Bagpipe Bridge Ices Before Road

Bagpipe Bridge Ices Before Road

2 cinder blocks and 7 PAX emerged from the fartsack to begin at 0530 sharp to kick off another day in Bagpipe Paradise. Two latecomers arrived on the scene and emphasized their readiness to begin, despite being late (Frehley’s and Kirby). Match up with someone in similar gait/strength/tenacity for rock-paper-scissors. Split up into two teams, winners on one, losers on the other. Brief disclaimer before we’re off. Two rules for the remainder of the workout:

  1. You must stick with your team while completing called exercises
  2. One member of the team must always be carrying a cinder block


  • stay at launch for 5 burpees
  • mosey to hotel parking lot for 10 mountain climbers
  • mosey to bridge over river for 15 squats (ICE!)
  • mosey to Lance’s parking lot for 20 merkins

Main Event: Capture the Flag Cone

  • Set up three stations between parking lot and wall on other side
  • Each pax must complete exercises at each station with cinder block before proceeding to next station
  • Teams must communicate and share the cinder block
  • Upon finishing the final station, sprint back to other end of parking lot. Last team mate in grabs the cone. First team to grab the cone wins the round!
  • Stated Exercises at each Cone
    • 5 burpees (40 total)
    • 20 squats (480 total)
    • 15 mountain climbers (120 total)
    • 20 squats
    • 20 merkins (160 total)
    • 20 squats
  • After reach round winning team completes exercise, losing team completes exercise
    • Round 1 Winners: Wall sit and 20 shoulder presses
    • Round 1 Losers: Balls to the wall until winning team is done with shoulder presses
    • Round 2 Winners: 10 Mike Tysons
    • Round 2 Losers: 20 Donkey Kicks
    • Round 3 Winners: Mosey to collect cones
    • Round 3 Losers: 10 big boy situps

Mosey back to launch, al gore after Einstein’s and lunge walk back to my car, where the cinder blocks were returned, despite overwhelming desire among pax to shatter my windows in response to the workout

T-claps/Truth Nuggets

  • Despite pre-running the route to set up the cones, there was ice over the bridge. Grateful that no one had a slip and tumble, particularly while carrying cinder blocks. I definitely did not include this in my disclaimer
  • Solid work by Team 1 – Cooter, Sweetwater, Tagalong, Frehley’s, and Kirby (Round 1) who swept with 3 wins to none for Team 2 (YHC, Rousey, Mic Check, PP, Kirby (Round 2+3)
  • At one point Sweetwater was shirtless knocking out the exercises, this was obviously the key to Team 1’s success
  • Loved the friendly competition and friendlier banter, particularly when Mic Check and Frehley’s were going at it after the first round. There were accusations of cheating, until Frehley’s realized that his team had won the round
  • Very impressed by Kirby’s active leadership throughout the competition, he really directed the pax on both sides to communicate and collaborate
  • We ended with a total of 40 burpees, 480 squats (!!), 120 mountain climbers, 160 merkins and 2 miles running in 45 minutes. That’s some impressive efficiency and speaks to how we bring out the best in each other and challenge each other to push in a way we would not do on our own
  • I brought out the cinder block to not only add weight to the workout, but to share an object lesson just before COT. The cinder block represents the anxieties, the pressures, the struggles that we shoulder as broken men in a fallen world. Too often I believe the lie that I need to carry these weights alone rather than acknowledging them and graciously inviting others to carry them with me. I fall into the trap of believing I’m the only one carrying such a weight. When in reality, every man I surround myself with is facing similar, albeit different struggles. Just as the key to success in the Capture the Cone challenge was proactive communication, we succeed as men when we acknowledge our struggles and invite others into them in a gracious and loving way. Through sharing the block, we acknowledge that we are not alone. We acknowledge that we cannot tackle our challenges alone. The block becomes an opportunity to lead, to serve and to be served. We follow the example of the greatest servant who carried the ultimate weight so that we might be freed to lead, and freed to serve. This is the way
  • Thank you Soft Pretzel for offering a conversation and time together after sharing about my recent challenges
  • Always grateful for the opportunity to lead Cooter2

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