Four Corners of Pain with Rifle Carry

Four Corners of Pain with Rifle Carry


Well it was time to bring out Premature’s cones of pain. Set alarm early and drove to Kensington Elementary School parking lot to setup the four corners of pain using the cones. Once complete, drove to the Millbridge Parking lot and setup the next four corner series of exercises. This completed the setup and headed to Commitment AO.


The warm-up started with a Mosey to Millbridge Parking and finished with some stretching exercises:

  • 15 Low slow squats
  • 15 Imperial walkers
  • 10 Merkins
  • Left and right leg runners stretch
  • 10 Upward and downward dog
  • Explained the Thang


PAX split up into three teams of four to start four corners of pain. Once the team completes the first exercise, PAX meet up in the middle and hold in plank for the six. When entire PAX was together, completed two burpees and proceeded to next corner. This continued until all pain stations were complete except the burpee count keep doubling: two first round, four second, then eight, and finally sixteen.

  • 20 Dips on curb
  • 20 Heels to heaven
  • 20 Dry docks
  • 20 Squats
  • 20

Next, PAX Mosey to Kensington Elementary School to find a lifting and running rock. Mad Dog stated clearly “Chose wisely.” By the way, good advise. PAX rifle carried the rock to the first school parking lot to start the next set of four corners of pain. Same process as the first, except the exercises were different and PAX had to rifle carry the rock at all times. The exercises had to be completed using the rock as well:

  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Merkins, 10 per side
  • 20 V- ups
  • 20 Curls

Last but not least, PAX rifle carry rock to the top parking lot to meet Lieutenant Dan. All nine guys lined up along the curb to start with one Big Boy sit-up, run rifle carry to other side of parking lot, four reverse lunges, and run rifle carry back. This continued for eight rounds ending with eight Big Boys sit-ups and 32 reverse lunges.


I want to recognize Turnbuckle since he walked/ran the entire time and distance along with completing all the exercises! Well done and proud of ya!

Mosey back to COT


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Neighborhood walk Marvin Creek 1/17

Feb 6 CSAUP – Carb Load and Tuck

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1 month ago

Thanks for the shout out Premature. I actually ran the entire time. Mad Dog actually came back and ran with me. There is no more walking (unless Pursuit or Saturday morning Ruck) for me at the workouts I attend. I ran from COT to where I met you guys in the Millbridge parking lot. Slow run…but I ran.

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