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This backblast might be short.

Kettlebells. I’ve been neglecting them, mostly in favor of other things that are not Kettlebells. I knew I had a Meathead Q coming so I thought I should get out there one day and swing a little, but never got around to it. Then Voodoo says I’m on for tomorrow. Yikes.

So 8 guys posted. Several runners. Several regulars. Good to see Young Love again. and over there is Mr. Brady. Wait. What? Apparently Chin and Baracus suckered him into a 3 mile run followed by KB’s. I don’t think he liked it and I think he is going to be very sore.

Anyhow, some extended SSH and IW while I think of something to do. Then some swings and prying squats. Then my bluetooth speaker wasn’t connecting. So I got the group started. 5 one armed swings right, 5 left, 5 high pulls right, 5 left, 5 snatches right, 5 left. 10 merkins. AMRAP that for 10 minutes. (I spent 3 to 4 getting the blue tooth going, they were angry without music. )

After that partner up for some double KB deadlifts while partner planks. Total to 100.

Another 10 minute AMRAP with curls, OH Press, Tri’s and merkins.

100 KB deadlifts per team.

5 Minute AMRAP with some core excercises

100 KB deadlifts per team.



Quiet group this morning working hard. I gave fair warning that my kids helped with the play list and I still couldn’t get Rachel Platten Fight Song off the list somehow. So if it popped up in rotation, just go with it and try not to sing along like you do in the car. Voodoo played it cool, Rachel who? Fight what? We know he knows. It’s probably his ring tone.

Soul Glow and Voodoo get the heavy bell awards for the day. Going to feel those deadlifts. Young Love was there to console Purell. He finally got his partner Rachel back from IR but likely still not cleared for KB’s. Chin Music got called out for his spider man suit spandex pants. They were very blue. Just happy to see him with the shorts over top.

And thanks to my partner Baracus who while being like an inch taller than me initiated the short jokes right off the bat on Twitter this morning. Can’t we just gang up on Voodoo and tell UVA and cheer leading jokes?

Thanks to Young Love for the takeout.


Semi Gloss over dressed

In the Pre-Polar Vortex dawn, 15 men gathered for Hawk’s Nest.   Started off with a couple of comments that the Q’s hair was not up to its usual styling, so I had to dial up some extra pain. No messing with the hair.

Disclaimer given and off we mosey up to a grassy/dirty little patch of dirt for COP:

Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Lunges, Merkins, and Mountain Climbers.   

The Thing:  

Head back to top of parking lot hill thing.  Triple Nickle – Speed bump at bottom – 5 elbow plank jacks.  Top of hill – 5 burpees.  Repeat 5 times.

LBC’s until the 6 finish.  

Mosey over to and down bleachers to track and blank up.  On my count – AYG 200 Meters.  Go.

Mosey to the bridge for some peoples chair while we wait for Hammer (Who left to drop a hammer) to return.  He never came to meet us.  Suggest you stay away from the port-a-johns until next round of cleaning. 

Head up to hot box.  Plank for instructions.

Triple DDD’s

Derkins, Dips, Donkey Kicks.  4 rounds.  40 reps of each, then 30, 20 and 10.  Hammer finds us half way through. 

That Sucked.

Freddy Mercury and Heels to Heaven while we wait on the 6.  

Back down to bridge/stone pile.  Partner up.  P1 does 10 reps of curls, OH Press and Good Mornings on repeat.  P2 runs up to track and does full lap.   Flapjack. 

Run back across track and into parking lot.  5 Burpees, all out to launch point, 5 burpees. 



Good group of regulars today.  Pop Tarts back out in the line up.  Semi Gloss was dressed for 40 below not 40 above.  Brushback had some wheels around the track.  Mermaid remains king of his own invention – the triple nickel.   Hannibal was digging deep on the DDD.  Puddin Pop looks comfortable lounging on a wall sit. Lots more good work out there that was too dark to see.


Thanks to Semi for the takeout.

Sign up for Joe Davis run

A Moist Jog to The Dave

4 Men posted for this week’s Sparta. A good steady rain was coming in at launch time, but 60 degrees on a January morning ain’t bad. Those who slept in missed a good one. As we moseyed out of the parking lot there was some discussion, based on weather conditions to just make this a straight run vs. run-ish, boot-campish. I debated adjusting the weinke for a moment but really didn’t prefer to be on busy streets and sidewalks in all that rain, so off we went into the deep dark corners of Matthews.

COP – Triangle up at the Post Office. Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Lunges (alternating legs), & Low Slow Squats.

The Thing:  

Mosey on down to the Matthews SportsPlex. Plank for instructions. A variation of the WAMRAP workout several enjoyed just before Christmas! The route was around the 4 soccer fields. At the beginning – 5 Merkins, 1st cross walk, 5 Jump Squats, at 2nd cross walk, 5 Full Sit Ups, at end 5 burpees. Run around to opposite side of field and repeat adding 5 reps to each exercise. Keep that going until time called. On the lap of 25 reps we were running low on time. Turn around and head home, but we owed 25 burpees so we hit them in chunks of 5 along the way with 10 at the end for good measure. Thanks to Madison for showing me the shortcut behind the bank to get us back on time. We snuck in right before the Peak 51 guys got there.


Thanks to Madison, Tweetsie, and Gypsy for joining me on the rainy morning. Nothing better than starting the day with miles and burpees!


Sign up for Joe Davis Run and Operation Sweet Tooth Run in March! Support your brothers. Speed for Need will be at both races. Reach out to Gypsy if you have interest in pushing. Keep Hoffa in prayers as he hit a deer while riding a motor cycle. He’s out of the hospital and home recovery but fairly banged up. There’s a sign-up on Facebook to help the family out with food, etc. while he recovers.

Thanks to Slim Fast for the takeout.


50 pounds gets heavier the longer you hold it.

12 PAX, no wait, 13 PAX showed up for Rock Zero this morning for the bi-weekly Heavy edition. I normally ignore all formal rules of the AO, but was worried about an audit today, so did my best to comply. So 3ish miles and “Heavy was on tap”

Grap a partner and each group grab a weight. 50# sandbag or 45# weight. Don’t worry what you get, they both suck.

Mosey around lot, sharing weight carrying with partner until we get somewhere in the middle. Drop weight for COP.

COP: SSH, IW, Merkins, Low Slow Squats.

The Thing:

Move weight to front parking lot. Once there P1 Lunge walks with weight, while P2 runs out and around all islands, meeting back with P1. They exchange weight and swap lunge walking and running. Continue until the pair has lunged walked all the way around islands.

Lifting work.

P1 – Bench Press, P2 – runs out an around 3 islands. Flapjack to 200 presses.

Same but with 100 Curls.

Catch Me If You Can to the Hot Box. But take the long way around the Church. P1 10 Merkins, P2 run with weight. Flap Jack to Hot Box.

At Hot Box, P1 does Left Legged Step ups with weight. P2 runs to last trash can and back. Flapjack to 50 step ups. Repeat with 50 on Right Leg.

Same thing but Good Mornings with weight to a combined 100.

CMIYC back to cars with 3 Burpees and chase.

Mary throughout and back at car for closer. Includes Flutter, Heels to Heaven, Planks, Elbow Planks, Elbow Plank Jack, Dolly, LBC, Freddy Mercury and maybe others. Spackler modified to the now coined: Spack Jack. Be careful – this one could hurt.



Thanks to Snowflake who endured the Alf Q trifecta the last 4 days. Not sure what bet you lost for that, but thanks for joining me.

I had a much larger plan for today, but forgot how much carrying crap slows you down. We didn’t even make it to Hairburners! Surprised no one reminded me. Next time.

Lots of strong effort out there this morning, as this was a grinder that I am going to be feeling for the rest of the weekend.

Happy Birthday this week to Jet Fuel and Nemo. They are a combined 65 years-old.

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout.



Sign up for Joe Davis Run:

Chutes and Ladders

Word on the street was that there was a SOB/WUC powwow post Cerberus this morning and there would be a sizable and fast crew looking to get their Friday beatdown. Several of the Brave regulars, so I had to make sure they got 60 minutes of work done in the 45 minute boot camp.

I showed up a little early and chalked out the workout on the top of the parking deck.

At launch – thorough disclaimer, no FNG’s but Boss Hog was on post #2 and a few guys working their way back into the fold for the new year.

Get the Mosey on, off into the parking deck and run the ramps to the top. Circle up.

COP: Squats, SSH (I think) Merkins, Mountain Climbers.

Head over to the staircase and pick a partner – someone you don’t know or don’t usually partner with. Trying to make sure that the big group mingles a bit at the only workout that brings 3 regions together. Yes 3. Congrats WUC.

From the top of the deck. Everyone runs down stairs. P1 proceeds back along the ramps (chutes) to the top. P2 heads up back up the stairs (ladders) and begins the work. When P1 gets back to top both guys head back to bottom then flapjack and continue work. Keep going until time is called.

The work – Cumulative reps per team:

  • 400 Overhead claps
  • 350 Calf raises
  • 300 Shoulder taps (single count)
  • 250 Flutter (single count)
  • 200 Merkin
  • 150 Sit ups
  • 100 Donkey Kicks
  • 50 8-Count Body Builders

Run back to launch.


An aggressive weinke put an end to the running without about 13 minutes left. PAX stayed at the top and tried to complete all reps. Some groups got to the Body Builders, not sure if anyone finished.

Overhand claps got a few chuckles at first, but after 200 a piece to soften up the shoulders and then follow up shoulder taps guys were feeling it. At least I was last night.

Went with a Partner AMRAP-esque type of workout. I like it when you have a large group with a variety of fitness levels. Everyone gets as much as they can take – and hopefully a bit more. No time for resting.

Another great perk is the plug for WAMRAP – the original Waverly AMRAP workout every Wednesday. It’s the best/worst workout you can get each week, you always leave smoked.

Sorry for the delayed backblast but you know, things.

7 men for Q Source at Panera after the workout to discuss Group as a foundational element. Man is not meant to be alone.

Thanks to Taco Stand for the takeout.



Q School – Saturday 26th at Cuthbertson Middle School, Posse has the details:

3rd F Opportunity – Christ’s Closet – March 2nd Freedom Drive @ The Movement School giving stuff away. See Ice 9.

Limited Visibility

It was dark and gloomy this morning.  I could only see about 100 feet in front of me on the drive in.   The SCMS track is always darker and gloomier than the rest of Area 51, so 15 men posted at Death Valley to hit the darkest, gloomiest workout of the week.

Disclaimer given and as well as notice that we would not be leaving campus.  Not the best idea to hit the mean streets of Rain Tree when cars can’t see the end of their hood, much less a runner.

COP:  Mosey around top lot to pick up Puddin Pop then down to the track.  Circle up for SSH, Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Taps, elbow planks.  Head down to the middle of the track by the bleachers and partner up.

The Thing:

P1 runs to that end of straight away, P2 runs to the other end. Do called exercise. Run back to middle and meet for called exercise.

Set 1 – Flutters at ends x25. Merkins in the middle – 20 per team. 3 Rounds total.

Set 2 – Dolly at ends x25 (upgraded to 50 per Spackler who likes to work the stomach) and 20 jump squats per team in the middle. 3 Rounds

Set 3 – Heels to Heaven x 25 at ends and 20 team burpees in the middle. 3 rounds.

Off the track and to the bleachers by baseball fields.

P1 run to Semi-Gloss Out house and back. P2 does Little Haze R, Little Haze L, Dips, and Supine pull-ups. Flap jack and repeat until the team completes a combined 100 reps of each exercise.

A few minutes left to hit some rock work on the way to the cars. Curls, Tricep press, over head press, tea bag squat and good mornings.

45 seconds left: Pax choice of 10 burpees or 20 Sit ups.


Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout.

Things happened, many things. But it was dark and it should remain in the dark. Plus this is getting late in the day and time for me to go chill out.



The Stair Master

6 men posted for WAMRAP this morning. One was a site FNG (Spare Parts) and now a life long convert. One claimed he only showed because he had an appliance failure that kept him from making it to Donut on time (Turkey Leg). This is generally unforgivable, but since he is in Boston Marathon Training season, I will let it go. One missed the launch but quickly found us in the parking deck, surprise, surprise! (O’T). One maintained impeccable form and performed the ever solid takeout at the end (Da’ Squids). And one thankfully didn’t bring the sandbags (Flipper)

The Thing. Doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Mosey to top of parking deck.

Run down that set of stairs and back up – 1 Sit Up

Run across deck and down the other set of stairs and back up – 1 Hand release burpee.

Repeat adding one rep of each exercise each round. At the half way point on time (around the 8th round) reverse it and count back down. If you hold a steady pace you should make it back down to 1 rep each.


It sucked. When finished we had 93 total flights so a little up-down extra credit got a few to 100+ flights of steps (20 steps per flight). I know I was at or near red line the whole time. Surely others felt similarly.

Always a good crowd at WAMRAP – Give it a try. It’s the worst/best workout of the week.


Announcements – Hit one of the many Q Source opportunities. Up to 4 days a week!

Pre-Game at The Matrix

14 PAX posted for a little pre-CFP National Title game tonight. Didn’t really see any Clemson or Bama gear present, the die-hards must have been resting up.

Q shows up 90 seconds before go time. Disclaimer given and off on the Mosey to the bus parking lot for some…

COP: Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Planks, and I think that was it.

Mosey around back of school and to back parking lot.

5 Merkins at this island, 5 Jump Squats over at that island. Repeat with reps of 10, 15, 20, then 25 of each. Some Mary while we wait on the 6.

Mosey up to playground. 2 Pull-ups here, 2 burpees at the island over there. Repeat with reps of 4, 6, 8 then 10. Some Mary while we wait on the 6.

Mosey to wall for Peoples Chair. Lunge walk to curb and do 5 Romanian Dead Lifts each leg, Lunge walk back for peoples chair. Repeat for 10 and 15 reps of each.

Mosey back to launch for some Mary: Planks, Plank Jacks, Elbow Planks, etc.



Good work by all out there. I haven’t been at Matrix much in the last 6 months but always a steady crew. Squid had solid form. Good to see Witch Doctor out, it’s been too long. Snow Flake made his first post at Matrix in who knows how long. Taco Stand giving it all out effort. Purell out in front (duh), others doing things, but it’s late and I can’t recall the details.

Announcements: Look out for MECA doing “The Gremlin” CSAUP event on Jan 19. Gypsy has the details.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout.


F3 South Charlotte Resolutions

Men of South Charlotte, Area 51, SOB and Union County.  

2019 marks the 9th year or F3’s existence and many of the originals in this region have been a part of F3 for 7+ years.  During this time, we have seen a lot of growth and now this region hosts 50+ scheduled workouts a week, 7 3rd F groups, and many off the books running and rucking opportunities.  Like many of you, we will likely never be able to give back to F3 as much as it has given to us over the past 5 years in terms of all 3 F’s.  

As we move into a new year, we would like to encourage your continued efforts to fulfill our mission to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  This mission remains our cornerstone from the newest FNG among us to the longest tenured PAX in the Region.  

To that end, and as you reflect on last year and make goals for next year, we would ask you to develop your leadership further within F3.  Here is where we need you to pitch in for us to continue to be successful.

  • Attend workouts: yes, even in the cold winter months.  Don’t hibernate, get yourself some cold weather gear and come out.  The right gear and a 30 degree morning feels great during the workout.  

  • Q workouts:  If you attend workouts you need to pitch in and help.  A good barometer is that you should be Q’ing at least once per quarter for each day you attend during a week.  If you normally post 3 days a week, then you should be looking to get on the Q calendar at least 3 times each quarter. New guys get about a 3 month pass before having to jump in and Q.

    Additionally, please remember that the challenge of a tough F3 workout is what brings much of the energy that keeps guys coming back. While “never leave a man behind” is always number 1 on your list, “never leave a man where you found him” is part of that same F3 credo and requires that we foster growth by pushing men out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to work a little harder than they think they can. Plan your Qs accordingly and ask for feedback after.

  • Add variety:  Set some goals to hit new or different workouts than you normally do.  Meet new guys or reconnect with ones you haven’t seen in a while.  And guess what, there will be some extra KB’s lying around at a gear workout if you don’t have one.  If you’re not normally a runner, come out, someone will stay back with you to provide encouragement.  No man left behind.  

  • Site Q an AO:  It’s not that hard or scary to set up and schedule some weekly Q’s for a workout.  Most of the Site Q’s set up quarterly to semi-annual lists so you don’t have to work it that often.  Also, just because you have site Q’ed before doesn’t mean you are off the hook forever.  We need your help to encourage new Site Q’s growth and to maintain the site.  50+ workouts require 100+ Site Q’s and we just don’t generate enough new guys to only expect them to pitch in.  If you’re a long time veteran and haven’t been a site Q in more than a year, please consider jumping back in to help a guy who may be getting burnt out after a year or two at an AO.  

  • Attend a 2nd or 3rd F Event:  Honestly, all of you can spare a morning here or there to be 45 minutes later to work than normal and you will be amazed at just how much further F3 can reach into your lives beyond getting you in shape.

  • Start something:  Even without permission.  If you see an opportunity to accelerate 1st, 2nd, or 3rd F then jump on it.  Maybe pick another man to help.  It doesn’t take much to create a one off 2nd F Happy Hour, F3 Dads event, a community service activity or lead a new CSAUP opportunity.  

Bottom line, please pick a couple of these bullets and put them on your list for 2019 to improve your leadership in your F3 region.  This doesn’t work without everyone leading their part.

Here’s to 2019 Men.

Alf & Thin Mint


The Green Monster

7 Men Showed up at WAMRAP this morning.  A record???  I don’t know, it was close.  McGee was out fighting a cold.  Gypsy was and HC but got turned around this morning due to a “Personal Situation”  He’s said it’s all good now.  So I’ll just assume what you all are already assuming: He had to drop a deuce.  So it was 9 PAX in spirit.

Disclaimer:  Wait 20 seconds as O’Tannenbaum comes in hot.  Go.

The Thang (See there’s no COP at WAMRAP)

Run over to the Green Monster in Rea Farms.  Basically a huge flat grass rectangular field that is at least ⅓ mile in perimeter.

First lap together, 5 Reps of each exercise.

Corner 1:  Dips

Midpoint: Jump Squats

Corner 2: Merkins

Corner 3:  Flutter Kicks

Midpoint:  Mountain Climbers

Corner 4: Burpees (unwritten WAMRAP requirement that there is burpees)

Now get after it.  As many rounds as possible, with an escalator clause.  Every round add 5 more to each excerise.

With 4 minutes left we ran back to launch.


Most guys got to the 7th round, but all conveniently finished with not enough time to complete the 35 burpees at the last stop.

Flipper continued his half workout, half stretching, half recovery technique as he heals up from injury.  Glad to see you aren’t staying all snuggled up in bed at home through recovery and still come to join the PAX.

MAD is becoming a regular.  Hard to recognize him without the ruck, but he kept moving.

O’Tannenbaum continues to be our resident RESPECT out at WAMRAP with steady work and always a grin.  Looks like he’s up to something.

Turkey Leg and Squid hung tight.  Not sure if TL slowed down to perfect form with Squid or Squid finally gave in to the rest of us knuckleheads and let his idyllic form slide.

I hung with Purell, a combination of him slowing his running pace to make me feel good about myself and my short-arm burpee advantage.

If you haven’t been to a WAMRAP you don’t know what your missing.  Good fellowship, large AO, you vs. you vs. some other dudes to push yourself.  Plus we keep the group in a relatively compact area so everyone stays in the same vicinity.



Continued prayers for Huggie Bear and Cooter as they recover from surgery yesterday.


Thanks to Squid for the takeout.