An Italian, Some Math, and Rabbit Copulation….On St. Patty’s Day?

An Italian, Some Math, and Rabbit Copulation….On St. Patty’s Day?

7 Pax arrived and completed #Meathead – voted south Charlotte’s “most favored double-kettlebell workout that meets at Calvary that is currently following a plethora of spreadsheets to guide said workout”.  Yeah that one.  It’s #1!

Let’s celebrate the life of a man who brought Jesus to Ireland….St. Patrick. We could do some trope-ey exercises like box of lucky charm curls, bag of gold rock press, oh diddily dee burpee, various quotes from Lou Holtz, 17 reps of this and 20 reps of that…..I’ll leave that to less informed amongst us (ahem SACs).  NAW. 

The Meatheads celebrate St. Patrick by gleaning from the life work of an Italian mathematician.  Fibonacci or AKA Leonardo de Pisa. Makes sense.  I’m Italian anyway.  Our food is better.  Wine superior.  But the Irish got us on whiskey and stout departments, I must admit.   Murphy’s Irish Stout is a fav of mine.   So it’s a tie.


  • SSH
  • LSS
  • Prayer Squat (lots of old man grunts on this one),
  • Arm circles
  • Merkins.

The Thang:


6 X 10 double swings with heavy bells  

During these sets the sweet young fellas from Anvil attempted a “run-by” but our swinging metal kept them at bay.  Uncle Leo almost pulled a Hoover and took one out…..

Fibonacci Complex 

This is where we honored the life work of Leonardo de Pisa aka Fibonacci.  He discovered a numerical pattern in nature:  0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,35…..  This appears in pine cones, flower petals, sea shells, human faces, galaxies, and apparently rabbit copulation (TWSS).    Here is a word problem that ole’ Fibbi wrote in the 1240’s AD:

“A certain man put a pair of rabbits in a place surrounded by a wall. How many pairs of rabbits can be produced from that pair in a year if it is supposed that every month each pair begets a new pair from which the second month on becomes productive?” (Liber abbaci, pp. 283-284)

It was from this that the ole’ Fibbster developed his numerical pattern. Either this man loved math, rabbits, or both.  

Anyway here is what we did in March 2021

  • 1 Double clean, 1 double mil. press, 1 double front squat
  • 1 DCL, 1 DMP, 1 DFS
  • 2 DCL, 2 DMP, 2 DFS
  • 3 DCL, 3 DMP, 3 DFS
  • 5 DCL, 5 DMP, 5 DFS
  • 8 DCL, 8 DMP, 8 DFS

At this point Lois and Hightide were cursing me in Italian….reminded me of my childhood when I would work summers with my grandfather.  Every Saturday morning as a wee lad I would help my aged grandfather deliver spring water in Washington, DC.  He would cuss all the other DC drivers out in Italian, English, and Italianglish as we drove on East Capital Street and Constitution Avenue.   With the backdrop of the Capital, RFK Stadium, Orange Metro Line, and the Kennedy Center I learned new ways to curse.  Pop pop would do this all while a cigarette ashes precariously hung from his mouth.  AYE the 80’s….Washington had a good football team, secondhand smoke for all, lifting heavy bottles, and learning new cuss words.

All this to say some PAX were cussing me….softly and gently though as the complex literally added up the pain!

I was going to call a 13 rep sequence but remember seeing on slack Mighty Mite hulk out on poor ole Midriff….so I decided to go back down the Fibonacci ladder.   #safetythird as Mike Rowe says.

  • 5 DCL, 5 DMP, 5 DFS
  • 3 DCL, 3 DMP, 3 DFS
  • 2 DCL, 2 DMP, 2 DFS
  • 1 DCL, 1 DMP, 1 DFS
  • 1 DCL, 1 DMP, 1 DFS

Easy Strength – AKA Dan John portion of the workout

  • Deadlifts 2 X 10
  • Merkins 2 X 20 on bells
  • Lawn Mowers 2 X 8 (each arm)
  • Snatches 2 X5 (each arm)


  • HBH 1 min
  • Plank 1.5 min



Great work by all the PAX today.  Great seeing Tweetsie post for a second week.  I think he EH’d Lois!  Great to meet you!  I EH’d Fullhouse from #Thrive yesterday.  All 3 of the newer PAX caught on fast to the double KB style work and embraced the suck!  Look at Meathead getting PAX to try out the 0.0 world!  We’s growing like Waxhaw!  Mighty Might was quietly swinging half a car, per usual.  Uncle Leo was quiet today, I must of kept my counts mostly correct.  Winning!  Thanks High Tide for sharing all the bells with the new-to-KB PAX and demonstrating some of exercises.


  • Something about a mile and suds at South Charlotte…..must be a car wash or something.  All I know is that you can’t bring seltzer or malt.  So bring suds?  Ask Hoover. 
  • Strength Challenge coming in May – All can join it.  Pre-blast to arrive by stork or slack soon.


Unplugged out!



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