Mayan Pyramids

Mayan Pyramids

10 men wearing 19 athletic shoes (read on for the explanation) circled up for another edition of Meathead.  Reasonably disclaimed, which seemed important today given the recent history of the pax, we moved forward while standing in the same place #0.0.

The Thang:


Around the worlds, 5x2HS

Halos, 10x2HS

Windmills, 15x2HS

Prying Squat, 20x2HS

Part 1 from the spreadsheet:  10×2 DCL+DMP @ 1:00

They musical selections today were courtesy of free Spotify – 80s Gym Rock.  The pax could still breathe and there were questions afoot regarding the categorization of some of the tunes.  Turns out that with paid Spotify you get free commercials and more accurately categorized songs.  Voodoo expressed some interest in snatches

Part 2 a kind of complex:  X snatches every :30 for 5 minutes

This was a choose your own adventure complex and accomplished a few things.  First, YHC didn’t hear any more comments about music after we started this.  Second it gave Voodoo just the fix of snatches he needed.  Third it served as some good Functional Strength CSAUP prep.  High Tide would have liked it if he didn’t fartsack.

Part 3 another complex:  2HS, 1HS (L/R), Thruster (R/L) for 1, 2, 4, 8, 8, 4, 2, 1 reps

If you’ve been to one of Unlugged recent Q’s, you’ve probably come to learn of his love of the Fibonacci sequence – something about his Italian heritage, love of math, nature and building things.  YHC realized that tomorrow is April 8, 2021, which when written in European format is 8/4/21.  This sounded like a fine rep pattern for this complex when re-arragned in the shape of a pyramid.  There were questions about doing 8 reps twice since pyramids have points.  Luckily the Mayans provided us with flat top pyramids to provide the basis for our flat topped pyramid.  Again the low rest and high effort here took the focus off the music.  Unplugged also failed to join us today despite his slack comments last night.

Part 4 EZ strength:  2 rounds each of

5x Low Windmill (L/R)

10x Explosive Merkin

8x Lawnmower

5x 1HS

Introducing a new exercise, like the Low Windmill is always a treat.  Kind of like the time that Ickey Shuffle brought out the Sots Press.  Always amazing how many muscles there are that we don’t work or how hard a movement we are familiar with can be when done at a different angle.


  • Why were 10 men only where 19 shoes? Lois provided the answer today by posting in a boot after having broken his foot.  Strong work and a great example that there is always a way forward
  • Lois brought out Tweetsie who is starting to become a regular and working hard
  • Erlacher joined us for the first time based on a referral from Beetlejuice who can collect his referral bonus from site Q Voodoo after he posts for 90 more days
  • The Worm was out as usual working hard and inspiring everyone as our war daddy.
  • Mighty Mite is getting closer to the circle as more people get vaccinated. Still not close enough to always be in the conversation – he was about a full minute behind the discussion about whether Spotify had 90s songs on the 80s playlist.  Given the size bells this man pushes around no one is really going to give him that hard a time though
  • Sounds like Hoover just missed out on a bigger bell this weekend. Will he be able to pay as much attention to the music when he gets one?  We can only hope for a brief reprieve while he adjusts.
  • Soul Glo still hasn’t come over to the dark side for doubles. There is so much more rest when you don’t have to do both sides in sequence…
  • Cottonmouth is also becoming a regular and help keep the #respect number high at the KB workouts


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