Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat

I was pulled from the bullpen around 9:30 last night and gladly accepted. I already knew what we would do….


Long Mosey around school back to middle school, circle up

20 SSH IC variable speeds

10 merkins, slow count IC

Calf Stretch lets mosey

The Thang:

Many of you may know where the 200m and 400m are marked but all the guys today, that have never been a part of a speed workout, will not forget it.

Start at the stop sign for 200m (75%) once you hit the 200m mark job the rest of the way down just past the high school to the large crack in the road.

400m back to the stop sign and mosey around the circle in front of the middle school…REPAT…All morning!!

For the last 400m, we kept jogging all the way to the shed for a cool down. Audible…One more 400m back up the yellow brick road to COT.  I’m sure no one broke a record, we were smoked.

The Moleskine:

Hard workers these guys were today. I only had to break up the baking group once and then they started pushing harder. The runs we did today are designed to get your mile time down and help with endurance for long-distance running. The goal, for most of us Gramin wearers, is to keep the splits very close every 200m and 400m. We maintained that pretty well but each time seemed to be a bit faster than the previous run. Dasher, myself and Wolverine tried to catch Gerber all morning and were successful…once…sorry none!  We did find out the KY actually likes his name and all the guys trying to change it should let it ride. You can buy it at the grocery store! Ask Dasher what you can buy at Walgreens….. I can tell that a lot of guys are getting faster and posting at the WE workouts will continue to help. At the end of the day it’s up to each pax if they want to work hard, go through the motions, or just chat about warm apple pies grandmaw used to make.  Well done guys!


WTF is May 1st. $10 buy-in for food and other items. There will be a t-shirt order going around soon, shirts will be $8-$10

I took us out.

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