parker Peter x10 IC, keep going to the rock pile.

Select TWO rocks per man. Mosey w/rocks down to track, enter track and go to far end. Stash rocks in the end zone.

Begin the Burpee Pullup Mile:

4 laps. On each lap: 14-12-10-8 burpees at the north end of track, hop the fence on south end and do 14-12-10-8 pullups on the soccer goals. Do 3 diamonds for every pullup not completed.

Audible: Soccer goals were iced over, so went with 28-24-20-16 diamonds instead.

Various planks on the six.

Move rocks to track. Begin the Lactic Shaker: Grab one rock and walk 100M while doing skullcrushers and curls IC. Set the rocks down.  AYG 300M.  Walk 200M – skullcrushers, curls, shoulder press IC. Drop the rock. AYG 300M. Walk 200M – skullcrushers, curls, one arm press L, R. Drop the rock. AYG 300M. Walk 100M with more upper body exercises IC. Pick up second rock and mosey back to rockpile.

Drop the rocks, mosey to edge of tarmac, LBCs on the six.  Mosey back home, stop at speed bumps for 15 jump squats OYO and flutter x20 IC.


  • I was beyond disappointed that we couldn’t do pullups on the soccer goals, will have to wait for another time, with less ice
  • We welcomed back Frack who lives nearby and hasn’t posted in a long time. Hung in there and we look forward to seeing him out regularly
  • Note, this is a different Frack. You guys will have to work it out
  • We can’t use the rocks anymore without mention of Runstopper and the fire ant incident last summer. Conclusion today was too cold to be a threat
  • Speaking of Runstopper?
  • Looks like maybe the cold is canceling out the Gladiator guy’s resolutionaire bump. #TAP
  • No Chelms despite my stone cold EH at the Joe Davis run. It was really, really cold that is. The EH itself was kind of luke-warm
  • Cold enough today that Jamboree was in long sleeves! Great work, always pushing
  • Believe One Eye out in front on all three AYG 300s. Chappy and Silent Bob crushing it too.
  • Agony with the “professional” take out – thank you sir.  Reminder that the cold brings our homeless population into focus
  • Next week, Rachel on Q, don’t miss it
  • New @F3DMZ twitter tag – follow it
  • Always an honor to lead the great crew at the DMZ

Do you have a better way to stay warm than to set your hair on fire?

9 men succumbed to FOMO and entered the DMZ for a workout brought to you by Joe Weider and inspired by TR

Merkins x 30 IC

Mosey to C@C for some laps:

Lap #1 (~1/3 mile) – 12 Jerkins on the corners. Flutter on the 6.

Partner up, groups of 3.

#2 – Partner One, run with a 45# rubber plate .  Partners Two & Three, 10 Monkey Humpers, then chase down the plate carrier. Rotate through, 10 MH each transition until plate back to starting point. Plank on the 6.

#3 – Partner One, Hairburner w/33#* “Weider International” steel plates. Partner Two – Repeat rounds of 5 Merkins, 10 Squats, 15 LBCs. Partner Three – run (use breezeway) until reaching burner man. Burner man back to exerciser, exerciser runs to burner. Rotate through until plate is back to starting point. Plank on the 6. (* 15 kilo)

#4 – 12 HR Merkins on the corners, Freddie Mercury on the 6.

#5 – same as #2, except with 10 Jump Squats on each transition.

#6 – 6 Diamonds & 6 Wide Arms on each corner, LBCs on the 6

#7 – just a lap

Mike Tyson x 10 IC

Rosalita x20 IC

Derkins x 2 IC


Check out Speed for Need if you haven’t. When & where are Thanksgiving convergences?

Great takeout by Snowflake.


  • 9 pax showing up was clearly divine providence – no need to alter the planned 3-man team structure
  • The 60 merkins on the front end was a crowd pleaser
  • On the first chasedown lap, we ended up with 2 four man teams and one 1 man team for about 1/3 of a lap. Math is tough sometimes
  • Hairburners: I remember TR showing up at Carmel Road Park not long after I started F3 with his trunk full of steel. No less painful today
  • Sparks were flying, there was a real risk of igniting the dried leaves blowing around the bottom of the lot
  • In prepping for this I found out a) Joe Weider is no longer with us, RIP and b) He was Canadian which explains his stubborn attempt to cram the metric system onto the 1980s lifting public
  • One of the teams (not mine) absolutely destroyed the burner lap – nice work
  • The burner intervals were a little too long so that will be tweaked next time
  • All in all a good (that is to say terrible) change of pace
  • Also should give a hat tip to Prohibition and the terrible Horsey McSandbag workout this past summer – another inspiration
  • Snowflake – Respect; great to see you at DMZ again
  • Reminder to headlock at that neighborhood Halloween party you are going to tomorrow
  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead


It’s Getting Crowded In Here

Nine pax chose to start their Monday in the DMZ, without regard for the consequences. Here’s what happened:

Circle up where you are, SSH x15 IC

Mosey across Carmel

Speed bump #1 – Merkins x15 IC, Low Slow Squats x15 IC

Speed bump #2 – Merkins x15 IC, Low Slow Squats x15 IC

Fastish mosey across the CMS tarmac buzzing Mr. Gladiator

Stop at the coupon place and select a coupon. Pax questions: running or lifting with the coupons? (A: both)

Head to the track. Poor scouting, legit entrance gate is flooded. Step/jump carefully around.

Lap#1: Carry the coupon and stop for 10,15,20,25 coupon thrusters on the corners. Mary on the 6.

Lap#2: Drop it for 1,3,5,7 Megaburpees on the corners. Mary on the 6.

Lap#3: Pick ’em back up. Wide Arms touching chest to coupon. 10 on each corner.  Mary on the 6.

Lap#4: Partner up and 5 Dumbocrats on each corner, alternating partner positions on each corner. Mary on the 6.

Hop the fence or look for some other way out, mosey back to the pile and re-deposit.

Fast mosey back across the tarmac and past Gladiator training.

Up the stairs and Elbow Plank by the CMS front wall.

15 Mike Tysons IC


Mosey to the base of Camilla. There are nine segments of road between here and the top driveway….

Lunge 1st segment, Sprint 2nd Segment, Bear Crawl 3rd Segment

Repeato all of the above 2x to get back close to home. Not so precise instructions resulted in the out-front pax heading back to the launch point, but we still had a sliver of time to use.

Elbow Plank top of CoC parking lot.

AYG bottom of lot.

Head back home, but stop for 10 Merkins OYO at each island. YHC intended each island on the left but someone suggested all the islands, so there you go.

Audible after ~60 Merkins, out of time, back to the launch for real this time.


Announcements – 24 Hours of Booty Race/Party etc.

I am pretty sure Kirk took us out, it was good in any case.


Always a pleasure to post and now lead in this hard-to-beat AO. Thanks to One Eye, and to Egypt for giving up the Q. (I suspect to rest for his #smokebootsmile performance on Tuesday. Nice job Egypt)

We got in something like 275 Merkin variations for those keeping count, plus a fair amount of leg work.

The DMZ used to be about covert operations, but lately it is quite the social scene. An exerciser and two German Shepherds on the tennis courts, the Romanesque trainees at CMS, and now a new group on the basketball court (peer-led? clipboard?). Plenty of room for all but it would be good to see a show of strength from the faithful.