Funk and Fibonacci

Funk and Fibonacci

The 46 degree temps lured 8 Meatheaded Pax out of their fartsacks to continued journey into the Kettlebell life.  Arriving at Calvary around 5:10 for awkward broga,  the wind greeted me with an evil howling laugh.  This wind would make the double KBs extra sucky today.


  • SSH IC
  • Arm Circles IC
  • Pryer Squat with a curl, repeat, repeat, repeat

The Thang

Double Swings  10 X 6  Work/Rest 20/40 10 min

Complex – Fibonacci Sequence  – AMRAP for 15 min

  • 1-Double Snatches, 
  • 2-Double Cleans, 
  • 3-Double Military Press 
  • 5-Double High Pull
  • 8-Double Rack Squats

Easy Strength  – Doubles

  • 2 X 10 Deadlifts
  • 2 X 5 See Saw Press
  • 2 X 5 Bent Over Rows
  • 2 X 5 Goblet Squat Press (1 bell)

Carries 1 min out and back



  • Plank 1 min
  • Hollowed Body Hold 1 min


Well the good news is that this workout sucked so much that most of the PAX forgot about the wind, especially when the double rack front squats arrived…..I HATE ME TOO!.  Great work by all the PAX today.  Thanks to Voodoo again bringing the speaker for my old school Funk playlist and your leadership!  Per usual, Ickey had a random musical fact about 80’s wrestlers covering a James Brown song.  His depth of musical trivia always entertains.  Soulglo while working hard tweaked his back.  Heal soon brotha.  War Eagle put in solid work while nicely reminding Soulglo of Alabama Football dominance, perhaps that’s what tweaked his back.  Frehleys per usual doing solid work whilst telling stories that shall not be repeated!  Uncle Leo, our meathead accountant, had to love the Fibonacci complex, what with all the counting and math and such.  High Tide thanks for the idea to do a Fibonacci workout….all good ideas are stolen.

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who discovered a common sequence that occurs in nature.  The pattern formed in pine cones,  flower petals, pineapple skin, seashells, and even galaxy spirals all follow this pattern.  Essentially:  1,2,3,5,8,13,21…. Add the previous number to obtain the next number.   Personally being Italian and a bit of at math geek, I love Fibonacci.  Creation has math and order built right in.

Teacher gonna teach.


  • Blood Drive.  Do it or Mighty Might will egg your house.
  • CSAUP opportunity at UNCC from our brothers in F3 MeCA.

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