There’s a reason they call them that

There’s a reason they call them that

First time Qing Flash (I know, right?) and I pulled into the parking lot to see it nearly of cars. Looks like everyone was eager to see what TWO weeks of prep for Mad Dog would bring for Ignition. Can’t blame them; if I wasn’t the Q then I’d have been at Ignition just to see if Mad Dog would stand us up twice in a row.


Mosey to the front lot, circle and do Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Calf Stretches, and Mountain Climbers

The Thang

Mosey to the front door benches and find yourself a partner on the way. One partner does a half lap around the center island and shares 100 Dips and 100 Step-Ups with the other partner.

Mosey to the covered walkway. The PAX do Low Slow Squats in cadence while 2 PAX at a time Bear Crawl from one end of the walkway to the other. Those 2 PAX continue LSS and the next 2 PAX go. All PAX do a burpee each time a PAX finishes the Bear Crawl.

Mosey to Rudy’s Poopy Palace and find a new partner on the way. One partner runs to the buses and back while sharing 100 Merkin Shredders, 150 Donkey Kicks, and 200 Air Presses (while on the wall)

OK, we didn’t quite do 100 Merkin Shredders. I got a few “whoa’s” and “reallys?” when I called the Shredders. After 1 round each, I called an audible and switched to regular Merkins (still 100 total rep). Those things are no joke. If you aren’t familiar. It’s a Merkin with a hands off the ground T-pose at the bottom, then 2 shoulder taps at the top. There’s a reason they call them Shredders.

Another mosey up to the covered stairs at the high school. A modified Webb with 1 Big Boi Sit-Up at the bottom of the stairs, 4 walking lunges (1=1) at the top then the long lap down the sidewalk. 2 Big Bois/8 Lunges, etc. After a few rounds, in the 4 to 6 range, we did a set of 10 American Hammers and 10 Box Cutters then made a long mosey back to the shed.

A handful of minutes remaining, head up the path back to COT and do 3 Burpees at each light post. After a few of those and less than 2 minutes remaining, jailbreak back to COT.


Not a lot of chatter today except the complaints about the Merkin Shredders.

Penalty Box turned 72 yesterday. The dude is amazing and if I make it to 72 and can still do half of what he does I’ll be doing alright

O-69 had his one year F3 Anniversary today. In the past year he’s dropped over 60 pounds. Every day he’s out walking and running and getting better. Great job buddy!


F3 Blood Drive – January 30th, 9:00 to 1:30 at Five Stones. Sign up at and search for F3

CSAUP – February 6th – Ruckers depart at 7:00am and everyone else at 7:30 from The Floater. Plan on it last until 11:00 or so. 2nd F at Waxhaw Tap House

Sanctuary – We are starting a new study Monday on listening to God. We study, learn, and fellowship over the Word, 🍕 & 🍺. Mondays, 7:30pm, Fellowship Hall at 6315 New Town Road. Open to all men.

Christ’s Closet – Giveaway in Wilmington this weekend in lieu of F3 10 Year Anniversary. Loading the truck on Thursday night.


Mad Dog took us out

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