Muscle by Masonry

Muscle by Masonry

Its Chiseled——time to break out the Cooooooupons.

One nice thing about F3 Waxhaw is the variety of workouts. Yesterday , I was at Waxhaw Express (all running) So, I was more than happy to be able to Q at Chiseled today and work on the muscle of our colletive pax—- and they delivered…… Hardworkers in the crowd today!

Warmup (after Diccs of course)

Instructed the pax there would be lifting today—so the opening mosey would be long and slow to get loose—and lots of stretching focusing on the lower back.  The above 40 crowd definitely approved with the groans –thanks Schneider and gang…. Breadbowl and Swamp are probably still confused with the positive groaning that sounded x-rated

The Thang

Time to work–

  • Rifle carry coupon to the side of Mt. Chiseled
  • Find a parking spot line —plank left to the next line 10 merkins, plank right to the next line 8 merkins, back left 6 merkins, back right 4 merkins, back left 2 merkins— That is a chest killer
  • Get back on your line and rifle carry coupon to the other curb– do 10 air squats (to give the arms a rest) then rifle carry again back to original curb –10 air squats….rinse and repeat 3 times.
  • PARTNER UP—- P1 lifts while P2 runs
  • 150 per exercise: Curls, Overhead Presses, Bench Presses, Squats—-
  • Grab a curb–do 10 incline merkins—run across to the other curb and do 10 incline merkins –repeat 3 times.
  • Rifle carry to the front of MT Chiseled–partner up again. Time for “hills”….each pax runs up and back. switch with partner—- 5 times.
  • Time to finish up—-plank on your coupon and hold plank while we go around the circle and do 100 merkins–hold plank until its your turn to complete a merkin
  • Rifle Carry coupon back to COT and thats a wrap.


This was a hard working group!

-Schneider, Draper, Chainsaw, Rick Bobby—Respects that just put in the work. Appreciate you guys.                              -Flanders, Fuse Box, Loafer, Ex-Lax, Ackbar, Legal Zoom— Great effort as usual—OH YEAH                                            – The Mauls!!  Doughboy, Breadbowl, Swamp–How cool is that to workout with your two boys at your side …great leadership,                                                                                                                                                                                  – -Showgirl–Just met you this week (Lycan and today)- Great work- The Pax are glad you’re back! Keep coming.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you guys today. Great group that came to work!


Off the Chain— New Mountin Biking AO starts tomorrow evening at Walnut Creek . Contact Rockwell for more specific details,                                                                                                                                                                                          WTF–coming soon…May 1st  sign up on Groupme

6th man Ackbar: EH’d by Ice9 after a sermon he gave (he’s a pastor) where he descibed how he used to workout. Got his name because he is a Star Wars fanatic……Best Line: My Life is better because of you guys (F3).

Prayers for our F3 brother Premature as he will soon be getting a biopsy for possible prostrate cancer. Prayers are with you my friend…..Schneiders friend Mike in motorcycle accident

Ackbar prayed for these men and took us out.








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