Rocky Mondays

Rocky Mondays

10 men gathered in the gloom on the SCMS parking at 0530 today for this week’s edition of Base Camp.  YHC is not a regular but there seemed to be a solid turnout of regulars in attendance.  Oh yeah, and Floorslapper was on time.  So there’s that.


Base Camp is billed as a moderate workout, but that doesn’t mean easy it means make it scalable.  The pax should be able to do the suggested work, modifying if needed, and pax looking to go the extra mile have the option to do so.  YHC has been Q’ing most workouts as AMRAP, and this fits the bill perfectly for Base Camp.  So with a plan in place, YHC rolled in to Q at 0530.

Disclaimer was given, and we were off.

1 burpee, SSH X 20
1 burpee, IW X 20
1 burpee
Merkin X 5
Peter Parker X 5
Parker Peter X 5
Merkin X 5
1 burpee, Low Slow Squat x 10, 1 burpee

AMRAP #1: 15 Mins
Grab a Rock – medium size, AMRAP
Soccer Arm Superset (OH press, curls, triceps) X 10
Run to closest basketball hoop, 10 merkins and 10 jump squats, run back

AMRAP #2: 15 Mins
5 Rock Thrusters
Rock overhead, carry to light pole, 5 rock overhead squats
Rock overhead, carry to second basketball hoop, 5 rock overhead/front lunges (per side)
Rock overhead, walk back to start

Mary to run out the clock

Strong group today putting in work.  During the second AMRAP round, I heard at least one pax mention that their legs were feeling the work.  YHC’s shoulders were burning at the end from the OH rock carries.

Thanks to Thunder Road for hanging with YHC during the first round of AMRAP.  YHC was a little slow in starting the first round, getting the timer set and gloves on.  Appreciate having someone to grind through the work with.  It was cold, but as usual a solid group provides plenty of accountability and after the first round I’m pretty sure everyone had warmed up.

Additional thanks to the site-q’s Thunder Road and Mr Magoo.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead.


Keep ‘Bout Time’s son, Jennings, in your prayers.

YHC has the keys to Skunkworks tomorrow

There is a blood drive in February and Mighty Mite is on Q.  Sign-up and donate.

YHC had the takeout

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