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Spring is finally here

YHC arrived at Matthew Elementary with only less than 4 minutes to launch. The temperature was great for the weekly installment of Peak 51. The PAX was ready to get started! After a quick disclaimer, the COP began at the launch site and continued after a little warm up run. Here’s how it went.

• 20 Imperial Walker
• 20 Side Straddle Hop
• Mosey down the street to the back-parking lot
• 20 Low Slow Squats
• 20 Merkins

The Thang
1. Partner Up

P1 – on one side of lot
P2- on opposite side of lot
Run to the middle of lot, meet partner and perform exercise. Once complete, flapjack with Partner to opposite side of lot
Round 1- 20 Hand Slap Merkins
Round 2 – 20 LBCs
Round 3- 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Round 4 – 10 Jump Squats

2. Mary
Slow Freddie Mercury

3. Over to the playground. Partner Up
P1- takes a lap around the track
P2- perform each exercise until Partner 1 returns, then flapjack
Supine/ Regular Pull Ups
10 Lunges
4. Mosey to wall sits/Air Presses

5. Partner Up
P1 – runs a lap around
P2- performs each exercise until Partner 1 returns, then flapjack
Circuit of 10 Step Ups (per leg) on the wall, 15 Decline Merkins and 20 Dips

6. PAX line up into 2 groups at Parking Lot- Group 1 against Group 2. AYG to end of the parking lot, back to start line and tag next Pax member.

Though the weinke had one more set for the cool down, we are out of time.

The Moleskin
We did not have a lot of rest today though the PAX kept together and gave 100%. We noticed the shovel flag was blown over, burpees will be on the menu next week. It is a pleasure to exercise with all you. Thanks to Lois and Sensei for providing me with the opportunity to lead.
Little Mike, thanks for taking us out.


  • Smoky Mountain Relay this weekend, wishing all participants the best.
  • Richard Sheltra run — Saturday, April 28 in Pineville. 10K and 5K options.
  • Please keep Tweetsie’s co-worker; Martha Ann in your prayers. She passed unexpectantly as result of a heart attack. She worked 45 years with the Billy Graham Evangelist ministry.

Just a little rain

YHC pulled into South Charlotte Middle only to find one vehicle at 5:22a.m., Fireman Ed. We chatted for a few minutes but knew the rain would weed out some of the PAX, just didn’t think all.      I placed the weinke aside and we decided on a different route for this morning.

• Dynamic stretching
• 15 Low Slow Squats
• 10 Lunges

The Thang
1. Run to Davie Park
2. Circuit Work 1- 3 rounds

20 Merkins
20 Bicep Curls
10 Pull Ups

Run a lap around parking lot after each round

3. Circuit Work 2 – 3 rounds

20 Incline Merkins
20 Step Ups
20 Overhead Presses

Run a lap around parking lot after each round

4. Finish with 20 LBCs and run back to South Charlotte Middle


The rain subsided after launch which made for a better experience. We ran a little over 2 miles today and balanced it with an upper body workout. The PAX were missed, see you next Monday.

Yes, we’re still on

YHC arrived early to welcome the PAX on a fine 50degree morning. As was getting close to 7am seemed like the regulars were fartsacking given the rain overnight and predictions for a rainy start. I was thinking about what to do if no PAX arrive, but F3 brother Cooter did not want to be placed on the no show list so my plan commenced.

Warm up
20 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang
1. Run down Olde Providence toward Harris Teeter
Stop at every light pole or electrical pole, 5 Merkins
Continue toward the Walgreens parking lot
10 Dips at the sidewalk
15 Incline Merkins
10 Lunges
Run back toward Olde Providence Elementary
Stop at again at light poles and electrical poles, 5 Squats
Once at school, Peoples Chair with 50 Airpresses

2. Run across street to church
Pick a rock
3 rounds-
15 Bicep Curls
15 Shoulder Presses
10 Tricep Extensions
Run to the Dumpster at end of parking lot and repeat after each round

3. Run up Olde Providence and stop at Ascent Hill
10 Mountain Climbers and then run back to the school

4. Circle Up for some Mary
Freddy Mercury
Elbow Plank
Baby LBCs

5. Run a lap around the parking lot, perform an exercise and run a lap in between each exercise; 10 Dips, 10 Decline Merkins, Balls to the Wall, Peoples Chair- 50 Arm Raises
Finish off with some Mary; Freddy Mercury, Flutter, LBCs and Protractor

Great effort by Cooter as we covered about 2.7miles. I look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Four’s a Crowd

High Tide, Costanza and Mall Cop were awaiting the missing Q but decided to launch. Just as we finished the COP, Wolfman joins in the fun. We decided in absence of the Q to rotate among ourselves.

15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Mountain Climbers

Stage 1- Run along Olde Providence and then cross the street to church
Pick a rock and then partner up.
Partner 1 runs to church back side exit
Partner 2 -perform Bicep Curls then flapjack upon Partner 1 return
Round 2 – Shoulder Presses
Round 3- Tricep Extensions
Round 4- 10 Squat Thrusters

Stage 2- Run down Olde Providence to Ascent Hill
3 rounds-
10 Merkins at bottom
Run to Top of Hill
10 Squats at Top

Stage 3- Mosey toward the Football field and continue till reaching the Playground
3 rounds
Supine Pullups/Regular Pullups
10 Incline Merkins
10 Step Ups

Stage 4- Mosey to the Wall, get in the People’s chair to perform some ARM raises
Mosey to back to the launch site for some WindSprints
Let’s end it with Pax choice Mary; Slow Freddy Mercury, Flutter, Rosalita, Old School SitUps

It was a light crowd today though fellowship was enjoyed by all. We covered a number of topics and now even have movies to add to our watch lists. Props to High Tide for the pre-run.

The few to brave Irma

Given the wind gusts and post BRR weekend,  thought no one was going to show up but Smash had already arrived.  Drano pulled in at 5:25 only to be followed by the rest of the PAX.  It was time get started after the disclaimer was given, should have placed another sentence about possible flying objects but were happy to warm up.

20 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang
1. Run down Strawberry Lane and stop at bottom of Rosecliff Dr.
1 Squat at bottom, run to top of hill and perform 7 Merkins
Continue to go up and down hill until build up to 7 squats

2. Time for some Mary
Rosalita, Freddy Mercury and LBCs

3. Run back to School near bathrooms and grab a lifting rock
3 rounds-
15 Bicep Curls
15 Tricep Extensions
15 Chest Press

4. Run to Baseball field for some circuit work
2 rounds-
20- Step Ups
15- Dips
15- Supine Pull Ups

5. Mosey over to the track. PAX then Indian Run around the track once at a comfortable pace.  Hammer decided to bring it up a notch.
6. Back to the bathrooms and grab some wall. Balls to the wall handstand for 25 seconds. Time for some rest, get into the people’s chair for 90 Airpresses. Wait, still have time for some LBCs so circle up and crank out 15 LBCs. We are done..


Great work by the PAX as we all stayed together and covered a little over 2.3 miles.   Good to see Patch Adams making it to a number of A51 AOs, keep it up!! We are very fortunate here in Charlotte  given what has happened around the country from Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  Special thoughts goes out to those whom we lost on 9/11.

Simba, thanks for the takeout.

Drano and Goonie- thanks for the invite to lead.

It’s only 85% humidity

YHC arrived with Fugitive in the parking lot.  The PAX trickled in slowly, with Drano and Daisy arriving from their pre-workout of a 4 mile run.  The disclaimer was given and off to a quick warmup as eager to start off strong.


20 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Low Slow Squats

The Thang
1. Run down Olde Providence to Harris Teeter parking lot, stopping at every light post and performing 5 Merkins. Once there, plank and then doubleback, stopping at every light post for 10 LBCs.  Great, we already covered a mile!!

Once back at school, let’s mosey over to the tree with the benches
20 Step Ups (each leg)
15 Low Slow Squats
15 Incline Merkins

2. Run across street to church
Pick a rock and then partner up.

Partner 1 runs to side of church near Salvation Army bin
Partner 2 -perform Bicep Curls then flapjack upon Partner 1 return
Round 2 – Shoulder Presses, Round 3- Tricep Extensions , Round 4- 10 Squat Thrusters

Mary break- Flutters, Freddy Mercury, Rosalita

3. Mosey to Concession Stand


15 Tricep Dips
10 Step Ups, each leg
20 Incline Merkins

4. Mosey toward the Football field, form one line and Indian Run along football and baseball fields, stop at the parking lot

5. Mosey to brick wall for People’s Chair. PAX took turns performing 10 Merkins while remaining PAX suffered on the wall. Round 2, PAX back onto to the wall into the People’s chair for 50 AirPresses and then 30 Arm raises.

The Moleskin

Great work by the PAX today as we covered 2.8miles and everyone stayed together through the workout.  Very little talking, everyone hit it hard!  It has been a year since starting F3, the first day was a little overwhelming with the lexicon and different exercises but now it certainly has become more natural.  Glad to be part of the PAX as have posted at various sites such as BaseCamp, Peak 51, Meathead and where it all started, here at Ascent. Thank you to all the PAX which have provided support and encouragement throughout the year.   Thank you to Sony for providing me the opportunity to lead the PAX on my anniversary (yes, it was a bit of a beatdown but felt good).  Scratch and Win, thanks for the takeout.


The Q Sign up sheet for Ascent needs your help! Get on it!


Training Day

YHC was eager to get going as arrived earlier to perform some recon work.  The disclaimer was given and off to a quick mosey to the back of the school.  , after the diclaimer



15 Side Straddle Hop

15 Imperial Walker

10 Windmills

10 Low Slow Squats

10 Mountain Climbers


The Thang

1. Four corners- Break into teams of 4 and each team performs exercise in each corner and then runs back to center of parking lot and performs 1 burpee and then onto the next corner exercise.

    Corner 1- 10 Jump Squats

   Corner 2- 10 LBC

   Corner 3- 10 Merkins

   Corner 4- 10 Flutter

   When all teams are completed, plank and then repeato


2. Partner Up for lap around school grounds

P1 – runs one way around school grounds

P2- runs the other way around school grounds

When partners meet, both get down and perform 10 Handslap Merkins

Plank until all PAX return and then repeato


3. Over to the playground

10 Supine/ Regular Pull Ups

10 Deep Squats

10 Mountain Climbers


4. Indian Run around the AO

5. Mary

Slow Freddie Mercury


LBCs (15 oyo)


6. The Beast- 6 reps of each exercise at cone and then run to the next cone to perform the next exercise

1st cone – Merkins

2nd cone- Squats

3rd cone- Carolina DryDocks

4th cone -Jumping Lunges

Run back to 2nd cone- Baby Crunches

Run back to 1st cone – Burpees

7. Grab some wall behind the school for the Peoples Chair

Round 1- Handstand

Round 2- 50 Air Presses

8. Run back to the parking lot and grab some more wall for the Peoples Chair

Final Round- 50 Air Presses


The Moleskin

Great work by the PAX today.  We stayed together and managed to keep the heart rate up.  I think there was a little confusion in regards to the Indian Run (note to self, clarify the route to be taken). Tweetsie, thanks for watching the six. Bonhoffer brought his daughter Sara, as mentioned she woke him up this morning. The F3 name provided was Hermione as she’s a Harry Potter book fan.

Booyah and Sensei, appreciate providing me the opportunity to lead this morning.  I enjoy coming out Thursday mornings to work out with the PAX.  Thanks to Little Mike for the takeout.