Rusty & Dusty

Rusty & Dusty

The backblast title describes both my lone 35 lb. kettlebell and my tired, 48-year old frame.  Despite those undeniable facts, Horsehead and Stone Cold still tapped me to Q Area 51’s oldest workout — affectionately known as Skunkworks.  Horsehead was so confident in YHC that he reminded me where the Skunk pax parking lot was….which is, indeed, a new location from the last time I posted there….3 years ago?  4 years?

A hearty pax of 17 mustered for the Tuesday morning downpainment in the south Charlotte gloom, 16 of which arrived before YHC.  What?!  The Q was LIFO?!  I think I had the longest drive….

Anyway, after a weak disclaimer that did include a reference to the legalese on the website, we launched with 16 veteran pax and 1 FNG — the soon-to-be named Skeletor (EH’d by Madison – T-claps!!!).

Below will be a rambling reminiscence of the proceedings with color commentary, aka “The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine”:

Can’t remember who remarked on my KB as looking beleaguered, but he was right.  It looks like it’s got more miles on it than it does.  Kind of like when dudes buy old looking John Deere or IH hats so folks think they’re tough, country, etc.  Don’t try to fake it men.  That doesn’t work in any arena of life.

Speaking of country – had no idea Stone Cold was from the rural suburbs of Salisbury, NC!  That’s scenic Rowan County for those of you paying attention.  He did not attend high school with David Whisenant of WBTV.  If they don’t erect a statue to that Whisnenant cat in downtown Salisbury, it will be a travesty of justice and history.

So we moseyed a few lots over from the launch lot with KB’s racked.  Is that how you say it?  Not entirely sure that’s what we did.

Warmup lap without the KB, of course.  Don’t EVER run with a KB.  If the Q calls it – you are a Refusenik at that point.  With the running, some pax were already grumbling.  What?  Running?  WTH?

Circle up for the 2 or 3 KB exercises that YHC remembers: Swings, one-arm swings, upright row, renegade row.  Also called Louganis, Thrusters, goblet squats, etc.

COP did not include the KB’s, and some of the pax were really getting annoyed already.

Would have to lean on both Hoover & Stone Cold for KB ideas and tutorials during the proceedings.

We partnered up and P1 would run down/back about 50 yards (100 yards roundtrip) while P2 did the called exercise.

Circled back up for some Mary including flutter press and other sundry exercises.  Did this 2 or 3 times.

Ok – enough of The Thang.  No one reads this part anyway (or backblasts for that matter), and my lack of KB knowledge doesn’t provide much in the way of ideas for future Q’s anyway.

Speaking of future Q’s – Header or Victoria are on Q next week at the Skunk.  Horsehead wasn’t certain.

Victoria is an outstanding nickname, by the way.  The DBU grad? (made that assumption based sole on the DBU shirt he was wearing) seemed like a good sport about his nickname.  DBU is Dallas Baptist University, by the way.

Also, speaking of female nicknames – I informed Lois this morning that my maternal grandmother was named Lois. True story.  Tweetsie said he would refer to Lois as “Hops’ maw-maw” from now on.  Not sure how I feel about that?  Yes I am.  Don’t feel very good about it, frankly.

Ok…what else happened this morning?

  • As per my sources, this was MAD’s first post since the onset of Covid.  Glad to have you back out, brother.
  • Funky Cold was back out in the gloom for the first time in a while it sounded like?  Kotters?!  If not, Kotters to me then.  Ha!
  • Baracus still swings a 20 lb. KB aka a Christmas ornament
  • Chicken Wing hails from the same hometown as my college roommate.  East Aurora, NY = chicken wing capital of the world
  • Smokey liked the running part…he was the only one…except Whip who probably went home and lifted weights after YHC’s Q.
  • Cage…what can you say?  Silent, but gets it done.  T-claps.  If I’m even able to pickup a KB at 61, I’ll be thankful.
  • Lastly and most importantly – WELCOME SKELETOR.  Thankful Madison EH’d you (EH = Emotional Headlock).  Come back.  You’ll get stronger, and you’ll certainly have much better Q’s leading you.

Point of Personal Privilege:

  • F3 is still going on in Area51 (in our 10th year!) because men need that to which Madison invited Skeletor.  We all needed it when we were FNG’s, and we still need it.  God gave us all one body which we should take care of.  Why?  For vanity’s sake and obsession over weight, mile or 5K/10K  times, etc.?  No.  We take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others.
  • Take care of each other.  “Circling back for the 6” is not just a 1st F phenomena.  It’s 2nd F.  We need to be in community.  That’s how we were created.  And for anyone that tells you they don’t need encouragement and that he is fine flying solo –> he is lying and/or self-deceived; thus, you should intensify your EH efforts.
  • And what of 3rd F?  The Skunk pax, for the most part & likely more than most AO’s, understand its importance.  Every man ultimately knows there is something larger than life, greater than self and lasting forever.  Not every many pursues answers to the questions he has about purpose, destination, and living a life of significance.

Thankful for you, men.  I need F3 as much now as I did 9+ years ago.  Might also need some assistance from Whiplash after my first KB workout in 3-4 years.


  • Please continue to pray for peace for the Vaughn family (Steven aka Double Trouble of F3Metro died 2 weeks ago from Covid-related complications)
  • Skeletor – for God to lead him to a job that’s a great fit for he and his boys.

God is faithful.  Always.



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