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Near Zero (Station)

Warm up: 20 each of SSH, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers.  Herschel helped me do the counting.

The Thang:

Mosey around to the school Entrance/Exit, stop mid-way. Pair up. Then divide and conquer:
Pax from each pair runs opposite direction to pain station. Complete pain station at either end of the entrance/exit:
20 Merkins, then run to pain station at opposing end and do 20 Deep Squats, passing your partner coming the opposite direction.
20 Deep Squats, then run to pain station at opposing end and do 20 Merkins, passing your partner coming the opposite direction.
Complete 3 cycles of this.
Gather up.
Mosey to cafeteria/gym side of school
20 Dips
20 Step-Ups
5 Bobby Hurleys
Mosey to rear parking lot
Grab rock:
15 Overhead Presses
15 Curls
15 Tricep Extensions
50 tight arm circles
Stay at parking lot:
While 1 Pax sprints the distance of the parking lot and back, the rest of the Pax do
1. Lunges
Next Pax sprints the distance of the parking lot and back and the rest of the Pax do
2. LBCs
And so on for the following other exercises:
3.Carolina Dry Docks
4. Freddy Mercurys
5. American Hammers
6. Speed Skaters
Mosey to steep hill behind the baseball field. This intermission brought to you by Democratic lawmakers:
3 Bernie Sanders. We felt the burn.
Recover and do:
30 seconds of Al Gore
4 Obamas. Not fun. Q required a simultaneous near-vomit and zero-station bowel evacuation at this time, but managed to keep it together and carry on after a brief pause.
Stairs at the Band Tower:  3X
Pax split into 2 groups of 4
Group 1:Run up 3 flights of stairs, do 1 Burpee at the top, run down and do 1 Bobby Hurley at the bottom
Group 2: While Group 1 does stair work, Group 2 does Lunges, Squats, Side-Straddle Hops, etc.
Alternate. Repeat 3X
Mosey around the front entrance back to where we began the morning.
1 Freddy Mercury
Jog 10 yards
4 Lunges
Jog 10 yards
8 LBCs
Jog back to beginning and double everything (3 reps) so that our final rep is:
4 Freddy Mercury
16 Lunges
32 LBCs
Circle up to finish out, announcements, prayer and family picture.
Thank you to Zinfandel and Honeycomb for assisting with a couple minor modifications to the workout when Q learned we couldn’t use the concrete stairs near the football field.
Thank you to Honeycomb for inviting me to Q. A good time was had by all…
Fruit Loops

Poetry in motion

Four great minds joined YHC at Da Vinci on a fine April morning to workout with a celebration of two great things today — Haiku Day and the 70th anniversary of the major league debut of The Commerce Comet, The Mick, Mickey Mantle.  Early on YHC tossed out the question, “What did George Costanza want to name his son?”  Seven, of course, after Mickey Mantle.

Mission Haiku

To plant, grow and serve

Male community leaders

The F3 mission



Cell phone, C-P-R

Modify moves as needed

Don’t sue, be alert



Mosey to the medical center

Hillbillies x 18 IC (number of seasons Mantle played)

Moroccan Night Club x 18 IC

Plank Jacks x 18 IC




Go to and through the neighborhood on McIlwayne Dr

  • At the first 6 intersections alternate exercises…
  • Mike Tysons x 7 OYO
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 7 OYO
  • At the 7th and final intersection, do both exercises

Cross AK to the Lash/Dentist/whatever buildings for lifting rock work

Haiku Rock work with 5 of an exercise, then 7, then 5 (5-7-5).  Complete one set, run backwards to the end of the island, return normal run.  Repeat same set 3x (number of MVPs The Mick won) before moving as a group to next rock work group.

  • Merkins (one hand on rock, both on rock, other hand on rock)
  • Thrusters (V to the left only, squat and thrust, V to the right only)
  • Curls (lower half, complete, upper half)
  • Legs (V lunge to the left, squats, V lunge to the right)
  • Down low (bent over rows, chest press on the ground, bent over rows)

Finish off the rock by bear crawling and pushing the rock back to its home.

2 Laps around the triangle island with alternating exercises at each corner

  • Crab cakes x 18 OYO
  • Gorilla Humpers x 18 OYO

Head to Blakeney for 7x Wall jumps + 7x dips repeato once more

Back to AK for the hill on the south side of AK for Merkin Clock with 7x merkins as each PAX called a time

Run back to COT (through sprinklers!)

Superman x 16 civilian count (number of All Star appearances)


Mickey Haiku

Amazing player

Terrible husband but which

is more important?



It was a great morning to Q at da Vinci and YHC appreciates the opportunity and the support of the PAX in attendance as they put up with some goofy themes for the day.  YHC was looking for a different route to the Lash Rocks and none of the PAX remembered using that street before, so mission accomplished.  Also may have used the hill along AK across from Blakeney for the first time as well.

Kudos to Soft Pretzel for quickly showing off his Seinfeld knowledge and setting the group up for reps of 7 throughout.  He and Sweetwater led the pack throughout and stayed strong.  Dwight had the guts to call the biggest shift on the merkin clock going from 6 to 12.  Kirby powered through a knee injury, just like Mickey did for years and the sprinklers were a welcome way to clean the profuse bleeding.  Maybe not profuse, but fortunately we don’t often see blood at F3.  No word whether he’ll attempt to sue the small strip mall of offices for the dangerous rocks they have on site.  Kirby also discovered some muscles he didn’t know about between his legs, so that was interesting and may make for a fun Saturday night.

The rock work with the lunges and backwards running, along with gorilla humpers into a mosey was all sneaky difficult and should feel fantastic later tonight or tomorrow morning.  The goal was to use some moves to target less-frequent muscles and hopefully that was accomplished.

YHC was a big Mickey Mantle fan growing up, especially drooling (almost literally) in person over a 1952 Topps card.  But as the years have passed and off-the-field issues are exposed, it’s a reminder that we’re all human and celebrity isn’t always to be celebrated.  YHC has no plans to take a wife and a mistress to a retirement ceremony and will never don the pinstripes for the Yanks, but what YHC can do — what we all can do — off the field is highly important and that’s where the current focus is.

Lift, Run, Repeat

-Imperial walkers in cadence.
-Plank to jack knife to hand reach.
Flap jack.
-6” plank.
•Rifle carry CMU’s to Mt. Chiseled.
•25 curls with CMU + lap around Mt Chiseled X 4.
•25 squat press with CMU + lap around Mt Chiseled X 4.
•25  merkins + lap around Mt chiseled X 4.
•25 chest presses with CMU + lap around Mt chiseled X 4.
***Bonus Round***
50 Burpees back to rifle carry CMU’s to vehicles.

A Ghost Written BB

I don’t see Atlas as the backblast writing type.  I hope I’m wrong, but just in case I’m not…here is what we did at Blackhawk today.  If nothing else, perhaps he writes one too and I get double credit which will send Zinfandel (Zinfendell, Zinfindel, Zanfendelli?) into a tail spin of angry gifs which should make for a fun afternoon of beer drinking and catching up on GroupMe.  Now that I have that paragraph long run on sentence out of the way…here is what Atlas made us do.



Run.  We kept running.  I look down at my watch and we have gone .7 miles on this opening mosey with no end in site.  I let out the proverbial “Dad, are we there yet”, but all I got back was “No, quiet down back there”.   We finally reach 521 for some stretching, Merkins, the the worthless exercise known as imperial walkers (which offers no stretch, cardio, or muscle building movement, but I digress).

Another mosey towards the pickle ball courts enjoying the wonderful sky as we went (really, I’m a sucker for morning sunrises with pink, purple, and orange colors and we were treated to all three this morning).


21’s.  Really?  13’s are boring enough but he called 21’s. Ok.  Merkins starting the 1, run to other end of court for 20 squats and run backwards back to start.   We went until we got to 11 Merkins and 10 squats and he thankfully called it.  I was starting to lose my mind (I’m mentally weak).

Mosey to rock pile for rock work with runs in between.  Curls, tricep, presses were first round.  American Hammer, flutters, and chest presses were round two (yes with the rock). I found my rock too big for the American hammers so I simply split it in two with my bare hands (true story – apparently my large granite rock was ready to split).

Mosey to what naturally looks like the launch point (yet they don’t launch from there?) for 10 each of dips, irkins, and dirkins followed by a lap.  Repeato 3 times.

Bigger lap to get us back to the naturally looking launch point that they don’t launch from for 6 minutes of Mary.  LBC’s, Windshield Wipers, Jack Hammers, Boat Canoe, and In/Outs were called.

30 seconds left and Atlas called have a nice day.  I was repeatedly reminded by Shop that Have a Nice Day is for internal reflection and you have to close your mouth for that.



  • Lots of mumble chatter today – probably because I was there.  Started with Softball talk (Atlas and I’s daughters have played together before so we were comparing notes on this season), followed by the sky, into a quick electricity talk as we crossed under the 230kv line, quick mention of the humor that porta poty guys have when we noticed the name of the porta potty on site “Liquid Munn-E”, and finished up the mumble chatter talking pool install quotes and the price of lumber.  If you weren’t there, you missed out on a lot.
  • Gotta go coach Tee Ball.  Atlas write a BB too please and I will delete this one when you do.

When a variation of SSH is the worst part of your day

In comic lore Wolverine has an adamantium skeleton, or something like that.  When YHC arrived at da Vinci to see Wolverine on Q and sporting a giant bionic knee brace and Doc McStuffins who hasn’t been to boot camps much lately due to OPEN.HEART.SURGERY, there was a sense that the running would be less intense.  Terribly incorrect assumption.  Wolverine had an agenda of sprints behind the Target that pulled Teddy up with a hobbled hamstring and left all exhausted.  The guy with the knee brace and the major surgery were out front while YHC was making sure there was a six.

The highlight/lowlight of the weinke was a Jack Webb of Diamond Merkins and Side Straddle Squats.  When the Diamond Merkin is the easy part of a called exercise, you know you’re in trouble.  Building up to 40 SSS is some major leg work, especially after the sprints.

Smaller group to finish up spring break ’21, but it was a good group with a solid beatdown.

Nut up swiftly

13 gathered for Swift in some form or another, with the call for 2/1/:30 intervals.  The target was 6 sets but 5 braved the Endhaven Hills of Nut Up or Shut Up.  Who made the more regrettable decision?

Clean slate -“flock of seagulls” at a Community Yard Sale today only

Clean slate -“flock of seagulls” at a Community Yard Sale.

Welcome and DCCS – never been here before so let’s go exploring

.25 mi mosey to warm up

20 SSH ic

10 IW ic

potato pickers b/c stretching feels great, then walk it out to a plank for runner stretch, 10 murkins “while your down there” and finish warm up with 25 LBCs for those abdominals.

let’s mosey .25 mi to tennis courts for shredding arms

10 Derkins

20 step ups (10 ea)

30 dips

repeat 3 x

lets mosey ..25 mi stopping 1/2 way to do monkey humpers waiting for the six – let’s go to the parking lot for a star pattern consisting of:

10 burpees then to center for 5 squats

20 big boys  then to center for 5 squats

30 flutters then to center for 5 squats

40 plan jacks then to center for 5 squats 

Repeat 2 x

let’s mosey .25 to buss lot for “upside down Spider-Man bus walk” to the left, get back to your feet and do 20 squats, then upside down Spider-Man bud walk back to your right – (you’ll have to ask someone who was there!)

Mosey around back of campus to a 7 man Web of 4 american hammers and 1 plank jacks, 8 & 2, 12 & 3, 16 & 4, 20 & 5 and so on to 52 & 12

.50 mi mosey stopping 1/2 way to monkey hump till 6 is in.

Paula Abdul the crape Myrtles with increasing combo of +1 murkins and +1 LBCs  till 10 and 11.

Mosey back to COT

Then finish together with 15 Twinkle toes in cadence followed by have a nice day with my new brothers.

Thanks to Abe Froman for Visiting Bagpipe

11 Pax kicked off their Tuesday with a little visit to the gloom.  At 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thing:

Standard warmup by the hotel near Loch Ness.  Then over to the rock pile for a lifting rock.  Carry said lifting rock to the parking lot where the fitness trail kicks out behind the Campbells building (I think).  Pretty meat and potatoes workout here, do the exercise and then run to the end of the parking lot and back, do next exercise and then run to the end and back, so on and so on.

Exercises were:

25 bicep curls

25 overhead presses

25 tricep extensions

25 bent rows

After this we did a set of “7’s” bicep curls.

Repeato on this set but now with reps of 30 and another set of “7’s” after this set.  The boulder that Midriff chose was adding a level of difficulty to this that the rest of us did not endure with our average sized rocks.  Others took turns with Midriff’s rock…Rousey and Tagalong I believe.

Carry your rock back to the rock pile for the final set of “7’s” then place the rock back ever so gently.  Next we were off to the fountain area between the two office buildings in Ballantyne Corp Park (sorry such a generic description of locale but I have no idea what companies are in those buildings to provide reference).  Each corner was a different exercise, complete the exercise then run to the building on your side and back working around the corners clockwise.

Exercises were:

Corner 1 = 15 derkins

Corner 2 = 25 dips

Corner 3 = 15 incline merkins

Corner 4 = 15 box jumps

After everyone was done it was 25 out and in’s on the wall.

Mosey back to launch with a few minutes remaining which meant just enough time for a visit from Abe Froman.  Abe Froman is of course the sausage king of Chicago but also the inventor of a diabolical merkin challenge.  Pax get in plank in a circle.  First guy does 1 merkin, then the next guy for 1 merkin, then the next guy for 1 merkin all the way around, over and over until everyone drops but the last man standing.  If you get out of plank or can’t do a merkin when it is your turn you drop and are out.  This was a fun event with 11 guys and came down to a showdown of wills between Rousey and Mic Check.  Mic Check eventually outlasted Rousey and was proclaimed the Abe Froman champ for the day.


Great crew out there on this morning.  Lots of good mumblechatter and the lifting portion seemed to give guys a chance to catch up with each other.  It started early when just about every one of us made a joke to Tuck referencing the fact that he just missed the Swift crew and could still catch them.  The razzing continued with the warmup when Frehley’s stated that my SSH cadence was too slow at which point I slowed it even further #stubbornassQ.  Then when instructing the Pax to stay in plank between warmup exercises YHC told the group “Stay!”  Too much training of our 2 young dogs I suppose.  This of course led to many jokes about leading the Pax around using dog treats and dog calls.  Might be a good idea for a future Q.  Maybe set up some flaming hoops to jump through or sprints to catch frisbees in midair.  Circuit City has been working hard and it shows, he was at the front with Tuck and Mic Check on the rock work.  Jerry World is a sneaky deadly combo of strong and fast.  It must be from those referee/umpire days.  I can’t wait to see how well he does at the upcoming CSAUP’s.  Great to see Cable Guy back out in the gloom and working back from an injury.  He hasn’t missed a beat.  I wonder if Rousey’s showboating by doing multiple merkins instead of the 1 merkin during the Abe Froman did him in against Mic Check.  As noted earlier, Midriff took the red pill (and his Wheaties) and used a man’s rock during the rock work.  Now that Cooter is a #runner and doesn’t break a sweat during the running portion of a bootcamp it was good to get his hands dirty again.  Tagalong, appreciate you mentioning a couple of times post workout how much you enjoyed the workout.  Even though it is because of the Pax that were there and made it fun, it’s still good as a Q to hear when guys enjoy the morning.  Good push by everyone out there and the rock lifts served their purpose, at least for me, as my arms were sore the next day.

If You Swap Q’s Does That Make You a Swinger?

Q swaps are fun — especially when the only 2 Pax who are aware of the swap are the Site Q’s.  Sensei and I planned a Q swap to keep things interesting with the Sparta run and the Peak51 boot camp.  What was especially fun is when the 7 other Pax that showed up on Thursday for the boot camp found out the Site Q for the running workout was on the lead.  I’m pretty sure I heard a few grumbles about needing to change shoes.  Regardless, we had a FNG and an out of town guest to show off for, so after the disclaimer, we took off like we were shot out of a cannon.  Here’s what our 2 guests (and the 6 vets) got to experience.

Mosey to Ming Fu for COP

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 IW IC
  • 20 Arm Circles IC (10 ea)
  • 20 LSS IC

Mosey to Plantation Animal Hospital. Grab 2 rocks & perform the following exercise OYO.

  • 10 Supine Pull Ups
  • 20 Single Leg RDl (10 ea)
  • 30 OH press (alternate arms)

Repeato 3X

Mosey to Matthews Elem picnic tables stopping approx halfway there for impromptu Monkey Humpers while the 6 catches up

  • 10 Derkins
  • 20 Step Ups (10 ea)
  • 30 Dips
  • Repeato 3X

Mosey to basketball goals in bus lot

Pax planks around the 3 point arc while taking turns shooting 1 free throw one at a time. Each made FT reduces # of reps

  • Merkins – start with 24 and drop 2 for each FT made.  Made 2 & Performed 20 Merkins 🙁
  • LBC = start with 30 and drop 3 for each FT made.  Made 0 & Performed 30 Merkins 🙁  🙁
  • Burpees = start with 16 and drop 2 for every FT made.  Made 1 & audibled to 10 Burpees 🙁 🙁 🙁

Mosey back to launch for COT stopping at the FBC parking lot for a Hand Slap Merkin ladder and again at the intersection of John & Trade Streets for Freddie Mercuries while waiting on the light.

Arrive at 6:15:30 for COT with Sparta



It was nice to see so many new(-ish) faces out Thursday AM.  TClaps to Spammer for bringing his 2.0 (now known as Catfish) and to Blue Oyster for posting while in town on business from Greensboro.  Everyone put in a solid effort this morning and found a few new coupons to incorporate into their next Q.  We should contact Carolina Courts to inquire about starting a basketball league for guys who have jelly arms and smoked shoulders due to doing several minutes of planks and dozens of Merkins, Dips & Burpees.  I’m sure they could charge admission and bill it as a comedy show.  The more shots we took, the worse they got.  My unscientific poll reported that approx 60% of the shots were airballs.  The Hand Slap Merkin Ladder was a crowd favorite and a Q fail since we did it in the midst of the loose gravel.  We had fun.  We got some exercise. And we’re all better for it.

It was a pleasure to lead.  Thanks Sensei!


Maybe 5 or 6

Title was my expectation for number of pax. Far exceeded at 18, including YHC. Disclaimer given. Pretty full one, at that. Waffle House did point out that it really did not cover vehicles. Noted. Off we went.

We moseyed across 51 through campus to Stairwell 2 and up to the top. COP done at top with various exercises called in cadence to stretch out the Q’s legs. 2 weeks since last post with Spring Break and what not.

We ran to the bottom of the deck and did 3 repeats to the top. 1. 20 merkin/20 Jump Squat at bottom. 10 Burpees at top. 2. 6 CDD at each right turn. 3. Bear crawl 30 yards then AYG to top. Plank and mary after each rep.

Partner up at the benches in the middle of campus. Partner swap between running to Stairwells 1, 2, 3 and doing exercises at the benches.

Little bit of mary then run back to the launch lot. We did one or two things before we hit 0615. Done.



Been so long since I’ve seen Morning After I introduced myself. He also has longer hair. #kotters

Runstopper got warm and moist so he took off his quarter zip. That’s what we are looking for. Progress. He left the tights on. Also what we are hoping for.

After COP, when we were getting up to leave, someone unleashed some impressive flatulence. Not sure who, but it was verbally applauded (?). More simply, it was pretty impressive if 1/3 to 1/2 of pax made reference to it. Well done, nameless (to me) pax. Comment below.

Great group of men out there today. Pretty sure Mildew came out to Centurion for his first post about 4 years ago, if memory serves. Waffle House is a newer pax. He was crushing it all morning. Thanks to Clover for some free legal advice. Thanks to Lorax for taking us out. Continued prayers for Jennings Palmer. He needs to get his appetite back and fill his body with nutrients. Enjoyed it immensely, men. Thank you all for coming. Have a great weekend