A triumphant return

A triumphant return

6 men assembled at the new (old) AO for Swole for our Monday beatdown.  Once again rain threatened, the PAX called it’s bluff and the rain folded.  It went down like this:

WU:  SSHx20, IWx20, Sharon Towersx10, Arm Circles forward and back x 10

Strength:  10 rounds of 1 DCL & DMP

Complex #1:  10 rounds of “The Voodoo”(patent pending) EMOM

1HS, High Pull, Snatch, Clean, Squat and Press both L and R each minute

Complex #2:  “The Goshawk” – walk 20M with your bell in Farmers Carry, 8 goblet squats – repeat 8 times

Easy Strength:  2 rounds of

5 Double deal lifts

5 Presses – alt L and R or doubles

5 Lawn Mower each L and R

5 Snatches – L and R

Core:  40 seconds on and 20 off for:


Deadbugs / Dying Cockroach

Bear Crawl Leg Extensions

Prone arm switches

Prone W->Y arm extensions


  • New month, return to the old AO for Swole now that some of the corporate types at Invue have returned to find us squatting (literally) in the parking lot.  YHC lost track of time as we all figured out the new arrangements and we started a minute late
  • The Worm seems to be adding equipment to further weigh down his vehicle – welcome to the “It takes multiple trips to the trunk to unload” club
  • Might Mite continues to over achieve on the first set – never happy with the single or double reps. He also kept YHC honest on end time which definitely had nothing to do with the unusual core exercises today
  • Frehley’s showed off some old man strength today with double presses of bells that each weigh close to his age
  • Not to be outdone, Voodoo did the Goshawk rack style rather than goblet squats – way harder
  • Wild Turkey seems confused about Wednesdays and Mondays and is combining his ruck and KBs into some new hybrid workout. Expect to see him on The Mirror anytime soon
  • Musical stylings were a mix of primarily upbeat blues today – inspired in an odd way by Phineas and Ferb season 1, episode 22 “Dude, We’re getting the bank back together”


  • Might Mite is looking for blood donors – 2/19 – sign up
  • Frehely’s is selling some new workout on Friday’s right after the Brave at the same AO

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