We Are the World – No wait that was something else

We Are the World – No wait that was something else

6 pax assembled on the slip resistant pavement of Swole to get our week started.  Disclaimer, check.  Music started, check.  Tabata timer started, check and we began:

Warm Up:

·        Round the world x 10 R/L

·        5 x 2HS

·        Halos – alternating x 10

·        10 x 2HS

·        Prying squat – L/R/C

·        15 x 2HS

·        World’s Greatest Stretch – L/R

·        20 x 2HS

Part 1 – Boulder Shoulders

7 x 3 DLC + DMP @ 1:15

Part 2 – Working the Mind and Body

10 x [1HS, CL, SQ, MP, Rev Lunge, Twist] – R/L  – EMOM

Part 3 – Snatch Training

5 SN @ :30 alt R/L for 5:00

Part 4 – Easy Strength

2 rounds of

·        5 x Goblet Squat

·        5 x Explosive Merkin

·        5 x Double Row

·        5 x 1HS R/L

Part 5 – Mary

40 on / 20 off

·        Plank

·        Hollow Body Hold

·        Flutter Press

·        Glute Bridge

·        Back Scratcher


1)     Consensus was Apple Weather “feels like” temp was off today.  Didn’t appropriately adjust for the wind chill which went away sometime in Part 2 for YHC

2)     Mighty Mite made it on time this week but continued with his social distancing.  Dr Fauci would be proud

3)     Frehley’s Comet is getting his daily servings of vegetables and it’s keeping him well powered with natural gas.  One time we were happy with the wind today

4)     Wild Turkey was putting in the work today – with his pre-jump and powering through it all today

5)     War Eagle was playing the strong and silent type today

6)     Voodoo was steering away from football conversation today with the retirement of Drew Brees and offering up great tips on “radiating strength” today during Part 1

7)     Thanks to all for putting up with my odd warmups and over abundance of Mary – always a honor to lead

8)     Live Aid was a benefit concert held July 13, 1985 for famine relief in Ethiopia and was the source of all the live music today



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