Fast Twitch Return to Red Light District

Fast Twitch Return to Red Light District

5 pax made the smart decision to post at Fast Twitch this morning for YHC return to Fast Twitch and first Q at the site since November. After a proper veteran disclaimer we left launch towards the intersection of Swans Meadow Lane and Lammers Lane.

Quick Cop of 10 Low Slow squats, followed by one lap around the Swans Meadow Lane and Lammers Lane(roughly .25 miles or 400 meters) then wait on the six for further instructions.

The Thang:
1 lap(400 meters) hard pace, followed by 10 merkins.
1 lap recovery pace, followed by 10 squats.
Rinse and repeat until 5:55

At 5:55 followed by two ten counts by Christmas and Cheese Curd, we ran one lap recovery before meeting back up at the intersection of Swans Meadow Lane and Lammers Lane. Following ten counts by Purple Haze and Retread, instructions were given to head back to the intersection of Arbo View and 51 with the leaders grabbing the six at the end. Followed by another ten count upon the six coming in, we took the long way via Chick Fill back to launch, mileage varied from 5.12 to 6.33 miles with Purple Haze with the strong takeout at the end.

What today didn’t bring in hills definitely brought a proper track work beatdown, its been awhile since we’ve done speed work with some merkins and squats mixed in. Given how YHC hates going to the track, this is was the best area to have the workout take place as Purple Haze likely would’ve rebelled and done his own thing at that point(his response would’ve been son this isn’t that other running workout that meats on Tuesday). Leaders Purple Haze, Cheese Curd and Christmas absolutely crushed it today being out in front on nearly every segment, followed closely behind by Retread and YHC.

Having been on IR and away from Fast Twitch the last two months, its been tough not being able to post while following strict orders from Whiplash to avoid speed-work and hills while recovering. I want to personally thank Purple Haze and all the pax for helping lead the site while Astro trains for Myrtle Beach Marathon and while I’ve been recovering on IR. It’s been tough not being out in the gloom but mornings like today where I’m pushed by you all has made working through the rehab worth it to come on out for all 3 F’s(Fitness, Faith & Fellowship).

-April is looking like a stacked line up over at Fast Twitch with Orange Whip, Slim Fast and Frasier to end the month. May is looking just as stacked as well, YHC and Astro will be reaching out to pax members soon to fill up the calendar going into the summer. If you have posted at Fast Twitch in the last 6 months, expect to be given asked to q.

-This is the second week in a row of Fast Twitch Backblasts, first time since early 2018 I believe that has happened

-See Christmas if interested in Metros King of The Hill relay or go to slack for more details

-South Mountain Challenge April 17th, details on slack

-April 24th Stone Chicken Challenge, see slack for details

– Rutbreaker challenge details found on slack

-Thank you for everyone for continuing to make Fast Twitch the best worst our in Area 51(often rivaling Horsey in which one is worse)

-Feel free to comment with any mumble chatter or comments I may have missed

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