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Fire and Rain…86 Flights

6 posted in the rain this morning.  3 pre-runners began and finished.  1 peeled off due to a foot/gut issue and didn’t make the main event.  4 others joined YHC at 0530 to make a total count of 6 PAX.

What We Did:

Mosey to top of stadium steps near playground, carrying kettle bells and a sand bag.  Parnter up.

P1 run steps down and back up.

P2 do called exercise: Merkins, Dips, KB curls, KB upright rows

Flap Jack

Repeato till 0610

For extra credit cary sand bag down and back up steps as desired

Ring the bell at the play ground after each flight

Why We Did It:

86 Firefighters lost their lives in 2018.  We attempted to run 86 flights per team this morning in honor of their memory.  Time did not permit anyone finishing.  One team completed 70.  The other two teams completed 53 each.  Everyone was getting after it.  Not much mumble chatter.  So the PAX were encouraged to make up that deficit to hit 86 flights on their own next time they see some stairs – at work or wherever.

The idea was to ring the bell after each flight to honor one of the fallen. 

The exercises were all upper body so that half time was spent running steps and half working on upper body.

As expected this seemed a little easy and/or boring at first but nobody cares what you can do fresh.  It’s what you can do tired and wet that counts.  Everyone kept at it till time was called and it definitely got harder.  Good work men!

Rain mostly held off until we had returned to launch for a few minutes of COT. After 86 SSH, 10 low slow squats, 10 mountain climbers, etc., the rain came tumbling down and the others agreed to call it 2 minutes shy of 0615.

Thanks to Ductwork for the take out.

Thanks to the site Q’s for the opportunity to lead. Thanks to the men and women firefighters who protect us day and night. The quote for the day is from Stephen Covey: “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” Thanks to the 5 pax who joined me today. Thanks for making the hard decision to get up and get after it. Iron was sharpened and for that YHC is grateful. SYITG!

Pre Blast – Joust 2/22/19

Come one come all, short and tall

Come young and old and meek and bold

Regulars and Cotters and FNGs too

Join YHC is what you should do

It’ll be warm and dry and calorie saving

Snug in your fart sack, YHC is saying

Do the harder thing and meet in the gloom

The AO is big, we have enough room

Simple but hard is what is on tap

But warning you might need your shower cap

A little warmer indeed but wet nonetheless

We’ll be in the rain so pick the right dress

We’ll honor the memory of those who fought fire

While running steps, reps going higher

Partners perform kettle bell curls and merkins

And Kettle bell rows and bleacher derkins

Will you fart sack and accept slow doom

Or will you bloom and meet us in the gloom

The choice is yours YHC holds no grudge

This poetry is but a gentle nudge

Remembering the Fallen #86

11 Meatheads honored the memory of our fallen firefighters and got after it.  This is how we did it:


SSH IC x 86

(you read that right)

Part One:

20 reps each:


2-Handed Swings

Upright Rows

Goblet Squats

Flutter Press – 4 Count


Triceps Extension

4 rounds of above to = 80 reps each

6 reps of each in cadence to finish 86 reps of each

Part Two:

Farmer Carry 86 steps down. Now come back. If your bells don’t way the same, that’s life, train for it.

Partners: 86 Double Swings per team, switching off as needed

6 MOM: Freddie Mercury, LBC’s, Alternating Toe Touches, The Egg, The Protractor, Flutter Press, Heels to Heaven

The What and The Why of 86:

We lost 86 firefighters in 2018. This work-out is in memory of those who lost their lives serving their communities, protecting their fellow men, women, and children from fire, accident, and unforeseen medical emergencies. This work-out is in memory of those wives, husbands, children, and parents left behind. Let them not be forgotten. Thank a firefighter or first responder next time you see them.

The Pax got after it today and not much mumble chatter was heard.  When YHC arrived at 5:20 there were a bunch of empty cars. 60% called for the Meat Runners to do some pre-running.  This was a cardio-intensive WOD, so T-Claps to those who doubled down for a pre-run. I think the following get the nod, but if I missed someone my apologies.  In fact, I may be giving someone extra credit. Oh, well… Fletch, Wild turkey, Chin Music, Header, Fireman Ed, Witch Doctor. Fletch was working with a heavy looking bell, not long after enjoying the sites of Moab, UT where he completed a high altitude ultra-marathon.  Wild turkey was also alternating between 2 heavy bells. Fireman Ed seemed to be involved in the most commentary today, and was mistaken for Jimi Hendrix (but not Eddie Van Halen). Chin Music and Header seemed to be carrying on a long conversation all morning, as usual.  Seems like Baracas and Fireman Ed got involved at a few points. Sounds like there are a few Clemson fans among us and they are happy these days. For a while, I was happy for them. No, really. I even texted one of my Clemson friend’s at midnight on 1/7/19 to congratulate him.  I’ve accepted it and felt truly happy that these fans get to enjoy a little bit of what Bama fans have been enjoying for around 10 years now. However, I think I’m done now. It’s been about a month. I’m tired of seeing so much Orange. Flashbacks of Auburn fans. Ready for September and another season.  However, I’ll officially congratulate Gummy here, since he is one of the few who still read these back blasts apparently. Where was I? Oh, yes. Homer, Witch Doctor, and Bundle dug in and kept putting in the work with each rep too. And Hoover took the lead on the partner double KB swings, knocking out 20 up front, setting the pace, and encouraging me to push a little harder.  Thanks to all the pax for working so hard this morning.

The mary go round was an add-on.  This WOD in the garage took a little longer and I figured we’d not quite finish the 86 double KB swings.  As usual, the pax worked hard and fast. The crowd pleaser was The Egg. After consulting the Exicon, The Egg does not exist.  Fireman Ed got some flack for it this morning. However, it was difficult for YHC to get 1 correct rep in. So, here’s a plug for F3 Gumby on Wednesdays.  I know I need more broga work. However, the mary exercise that I found most difficult was BA’s Protracted Protractor. Took forever.

Thanks to the site Q’s for the opportunity to lead this am.  It’s hard for many of us to step up and chose to lead. Let’s try to find some way to do a better job leading others, at home, at work, with family, friends, strangers.  Find a way to thank someone for something and do something nice for someone else. It may just save someone’s life. Let’s take a moment to admit something to someone and apologize where needed.  Let’s look at all the things we have to be grateful for. Let’s forget our selfish desires for a moment and try to really be third, putting God (or some power greater than us) first, our family and others 2nd, and ourselves 3rd.  

Lastly, if you missed a few reps today like me, either from taking a breather and starting the next set a few seconds late or just not being able to keep perfect form past rep 18 out of 20, that’s ok. We kept ourselves from getting hurt. However, we owe ourselves and each other these reps. Join me this week and finish out the last few reps on your own one night or this weekend. You’ll be better for it.

PAX: Fletch, Homer, Wild Turkey, Fireman Ed, Baracus, Chin Music, Header, Witch Doctor, Bundle, Hoover, MAD (QIC).



Flippin’ Tires in the Freezin’ Rain (and other asundry exercises)

2 of Area 51’s PAX endured the gloom and made themselves better while you were warm and dry. Due to peer pressure a sense of responsibility and commitment, we both showed up to get some work done.


Pax ran a loop of parking lot waiting on other fools pax. Nada.



SSH + Squats under cover


Mosey down to Highway 51, head fake left towards William Davies Park, about face and land at the day care/pre-school next door.


Main Event:

Parking lot sprints

Parking lot loops alternating with a series of body weight exercises pax pulled from a big orange Home Depot bucket while staying somewhat dry under cover.

Tire flips and sprints in the rain.

Mosey back to launch for COT. Done.




2nd F was strong this morning as YHC celebrated 3 years in F3 while getting after it in the rain along side site Q Thunder Road.  One of us wore hiking boots and arrived home with dry feet.  One of us wore running shoes and arrived home with cold, numb feet.  Original plan weeks ago was for strength work and sprint work on the field.  Forecast and a nagging neck/shoulder injury cancelled those ideas.  Considered running 1 mi to the Rain Tree shopping center and using cover there and doing stair work.  Last minute audible was called after actually experiencing the cold rain a little getting set up this morning.  The adjacent day care/pre-school provided good cover for today.


1st F was also good today.  YHC likes to break up the exercises with short run bursts and this was the perfect place to do it today.  No long runs in the rain.  No strava here.  #Iamnotaruuner.  However, YHC started the “Map My Hike” app at launch #IamaRucker, and was surprised to see we covered 94.16 miles in 44:33 with an average mile pace of 0:28 and burned 1519 calories.  Last time I ran 94 miles I burned more calories, therefore the app must have been wrong.


Orange Home Depot bucket idea was stolen from an Egypt Q from SOFWIB a couple of years back, right before it closed.  #RIP.


After all exercises had been pulled from said bucket, YHC spotted 2 tires sitting “over there”.  Perfect.  Nothing like tire flips in the rain to end a beat down.


YHC is grateful for F3 and for the leadership of men like Thunder Road who get up in the gloom (35 degrees and raining is the gloom) knowing kids are off school and come out to get wet and get stronger.  YHC was hoping he’d respond by text last night to just cancel but am glad we pulled it off.  Was fun to get to know each other better.  Time flies when having fun.  Maybe this Q will pull me out of the deep fartsack I’ve been enjoying for a few weeks.  We’ll see.  Goonie was DR, otherwise I’m sure he would have joined too.

F3 certainly has changed my life and provided me a platform for fitness and given me the confidence that I too can be in shape, a belief that I had just about lost hope in over the years.  Shout out to Fireman Ed who was my partner for my first post at Base Camp and gave me enough quiet encouragement to keep me coming back.  As we all do though I keep coming back for the fellowship.  It’s great to see old friends and meet new friends and see each other get stronger while sharing the suffering.  Strong bonds.  Preaching to the choir here.  Does anyone still read the BB?  That’s all.  Peace to you all my brothers.  Stay third this holiday season.  SYITG.




No Surgeons Allowed

9 Meathead vets ignored the lingering rain and make the hard right choice to post at ELE, only to find a growing pile of sand bags, ruck sacks, and kettle bells.  Uncertainty filled the air as YHC led the disclaimer.


Warm Up:

11’s with descending swings and ascending merkins



Grab 2 kettle bells each plus all the sand bags and rucks and move over to the bus lot.  Divide into 4 groups.  Each group of 2 or 3 will start at a different corer.  Sand bag and Ruck exercises demonstrated.  Each pax will carry 2 kettle bells around the AO from station to station in between each set of exercises.  Modify exercise or rep count as needed.

AMRAP till 6:13.  Go!


Four Corners of Pain:


Station 1:  Sand Bags (40,60, 75, 80 pound options) – 10 reps each

Ground to shoulder (alternate L,R)

4 count military press (L to R to L, repeat)

Clean and toss (5 out and 5 back)


Station 2: Ruck Sacks (30-50 lbs) – 10 reps each

Ruck thrusters

Ruck overhead squats

4 count flutter kicks with ruck up


Station 3: Kettle Bells (large variety)

Upright rows – 10

Squats – 20

Swings – 30


Station 4: Body Weight (large variety of shapes and sizes)

Merkins – 10

Squats – 20

LBC’s 30 (you are welcome)


Transition back to launch – carry as much as you can, leaving YHCs gear for later pick up


COT and Namerama.  YHC with take out.


The Skinny:


YHC has wanted to explore the other side of the ELE parking lot for quite some time now.  The idea to have 4 corners with pain stations at each corner led itself well to this location.  Part of the fun work was carrying all the gear to and from the bus lot.  T-Claps to the pax whom I asked to bring gear!  They all showed up with car/truck fulls.  We had more sand bags than pax.  We had enough kettle bells for an Area 51 convergence.


The idea was do offer some simple exercises with sand bags, rucks, kettle bells, and body weight and allow the pax to both modify down/slow down as needed but also modify up/speed up if desired.  Hopefully those not too familiar with sand bags and rucks enjoyed the introduction and those experienced pax were given a chance to push themselves.  The AMRAP idea is nothing new but YHC was inspired by Alf and McGee and others down at Wednesday’s WAMRAP.


The exercises seemed too easy at first, but YHC quickly tired from the grind of doing them over and over (and carrying those damn kettle bells) .  Most pax got in 3-4 rounds.  The sand bag exercises seemed the hardest, or at least the slowest.  YHC realized that most would have uneven weights for the farmer carries but this simulates life well.  How often do you lug your M’s suit case and your own suitcase up some stairs?  Isn’t one heavier than the other?  Life around us is not always balanced.  It’s how we deal with the imbalances that defines us.  Letting go of the need to always be right and to always be in control takes intention, humility, and courage.  F3 allows us to fellowship with other men, be inspired by high impact men, and realize there are things bigger than ourselves worth fighting for.  All while getting in better shape.  #worthevery penny


Everyone put out great effort today.  Didn’t hear much mumble chatter.  The 11’s at the launch were in honor of Roster 011,  who was the sole finisher of GORUCK selection class 020 this past weekend.  If you missed it there is plenty of video footage available.  Quite inspiring.

At the launch there was no music and no instruction and there were some questioning stares as to what the plan was and why we had a huge pile of gear.  Took a few minutes to settle into our new location with the tunes and the rotation schedule but then everyone just went to work.   Dora and Geraldo ended up pacing together.  Just another day of ruck PT for those GORUCK vets.  Everyone seemed to embrace mixing up the kettle bells with the sand bags and rucks.  Even those pax better known for running were killing out there this am.  I know I returned home dripping wet from sweat.  Glad the rain stopped just in time for launch.

And the title of the BB comes from this social media post last night: “No surgeons allowed at Meathead tomorrow.  High chance of grip strength failure by noon.  Use caution if your occupation requires cutting, sewing, or fine motor skills”.  The idea being that the farmer carries plus the other work would destroy our grip functionality/strength.  Theory yet to be proven completely but YHC is having a tough time typing…


Thanks to site Q’s Voodoo and Witch Doctor for the chance to lead today.

Thanks to those who brought sand bags, rucks, and extra kettle bells – Hoover, Geraldo, Voodoo, Dora.

Thanks to those who provided music for us today – Green Day, The Clash, Steppenwolf, The Cars, R.E.M., KISS, CCR, Tom Petty, Wilson Pickett, Herbie Hancock, Weezer, Led Zeppelin, Buffalo Tom, Gaslight Anthem, Etta James.


Q’s needed for Rock Zero – Saturdays @ Calvary, still at 0700, see Hoover.

GORUCK Ruck Club Battle in Charlotte 10/20


Land of 1000 Dances (Hero WOD for Chief Warrant Officer Louis Rocco)

6 HIM took the red pill this morning and are better for it.  This is what they did:

Cliff’s Notes: ran lunged and crawled up and down that deck, carried heavy items up and down that deck, coupon pain stations on top of deck while moving to some funky music (ie 1st title of BB), learned about the heroism of above mentioned soldier on this day in 1970, later awarded Congressional Medal of Honor, made our work/pains seem minimal, lot’s of swinging/lifting/holding/throwing/squatting/grunting/sweating/crawling…


After a moderately thorough disclaimer (that happened to cover Charlotte Christian and Covenant Day as well as Charlotte Catholic), we were off for some dynamic stretching in the parking lot/road to include goose walking (crowd favorite), high knees, butt kickers, karaoke left/right, backwards run, and regular ole’ mosey.





CCM  (civilian count merkins) x 5 IC

IW x 20 IC

CCM  (civilian count merkins) x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 20 IC

CCM  (civilian count merkins) x 15 IC

Wind Mills x 10 IC (PAX modification in effect here)

CCM  (civilian count merkins) x 20 IC (50 merkins before 545 am – check)


ROUND TWO – Run/Recovery up and down parking deck

After each set the Larry Birds will mosey back to join the 6 to keep the team together today.  Last man finishes first each time.

Run 30 seconds + 5 merkins then recover

Run 60 seconds + 10 merkins then recover

Run 60 seconds + 15 merkins then recover

Run 30 seconds +20 merkins then recover (50 more merkins = 100 done by 5:45 am – check)

(planned to extend runs to 90 and 120 seconds but the suck factor of running up hill in the humidity (and knowing what was to come per the weinke) led to a Q modification here.


ROUND THREE – Move up hill without running

Line up abreast and after each set again reconvene as 1 team together

Lunge Walk

Bear Crawl (PAX modification again noted).

Backwards Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Backwards Crab Walk (minimal buy in here)

Burpee Broad Jumps (surprising compliance here – good work men!)


ROUND FOUR – HERO WOD Honoring Louis R. Rocco

(Carry heavy stuff up hill)

See below for biographical info

Elevator Action was an amazing video game from 1983.  Today’s elevator action included leading the PAX to the elevator for a surprise.  It was not a restful ride up.  Doors opened to reveal 9 coupons:

Kettle bells: 25 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb, 45 lb, 50 lb.  Ruck with 50 pounds.  Sand bags: 40 lb. and 60 lb.

Team moved all that weight up the parking deck the long way, stopping halfway through each level to redistribute coupons amongst the PAX.  Variety of carrying techniques were used.


ROUND FIVE – COP#2 – 9 pain stations using different exercises/movements of the aforementioned 9 coupons.  Rotate every 30 seconds due to limited time.

25 lbs x 2 – double swings

30 lbs – upright rows

40 lbs – Lawn Mower/Bent over rows

45 lbs – T Bag Squats

50 lbs – 2 handed wings

RUCK – hold overhead (crowd pleaser – harder than it looks)

40 pound sand bag – shoulder to shoulder alternating presses

60 pound sand bag – dead lift it, clean it, throw it as far as you can, pick it up, repeat (crowd favorite)

Tunes courtesy of Wilson Pickett (Land of 1000 Dances) , Kool & The Gang (Celebration), The Isley Bothers (It’s Your Thing).  If time allowed we would have grooved to Herbie Hancock (Rockit), Sly & The Family Stone (Everyday People), Harold Faltermeyer (Axel F), Michael Jackson (Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough).  YHC felt funky yesterday, hence the play list.

Then carry all the coupons back to launch via any means/method necessary – avoid failure.  Finish.



Flutter kicks with air presses (no more coupons!)

Heels to Heaven

American Hammer



Take out by YHC



This was a great group today.  Ages varied but many respects this morning.  Everyone was pushing hard and helping each other carry the load, literally.  Mumblechatter was pretty mild but started early and kept the clock moving despite the hard work put in.  YHC brought 9 coupons, not knowing how many PAX would show.  Several other great options at other AOs today so not sure who would come.  If we had more than 9 PAX then YHC was going to have us partner up and alternate carrying a coupon and doing an exercise – maybe a CMIYC scenario.  That wasn’t a problem today.  However, we had 6 PAX and 9 coupons – and some were HEAVY.  Was planning to just leave 3 behind and each grab a coupon.  Well, these guys just grabbed ’em all up before I could direct traffic and we were off hauling the ALL the gear up hill.  Again, STONG work by all and even more impressive TEAM WORK.  And, that parking deck is sneaky.  YHC has somehow only posted with a parking deck one time prior in nearly 2.5 years in F3 (and it was at The Fishing Hole a few weeks ago).  The layout of the deck is confusing to me so YHC came early to scout it out.  It just seems to keep on going and going.  After reading the below bio, it was clear that if nothing else we had to move the coupons to the top the LONG way.


A few quick plugs.  If any of the PAX liked carrying stuff or working as a team or swinging bells, then check out GORUCK or PATHFINDER or MEATHEAD (even though it conflicts with this work-out time wise).


In thinking about Memorial Day YHC wanted to honor/remember one of our military hero’s.  This soldier was awarded the medal of honor for his bravery on this very day, 48 years ago, so it seemed appropriate to discuss this with the PAX this morning and post it here.  What’s equally impressive is that after the war he continued to serve this country in many ways.  After dropping out of HS to join the Army at 17, he returned from Vietnam and promptly earned a college degree.  He was an inaugural member of the US Army’s first Physician Assistant program in 1972.  He served the veteran community through peer counseling, homeless sheltering, college tuition assistance, etc.  He returned to active duty in 1991 during the Gulf War!  What?!  That’s awesome!  He later worked with AIDS and veterans against drug abuse.  He died of lung cancer in 2002 and was buried with full military honors in San Antonio.


Here is the medal of honor citation:


LOUIS R. ROCCORank and organization: Warrant Officer (then Sergeant First Class), U.S. Army, Advisory Team 162, U.S. Military Assistance Command.Place and date:Northeast of Katum, Republic of Vietnam, May 24, 1970Entered service at:Los Angeles, CaliforniaBorn:November 19, 1938, Albuquerque, New MexicoCitation:WO Rocco distinguished himself when he volunteered to accompany a medical evacuation team on an urgent mission to evacuate 8 critically wounded Army of the Republic of Vietnam personnel. As the helicopter approached the landing zone, it became the target for intense enemy automatic weapons fire. Disregarding his own safety, WO Rocco identified and placed accurate suppressive fire on the enemy positions as the aircraft descended toward the landing zone. Sustaining major damage from the enemy fire, the aircraft was forced to crash land, causing WO Rocco to sustain a fractured wrist and hip and a severely bruised back. Ignoring his injuries, he extracted the survivors from the burning wreckage, sustaining burns to his own body. Despite intense enemy fire, WO Rocco carried each unconscious man across approximately 20 meters of exposed terrain to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam perimeter. On each trip, his severely burned hands and broken wrist caused excruciating pain, but the lives of the unconscious crash survivors were more important than his personal discomfort, and he continued his rescue efforts. Once inside the friendly position, WO Rocco helped administer first aid to his wounded comrades until his wounds and burns caused him to collapse and lose consciousness. His bravery under fire and intense devotion to duty were directly responsible for saving 3 of his fellow soldiers from certain death. His unparalleled bravery in the face of enemy fire, his complete disregard for his own pain and injuries, and his performance were far above and beyond the call of duty and were in keeping with the highest traditions of self-sacrifice and courage of the military service.



Forgot to mention any this am but plenty of options to remember/honor our fallen hero’s and burn some calories with your F3 brothers Saturday and Monday – check other BBs, Twitter, Slack, etc.


Thanks to the site Q’s and the PAX in attendance today.  It is always an honor and a joy to serve with you.









“Only” 4 Exercises

6 men took the DRP and emerged from the fart sack to roam the frozen tundra on hands and feet, up and down stairs and hills – all to do 4 exercises again and again and…


Mumble chatter and refusniking seemed to begin as YHC ambled off for a yog to the front of the school and back, with various dynamic warm up exercises en route,  with questioning of the Q’s weinke surfacing as we moseyed to the lower lot for an extended disclaimer and a brief COP.  F3 is not responsible for our health or our fitness.  We are responsible. Not only should we modify exercises as needed (or as wanted) to improve our fitness and/or protect our health and avoid injury, but we are responsible for being a good F3 brother to the pax on our left and right (or way in front in YHC’s case today) and also to those who didn’t make it out in the gloom today.  Happy to have a “sort-of” FNG with us today (see below).  And we are also responsible for being better husbands, fathers, brothers, children, friends, workers, etc.



Arm circles and a plank.  Yes that was it.  Arm circles IC (kind of) and plank OYO (kind of).


Main Event

#1 Play Ground Grinder

5 pull ups, 30 merkins

5 pull ups, 30 squats

5 pull ups ,30 LBCs

5 pull ups, run the stairs


5 pull ups, 20 merkins

5 pull ups, 20 squats

5 pull ups, 20 LBCs

5 pull ups, run the stairs


#2 Grandma’s Hill

11’s: Crowd Pleaser

10 merkins on bottom and 1 squat on top

9 merkins on bottom and 2 squats on top


1 merkin on bottom and 10 squats on top


#3 Field Work

10 merkins/20 squats/30 LBCs in end zone

Bear Crawl to 10 yard line

Repeato exercises

Sprint to 50 yard line

Repeato exercises

Bear Crawl to 40 yard line

Repeato exercises

Sprint to end zone

Repeato exercises


#4 Stair Work

(Double Trouble) Triple Nickel

5 merkins

Up stairs

5 merkins

Run across to far side

5 squats

Run Down Stairs

5 squats

Run across to near side

Repeat x 5


#5 Parking Lot Finale (Wind Down)

9 merkins 9 squats

8 merkins 8 squats


1 merkin 1 squat


Bonus (refusnik of #5 above led to the following)

3 MOM called by pax

WWII sit ups

Can Opener

Total Rep Count (planed)        Total Rep Count (actual (minus any modifications))

Squats – 300                                         215

Merkins – 250                                      185

LBC’s – 200                                          200

Pull Ups – 40                                         40



Take out: Yeti


Skinny Cold Naked Moleskin

YHC’s Q experience is arguably limited.  However, the mumble chatter to pax ratio seemed disproportionately high this morning.  I guess it’s more about who is there, not how many.  Quality not quantity.  Maybe it was my bearded disguise.  Maybe it was disbelief that YHC was really the Q.  Maybe it was the frozen asphalt.  Whatever the reason, YHC announced, “it’s 5:30, I’m MAD, follow me” and began to mosey away from the pax and for a few moments it was as if nobody was coming.  Surely YHC wasn’t running fast.  That doesn’t happen.  Eventually the pax caught up and most bought into the plan.  However, Kirk in particular seemed to question if I had a plan, and what the next movement would be.  We had a nice but brief conversation about slow playing your hand in poker.  He just knew there was more to the weinke than mosey and arm circles.  He soon found out.


5 pull ups seemed like a good number (reduced from a previous version of the weinke that called for 10).  But those playground bars were cold.  And by the end the pax were glad to be done.  An offer to repeato the entire set was quickly shot down.


Groans were heard as we approached Grandma’s Hill.  They rose in volume when 11’s were introduced.  YHC always underestimates that hill.  Kirk felt cheated that we only went to the fence and back 10 times and didn’t make it to the blue door.  YHC does not want to see what is behind this blue door he kept talking about.  And nobody took my suggestion to run up there at the end just to do it.  Pop-Tart was heard saying, “Well that really sucked!” Followed by, “Can I borrow someone’s sweatshirt? I don’t want to get my back wet in the grass.” Just reporting the facts, most of which are true. Not only did this hill lead to a little dizziness and nausea but it was a time drain, causing YHC to cut out some promised reps at the end of the work-out.  As posted on slack, money back guarantee, since we didn’t hit all 250 merkins this morning.  Just get in line.  Or just do them yourself if you care that much about them.  Nobody from this group seemed to care too much about the final number.


The rest of the work out was pretty easy after that hill.  Everyone pushed hard the entire time.  Kirk and Pop Tart led the way, and still both managed to find time to complain/question the Q – “old school veterans” I guess.  Chin Music and Yeti seemed to have a delightful 45 minute conversation today while simply making this work out seem routine as that ran from place to place, knocking out reps, and never complaining.  Welcome Carberetor!  Jake posted years ago and his original F3 name was “Nuggets”.  Didn’t get into why that was chosen but it clearly didn’t stick and he didn’t return to the gloom.  After a few attempts YHC was able to EH him out with the promise of a proposed name change.  Lucky for him the pax were kind today.  Nuggets has been laid to rest and F3 now has Carberetor amongst our fold.  He pushed hard all morning with no complaints.  This was a particularly hard work out for an FNG or a “kind-of FNG, as Pop-Tart called him in COT.   It took me over a year of posting before I could do a pull up and they are still a bear unless I find a way to keep doing them.  #JustlosemoreweightbystopeatingchickensaladsandwhiceswhileyoutypethisBB. And Grandma’s Hill is, well, you know if you’ve run it how miserable it is.  He kept pushing all morning and finished strong.  Keep coming back brother – it may not get easier but you’ll get stronger and faster (somehow YHC hasn’t gotten much faster…).  I was grateful to have a good excuse to lead from the six today to keep up with Carberetor.


Oh, yeah.  The work out was inspired by “The Murph”.  Nobody wore a weight vest today but everyone pushed hard.  I was getting tired of trying to fit in my merkins and pull ups for the January Challenge throughout the day, and haven’t been posting enough to get any done before sun rise, so figured I’d just put them in the weinke.  Which led me to think about “The Murph”.  Decided not to try it in it’s standard form.  Wanted to use that hill.  Threw in the LBCs as a break.  You are welcome.  Sorry for the runners (was that everyone who posted except YHC?) that we didn’t get more miles in.  Next time YHC will bring some miles and some variety.  You are welcome for no burpees and no TGUs too.  In case you’ve been in a closet or an office and somehow missed it, here is a link to the actual “Murph” WOD with info on LT Michael P. Murphy.

Enjoyed it.  Thanks.





2018 BROlympics 2.bro

Fight For Air Climb – March 24 – The Vue (50 flight, 883 steps) – see Carbureter

Smokey Mountain Relay – April 20, 2018 – see Kirk



Thanks to Yeti and Header for the opportunity to lead today.



Baseline PT Tests, Weighted Carries, Full Body KB Sets – In the Cold Rain

Grit and grind no sunshine; Strong and bold wet and cold.  Iron sharpened iron at Meathead yet again……………………………………………………


6 beasts (including 1 FNG) answered the call to rise from ye old warm dry fart sack and embrace the wet cold world, partnering up to test their mettle and forge their strength and endurance.


English translation:

After a thorough disclaimer, this is what we did:  Quick prayer of gratitude – thanks for the first breath we each took this morning, and for getting out of bed, healthy enough to make the tough choice to post today.


Mobility Warmup: SSH, IW, Merkins, (walk to the covered side walk with kettle bells), Flutter Kicks, 2 Handed Swings – 10-20 reps each


Muscle Warm Up: Clean and Press; Dead lift, Upright Row, and Goblet Squat; Curls; Tricep Extensions – 5-10 reps each


Partner up for PT Tests:

2 min max push-ups

2 min max sit-ups

2 min max two-handed swings

2 min max weighted squats 

(Unanimous PAX vote)


Tally up team totals.  Winner gets to use the 50 lb ruck for next set and when done pass it on.

(Q decision not to record totals.  50lb ruck open to any takers).


Weighted Carries:

P1 & P2 walk in opposite direction, exercise,  return to center, exercise, repeat with new exercises – 10 reps each

Left suitcase carry then clean.  Right suitcase carry then clean.  Hand slap merkins.

Left rack carry then press.  Right rack carry then press.  Partner derkins.

Left suitcase carry then 1 handed swings.  Right suitcase carry then 1 handed swings.  Flutter press.

Left rack carry then squats.  Right rack carry then squats.  1 legged merkins.


Full Body KB Work – 10 reps each

Dead lifts

Upright Rows

Goblet Squat

Overhead press

Dead lift to upright row to goblet squat to overhead press complex


Tricep Extensions


Doubles – 5-10 reps each




Cleans to rack squats to press



Flutter Kicks, Heels to Heaven, Freddie Mercury, American Hammer


Ye Ole Pair o Tough Skins

Well, YHC was pleasantly surprised to see 5 others make the right choice today to post to Meathead, despite the weather.  Strong work by all!  Kotters to YHC who hasn’t posted at Meathead in 3.5 months?!?  Veteran crew today, although some are newer to Meathead – keep coming back!  T-claps to our FNG today.  Not only did he pick a gear AO for his first post, in crummy wet cold weather, but he hoped a fence and walked 10 minutes to get here!  Welcome, Brad Johnson aka Duluth.  He recently moved here from Colorado for his wife’s volunteerism at a local church, bringing 3 kids with them.  Originally from Minnesota, he attended U of M – Duluth.  Not the most creative F3 name, but fitting for this cold morning.


Not much mumble chatter.  Everyone got to work quickly.  There was no where to hide under the lights on the covered sidewalk.  Everyone pushed through the varied sets with fairly small reps.  We started off with some 2 min PT testing.  This is a great way to burn a few minutes at home or at work or anywhere.  And a great way to test yourself against your self and measure your fitness/progress.  The weighted carries proved not too challenging, since the distance under cover was pretty short.  Hopefully the various KB exercises gave the pax a good all around work out.  I didn’t think it was too tough at first, but then realized it was hard to wash my hair and stand up from a chair, so maybe I’ll be sore in a day or 2.  YHC has let fitness and diet slide lately, so this Q was a great way to jump start it again.


The team of Stone Cold and Rachael seemed to be killing the push-ups and the sit-ups.  YHC had given up the dream of not quitting the push-ups prior to the 2 min mark, so was able to sit and watch everyone else knock them out once I failed to finish.  Those 2 seemed as fresh at 2 min as at the start, with perfect form.  Sanka and Blazing Saddles were the quiet assassins today, just killing the exercises with seemingly no fanfare.  And Duluth pushed hard and finished strong too.  Don’t think he modified/reduced the exercises.


Stone Cold (former GRT from ye ole’ days), tried on the 50 lb ruck just in time for YHC to announce goblet squats – burned!  Someone else wore it briefly too, Sanka or Blazing Saddles maybe?  Sorry I didn’t incorporate that tool better.  Maybe next time…


Thanks to the following musicians, who took chances and kept grinding, until they were able to provide us long-lasting music, which we enjoyed today: Tom Petty (RIP 2017), Green Day, Chuck Berry (RIP 2017), CCR, Quiet Riot, Beastie Boys, Van Halen, R.E.M., Twisted Sister, Dire Straits, Weezer, The Cars, Flat Duo Jets.


COT: Thanks for the take-out Sanka.


Announcements: Charlotte Marathon, Half-Marathon, Half-Marathon Ruck, and Speed for Need


Thanks to the absent site Q’s – Voodoo and Witch Doctor – for the opportunity to lead.  As always, I’m better for it.  Aye!











Run, Jump, Fly – What really happened at Joust?


SSH – does the number actually matter? IC

IW – ditto IC

Burpees – 5 OYO


Main Event:

Mosey to lower parking lot with dynamic running: High knees, Butt kickers, Karaoke, Backwards, Regular


Count off into teams of 2 and each team grab a coupon (20 lbs – 45 lbs).  Mosey to near end zone.


Field Work #1 – The Grind

P1 carries coupon to 50 yd line and back

P2 Burpees

Flap Jack

Repeat until all teams complete 100 Burpees (help fellow PAX when finished)


Field Work #2 – Team Movement

Line up abreast on near goal line

Lunge Walk 50 yards.  Recover.

Bear Crawl 10 yards.

Crawl Bear 10 yards.

Crab Walk 10 yards.

Walk Crab 10 yards.

Broad Jump 10 yards.  Recover.


Partner Work

Partner carries to 50 yard line  100 yards (or sprint) switching as needed. (Pax favorite)

Recover.  Mosey to stairs.


Stair Work

Partner Wheel Barrel up the stairs and regroup

P1-called exercise


Flap Jack

Plank for six after each exercise

  1. Dips – Crab Walk down and Bear Crawl up
  2. Derkins – Run down and Hop up single steps both feet
  3. People’s Chair + Air Presses – Run down, single foot double steps up
  4. CDD – Run down, 2 foot hop double steps up

(Do not follow Q who stepped off the stairs in the dark and landed 4 steps down)


Field Work #3 – Herschel Walker

P1 WWII sit ups

P2 sprint across field and back

Flap Jack

100 50 sit ups per team


Field Work #4 – Home Stretch

Line up abreast mid field

Run 10 yards forwards, 5 yards backwards.  Repeat until in end zone.

(math lessons needed for Q and /or many PAX).


Carry coupons back to lower lot

Mosey back to upper lot


(Impromtu) 6 Minutes of Mary

Merkin plank o rama merry go round thingy

Pax called out exercises:

Heels to Heaven

Freddie Mercury

Scissors (SLOW flutter kicks)

Mountain Climbers






Circle of Gratitude

Take Out – Thanks Header!



Everyone was pushing hard today!  Lot’s of movement and very little recovery time.  The teamwork concept is a favorite of YHC.  It’s a great life skill that often takes practice – to be able to ask for help when needed and to give help when able – in all aspects of life.  And it’s great to feel a part of something greater than ourselves.  Appreciate the pax helping each other finishing the Burpees and encouraging each other throughout the work out.

YHC thought there would be refusniking or Q-jacking when the burpees were announced.  Other than some mumblchatter prior to the lauch, I didn’t hear much, other than some mumbling about merkins instead.  YHC was too busy trying to keep up with Smokey and keep count of our burpees to notice what others were doing.  There was much more dissent with the partner carries.  Eh, I get it.  However, it’s a skill that may come in handy one day.  Strong work guys!  Lot’s of changing locations and lot’s of different movements today and everyone seemed to cooperate and push hard.  There was no dry run of this weinke for time but YHC thought for sure we’d run late and I would have to eliminate 1 or 2 parts of it.  Instead these Larry Birds/seasoned vets/young and old alike were killing it out there and we finished quite early.  Never can go wrong with some Mary at the end – thanks for your willingness to partake.

The first birthday Q I remember posting at was Dora’s Q at Peak 51 last summer.  It’s a great concept.  What better way to celebrate one’s birthday than with service and with gratitude for others?  What better way to start the day than taking the Q and posting with my F3 brothers?  Thanks for indulging me.  Now, if I can just stay healthy enough to post 4 years from now I’ll get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Grateful for another day and the start of another year.

While contemplating this BB, YHC began to contemplate how or why this AO got it’s name.  Surely one of the old-timers can answer that.  In the mean time, YHC reflected on the great arcade game – Joust.  Some not so deep research reminded me that this game was released in 1982.  ” While not the first game to feature two-player cooperative play, Joust was more successful than its predecessors and popularized the concept.”  What set the game apart was the different set of skills.  As opposed to the other early competing arcade games such as Defender and Asteroids, Joust required one to RUN, JUMP, FLY.  Hence the name of this BB.

We didn’t exactly do those things today, but we pulled from the tool box to use a variety of skills.  If you suspend your disbelief for a few moments, you could imagine being in the Joust game today.  One could imaging jumping up the stairs and flying on another’s back, depending on the degree of O2 deprivation.  Of course, YHC did fly down the stairs by accident at home point.  I was running towards the field and thinking how glad I was that nobody got hurt on the stairs when I totally missed the 4 stairs in front of me.  Good thing I was running as I landed on the landing.  I was just uncoordinated enough to fall down the stairs but just coordinated enough to land on my feet and keep going.  True humility – seeing me for who I am.  Anyway… The partner work fit the “two-player cooperative play” concept.

And, this is supposed to be fun too.  So, carrying the 1982 theme a little too far probably, YHC made a 1982 song list and had that playing from the rucksack for the duration of the workout.  So whomever was stuck with that “coupon” either loved it or hated it I suppose…  What?  Which bands were chosen?  Well, since you asked… Survivor, Steve Miller, Tommy Tutone, Rick Springfield, The Cars, Men at Work, Loverboy, Soft Cell, Dazz Band, The Go-Go’s, Asia, J. Geils Band, 38 Special, Flock of Seagulls, Jurney, Laura Branigan, John Cougar, Rod Stewart.  Many of those names would be good F3 names.  Enough of this line of thought…


T-Claps to Header and Chin Music for the pre-run.  And T-Claps to those I EH’d who went out of their way to post here today.  Much appreciated!

Thanks to site Q’s Yeti and Header for the opportunity to lead today.  I’m better for it.  Hope someone else is too.





5000 Swings – Remembering Live Aid 1985

10 men grinded it out in the heat and humidity this morning.  This is what they did to better themselves.

A thorough disclaimer was given as our FNG and our site FNG rolled up right at 5:30.



SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Civilian count Merkins x 15 IC

Hip flexor stretch L and R

Pigeon stretch L and R

Back stretches



500 kettle bell swings with a few low volume strength exercises thrown it (see below).


Cluster One (100 swings)

10 swings + 1 shoulder press L/R

15 swings + 2 shoulder press L/R

25 swings + 3 shoulder press L/r

50 swings

Rest 30/30/60/120 seconds after each set


Cluster Two (100 swings)

10 swings + 1 Lawn Mower L/R

15 swings + 2 Lawn Mower L/R

25 swings + 3 Lawn Mower L/R

50 swings

Rest 30/30/60/120 seconds after each set


Cluster Three (100 swings)

10 swings + 1 Goblet Squat

15 swings + 2 Goblet Squat

25 swings + 3 Goblet Squat

50 swings

Rest 30/30/60/120 seconds after each set


Cluster Four (100 swings)

10 swings then move to your left and use your partner’s KB

Rinse and repeat X 10 sets = 100 swings

Tri Extensions after 1st 5 stations and Bi Curls after last 5 stations


Cluster Five (100 swings)

On your own



Hold plank facing the circle

PAX 1 does 3 merkins while the remaining 9 hold the plank

Moving to the left, each pax does 3 merkins while the remaining 9 hold the plank

Rinse and repeat with 4 and then 5 merkins





Thank you Bulldog for taking us out



The hecking and refuseniking began with the first called stretch.  Let’s just say there was less than 100% participation.  Stretching the hip flexors and back were meant to prevent overuse injury as YHC knew what was about to happen.  Despite the pre-blast warning of 500 swings, 10 meatheads showed up to test their mettle and forge greater strength and endurance.  T-claps to all the pax for grinding through this boring, simple, difficult weinke.

10 guys, 500 swings each, 5000 swings before sunrise, not a bad way to start a Thursday.

The pre-planned recovery breaks were not uniformly used.  The PAX certainly exceeded the weinke’s expectations with the number of reps for the low volume strength exercises at the end of each set.  Lot’s of Goblet Squats a Lawn Mowers were done today.  Cluster four had mixed success.  We were running low on time so it was up to each of us to figure out the best way to pace those last 100.  Those that tried to bust out 50 in a row thought it was a bad choice.   Everyone finished with a few minutes to spare, but not enough for burpees or Turkish get-ups.

High Tide and Voodoo were swinging some heavy metal today.  High Tide brought out a small assortment of bell options, which accounted for 30% of our total bell count and probably only about 30% of his total bell count too.

Blazing Saddles, Orange Whip, and Drive By were quietly cranking out the reps and making it look easy.

Bulldog and Swiss Miss were always finishing first.  Bulldog went to his wheel house for an assortment of ab exercises and Swiss Miss just kept rushing the recovery periods, “What’s next, 25 and 2?” was heard on several occasions.

Witch Doctor, Orange Whip, and Voodoo provided kettle bell instructions and advice for our FNG – Thanks guys!

Meat runners today – High Tide and Orange Whip.  YHC was pretty whipped after that beat down.  Hard to imaging pulling off all those reps after running a few miles.  T-Claps!

War Daddy was Blazing Saddles and our 2 War Babies were Orange Whip and Drive By.

Welcome to our FNGJeff.  He’s a Charlottean who lives within running distance and was EH’d by Orange Whip.  Great job hanging in there today brother.  keep posting!  He was named for his favorite vegetable – Cucumber.  Welcome, Cucumber!

Welcome to our site-FNG – Drive by.  Strong work today!

YHC promised 50 burpees for each FNG and 25 burpees for each site-FNG.  So 75 burpees will be completed today (couldn’t finish them all this morning).  Thanks High Tide for contributing some Burpees for the cause.  We need to keep encouraging new pax to post here!

July 13, 1985 was LIVE AID, so today is the 32nd anniversary.   At that time our pax ranged in age from 2 to 15.  Ah, the mid-80’s.  I was 13 then, and this concert brought my attention to the starvation in Ethiopia.  Thought it’d be worth remembering this historical event today.

LIVE AID was a dual-venue benefit concert to raise funds for relief of the ongoing Ethiopian famine. Billed as the “global jukebox”, the event was held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London, England, United Kingdom (attended by 72,000 people) and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (attended by about 100,000 people).[1]

On the same day, concerts inspired by the initiative happened in other countries, such as the Soviet Union, Canada, Japan, Yugoslavia, Austria, Australia and West Germany. It was one of the largest-scale satellite link-ups and television broadcasts of all time; an estimated global audience of 1.9 billion, across 150 nations, watched the live broadcast.[2

Our tunes today were a sampling of the more upbeat tunes from that day. We heard from Led Zeppelin, The Cars, The Who, Black Sabbath, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, Juda Preist, Dire Straits, Simple Minds.  YHC omitted some of the iconic pop tunes from that concert such as Bang a Gong Get it On and The Reflex.  Too afraid of heckling last night.  Wish I would’ve just played them now for fun.

As always, thanks to the site-Q’s – High Tide and Brown – for the opportunity to lead today!



Continue to keep the family of Cheech in your prayers.  The 1st annual memorial 10K will be in Lexington, SC on 11/11/17.  Proceeds go to his family.  His pax ask us to keep the young lady from the accident in our prayers too.

Check out the weekly F3 Nantan Calls – which are available live Friday mornings, and are available always on podcast.

Come out to Kevlar tomorrow where Bulldog has the Q.  He promises a complete beat down, unless you are Voodoo.  In that case it will be a moderate work-out.

Site Q’s High Tide and Brown will be rotating off in a few weeks.  Thank you for your service, men!

If you want to read more about where this came from and consider your own kettle bell swing challenge, check out this article from Dan John:

Next time, YHC promises more variety.  And it won’t be any easier!  SYITG!