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Stoppage Time

11 Men showed up for Fast Twitch this morning.  2 of them showed up 15 minutes early to swing KB’s with Hops, Bulldog, Busch and Bananas, and all men were in the same parking spot.  It was 2015 all over again.

We peeled off Rachel and Purell from the KB’s, gave a weak disclaimer and off we went.  I had 2 plans in mind and decided to head right on Providence and save the mystery of the left turn and route for another day.

The Thang:

Head South on Providence and take a right into Berkeley where we mosey through on our way to Ballantyne Commons.  Prohibition helped guide the way and reminded the Q that it was well past time for Imperial Walkers.  So we stopped.  Did some IW’s and a plank with 6″ hold.  Off again.  Right on Ballantyne Commons and a Right on Woodview.

Head to the top of the hill about ¾ of the way down.  From here do Triple Nickel, but with double the exercises.  So 5 runs down to the cul-de-sac for 10 Jump Squats and 5 runs back up with 10 Romanian Deadlifts at the top.  Fast guys get an extra half or full hill run to catch the six.  (you can thank me tomorrow for the RDL’s). I am fairly certain this place is the missing 6th Knoll.  It’s a steep little sucker.  10%+ grade according to Strava.

Head back out to Ballantyne Commons and thorough Berkeley.  Enough time to head down to the base of Alexa.  Where poor instructions and perfect execution of said poor instructions led to PAX all over the place.  It’s basically a circle, except that the two ends of the circle hit about 100 yards apart.  Oops.  After a few minutes we collected everyone and high tailed it back to the lot.  7 minutes of stoppage time that you don’t have to pay extra for.  Apologies for the tardiness.


After 5 years of Fast Twitch at SCMS we had all pretty much learned all the routes and roads like the back our our hand.  (Even though Haze Q’ed the exact same Windbluff to Rising Meadow course EVERY TIME.)  The change to Latin has opened up some new territory to explore and sometimes Explorers experience unintended consequences.  See:

So we were a few minutes late on the way home, but on the plus side we suffered no decapitations, poison arrows, or cannibalism.  Although Purell’s gas and the scent of Pro’s Paco’s Tacos and Tequila almost did us in.

Rosey taunted Purell to run real fast.  And they did.  Rachel and Uncle Rico weren’t far behind and Astro made sure not to let the young whipper-snapper to far out of eyesight.  Good to see Hammer found the correct parking lot and joined us this week.  Pop-Tart ran strong and was upset by the lack of push ups.  Margo and Purple Haze grinding out the miles as always.

Thanks to Astro for the strong takeout.



Uncle Rico’s Brown Bag will be hosting a fundraiser (Next Thursday?). I believe he said the worthy cause was for Hunter Syndrome.  Look for further details from Uncle Rico

There will be snow cones!  Bring your own liquor if you want “adult” snow cones.  See Prohibition if you need an airplane bottle or seven.

Two Truth’s and a Lie – The part about the snow cones is true.  I made up the whole “adult” snow cone thing.  Don’t do that.  At least not at the fundraiser.  The part about seeing Pro for airplane bottles is the second truth.


I think I blacked out after the snatches

Sorry for the delayed post.  I have a 99% same day post rate, but couldn’t make this one happen.  Here it is now!

9 men showed up for the first half of the Alf double feature on Thursday.  Meathead 0.0 was on tap.  I knew I had GhostRunner later that evening so went easy on the legs and decided to smoke the upper body.

Disclaimer was given at the last moment as PAX came in on two wheels.  I think guys know they don’t have to be early to Meathead because it’s always easy to find us.

Warm up – 2 handed swings, halos’s, prying squats, imperial walkers, more swings, more halo’s, more prying squats.

The Thing:

OYO – 25 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 20 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 15 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 10 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 5 2-handed swings, 10 markins.

A little mary until the 6 is done.

OYO – same as above but replace 2-handed swings with Snatches (both Right and Left)

(Note:  I did the snatches early while everyone still had grip strength, but 150 snatches was a smoker and the weinke went rogue after this.  I might have blacked out, or maybe I should have.)

OYO – 25x lawn mowers (Right and Left), 10 lat pulls (on back pulling bell over head).  Repeat for the 20-10-15-10-10-10-5-10 series like above.

OYO – Sumo Dead Lift High Pull and merkins 25 down to 5 again.

Some mary and flutter with press in-between.

5 sets of 10 tricep presses, 10 OH presses, and 10 curls

Finish with:  OYO – 25 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 20 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 15 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 10 2-handed swings, 10 merkins, 5 2-handed swings, 10 markins.



You know when a workout has 250 merkins and that’s the easy part, you are likely in trouble.  The men put in the work today.  Mumble chatter was completely extinguished after and during the snatch set.  Not sure if everyone got in all the snatches but everyone was working hard to get as many as possible. Good to see Mall Cop back out and working post on a regular basis.  Chin Music was a little quieter without Header there to talk with.  Rachel and Purell were there (I know, weird that they were at the same workout).  They brought two bells each and I don’t think either of them bothered with the lighter bell.  Strong work.  Blazing Saddles was the first man on the scene and doing a little pre-work KB warm up when I arrived.  He may have regretted that choice later on in the workout, but he is better for it.  Prohibition and Soul Glow were quietly getting the work done as well.  Pro may have been dying inside.  Hard to tell.  Orange Whip seemed excited about the snatches and like the challenge because it was something he wouldn’t attempt on his own at home.  Aye – that’s why we are here, to push each other farther than we would go on our own.

Thanks to Chin Music for the takeout.

Likely some announcements, that are irrelevant now that the day has past.

Keep Utah’s family in your prayers as his father passed away this week.



Excessive nagging

8 men posted up at Area 51 this morning.  The grounds were saturated and steam was rising from the fields.  It wouldn’t take long to break a sweat.

At first it looked like a small crowd with just 3 of us at the starting point, then in the last 90 seconds a caravan of 5 more cars pulled in.  A brief disclaimer for a bunch of vets and off we were heading out towards the firehouse, making the first left into the neighborhood.

Circle up for SSH, then mosey to the end of the street.

Circle up for some IW.  I got distracted with the mumble chatter and forgot that I was the Q and had to call cadence.  Lets just say we did some of these.

Mosey on through the back entrance to the fields and up onto the back lot.  Circle up for merkins and mountain climbers.

Mosey to the field.  Going the full distance for the beast.  6 merkins at the first light post, 6 merkins at the 2nd light post and 6 on the sidewalk on the other side.   Repeat on the way back.

By this point I had heard enough of the nagging, talk back, plans for a coup, and downright mutiny because the shoes got a bit wet and muddy.  So we moved the remainder of the beast over to the pavement.  Jump Squats, Dry Docks, Lunges, Monkey Humpers, and the burpee finisher.

Mosey over to the track.  Stop at the wall for some peoples chair and arm raises while we wait for a woman to finish her lap and move off the track.  At the track partner up.  P1 runs the loop and catches up to P2 who is broad jumping down the track.  Repeat for 2 laps each.  Again.  More complaining about broad jumping.

Mosey over to the tires in the back of the school.  25 full sit-ups.  run down to the railing on the path ~50 yards and dow 25 merkins.  Come back for 20 sit-ups and back to 20 merkins.  Repeat for 15, 10 and 5.

Back around the school so we didn’t get our feet wet.  Plank with feet on the wall.  A couple of rounds of 6″ with feet on the wall.

Over to the playground for the Joker special:  10 pull-ups, 20 jump squats and 30 dips.  Two times through.

Circle up for Mary:  Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Glue Bridge, LBC, LBC Right, LBC Left



You know who complained?  The fast guys Joker and McGee.  Joker who wears a white shirt and new shoes to a muddy AO and then complains.  McGee, at 32, is apparently too old to get dirty.  You know who didn’t complain?  The Respects, O’T and Beaver.  In fact O’T smoked everyone on the burpee section of the Beast and Beaver was one of the only guys to do broad jumps his whole turn on the track – and he had his hip replaced last year.

Turkey Leg was hanging around and working hard, still working out 6 days a week while trying to recover from a pulled groin and knee issues.  High Tide came out to McKee Road for his first time EVER.  He had never been to Area 51 or The Matrix.  Welcome out, you should come back again sometime.  Huggie Bear held down the fort for the site Q’s as Abacus was out on some personal business this weekend.

All in all, a great workout and a lot of sweat was soaked into all our shirts this morning.  Thanks for joining me this morning.


I can’t tell, but my wife can.

You are welcome.  They say when a bird craps on you its good luck.  Well on a quick walk with the dog after the workout, I got bombed square on the top of the head.  Luckily it was dead on and the mess sort of stayed in the hair.  Feel bad for guys like Purell as that would have been a drippy mess.  Anyway – your welcome because I think some of that luck will head your way today just for posting with me this morning, although you probably didn’t feel lucky on lap 5.


16 men posted up at Death Valley this morning for a little work out in the muggy swamps of South Charlotte Middle School. Here’s how it went.


Jog over to day care center for COP.

Merkins, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Lunges, Merkins, & Imperial Walkers.  Header was there, and I know he loves a lot of merkins.

Jog back over to the cars, plank up and count off in 4’s.  Each team grab a 50lb sandbag and head to the football field.  Line up in the end zone.

P1 does lunges with the sandbag.  The other 3 run to midfield, 5 merkins and return.  Flapjack for 4 rounds so each PAX gets the lunges in.

Team sandbag carry 400m around the track.

Back in end zone:  P1 holds bag extended over chest and does flutter kicks.  The other 3 run to mid-field for 10 LBC’s.  Repeat for each PAX.

Team sandbag carry 400m

Back in end zone:  P1 Planks while partner rests sandbag on back.  the other 3 run to midfield for 10 merkins and return.  Rotate through all 4 guys.  Some of the planters hit a few merkins and 6″ holds.

Team sandbag carry 400m

Back in end zone:  P1 does Sandbag Burpees: (Lift sandbag from ground to overhead after merkin portion of burpee).  The other 3 run to midfield for 10 merkins and return.  Rotate for all 4.

Team sandbag carry 400m

Back in end zone:  P1 holds sandbag locked out overhead (Unbroken style) while the other 3 run to midfield for 10 Dry Docks and back.  Flap jack for all 4 PAX.

Grab bag and head out to the Semi-Gloss palace…….  Oh wait.  Spackler requests another team sandbag carry.  Easy enough.

Team sandbag carry 400m and back up to the parking lot.

3 minutes of Mary:  Flutter, Freddy Mercury, & Protractor.



While the count-off in groups of 4 is generally a confusing mess because guys can’t remember there number or how to count, its a nice change of pace to shake up the teams a bit from the guys you might normally run with.  Schmedium and Smokey were on my team and after 6 or 7 weeks in Smokey asked him if he can tell the difference now that he was posting regularly.  He said he can’t, but his wife can.  Smokey wisely skipped asking for further details.  Don’t worry Schmedium you are getting faster, it’s always going to feel hard.  My team was also struggling to keep up with Purell – while he carried the sandbag he was still pulling away from us on the track.

Laronda and Dollywood were smoking around the track carrying the bag as well.  I guess thats the benefit of your age starting with “twenty…”

I noticed when I unloaded the car that one bag was about 10lbs less than it should be.  Not sure which group was benefiting from the leaking sand.  Might have to cut that one open and add some weight back to it before the next outing.  I think I go through half a roll of duct tape every time I bring those bags out just to repair them.

Everyone was moving hard out there today and sticking fairly close on the track.  Carrying those bags never gets easier.

Thanks to Puddin Pop for the take out.



5th Annual Pre-Memorial Day Convergence.  Saturday, 7am at Rock Zero (Calvary Church).  Always the best workout of the year.  Come and honor those who have sacrificed for our country while we work hard and read three Medal of Honor citations.


Nice Teeth (For a Hispanic Englishman)

Posted on behalf of Body Bag:

Boy did I need this.  If the F3 Lexicon is ever updated, you will likely see the definition of Fart-sack as “the place you’ll find BodyBag”.  Today was my first post in 18 months, and I almost forgot the power of F3……Almost. It was less than 30 seconds into the warm-up mosey that I was reminded why I love starting the week off right in the gloom with the PAX – all of a sudden the chuckles were coming from the naughty kids at the back of the group, and as I listened closer to hear what the fuss was about I caught the faint defensive argument from McGee along the lines of “no, it’s not d1ck p0rn”.  It was all I needed to hear to know I was back where I needed to be.  All about the 2ndF.

I am forever grateful to Squid for simply reaching out and being persistent about EH’ing me into a Q session.  I loved being out there.  I won’t lie though….it has been so long that I was in 2 minds about whether or not I was going to be doing things correctly.  My saving grace was the confidence that my father-figure Alf would no doubt be there and that I could lean on him to nudge me quietly if assistance was needed.  Cadence went out the window, the disclaimer was messy at best (I blame the naughty kids chit-chatting over the top of the voice of authority), the exercises were not the ‘normal’ ones, and an early end time caused some debate, but we got through it. Seriously, thank you Squid!

The Thang

  • Mosey round parking lot – warm up complete…in the words of Swiper “We’ve got a lot to do”


  • 10 random-order exercises in quick succession:

– Partner Carry (50yds) – forward facing optional

– Partner Merkins (shoot for 20)

– Partner Dips (shoot for 20) – slipped digits optional

– Lo-slo Merkins (shoot for 10)

– Hand Release Merkins (shoot for 10)

– Knees 2 Chest (shoot for 20) – bruised balls mandatory

– Hops (50yds)

– Plank (shoot for 30s)

– Russian Twist (shoot for 25)

– PAX choice – pax member is nominated and it’s their choice of exercise

– End the round with a 100yd 90% AYG

(Prohibition’s face of delight when I announced that ‘Scrum-Down’ would not be one of exercises was priceless…..I too learned a lesson the hard way from that one).


  • Remove one exercise, rinse and repeat. Removing 2 some rounds, in the interest of time (ended up 10, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) – always finishing with the 90% AYG
    • this is the lucky dip 2ndF portion of the workout. And there were a few heroes out there, with Partner Dips and Hops going out in an early round

Bit of Mary action…..DONE!

Huge credit to the Gents this morning – it was hot, it was on the hard concrete, it was fast-paced, and it all had to be done with the thought of the naughty kids watching mano-a-mano X-rated cinematography trapped in our minds for the entire 45mins.


  • F3 Dads (Beatty Park) – Saturday mornings thru June – need Qs – contact Lex
  • F3 Soccer Arms Cup – we will be getting our trophy back from the Metrosexuals – need players – contact BodyBag

So now we start at 5:30ish?

A last minute Q switch-a-roo as Mermaid, who already has 8 other Q’s this week pinged a few of us and said he was driving back to the Keys and wasn’t sure what time he would return and what state of mind he might be in after 10+ hours on I-95.  So 11 of us go me instead of Mermaid and dealt with it fairly well.  Thanks for being so nice.

Clock strikes 5:30, about 5 PAX ready, 3 still emerging from cars, 2 cars coming in.  So a disclaimer and a 2 minute late start.  Mosey around the school and to the back parking lot for COT.

Mumble chatter and complaining starting already.  (Not saying who started it, but the name rhymes with Mummy)

SSH, IW, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, and Lunges.  (O’Tannenbaum appeared somewhere in the middle of all of this)

Mosey up to the playground.

Triple Nickle for Mermaid.  5 Pull-ups here, 5 burpees on the other side of the island, repeat 5 times.  Some Mary to wait for the six.

Mosey to the track with the new fencing to keep everyone contained.

11’s – Derkins with feet on top of fence on one side, Shoulder taps with feet on fence on the other side.  (Do both shoulders for one rep)

Some Mary to wait of the six.

Mosey over to rock pile and grab a lifting rock.

25 OH Presses with rock, 25 merkins.  Repeat with rounds of 20, 15, 10, and 5.

Head back to launch for some plank work and heels to heaven to close things out.



Some running (about 3 miles) and some shoulder work today should have left everyone feeling fantastic on the first official day back from Spring Break.  Rachel and Purell lapped most of the PAX on the Trip Nickel and 11’s.  McGee wasn’t far behind but his form (or lack of it) might have been saving him some time.  Some grumbling and jokes about the feet on the fence.  “Can you reach it Alf?”  “More like Dry Docks for you, Alf.”   Honestly, who really uses the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets anyway?

Pro was complaining he tore a shoe on the fence and may have gotten stuck up there for a moment.  I’d feel bad about it, but I have those same shoes and they are old enough to be 3 deep in the boot camp rotation at this point.  He’s already gotten his money’s worth.  Plus I had that solid disclaimer which absolves me personally of any liability.

Nair was looking strong after just FNG’ing a couple of weeks ago.  And he thought McGee was old enough to post at the Fishing Hole which was awesome.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout.  Good to have the site chaplain back out after a few weeks off on IR.



This will get easier during football season

15 PAX posted at the new Hawk’s Nest workout.  The AO, is huge, well lit, and filled with a maze of outdoor, covered walkways.   Only having worked out there once, I think some thought I knew where I was going and maybe one thought I knew what I was doing.  Thanks for the confidence in me.

Hops handled all the official paperwork disclaimers for Latin.  I handled the personal disclaimer for myself (Here’s a tip:  I suggest you don’t, but if you are going to sue someone, Latin has WAY more money than me)

Off we go:

Mosey through the catacombs and out to the front parking lot for some COP:

SSH, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, & Imperial Walkers.  All the standards.

Head on over to and across the football field. Turns out the field is lined for every sport EXCEPT football.  I’m fairly certain there were different color lines for Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Skeet Shooting, and Curling, but nothing for American Football.

So start at one end of the field and run across, 10 merkins at every blue line (and maybe red lines) anything that was not white.  Not sure how many lines that was.  Maybe 8 or 10.  Backwards run back 100 yards to the start.

Repeat with 10 Jump Squats.

Repeat with 10 Heels to Heaven.

Head out the backdoor of the track to the bridge.

Peoples Chair on the bridge with 50 Arm Raises IC.  Seemed excessive, but what the heck.

Then mosey up the stairs to the pool.  Pretty sure Mermaid wishes the pool was open to us so he could bring back his swimming glory days and smoke us all in a few laps.

Line up in plank position.  First guy runs to first pull-up bar for 5 pull-ups, 2nd bar for 10 toes to bar, 3rd bar for 5 more pull-ups.  When he clears the first bar the 2nd guy goes.  When finished all 3 bars return to the plank line.  Keep planking until all done.  We broke it up with some varied plank moves and finished with some LBC’s and Flutters.  Leave the pool deck and head over past baseball fields and up to the supersized, extra large, with excessively smooth pavement Hotbox.

The Triple Triple D (Trademarked):  15 Dips, 15 Derkins, 15 Donkey Kicks, 3 times through.

T-Claps to Hops for his Donkey Kicks.  Apparently his Donkey likes to kick high up in the forehead instead of in the shins like the rest of us.

Mosey back to front of school and partner up.

P1 runs up the hill to the school and back.  P2 does planks with hip slappers.  Flapjack until 200 hip slappers (2 rounds each)

Mosey back to launch.



Solid group out there today.  Doc McStuffins was killing it all morning and teamed up with Hollywood at the end to kill the hip-slappers. Not asking questions about why they were so good at that.  There were some new-ish guys out there too that I don’t know to well.  Hopefully I get the chance to post with you again soon when I am not Q’ing.  Often hard to Q and engage in the mumble chatter at the same time.  Harder when you have some general ideas on the weinke but not sure how they are going to play out when you really don’t know the AO.

Also, Header is unusually fast at backwards running which I find kind of weird.  Thought we were going to need to get him a warning track before he back-peddled off the field and into the fence.

Thanks to Hops and Doc for getting me on the Q list.  I think you will find me normally coming in at 6:15 with the FT crew, but will still see you all out there.

Also thanks to Hops for the takeout and the reminder to pray for Bout’ Time’s family and son Jennings as he heads for the bone marrow transplant.



Geraldo says get a backpack and do the brew ruck in Fort Mill the Saturday, you know, when lots are out of town for spring break or otherwise busy with family for Easter.  Also, head to NoDa Brewing for the CLT Marathon Ruck kickoff, as if any of you are going to sign up for an event that doesn’t happen for 7 months.



I’ve got a smooth patch here if you want some

I took my semi-annual trip to DMZ this morning where I met up with 7 other PAX for a little Monday morning workout.  I got roped into a P200 team this weekend so no need to crush the running today (it’s taper week from my not training)

A weak disclaimer was given, Aquafresh showed up at the last minute in what appeared to be capri pants (I thought Runstopper had cornered the market on men’s capri’s, but I guess not)

Mosey over to the church parking lot for some COP.

SSH, IW, Plank work with Mountain Climbers, Peter Parkers, Plank Jacks and maybe other stuff.

Over at the benches do 3 rounds of 10 inclines merkins and 10 dips.

Leave the church and back into the neighborhoods.  Meander our way over to the Hartmill Hill.  Stopped along the way for some plank work while we waited on the six.

Run down the hill 15 Romanian Dead Lifts each leg, run to top 15 jump squats and plank.

Repeat with exercises and backward run up.  Plank

Repeat with exercises and forward run up.  Plank

Repeat with exercises and backward run up. Plank

Changed up the planking exercises throughout, sometimes elbows, sometimes shoulder taps, sometimes hip slappers.

Mosey back to launch stopping along the way for some Mary that included LBC, Flutter, Freddy Mercury, Heels to Heaven and more plank work.

Get to the launch and finish with – Planks, for about 90 seconds.


I wondered how much planking we could do in an entire workout.  I’d guess we got close to 12 to 15 minutes worth.  Hopefully you feel that in the shoulders and core tomorrow.  Kirk complained a lot about it.  He has baby soft hands.  I think it was Chappy who graciously offered him a spot on his smooth patch (of pavement) but Kirk declined.

All in all some good hard work out there this morning.  Some refusnik on the long up hill backwards running and some of the elbow plank work, but nothing too bad.  Lots of guys finish the workout with some arm circles trying to stretch out those shoulders that had started to stiffen up.

Thanks to One-Eye for the takeout.

We asked for announcements and it turned into some long story by Kirk and I forgot what the announcement was.

Always a great crew at DMZ.  Thanks for keeping me on the Q rotation so I can travel north every few months and get out of my comfort zone.


Matrix March Madness

6 Men posted up on for The Matrix this morning.  The weather forecast the night before looked terrible and upon arrival at the AO it was pretty much as forecasted.  Surprisingly little grumbling when I unloaded 5 sandbags out of the trunk!

The Thang,

Grab sandbags and run them over to the front porch of the school with the nice roof and creepy lighting that kept going on and off during the workout.

COP – SSH, Low Slow Squats, Mountain Climbers, and Imperial Walkers.

Instructions were fairly simple.

Round 1:  3 Exercises – Merkins, Over head press with the sand bag, and flutters.  64 reps of each then run to end of bus lot and back.  Repeat with reps of 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1

People’s Chair while we wait on the six.

Round 2:  3 Exercises – Squats with the sandbag, Donkey Kicks, and LBC’s.  64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, & 1 rep with runs in between.

Peoples Chair with sandbag in lap while we wait on the six. A little bit of planking.

Grab sandbags and head back to launch.  Already out of time.


64 reps of merkins and OH presses right out of the gate was terrible.  I was smoked before we even really got started.  My guess is now Purell is going to be much better at bear crawls with all that shoulder work. He and Rachel were leading the back. Squid maintained exquisite form as we have come to expect.  O’Tannebaum was working hard to keep pace with Rachel and Purell and hung in there for all of Round 1.  Pop Tart figured the longer he took with each round somehow correlated with how long UNC was going to stay in the tournament.  Not sure that correlation is really logical, but we let him have it.

Lots of work and very little mumble chatter out there.  Was happy to see the rain stop and give us a nice morning after about the first 10 minutes.

After we loaded all the bags back into the car everyone commented an how awesome they thought O’Tannebaum’s high visibility rain slicker was.  He was happy for the compliments.

Thanks to Squid for the takeout.




Official Hawk’s Nest Launch tomorrow morning 5:30 from the Charlotte Latin Middle School lot (off Raintree Lane).   Fast Twitch will now be launching at the same spot at 5:15.   Common COT at the end.

I don’t know where I’m goin’. But I sure know where I’ve been.

9 men posted this morning after the advertisement of being able to get “runner’s arm swole.”  None were disappointed.


Swings OYO, Low Slow Squat, Prying Squat, Merkins, Sots Press (For Ickey), and a few more swings.

The Thing:

12 reps of each exercise, 3 sets through:  Snatch, Good Morning, OH Press, & Merkin  (12x each side for Snatch)

12 reps of each exercise, 3 sets through:  Clean, OH Squat, Lawn Mower, Staggered Merkins – Right hand on KB (12x each side for Clean and Lawn Mower)

12 reps of each exercise, 3 sets through:  High Pull, Romanian Dead Lift, Thruster, Staggered Merkins – Left hand on KB (12x each side for HP and RDL)

Grab a partner.  P1:  2-KB Deadlift for 10 reps  P2: Elbow Plank.  Flapjack.  Repeat for 5 sets each.

100 Swings OYO (Single or 2-handed).  Every time you break the set you pay 5 burpees.

On your six for some over head lat pulls with the KB.



I just wrote this up and it looks fairly easy.  My body currently says otherwise.  It was a lot of reps.  Close to 900 for the entire workout.

Solid group out there today with little to no mumble chatter.  Not sure if it was the cold weather (which surprisingly didn’t feel that cold), the high reps, or the awesome tunes.  I think Ickey Shuffle went off into his happy place when we closed out with White Snake.  Also played some Skynyrd for Ickey and High Tide and some Rolling Stones for Bulldog.  I just assume all brits love all British bands.  Is that discrimantory?

I think Rachel and Purell’s relationship is now out in the open.  Posting 4 or 5 days a week together.  Always chasing each other through the workout.  Glad to see they feel comfortable with it, no need to be ashamed.

All the guys were working hard this morning.  A few breather’s here and there during the sets were necessary because the high reps were a cardio burn too.

Thanks to Bulldog for the Takeout.



3F opportunity with Man Cave – Friday’s, 6:30 at Arbo Panera.

Joker Q’s Cerberus tomorrow, come out to the new AO.

Hawk’s Nest Bootcamp official launch on Tuesday at 5:30 AM at Charlotte Latin.  Park in middle school lot, entrance is off Raintree Lane.

Starting this Tuesday, Fast Twitch moves to Charlotte Latin.  5:15 launch and common COT at the end with Hawk’s Nest.