One-Year Anniversary of Fun…

One-Year Anniversary of Fun…

The Warmup

Starting the morning at HOT 25 degrees can always be painful especially when “fart-sacking” feels like heaven. Anyway, 20 PAX came out and we started with DiCCS and then Mosey to Rudy’s Poop shed for some dynamic stretching:

  • 15 Side straddle hop
  • 11 Imperial walkers
  • 10 downward and 10 upward dog
  • Left and right runners stretch
  • Hurry IT Band stretch per leg (Chicken Little was loving it)
  • Mosey to the large open parking lot to start the Thang

The Thang

The Thang was simple many exercises and some running. Cannot get any easier.

PAX broke up into 4 teams to complete one round of four corners using Premature’s famous cones which identified the exercise at each corner. The teams were required to complete 20 reps at each station and then run once around the perimeter of the parking lot. After the run, teams headed to the middle to complete some marry until the 6 arrived. Next, PAX teams rotated counterclockwise to perform the next exercise and repeat0 three more times.

  • Dips on curb in cadence
  • Mike Tysons
  • Squats
  • Heels to heaven

Round two: Same PAX teams stayed together and got a lifting rock to perform more exercises. Half the team ran to the other end of the parking lot and back while the other half completed exercises with the rock. The reps were per individual:

  • 50 Curls
  • 50 Heels to heaven (hold rock above chest)
  • 50 Squats
  • 10 per arm merkin on rock
  • 50 Flutters
  • Last, but not least, rifle carry rock across parking lot and back
  • Mosey back to COT

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout to start off the week and great job our FNG Hot Tub completing all the exercises. Welcome!


6TH Guy – Hurry, last name Scurry and it obvious how he got the name

FNG – Jeff Trembell (I hope I got it correct) – works for Bath Fitter so properly named Hot Tub

Blood drive Jan 30 Five Stone Church

Need volunteers for Rice and Beans

CSAUP – 2/6 approx. 11 miles, start at any AO – Ruck also part of CSAUP

Opening enrollment for Northpoint Christian Academy starts 1/18


Today is my one year anniversary message : My wife, Kelli, asked me over the weekend “What are you going to tell Ryan how F3 has helped you over the past year?” Before I answer, I need to provide you some insight of my life:

I grew up living in low income housing, on welfare, in Middletown, Ct. Times were rough to the point my sister, brother, and myself would steal food at times in order eat. Father was an alcoholic, very abusive, and left us when I was eight years old. Trust me I was glad!!

I started working at 11 years old delivering newspapers (no internet in 1982) and all the money I made, I gave to my mom for food. During high school I partied a lot and was wild but managed to still maintain good grades. My senior year, I was a young punk who disrespected adults and thought I was “king-crap” until I pushed the wrong buttons with my machine drafting teacher, Mr. Lewis. I remember very clearly, to this day, how being a punk in his class has repercussions. I was showing off and being disrespectful during his class and scheduled me for detention. I stood after school in a room by myself and he comes over to me, grabs by shirt, and pushes me into the wall and told me “you have the ability to be something if you just get your head out of your ass!” I was not so tough at that moment and never disrupted his class the rest of the year. He even went out of his way to get me a part time job as an entry level draftsman and yes a whole $4.58 and hour. I did well at the job and after a couple of years, I told my mom “I am leaving the projects and never coming back.”

I started to learn more and more in my career and my goal was to become a mechanical engineer. My boss, Larry Alonzo god bless his soul, was like a father figure and he recommended I go to college at night to become an engineer. He also helped me get into a community college. Finally, after 10 years I graduated from UCONN with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and yet my satisfaction was short lived and something still was missing. I did not plan on going to graduate school but I did and after 2.5 years got my MS in Engineering. However, satisfaction again was short lived and I proceeded to get my MBA. After, 17 years of going to school at night and weekends I was emotionally done. During that same time period, I had my oldest son Michael 28 who unfortunately is an alcoholic today, got married at 23 and divorced at 33. Five years later at 38, I got remarried to my current wife Kelli which is the same year I finished my MBA. My wife knew I was driven and my aspirations in becoming an executive. At the age of 40, we had our son Ryan who is 9 today and at age 45 I moved my family to Charlotte to become the Director of Operations at Siemens. It was tough to leave my family and a 22 year career in Aerospace manufacturing to start a new life and career.

One year ago today, I was on a business trip in Orlando and a guy from the Fort Mill F3 asked me to work out him but did not realize it would be outside in a parking lot. Little strange but I liked it AND very challenging. He told me to lookup Waxhaw F3 on Facebook and send out a request. I did that day and received a reply from Zin. We exchanged messages a few times and said he said “Just show up.”

First time I posted was Jan 18, 2020 at Commitment and I had no idea I was going to get a name like Premature and ending a workout in prayer. After, people said come to Coffeteria. I said, what is Coffeteria but let me go home to get some money. Popeye said do not worry, we got it. I went to Dunkin Doughnuts and sat with a bunch of guys I did not know and they treated me like we knew each other for years. I went home and explained to my wife the F3 philosophy and she asked “Are you going back and is it a cult?” I laughed and said yes going back and no not a cult. I told her it is a bunch of guys helping the community who have fun and care for other people. After a few weeks, COVID started and was still doing the workouts virtually and then Open Door bible study started with Bottlecap. I attend the bible study every Sunday and it has become one of the best parts of my week. The open door group is like having a brotherly family. Everyone on the call are vulnerable, broken guys, that are willing to help. Also, I am part of a team called the Antelopes which consist of Chicken Little, Carb Load, Sugar Daddy, and Mad Dog. These guys help hold me accountable to post and our team Group Text each other daily. Today, I am physically, mentally, and spiritually in a greater place than a year ago which is beyond anything I could imagine. Sorry for the long winded story but now to the question:

“What are you going to tell Ryan how F3 has helped you over the past year? Simple answers F3 has help me:

1) have more compassion for people and the willingness to help

2) understand family is priority, not chasing corporate ladder – still working on this

3) learning about the bible and how God’s will is help our brothers and sisters which is the key to eternal life

I still have a long way to go but I am in a much better place and thank you to F3.

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