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Pre-Festivus Blakovery

There has been debated in the past of how to spell Blakovery. Since BBs are rarely, if ever, written YHC today declares that it is Blakovery. PAX gathered. PAX ran. There may have been some route confusion and grievances were shared early and often about the route.

Be Careful What you Wish For

Another great night for working out with your 2.0 at The Appetizer.  We had a record number of 2.0s (and I can’t remember all their names and know I missed at least three).  As our Q mentioned (several times), I put in the humble request to “include some burpees” in the workout. Lucky me (and all the PAX) the workout was burpee filled.  Here’s how it went, roughly:

DISCC given

Warm Up

Mosey around back of school to parking lot for some warming up: SSH, LSS, Merkin, InOut, Bobby Hurley

Stretching: Plank, bring right for forward to Can Opener, elbows down (if you can), reach for sky, rinse repeat on left

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.

The Thang

Burpee breakdown (or rather PAX breakdown via burpees).  Half of us started running to the first cone, the other half started with the burpees:
– 5 burpees with lifting rock (actually makes you miss doing burpees without the rock)
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock
– run to second cone, in-out x10
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock
– run to third cone, jump squat x10
– run to second cone, in-out x10
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock

That was so much fun we did it twice.  Well I got through two rounds, some other PAX probably passed me though by the end I was happy to still be standing.

Next, partner up for alternating running or lifting:
– runner goes to second light and back, while
– lifter uses rock to do AMRAP each of curls, tricep, bench press

A couple rounds of that and then we did one round hitting some abs:
– runner goes to second light and back, while
– partner does 20 big boys, 20 LBCs

Mosey over to side parking lot to wrap with ACDC. To the tune of Thunderstruck we do one burpee everytime we hear the word “Thunder” and in the meantime “keep moving” however we choose (though all PAX choose a slow mosey while fearing the next rampage of “thunder”).

That took us to the end and COT was held in the same lot we were catching our breath from being thunderburpeestruck. Oxygen starved as my brain was I initiated count-o-rama in the wrong direction (FYI there’s a right direction and wrong direction)


Two FNGs joined us this evening, both older 2.0s who seemed to take the workout like a walk in the park.  The Appetizer is an ideal time to lead by example with your 2.0s and this evening the PAX were out numbered by 2.0s.  Great job men.

Next time you’re thinking about making a request to the Q to modify his workout think twice as you may get a lot more than you asked for. I started this MABA challenge 4 days late so I have some catching up to do, so I’m not complaining at all. I just hope the PAX that came to the Appetizer aren’t afraid to come back.   But after our last three workouts, anyone who comes back isn’t afraid of a serious beating.

Thanks to HighHat for leading us through a great night of sweating and suffering together. He ended with some strong words of appreciation for F3 and the real source of strength and support it has provided him during the last year. This is a place where men can be vulnerable. So do not hesitate to lean on your brother. Though it may feel like it sometimes, you are not alone. Thoughts echoed by Zinfandel and shared by YHC among others.


Blood drive on January 30th (aka Fastpass exit from Dryuary)

Burpee Challenge (Make America Burpee Again) is 100 burpees a day for the month (how hard can it be?!)

Publicize your Year’s Goals on the Google Spreadsheet

NW: Hunter Oaks

I don’t much care about getting counted, but my fellow Pax do.

Walking around Das Boot & C3PO’s neighborhood of Hunter Oaks for an hour. There are plenty of SOB & Area51 guys in this huge development, and Das made a valiant effort to get them to show. Zero did show, but Prohibition gave a nod to imply he would be there for next week’s walk through Providence Downs. We did run into

What I notice in these walks is every time a Pax reveals something about themselves that would never come up in a workout, someone else will always reply with an element of “Me, too!” Whether it’s a place they used to live or trouble with their kids, it always reassures us that we are not alone in our struggles, regardless of the struggle. If you feel like you’re the only one going through something, you are believing a lie.


Blood drive:

Habits > Public Goals > Private Resolutions – Be vulnerable & transparent in what you want to accomplish this year. Just like we mock most guys for trying to hit the gym for the first 3 weeks in January & never go again, you fall into the same trap when you make a private resolution. You increase your chances for success by telling others what your goals are for the year. Chances increase further when you put them on this spreadsheet for your brothers to read:–6LTfOhoocT0/edit?usp=sharing
It covers all the popular topics: Word of the Year, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd F, Concentrica, & Other. At the beginning of each month, this sheet gets publicized again to show your progress.
I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted last year, but I got way more than I ever did in years past when I just did it alone. I’ve read “The Power of Habit” & “Atomic Habits”, so I feel even more confident about breaking these goals down into components that have to be done on a daily or weekly basis to hit that accomplishment.

New AO: Clean Slate in Porter Ridge 630-730. This Saturday has IL’er (even though he lives in Waxhaw) Passport on Q. Yes, he will be driving close to an hour to Q at an AO because he knows the importance of #GiveItAway. Tons of FNG’s to harvest in that area!

New AO: Last Call at Marvin Ridge Fridays 600-645. First Q goes to Goodfella

New AO: Cowbell at PetSmart in Wesley Chapel 530-615. First Q (today) was Ice9 🤮

2021 Strong

F3 Chisseled |-1/6 /21

DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done.

Warm Up-

Top of parking lot … running stretches … high knee …butt kickers … right hand right knees – left hand left knee… Karaoke

Run – top of the parking lot

21 side straddle hop

Stretch the Legs

Stretch left and night middle

Plank -upward dog

Stretch shoulders

Calve stretch

The Thang

Find your favorite block

21 curls

Rifle carry

21 bench press

Rifle carry

21 Military press

Rifle carry

Mt chisel

Bear crawl up Run to the other end mt chisel

bench press- til partner returns

Run to the other end mt chisel

Curls – til partner returns

Run to the other end mt chisel

Military press- til partner returns

Mosey w block to the other end of parking lot

Top parking lot –  partners

  • Curls
  • Run around the 1st island
  • Merkins Rotate hands
  • Run
  • Step ups
  • Run
  • Bench Press

LBCS – waiting on the six

Merkins on the curb

21- left hand left foot curb

21- right hand right foot

Riffle carry – COT

Mosey around island

Find some curb run to center of the lot do 21 dry docks In the middle both ways

Run back COT

Nice work to all men!!

Encouraging Word –

“Be on guard; stand firm in your faith [in God, respecting His precepts and keeping your doctrine sound]. Act like [mature] men and be courageous; be strong. Let everything you do be done in love [motivated and inspired by God’s love for 

Dropping B-b-b-b-ombs at Bushwood

Roll into the Country Club at 0515 to get acclimated with the site and warmed up. As PAX trickle in, I take note of club members that are in violation of dress code (sleeveless, collared shirt) and issue a one-time warning, with fines to be applied for future violations.

This workout roughly marks my first full year of F3. The community of friendships I’ve formed over the last year has been a life-saver to my faith, my family and my fitness. Really wanted to focus on working with a partner and contributing to common goals. With disclaimer and overview we were off into the gloom.

The Thang
Warmup: 15 SSH’s, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Mtn Climbers, 15 Hillbilly squats, 15 merkins
On the way to rock pile get the group familiar with exercises for BOMBS we’ll be hitting later: 5 Burpees, 10 Overhead presses against the wall, 15 Merkins, 20 Big boy situps, 25 Squats
Partner Work #1: Rocks
  • Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs the small loop by parking lot. Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete.
  • 50 Bent Over Rows, 75 Hammers, 100 Curls for the girls
  • Noonan and Fiji amazed by my rock pile selection. Apparently there are a few other rock locations that are more regularly frequented?
Partner Work #2: Hitting B-B-B-OMBS (Phil Mickelson would be proud)
  • Mosey to parking lot in front of school. Line up in middle parking line
  • Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs to the other end of the parking lot Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete.
  • 50 Burpees (AND THE CROWD GOES WILD), 100 Overhead Claps, 100 Merkins, 100 Squats
Burpee Indian Run around the parking lot: 2 laps. My definition of slow pace was very different from Deep Dish’s, who took off to lead the pack. My lack of communication definitely contributed to the poor execution. My bad. Bystanders must have thought we were some odd drinking club with a running problem.
Run back to launch for Mary: 15 Supermans, 15 American Hammers, 15 Flutter Kicks, 15 Mountain Climbers, 30 second plank until finish
  • Lots of new workouts launching in The Haw: Wednesday (Cowbell), Friday morning at Marvin Ridge (Last Call), Saturday morning at Porter Ridge High School (Clean Slate). Step up and help these grow and get new guys plugged in
  • So much love from the group for the burpees we did today. If you just aren’t having enough fun with burpees, then you should probably do 100 each day for the month of January. Forget Dryuary, it’s time to Make America Burpee Again. Learn more about the CSAUP that our St. Louis brother organized:
  • Big Tuna took this workout personally and threatened me to show up to his Q next week. I believe his exact words were “I’m going to get you back for this one” before he scowled and slammed his car door to make a point
  • Long Haul went beast mode on this workout, glad he was my partner because he did all the work for me and doubled my totals
  • Dilbert kept me company in the parking lot when I rolled in around 5:15. Solid push to finish partner work BOMBS. First time working out with ya
  • Speaking of BOMBS, there was one set off in the parking lot while wrapping up our Mary. The school had to be evacuated for radioactive gases (possibly liquids) that were released in the air. We may never be allowed back after that ruthless act. Who was the culprit?
  • Fiji was our school crossing guard and kept us safe from the rogue garbage truck driving by as we returned to launch. He abruptly excused himself from two rounds of Mary to divert the truck that was NOWHERE NEAR US. His lame excuse was something about Site Q “privileges”
  • Posse challenged us to translate ambitious resolutions action. Set goals for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith then act on them, with the support and encouragement of F3 brothers. Check Slack/GroupMe for the shared spreadsheet for inspiration and examples from what PAX did in 2020. Grateful for your leadership in keeping us accountable.
  • Golf claps for hitting BOMBS this morning with me. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with Pax from the Wax(haw) and admire the energy you bring to every workout

midriff out

Fight or flight

9 men at the inaugural launch of cowbell prepared themselves for fight or flight with hundreds of reps and sprints totaling 3 miles.

The cowbell concept is simple: keep the body in constant stress and the heart rate up with continuous kettlebells movements interrupted only by sprints. We started with a minute on mechanics: in short, make sure you swing and push the bell from your hips and legs, NOT your back. Watch the form especially when you start to fail. Then we were off.

We lined up in front of the Petsmart and did a lot of the following exercises.

  • Alternate hands lunge
  • Gunslinger
  • High pull
  • Knees, waist, and overhead thrusters
  • Lawnmower
  • One handed switch swings
  • One-arm push press
  • Overhead (two-handed) press
  • Plank pull
  • Squats
  • Swings

Reps were punctuated by long sprints to the Brooklyn Pizza, the Chick Fil’ A, the Target, and, for rest, to the far curb and back. Leaders did swings until the six caught up, which was usually very quickly. Toward the end, we also took a break with a mini mind eraser with merkins and plankjacks when it looked like the troops would mutiny if asked to pick up their bells again. Also, a few idiots ran a couple miles before the workout, led by Hurry.

The workout was wheelhouse for Tool Time and Zinfandel: standouts for both speed and power. Tool Time was up front all morning. Zinfandel had some story about only being there because he overslept, but no one believed him. Every man pushed hard. Sadly, though, there was no merlot. So no man found his limit, leaving room for improvement next week.

Thanks to Bottlecap for taking us out with the word, and for his leadership as our Nantan.

Sign up for the blood drive, or they will find you. Christ’s Closet is loading up a truck for a giveaway in Wilmington, in place of the 10 year giveaway, and could use some strong guys like you readers to help load the truck Friday the 15th at noon on your lunch break. Great to be with these men this morning. Working out regularly in F3Waxhaw has been one of the many blessings for me from the trial of Covid.

Ice9 Out.

Morning Woods January 6, 2021

We ran the Thread Trail. It was Muddy and we talked about stuff.

Flash – get credit

Q’d Flash on 1/4 need to add tag

Where’s Waldo

8 Pax for a bit of running, searching,,searching, running..

over to HS parking lot – out to Champion Forest – make a big loop.  Directions were to stop at the pool.

the gazelles tried to circle back for the others… connected at high school and all finished with 5+

Officially –

Short and sweet

Don’t have much time and like this morning I’ll keep simple.

WU, mosey,  lights and 7’s,  mosey, catch me if you can.

Highlights,  Rousey found and extra gear at the end,  anyone notice that Chastain is getting faster (as if he wasn’t fast enough)  Chastain, Easy and Bayo led the hills saw a lot of heart by the rest of the pax.  Min of 3.3 miles.


Blood drive Jan 30th.

Christ’s Closet truck loading January 15th at noon.