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I’ve got a smooth patch here if you want some

I took my semi-annual trip to DMZ this morning where I met up with 7 other PAX for a little Monday morning workout.  I got roped into a P200 team this weekend so no need to crush the running today (it’s taper week from my not training)

A weak disclaimer was given, Aquafresh showed up at the last minute in what appeared to be capri pants (I thought Runstopper had cornered the market on men’s capri’s, but I guess not)

Mosey over to the church parking lot for some COP.

SSH, IW, Plank work with Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, Plank Jacks and maybe other stuff.

Over at the benches do 3 rounds of 10 inclines merkins and 10 dips.

Leave the church and back into the neighborhoods.  Meander our way over to the Hartmill Hill.  Stopped along the way for some plank work while we waited on the six.

Run down the hill 15 Romanian Dead Lifts each leg, run to top 15 jump squats and plank.

Repeat with exercises and backward run up.  Plank

Repeat with exercises and forward run up.  Plank

Repeat with exercises and backward run up. Plank

Changed up the planking exercises throughout, sometimes elbows, sometimes shoulder taps, sometimes hip slappers.

Mosey back to launch stopping along the way for some Mary that included LBC, Flutter, Freddy Mercury, Heels to Heaven and more plank work.

Get to the launch and finish with – Planks, for about 90 seconds.


I wondered how much planking we could do in an entire workout.  I’d guess we got close to 12 to 15 minutes worth.  Hopefully you feel that in the shoulders and core tomorrow.  Kirk complained a lot about it.  He has baby soft hands.  I think it was Chappy who graciously offered him a spot on his smooth patch (of pavement) but Kirk declined.

All in all some good hard work out there this morning.  Some refusnik on the long up hill backwards running and some of the elbow plank work, but nothing too bad.  Lots of guys finish the workout with some arm circles trying to stretch out those shoulders that had started to stiffen up.

Thanks to One-Eye for the takeout.

We asked for announcements and it turned into some long story by Kirk and I forgot what the announcement was.

Always a great crew at DMZ.  Thanks for keeping me on the Q rotation so I can travel north every few months and get out of my comfort zone.


Matrix March Madness

6 Men posted up on for The Matrix this morning.  The weather forecast the night before looked terrible and upon arrival at the AO it was pretty much as forecasted.  Surprisingly little grumbling when I unloaded 5 sandbags out of the trunk!

The Thang,

Grab sandbags and run them over to the front porch of the school with the nice roof and creepy lighting that kept going on and off during the workout.

COP – SSH, Low Slow Squats, Mountain Climbers, and Imperial Walkers.

Instructions were fairly simple.

Round 1:  3 Exercises – Merkins, Over head press with the sand bag, and flutters.  64 reps of each then run to end of bus lot and back.  Repeat with reps of 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1

People’s Chair while we wait on the six.

Round 2:  3 Exercises – Squats with the sandbag, Donkey Kicks, and LBC’s.  64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, & 1 rep with runs in between.

Peoples Chair with sandbag in lap while we wait on the six. A little bit of planking.

Grab sandbags and head back to launch.  Already out of time.


64 reps of merkins and OH presses right out of the gate was terrible.  I was smoked before we even really got started.  My guess is now Purell is going to be much better at bear crawls with all that shoulder work. He and Rachel were leading the back. Squid maintained exquisite form as we have come to expect.  O’Tannebaum was working hard to keep pace with Rachel and Purell and hung in there for all of Round 1.  Pop Tart figured the longer he took with each round somehow correlated with how long UNC was going to stay in the tournament.  Not sure that correlation is really logical, but we let him have it.

Lots of work and very little mumble chatter out there.  Was happy to see the rain stop and give us a nice morning after about the first 10 minutes.

After we loaded all the bags back into the car everyone commented an how awesome they thought O’Tannebaum’s high visibility rain slicker was.  He was happy for the compliments.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout.




Official Hawk’s Nest Launch tomorrow morning 5:30 from the Charlotte Latin Middle School lot (off Raintree Lane).   Fast Twitch will now be launching at the same spot at 5:15.   Common COT at the end.

I don’t know where I’m goin’. But I sure know where I’ve been.

9 men posted this morning after the advertisement of being able to get “runner’s arm swole.”  None were disappointed.


Swings OYO, Low Slow Squat, Prying Squat, Merkins, Sots Press (For Ickey), and a few more swings.

The Thing:

12 reps of each exercise, 3 sets through:  Snatch, Good Morning, OH Press, & Merkin  (12x each side for Snatch)

12 reps of each exercise, 3 sets through:  Clean, OH Squat, Lawn Mower, Staggered Merkins – Right hand on KB (12x each side for Clean and Lawn Mower)

12 reps of each exercise, 3 sets through:  High Pull, Romanian Dead Lift, Thruster, Staggered Merkins – Left hand on KB (12x each side for HP and RDL)

Grab a partner.  P1:  2-KB Deadlift for 10 reps  P2: Elbow Plank.  Flapjack.  Repeat for 5 sets each.

100 Swings OYO (Single or 2-handed).  Every time you break the set you pay 5 burpees.

On your six for some over head lat pulls with the KB.



I just wrote this up and it looks fairly easy.  My body currently says otherwise.  It was a lot of reps.  Close to 900 for the entire workout.

Solid group out there today with little to no mumble chatter.  Not sure if it was the cold weather (which surprisingly didn’t feel that cold), the high reps, or the awesome tunes.  I think Ickey Shuffle went off into his happy place when we closed out with White Snake.  Also played some Skynyrd for Ickey and High Tide and some Rolling Stones for Bulldog.  I just assume all brits love all British bands.  Is that discrimantory?

I think Rachel and Purell’s relationship is now out in the open.  Posting 4 or 5 days a week together.  Always chasing each other through the workout.  Glad to see they feel comfortable with it, no need to be ashamed.

All the guys were working hard this morning.  A few breather’s here and there during the sets were necessary because the high reps were a cardio burn too.

Thanks to Bulldog for the Takeout.



3F opportunity with Man Cave – Friday’s, 6:30 at Arbo Panera.

Joker Q’s Cerberus tomorrow, come out to the new AO.

Hawk’s Nest Bootcamp official launch on Tuesday at 5:30 AM at Charlotte Latin.  Park in middle school lot, entrance is off Raintree Lane.

Starting this Tuesday, Fast Twitch moves to Charlotte Latin.  5:15 launch and common COT at the end with Hawk’s Nest.




Well we’re movin on up, To the east side.

12 men gathered in the morning gloom for what would be the last Fast Twitch launched from South Charlotte Middle School.  No more will we have to fight the RFYL traffic to get a parking spot while they hustle down into pitch darkness on the track to log the miles at a 14 minute pace.  Usually running clockwise.

After last weeks trial run at Latin I figured a turn on the new track would be good for us.  And just to safeguard the school we all had to sign the waivers.  I didn’t want to kill a tree so I printed 4 waivers per page.  Just big enough to be legal, but way to small to actually read in the 5:15 darkness.  I’ll be using those today to adjust your Life Insurance beneficiaries to me.

Off we go down Woodfox and out to Raintree Ln.  At the bottom lot circle up for a few Imperial Walker and Low Slow Squats to stretch the muscles a bit.  From there head on your own to Providence Road.  Stop at each intersection for 10 merkins.  Mary until the six comes in.  Head into the Latin campus.  Mosey around in generally the correct direction until we find the track.  Interval time!!  200M hard, 200M recovery, 400M hard, 200M recovery, 800M hard, 200m recovery, 400M hard, 200M recovery 200M hard and 400M recovery to get us back to the starting point.  Mary while we wait on the six.

In comes the Hawk’s Nest crew on a “not so clandestine” trial run.  Fist bumps, hand shakes, and other pleasantries were exchanged.  The Fast Twitch crew had to roll out.  Less than 2o minutes to make it home.  Head back the way we came with a few intervals along the street of hard running followed by some mosey.


So today was Purple Haze’s last day as the Fast Twitch second assistant administrative under-secretary to the Fast Twitch Site Q.  He’s done a fine job and with Turkey Leg and Rachel it’s a great group of guys who come out every week to get better at running, talk a little smack, and generally have fun (in a “I friggin’ hate this running crap! sort of way.)  I am sure he’ll still be out there every week with us.  Unless he pulls another Tiger Rag and goes AWOL on us for 6 months like he did a year or so ago.  I think the pain of posting is easier than a bunch of nagging PAX hitting you upon text and Twitter DM to get back out.

So next week Purell takes over.  We have shortened his title from what Haze had to “Site Q.”  He seems like a nice guy.  Hard to tell.  He’s always so far out in front I don’t get to chat with him much.  My guess is that if you have a Running site Q’ed by Rachel and Purell no one will confuse it for easy.

We also head to our new launch point, the Charlotte Latin Middle School.  T-Claps for Hops, Crotch Rocket, Doc McStuffins and a few others who helped pull some strings to get us on campus.  Still close enough for us to run Raintree, but far enough that it should offer some new courses for us to find.  We will launch at the standard 5:15 and the Hawk’s Nest Bootcamp will launch at 5:30.  We will do a common COT at 6:15.  The format has worked great over in Ballantyne for several years and we are looking forward to it here.  And we finally get to appease Hops who has been begging for a Tuesday bootcamp FOREVER.

Oh, and my apologies to Semi-Gloss.  It doesn’t appear the new AO has the Palace you are accustom to for your pre-workout regimen (that is when you come back out FT).  Although, it appears Rachel has been keeping the SCMS warm in your absence.


Thanks to Purple Haze for the take out.



Fast Twitch:  Purell is new Site Q.  Launch at 5:15 next week from Charlotte Latin Middle School lot (entrance off Raintree Ln)






Do they even have Library’s in South Carolina?

14 Men posted this warm February morning for Kevlar.  While the campus there is big, for some reason this workout never ventures far from the launch.  Time to go exploring today.

Disclaimer stating that I am not a professional and that this workout has been adapted from the Olympic Curler’s Fitness manual.  Off we go towards downtown Matthews.

Avoid the ladies heading out of the Burn Bootcamp class in their cars at 5:35 AM and circle up at the Presbyterian Church Parking Lot for COP:  SSH, Lunges, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, & Plank Jacks.

Mosey down to the railing by the Animal Hospital and grab some rail.

15 Supine pull-ups, 15 Derkins, 15 Supines, 15 Hip Slappers each leg, 15 Supines, 15 Derkins.

Dodge downtown Matthews traffic and head over to the Library.  At Courtyard grab some wall.

15 “Little Haze” Step Ups each leg, 15 dips.  3 rounds.

Partner up.  P1 Runs around Courtyard, P2 runs around Library, Meet up for 10 hand-slap merkins.  Flap jack routes.  Repeat for 4 total rounds (2 each direction).

Back to courtyard wall.

15 Split Leg Squats, each leg, 15 Derkins.  3 rounds.

Head back home with a stop off at the Animal Hospital for some more Supine’s and some Flutters.

Back to the launch point, on the way I tossed out an offer for Balls to the Wall on the Ladies Bootcamp, but no takers. A few sprints down the fire lane to kill some time at the end and back to launch and circle up.  I think I ended 30 seconds early, feel free to knock out a half dozen burpees today to make up for it.

Some planks and Mary along the route while we waiting for the 6.



A solid group of men this morning, some original Kevlar guys, some new Kevlar guys, some Kotter’s, a nearly 40 year age range, we had it all and everyone put in the work.  A little grumbling about the running but we only ended up a little over 2.5 miles, expanded the AO, dodged traffic, learned from Busch that there is no library at Clemson and he’s not sure there is even one in the state of SC.  High Tide confirmed there is also none in Alabama either.  They only read 2 things in Alabama: Nick Saban’s Playbook and the Bible.  I didn’t ask him to prioritize which one was first.

All the guys were hustling this morning so though to call out anyone.  It’s safe to say the sprints were led in age order – youngest to oldest.

Thanks to Busch for the takeout.


Announcements:  Brolympics next weekend and Run Jen Run the first Saturday in March.


McAlpine Elementary School has gone down hill since we left

11 Men posted at Rock Zero this morning braving a forecast that was guaranteed to be somewhere between perfectly dry and a monsoon.  But the 52 degrees was a nice change from the bitter cold so the light steady rain wasn’t much of a factor.

Gave a disclaimer before we launched, all confirmed I was not a professional, then we twiddled our thumbs while Run Stopper casually got out of his car, full gun show on display.  He likes to make an entrance.

Mosey around the lot and over to the Hot Box for short warmup.

Derkins, Step Ups, and Imperial Walkers (crowd favorite).  Original option could have been to stay in hot box for the full workout and avoid the rain, but that sounded terrible.

So off we went heading West on 51.

Stop before the first intersection and do some lunge walks so the 6 could catch up.  Hoover kept the running pretty close, even with the Ruck on.  Do some reverse lunch walks down the street to the school, again waiting on the 6.

Head back to the rear of the school for some pull-ups to find the place littered with Purple Haze’s coats and jackets.  Seriously like 50 of them over every railing and fence.  And also the pull up bars were gone.  Completely.  With grass where Philmont and his son once completed an Eagle Scout project.  Bummer.  Head back to the basketball courts for instructions.

Run loop around field.  Corner 1 – 10 jump squats,  Corner 2, 10 jump squats & 10 merkins, Corner 3 –  10 jump squats & 10 merkins & 10 step ups on the wall, back at basketball court – 10 jump squats & 10 merkins & 10 more jump squats, & 10 burpees.

Repeat the whole thing with 20x of each exercise.  Also throw in lots of complaining and refusniking.  Back at the basketball court provided “encouragement” to let folks know that standing around was not an acceptable modification from the called 20 burpees and maybe try some Mary.

Over to the base of the hill at Carswell and Bevington.  Run up the hill, 10x Romanian Dead Lifts each leg (by request), and 10x 8-count body-builder’s at the bottom.  Complete 3 rounds.

Run out Bevington, Left on Rea and Left back into Cavalry with stops along the way for some Mary and to let the 6 catch up.

A few extra minutes for some lifting rock work.  15x bent over rows, good mornings, curls, and triceps.  2 rounds.

Mosey back to launch.  End.


It’s important to remember your roots, so the occasional trip back to Day Zero is needed.  Man has the place gone down hill.  The even remove the monkey bar dome thing for the kids.  Haze and Radar would be disappointed at the state of affairs over there.

Strong work by all the guys.  2 Respects in Big League Chew and Marlin were hustling.  BLC was apparently trying to use this workout as a detox from a trip to Vegas.  You might need more than one workout for that!  Boerwors and Hammer had to peel off from the PAX at McAlpine for Hammer’s twisted ankle.  Strava still has them at ~4 miles so they must have made it back and did some work.  They did join us for the rock sets at the end.  Hoover was reminiscing about the days when he was 80 lbs heavier so he kept the ruck on with the blue tooth speaker blasting the toons the whole time.  Flipper was feeling the pain from too much fartsacking and a fast pace run yesterday.  He hung back to keep the Rucker company.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  This was my 3rd workout this week with both Rachel and Purell in attendance.  And in case there was any question I was behind them for the 3rd time this week.  Gummy had lots to say.  Mostly trying to disrupt the Q, to no avail.  Now he will likely review this backblast for all of my grammar and punctuation mistakes.  Hopefully it’s chock full of them.  The rock set was an audible with the time left, but I couldn’t let Run Stopper where the sleeveless shirt and not get some bicep work in.

Most of the crew made it to Starbucks for 2nd F.  Including M Runstopper.

Thanks to Flipper for the takeout.


The Tale of Two Weinke’s

Anvil is a great AO and group of guys.  It’s also on Wednesday which is my usual off day.  Hard to get the body out of routine sometimes to do it.  After sign up geniusing my way to a Q in 2 week, Chelms pings me looking for a trade for this week.  Done.

Forecast last night had rain starting right around launch time so needed to be prepared with a wet weinke and a dry weinke.  (I’ll let you come up with your own 8th grade sense of humor joke on that)

5:30 launch and it was dry.  Brief disclaimer to a light crowd of 9 men who gambled on the weather and won (sort of).

Mosey off to front parking lot with about 75 yards of backwards run thrown in.

Head over to Life Center entrance for COP:

Low Slow Squats, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, elbowing planks and plank jacks.  Warm.

The Thang:

Head over to rock pile.  Pick a lifting rock you are willing to carry, a little way.

Head around front of church and back to picnic tables by cars.

Round 1:  20 overhead press, 20 curls, 20 step ups with rock.  Repeat 3x

Run to end of cars, 10 burpees, run back.


Round 2:  20 Flutter Press, 20 lying down lat pulls, 20 Romanian Dead Lifts.  Repeat 3x

Run to end of cars, 10 burpees, run back.


Bring rocks to street and leave them.  Head to base of North Face.  10x jump squats, up North Face 10x Sister Mary Catherine (each side), back to benches for 10x split squat each leg and 10 jerkins.  Hairburner rock 15 yards and back, lunch walk with rock 15 yards and back.  Repeat circuit 2x on your own.

Staggered Arm Merkins while the 6 comes in.

Carry rocks back, some wall sits on the return home, then AYG from Life Center to launch point with last 60 seconds.



So other than a few minutes in the last 3rd of the workout, the rain held off.  But it came in time to pull back from an extra round of North Face.  I heard no complaints.

I have never tried use rocks as hairburners so I figured why not today.  All the guys lined up with me to start.  Next thing I know they are all standing around looking at me and looking at the 15 yard scratch I left in the pavement.  Glad you guys are with me!  Not wanting to cause any significant marking of the AO parking lot, we audibled to the lunges.  If the rain doesn’t wash things away we have a solid start/finish line for the next few weeks.

Purell and Rachel continued the race out front that they started on Monday at The Matrix.  Hard to slow those guys down.  Mermaid, Lorax, and Brilleaux were close behind as well.  Hammer and Uncle Phil kept a strong steady pace, and The Wall kept it close.  A very strong effort considering he was coming back from extended absence.  Very glad to have you medically cleared and ready to post again brother.  Next time drag Haze out with you.

Appreciate the takeout from Mermaid.


  • Madison is organizing a CPR certification class for Saturday 2/17.  If you are in town, its strong encouraged you attend for your first time or a refresher!
  • Run Jen Run is coming up and is a local Speed for Need race.  Sign up!
  • Brolympics sign ups are under way.  Time to step up and test your strength, endurance, and speed against the rest of the PAX


The launch of the 3-headed dog

Official launch day at Cerberus.  I was planning the Q around a big crowd and a big crowd came.  41 men posted which was quite a bit in 23 degrees, but I figure a bunch of guys missed on on Wednesday and Thursday workouts and had some downpainment to make up.

All right – official disclaimer mentioned something about black ice, white ice, and various shades in between.  Off we went.  Circle up around Whole Foods for some quick COP.

IW, Mt. Climbers, Merkins and Lunges.

Mosey around the credit union an grab some railing.

Supine pull-ups on railing IC.  Followed by Derkins, with feet on railing IC.


Apparently this is the shady side of the plaza and there was still plenty of snow.  If your gloves sucked, you weren’t too happy with me right now.

Mosey back to the parking deck.  Because, well, it’s a parking deck so we have to use it.

Run to the top.  Backwards up the ramps, forwards on the flats.  At the end of each ramp do 10 Jump Squats.  At the end of each flat do 10-hip slappers each side.  Peoples chair while we wait on the six.

Mosey to stairwell 2.  Break up in each direction.  Run down each stairwell, 10 8-Count Body Builders at the bottom.  Back up and do 10 Romanian Dead-lifts (each leg) at the top. Hit all 3 stairwells and meet back at the middle.  Some People’s chair with air-presses while we wait on the six.

Mosey back down the deck.  On the bottom ramp pick a parking lot line and plank up for a merkin ladder.  10 merkins civilian count.  Plank walk left one spot.  9 merkins.  Plank walk right one spot, 8 merkins.  Repeat to 1 merkin.

Repeat run to top with backwards up ramp, straight on flats and 10 jump squats after each ramp.  Skip the hip slappers.  People’s chair waiting for the six.

Down the steps an to the turf field.  Snowed over so circle around for some Mary.

Freddy Mercury, LBC’s with leg lifts, Dolly, and Flutter.

Head to launch and done.


Always a fun challenge to manage a large group and today was no different.  Tried my best to keep things moving while keeping the leaders and the 6 all together.  I was surprised by the amount of snow still left on that upper tier of the parking deck.  Good excuse to limit the planking and burn up the quads with some wall sits.

I am thankful for the leadership in all the local regions for pulling this together and for Transporter and Argonaut pulling me in to help get this thing going.  Tons of potential and easy to get to for a lot of guys.  If you haven’t been out there yet, give it a try.  And if things continue this way, we will likely have a few other days out at that AO and use it heavily like The Vine and South Charlotte Middle.

Announcements:  The Brave moving locations to Brazwell’s to change the AO a bit.  That either means they need a mile warm-up to get back to The Vine or they want to spend more time on Murderhorn.

New workout in Waxhaw starting Feb 1.

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout.



Sleep is overrated

11 PAX posted at Fast Twitch after most stayed up well past there bedtime to watch the CFP Championship game.  Lots of work was done on very little sleep.

Prior to the workout, an unnamed PAX asked if we were just going to run or would there be some actual boot camp and maybe a bit of core work.  Being just as guilty as anyone in the “run more, less core” Q style, I decided it was time to oblige.  (while still getting the miles you have come to expect at FT.)

The Thang:

Run down Strawberry and wind our way to the good ole’ Coburn Half Pipe.  A few stops on the way for Imperial Walkers, Squats, and SSH’s.  Plank up for instructions a the base of the half pipe.

Partner up with someone who is prettier than you.  (I know, not many options).  P1 that direction up the hill to the stop sign, 1 Burpee.  P2 runs this direction up the hill to the stop sign, 1 Burpee.  Return to the middle for 10 partner handslap merkins.  Flapjack direction and continue on with the 11’s until 10 Burpees and one hand slap merkin.  Purell and Rachel were flying and qualified themselves for the bonus round of 11 burpees and 0 merkins.  Turkey Leg and Bout Time were close behind and did the extra run, just not sure about the extra burpees.

Everyone did some flutters, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury, and Glute Bridges while we waiting for all to finish.  And then we had over 20 minutes to kill.  This didn’t take as long as I expected.  Time for the long road home out Coburn past Bevington.  At Cary Ridge head out to 51 AYG while stopping at each side street for 5 merkins.  2 side streets in one intersection was 10 merkins.  Plank for 6.

Mosey to Davie Park.  Off Road cross country style down the slope to the main road in Davie park by the gates.  All you got down the big hill, round the cut-de-sac and back to gate.  Cul-de-sac turned out to be just below freezing and a little slick from last evenings rain.  Glad no one bit it.

Head back to launch with some AYG once we left the park up to the light on Strawberry.  Out of time and out of ideas so head back to cars.


Was great to have Bout Time back with us after spending the last month in the hospital with his son, Jennings.  Let me be the first to say, if he has remained any where close to as emotionally strong through this as he has physically strong, then I am in awe.  He was flying out there.  And with him there, I’m pretty sure none of us could complain about not getting enough sleep with two new borns in the house!  Glad to have you out brother.

Cobains to Benny for having him do partner work solo.  I thought everyone had a partner, too dark to see.  Either way he did fine and the marathon training continues to treat him well.  Less aches and pains when you are only 25 years old.

Utah and Fault Line partnered up to crush the course, realizing they were at a disadvantage on the burpees.  Long arms might help to get stuff off the top shelf, grab rebounds, and block kicks, but they slow down the burpee pace.  Last I saw Hops and Haze they were warming up together at Joe Davis and still partnered up this AM.  It was cute, they never really separated.  Glad to have Hops back out at FT.  I know you hate the running, but it’s good for you.  And thanks to Astro for being my partner.  Was easy to spot the signature big pom pom on the top of the toboggan in the shadows.

Thanks to Hops for the take out along with prayers for Jennings and the Palmer family.


Charlotte Marathon Relay and SPEED FOR NEED

On November 11, Four primary teams pushing three chariots and countless support PAX ran the Charlotte Marathon Relay.  Each leg was 4.2 to 6.2 miles and together covered the entire course.

Strong effort was put in by Tolkien and a crew to identify 14 kids with special needs to join us on the journey.  At each leg riders and runners were transitioned out (Except for Owen who got to double down on two legs!)

Team Fast Twitch:  Pop Tart, Gummy, Turkey Leg, Rachel, Rock Thrill, Tootie, Mermaid, Utah, Mr. Brady & Alf.  Riders:  JJ, Devon, Luke, Amelia, and Lucas.

Team Swift:  Nard Dog, Bratwurst, Depth Charge, Citgo, & Thin Mint.  Riders:  Jayson, Georgia, Kinzey, Sophie and Ava.

Team Metro:  Subway, 20/20, Gitmo, Nash, & Scabby.  Riders:  Ray-Ray, Andrew, Owen, Myles.


I was nervous heading into race day.  The forecast a week out showed reasonably warm temps but as we got closer to race day it settled in to be low to mid 30 degrees for the entire race.  I was worried that parents would hesitate and pull out of the race, but not a single one did.  And 14 kids bundled up and smiled the entire race.  Along the way we got nothing but huge cheers from the crowd.  The kind of cheering I would expect to be normally reserved for those guys leading the marathon but, I don’t ever plan on being that close to the lead to hear it!

I also need to give a huge shout out to the parents of each of these kids.  They were all awesome to be around.  Such a positive and excited group of mom’s and dad’s who work so hard every day and night to raise these boys and girls.  Not to mention the mom of Jayson, Ray-Ray and JJ who is raising THREE awesome boys who started the race on leg one in 3 chariots side by side.

My M and 2.0’s came to the finish line with cheering signs for Lucas.  Randomly out of the crowd his mom comes up right beside my M and asks if we had seen the Chariot come through yet.  My 2.0’s turned to show her the signs with Lucas’s name on them and asked if that is who she meant.  Not only did they all get to see us arrive 10 minutes later, but Lucas’s sister was able to take the custom “Go Lucas” signs home with them.

T-Claps to Tolkien, Scabby and so many who came together to pull this off.  Logistics weren’t easy but so many played a part to make this a huge success and the biggest SPEED FOR NEED day yet in terms of ridership and kids and families impacted.  Not to mention the very fortunate honor it was for 20 PAX to push these kids.

Watch the video here:

Certainly there are plenty of other perspectives to share on the day.  Comment below!