Elevator up and Elevator Down

Elevator up and Elevator Down

Floater offers an unlimited canvas for constructing a Q – lots of ground to cover, various hills, schools… but that wouldn’t be necessary today. The spirits of the long forgotten AMRAP began calling out to me yesterday, a whisper here and a whisper there. So I decided to pull together a routine that would please the AMRAP Gods and keep the PAX from realizing it was an AMRAP.

DICSS – wouldn’t need much light or reflective gear…not many street crossings. cell phone/cpr/distance/safety/modify.

Warm Orama – Mosey to the Lutheran Church Parking lot. SSH/Plank Jacks/T merkins and a few knee slaps.
Mosey back towards launch – single burpee at a few streets to get the blood flowing.

The Thang – Elevator Up and Elevator Down.
The track would be the block around the Waxhaw Methodist Church (our launch point for floater)

Simple math says the block has 4 corner aka 4 floors and the church corner would be the lobby. Go to the first floor and perform 1st exercise – return to lobby. Go to second floor perform 1st exercise +2nd Exercise>>> return to lobby. Go to third floor perform 1st+2nd+3rd>>>return to lobby. Go to 4th floor perform 1st+2nd+3rd+4th…

1st floor – 10 Burpees
2nd Floor – 20 T Merkins
3rd Floor – 30 Knee Slaps
4th Floor – 40 Big Boi

So on the way up a total of 40 Burpees/60 T Merkins/30 Knee Slaps and 40 Big Bois

Time to take the elevator down.
So on the way down 160 Big Bois/90 Knee Slaps/40 T Merkins and 10 Burpees

We ran out of time and most made it back down 3 floors – some on their way down to the lobby.

Mission accomplished on floor 4 as Ice9 put on the heave show for us—-

Those taking the express elevator included Ice9/BlueScreen and Carbload(although he may have missed a floor if it involved counting by 1).Dasher was able to somehow find floor “R” for (Rudy’s Shed) and still knock out the plan.
Mission accomplished on floor 4 as Ice9 put on the heave show for us—-

Hats off to Elmers – 2 months in and been doing great attending every-other-day. I put the pressure on him yesterday to hit Floater and he showed up and put in an incredible effort.

Chatterbox back at it after time off for some recovery; he was back to keeping the pace moving. Little reminder that the T Merkin is with a BIG T and not the lower case—

Smithers – what can I say – he has the stride of a professional race walker but the time of a miler. Apparently he’s not that much into the lifting weights game – which he shared with us.

We spotted O-69 doing some sprint work – you keep lifting us up brother – amazing.

My company in the solid middle of the pack included Sugar Daddy – sporting the knee brace and +1 on the chronometer- 57 years young and killing it. Schnieder the trusty diesel – just keeps going same pace up hills or down hills, straight or curves -doesn’t stop. And Zin pulling emergency site-q duties, because what could be better than 2 site Q’s at floater – not. Q’s were a no show so Zin decided to  stepped up to circle back for the 6 which may have been a lonely conversation or not?

2.7 miles covered all in basically one block.

Welcome Back MY Friend AMRAP – WE MISSED YOU!

Waxhaw Clean up – next Saturday 8AM- bring equipment(rakes, blowers, gloves..)
WTF – Shirt order by the 16th?

Prayers – and wrong way Name-Orama

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