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Turkey Hill

11 fellas answered the call and weren’t scared of a little forecasted rain.

Mosey to Cantina
20 Canadian Foward Straddle Hops
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Mountain Climers

Mosey the short way to Wild Turkey’s Hill.
Triple Nickel
5 curls
Up the hill
5 squats
Repeat 5 times. Finish early? keep going.

Mosey to Far Rock Pile @ Brown Bag – 10 merkins
Grab a lifting rock
10 curls
10 tricep extension
10 overhead presses
Run down to big rocks, 10 derkins
run/bear crawl the second lot section
Repeat 3 times.

Mosey to the Brown Bag Lot
Merkins at the bottom
Jump Squats at the top

Mosey back to Stonecrest Fountains
10 Dips
10 Step-Ups
3 Times through

Mosey back to launch, give it some gas for the last stretch. TIME.

Great group. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.



46th Birthday Tabata

Didn’t sleep particularly well last night. Between the panic to not miss my Q and the random car alarm at 2am, that didn’t stop me from jumping up early and leading the PAX on a non-stop beatdown.

Side straddle hop x 20 OYO
imperial walker x 20 OYO
mountain climber x 20 OYO
12-3-6-9 lunges x 4 each direction

40 seconds – 10 seconds rest x 3 sets

2 min run

40 seconds – 10 seconds rest x 3 sets
Overhead Press
Single-Leg Deadlift

2 min run

40 seconds – 10 seconds rest x 3 sets
Tricep Extension
Reverse Lunge Cross
Wide-armed Merkins

10 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Squat/Jumps
Total reps 100
6 burpees

1 min
Freddie-Four Count
Heels to heaven 4-count
Half Burpee

Thank you for joining me for my birthday q today. Thank you to Clyent Dinner for the inspiration. I’m spent. I hope you are also. Tabata timer works well when shared via screen with ‘share computer audio’ checked. Used a second computer to still see the pax on full screen. Can I have a birthday beer now? Shout out to all that rucked and continued with it during the workout (WT, Lex).


21 Pax set an SOB Virtual Record this morning. Garage was warm but the breeze on the round-outs was fantastic. Great way to start your day!

2 min run – get your heart rate going

20 – Imperial Walkers IC OYO
10 – Lunge each leg
10 – Merkins IC OYO

M100 (took this from a workout of mine from 9/2013!)
10 burpees
10 mountain climbers in cadence
10 double-pump jump squats

repeat until you have 100
– 40 burpees
– 30 mountain climbers
– 30 jump squats

2 min run

Rock Rounds (4 Rounds)
– 10 half curls
– 10 full curls
– 10 presses
– 10 tricep extensions

2 min run

You Don’t know Jack
1 Push up
4 Presses
Up to 7 and back down

30 Dolly IC
30 Dying Cockroach
20 American Hammer (Tag-a-long)
Protractor (Bucky)

Digital ThineSkine
Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Thank you to the new digital PAX that came out this morning. Its been a while since we’ve seen a few of you but keep coming back, virtually. Thanks to Frehleys for giving us our first virtual flatulence.

The People’s Balls

Remember you are on Q. Read backblasts to find out what was done last week as to not repeat

30s warning given. YHC was distracted by the 5 cop cars and a flat tire on a cutlass supreme.
We’ve got a 48 on corner of Ballantyne Commons and Community House
Disclaimer given.

Mosey behind Synder-Lance-Campbells
25 x Side-Strattle-Hops in Cadence (IC)
25 x Imperial Walkers IC
25 x Mountain Climbers IC
count-off by 2s

1s To The Right, 2s To The Left
10 Pullups
20 Merkins
Meet back up for plank-o-rama

Mosey to the Hill for 7s
1 Burpee at the bottom
6 Squats at the top

Up and Back on Ballantyne Corporate Hill
Fast guys no stopping. Circle for the 6.

Mosey to the Campbell’s Retaining Wall
Peoples Chair
Balls to the Wall
Peoples Chair – w/ Air Presses
Balls to the Wall
(The People’s Balls)
25 x Dips IC

Rock Pile
1s: 10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Tricep Extensions
2s: 10 Pullups
All: 10 Bottom Curls, 10 Top Curls, 10 Full Curls

Mosey to Lochness Station 2
20 Full step ups with a knee lift or Hiyah (had to look the spelling up on this one, got the link from the google results, i did not click it. you have been warned).
25 Little Baby Crunches on-the-wall IC (Crowd Pleaser)

Mosey Home with 20 Merkins Scattered About for Pleasure
Finish with 25 Heels-to-the-Heavens IC

Thine Only Moleskine
Thanks for reaching out to me to Q. Its been a hot minute or two. In researching my last bagpipe Q I realized that was 6/25/19. Always appreciate the opportunity to lead but often don’t go seeking. This is something I need to be better about.

If you haven’t Q’d a workout or you haven’t Q’d in a long time, now is your chance. Don’t be afraid to step out of the comfort zone a little. We step out every morning in to the gloom to better ourselves and support each other. If you are new to the game and nervous about taking an entire Q, split it. Reach out to me, I will work with you. I ran my entire first bagpipe Q on a Sunday to make sure I had it right or reach out to the site-qs and go over your plan. That’s what they are there for.

Usual @Kirby chatter at the beginning of the workout. Didn’t hear much more after we got to business. YHC thinks it was a plan to mess with his count. Had a planned weinke that came up a little short so had to improvise with a second round of rocks and the lochwall stepups. Great crowd as usual. Love the mumblechatter with @madame. I’ve been ferning the last few weeks at the YMCA with the M out of town. Happy to be out again. Solo gym workouts are NOT my thing.

Announcements (same as swift)

  • Please keep Doc McStuffins in your prayers as he is home from his open heart surgery and doing well but with lots of recovery still ahead of him. If you are able, please sign up to take his family a meal to help them through this hectic time.You can sign up here (and note the dietary restrictions — low sodium, lean meats, med style diet):
  • Prayers for Madison and family that their 2.0s MRI went well today.
  • 1st Speed for Need Race of the season. Run Jen Run 5K on March 7th in Symphony Park. Contact Frasier if interested.
  • SOB Beer Run this weekend. Contact Tuck for details or see #beerun on slack

The M-O-I-S-T

8 brave souls left everything at the crossroads

20 – Ever-so-hated Side Straddle Hops in cadence
10 – Lunge on each leg in cadence

Starts at Corner of Ballantyne Commons and Community House
Leg 1:

  • Northbound on Community House, U-turn at grounds-keeping entrance. (extra credit: U-turn at the bridge)
    • Every 5 street lights, 5 Burpees (~50 total)
    • 20 slow Little Baby Crunch waiting on six (Mario)

Leg 2:

  • Westbound on Ballantyne Commons, U-turn at Ballantyne Corporate (extra credit: U-turn at entrance to Ballantyne Resort)
    • Every 5 street lights, 5 Merkins (~50 total)
    • 20 slow Chippy Cross waiting on six (Mario, Tuck, Fire Hazard, Soft Pretzel)

Leg 3:

  • Southbound on Community House, U-turn at Briarwick (extra credit: U-turn at round-a-bout)
    • Push yourself, hard-run, 30 squats at Briarwick, 30 squats back at corner
    • 20 Toe-Tap Crunch waiting on six (Mario)

Leg 4:

  • Eastbound on Ballantyne Commons, U-turn at Meadow Run (extra credit: U-turn at Stonebriar)
    • every 5 lights, 5 Mountain Climbers, plank-right, 5 mountain climbers, plank left
    • 20 American Hammer waiting on six (Mario)

Finished with 4 minutes of Mary.
~4.40 Miles for those choosing the normal option.
~6.00 Miles for those who did all the extra credit.
Lots of opportunity for TWSS.
Lots of comments from the tomatoes.
PaperJam is a runner.
Soggie Weinkes
pre-broat, pre-pre-broat with no #broatmeal
Need some pushers for upcoming races with Speed for Need. Check with Fire Hazard

Thank you for sharing with us this morning.


Wait, Im on Q?

Oh, now i remember. First Q since…. August of last year.

Disclaimer given and we were off.

25 Side Straddle Hops IC
25 Imperial Walkers IC
25 Mountain Climbers IC
25 some other forgotten named excercise

I planned to do the other excercises mentioned but in the middle of the Imperial Walkers leading cadence, I just could not remember the name “Mountain Climbers” #qbrain. Not like i haven’t done that at least once a week for the last 6 years.

Mosey to Lockness for a 1-mile lap. Give it what you got. A few faster Pax decided to add in some dips on there own. Good on them. More of those coming.

I ran a fast-yet-not-so-fast 7:15 mile. There were about 6-7 PAX ahead of me. #smokeshoes

Plank while we wait on the six

Count of by 3s – Rotate through the following stations

  1. 10×10 Dips on the picnic benches
  2. 10×10 Curls with a nice size rock
  3. 10×10 Pull-ups (modifed to to 5×5)

Next Set

  1. Partner wheelbarrows
  2. 10×10 Tricep Extensions
  3. 5×5 Burpees

Hold air chair waiting for last round to finish

Mosey home right at 615a.

Honor to lead, as always. Fun to try to plan something we may not have done in a while. Checked with the site-q on last weeks Q (no backblast @wareagle ) to be sure not to do something similar.

Prostate 5k in Ballantyne
Upcoming Speed for Need races
SOB Picnic – Give your monies to @mighty-mite

Broga for the PAX

Not sure what this 0545 workout time is all about but I’m not complaining. Extra few minutes of shut-eye, extra few minutes checking reading news.

8 Pax showed up for YHCs lead of the Pokey.

Childs Pose
Hands to Right
Hands to Left
Table Top – Cats/Cows
Downward Dog/Walk the Dog

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Rotate Ankle, Bend Knee
Downward Dog
Walk/Step/Jump to top of mat
Root To Rise/Fold/Halfway Up
Hands to Elbows | Hang/Yes/No/Rotate Head
Palm to met
Downward Dog

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Warrior I
Warrior II
Reverse Warrior
Modified Side Angle
Grounded Warrior III
Big Toe Hold
Chair Pose

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Crescent Lunge
Knee Dips
Low Lunge
Half Splits
Warrior III Grounded or Regular
Standing Splits
Chair Pose
Twist Cheetah
Mt Climber Prep
Downward Dog

Roll To Back
Boat/Canoe with Flutters

3-Point – Right Leg Series / Repeat with Left Leg
Warrior I
Side Angle
Crescent Lunge
Prayer Twist
Crescent Lunge
Full Moon
Chair Pose

Half-Pigeon on Right / Repeat with Left
Seated Spinal Twist

Lay on Back
Feet Together/Knees Out

Honor To Lead You all today. Keep up the good work. Balance poses help with core strength and stretch with intention and purpose!

The door maybe open, It may be calling you, but don’t go in. Find a grate.


This Friday – F3 New Guy Day

Join us at 530-615a on May 11th in the parking lot of Viva Chicken – Waverly for a Friendly New Guy (FNG)/Kotters* friendly workout.

F3 workouts:

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust

*Kotters – Greetings of welcome to a man who Posts to a Workout after a prolonged absence.

Back to Bootcamp

17 Hump-day Holligans got after it this morning in the fantastic temps. #summeriscoming

Disclaimer given.

Mosey to Wendy’s

20 Side-straddle Hops In Cadence (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Front Lunge IC

Maul Mile

Run Mile, Whatever you got. Circle back for the six. Lot of great effort out there.


Mosey to Uwharrie

Grab a tree waiting for the light
At bottom of deck 3 Reps of
10 Burpees
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Squats

Mosey to Rock Pile

Grab a lifting/non-running rock.
20 Curls
20 Overhead Press
20 Tricep Curls (Extensions)
2 Sets. #crowdpleaser #wantedthree #rockdroppers

To the Fountains

10 sets of 10 Dips
5 sets of 20 Dips
100 Dips

Back to Cars for Mary

20 Dolly IC
10 Merkins
20 Fluttah
10 Merkins
20 Rosalita


A pre-run may have happened. 5k Style
May not have gotten out of bed if it wasn’t for the Q-Thang. Glad i did.
Not a lot of talk
Mic Check wanted the lead this morning. Thankful for his form presentation and subtle PAX ’10 merkin’ reminders.
Spring weather has YHC sleeping arrangements jacked. AC on at night, heat on in morning. can’t be good for the system.


Richard Sheltra Race coming up. See Pvt Benjamin for more details
Savage Race May 19
F3 Dads Camp out 4/20-4/21. See #camping channel on slack.
Date-night coming up on 4/28 – Dinner and Curling

14 for 5 Holes at Providence Country Club

Now that we have course, Brat arrived early and showed 13 of us the way through Providence Country Club.

Not just another run, it was a Turkey Trot! How many workouts have you been at where both @wildturkey and @turkey_leg post together?


  • 0515 – perhaps it actually started on time today with YHC showing up in advance of the 0515 start time…
  • Begin no man left behind 5mi run on the “Providence P” course through Providence CC.
  • Staying true to PaperJam BB fashion, the route was: end around Starbucks to Rea Rd sidewalk and head south to Ardrey Kell.  Left on Ardrey Kell across Rea Rd.  Bumble along the 2nd most cracked and disjointed sidewalk in Charlotte (just behind the Danger Zone further up Rea Rd past Bevington to Hwy 51) along Ardrey Kell before turning Right on Tom Short Rd at the Fountains Shopping center.

Perfect workout for a Monday.

Looking for a 9th for Smokey Mountain Relay. Contact Icky Shuffle