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Broga for the PAX

Not sure what this 0545 workout time is all about but I’m not complaining. Extra few minutes of shut-eye, extra few minutes checking reading news.

8 Pax showed up for YHCs lead of the Pokey.

Childs Pose
Hands to Right
Hands to Left
Table Top – Cats/Cows
Downward Dog/Walk the Dog

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Rotate Ankle, Bend Knee
Downward Dog
Walk/Step/Jump to top of mat
Root To Rise/Fold/Halfway Up
Hands to Elbows | Hang/Yes/No/Rotate Head
Palm to met
Downward Dog

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Warrior I
Warrior II
Reverse Warrior
Modified Side Angle
Grounded Warrior III
Big Toe Hold
Chair Pose

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Crescent Lunge
Knee Dips
Low Lunge
Half Splits
Warrior III Grounded or Regular
Standing Splits
Chair Pose
Twist Cheetah
Mt Climber Prep
Downward Dog

Roll To Back
Boat/Canoe with Flutters

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Warrior I
Side Angle
Crescent Lunge
Prayer Twist
Crescent Lunge
Full Moon
Chair Pose

Half-Pigeon on Right / Repeat with Left
Seated Spinal Twist

Lay on Back
Feet Together/Knees Out

Honor To Lead You all today. Keep up the good work. Balance poses help with core strength and stretch with intention and purpose!

The door maybe open, It may be calling you, but don’t go in. Find a grate.


This Friday – F3 New Guy Day

Join us at 530-615a on May 11th in the parking lot of Viva Chicken – Waverly for a Friendly New Guy (FNG)/Kotters* friendly workout.

F3 workouts:

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust

*Kotters – Greetings of welcome to a man who Posts to a Workout after a prolonged absence.

Back to Bootcamp

17 Hump-day Holligans got after it this morning in the fantastic temps. #summeriscoming

Disclaimer given.

Mosey to Wendy’s

20 Side-straddle Hops In Cadence (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Front Lunge IC

Maul Mile

Run Mile, Whatever you got. Circle back for the six. Lot of great effort out there.


Mosey to Uwharrie

Grab a tree waiting for the light
At bottom of deck 3 Reps of
10 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Squats

Mosey to Rock Pile

Grab a lifting/non-running rock.
20 Curls
20 Overhead Press
20 Tricep Curls (Extensions)
2 Sets. #crowdpleaser #wantedthree #rockdroppers

To the Fountains

10 sets of 10 Dips
5 sets of 20 Dips
100 Dips

Back to Cars for Mary

20 Dolly IC
10 Merkins
20 Fluttah
10 Merkins
20 Rosalita


A pre-run may have happened. 5k Style
May not have gotten out of bed if it wasn’t for the Q-Thang. Glad i did.
Not a lot of talk
Mic Check wanted the lead this morning. Thankful for his form presentation and subtle PAX ’10 merkin’ reminders.
Spring weather has YHC sleeping arrangements jacked. AC on at night, heat on in morning. can’t be good for the system.


Richard Sheltra Race coming up. See Pvt Benjamin for more details
Savage Race May 19
F3 Dads Camp out 4/20-4/21. See #camping channel on slack.
Date-night coming up on 4/28 – Dinner and Curling

14 for 5 Holes at Providence Country Club

Now that we have course, Brat arrived early and showed 13 of us the way through Providence Country Club.

Not just another run, it was a Turkey Trot! How many workouts have you been at where both @wildturkey and @turkey_leg post together?


  • 0515 – perhaps it actually started on time today with YHC showing up in advance of the 0515 start time…
  • Begin no man left behind 5mi run on the “Providence P” course through Providence CC.
  • Staying true to PaperJam BB fashion, the route was: end around Starbucks to Rea Rd sidewalk and head south to Ardrey Kell.  Left on Ardrey Kell across Rea Rd.  Bumble along the 2nd most cracked and disjointed sidewalk in Charlotte (just behind the Danger Zone further up Rea Rd past Bevington to Hwy 51) along Ardrey Kell before turning Right on Tom Short Rd at the Fountains Shopping center.

Perfect workout for a Monday.

Looking for a 9th for Smokey Mountain Relay. Contact Icky Shuffle

5 Years of F3

Thursday: 2pm.
Oh crap, I have the Q. Its my 5 year anniversary of starting F3. Better look for plan…

Original plan had something to do with the presidential fitness challenge. I found the patch in my drawer.


After googling a bit and realizing this wasn’t a thing anymore. Apparently shame inducing. Plan scrapped. Original was something like: 1 mile run, pull-ups, sit-ups, sit-and-reach, 30 yard shuffle… idk.

However, this is The Brave, obstacle heavy, at least 4 miles… Google spartan race. How many obstacles are in a sprint. Answer: ~20+

Plan is forming. I know a four-mile loop. Divide 4 miles approximately into 400m you get ~16 “obstacles” or pain-stations. How many intersections are there on said loop? About the same, skipping unimportant or heavy traffic areas. Stopping for the smell of donuts not at an intersection. 5 years, we need 5 miles today. Will run to deck, up the ramps and down stairs back home.

Make weinke. Print. Several of them.


Backup plan based on crowd-size and speed would have been to divide into groups of unimportant size. Not needed today. Disclaimer approximately given, we clipped off at a fast-rate to the first stop.

The Thang:

20 merkins (Briarwick)
30 crunch (paradise Ridge Rd)
20 high knees (bryant farms Rd)
30 american hammers (ymca)
20 burpees (hawk ridge)
30s plank (houston ridge)
20 Flutter (Kingston Forest)
30 Merkins (Sugar Donuts)
20 Dolly (Millwright Lane)
30 Wide Arm Merkins (Camfield)
20 Regular Situps (williams pond)
30 diamond merkins (Ballantyne Commons), announced as 15 DM twice to trick the pax
20 heels to Heaven (Ballantyne Trace)
30 squats (Stone Briar)
20 mountain climbers (Meadow Run Lane)
30 jump Lunge (Dowington Dr)

At Ballantyne Commons and Community House. OYO run to Wells Deck, up to top, down the steps, meet back at Brazwells.
10 Perfect form Merkins to finish it off.

The Route:


19 today counting YHC. Grateful. 5 years of anything is tough. Moved to Charlotte about 5.5 years ago. Didn’t know anyone besides family. Met markettimer. He tried to convince me to come out to the start of Stonehenge. I was a three month EH. Glad to have a great group of guys to hang with.

My First Post:

Unhinged at Stonehenge

Cool to see quite a few familiar names in there for other PAX that are still coming out today as well.


  • Cheese Curd and Cheddar are looking for runners for the smokey mountain relay
  • Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser for Waxhaw Fire Department benefiting family of Michael Starnes.
  • Richard Sheltra 10k, 5k, 1mile fun run in Pineville on April 28th
  • See Soft Pretzel about new opportunity to give back to the community. First opportunity coming up soon doing yard work for a local family.

Package Not Delivered

7 Pax showed at Blakovery to prove it was no rainout sweat. Still feeling BrOlympics though.
5 Miles thru Landen Meadows / Ardrey to drop a package at @escobars house. Delivery attempt unsuccessful. Will try to deliver again next week.
Stretch was covered by @wingman under cover.

ROUS or Zombie Apocalypse


5.15 Miles

Course Maps or not, we made it out and back through new territory (YHC) for today’s edition of blakecovery.

YHC was very surprised (and happy) to see the middle school when he thought we were still off of Providence Road West.

Lots of ‘chatter this morning and a great way to start back into the week. If you haven’t been to Blakeovery yet, try it.
But you will have to wait until the new year.

Something dead on the sidewalk of Ardrey Kell. Rat, Possum, Over-sized Squirrel, ROUS?
– would it still be there for identification on the return route, or start of something else?
The Liberty has Poutine topped with an egg and short-ribs.
Apparently you can sell a football team to back out of allegations.
How many PAX does it take to buy a team?
Flossing is for the birds.
Open Pilot software to turn your car into a self-driving vehicle for under 1000 samoles.
Paper Jam MIA. Missed you buddy. Pretty Sure you HC’d at the holiday party.

YHC on Q for the stretch.

By the beard of Zeus!

After a considerable amount of site scope work yesterday a new way was paved to (tamar)Ron Burgundy segment on strava.
This is a hidden gem, but what is known is JRRTolkein was two seconds slower than Tuck on said slippery slope.
After today though he falls 9s behind. Tuck moves into overall 3rd. Enron enters the list at 6th.

By the Numbers

(tamar)Ron Burgundy (segment) Murderhorn (segment)
0.1 Miles 0.1 Miles
7% Grade 6% Grade
602ft -> 659ft 615ft -> 682ft
56ft Change 68 Change

The Thang

20 Imperial Walkers IC
20 Low Slow Squats IC
20 Windmeals IC
20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Carolina Sports Clinic Lot

10 Wide-arm Merkins
10 Diamond Merkins
10 Staggered Right
10 Staggered Left
One set of ten at each Island

Out onto Ardrey Kell Rd

10 LBCs
5 Squats
Alternate exercises at each tree (~ 14) until we hit Carson Whitley
Plank for Six

To Grandma’s House

Next bit we dug through the woods and across a small stream on a shortcut to Ron Burgundy (see above photo)

Great Knights of Columbus that hurt!

Instructions were given where good ‘ole Ron Starts and Stops Approximately and we were off
Up Ron
Down Ron
Up Ron
Circle back for the six

Brick (Tamland) Column Burpee Set

At each Brick Pillar separating the commoners from High Grove do 5 Burpees (10 columns)


Grab a lifting rock
25 Curls
25 Overhead Presses
25 Tricep Curls – newest sensation in South Charlotte.

131 Main Lot

Karaoke left then right to 4th island
Broad Jump marked lot spaces back
Bear Crawl to 3rd Island
Indigenous People of America Run To Bravo
Each guy gets two sprints through

Hang time

Split into two groups
1. 1:10 Hang
2. Dips


20 Dolly IC
10 Original Situps OYO

Thine Only Molesky

Privileged to lead you. Thanks to Fredo for reaching out personally and calling me to Q. Almost been a year since last Q here IYHCRC.
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as YHC did. Great group.


Tuck to lead Holiday-Tabata at Dromedary on Wednesday the 20th. This Christmas tradition is full of music and cheer and lots of laughter.
Sign up for the SOB Holiday Party. You will have fun. Dont think just click.
Church on the street always looking for help. Please sign up
Escobar taking toy donations to send home.

A Simple Plan

0530 – Short disclaimer

20 Imperial Walkers in cadence (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Squats IC

Top of the Horn
10 Merkins at each street light on the way down
Plank waiting for six

Up to the Pool
Partner Up/Two Teams

Team 1

30 pullups – use partner to help. Flapjack.
– Frehleys thinks this means him and his partner go at same time. Cheddar’s partner asks for help but he stands around until all the PAX yell at him.
Team 2
50 traditional sit-ups. Partner pins your feet. A few went the extra mile and planked. Not easy. Shout out to Frasier for pinning both YHC and Heart Breaker while planking.
Fluttah IC
Dolly IC

Team 1
100 Merkins
Team 2
100 Dips
– Flapjack. If you are done with your set, lap the lot. Keep moving. No standing around.

Down to the Rocks
Grab a lifting rock
20 – Curls
20 – Overhead Press
20 – Tricep Extensions

Bottom of the Horn
Run to the top. 10 Proper Squats at each stop/street light. Couldn’t get that one right today.
LBCs waiting for the six.

Return to lot for Mary
20 Rosalita
10 Heels to Heaven

Naked Moleskine
Thanks to Cheddah for reminding me of my Q. Easy to sign up and forget. Which YHC did. Spent 20 minutes or so looking at the maps trying to be creative. Sometimes an old fashion upper body workout is all it takes. Bit of a grumbling from FC heading to the ‘horn but only one way to get to the pull-ups bars. Speaking of the pull-up bars… Johnny Law was there this morning, car blocking the entrance to the parking lot. Keep running, doing nothing wrong. He’s hanging near the pavilion. For a brief moment YHC was worried a backup wienke was in order. We exchange pleasantries and continue with the workout. Fire Hazard thinks he was thirsty.

Isabella Santos Convergence – preblast with more info coming soon.

  • 0600 – Stonehenge – Commish on Q
    • da Vinci will converge
    • Blackhawk will converge
  • 0700 – Coffee/Bagels/Fellowship
  • 0800 – Isabella Santos Race

F3 Golf – Signup to play

Bagpipe gave me the keys

Bucky checked in with YHC last week to make sure I was still good for the Q. Thanks for the reminder. Knew it was soon.
Pulled into the lot this morning thought I missed the workout. Swift out in force showing support for speedforneed.

Disclaimer Given and we were off. 530a

Short Mosey toward Brixham Food Truck Square

20 Imperial Walker IC
20 Front Lunge IC
10 Merkins

Find Some Wall At the Loading Docks

1 Min People’s Chair (40 air press)
20 Donkey Kicks
20 Quarter-burpees
10 Burpees
Repeat x 2

Mosey to Costigan Park

Lunge Walk along the way to let the six catch up.
Arriving at the park Various Plank:
LAH, LLH, Regular, RAH, RRH, Regular
Six inches (one niner 2 sec count, market timer 10 sec count)

20 Step-ups (10 each leg) or 20 Jump-Ups
20 Dips
10 Derkins
Repeat x 2


10 Merkins at each ramp on the way up (~60)
Down the stairs
Up the stairs
Mary with Soft Pretzel #lineleader
10 Jump Squats at each ramp on the way down (~60)

Plank with slow Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Launch for Mary

Starting position is six-inches
20 Dolly IC
20 Heals to Heaven IC
Finish 3 sec early. Your welcome.


Great group out there today. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.
Loading dock was one block further down the road than YHC had planned. All worked out. Rounds of 2 instead of 3.
Frehleys Comet protested at the 20 burpees. He was right for once. Audible called to 10.
He also Audibled at the fountains. Formations where changed. Quickly.

Bucky asked if I had a weinke. YHC always takes the time to write one up.

Plan ahead, plan more than you need, look at google maps, create route on mapmyrun.
Leave weinke at home.
Had Mountain Climbers written down instead of those burpees!

JRR Tolkein –  Thanks for spreading the word on f3speedforneed and for all that you do for others.
Vuvuzela – Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience. Great to hear stories like this.


You are needed at the Isabella Santos Run on September 30th. Whether that is to push a chariot, high five, PR, volunteer, run with your kids.
Sign Up Today

You can’t make it? Good thing there is a Phantom Runner Option. Click the link

Day of Race
First: 0600 – Post to Stonehenge
Second: 0700 – Grab bagel and some coffee, walk over.
Third: 0800 – Race