Never fear, Hoover’s here

Never fear, Hoover’s here

7 men mostly avoided the rain but still had plenty of cold weather for this week’s episode of Kevlar.

Orange Whip reached out to YHC a few weeks ago looking to round out the Q schedule.  While YHC was once a regular at Skunkworks on Tuesday, YHC is pretty sure the HR file will reflect less than five appearances at Kevlar.  It’s not out of reach for YHC just a matter of making it there on a Friday as opposed to running or fartsacking.  The tales of Kevlar’s former glory days have been passed around a workout like a bottle of Thunderbird pre-Covid and they all sound something like an Al Bundy football story.  Talks of gear and some dude named the Hoff and maybe an English chap named Bulldog.  It may all be nonsense, Horsehead will know.  He’s good at nonsense.  Don’t worry men, Kevlar is still a legitimate workout with a solid AO under good leadership.  It just needs better advertising.  Maybe a spot at the Bo Round for all those vaccine recipients to read while waiting to get stuck with a needle.

Anyway, YHC was geared up for the workout.  Weinke at the ready and regretting the possibility of cold and wet weather, a plan was hatched to hit the covered pavilion.  Orange Whip reached out talking about an injury from ultimate soccer with some boyz from the hood.  He was bringing a kettlebell, so no running.  No problem for YHC.  This morning though, YHC got a late start, for no other reason than being slow.  Showing up about 3 minutes early to the covered pavilion to drop off some supplies and pulling into the parking lot at 0530, YHC was met with the pax taking off on a run with Orange Whip in the lead (how’s that injury?)

Never fear, Hoover’s here.  Time to take the reins


The thang

Warmup run to the graveyard and back to the pavilion
SSH, IW, Merkins, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Low Slow Squat

Go to the rock pile, get a medium sized rock
Rifle Carry to covered pavilion, find a partner

Partner runs to driveway entrance across from the graveyard and back while partner does called exercises
OH Presses, Two-legged RDLs, Rows, Squats, Tricep Ext, Curls

Jack Webb – Thrusters and tricep dips up to 5 x 20 and back down

Peoples chair and air presses

Rocking the Mary with Flutter Presses and LBCs

Return rocks, run back to the launch for COT



  • Apparently groin injuries are all the rage right now or at least a popular conversation topic with pax today
  • YHC’s supplies included tunes, to which the pax were exposed to YHCs more soulful roots including Curtis Mayfield and Wilson Pickett
  • Geraldo knows a bunch of useless trivia.  But it’s good music trivia.  YHC has him lined up for Jeopardy next week
  • Turkey Leg gets honorable mention for running in from Arbo and promptly running back, but no credit for the workout
  • Geraldo and YHC almost had a head-on collision that probably broke some social distancing guidelines, thankfully no one was injured and the governor wasn’t around to catch us in the act
  • It did start raining just at 0614, thankfully we mostly avoided that crap
  • Horsehead was sure he saw (or felt) snow at one point during the workout.  We all just nodded and kept going
  • Rhapsody was anxious to get out of the cold and rain at the end
  • Orange Whip did not bring a kettlebell

That’s all YHC has for today.  Now time to go back and listen to garage punk rock from Mississippi.  Because as Tiger Rag, aka: McRib, so wisely said, “If South Carolina lets you down, you can count on Mississippi.” (probably misquoted from what YHC heard this AM, but YHC will be damned if that doesn’t sound like Tiger Rag)  And there ain’t no good garage punk rock from South Carolina

Thanks to Rhapsody for the take-out.


  • Blood drive.  02/19.  Sign up or Mighty Mite will sick his cute puppy on you
  • Beer mile.  03/19.  No sign ups just show up.  there will be a White Claw division for those of you man enough to get abused for drinking White Claw at a beer mile
  • Purple Haze makes his triumphant return to bootcamps tomorrow at Rock Zero, 0700 Calvary

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