What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

Chiseled was launched as an AO back on 10/1/2018.  With YHC’s previous Wednesday commitment to Dromedary and mostly taking Wednesdays off lately, I had never posted or Q’d Chiseled.  Thanks to Fusebox for pinging me a month or so ago, today would be the day to Q Chiseled.  Here is how it went.

20 Pax showed up (including some M.A.S.H.’ers as well) at a very well-lit Five Stones Church campus having no clue what to expect.  To be fair, some have never attended one of YHC’s Q’s with my half-@$$ attendance the past 3 6 months. A good old-fashioned Strength + Core + Speed workout was planned, and it was time to execute. The expectation at Chiseled is to lift stuff…but YHC needed some running and core so we worked it into the mix.


A running warmup around the lot, up the driveway, around Mt. Chiseled, front of the church, and end up back near the Cinder Blocks.  All of this while listening to a bunch of Rocky-themed songs…shocker, huh? First order of business would be the dreaded Merkin Ladder (#1).  This time starting at 1 and working up to 10 for a total of 55 Merkins.  Done!

Now, partner up for some strength work:

  • P1 (150) Bicep Curls/P2 Half lap around the lot
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press/P2 Half lap around lot
  • P1 (150) (100) Bench Press/P2 audible to a Half of a Half lap around lot!
  • P1 (100) Goblet Squats/P2 Half of a Half lap around lot


Next… (10) Burpees but jump over the Cinder Block after each. Done!

Mosey over to Mt. Chiseled with alternating side shuffles, then some backwards running.  At Mt. Chiseled, partner up again for some Core work:

  • P1 (150) LBC’s / P2 runs up the hill, around 2 trees, back down
  • P1 (150) Flutters (2=1) / P2 runs up the hill, around 2 trees, back down
  • P1 (150) (100) In-n-Outs / P 2 runs up the hill, around 2 trees, back down

Done!  Mosey back towards COT for the grand finale:

Merkin Ladder #2…What goes up must come Down! Start at 10 and work down to 1. This was brutal. We alternated between regular Merkins and Decline with our feet on the block. At about 3 reps, YHC was toast and physically felt like giving up. Not sure what the rest of the Pax did as the pain was too much to check on them.  Done!

Quick Have a Nice Day and time was up.



It was great to be out there today, leading a group of great men on a beautiful morning. Truth be told…YHC struggled at times this morning as the inconsistent posting has taken a toll on not only my strength and stamina, but my weight as well. More lifestyle and dietary changes have happened lately, and they are proving to be helpful. I say all this because I’m reminded a lot lately about how long it takes to get in “fighting shape”, and how quickly we can lose it.  I started F3 back in 2016 and I now consider myself in the worst shape I have been in over the past 5 years (I know it’s all relative). Not great for the ego but knowing how far I have come since 2016 gives me peace of mind knowing I’m a lot better off than I once was.  Isn’t that a microcosm of life? We all hit the wall from time to time, but as Men, Warriors, Providers, Protectors we need to fight our way back (physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, relationally with our spouses and family). Our families and community are relying on us to be the men God created us to be.  There is a time and a season for everything, and I know and declare that our best days are still ahead of us.  Keep grinding, fellas, and thank you for the continued support, motivation, fellowship, and energy you all bring to me and all of F3 Waxhaw and beyond.  This is a special organization of special leaders, and we are blessed to be a part of it.



  • CPR class on 3/29 at Five Stones. 6-8pm. $15 goes towards purchasing an AED device for our community.
  • 4/1 is the launch of the new “Off the Chain” Mountain Biking AO at Walnut Creek and the Thread Trail.
  • “1 Q April” beginning next week. 100 regular Pax and 96 Unique Workouts in a given month. That means EVERY Pax needs to step up to lead…sooner rather than later.
  • “Lykan” AO launch at Waxhaw Elementary on 5/31 with Posse as Site Q. Full Moon Iron Pax workout to come!

YHC took us out.  See you all in the Gloom!





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