Set It and Forget It

Set It and Forget It

So when Cooter asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would Q Bagpipe on 1/12 I said “Sure”.  Looked at the calendar and nothing stood out so sign me up.  It wasn’t until about Sunday evening that I put 2 and 2 together to realize that Tuesday morning was the day after Bama would be playing in the national championship game.  Keep in mind that these games typically involve my family coming over to watch it and win or lose it means YHC getting to bed late.  Hmmm, it is going to be raining and I will undoubtedly be dragging.  I need a set it and forget it workout to hold in the Ballantyne Village garage.  Then it dawns on me that I Q’d such a workout 2 years ago but I can’t quite remember what I did.  And thus reason #164 to write a Backblast…went in and found my Backblast from 2 years ago and I was set.  I did have to modify some of the exercises for Covid (we miss you hand slap merkins and can’t wait for you to come back) but for the most part things stayed the same.  6 gentlemen rolled up eager to join YHC in celebrating Bama’s win (at least that’s how I interpreted it) and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Ballantyne Village parking garage and circle up for:

SSH x 18

IW x 18

Mnt Climbers x 18

YHC asked the group if they sensed a trend.  Tagalong must have done his research knowing the Q and correctly replied 18 national championships for Bama.

At this point YHC divided the group up into teams of 2 and gave each team a number.  I explained that we were going to run up one level where YHC had placed pieces of paper numbered 1 – 9 with a different exercise noted on each piece of paper.  Each team was to run to the piece of paper that corresponded to their team number and do that exercise.  Once both guys were done (main rule is to wait on and not leave your partner) then run up a level where there were 9 more exercises laid out.  Same theory where you find the piece of paper with your team number on it and do that exercise.  Then run down and find the next sequentially numbered exercise, back up to the corresponding number and so on until each team works through all 18 pain stations.

The actual order of the below is not 100% accurate as YHC did not write them down anywhere but you get the gist.

Lower Level:

#1 = 15 diamond merkins

#2 = 60 second elbow plank

#3 = 15 goblet squats with kettlebells

#4 = 24 J Lo’s

#5 = 6 inches with legs for 1 minute

#6 = 15 shoulder tap merkins

#7 = 25 Heels to heaven

#8 = 20 merkins

#9 = Some guy or gal drove their car into this spot so we lost the exercise. It became Pax choice at this point.


Upper Level:

#1 = 15 Carolina dry docks

#2 = 60 seconds protractor

#3 = 10 lunges (R+L = 1)

#4 = 20 big boy situps

#5 = 20 wide arm merkins

#6 = 24 chippy cross’s

#7 = something with legs

#8 = 10 staggered right arm and 10 staggered left arm merkins

#9 = 15 dying cockroaches

Quick plank work while the final teams finished.  Just enough time to run back up and down collecting the papers.  It was my plan to leave the kettlebells and drive back to pick them up.  Midriff had other ideas and so no no, we are carrying these bad boys back.  So we took turns handing the bells off on our mosey back to launch.


Being the odd man out I hopped in with team #1 (duh) of Cable Guy and Rousey.  Had a great time working out with and catching up with these guys.  I was a bit of form police because the reps were relatively low with the intention of keeping good form.  Cable Guy makes it look so effortless and Rousey never runs out of energy.  I believe team #2 was Cooter and Jazz Hands who were first to finish.  Cooter is Mr. Reliable and always puts in work while it was great to see Jazz Hands back out.  The man has not missed a beat.  Team #3 consisted of Midriff and Tagalong who I think probably finished first officially and I think took on an extra round of exercises.

Some observations:

  • Upon arriving Rousey regaled us with tales of his bathroom results prior to leaving for the workout.
  • Great call Midriff on running the kettlebells back to launch.  Everyone got a little bit of that and it was a good topper to the workout.
  • In hindsight we could have used the car that pulled into our last pain station to our advantage.  I think it was a Prius or something that we could have all lifted and moved.  That would have been a one-upper to the gear workouts.


  • SOB/Area 51 blood drive February 19th and the Brace YMCA.  See Mighty Mite’s post on Slack for the link to sign up.
  • Continue to keep Bout Times son, Jennings, in your thoughts and prayers.  Hops has done a great job posting updates on Slack.
  • Bring gently used kid’s clothes and toys for Escobar’s annual collection for sending to Columbia, South America.  Kirby and War Eagle are collecting at workouts.

Always a pleasure to Q at Bagpipe and thanks to Cooter and Cable Guy for the opportunity to lead.

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