Skunky Tuesday

Skunky Tuesday

7 men dared to swing iron in the rain at this week’s episode of Skunkworks.  YHC didn’t know what was in the forecast only that rain was a remote possibility which lead Stone Cold to text YHC in the AM and request relocation to the covered pavilion.  YHC was happy to oblige.

With a weak disclaimer delivered to a bunch of veterans, we headed to the covered area and got down to work.



25 2 handed swings, Merkin X 10, Peter Parker X 10, Prying Squat, 25 2 handed swings

Start in the pavilion:  50 swings, any combination, pax choice, run to the cemetery and back

Cumulative total of 50 cleans and snatches, minimum 10 snatches, run to the cemetery and back

10 Goblet squats, 10 Lanwmowers per side, 10 OH presses, waiter’s carry bell across the street switch sides and head back

rinse, repeat for 3 rounds

Mary until the end

The pax stayed together on the multiple rounds.  We got three rounds of swings and cleans/snatches, which put the pax at 200 swings for the workout (including the warmup swings).  It was a solid crew of veterans today and no one was deterred by the light rain, but no one complained about relocating to the covered pavilion.

Stone Cold and Horsehead have been pushing for running AND kettlebells and not running WITH kettlebells as the new(ish) site q’s for Skunkworks.  I appreciate the need to shift and urge pax to follow suit.

Thanks to both of them for the opportunity to lead.



Blood-drive in February, see Mighty Mite for details


Thanks to Smokey for the take-out.

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