You Got It

  • When:4/7/2021
  • QIC: Horsehead

You Got It

Who Dat:

TR, EE, HH, Beetlejuice

Knowing the tradition of being assigned the Q upon inquiry via the WAMRAP Slack channel, I attempted a foolish end-around via iMessage.  Deep down in my little heart I knew what was going to happen, but I’ve been slacking myself a bit lately and needed a good Wednesday workout.  So, I texted Alfalfa and “you got it” came back at me pretty quickly.

I got it.



Medium-Large Quatrofish at Traffic Circle #1.  Pax choose 20 reps of a Chest, Leg, Ab, and Wildcard exercise at each leg.  5 burpee center.  Bonus bear crawl the circle after every cycle.  No repeat exercises allowed, so spend those imperial walkers and calf raises wisely.



Slackless EE just shows up and deals with whatever is being dealt.  He puts his head down and just pulls the cart.  What a man.  He has the inlaws staying with him all week, so I think he slept in the parking lot.  His phone kept ringing and he looked as nervous as a one-eyed man surrounded by seagulls.

Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse) kept in good spirits, doing a pro-level mod on a few of the legs.  The best part was watching his headlamp bounce up and down behind the hedges on Leg #4 like an avant-garde prairie dog of the future with all the right gear but a mild case of speluncaphobia.

TR was a nice surprise, like the McRib he is.  What wasn’t a surprise was him skipping pert near all of the exercises.  Never even phased me.  He was nice and spry on the runs though.  Word has it that he’s Boston Ready.   Or maybe Boston Market ready?  Something like that.

Speaking of TR, apparently he threw down the cake for a new washing machine but wouldn’t pony up the extra $25 for delivery and haul-off so now he’s trying to unload (pun intended) a defunct giant front-loader from his upstairs to anyone gullible enough to haul it away.  I think that $25 is going to look pretty good once the wife gets tired of the giant cube in the hallway, but what do I know?

I think we talked about P90X at some point, namely the plyo video where I puked in my bonus room many years ago.  That was awesome.

I was thinking about some things.  We call the workout leaders Qs, also the name of the head of Q Branch with the British Secret Service (the guy who makes the James Bond gadgets).  It also seems to be the name of the mysterious leader of the possum-pelted ruffians who stormed the Capitol and hawked Beech Nut lougies in Nancy Peloci’s secret diary.  Qincidence?  Hmmmm . . .  Strange things are afoot.



There is a 5k to benefit something somewhere.

Also please sign up for the cross-regional-national ironman workout marathon challenge, sponsored by the Calvary Food Pantry.  Workout in all of the US time zones in the same day and get a custom shirt designed by some guy from F3 Cleveland, complete with moisture wicking Drew Carey workout glasses.



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