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The Definition of Gloom

13 Men posted for this mornings edition of Fast Twitch.  If you ever questioned what was meant by gloom this morning certainly clarified that for you.  The fog was thick, visibility was limited, the grass was wet, the new track was spotted with puddles: a perfect morning for a workout.

The Q heard a little input for the weinke prior to the workout.  “I am not a fan of the track.” “You may want to go light on the hills, we’ve had enough of that BRR training.”, “I’ve got new clean shoes on and don’t want to get them dirty.”

All requests were promptly ignored and off we went.

The Thang:

Down to the baseball outfield:

  • SSH x 30 in cadence
  • IW x 25 in cadence
  • Romanian Deadlifts – x10 each leg OYO

Back off the field to the bleachers:

  • 15 step ups left, 15 step ups right, run down path up stairs and back down to bleachers.  Repeat for a 3x total.

Head to track:

  • 4 corners around track: 1st – 50 calf raises, 2nd – 25 squats, 3rd – 25 merkins, 4th – 25 full sit-ups.  Repeat for a 2nd lap.
  • Run 1 timed mile, all out.

Circle back at parking lot.

  • Run over to Rising Meadow, fast guys run up and around the cul-de-sac, the guys interested in taking their time and observing the Halloween decorations through Rain Tree can wait for the gazelles to return to the bottom of the hill.
  • 5 sprints up and back from lamp post to lamp post (approx. 70m of hill)
  • Indian Run back to SCMS
  • People’s chair with some arm raises
  • LBC’s x 25 IC
  • Flutter x 15 IC immediately into Dolly x 15 IC
  • A little protractor
  • Time.


A good hard working crowd this morning and now 2 brothers from Winston Salem this morning (Starfish and Butter) welcome.  A few, who we will not mention, were a little afraid their new kicks were going to get dirty this morning.  My personal opinion is that as soon as you lace up for an F3 workout those shoes don’t make it in the house past the garage.  They smell and are dirty, just as they should be.  You want to keep your shoes clean, walk the mall before it opens early in the morning with the old ladies.

Lots of cheers of excitement when I called for the timed mile!  Everyone killed it considering the track was dark, wet, and RFYL was slow moseying all over it.  Not sure how everyone did on their time.  I knocked it out in about 6:20, I know at least Fraiser, Turkey Leg, Brady, and Hairball were ahead of me as if I needed to state that.  I also noticed there was not one watch between Brady, Fraiser and TL.  Maybe that’s the secret to running fast.  The air resistance on this Garmin is slowing me down.  TL was behind me for the first 3 laps.  The guy is built like deer and has the foot steps of a Clydesdale.  Sounded like I was being tracked down by a Yetti.  A Yetti that passed me and took off into the darkness on the final lap.

We may have made the one woman a bit self conscious as we surrounded the outside of the ladies room doing peoples chair with arm raises in cadence while she relieved herself.  It’s really her fault for not using the woods or someone’s front yard as some Fast Twitch PAX have been known to do.

Great send off by Purple Haze.

Always an honor to be allowed among a great group of men, much less lead them.



Mud Run bus – Meet at SCMS at 0515 Saturday.  Wheels up at 0530.


A poetic disclaimer and a few quality reps

The group was somewhat deflated this morning after the panthers defeat on Sunday night “Prime Time”.
But, a little jog to the parking lot by the field was enough to get 11 motivated men back in the GROOVE…..
(during the jog O’T dropped some rhyming disclaimer.  I don’t recall the details, or if it was legally binding, but no one got hurt so I guess were good. – Alf)
The warm up included SSH, IW, Merkins, Mtn climbers
Then a ladder of Eleven with Jump Squats & Merkins, Plank and LBCs when finished.
Lunge walk with shuffle X 5
Mosey to pull up bars for 3 X 5 pull ups and series of full sit ups.
Mosey to lower pkg lot for an even number reverse Burpe ladder, 10-8-6-4-2, then plank.
Next, reverse even numbered ladder of Carolina Dry Docks and karaoke with LBCs
Mosey for a few more pullups and sit ups, then on to the WALL for 2 sets
Finish with Mary and 10 Diamonds
Lobster Roll was a blur to me for most of the morning…there were others out front, but I can’t recall their names.
Thanks for letting me lead.
Posted by Alf on behalf of O’T.

Get a grip

8 men of Area 51 dusted off the weekend with a dose of The Matrix.  It was a nice cool August morning.  Starting to feel like football season, so lets get some work done.

Mosey out and around track to basketball goals with some high knees, butt kickers, shuffles, backwards runs, etc between the light posts.


IW x 25 IC

Squats x15 IC

Single Romanian Dead Lift – 10xR, 10xL OYO and repeat.  This should lengthen and strengthen the hammy’s that so many have been grumbling about recently.

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

The Thingamajig:

Run around back of school, almost pitch black out there.  Apparently CMS forgot to turn some lights on for the first day of school.  Either way, there was just enough light from the parking lot to illuminate the stumps.

Single leg step ups on stumps with a backward lunge at the bottom x 15 each leg.  Then run out about 50 yards and back.  Plank-o-rama when done.  Repeat.

Mosey to playground.

Everyone grab a bar and dead hang for as long as possible.  (Feet off ground, arms fully extended)

10 pull-ups, 20 derkins, 30 dips and repeat.

In parking lot

Run to next island and back.  Once back do 10 LBC’s.  Repeat several times with 20, 30, 40, and 50 LBC’s.  Plank when done.

Same thing but 20, 30, and 40 flutter kicks after each lap.  Glute bridge when done.

Coal Miner’s Daughter reports we have 90 seconds left.  Time for 15 Burpee’s OYO.

Wrap it up.


After Saturday’s half mile-ish of farmer’s carry YHC looked into improving grip strength, because my forearms were smoked.  In lieu of KB’s or other weights the dead hang is a great way to get it.  O’Tannenbaum tried to question the Q’s reason for this, but after about a minute of hanging there, I think he got the idea.  Not sure who stayed on longest, either Byron or Lobster Roll.  Either way, good work and great way to give the lungs a 10 count while keeping the work going.

A couple of site FNG’s including Byron, Holy Hitman, and Gumbo I think.  Byron skipped the trek out to Diamond Head to join us in the south.  He mentioned we were much quieter, but I think he got his money’s worth on the work.

Thanks to O’T for the send off.



Look for convergence’s on Labor day and the first Fri/Sat in September while the BRR crew is rolling through the mountains.

Looking for workout Q’s at The Matrix – hit me up if you can pick up a Monday



Amazeballs – Mud Run training

So some of you woke up this morning and went to Outland for I am sure a great VQ roller coaster ride.  Some of you went to the Rock, hoping a plan would come together.  Still other’s went to A51 and chased Frasier around like he was the bunny and you were a grey hound (here’s a tip: the bunny always wins).  A solid group forgot it was Saturday and woke up early to hit Stonehenge.  Fireman Ed was afraid I would spill beer on him, so he took a posse out to Ascent.  Finally, 5 guys who felt guilty because they ask Haze to do their taxes for free, joined him at Day Zero for the following workout (certainly written on poster board, and not actually led by a person):  Lift up the sand bag, run, put down sand bag.  Then do endless calf raises because it might make us taller.  And let’s not discuss the fartsackers and last minute vacationers who didn’t make it out…

Finally, 9 men rose up for the Mud Run Style Training.  You’ll regret you missed it come October 4. Here’s how it went down:

So remember back in 1987 when Tommy Lee’s upside down drum solo (see 4:00 mins in and a bit dicey on the language) was the most awesome thing you ever thought possible.  Yeah, well we just went well past that at Olympus this morning.

The Thang:

A little warm up with SSH, IW, and 50 KB swings on your own.  On the SSH don’t drop your hands below the shoulders before going back up to isolate the shoulders a bit more.

Partner up for CMIYC Farmer’s Carry with 10 Merkins before the chase.  Take it all the way to thoe top of Mt. Olympus.  Leave them there.  Run down Mt. Olympus and off onto the neighborhood trail and follow it to the park.  On the way there we did some burpees, weaves under the split rail fence, plank walked across 2 bridges and did squats, lunges, & jump squats while we waited for the six.

At the park 4 groups, incline merkins, dips, donkey kicks, and up and over the monkey bars.  No not across them, up and over the middle, mud run style.

Similar work on the return to the base of Mt. Olympus with a little off trail hops down and over the creek.

AYG up Mt. Olympus and back to the Bells.  CMIYC back to Elizabeth Ln with 10 squats before the chase.

Back at the parking lot for 4 stations.  88lb KB dead lift and carry, medicine ball bounce, fire hose drag, an 200 meter sprint.  Stay with partner and partner does KB exercise, Merkins, or planks while waiting.

Time for a little Mary:  20 Greg Louganis on your own and some glute bridges.


YHC had a great time this morning leading such a fine group of men.  It was a fun workout and there is probably another hour of work left on the weinke.  I’ll pull it out again a few weeks prior to Mud Run if The Hoff and Gullah will have me.  I’ll also give everyone who’s jealous they missed it a little more heads up so they can plan appropriately

Everyone killed it out there today, but the DFQ award goes to Ickey Shuffle.  After the 2nd way too long farmer’s carry the leaders dropped the bells back at the base and went back to pick up the six, still 150 yards out we offered to help.  Ickey Shuffle says “I got this.”  Perfect attitude brother.

Byron provided the toys for today – gracias.

Tackling Dummy with the send off – many thanks.


Look for convergences the next two weekends due to Labor Day and BRR.

Driver’s and alternate runners wanted for BRR – talk to Baracus

Harley turns 40 on Sunday.  He’s got a lot of burpees coming in 2 weeks.


Mud Run Style Training Course Awesomeness at Olympus


The Mud Run is just 6 weeks out.  Let’s get a preview of how ready you are or how ready you ain’t.  Tomorrow 8/23 – Olympus goes Mud Run style training.  Get your popcorn ready.

Normally I am not one for a pre-blast because I like the element of surprise.  But this one is necessary so you can mentally prepare for the level awesomeness about to go down.

Some FAQ’s to help eliminate your fart sacking, soft commits, and posting at other locations:

  • Alf, will this workout be friggin’ amazeballs:   Yes, Yes it will.  And amazeballs is a legit word
  • Alf, will this just be another kettle bell workout?  It’s a gear workout and we incorporate KB’s, so bring your KB but we will only use it a bit.  Maybe.
  • Alf, you’ve been BRR training, will this just be all running?  We will run, but a few miles tops, and spread out over the hour.
  • Alf, are we going merkin crazy for the #10KMerkin challenge?  No, but we’ll do a few.
  • Alf, I’ve never been to Olympus, don’t they just carry logs and watch The Hoff lift huge things like he’s Magnús Ver Magnusson?  No, there will be cardio, strength, running, agility, etc. so come out and give it a try.  Your cars should be safe tomorrow.  I think.


  • Alf, this sounds friggin awesome, but I am already set to Q Outland/Area 51/Day Zero/Ascent/The Rock/Stonehenge?  Do yourselves and your PAX a favor and tweet out you will be converging at Olympus.  Nothing you do will be this awesome.  110% money back guarantee.  (Except for Stonehenge, you guys can shut it down 10 minutes early and roll to Elizabeth Ln for a double down, which would be extra awesome)
  • Alf, will I get mud run style dirty at this workout?  A little dirty, but nothing will require you to be hosed off before getting into the car.
  • Alf, are you a professional?  At leading a workout – no.  At being Awesome – yes.
  • Alf, will Runstopper show up and take his shirt off?  Not sure, but the ladies living on Elizabeth Ln are hoping so?
  • Alf, will I need Bugeater style nipple protection?  I’ll let you manage your own personal health and safety.  Whatever works for you.
  • Alf, will Tiger Rag provide an appropriately themed YouTube video along with this pre-blast?  Surely that is a likely outcome
  • Alf, Is it 2.0 friendly?  2.0’s will have a blast, but wouldn’t recommend it for a 2.0 FNG unless they are natural beasts.
  • Alf, I am fat/lazy/tired/looking forward to something easier/habitual refusinik, will I be able to do this?  Yes – it will be a no drop format.
  • Alf, Do you think you are overselling this a bit?  Absolutely not.  It will be Ri-donk-u-lous

I might add more FAQ’s as I think of them today.  Check back often.

You need to come to this, and to quote Kim Kardashian’s perpetually puss faced baby daddy:

“Cause my life is dope, and I do dope sh*t,”


Grinders after the storm

YHC woke up last night to some pretty strong thunder thinking the workout would be bagged for lightning, but good news – it was only 11:30, plenty of time to clear out.  6 hours later we brought our own thunder at The Matrix.

It’s 5:30 – let’s mosey.

Run to lower lot for COP

SSH x 25 IC

IW x 25 IC

Merkins x 25 IC

Mosey back towards cars with a pit stop for:

Pull ups x 10

Derkins x 20

Dips x 30

Move to rock pile, grab a rock.  It was dark and wet, someone said their could be snakes, maybe so but I already threw out the disclaimer so we proceeded.  Move across the field back to lower lot and partner up in groups of 3.  2 partners (with rocks) at one island, and the 3rd down at the other island.  P1 does Merkins, P2 runs across lot to P3 who is doing Dry Docks, P2 takes over Dry Docks.  P3 runs back to P1 and takes over Merkins.  Keeping going until called number of exercises.  Clear as the muddy field, right?

Round 1:  Merkins and Dry Docks x 150 total reps of each for the team.

Round 2:  Squats (with rock) and Lunges (with rock) x 150  total reps of each for the team.

Round 3:  Shoulder press (with rock) and bicep curls (with rock) x 200 total reps of each for the team.

Round 4:  Calf raises (with rock) and Monkey Humpers x 200 total reps of each for the team.

Round 5:  LBC’s and Flutters x 200 total reps of each for the team.

Plank between rounds if finished early.

Carry rocks back to pile, but first knock out 50 bent over rows and 30 triceps extensions with rock.   (Ran out of time to complete the Grinder on these)

Mosey back towards cars with a pit stop for:

Pull ups x 10

Derkins x 20

Dips x 30



A strong group out there this morning with some pretty constant moving and full body routine.  YHC pulled into the lot at about 5:20 with a few cars already there.  Zip was of course early and already chattering while working his Stick over the lower half to loosen up the tight parts.  He had an FNG – Madison with him.  Madison is an ironman triathlete and put on one of the strongest FNG  showings you are going to see, hope to see you back out there.  Jelly Fish is a posting machine.  Since first coming out a couple of weeks ago he’s out there 4+ mornings a week already.

Thanks for the send of Jelly Fish.

Always and honor,




The Long Distance Starfish

18 PAX gathered up this morning at Fast Twitch for a little BRR training and fresh air.  Well at least they got the BRR training in.  At 97% humidity I think I was taking on water weight rather than sweating it out.

The Thang:

Start off with loop around parking lot, some butt kickers and high knees while Skywalker gathers himself out of the car and straps on his headlamp with the red strobe light flashing out of the back.

Circle up for:

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 25 IC
  • Calf Raises x 25 IC

Mosey off into Raintree and huddle up on the corner of Raintree and Windbluff for instructions for the Long Distance 3 Legged Starfish.  (sorry no time for a full 5-Legged Starfish)

  • Run up to Smokerise and down around cal-de-sac and back to Windbluff
  • Run down Windbluff to road hump and back
  • Run down Raintree to tennis courts and back

At each tip perform 25 LBC’s.  When you return to the center perform 25 merkins.

Round 1 – Keep track of the time it takes to complete.

Round 2 – Same as round 1, but staggered starts with slowest guys out first and faster guys leaving a gap based on time differential.  (Slow PAX were 16 mins on Round 1.  If you came in at 15 mins, give them a 1 min headstart on Round 2)  While waiting to head out perform SSH and Squats OYO

The fast Pax are chasing the slow ones and the slow ones trying to stay ahead of the pack.  In theory all should finish at about the same time.

Plank after done with Round 2.

Mosey to Rising Meadow.  AYG up and around Rising Meadow cal-de-sac and back down to Rounding Run.

Indian Run back to SCMS.


Flutters x 25 IC

Dollies x 25 IC



Q received some heckling for the calf raises.  So YHC had to rebut with a dig on Runstopper’s stature.  Probably not the wisest move, but it was early and YHC was tired, and it was right before running off into the darkness with him.  Good thing YHC had the Road ID on so next of kin could identify me if necessary pay back was made in the gloom.  Luckily the ensuing O2 deprivation might have caused him to forget.

Skywalker and his red blinking light fended off most of the Peloton chasing him down in Round 2.  A strong push as he is building back up his running strength.

Splinter never saw a fire hydrant he didn’t yearn to pee on.  Just Saying.

So 2 sets of nearly ~2 mile intervals, with hills was a good time.  I think most everyone was smoked and the AYG on Rising Meadow, might have been more like an All You Got Left.  I think Frasier still had plenty left in the tank, he glided through the workout like it was all just a warm up for something more competitive later.

We covered 5.5 miles today and most of it was done at full on push, great work by all the Pax.  You should feel that one in the morning.

Thanks for Hops for the solid take out this morning.



  • F3 Dad’s Saturday, 9am, Beatty Park
  • Mud Run – still registering
  • F3 Dad’s camp – still spots open
  • BRR – Some course changes, connect with your captain on the details.
  • BRR – MudGear shirts need to be ordered by early August.  A51 BRR shirts still in prototyping
  • Rock Hill is trying to boost PAX.  They are converging on Saturday with the Fort Mill Crew at Cherokee Park.  Any support by A51 Pax heading down to Rock Hill would be appreciated.


Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and uh…Dodge!

24 Dodger’s headed out for a little work and a little play at Kevlar.  As tweeted – fast reflexes would be rewarded.

The Thang:

Mosey out of lot, circle back to pick up Shockhoe Bottom, head out the front of the church for a change of COP location from the norm.

  • Merkins x 20 IC
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Slow Squats x 25 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Hold plank at 6″

The Thang:

Partner up, size and speed do not matter.

  • P1 runs clockwise over perimeter of church parking lot, P2 runs counterclockwise.
  • When they meet out on the road, stop for 50 total team merkins
  • Each partner returns the way they came, when they meet back at the front of the church complete 50 total team sit-ups.

Mosey back to school track

All P1’s on one side of cones and P2’s on the other facing the wooden fence for The Beast’

  • Run down the line, drop for 6 Merkins at each rubber ball on the field, turn and do the same on return (36 total merkins)
  • Repeat with 6 deck squats at each station

Exercise Dodgeball

  • P1’s vs. P2’s
  • Round 1:  12 wiffle balls and 3 rubber kick balls lined up down the middle.  Hit a guy above the waist he does 10 burpees, below the waist 10 merkins.  If your ball is caught do 10 merkins.  If you hit a guy in the head, you do 30 burpees.  After exercise continue in the game.
  • Round 1 – 5 mins
  • Round 2 – change rules to if hit or someone catches your ball do 20 LBC’s – 5 mins
  • Round 3 – Elimination round, if your ball is caught or you are hit, move off to the side and plank until game is over.

Circle up in parking lot for 40 flutters in honor of Cotton Tail’s birthday.  I think that is a slightly smaller number than if we did flutters for each one of his children.


So we played a much gentler version of dodge ball at F3 Dads last week when Dolphin mentioned he once played with wiffle balls and burpees, and it was a good time.  Don’t ask me why I listen to a guy who finds enjoyment in regularly running 50+ miles, in a row and on purpose.

What better place do have it out than the fields of #F3Kevlar.   Going into the morning I was a bit concerned Tiger Rag, whose thankless job of “I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night” level legal counsel and disclaimer overlord would raise a questionable brow at such an activity.  By go time – no TR and no one else seemed interested in slowing the shenanigans, even Young Love, and he is a legit attorney.  If he agreed what could go wrong?  Plus with a 30 burpee penalty for face shots, any true disfigurement should be limited.  No penalty leveled for shots to the junk because a) you need to learn to protect your business and b) that’s funny.  I think everyone satisfactorily protected themselves.  While no immediate injuries there may be some sore elbows and shoulders, and a need for 1 or 2 Tommy John surgeries.

Speaking of Young Love, he was the last man standing on his side during elimination round, but couldn’t withstand the salvo delivered from the remaining 3 guys on the other side.  It was still hazy in the early morning daylight, but I recall it looked something like this: Sgt Elias in Platoon

Cobains to Susidio who was the first to take a head shot, from YHC, and we were on the same team.  Hopefully it doesn’t leave a mark.  YHC did complete the 30 burpee penalty.

Happy 40th Birthday to Cottontail and thanks for the great send off.


  • F3 Dads tomorrow – Busch on Q.
  • F3 Dad’s camp still has openings – sign up
  • Mud run sign ups continue – get on it.

Always an honor to lead out there.




A solid 50 dads and 2.0’s for this summers 3rd installment of Area 51 F3 Dads 2014.

The fields of Beatty Park were a bit crowded today with a game of Cricket on one pitch and another bootcamp going on another – #ClipBoarder #ForProfitWorkout #WaitTheyCanDoThisCoed?  Anyhow, we moseyed over to a soggy but unused portion of left field to get things started.


  • SSH x 10
  • Merkins x 5
  • IW x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • Cherry Pickers x 10

The Thang:

Line up along the fence for some animal walks, each about 10 yards out and back:

  • Bear crawl
  • Snake crawl
  • Frog hops
  • PAX choice – Crocodile (elbows and knees)
  • PAX choice – Giraffe – wait no one knows how do walk like a giraffe
  • PAX choice – Crab walk
  • PAX choice – Unicorn (2.0 on dad’s shoulders and flapping arms, dad uses hand on forehead as horn and trots around)

Last one was a wheelbarrow of the 2.0’s out and back.

Sharks and Minnows – about 10 sharks chased all the minnows around the infield.  Once tagged you sat out until all Minnows were tagged (Except for Bratwurst, who made easy work of outrunning a bunch of elementary school kids, apparently the Swift workout is proving valuable)

Rinse and repeat with some new Sharks and Bratwurst thrown in as a Shark.

Next up – Exercise dodge ball.  4 balls of different colors every time you get hit you have to do 5 of the color coded exercise – Blue – Swimmers (plank and touch hand to shoulder), Green – Mountain Climber, Red – Cherry Picker, and Yellow – SSH.

Round 1 – only 2.0’s can throw the ball, Round 2 only dads can throw the ball.

Relay Races – form 5 lines (about 7 2.0’s each line and associated Dad’s)

Race 1 – Partner Carry – Dad’s carry 2.0’s out and back (approx. 80 yards).  If you have multiple 2.0’s you run more than once – All of a sudden having a bunch of kids does’t seem like a great idea.

Race 2 – Standard out and back AYG sprint relay, every dad and 2.0 runs.


A great way to start a Saturday by spending some time with the kids and getting a some exercise in.  Looked like we had everything out there from 3 to about 12 years old and maybe a teenager or two.  We made sure the 2.0’s quickly learned that sometimes at F3 you get dirty, sandy, and wet – its all part of the deal, but you can wipe it all off on your shirt because mom is not around.

If you get the chance, sign up to Q one of these events.     My girls had a great time developing the Weinke and teaching me some of the games they played in P.E. at school.

Thanks do Dolphin for the great send off.

Announcements –

Sign up for F3 Camp August 15 -17 at Camp Thunderbird.  It will be a great way to finish off the summer and spend a weekend doing F3 Dads with the addition of the lake, pool, canoe’s, and campfires.




You Can’t Spell Legendary Without Leg Day

25 Pax ventured into a relatively mild July gloom to face another edition the Skunk.  YHC promised little running, meathead friendly, high wheezing and imminent death.  With a heavy focus on legs, all goals except the death thing were achieved.  But I did toss out the disclaimer prior to COP so I assume that legally covers me just in case it went bad.

0530 – And go:

Partner up and P1 Farmer Carry KB’s to church parking lot.  P2 does 5 squats and catches P1 for the swap and repeat until we hit the lower lot.  Grab your KB and circle up.

2-handed swings – x20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Staggered arm Right Merkins x 15 IC  (repeat with left)

IW x 20 IC

Flip watches around if you have them x 1 IC

Complete 5 reps of each of the following OYO – go through cycle 2x

Single arm swing R, single arm swing L, KB high pull R, KB high pull L, Snatch R, & Snatch L  (For the rest of the workout this will be known as “The 5’s”.  Sidebar:  I will be hosting a lesson on creative exercise names at 5:00 AM before my next Q.  Come join!)

Main Event:

Grab a slice of hill for 11’s.

Round 1:  Goblet Squats at the bottom, Jump Squats at the top

Round 2:  Overhead press at the bottom, Merkins at the top

Round 3:  Thrusters at bottom, Burpees at the top.  (Thruster starts as goblet squat and move bell to OH press as you come up from squat – IMHO they suck all the life out of you)

After completion of each Round do “the 5’s” until all Pax done.

Out of time – lug KB’s back to school


Q’ing at Skunk is some of the most fun you can have.  There is almost no limit to the level of difficulty you can bring.  Some day’s the only way it could be harder is if it was longer.  And no one can complain it’s too hard or Harley might pull your eligibility to come back.  In truth YHC had the basic idea for this Q a few months back which gave me plenty of time to erase the easy parts and add in more fun.  Nothing more fun than 30 trips up that hill.

Mileage wise we probably only hit .75 miles, but being all at 15%+ grade was just awful.  Meatheads were likely fooled by the heavy emphasis on the legs vs. the upper body.  Got to work the legs too so you don’t look like the guy above.  Never skip leg day.

It appeared the crew of Flex led by their head Yogi Tiger Rag were all loose and a bit chatty during COP.  They slowed the yammering after the 60 staggered arm merkins and those loose hammy’s might have been the factor slowing them on the hill a bit.  You have to keep the suspension a little tight.  I give Semi-Gloss an 7 out of 10 for the ninja roll under sniper fire he took in Round 2.  Assuming that is when the leg quiver was on high.

I don’t know if TR was throwing in the towel your just checking the Q’s watch when he hollered that we were near the time hack on Round 3.  It was all under control.  If you feel you didn’t get enough core work with the swings, feel free to throw in 6 MOM at home.  I am sure flutters and dollies will feel great today with those dead legs.

Always an honor to lead out there and always a great group to be with.



Mud Run – Sign up as individuals.  Sign ups close one week from today!

F3 Dads – Saturday, 9am, Bring the 2.0’s!

Kevlar and Joust back to normal on Friday

New gear workout on Thursdays starting 8/7 at Elizabeth Lane Elementary.  High Tide is accepting recommendations for the name of the workout.