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DMZ 10th Anniversary

Turkey Leg / Lee Co-Q

Monday 6/10 0530 Carmel Road Neighborhood Park (Church at Charlotte)

Where does the time go?

Robert Hunter

Here we go again. The First Day of Summer and it’s time to meet up with your old friends & rivals from the North in the DMZ. BOTH Area 51 and Metro 1st F Qs have agreed to lead – 200% beatdown guaranteed. With talk of secession in the air, banners are called and looking for the pax of Olde Farm, Olde Salem, Olde Providence, RainTree, Free Range, Stonecroft, Stonecutter’s Ridge, Stonehaven, Wessex Square and even the King’s Wood to hold the line. Horsey will wait. See you Monday.

DMZ RUNSTOPPER Q and Special RUNSTOPPER Limited Edition Pre-Run Pre-Blast

Tomorrow at DMZ we have the legendary F3 and Area 51 OG RUNSTOPPER with the Q.

In the middle of BRR training, you know you need an old-school beatdown.

Guaranteed you will be feeling it Tuesday in all the right places.

Don’t miss it 0530 Carmel Road Park Monday 7/16.

But what if you HAVE to get those miles in?  No problem got you covered.
Announcing the 1st Annual RUNSTOPPER Limited Edition Pre-Run……step off from Carmel Road Park at 0455.

Brady Bunch VQ@DMZ

posted on behalf of Brady Bunch

Sorry for the delay for my BB, it was my first time and I forgot.  Thanks to Aquafresh for keeping me honest.

12 men gathered in the gloom last Monday for my VQ.  We started with a short jog around the back of the Church at Charlotte.  Stopped for a set of dips and declined ‘mercans.  Then we proceeded across Carmel.  once we regrouped we ran into Carmel middle by doing some old school Indian runs, not sure of the PC name for that.  Once at the intersection we stopped for some more /’mercans and some side-straddle-hops.  From there we proceed around the corner for some wall sits.  After some thigh burning we ran behind the concession building and started a circuit.  We partnered up.  The plan was to hop the fence and run to home plate to do jump squats and monkey humpers.  Every time the partners crossed they did handshake mercans and LBCs.  These started with 10 and then decreased each time. Once that circuit was complete, Aquafresh wasn’t sweating yet and asked for more.  So I obliged and we went to the hill by the lacrosse field and did 6 hill sprints from the chain link fence to the cable, with to mercans in the middle each time.  From there we went back to the entrance of the school from some more side straddle hops and ‘mercans.  On the run back to the parking lot we stopped at each road hump for 20 ‘mercans.  Once there we realized we should have done 10 reps on the hills.  So to fill the time we did sets of ‘mercans, some Michael Phelps, and jump squats until the time was up.


DMZ 5th Anniversary Convergence Area 51/Metro Summit Preblast

Don’t get the wrong idea, won’t be any hand-holding or high fives at this summit, just a worthy North vs. South beatdown brought to you by Mermaid & Fishwrap to mark 260 straight weeks of uneasy cohabitation and questionable legal status……

Dredd was, um, happy to be Q’ing SOFA and broke a guy’s foot

Swamp & Cindy used to post south of Wendover (!)

Bushwood quit bootcamps after this T-R debacle

Alf displayed his creative side

Hops brought tennis balls?

Runstopper lives up to his name

Meet your friend, rival, brother, co-worker from up North at DMZ Monday.

0530 Carmel Road Park

(COP on Bushwood’s lawn if he doesn’t post)



SOFA WIB Just Won’t Die

posted on behalf of One Eye

17 PAX started their week the right way

The Thang:

  • COP – SSHx20
  • Mosey to corner of Carmel and Camilla.  One mile AYG.  Run to the back of Carmel Middle School and back.
  • Recover with wall sits at COC
  • Mosey to the breezeway at COC for the main event.  The One Eye 500.  Five exercises 20 reps each then run the small loop around the front of the Church.  Exercise were Dips, Merkins, Squats, Air Presses and Romanian Dead Lifts.
  • Mary while waiting on the six
  • Mosey to corner of Carmel and Camilla.  One mile AYG.  Run to the back of Carmel Middle School and back.
  • Recover with wall sits at COC
  • Mosey back to Carmel Road Park for COT


Good group out there today.  Mumble chatter started early with Swiper commenting on the Qs attire.  He especially like the gloves.  Believe he called them rapist gloves.  I’ve never heard anyone refer to a pair of gloves as being particularly well suited for that crime but it appears Swiper is an expert on that type of thing.  Strong work by all.  Kirk, Swiper, Chalet, Cold Cuts and Chappy crushed both of the one mile runs.  Some of the PAX were begging to stop at the 9 driveways on the right before the second mile…. so YHC knows it was a solid beat down.  Thanks to Cold Cuts for the take out.  And thanks to Aquafresh for giving the me chance to lead.  Always a pleasure.


Convergence on Saturday at RockZero

No DMZ next week; Convergence at Symphony Park, Southpark Mall 0630 Checkpoint has the Q.



Cinder Track, Cinder Block, Cinder Suck!

Eight DMZ stalwarts disregarded the weather forecast and were “rewarded” with VIP admission to the club:

20 Merkins IC to wait on any stragglers, such as Swiper

Fast mosey south~1/2 mile then hard right and plank on the 6. Keep going another ~.7 and enter the club, bypass the velvet ropes, LBCs and Flutter on the 6

Run some four corners:

10 Pullups, 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins, 10 Burpees, 15 Double Fist Sumo Jump Squats

Repeat circuit until time called (I think everybody got 3+ circuits)

Indian run out to the first decent hill

Alternate 10 Chest-to-Hand (C2H) Diamonds, 10 WWII Situps at each lamppost on the way out to Carmel. (about 60 of each), plank on the 6

Resume Indian run and pick up the pace to get back to the breezeway

Surprise coupon segment, grab a block:

Squat x10 IC – Run to bottom of south lot and back

Military Press x10 IC – same run

Thruster x10 IC – same run

Snatch x20 OYO – Done

There were no announcements and Snowflake took us out


  • Worth running 1.2 miles to get to some decent pullup bars? – yes I say
  • There was an entirely separate 0.0 Weinke ready in case the potential monsoon had really happened, that’s what the blocks were really for – but made for a nice (i.e., terrible) finisher after today’s 3.2
  • I completely forgot to announce next week’s guest Q – Checkpoint. Don’t miss this all-around HIM’s turn at the DMZ helm
  • Thanks to the pax for helping get the blocks loaded back up
  • Honored to lead this group – great effort from all

Masters of the Streets

Posted on behalf of Orlando

Masters of the streets




DMZ Breaks Space-Time Continuum

Wait, what?  Didn’t you already read one DMZ backblast this week?

Yes, you did. Hops led a bootcamp in Elizabeth and we got to spend some quality time with Bout Time. It was well attended.

However, despite 800 posts (give or take) to Twitter, Slack, Strava, multiple F3 websites, etc. (even an email went out), a few pax posted to the regular AO. This was actually a good thing just in case an FNG came out of the woodwork. I’m sure, in the moment, there were also some kind words for the site Q. Undaunted, veteran Chappy took the reins and a crew of five headed off into the gloom*:

*as recorded by Frack

Speedbump Burpees, 5 each
Cul-de-sac ladder run (6 total reps per cycle)
– Up the hill, 5 burpees
– Down the hill, 1 air squat
– Up, 4
– Down, 2
– Etc.
– End with LBCs OYO
Mosey to Carmel Middle
– Rail slides
– Bear crawls
Mosey to parking lot
– Single-leg line jumpers
– Slalom jumps
Mosey to rock pile, choose small-medium rock
Mosey to parking lot, exercises with rock
– Single-leg line jumpers
– Slalom jumps
Mosey to track, exercises with rock
– Run 400m with rock straight overhead
– Overhead tricep curls
– Curls
– Double-leg line jumpers
– Onos (speedskaters)
– Run 400m with rock (any position you choose)
– LBCs with rock on chest
Mosey to rock pile and return rocks carefully, ensuring a pleasing aesthetic upon departure
Mosey to parking lot, more exercises, including
– LBCs
– Merkins
– Diamond Merkins
– Wide Merkins
– Carolina Drydocks
Mosey back to Carmel Park, including a few final exercises



Special DMZ AO Change to Support Bout Time, Jennings & Family

To all pax – DMZ will relocate this Monday, January 22nd, to bring a workout close to our friend and brother Bout Time, as he continues to stay with Jennings during treatment at Hemby.

We will be at Independence Park (the Ranger/Indy AO) with a 5:30 a.m. start.

Please spread the word and post if able – all are welcome and encouraged to join.

Where: Independence Park

When: Monday, January 22nd, 0530

Parking: St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 1510 E 7th Street

QIC: Hops

Jennings updates: