Sweat Sixteen

Sweat Sixteen

Sixteen braved the foggy cold morning, several in summer shorts.  Note, they do sell sweatpants on the F3 Gear site or really tall socks (just ask Geraldo).  Hoover destroyed my legs with an AMRAP (crap) session on Monday, but I braved it out this morning.

Warm-up:  Ran to oval.  15 each of side straddle hops, imperial walkers, low slow squats, mountain climbers, and Peter Parkers.

1st series:  Ran to nearest entry to north parking lot.  Started at entry with 20 merkins, then ran to end of lot and did 20 LBC’s, then ran to the other side of lot across from the start area and did 20 jump squats.  Then back around to the start and repeated three more times but lowered to 15 reps, 10 reps, and ended with 5 reps.

Planked to wait for all to finish.

2nd series:  Ran to hot box and partnered up.  Partner 1 did step ups, while partner 2 ran to the 2nd light post and back.  Swapped.  Next round partner 1 did dips and partner 2 ran to the 2nd light post.  Swapped.  Then repeated the routine.

3rd series:  Ran to rock pile past cemetery and got a lifting rock.  Partner 1 did curls while partner 2 ran to the last tree island in that parking lot.  Swapped.  Repeated next with presses, then triceps, then squats.

4th series:  Ran back to starting parking lot.  Circled up for Mary’s.  15 flutters with hands to the side.  15 dolly’s with hands to the side.  15 heals to heaven with hands to the side, all in cadence.  Then finished with 1 burpee.

Announcements:  Spackler’s Beef Curtain persona announced himself.  Mighty Mite (aka Dracula) is advertising another blood drive on slack, so expect a visit from him.

Prayer request for About Time and his son Jennings.

Thanks to site leaders Lorax and Point Break.

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